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Brian Schatz
Health care has gotten really weird politically. We've sort of tied ourselves in knots on this issue in a way that we don't do ... for criminal-justice reform, or tax policy, or climate policy. If someone wants to do a carbon fee and someone else wants to do a cap on emissions or a renewable portfolio standard, we don't start labeling each other as more or less progressive. I like Bernie's plan too, and Bernie likes my plan so why don't we just go ahead and have a hearing and figure this all
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Oct 25 2017
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Junjie Liu - Nasa

These three tropical regions released 2.5 gigatons (a billion tons) more carbon into the atmosphere than they did in

Luke Warren

Norway has always been seen as a leader on CCS so it is concerning that there is a proposal to cut the budget. The timing is also unfortunate in a week which has seen both the Netherlands and UK governments set out ambitious new CCS

Scott Pruitt

The Obama administration pushed the bounds of their authority so far with the CPP that the Supreme Court issued a historic stay of the rule, preventing its devastating effects to be imposed on the American people while the rule is being challenged in court. We are committed to righting the wrongs of the Obama administration by cleaning the regulatory slate. Any replacement rule will be done carefully, properly, and with humility, by listening to all those affected by the

Dirk Forrister

We urge negotiators to redouble their efforts to reach a deal at the next ... meeting. An agreement is needed to send a strong signal that the EU is serious about its leadership role in the international climate policy

Scott Denning

If future climate is more like this recent El Niño, the trouble is the Earth may actually lose some of the carbon removal services we get from these tropical forests, and then CO2 will increase even faster in the

Claire Perry

The impact of the Paris agreement and the unstoppable global shift towards low carbon technologies gives the UK an unparalleled opportunity. By focusing on Clean Growth, we can cut the cost of energy, drive economic prosperity, create high value jobs and improve our quality of

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

By definition, we must at some point achieve a sustainable energy economy or we will run out of fossil fuels to burn and civilization will collapse. Given that we must get off fossil fuels anyway and that virtually all scientists agree that dramatically increasing atmospheric and oceanic carbon levels is insane, the faster we achieve sustainability, the

John Sauven - Greenpeace

The strategy is in on the right track but we need a more ambitious destination. Our small country could be a big power on low carbon solutions if we keep up the momentum, especially on energy efficiency and electric vehicles. The government's punt on offshore wind has already paid off in spectacular style, and proves that clean technology, ambitious developers and government support are a winning

Greg Clark

This Government has put clean growth at the heart of its Industrial Strategy to increase productivity, boost people's earning power and ensure Britain continues to lead the world in efforts to tackle climate change. For the first time in a generation, the British government is leading the way on taking decisions on new nuclear, rolling out smart meters and investing in low carbon innovation. The world is moving from being powered by polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. It's as big a change as the move from the age of steam to the age of oil and Britain is showing the

Andy Stirling

What our research suggests is that British low-carbon energy strategies are more expensive than they need to be, in order to maintain UK military nuclear infrastructures. And without assuming the continuation of an extremely expensive UK civil nuclear industry, it is likely that the costs of Trident would be significantly

Jessica Strefler - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Every ton of carbon dioxide we don't emit in the first place means we don't have to take it out later

Yongping Zhai - Asian Development Bank

ADB will continue to expand climate finance, while still providing access to energy in the most cost effective manner to support progress for developing countries. ADB's financing to fossil fuel in 2016 was limited to natural gas, which is an important transition fuel, [with] lesser

Scott Pruitt

Between the years 2000 and 2014, the United States reduced its carbon emissions by more than 18 percent and this was accomplished largely by American innovation and technology from the private sector rather than government

Miguel Arias Canete - EU Energy

Beyond setting a general emission-reduction target for cars and vans, we are considering, for the first time, different kinds of incentives to accelerate the penetration of clean vehicles ... Personally, I do not like mandates or

Jody Freeman

You see a pretty powerful message. Disavow any effort to control greenhouse gases in the power sector, and instead, intervene in the market to promote coal. It's a

Tony Abbott

At least so far, it's climate change policy that's doing harm; climate change itself is probably doing good; or at least, more good than harm. There's the evidence that higher concentrations of carbon dioxide – which is a plant food after all – are actually greening the planet and helping to lift agricultural yields. In most countries, far more people die in cold snaps than in heatwaves, so a gradual lift in global temperatures, especially if it's accompanied by more prosperity and more capacity to adapt to change, might even be

Bruce Nilles

We think of this Rhodium Group analysis as a floor on what's possible, not a

Shayle Kann - GTM Research

The C.P.P. would have forced every state to develop a power sector greenhouse-gas reduction plan, which likely would have resulted in a bunch of states opening up markets to solar in new ways – faster fossil plant retirements, renewable standards,

