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Michael Tanner - Cato Institute
We should be careful of the illusion of bipartisan agreement on the issue, even among its advocates. Free market advocates see the UBI as a replacement for the existing welfare state. Many on the left call for a UBI as an additional benefit on top of existing programs, funded through new taxes on carbon, natural resources, businesses, or 'the rich.' Bridging those differences will likely be much harder than advocates on both sides may
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Jul 17 2017
“So, no, I would not agree that [carbon dioxide] is a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.” said Scott Pruitt speaking about Carbon. It’s one of the 578 quotes about Carbon you can find on this page. 434 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Barack Obama, Justin Trudeau and Roisin Commane. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Evelyn Mervine - De Beers

Since the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, there has been a huge jump in carbon pricing schemes. What's clear is there will be carbon pricing by 2030s - it will be a cost of doing

Pablo Atuesta Pradilla

A tree is always more efficient for compensating carbon footprint. But since we don't have enough space in the city to plant so many trees, we have to use unused space like walls and roofs to be able to compensate, so these solutions of having vertical gardens and having green roofs are

Nicolas Hulot

One of the symbolic acts of the plan is that France, which previously had made the promise to divide its greenhouse gas emissions by four by 2050, has decided to become carbon neutral by 2050 following the U.S. decision. We want to demonstrate that fighting against climate change can lead to an improvement of French people's daily

Nicolas Hulot

In that spirit and putting into action what was announced by the president when the United States announced its position regarding the Paris agreement, our objective will be to become carbon neutral by

Tim Rotheray

The economy depends on competitive business. Those businesses need to decarbonise cost effectively to remain competitive in the future. Today's report provides Government with a clear answer on how to support industrial competitiveness and deliver a significant carbon reduction. By installing CHP, thousands of businesses across the UK could help lighten the load of the cost of the energy transition while delivering much needed new capacity, helping to balance the grid and reduce network investment

Savita Vaidhyanathan

Mind-blowing, mind-blowing, mind-blowing. I saw the underground 1,000-seat theater and the carbon-fiber roof. The roof was made in Dubai, and it was transported and assembled here. I love that it's here and that I can brag about

Fatih Birol - International Energy Agency

The volumes of oil consumed and carbon emissions given out by these vehicles is huge, but policy attention has been very

Michael R. Bloomberg

Climate change presents global markets with risks and opportunities that cannot be ignored, which is why a framework around climate-related disclosures is so important. The Task Force brings that framework to the table, helping investors evaluate the potential risks and rewards of a transition to a lower carbon economy. We're pleased to see so many businesses and investors around the world support the recommendations of the TCFD and hope others will be encouraged to join our

Kouichi Yamamoto

By 2050, we don't aim to lower carbon, but we aim to exit from carbon. Carbon pricing is the most efficient tool to help us achieve the 2050

Kouichi Yamamoto

We are not saying that we should implement carbon pricing, but we are saying we should talk and think about how Japan can come up with our own model based on other countries'

Kouichi Yamamoto

The Kyoto Protocol was mainly to enhance developed countries to combat global warming, but the Paris climate pact is for all countries and underlines a big advancement. Therefore, the U.S. withdrawal this time has a much bigger implication than that from the Kyoto

Kouichi Yamamoto

It doesn't matter if they are highly efficient or not, power stations using coal are seen outdated as EU (European Union) and other countries are moving away from them. We are against coal-fired power plants, but the issue isn't whether we are for or against it, but that there may come a time when they will no longer be accepted by the world at large. If all those plants are built, it will become a major obstacle for Japan's 2030 target to cut

Richard Black

Unless ministers get on with setting new decarbonisation policies for the power sector, heating and transport, progress will stall and the UK will lose its leadership position. Investors are ready and willing to put money into Britain's low-carbon future – they just need clear, unequivocal signals from Government. And given the economic benefits of decarbonisation, one might ask – what are ministers waiting for?feedback

Emma Herd

Boards need a plan for managing climate change risks and opportunities that shareholders can see. Having a globally consistent framework for reporting on material climate change risks will accelerate this

Christian Thimann - AXA Group

We of course have an intrinsic interest in the world fighting against climate change. We see the frequency and intensity of natural disasters linked to climate change augmenting every year. We consider a world of plus two degrees may still be insurable but a world of plus four degrees might not

Philippe Defosses

The more companies report effectively on climate related risks and opportunities, the easier it becomes for investors to allocate the substantial amounts of capital required to implement the Paris Agreement and to work on their own climate risk disclosure. There should be no resistance to the widespread adoption on the TCFD's recommendations given how – in most G20 countries – companies already have legal obligations to disclose material risks in their routine financial filings, including those that related to climate

Christian Thimann - AXA Group

They too can use these recommendations because they will need to steer their lending between sectors aligned with a 2-degree world and sectors not aligned. They need to know which are the sectors with a high risk of stranded assets in the future and those with a low risk of stranded assets in the

Pieter Tans

If emissions were to stay flat for the next two decades, which could be called an achievement in some sense, it's terrible for the climate

Pieter Tans

It's really bare bones, our network, contrary to common misperceptions about the government wasting

Wang Yi

I'd estimate that we are about at the emissions peak, or if there are further rises, they won't be

Jim Skea

It's this gap on things like energy efficiency and a heat policy – that's the real thing that will hold back investment and grow the

Jim Skea

If we're going to keep on track [with binding carbon targets] there is an urgent need to get that

Louise Kingham

The mood among our members is that energy policy is on pause and ministers need to hit the play

Richard Howard

The Government needs to recognise the fiscal implications of cleaning up road transport. Our analysis suggests that if carbon targets are met, fuel duty receipts could be £9bn-£23bn lower in 2030 than the Government is currently

