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Wolfgang Spindler - Euronews
Cartoon Movie is today the most important co- production for European animated film. It is all about a lot of money and the quality of the films is remarkable. Overall, 14 movies which got their financing here in the past made it to an 'Oscar' nomination – that's quite a remarkable record!feedback
Mar 21 2017
Cannes Festival has been commented on by 67 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Cannes Festival are: Thierry Fremaux, Frederic Ponsard and Park Chan-wook. For instance, the most recent quote from Thierry Fremaux is: “Both films are not ready. Scorsese's film comes out December 2016 at the end of this year. And Marty must not delay the post-production. The same goes for Kusturica, whose film has been three-to-four years in the making. He showed me a very long version and I think we'll see his film in the autumn.”.
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Alex Balkin - Savills

Wealth is becoming younger as the new generation has been successful in multiplying its parents' savings. Younger clientele are keener on locations closer to the hotspots – such as Saint-Tropez, Cannes and Monte Carlo - than were their parents who tended to prefer more

David Lisnard

I think that several people, maybe they wear it in good faith, so we have to explain to them. There are just a few provocative

Woody Allen

It was originally conceived in my mind as a novel on film... When you read a book you come in contact with a lot of different characters, you follow them over a few years and you see some and then others and back to

Ken Loach

I think it's a dangerous moment now in Europe because we see that the austerity program, the neo-liberal program is driving people to despair, in milions from Greece to Portugal, Spain, millions are really suffering and millions above them are really struggling, with a tiny elite at the top who are hugely wealthy. Now, we can't go on like that because there is such despair at the

Asghar Farhadi

I would say that writing and acting are just the two sides of creating in cinema, that's how I work, because I start directing while I write. So, that's my best definition in

Frederic Ponsard

This competition has thrown up some unexpected winners, but no one has found anything to complain about a second Palme d'Or award to Ken Loach for I, Daniel Blake – a strong and committed film that defends ordinary people and slams austerity policies. A topical film which shows that the cinema, especially in Cannes, is not just a matter of stars and

Kristen Stewart

Do I believe in ghosts? I don't know, I guess I believe in something. I'm really sensitive to energies and I truly believe I'm driven by something I can't really define. It gives me a feeling we are not

Guenther Oettinger - European Union

I think it's a success story. A hundred million a year we are using to co-finance European film, European works and to send out a clear message says European content and says cultural diversity, under a European umbrella. I'm

Fred Ponsard - Euronews

The Cannes film festival offers an incredible variety of films, from the biggest Hollywood blockbusters to conceptual arthouse movies. Among the films competing for the Palme d'Or that we've already been able to watch there was a British social drama, a German comedy, a French comedy and a historical erotic thriller from South Korea, an exceptional mix of films of different genres and

Frederic Ponsard

The film festival is glamour and the red carpet, but this year it's also about political films… Two fine examples at the beginning of this festival are: 'Money Monster' which battles against the world of high finance with the help of Hollywood's biggest stars, and 'Eshtebak' by Mohamed Diab which paints an uncompromising picture of Egyptian society

John Cohen

I am a huge fan of the games, I would even say that I'm an addict of the games, so when I was playing the game I started to think, Gosh, I could imagine these characters coming to live as a movie!feedback

Bernard Cazeneuve

We must keep in mind as we prepare to open this festival that we are faced with a risk which has never been as high, and faced with an enemy determined to strike us at any moment. We must demonstrate extreme vigilance at all

Therry Frémaux

Woody Allen is someone we pay attention to, because he's coming from the middle of the sixties and he became a director. He used to send his films in Cannes, but without him attending. And I think he's one of the greatest auteurs, in both senses, director and really writer dialogue (writer). We are very happy to have him on stage for the opening

Thierry Fremaux

Both films are not ready. Scorsese's film comes out December 2016 at the end of this year. And Marty must not delay the post-production. The same goes for Kusturica, whose film has been three-to-four years in the making. He showed me a very long version and I think we'll see his film in the

Sarim Fassi Fihri

My dearest wish is that within five years we will be able to conquer those invincible citadels that are the official selections in Cannes, Berlin or Venice, because since Othello we haven't had a film in the official selections in Cannes and it would mean recognition for Moroccan cinema to be