Josh Frydenberg

Climate change is real. We take our advice from the scientific experts. We believe we need to reduce our emissions. That is why Tony Abbott signed up to the Paris agreement. Now the Turnbull government is continuing the work of Coalition governments to reduce carbon emissions, but to do so in a way that doesn't compromise the affordability and the reliability of our

David Stevenson

If you do it right that's how long it takes. These kinds of rules were put in place for a reason, so you couldn't just willy-nilly regulate the heck out of

Vicki Arroyo

I think they're just dragging their feet. They've had all this time to figure out what it is they would do if they were in charge, and they've been in charge since January, and they've known since November. So it's literally been a year and they really don't have anything to come up with other than kicking the can down the road? They're basically running out the

Robert Murray

I suspect this will drag out for years, many years. They need to take the time to study this and see if they come up with anything to substitute. I hope they come up with

Scott Pruitt

The last administration just simply made it up. When you think about the Clean Power Plan, it was not about regulating to make things regular. It was about regulating to pick winners and

David Konisky

It's very clear that this administration has no interest in seriously taking on climate change, be it in the power sector or other sources of emissions. Delaying is the

John Hickenlooper

We have dramatically cleaner air and we are saving money. My question to the E.P.A. would be, Which part of that don't you like?feedback

Karen Harbert - 21st Century Energy

We have always believed that there is a better way to approach greenhouse gas emissions reductions. We welcome the opportunity for business to be at the table with the E.P.A. and other stakeholders to develop an approach that lowers emissions, preserves America's energy advantage, and respects the bounds of the Clean Air

Richard Revesz

Every step of this, from the repeal to the replacement, will involve a lot of time-consuming litigation, and we could ultimately see this end up in the Supreme

Bill McKibben

The world is grateful to the Canadians and Indigenous peoples who organized against this project. The climate math is sadly simple--the carbon contained in Alberta's tar sands must stay there. Nothing else that Canada could do to help stabilize Earth's climate matters anywhere near as

Jerry Melillo

To put this in context, each year, mostly from fossil fuel burning, we are releasing about 10 billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere. That's what's causing the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global warming. The world's soils contain about 3,500 billion metric tons of carbon. If a significant amount of that soil carbon is added to the atmosphere, due to microbial activity in warmer soils, that will accelerate the global warming process. And once this self-reinforcing feedback begins, there is no easy way to turn it off. There is no switch to

Paul Wheelhouse

It is our responsibility as a government to make a decision we believe is in the best interests of the people of this country as a whole. We must be confident that the choices we make will not compromise health and safety or damage the environment in which we live. We have a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for new low carbon

Paul Wheelhouse

The Scottish Government has a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for new low carbon opportunities. Taking full account of the available evidence and strength of public opinion today, my judgment is that Scotland should say no to

Peter Castellas

Our energy-intensive exports sit directly in the supply chain of the world's largest carbon market, where their customers are going to have a liability around the carbon price. That will send a market signal of real

Peter Castellas

When you have Japan, [South] Korea and China having discussions around a north Asian carbon club; when you've got China and Korea having discussions around how do we treat emissions across borders and what's the lowest cost to our economies to meet our emissions targets; when you have China and New Zealand having those conversations about establishing direct engagement because they both have a functioning carbon market with a price; those conversations and those emerging what's being called 'carbon clubs' is something that Australia should be participating

Tom Luckock - Norton Rose Fulbright

China has and uses a number of tools to control emissions and it has done so very successfully for a number of years, and in many cases they will have a much larger impact than a carbon

Claire Perry

It's hard. There is no magic bullet. Ahead I see a road of small but important

Ed Davey

The government must urgently confirm that new private green deal finance options will prevent landlords from wriggling out of their responsibilities. Given these regulations will save some low income tenants over £1,000 a year on their energy bills – far more than any energy price cap ever might – as well as cutting carbon emissions, it would be outrageous if the Conservatives gave landlords any

Andy Kloss - Drax Power

Our plan is to be off coal well before the 2025 cut-off. We want to either be offering renewable power through our four biomass units, or enabling that low-carbon future by providing

Sarah McCartney

I'm keen to use oils grown and distilled in the UK because they have a lower carbon footprint and the quality is great. We also recently switched to organic gin-quality grain alcohol distilled in Liverpool, so up to 95 per cent of each bottle is produced in

Alessandro Baccini

These findings provide the world with a wake-up call on forests. If we're to keep global temperatures from rising to dangerous levels, we need to drastically reduce emissions and greatly increase forests' ability to absorb and store

Matthew Dodd

There may be a lot of people who are not convinced because their conclusions are based on one line of

Matthew Dodd

A lot of people think that 3.8bn years ago and older, we would have had a lot of impacts from meteorites as the solar system was still calming down from its formation, and these frequent, large impacts would have sterilised the surface of Earth, making it very difficult for life to survive. However, you can argue on contrary, that impact events produce very nice habitats potentially for the emergence of life on earth. If they are right, and this is life at 4bn years ago, it's saying life can begin and make ends meet in a very hostile