Wang Yi

It's a really complicated task. That's precisely why China must work on this in a steady way and mustn't fail. If China's carbon market fails, that will be a big blow not just to China but also to global carbon

Wang Yi

Carbon trading on a national scale will send a signal to the world that China is serious about

Dan J. Dudek

Every ton of emissions that's going up the stack becomes potentially money lost. It changes people's minds about what was once fundamentally

Huw Slater

You start to create vested interests in local government, in industry associations and in other parts of the private sector for more accurate data. In China, you can't really wait until you've got perfect data, because it will never

Julienne Stroeve

Given our current emission rates of 35 to 40 gigatons [of carbon dioxide] per year we should see ice-free conditions in September in about 20

Wolfgang Cramer

More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means rising temperatures, less precipitation and then more drying that leads to

Stian Reklev

It's a good idea to start with a narrow range of sectors, even if that wasn't the original plan. It's still going to be a massive challenge to make it work. Anyone who thinks that the Chinese scheme will be effective in making big cuts in emissions from the start is going to be

Zhang Xiliang

A successful start of a carbon market will greatly enhance China's international standing in responding to climate

Brad Pitt

Carbon dioxide is slowing turning our planet into an uninhabitable wasteland, and half the population doesn't believe

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

It is a little cold, but we can warm it up. It has a very helpful atmosphere, which, being primarily carbon dioxide with some nitrogen and argon and a few other trace elements, means that we can grow plants on Mars just by compressing the atmosphere. It would be quite fun to be on Mars because you would have gravity that is about 37 per cent of that of Earth, so you would be able to lift heavy things and bound

Tristan Edis

A coal plant makes no sense in Victoria and South Australia because they have poor-quality coal that would mean the power plant had very high carbon emissions not much better than existing coal plants in NSW and

Evan Mills

The sad irony is that legalization is probably the only avenue for solving the problem, if only policymakers would confront it. Until then, some of the nation's hard-earned progress towards climate change solutions is on the chopping block as regulators continue to ignore this industry's mushrooming carbon

Jeff Mathis

That's the most important part of it for me. You want to hit and do things offensively to help the team out, but what I've enjoyed over the years is working with pitchers, trying to understand them and get them where they need to

Mike Hazen

Their reputation preceded them for what they've brought to teams. So when we changed the direction on the model that we were looking at, on how to put that catching situation together, those guys stood out to us. When we got to spring training, everybody was talking about velocity – but Zack's never been an elite velocity guy. He's been one of the best command pitchers in baseball for the entirety of his career. And he's as smart as everybody says he

Torey Lovullo

The traditions of baseball are changing. You don't see a Johnny Bench or Ivan Rodriguez catching 150 games, or in more modern times, a Salvador Perez or Yadier Molina. They're still there, but I think it's spreading itself out now, because it's such a heavy workload and we believe in

Robbie Ray

If guys are on the heater with guys on base or something, you want to go, go, go, go. The curveball allows me to kind of back off a little

Archie Bradley

You can go into pitch framing and all the stuff they do really well, but it starts, at least for me, with the relationship. All three guys, Iannetta, Mathis and Herrmann, they understand us, man. They understand the way our balls move, they understand where we like them to set up, everything. When we step on the mound, there's no

Chris Iannetta

It took Ubaldo about a year to really get a feel of it, and that's kind of the path that Tai's been on. His ability to command the zone and really being able to use that slider has given him a huge

Mark R. Tercek

Climate change is already impacting our communities, our economy and our environment and those impacts will continue to grow and become worse if we don't act now. We can't afford to wait to have these

Naomi Ages - Greenpeace

ExxonMobil will try to dress this up as climate activism, but its key agenda is protecting executives from legal accountability for climate pollution and fraud. A nicely worded public relations exercise is no cure for decades of

Larry Summers

There is a reasonable shot that there will be an opening that will be taken in the next several years. It's hard to argue against a fuel tax that Exxon's in favor

Michael B. Gerrard

None of those has gotten very far," but "there continues to be talk of more. If a sufficiently high carbon tax were imposed, it could accomplish a lot more for fighting climate change than liability

Ted Halstead

For this to pass, it will have to pass on a bipartisan

Scott Pruitt

So, no, I would not agree that [carbon dioxide] is a primary contributor to the global warming that we

Rick Perry

The question is how we address it in a thoughtful way that doesn't compromise economic growth. Far from me to be sitting before you today and claiming to be a climate scientist. I will not do

Shaye Wolf

Perry has the science exactly backward. Far from being climate change's key cause, the world's oceans are actually another victim of greenhouse pollution. Our oceans absorb millions of tons of carbon dioxide a day, making them dangerously acidic. They've also soaked up most of man-made global warming's excess heat, putting tremendous stress on marine

Rick Perry

We're not necessarily going to be cutting a bunch of programs out in totality. What we are going to be doing is looking at these agency functions: What can be consolidated? How do you get rid of duplicative efforts? Being a skeptic about some of these issues is quite all right. This idea that science is absolutely settled and that if you don't believe it's settled, you're somehow or another a Neanderthal, that is so

Jonathan Elkind

That program will lead to massive savings in terms of avoided carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution. Unfortunately there is an incredible dissonance between the declared interest of this administration to continue to lead on clean energy, and their

Brad Pitt

Well, Jim, carbon dioxide is slowing turning our planet into an uninhabitable wasteland, and half the population don't believe it. The Lord saw the wickedness of man was great, and the Lord said, I will destroy man, who I have created, from the face of the Earth.' So don't forget your

Spencer Dale - BP

The fortunes of coal appear to have taken a decisive break from the past. This shift largely reflects structural factors: the increasing availability and competitiveness of natural gas and renewables, combined with government and societal pressure to shift towards cleaner, lower carbon