Yorgos Lanthimos

I was surprised by that, mostly because there were so many and I didn't really know them before we worked together, so I didn't know what to expect, but it worked out

Frederic Ponsard

With no clear favourite emerging, even if the Italians and Chinese are often cited, the competition remains wide open and the prize list could bring some

Deniz Gamze Ergüven

I really wanted to uncover what it is like to be a girl, a woman in Turkey today, it is a burning and contentious issue in Turkish society, where the female voice is rarely

Deniz Gamze Ergüven

I wanted to make these girls into heroines, characters of courage, intelligence and perseverance, values that rarely given to women in the movies. I see them like I see James Dean, rebellious but beautiful with all the vigor and freshness of youth. It could be considered a critical point of view, but I hope it generates something

László Nemes

A lot of the action happens off-screen but the viewers visualise it in their heads. It is in their imagination. And we try to show them a passageway to this off-stage action. That's the big question with this film: are we provoking things, emotions, impressions we cannot show any other way but through the imagination?feedback

László Nemes

We didn't want to make a pretty film, we turned away from any classic aesthetic approach. You won't find attractive compositions in this film, we refused to do that. This film isn't iconographic, you can't take stills from it. The dynamic is the important thing in the film, it's essential not to fall in to the sentimentalism of many Holocaust

Geza Röhrig

It's called, We Wept Without Tears' and it's basically just eight interviews with former Sonderkommandos who are now living in Israël. There are twenty of them alive in the entire world, and eight of them are in Israël. And after decades of not talking about it, they started to share their experiences with this historian who interviewed them over thirteen years. Because they could only get the story out word by word. They didn't tell anyone, not even immediate family members, what they did in

Thierry Fremaux

I like and I don't like that discussion about female directors. I don't like it when Cannes is accused because Cannes is equal. Cannes is the reflection of what cinema is and obviously the number of female directors is too low. It is not good. We need more female directors as we have a lot of female writers, novelists and so on and that discussion I like it, because we need to fight for

Manon Serrano

You find yourself in front of a woman who is biologically your mother, but who is a

Androulla Vassiliou

I'm a very happy to say that as we celebrated 20 years of the media programme, we have twenty films which are supported by the Media program, and some of them are also competing for the Palme d'

Frédéric Ramade

What's unique about the movies we select is that most of them don't have distributors at the time they are screened here, so being shown in Cannes is an amazing opportunity for them, allowing most of the movies selected – if not all – to find a

Rollo Ross

AMFAR is possibly the most glam event of the year but it's a real back-breaker. As a TV producer, once you get past AMFAR you know Cannes is downhill, and you can begin getting an extra hour in bed in the

Sonam Kapoor

I am third generation and my family has been in the business for 60 years. So out of the 100 years, 60 years of that time my family has been in it. So for me it's great because I have been around for five years and so for me just to be a small speck in that 100 years is

Amitabh Bachchan

Just the fact that Cannes mentions it (Indian cinema), or at least brings attention to the rest of the world as a tribute to this cinema is big enough. And then to find your self actually being asked to do the opening with Leonardo was just an unbelievable

Angela Merkel

I will go to the G20 in Cannes next week and by then we will have succeeded in developing a programme of restructuring for the world's big banking system. But the future of the Euro will be a result of the right structural

Thierry Fremaux

We often said in these past few months that the 60th Cannes has to be the best one. As for the selection of the films, well that has been a year's work for

François Molins

These investigations have helped uncover a network, perhaps you could call it a cell. All these people – born in France and with French citizenship -are linked with the radical Islamist

Jane Campion

And the Palme D'or goes to 'Winter's Sleep' by Nuri Bilge

Isabelle Huppert

This adventure was a sort of enchantment for me. I went into it alone, not really knowing what to expect because Hong Sangsoo works in a very unusual way. There was no script, I only knew I would be playing three characters in his

Hong Sangsoo

I wanted to describe Anne's adventures in this foreign country. I hope that the public shares this feeling of being plunged into a totally unknown environment, alone even in one's own

Lars von Trier

We are a nation under influence, under a really bad influence of America right now, because it is clear Mr. Bush is an asshole and doing a lot of idiotic things….but I'm not going to talk about

Wolfgang Spindler - Euronews

You're wearing a skirt tonight, but I have to say the outfits you made for the women on the red carpet were a lot sexier. Why weren't you more daring?feedback