Claire Perry

The cost of solar panels and batteries has fallen dramatically over the past few years, and this first subsidy-free development at Clayhill is a significant moment for clean energy in the UK. Solar panels already provide enough electricity to power 2.7 million homes with 99% of that capacity installed since 2010. The Government is determined to build on this success and our ambitious Clean Growth Strategy will ensure we continue to lead the world on the transition to a low carbon

Nicholas Stern

To realise the goals of the Paris agreement and hold the increase in global average temperature to well below 2C, we must reach peak emissions as soon as possible and then achieve a rapid decline soon afterwards. These results from the Dutch government show that there is a real opportunity to get on track. We can now see clearly that the transition to a low-carbon economy is at the heart of the story of poverty reduction and of the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development

Lord Nicholas Stern

These results are a welcome indication that we are nearing the peak in global annual emissions of greenhouse

Ken Anthony

The better outcome we get in terms of carbon mitigation, the better chance we stand with conventional and these new interventions. I can't imagine having success where you don't have both. As I said, you have to have two balls in play and if you drop either of them, then it could be game

Terry Hughes

I actually see this problem we are now facing – with back-to-back bleaching events on the Great Barrier Reef killing about half the corals – that this is more a governance problem. What's broken is not so much the corals – they don't need fixing – but the legal frameworks, the politics and the institutions. We need to find solutions, but I don't think growing corals is part of that. I think it's about changing people's attitudes and behaviours and getting carbon dioxide emissions down by transitioning away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible. Without that, nothing else really

Ken Anthony

But we need a philosophy where we don't just give up. We do need two balls in play. We need to fix climate change and the more we can mitigate carbon, the better the chances that these things will work. It is not an either, or,

Martin Whitehouse

Regardless of the veracity of the biogenic evidence from the graphite, the claim that it is the oldest requires that the geochronology is watertight. If it's younger than about 3.8bn years, it isn't very exciting anymore. I would say this fails the first test of proving an oldest anything in a region where igneous rocks have a range of ages between 3.9 and 3.7bn years

Duncan Burt

We're providing our forecast data in a format that allows technology companies to build innovative apps and software that could make a real difference to how and when people use energy. Clear and concise information that can tell you in advance when's best to turn on the washing machine, load the dishwasher or charge your car for example, is a step in the right direction towards a low carbon future. This technology puts people at the heart of it, helping everyone to use power when it's greenest, and likely, more cost

Emmanuel Macron

If in the years ahead, we don't have a significant price of carbon per ton to allow for a profound change in our economies, then it would be worthless. We must work toward that horizon. From today, we must organize ourselves and do it. It is

Roseanna Cunningham

The recently published Programme for Government places climate action at its heart and includes bold new commitments in a range of areas, including low-carbon transport, infrastructure and energy efficiency. We acknowledge that there are areas where more needs to be done in order to continue meeting our ambitious targets and to prepare for even greater future ambition under our proposed Climate Change

Edward D. Kleinbard

A levy on carbon would satisfy Democrats, while Republicans would get far lower corporate

Changhan Kim

Other companies will, of course, enter the marketplace, but I would just hope they put their own spin on the game mode and not just make a carbon copy!feedback

Glen Peters

The carbon budget concept is a brilliant way to illustrate the importance of zero emissions, the need for rapid mitigation, and to compare different temperature targets. The carbon budget concept is less useful for emission pathways, particularly with tight carbon budgets and given that it is possible to exceed the carbon budget using negative

Amy Bowe - Wood Mackenzie

If we were to look full-cycle at the emissions produced through the consumption of fuels, we would expect LNG to still be more favourable. Compared to coal, LNG is still much more favourable on a full-cycle

Amy Bowe - Wood Mackenzie

If you look at the emissions produced just through the extraction and production of it, LNG is more emissions-intensive than pipeline gas and that is largely due to the liquefaction

Anna Frebel

It's amazing that this has been captured on film. We know that such mass loss has to happen, but seeing it like this is truly gratifying. These stars quietly expel material into space, and with it bits of all the new elements made inside the star. This is particularly carbon, the most important element for life, but also heavy elements from the bottom of the periodic table, like strontium and barium. Because there are many, many of these types of stars, altogether they are shaping the chemical composition of local regions within their host

Sven Rodenbeck - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Short-term we are concerned about injuries, carbon monoxide poisoning, gastrointestinal problems because of contaminated water or food, mold is a concern and just general infection control-type things. Longer term, probably the biggest thing is mental

Michael Grubb

The smaller constituencies - cities, businesses, states - are just saying they're getting on with it, partly for carbon reduction, but partly because there's this energy revolution and they don't want to be left