Spencer Dale - BP

Nearly all the improvement in (carbon reduction) comes from the developing world, it isn't coming from OECD or

Lara Skinner

Our carbon footprint is a lot smaller than it could be because we move around millions of people on public transport rather than car, but mass transit is often

Tom Delay

Carlsberg's ambitions go above and beyond the levels of carbon reduction that science tells us are necessary to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Carlsberg has taken a genuine leadership position on some of the most critical environmental issues the world currently faces by developing an ambitious long-term business strategy that focuses on delivering a sustainable

Josh Frydenberg

Dr Finkel has made it very clear – he's not putting in place any prohibition on coal or other forms of generation capacity, what he's doing is placing incentives for lower emission generation. It's not a price on carbon, it's not a tax on

Josh Frydenberg

Dr Finkel has made it very clear he is not putting in place any prohibitions on coal or any form of generation capacity. He is putting in place incentives for lower emission generation. It is not a price on carbon or a tax on coal. Indeed, it has similarities to what John Howard put forward back in

Byron Pelaez

I was worried about my safety. I thought a bomb was going to go off. I was nervous. You never know what's going

Byron Pelaez

And I saw bodies in the sidewalk, like three or four that I saw. Then I saw people leaving the store. They could barely

Bob Dudley - BP

While welcome, it is not yet clear how much of this break from the past is structural and will persist. We need to keep up our focus and efforts on reducing carbon emissions. BP supports the aims set out in the COP21 Paris meetings and is committed to playing our part to help achieve

Spencer Dale - BP

UK coal has gone through a complete cycle from the 1800s to now. I know it's popular to criticise the UK [on energy policy] but part of this [decline in coal] is the rise in the carbon floor price introduced in 2015 and continued in 2016. The message from that is prices

Nicolas Hulot

We are going to close some nuclear reactors and it won't be just a symbolic move. France already has a carbon tax which we increase every year. At an EU level we want to increase the

Mark Butler

That's the plan. To get Josh [Frydenberg] to do all the hard work. Then lose and hand it over. Of course it's a price on carbon. It's not a direct price but there's clearly a shadow price. What this does is to give a price advantage to low-emissions technology. It seeks to shift the relative costs of different types of electricity generation based on their carbon

George E. Harlow

If a diamond gets raised to a shallower level or heated a lot, it may wind up being in the stability field of graphite, the more common form of carbon. We know this because there are plenty of documented cases of graphite with the shape of a

Emma Pinchbeck

National Grid is confirming that low-carbon sources are generating 70 percent of our electricity - with wind power the star amongst these

Al Gore

It's almost like the computer chip revolution and the mobile phone revolution where products got much cheaper, faster than anyone could have imagined, even as their quality improved by leaps and bounds. The real risk is that all of these other countries will retaliate against the U.S. by trading among themselves and concentrating new jobs in solar and wind in their countries and not the U.S. They have the legal right now to put up barriers against U.S. products that don't bear any price for carbon

Christine Lins

The "world is in a race against time. The single most important thing we could do to reduce carbon dioxide emissions quickly and cost-effectively, is phase-out coal and speed up investments in energy efficiency and renewables. When China announced in January that it was cancelling more than 100 coal plants currently in development, they set an example for governments everywhere: change happens quickly when governments act – by establishing clear, long-term policy and financial signals and

Gordon Wymer

We could have generated more in calendar 2017, but we tend to be very conservative with our water management with respect to the downstream irrigators and other stakeholders. Just at the moment we are happiest with storages sitting on the high side – for this time of year, and with market conditions the way they

Jody Elliott

We had a very large, stable carbon dioxide EOR business in our portfolio during the downturn. That

Gordon Murray

From early on it became apparent that there was no reason why we couldn't develop a carbon fibre chassis structure for the new TVR at a lower cost than manufacturing processes previously allowed. Our iStream Carbon technology is the world's first affordable, yet high volume, carbon fibre chassis and body structure and sets new standards in the automotive industry for chassis lightweighting, rigidity and

Gordon Murray

I am delighted that TVR is able to offer a carbon fibre option and bring the lightweight TVR principle back to life in a very exciting contemporary

Joshua Grassham

Oxy's investment in the carbon project was a huge economic boost to our

Joshua Grassham

When everyone else in the oil industry was going down, Oxy kept working. During all these oil industry downturns, those carbon wells keep people

Bramley Murton

It goes much further than that. To make a low-carbon future, we need these [metals] to make the technologies for green energy production. We need these raw materials to enable civilisation to become more sustainable. I don't think anyone would think of mining active hydrothermal systems. Mining in 400C water is not going to last long, especially when the water has a [highly acidic] pH of one. Every now and again they are obliterated by a lava flow and the vents also explode from time to

Scott Pruitt

We have nothing to be apologetic about as a country. We have reduced our CO2 footprint to levels of the early 1990s, in fact from 2000 to 2014 we reduced our carbon footprint by up over 18 percent. And that has been largely accomplished through innovation and technology, not government mandate, so when we look at issues like this we are leading with action and not

Prince Albert

This decision constitutes a very serious misjudgment for our planet and for future generations. It also compromises America's global leadership and its own economic interests by underestimating the prospective growth offered by a non-carbon based economy and on technological innovation. I want to believe that the states, people and cities of America which are already engaged in a virtuous cycle of transformation and those who understand the importance for future generations will continue their efforts to promote lower carbon levels and sustainable

Jean-Pascal Tricoire - Schneider Electric

If you're a city and you want to be attractive on the global scale, you have to be (a) green city, there is no other option. If you are a company, if you can run your process, manufacture your product, with a carbon footprint which is half or one third of your competitor, then you will win, so it's a question of good economic