Wolfgang Spindler - Euronews

Normally you're a man of fashion who judges women and their clothes, so now you're judging films?feedback

Katie Outinen

It's like he trusts actors, so he lets us work and then he says something like: 'Oh can you be more understated, or now it was perfect.' He makes the atmosphere so there's a relaxed feeling to work and he usually doesn't do many takes – it's one or two

Androulla Vassiliou

Because the Iranian Asghar Farhadi has set up a European production company and they are putting up this project which will be a European film with European

Wolfgang Spindler - Euronews

This MEDIA award is usually the beginning of an international career for a European movie. We can be sure that Thomas Vinterberg will come to Cannes with his next

Bérénice Bejo

I loved it, I had great fun getting angry with the children, acting with Elyes, who played Fouad, arguing with him… It's great being able to explode like that on screen because I'm not at all like that in real life. So then all that negative energy inside me can get out via this character. It's really

Jean Roy

It's the most pleasing offering we've had in a long time. The weather's been great, and that counts. And then, there was an enormous variety to choose from, in every department. You only had to reach in and you'd find excellent films. It's not like that every

Nadine Labaki

I don't do politics, I don't have the power to change anything, I don't know anything about politics, maybe I can change things through a film, or maybe I can make people listen to me. If I cannot make people listen to me in a conversation, because they think I am too naive, maybe through a film I can make people

Carlos Del Amor Gomez

My two preferred movies for the Palme d or are 'La vie d'Adèle', called 'Blue is the Warmest Colour' in English, and 'Inside Llewyn Davis' by the Coen brothers. I think these are the two big favourites. But it often happens that the jury and the press don't share the same view. We'll see what Spielberg

Damien Aubel

In my opinion, it will be either James Gray ('The Immigrant'), Roman Polanski ('Venus in Fur') or the Coen brothers. I personally prefer James

Alan Schoenauer

It's been an exceptional year with exceptional arrivals up the steps each night, and with the jury, the stars, and some amazing moments of emotion each

Adriana Karembeu

This is a mythical place. We love to see new movies, movie stars. It's such a mix of glamour, beauty, creativity, imagination. If you can live it only for a moment you have a lifetime of memories to

Viviane Reding

This year, we wondered how European cinema is doing alongside other cinema, in other parts of the world, and so we're going to look at some European maintenance outside

Michele Berrebi

There is a real problem with European cinema. First multiple languages are a handicap. It means that for a distributor who buys a film in Swedish or even English or any other language, subtitling that film is very expensive. Secondly, very few films correspond to the French structure, by which I mean films which will attract at least 400,000 cinema-goers which will make it profitable for a distributor. There are wonderful films all across Europe but they'll only get 100,000 or 120,000 cinema-goers. So the distributors are pretty cautious about

Eduardo Carneros

One of the big problems of distribution in Europe is the existence, perhaps not of an enemy but of a big marketing and sales machine which controls distribution channels and therefore cinema audiences. They have a lot of power, like big fast food chains which open branches all over the place. When there's a McDonalds everywhere, it's difficult to buy and sell other products. You have to look European politicians in the face and say 'Look, this cultural richness needs a helping hand'. And it's not just a question of cultural diversity, but also of economic

Lars von Trier

I really wanted to be a Jew. I found out I was really a Nazi. I understand Hitler. But come on! I'm not for the Second World War! I'm not against Jews!feedback

Thierry Fremaux

Nuri Bilge Ceylan could be compared to one of his countrymen, Ohran Pahmuk, who win the Nobel prize. And saying oh la la, this film runs for three hours is like saying oh la la, aren't there a lot of pages!feedback

Nuri Bilge Ceylan

It is a happy coincidence that this year is the centenary of Turkish cinema. And it is the second Palme d'Or for Turkish cinema; the prize was won 32 years ago by Yilmaz Gulney's film Yol, which I admire very much, it's a very good

Georges Goldenstern

I think that young film makers are very proud to be awarded a prize by a jury headed up by Abbas Kiarostami. He is also the Honorary President of the Cinefondation. Right from the beginning he immediately agreed – like Scorsese and others – to have a long-term involvement in supporting the