Greg Herro

It takes certain alloys to make diamonds. Lab-created diamonds cannot be made from the carbon alone. The alloy helps the carbon transform from powder to crystal. It also helps determine the color. We used different alloy mixes to create different LifeGem diamond colors. Blue LifeGem diamonds are the most

H.R. McMaster

That's a false report. The president decided to pull out of the Paris accord because it was a bad deal for the American people and a bad deal for the environment. It gave the worst polluters the ability to continue polluting and emitting carbon without significantly reducing those levels. The president's ears are open, though, if at some point they decide that they can come forward with an agreement that addresses the president's very legitimate concerns about

Claire Perry

The transition to a low-carbon economy is a multi-billion pound investment opportunity and a key part of this government's industrial strategy. Developing standards to promote responsible investment in sustainable projects and establishing the Green Finance Taskforce will help ensure businesses across the UK take full advantage of

Lynn Good - Duke Energy

Our strategy will continue to be to drive carbon out of our

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

Instead, these past two years the Conservatives have done their best to trash our green industries and undo the progress made during the coalition years. This report shows that becoming carbon-free by 2050 will be crucial if we are to meet the Paris agreement's ambitious target of limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees. Furthermore, it sets out how this ambition can be

Jürgen Schenck

It's something that might be overhyped. We're intent to go on with diesel … it is a good technology for [cutting] carbon

Maria Tuzzeo

You know these people. You know them. They're from your neighborhood. You know how bad it is. You're brought up with the kids. They go swimming at the pool. It's just so

Dick Co

Traditionally, solar-fuelled artificial photosynthesis has been a government-funded effort. But accelerated by the US election last year, we're seeing a quick shift from government money to philanthropists like Bill Gates and Tom

Matt Lucas

Technologies to capture CO2 from the air, like Climeworks' units, have the potential for the sort of steep price declines that we've seen from solar, wind, and batteries, which are also factory manufactured

Bas Eickhout

We are just making sure that in a worst-case scenario, if the talks go wrong and if the UK is out of the bloc, then at least we don't end up with an additional oversupply on the

Diane Holdorf - Kellogg's

As one of the first ten companies to have approved science-based greenhouse gas emissions targets in 2015, we've already invested in energy efficiency and low carbon technologies. Going 100 percent renewable is the obvious next step; lowering business risk, generating financial savings, and helping other companies make the switch as

Joao Castro Neves - Anheuser-Busch

As we strive to bring people together to build a better world, we at Anheuser-Busch are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions. Helping to grow the renewable energy market is not only good for the environment, it is a strategic business move as we strive for long-term sustainability. Now more than ever, we are excited to lead our company's global effort toward a renewable future and, partnering with Enel, set an industry example of how major companies can help to make a difference in climate

Richard Harrington

This investment will help the UK meet its climate targets while supporting jobs in Britain's growing renewable industry. The UK has the largest offshore wind capacity in the world and low carbon businesses have a combined turnover of £43 billion, employing 234,000

Richard Harrington

We've placed clean growth at the heart of the Industrial Strategy to unlock opportunities across the country, while cutting carbon emissions. The offshore wind sector alone will invest £17.5bn in the UK up to 2021 and thousands of new jobs in British businesses will be created by the projects announced today. This government will continue to seize these opportunities as the world moves towards a low carbon future, and will set out ambitious proposals in the upcoming Clean Growth

Mark Horsley - Northern Gas Networks

The site will bring together the best and brightest in this field and encourage the big thinking that is required if we are to secure, affordable, low carbon energy future. Fully integrated energy systems that combine electricity, gas, and renewables to power heating, lighting and transport, can help to reduce the use of primary energy, cut costs and increase the reliability of our energy networks. It really is an issue of national importance and one which we take very

Phil Sheppard - National Grid

Tidal power presents a reliable and predictable source of renewable generation that has the potential for highly flexible operation in the future. We have worked alongside tidal lagoon developers to gain an understanding of the operational characteristics of the proposed lagoons. This infrastructure project will have a significant impact as we move towards an increasingly low carbon electricity

Tom Greatrex

With two-thirds of the UK's currently dispatchable generation capacity due to retire by 2030, including all but one of the current nuclear fleet, the UK will need the full range of low carbon technologies to provide the reliable, secure and readily available power for homes, businesses and public

Maarten Wetselaar - Royal Dutch Shell

Heavy transport by ships, trucks and buses can't be electrified and the lowest carbon alternative is for them to use

Richard Sedano

Drift is not just offering to help consumers get access to energy in the market that meets their specifications for price and carbon/renewable, they are also offering an opportunity to 'prosumers' (consumers who also produce resources through solar PV or demand response of a range of types) to monetize investments they make (solar PV and demand response enabling investments) and actions they take (demand response actions). These actions and investments would otherwise occur but be uncompensated and not guided by market values, or not occur at