Jean-Pascal Tricoire - Schneider Electric

I spend a lot of time in the U.S., which is our largest market. When you meet cities, when you meet companies today, when you meet the states where a lot of those decisions have been made, people are committed to reduce carbon emissions. It's a question of business, it's a question of

Zou Ji

It will have an impact on interest groups. For example, high-carbon industries, such as coal power, metals, steel, will say: 'America is doing nothing, why is the central government demanding that we take action? Why don't you loosen up on us?feedback

Niklas Höhne

China is very close to making the turn in its carbon dioxide emissions. It will very likely be before 2030 and – in the very best case – may already have

Alex Wang

Coal still accounts for 62 percent of China's energy consumption. Millions of jobs are still tied to coal, steel and other carbon-intensive industries. Powerful vested interests will continue to push for a slowdown in Chinese climate action. There will be a temptation to shift carbon-intensive activities to western China and abroad. Efforts to improve data quality and transparency are ongoing, but require political resolve and resources. The U.S. exit from the Paris agreement only helps those interests within China opposed to climate

Lin Boqiang

The talk of climate change actions is very important because energy reforms will inevitably hurt some vested interests. Such talk has created favorable conditions for energy reforms, without which many things would have been impossible. China is now number one in the world in installed capacity of wind and solar power. This would not be possible without all the talk about climate change and a low-carbon

Frank Yu - Wood Mackenzie

We are going to see closer cooperation between China and the European Union in accelerating the energy transition into a low-carbon economy. The U.S. withdrawal of the Paris accord will offer an unprecedented opportunity for China ... to ascend in leading global climate

Hua Chunying

China will stay committed to upholding and promoting the global governance on climate change, and take an active part in the multilateral process on climate change. We will work with all relevant parties to safeguard the outcomes of the Paris Agreement, press ahead with the negotiation and implementation of the enforcement rules, and promote green, low-carbon and sustainable growth of the

Kate Gordon

There is no question that China will show leadership on climate, including putting a cap and trade system in place, investing in renewable energy, ramping down carbon emissions, ramping down coal. Those are all things they are committed to for environmental reasons, but also just for economic

Jerry Brown

I think that is a heavy lift to include Chinese provinces, but we are definitely taking that possibility very seriously. We want to make sure it has full integrity and know exactly what's going on. And we can't say that today. Maybe we don't put it right in the same cap-and-trade regime, maybe some parallel regime. I am going to discuss that with the highest officials in China this

Michael Tadeo

We have always said that Paris was a missed opportunity to talk about how the United States is leading the world in the production and refining of oil and natural gas, and leading the world in reducing carbon emissions. The United States is now near 30-year lows in carbon emissions from electricity generation. Instead of government mandates that could increase energy costs, the world should embrace our nation's energy renaissance that has lowered costs for consumers, benefitted American workers and improved the

Barack Obama

The Paris Agreement alone won't solve the climate crisis, but it does establish an enduring framework that enables countries to ratchet down their carbon emissions over time, and to set more ambitious targets as technology advances. That means full implementation of this agreement will help delay or avoid some of the worst consequences of climate change, and pave the way for more progress in the coming

Barack Obama

I believe the United States of America should be at the front of the pack. But even in the absence of American leadership; even as this administration joins a small handful of nations that reject the future; I'm confident that our states, cities, and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way, and help protect for future generations the one planet we've got. A year and a half ago, the world came together in Paris around the first-ever global agreement to set the world on a low-carbon course and protect the world we leave to our

Rhea Suh

If true, this is a reckless and foolish mistake, and our kids will pay the price. The Paris climate accord is a triumph of American leadership. It's about doing what's best for our people at home–spurring clean energy innovation and creating millions of good-paying jobs, while protecting our children and communities from pollution. And we got the whole world to join

Luke Kemp

The success of Paris largely relies on its pledge and review process to create political pressure, and drive low-carbon investments. A great power that willfully misses its target could provide political cover for other laggards and weaken the soft power of

Fred Palmer

Stay on the course that recognizes the Paris agreement incorrectly demonizes carbon and CO2

Matthew Schlapp

The follow-up is key. Knowing the solution proposed is to price carbon higher or tax it, are you willing to pay more for your utilities and to fill your tank, or are you willing to shed U.S. jobs? It becomes a political

Nick Akins - American Electric Power

Specific customers are looking specifically for renewables and to what degree you are moving toward a new clean energy economy. Shareholders are more interested in sustainability going forward and improvements from a climate change perspective and carbon emissions perspective. We are trying to make our company long-term sustainable regardless of

Al Gore

This was not a good deal for the United States. As the president said, we've been one of the leaders in reducing carbon, we've been reducing our emissions, we've been one of the best countries for the environment, and the president is committed to renegotiating the deal but a deal that's fair for

Claudio Descalzi - Eni

As the world transitions to a low-carbon energy mix, Eni believes that the use of gas is critical to achieving a more sustainable future. The Coral South Project will deliver a reliable source of energy while contributing to Mozambique's economic

Bjorn Lomborg

The carbon-cutting treaty approach has failed politically and economically for two decades. It is an incredibly expensive distraction from the green energy R&D investment that is needed to solve climate

Lyndon Schneiders

The Australian government must consider ending land clearing and deforestation in its climate review as well as cutting fossil fuel pollution. It is time prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and environment minister Josh Frydenberg swept aside stonewalling by the National party and got together with the states to land a grown-up plan to end land-clearing and deforestation as part of credible plan for tackling climate change into the

Lyndon Schneiders

Deforestation and land clearing has a double impact on climate change. The trees can no longer draw carbon pollution out of the air and they also release carbon and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as they are burnt or