Johannes Kuhnke

I think in the nuclear family, we are building our own forts. We are separated from so many other people. In the nuclear family, we invite other people who are like us. We can invite other couples who have children and we don't let any single people in. We cut ourselves out and many people are unhappy in this kind of family

Danis Tanović

It is given to projects which have a good European-wide prospect to be seen by people all over Europe, and which have, of course, a good artistic

Roberto Saviano

Today I hate it. I can't take anymore. I don't have the slightest sympathy for my

Bernard-Henri Levy

This is not a history about Libya in general, there are plenty of films like those around. For this one, I stick to the story about what I experienced, what I witnessed and sometimes what I took part

Véronique Legendre

Firstly we use two cameras instead of one, which are for preference beside each other, the same distance apart as your eyes. So it's quite a complex calculation. And from an artistic point of view it is true that the choice of script and of images isn't exactly the same. I mean for example we always try to find shots which will magnify the 3D effect and really emphasize

Cristina Flutur

He is amazing to work with. Really the best director I have ever worked

Matteo Garrone

My point of reference for this film is certainly connected to Italian comedy. At the beginning ,the film should be a comedy, but at the end it becomes

Martina Riva

The quality of films at Cannes is always rather high. This year in my opinion there were no real masterpieces, like we had last year with the film The Artist or The Tree of Life by Terrence Wallick. This year there were very prestigious filmmakers but no striking

Ossama Mohammed

What does it mean shaking the camera? Usually I don't like this effect in cinema. Suddenly I discovered that this shaking cadre is not a fake, the man who is filming is shouting 'Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!feedback

Frederic Ponsard

After five days of competition, the jury members have seen half the films in competition. Among some of the other big names in the running; Abderrahmane Sissako for 'Timbuktu' and 'Winter Sleeps' by Nuri Bilge Ceylan. But between now and Saturday other big names are will be appearing on the Croisette such as Ken Loach and even (Jean-Luc) Godard. So, it is far from

Giovanni Magi

Television is experiencing a moment of profound transformation, from economic, artistic and technological points of view. Cannes, where TV movers and shakers have been meeting for 50 years, is the ideal place to understand the future of

Jérôme Delhaye - Reed Midem

Today the users and the viewer, people who watch telly, need more and more content, more often, and the screen itself is not important. How can we provide all this content? Plenty of creativity. And how to do we make it pay?How do we engage the audience? This is what we are thinking about, lots of players who come here with bags of creativity, these are either traditional TV players or people from the web. There are no longer barriers between the two because what's important is creativity – content is king – as we say and I think it's going to be that way for a very long

Michael Stevens

I think that there are a lot of recipes for success. I happen to know the explanatory and teaching people things recipe, but I think that really what it matters is that you listen to your audience. Right, they don't just wanna be fans, they wanna be friends. When they subscribe your content and talk to their friends about content, they don't you see you as a talent, they see you as a friend, someone that they're connected to, someone that they wanna see their friends

Thierry Fremaux

This year we wanted to get across what was most important about the festival. Yes, there are parties. Yes, there is the cote d'azur, the business and the glamour. But it's the cinema that is the most

Thierry Fremaux

There's no controversy with Italy. Cannes has selected two Italian films, one of them didn't please the culture minister, who hasn't actually seen it. He's simply seen an extract and he's complained publicly but not to us. We're free to schedule films as we see

Nicolas Sarkozy

France and Germany have taken the initiative of bringing together, before the start of the G20 summit, all the European institutions as well as the IMF, to examine with the Greek Prime Minister the conditions under which the commitments made can be

Bill Clinton

I ask you to go home and tell your friends and neighbours that when times get tough that you should give more, not less. Because we live in an interdependent world where we cannot stand this level of inequality and

Manuel Valls

It was a dangerous group or cell, which needed to be neutralized. Other targets were probably planned; investigations will allow us to determine that. Maybe some in this group wanted to take part in Jihad abroad. So we remain

Nicolas Sarkozy

The euro implies duties as well as rights, of course, for all those taking part. All members of the eurozone must stick together, there must be solidarity towards all the other members. But a minimum number of rules have to be followed; we cannot accept the explosion of the euro, as that would mean the explosion of Europe

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

Greece is in one of the most economically critical situations a country can find itself in. They are on the brink of bankruptcy. If there is not an adequate response they won't have the money to pay for schools, for hospitals and for the basic functioning of the

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