Robert Engelman

The fewer children you have and the longer you wait to have them, the better it will be for the future of the planet; the less carbon emissions there are going to be. It's an issue of scale and

Fabrice Leveque - World Wide Fund for Nature

This is yet more evidence that a zero-carbon future is in our grasp. However, at the present rate it will take over 100 years for us to ensure our homes are carbon neutral. This is clearly not good enough, and the government must stop dragging its feet and make sure more homes are renovated each year. Our cold and leaky homes pile hundreds of pounds on to people's fuel bills, can damage their health, and are adding to climate

Kelvin Droegemeier

He absolutely believes the planet is warming, that [carbon dioxide] is a greenhouse gas, and that it contributes to

Ben van Beurden - Royal Dutch Shell

The world needs renewables. But renewables produce electricity and electricity is less than 20pc of the world's energy system. The world needs battery electric cars. They are on our roads already and we need many more of them. But batteries are not the answer for every road journey, let alone for shipping, freight or air travel. The energy transition to a low carbon future will happen. It has to. But it will take time to happen. It will take generations to happen. And the world still needs oil. It still needs

DJ Pandian - The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Investing in clean, renewable energy is a big part of our strategy to promote a sustainable and low-carbon future for Asia. We are supporting this project because it contributes to Egypt's renewable energy capacity, and it will help position the country as a regional energy hub, which will have economic benefits for the entire

Ben Oquist

In its 2013 annual report the MCA boasts it 'was at the forefront of the debates over the carbon and mining taxes; and their abolition (expected after July 2014) will be in no small part due to the council's determined advocacy on both issues'. While the commonwealth's key scientific research organisation effectively funds political advocacy for the coal industry, it works to prohibit its own staff from commenting on national science

Sheldon Whitehouse

Senator Schatz and I extend an open hand and olive limb. Find Senator Schatz and me a Republican to negotiate with. Then let's talk about the economics. Let's talk about the

Jill Sigal

We believe that we have a proposal that is a climate solution that is beneficial to the U.S. economy and national

Robert Greenstein

To be sure, there is a possible exception: a carbon tax that returns its proceeds to the public via a universal

Robert Greenstein

If a carbon tax could pass, we might need to focus the proceeds available for these payments on low- and moderate-income families – so the payments would be adequate to offset the higher energy costs these families would face as a result of the tax – rather than extending the payments all the way up the income scale in universal

Keith Brown

That is why I'm pleased that the Scottish Government will also be able to support our first new geothermal heating system in almost two decades, allowing local residents to access low carbon energy at an affordable

Gabriel Bowen

I think you need to look at the delta, or the type of change that we see, as we go into these [past warming events] because we know that we're forcing the system by adding carbon to it, and we can see just what the pattern of change is over that base condition. That's not to say that we expect that starting from where we are today is going to be identical, but it gives us really our only experimentally based look at how the system responds to that kind of

Paul Bowers - Georgia Power

Our experience provides every indication that we can do a better job than Westinghouse alone as we move forward to complete the project. The two new units at Plant Vogtle will be in service for 60 to 80 years and will add another low-cost, carbon-free energy source to our already diverse fuel

Marcus Gutjahr

The key things is the acidification took 20,000 years and if we had introduced enough methane over 20,000 years to keep the pH so low, then the carbon signature would be [very different to what we see].feedback

Marcus Gutjahr

[The PETM] was always regarded as the best natural analogue for current anthropogenic carbon emissions – but we have found that not even that event is a actually good analogue. We are actually currently marching in unknown

Damien Walmsley - British Dental Association

Prosecco offers a triple whammy of carbonation, sweetness and alcohol, which can put your teeth at risk, leading to sensitivity and enamel erosion. Carbonated beverages get their fizz from the release of carbon dioxide, which dissolves into carbonic acid. This provides a refreshing taste but also makes these drinks more acidic. Added to that, prosecco comes with about one teaspoon of sugar per

Detlef van Vuuren

Air conditioning is wonderful – I would not want to live in Houston or Miami or Phoenix without air conditioning – but it puts enormous stress on our electricity systems and results in billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide emission

Jesse Norman

We are committed to cutting carbon emissions and promoting new environmentally friendly fuels that will help us meet that goal. We are making funding available to innovative businesses, which will lead the way in developing alternative fuels that are efficient, sustainable and clean. We want every new car and van in the UK to be zero-emission by 2040, but we know lorries and aeroplanes will rely on more traditional fuels for years to come, so we must promote environmentally friendly

Duncan Sinclair

Their roles are definitely changing, that's absolutely clear. They are very much at the forefront of facilitating the move to lower-carbon power, particularly in connecting renewables and electric vehicles. That's a big change: not just technically, but in how they plan to operate the system to meet future customer needs. These companies are becoming much more customer-centric, particularly those which are facing a lot of connection requests in their areas. They have been caught out by the speed of