Lyndon Schneiders

Ending land clearing would be a fast, cheap and effective way to cut Australia's greenhouse gas emissions as well as critical in protecting wildlife and

Susan Shirk

I think we could help on the technical verification side. We have the best climate scientists who do measures of emissions, we have the regulatory understanding of how to do this, and we have the design – we've already linked with other carbon

Thomas P. DiNapoli

This is an unprecedented victory for investors in the fight to ensure a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. Climate change is one of the greatest long-term risks we face in our portfolio and has direct impact on the core business of ExxonMobil. The burden is now on ExxonMobil to respond swiftly and demonstrate that it takes shareholder concerns about climate risk

Edward Mason

Trump is acting contrary to Wall Street and the world's largest investors. Climate change is a material financial risk and shareholders want to know how companies will manage the change to a low carbon economy. Members of the board, do you leave your understanding of climate change at the door when you attend the ExxonMobil board meeting?feedback

Kate Scow

If you don't put carbon back in, you're kind of mining the

Karen Ross

I think there's a growing recognition that the soil beneath our feet has huge potential to sequester

Erik Hobbie

Is it this year's carbon? Or last year's? Or the last couple years'? We haven't done those kinds of measurements

Erik Hobbie

I thought we'd see small shifts in the carbon isotope values. But we saw these quite dramatic shifts that can only be explained by shifts in the competition between C4 and C3 grasses. I think it's an interesting new proxy. To me it points to the potential for archived specimens of fungi as integrators of past environmental conditions. Is it this year's carbon? Or last year's? Or the last couple years'? We haven't done those kinds of measurements yet. That would be the way I would want to

Amanda McKenzie

It is truly bizarre to use funds earmarked for clean energy to prop up polluting coal. The CEFC is a highly professional independent body investing in renewable energy and generating a return for taxpayers. Why the government would intervene to put public money into a technology that even the coal industry only minimally invests in beggars

John Bradley

Australia's economy is inherently carbon intense and it needs all viable technology options on the table to achieve deep decarbonisation in line with the Paris aspiration of zero net emissions by the second half of the century. CCS has the potential to support long-term carbon abatement in major industries with significant carbon emissions, like metal manufacturing, fertilisers and advanced manufacturing. They are just one of the potential tools that could help Australia to efficiently achieve carbon abatement at scale, while maintaining energy security and

Angela Richards Dona

In the US our reefs are worth a huge amount but I don't know if people realize that, more attention would not hurt. There are places in the world that have lost a tremendous amount of coral and we have the same prognosis if we continue to burn fossil fuels in the way we are doing. We need to cut our carbon emissions because the corals just can't handle

Josh Frydenberg

This amendment that we're introducing only applies to carbon capture and

Brad Page

The decision that the government's made is significant because it removes one of the barriers to CCS, which has been around the financing of

Joseph Stiglitz

If we are going to meet the commitments of Paris, we will have to have prices (at those levels) ... The costs of not doing it will be much

Mark Butler

This would all be funny if it wasn't the case that Australians are facing an energy crisis, wholesale electricity prices have doubled under their watch, the gas market is in crisis, emissions are once again growing and there is a private sector investment strike in new generation. It would be funny but instead it's a

Hans Pfister

We are used to talking about what your carbon footprint is, but what is your handprint? Your handprint is spending two hours interacting with a community or buying art directly from the person producing it, not in a gift shop, which has a carved toucan made in China. Your handprint could be going on a local fishing tour and leaving a positive impression. It's all about creating

Ted Martens - Natural Habitat Adventures

When it comes down to it, carbon offsetting is a creative way to drive funding toward great conservation projects that help the

Tim Seelig

While we do not believe any new coal mines, including the Adani mine, should proceed given global warming trends and the imperative of carbon emissions reduction, we still welcome these announcements. We thank Deputy Premier Jackie Trad for holding the line on this matter, and we thank the Palaszczuk Cabinet and government for locking in on a better final position. Two and a half years and a week full of crisis meetings, three cabinet meetings, two held late at night and we're still no closer to a deal. I wouldn't be surprised if Adani say this is all too

Zoisa Walton

Eneco is proud to partner with Unilever to provide a solution to its 2030 ambition to become carbon

Clay Routledge

The products and franchises that do it right don't do carbon copies, but they try to extract the core elements that made something special, and then add new elements or take the ideas in new directions that make it feel

Peter Beck

It was a great flight. We had a great first stage burn, stage separation, second stage ignition and fairing separation. We didn't quite reach orbit and we'll be investigating why, however reaching space in our first test puts us in an incredibly strong position to accelerate the commercial phase of our program, deliver our customers to orbit and make space open for business. Until we look at the data it's really hard to say. There were a lot of firsts today: building the range and having all that infrastructure work, a great first stage burn. We validated and ticked off an awful lot

Yvette Edwards - Unilever UK

It's been an exciting start to the year in the UK where we are on a journey to improve the sustainability of our sites. This latest step in securing an in-country, sustainable supply of wind-generated energy is an important milestone in helping us meet our bold ambition of becoming carbon positive by 2030. It's made all the more significant as any surplus supply will be sold to nearby communities, thereby progressing our vision of making sustainable living

Steven Miles

Australia doesn't currently have a policy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and we need one. For the sake of our reef, it's time Malcolm Turnbull took his commitments from Paris seriously and introduced a real plan that will cap and reduce carbon

Danielle Fugure

The market itself is moving to take carbon risk into account, and the market itself will be pricing carbon risk into the value of

Ben Ainslie

From the outset it's been important to us and 11th Hour Racing is our key sustainability partner. They instilled a sense of responsibility as to how best we drive our sustainability. We've got a partnership with Southampton University looking at how we can better recycle carbon which is a key component in the hulls and wings of our