Jeremy Woods - Imperial College

On balance, it's a positive thing if it's done well ... but we also need to remember that tree planting takes time and investment and so not all, in fact, very few, of the 10bn trees are likely to be planted within the next 5 years. The new forest has to be there in perpetuity if the carbon is to be kept out of the atmosphere. And you need to help food production and local

Felix Creutzig

I would say that [solar] will rise anyway further, and it will have increasing market shares, whatever happens with the carbon

Tony Wood

Malcolm Turnbull says coal will be part of the energy mix for the next several decades, and this is true, but it is a declining part of that mix. We may have a bigger share, but it is still a bigger share of a declining market. Unless someone does something with carbon capture and storage – or the world turns away from acting on climate change, which doesn't seem likely – this is not an industry with a long-term

Peter Cook

We need to be realistic about it, it's not going to be the solution to the problem of global warming and climate change. I'm sure it will work chemically, and they've shown that it does. The issues is the extent to which you can deploy

Marcus Dawe

There is a big demand among consumers for green building products. The interest around the carbon brick has been extraordinary, but we're going beyond that. This is all about getting them to a scale and getting them as economical as we

Marcus Dawe

As much as possible we want to make this an environmental solution. It really is the end state for

Peter Cook

The difficulty is just the scale of the issue that we're facing. I think it's one of these processes where you'll be able to make money from it in the local area. The difficulty is, for instance we're getting 36bn tonnes of CO2 per annum from our use of fossil fuel. It's important to keep that sort of number in mind when you think about the scale of the

Laura Taylor

The UK government's long-overdue clean growth plan needs to prove that this government is serious about speeding up the low carbon transition, not slackening the pace. The benefits to citizens are enormous but areas like home energy efficiency and heating are lagging behind and need urgent political

Kelly O'Shanassy

For a multibillion-dollar multinational to challenge such a meagre fine shows real contempt for the Queensland and Australian public. If this is their attitude now, what will it be like it they are allowed to construct a massive dirty new coalmine that would contribute to the destruction of our Great Barrier Reef and threaten our planet with more carbon pollution?feedback

Dylan Sage - ExxonMobil

We wanted to have a better framework to understand under that scenario how much equity of ours is at risk. Subsequently, we've gotten out of a lot of our Exxon shares when they wouldn't take seriously the risks to their business model around a low-carbon

Dan Reicher

There's a big gulf between the president's words and the actions of the administration on support for carbon

Karla Raettig

In this current national political environment, it's more important than ever for Governor Hogan to take the lead and stand strong with the other states in

Mark Kresowik - Sierra Club

With the current disastrous policies and rhetoric of the Trump administration, we're pleased to see these states step up, listen to their constituents, and come together to increase clean energy in the

Ben Grumbles

This a strong and environmentally protective approach, it embraces the art of the possible. This is a primary example of real progress on climate

Jonathan Sanderman - Woods Hole Research Center

There's a lot of studies showing that if you adopt recommended best management practices, you could slowly regain some fraction of that lost carbon. We know how much carbon is in the atmosphere now. So that just changes how we apportion the blame

Thomas Crowther

Modifying large-scale agricultural practices to restore some of these lost soil carbon stocks might be a valuable strategy in our efforts to dampen climate

Michael Wara

I think this kind of work is really important in the sense that it's looking closely at what is actually happening as we develop carbon

Michael Wara

In some sense, forest carbon is trading one kind of co-benefit for another kind of co-benefit. It's not strictly a benefit, it's a trade-off, because we're going to burn more carbon in California in exchange for storing more carbon

Bruce Adderley

The Norwegians have offered to be the solution for the whole of North-West Europe and are galvanising industry to do just that. Bring us your carbon,' they're saying. But there's no reason that the UK couldn't do that

Marta Bodi

In 2008, I felt faint on a trip to Nairobi and had to be put on oxygen. I couldn't operate the flight home so I returned as a passenger. I was signed off long-term sick and spent the next two years pretty much bedridden. I had no energy, I couldn't sleep, I felt achy and I couldn't walk without help. If I breathed chemicals, I would vomit straight away. I was then diagnosed with multiple chemical sensitivity and instructed to wear a carbon-activated mask. I was like a 90-year-old in a thirtysomething's

Tim Echols

It’s a hedge against a low-carbon future—and much

Stu Bresler - PJM Interconnection

If carbon emissions are the concern and that is the public policy issue with which policy makers are concerned, the simple be-all answer from a market perspective is putting a price on

Gary Cohn

We are going to hit the ground running, literally this month on tax reform. We are here to execute his

Eli Lehrer

I won't say it's likely, but it's more likely than it has been in some time. And if the stars align perfectly, I could see a carbon tax