Helen Szoke - Oxfam Intermón

Against the backdrop of an imperilled Great Barrier Reef and extreme weather disasters, Australia's carbon pollution is continuing to climb – the tragic consequence of more than a decade of climate policy paralysis and short-term political opportunism. Renewable energy is set to power the fair economies of the future and Australia can make a choice to be part of that. Through its 2017 review of climate change policies, the Australian government has the opportunity to set a credible long-term goal and plan of

Paul Wheelhouse

The Scottish government remains strongly committed to the development of offshore wind energy, as this key low-carbon technology offers a huge economic opportunity for Scotland. Clearly, protecting Scotland's marine environment is of paramount importance and at the heart of the Scottish government's approach to offshore renewable energy applications, and we are keen to work constructively with the RSPB and renewable energy developers to ensure the sector has a bright future in

Angus Robertson

Theresa May flew into Edinburgh today to deliver one simple message to the people of Scotland - get back in your box. This carbon copy manifesto confirms beyond doubt that Tory MPs from Scotland will simply rubber-stamp Theresa May's plans and endorse the damage she is determined to do to households and our economy. The Tories have done more to divide society, create instability and destroy opportunities for young people than any other government in living memory - now they are asking people to vote for them to fix the problems that they have

Sanjeev Gupta - Liberty Group

It's not rocket science to imagine that to recycle something is more competitive than to make it from scratch. It has the great added advantage that it's environmentally-friendly and has a much lower carbon footprint compared to making primary steel. That is an infallible model because it doesn't carry price risks, it's not subject to the volatility of commodity prices and you are fundamentally adding value always because scrap prices very closely follow steel

Angus Robertson

This carbon copy manifesto confirms beyond doubt that Tory MPs from Scotland will simply rubber stamp Theresa May's plans and endorse the damage she is determined to do to households and our

Catherine McKenna

Canadians realize that polluting isn't free. We know that carbon pollution causes droughts, fires and floods across our country and across the world, and that it impacts on our health through issues like asthma, premature mortality and more emergency room visits. Making polluters pay is a critical part of any climate

Wolfgang Lucht

Climate physicists talk about (the technology), and macroeconomists. Both seem to think that because it's about green stuff it's somehow ecologically sound. But it's

Hans Joachim Schellnhuber - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

In the climate drama that is currently unfolding ... carbon dioxide removal is not the hero who finally saves the day after everything else has

Wolfgang Lucht

The danger is it's being sold as a realistic and feasible option. But in reality one should think about the decarbonisation problem without thinking of this as a real option. One should not save the climate and ruin (the planet) in the

Ali Zaidi

The Obama administration made the biggest investment in clean-coal technology in history. In contrast: This budget throws tacks in the road for coal; it'll pump the brakes on much-needed carbon-capture technology research. Why?feedback

Dongke Zhang

The ability of hydrogen is it does not emit carbon dioxide when it is

Will Steffen

The real question is how fast can we phase out our existing mines and existing power stations before their normal lifetime is up. How do we hasten the transition? So any talk of opening up a vast new area of coal is completely out of whack with what we know about what's happening with the climate systems. It means that we already get some percentage point reduction simply by doing what we're doing. The carbon budget approach cuts through all of that complication and

Terry McAuliffe

Today, I am proud to take executive action to cut greenhouse gases and make Virginia a leader in the global clean energy economy. The threat of climate change is real, and we have a shared responsibility to confront it. Once approved, this regulation will reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Commonwealth's power plants and give rise to the next generation of energy jobs. As the federal government abdicates its role on this important issue, it is critical for states to fill the void. Beginning today, Virginia will lead the way to cut carbon and lean in on the clean energy

Tam Fry

The Department of Health must now curb the use of any chemicals that impinge on health and that should include carbon dioxide if this effect is replicated in further

Gavin Partington

There is no body of scientific evidence that carbon dioxide contained in soft drinks – or even beer – causes increased hunger or

Ian Jack

There is a long history behind the carbon-absorbing leaves and branches that shade our pavements. Every three years, the surgeons come to our street and operate on the plane trees. Their nonchalance is remarkable. First, they loop ropes over the highest branches that they estimate will bear their weight, then they swing upwards, bare-legged in shorts and boots, chainsaws dangling from their waistbands, casually hollering to each other as if they were Tarzans, before they press their noisy tools into life and the cutting begins. They are all young men – English, so far as I can tell – and it may be that some of them like to show off. At any rate, they’re quick and efficient. The branches come crashing to the ground, to be fed by other young men into a whirring machine that reduces them to woodchips. An older man with a broom sweeps up the twigs and the sawdust. The surgeons load their vans and move

Nicola Sturgeon

These projects have great potential to help us tackle climate change, and remain at the forefront of low carbon and renewable innovation. They will also bring economic benefits – in terms of savings and jobs – to local areas across the

Sam Gardner - World Wide Fund for Nature

We're delighted to hear the First Minister reaffirm her Government's commitment to meeting half of Scotland's energy needs from renewable sources by

Josh Hardie

In short: increases have been largely due to the cost of changing the energy system and policy costs - not profiteering. Such costs to change the system and deliver a lower carbon mix are necessary but it is just wrong to suggest that supply companies have caused this to happen and therefore bills to

Charles Lee Ewers

I am not in a rage. I am in control and I am sad that it didn't work out. If I could try again, I

Barack Obama

Over my eight years in office we dramatically increased our generation of clean energy, we acted dramatically to curtail our use of dirty energy, and we invested in energy efficiency across the board. In Paris… we helped to lead the world to the first significant global agreement for a low-carbon future. But here's the thing: even if every country somehow puts the brakes on the emissions that exist today, climate change would still have an impact on our world for years to