Sheldon Whitehouse

There are Republicans willing to work with us, and not just a few. They just need the prospect of safe passage through the political kill

Grover Norquist

What is that Taylor Swift song? We are never, ever, ever getting back together? This is never, ever, ever going to

Brian Schatz

There are only a handful of options in terms of generating revenue for broad-based tax reform, and they're all very close to dead on arrival. This is the one proposal that could attract a significant number of

Lisa Murkowski

I haven't heard anybody within the administration taking point on this, so my sense would be no. But things happen around

Kelly Love

We don't officially comment on legislation unless it's something we are actively supporting or is about to be considered in

Grover Norquist

This time there is money for promoting that this idea might happen

Dai Wei

Our mission is to solve the 'last mile' transportation problem in urban areas and we see immense potential in the U.S. for Ofo's convenient, affordable and low-carbon way of

Rui Chammas

Our company sees this program very positively. It could mark a relevant change in how ethanol is valued, recognizing positive aspects such as the low carbon

Sadiq Khan

I committed to a not-for-profit energy company in my manifesto and my officers are taking this forward as part of the early work of Energy for Londoners. It is potentially a significant undertaking and so rigorous feasibility and business modelling will be carried out to determine the most appropriate structure and functions of the company in order to achieve the overarching objectives of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and alleviating fuel poverty in

Caroline Russell

Despite the mayor telling me it was 'the idea' for Energy for Londoners to be fully licensed, this doesn't seem to be the case. A publicly-owned Energy for Londoners was a brilliant opportunity to make a real difference to Londoners, providing residents, schools, hospitals and businesses with affordable, low-carbon

Hannah McKinnon - Oil Change International

This is uncharacteristically irrational behaviour for Norway. The Paris climate goals mean the world has to stay within a finite carbon budget. Norway's current plans for fossil fuel production, expansion, and exploration are dangerously out of line with these budgets. Norway can't be a climate leader at the same time as depending on new oil and gas

Bianca Moebius-Clune

We won't change the modeling, just how we talk about it – there are a lot of benefits to putting carbon back in the sail [sic], climate mitigation is just one of

Amanda Knox

When I was on trial for murder in Italy, the media tried to paint me as a 'femme fatale'. So it was with a sickening sense of déjà vu that I watched the prosecution attempt the same trick with (Michelle) Carter. Carter may not be innocent in a moral or philosophical sense, but she was wrongfully convicted. It's hard to feel sympathy for Carter, who was wrong to instruct Roy over the phone to get back into the truck in which he was poisoning himself with carbon

Randy Tinsmith - The Boeing Company

This wasn't a joy ride. It was an 18 hour… flight test for a 787-8 with GE engines. Our team coordinated with the many air traffic control centers, choosing the routing to avoid restricted

Jakob Vinther

It had this dense armour on its back – it would have looked almost like a pineapple, with dense angular horns. On its neck and over its shoulders it had extremely long horns, even the face was covered in armour. We could see that the organic compounds [in the film] were something that contained carbon, nitrogen and sulphur – that is something that we know is typical for [the pigment] red

Robert Hazen - Carnegie

They are using vast amounts of data and make correlations that you could never

Adrian Raftery

Countries need to change the economic incentives for producing carbon – for example by introducing a carbon tax – and encourage innovation that would improve energy efficiency. We should be learning more from countries that are particularly carbon-efficient, like France, which has a very low-carbon transport

Chris Huntingford

If given just one word to describe climate change, then 'unfairness' would be a good candidate. Raised levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are expected to cause deadly heatwaves for much of South Asia. Yet many of those living there will have contributed little to climate

Robert Hazen - Carnegie

Minerals occur on Earth in clusters. When you see minerals together it's very like the way that humans interact in social networks such as Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).feedback

Gideon Henderson

The last time we saw a permafrost melting was 130,000 years ago. It's a natural phenomenon because of changes in the earth's orbit. But what is definitely unprecedented is the rate of warming. The warming that happened 130,000 years ago happened over thousands of years … What we see happening now is warming over decades or a century. When (permafrosts) release carbon, it will accelerate the rate of warming in the

Gilpin Robinson - U.S. Geological Survey

The use of large data sets and analytical tools is very important in our studies of mineral and energy

David Keith

If you want to be confident to get to 1.5 degrees you need to have solar geo-engineering. I don't think it's science fiction … to me it's normal atmospheric

Paul Gatti - Royal Mail

Our research has shown that electric vans are a good operational fit with our business and we are delighted to be ordering such a large volume to use in our daily operations. This is good news for our customers and the towns and cities which we serve. Emissions are an important issue for us at Royal Mail and we are continuously looking at new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on air quality. Improving the efficiency of our fleet by introducing electric vans is just one example of