Tim Guscott

The burning of the carbon rods created carbon monoxide, and the operators would have been asphyxiated

Roisin Commane

There is greening going on, but it seems like you run out of the sunlight so far north, so it doesn't matter how much greening there is, eventually, the plants just run out of light. It appears now that the microbes are

Roisin Commane

Over a large area, we're seeing a substantial increase in the amount of CO2 that's coming out in the

Sue Natali - Woods Hole Research Center

Because the models aren't capturing these cold-season processes, we're very likely underestimating carbon losses from the Arctic under current and future climate

Roisin Commane

The soils are warmer deeper, and as they freeze in the fall, the temperature of every soil depth has to come to zero before they hard freeze. The temperature has to come to zero and equilibrate, for the soils to freeze hard through. And through that whole period you have emissions because the microbe are

Guenther Steiner

We started off with CI [Carbon Industrie] brakes in Sochi. We weren't getting enough cooling for them, and if you don't cool them enough, you overheat the brake itself and the pedal gets long. Also, the wear is very high. We looked into it to see if we could survive a race, but we realised we could not. Therefore, the decision was taken to go back onto the Brembo. As it stands now, we will race Brembo in

Roisin Commane

A lot of models were predicting this thawing would happen, but not for another 50 to 100 years – we didn't think it would happen this quickly. The timescale of this surprised many of us. There is a lot of potential CO2 from these soils, which worries people. We'd prefer the carbon stays

Roisin Commane

Some of this CO2 has to come from permafrost thawing but we don't know how much. That is something we really want to work

Donatella Zona

The entire Alaska region is responding to climate change. The amount of carbon lost from Arctic ecosystems to the atmosphere in the fall has increased significantly over the past 40 years. By better capturing these cold season processes and putting previous smaller-scale measurements into a bigger context, this study will help scientists in their efforts to improve climate models and predictions of Arctic climate

Liz Earle

I've been writing the 'you are what you eat' message for so many years, but it's actually much more than that, . It's 'What what we eat has eaten' that actually matters. That's why we're 100 per cent grass-fed here. For all kinds of reasons, in the UK we need these animals on the land fertilising the soil. We can't just turn it over to a monoculture of lentils. We need these animals who are enriching the soil. Studies have shown that pasture-fed animals are helping with carbon capture in the soil and producing less

Rachel Kyte - World Bank Group

Brexit is at best a distraction, at worst a disruption of the need to continue to drive energy productivity across the UK and Europe – of having a much less energy-intensive economy and getting more productivity from each unit of energy, of having a cleaner energy system, of having much less use of carbon-intensive fuels. We are seeing the beginnings of a highly interconnected European market and there are benefits to the UK of being part of that, so one hopes that interconnectedness will not be

Bruce Cleaver

This project could play a major role in changing the way not only the diamond industry, but also the broader mining industry addresses the challenge of reducing its carbon

Evelyn Mervine - De Beers

This project offers huge potential to completely offset the carbon emissions of De Beers´ diamond mining

Dave Tenny

We are thrilled to see such strong bipartisan support for biomass, which Congress is officially recognizing as the carbon neutral, renewable energy source that it

Tom Wintle

SMRs will need to deliver energy cost-competitively if they are to play a part in the UK's future energy mix. As well as securing low-carbon energy, government is also committed to keeping down the cost of that energy for consumers, so there is a key challenge there for the nuclear industry as a whole and for

Justin Bowden

The latest stark warning about Euratom and the Brexit approach to nuclear power, yet again emphasises our Government's lack of anything that could be called a coherent energy policy. Nuclear, particularly new nuclear, and the zero carbon power it produces, is crucial to the UK's future energy needs. In a world outside of the European Union, energy self-sufficiency is common sense and nuclear, alongside gas, will be fundamental in that reliable

Deborah Markowitz

We had to come down for this–climate change is the most important issue of our time. But then we bought carbon credits to make up for it. It's important to affirm to ourselves that this is a huge community. It also sends a message to the corporations that really run things that people care. Even in Appalachia, now, the power companies are moving to renewables. Marches like this continue that

Jonathan Adler

The court doesn't want to rule on something that doesn't have to be ruled upon. At the same time, the court doesn't want the let the agency shirk its obligations,

Vickie Patton

We are in a race against time to address the climate crisis. Climate progress and clean energy cannot be stopped by the litigation tactics of

Nick Akins - American Electric Power

You're seeing a massive shift to a more balanced energy portfolio, so you're going to see natural gas continue to pick up because it's less carbon than coal, about half the emissions of carbon from coal, and then, as well, moving to renewables and other types of applications on the grid. Transmission is a key optimizer, so you're going to see all those resources continue to branch out, and it'll reduce carbon emissions

Kevin O'Leary

All [Trudeau's] policies on corporate tax, carbon tax, tax this, tax that, are completely out of sync with the U.S. He should have used the Trump election to basically pivot. He didn't do

Chong Zhi Xin - Wood Mackenzie

It's all about really moving away from dirty fossil fuels and into clean renewable energy. So if we look in the past, a lot of base load power really came from coal as well as oil, and we're looking at a future where you're looking at zero carbon emissions from solar, from wind. But in order to get there it is difficult today, you can't completely switch your industries to using renewables. And that's where gas really comes in as a bridging fuel: it is clean, and it can provide base load

Phil Renforth

We now want to see if we can improve the rate of this absorption so that can we make significant reductions in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide in the

Phil Renforth

The aim is not to use old slag heaps to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but to carry out trials that will show how we can extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by pumping air through newly created slag heaps. Our calculations suggest that we might produce between 100bn and 200bn tonnes of slag cumulatively by the end of this century. That has the potential to remove 50-100bn tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, we

Phil Renforth

We are going to have think about ways of not just limiting carbon emissions but of actually removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and it may well be that technology based on slag leftovers from the steel industry could play a key

Hannah Martin - Greenpeace

The first day without coal in Britain since the Industrial Revolution marks a watershed in the energy transition. The direction of travel is that both in the U.K. and globally we are already moving towards a low carbon

Daniel Wong

It is a privilege to be selected by [Her Majesty's (HM)] Government to acquire the Green Investment Bank. The Green Investment Bank is a pioneering business, with outstanding people, expertise, credentials, brand and networks. By combining the Green Investment Bank with the largest infrastructure investor in the world, we will create a market leading platform dedicated to investment in the low carbon economy in the UK and beyond. We understand the responsibilities that come with this ownership, and we are fully committed to maintaining its green purpose as we grow the

Neelam Manjunath

Bamboo's use in infrastructure projects will reduce carbon emissions considerably without compromising on development. People don't die because of disasters, but because of buildings collapsing on them. Bamboo buildings are lighter and don't cause fatalities. Because of their sheer strength, bamboo buildings are also serviceable for much longer in the face of volatile

Carlos Curbelo

The world's leading nations must work together to not only reduce the impact carbon emissions have on climate change, but also mitigate and prepare for the effects, which communities like ours are dealing with every day. It's our hope the administration will take a responsible approach on this

Robin Chase

If we share rides in shared cars, we will only need 10 percent of the cars we have today. We have the ability to eliminate congestion, transform the livability of cities, make it possible to travel quickly and safely from A to B for the price of a bus ticket, improve the quality of our air, and make a significant dent in reducing carbon-dioxide

Oprah Winfrey

My greatest extravagance is flying in English muffins from Napa Valley. There's a specific English muffin made by these two women at this wonderful bakery in Napa Valley. I know it's not a good carbon footprint to fly in your English muffins but….feedback

Mary Voytek

Most of us would be excited with any life, and certainly when we're talking about the sources of energy, this is to feed the base of a food web. So we're going to start with bacteria and if we get lucky, maybe there's something that's larger. [The] fact that that we can measure such high concentrations of hydrogen and carbon dioxide mean that there might not be life there at all, and if there is life, it's not very active. ... We have this buildup of food that's not being used. And part of that could be that we think Enceladus might be fairly young. My money for the moment is still on

Peter Kelemen

Ultimately, if the goal is to capture billions and billions of tons of carbon, that's where James Cameron comes

Carol Werner

I really do think that the transition to cleaner energy is underway. There are many factors influencing that, and while the Trump administration is seeking to halt a variety of regulations and policies, I think that there is embedded change. The genie is out of the bottle. With lower gas prices, the sale of SUVs is up. That is not

Peter Kelemen

You can walk down these beautiful canyons and basically descend 20 kilometers (12 miles) into the earth's interior. Every single magnesium atom in these rocks has made friends with the carbon dioxide to form solid limestone, magnesium carbonate, plus quartz. There's about a billion tons of CO2 in this mountain. For a geologist this is supersonic. He hasn't responded to my messages

Arnout van Rijn

Across this region the landscape is beginning to change too, in part driven by the increasing awareness of the massive capital needed to finance the region's transition to a low-carbon future… In China there is a remarkably active interest for the topic among the large

Ofer Aderet

First, Spicer's sweeping claim that even Hitler didn't sink to using chemical arms is just flat out wrong. In fact, Hitler used chemical weapons – gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and Zyklon B – to kill more people than anyone in history. Second, Spicer's attempt to clarify his remark by saying that, unlike Assad, Hitler didn't gas his own people is also mistaken. Hitler killed more than 200,000 Germans – both Jews and

Nicolette Bartlett

If you accept that society is going to deal with this problem, you want approaches you can understand, manage and work. Market-based approaches give you

Charles Komanoff

We are 79 percent of the way to our 2030 goal. We'd be trading away a veteran player whose best days are behind

Ted Halstead

Advocates are trying to convince their fellow citizens to make short-term sacrifices now for the benefit of other people, in other countries, in 40 years. It doesn't take into account human

Sallie Greenberg

The significance of this is it is an upscale, more industrial scale injection on the order of a million tons of carbon dioxide per year, so this is a big step forward in terms of the commercialization of carbon capture and storage. There are lot of researchers who are looking at life cycle analysis, and running those numbers, to make the case of whether it's net negative. I think it's probably about as close as you're going to get. But I think, really, for an answer to that, stay tuned, that's one of the research questions that we are all looking at quite

Jeff Erikson

This is the first large scale project in the world on biofuels, and it takes us down the road towards negative emissions, which is the exciting

Doug Hollett - Fossil Energy

Today's announcement marks a major step forward for the advancement of industrial carbon capture and storage

Timothy Searchinger

Because CCS benefits are independent, it should not be selectively used to dress up the benefits of one carbon emitting fuel versus another. Coal, gasoline, natural gas and bioenergy are precisely as good or as bad relative to each other as they are regardless of

Mike Hawes

Euro 6 diesel cars on sale today are the cleanest in history. Not only have they drastically reduced or banished particulates, sulphur and carbon monoxide but they also emit vastly lower NOx than their older counterparts – a fact recognised by London in their exemption from the Ultra Low Emission Zone that will come into force in 2019. Some recent reports have failed to differentiate between these much cleaner cars and vehicles of the past. This is unfair and dismissive of progress

Terry Hughes

The combined impact of this back-to-back bleaching stretches for [900 miles], leaving only the southern third unscathed. As temperatures continue to rise the corals will experience more and more of these events. One degree Celsius of warming so far has already caused four events in the past 19 years. Ultimately, we need to cut carbon emissions, and the window to do so is rapidly

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