Nick Akins - American Electric Power

There's a rebalancing of the generation resources, not only in our company but in this country that's going on. There's no doubt that there's the expectation to move to that cleaner energy economy, and an opportunity for us to rebalance our fleet, which has historically been predominantly coal. If you look at the carbon reductions associated with that, our carbon has been reduced over 40 percent since 2005 as a

Anders Damgaard

In the last 12 months we have made a big effort to find out the data and the method to measure the carbon emissions in our stock portfolio. I hope we'll be done this

Dan Reicher

Each additional increment of carbon reduction is tougher than the previous

Kate Sears

This lawsuit is intended to shift those costs back where they belong – on the fossil fuel

Deborah Halberstadt

The rate of ice loss from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets could rapidly accelerate, leading to extreme sea-level rise, [...] with potentially catastrophic impacts for

Dave Pine

We are at the point of no return in fighting climate change, and if we don't reduce emissions there will be catastrophic

Jeremy Leggett - Solarcentury

This kind of litigation is a vital tool in the spreading effort to force oil companies to change their business models. No company has admitted the game is up yet. Some have taken out substantial hedged bets in the form of significant investments in clean energy, notably Total and Statoil. Others have dug in, seemingly for a fight to the

Kelly Mitchell - Greenpeace

The bottom line, is that these companies are clinging to an outdated business model that is not compatible with a safe climate and liveable

Raymond Pierrehumbert

Carbon dioxide removal is challenging technologically, but deserves investment and

Janos Pasztor - United Nations

We're in trouble. The question is not whether or not there will be an overshoot but by how many degrees and for how many

Chris Field - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Relying on big future deployments of carbon removal technologies is like eating lots of dessert today, with great hopes for liposuction

Nina Skorupska

It shows real progress that there were nearly 126,000 jobs in renewable energy in 2015/16. This is in addition to over 16,000 in energy storage and in electric vehicles, which is the first year we have reported on these sectors. What is deeply frustrating is that this growth could have been greater. Policy instability in Westminster has slowed growth. Our member companies are helping build a system that is reliable, low-carbon and more affordable than the previous

Scott Pruitt

Human activity [is not the] primary contributor to the global warming that we

Sam Gardner - World Wide Fund for Nature

The first six months of 2017 have certainly been incredible for renewables, with wind turbines alone helping to ensure millions of tonnes of climate-damaging carbon emissions were avoided. Scotland is continuing to break records on renewable electricity, attracting investment, creating jobs and tackling climate change. If we want to reap the same rewards in the transport and heating sectors we need the Scottish Government to put in place strong policies on energy efficiency and transport in the forthcoming Climate Change

Philip Nelson - Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

Batteries will form a cornerstone of a low carbon economy, whether in cars, aircraft, consumer electronics, district or grid storage. To deliver the UK's low-carbon economy we must consolidate and grow our capabilities in novel battery

Michael Gove

It is because environmental degradation is such a threat to future prosperity and security that I deeply regret President Trump's approach towards the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. International co-operation to deal with climate change is critical if we're to safeguard our planet's future and the world's second biggest generator of carbon emissions can't simply walk out of the room when the heat is

Max Warburton

Her letter contained some important statements that we believe show the industry's lobbyists have scored a big win. They have likely argued that castigating or banning diesel would harm the industry's earnings and employees, harm efforts to reduce carbon dioxide and harm owners of current

Michael Gove

International co-operation to deal with climate change is critical if we're to safeguard our planet's future and the world's second biggest generator of carbon emissions can't simply walk out of the room when the heat is on. It's our planet too and America needs to know we can only resolve this problem

Seema Jayachandran

It's considerably cheaper than other ways of lowering carbon emissions. Putting dollars and cents on the benefits should be helpful in nudging the policy

Scott Segal

The litigants misunderstand nuisance law. Commentators have suggested that nuisance law, a relative backwater in property law, is based upon conditions in which there are distinct producers and recipients of pollution. However, in the case of global climate change, a molecule of carbon is literally around the world in seven days. The requisite causation needed for nuisance suits is missing and

John Kelly

Certainly, if someone thinks they can hang solar panels on there and reduce the carbon emissions and sell energy both to Mexico and the United States and it benefits everybody, sounds like a good idea to

James Hansen

Some consequences [of climate change] are already becoming inevitable, but as yet it could be moderate if we begin to reduce emissions rapidly. So that's the objective – to try to get the global community to understand the importance of beginning those emissions reductions soon, and keeping the task that we're leaving for young people one that they can

Cristian Proistosescu

But that would be the wrong way to think about it. The more important point is that we cannot rule out the very real probability that there are slow feedbacks – and risk is probability times cost. … Once you start thinking in terms of risks I would concur with Dr. Hansen that the current trajectory presents some unacceptable

Dorothy Thompson

We believe we are creating interesting options for our coal units to either be increased renewable generation or flexible gas generation to support a low-carbon

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