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Ada Colau
Once again, I want to say that Barcelona is still standing and we're not afraid. We're united by the values of democracy, human rights, and
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NEW Aug 18 2017
Catalonia has been commented on by 65 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Catalonia are: Mariano Rajoy, Artur Mas, Carles Puigdemont and Cristina Giner. For instance, the most recent quote from Mariano Rajoy is: “To all Catalans, to all Spaniards, I want to tell you to maintain confidence in the future as authoritarian delusions (...) will never defeat the serenity and harmony of our democratic state.”.
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Carme Forcadell

It's always said there will be no recognition, but there have been secessions such as Slovenia that ended up inside the European Union. If a majority express their will democratically, it cannot just be ignored … In the past the EU has adapted to positions. There is no legal precedent that suggests the EU should ban Catalonia from being a

Alfonso Dastis

Initially, I don't think we would block it. Having said that, if, in application of its laws, the outcome of that process is a division of the United Kingdom, any part of the United Kingdom that becomes a state and wants to join the EU will have to apply. And follow the steps that are stipulated. In Scotland there was a referendum in accordance with the laws. In Spain it cannot be in accordance with the Constitution. They (Scotland and Catalonia) are not comparable cases. As close as possible to what we have now. If that is to be defined as Brexit soft I am not uncomfortable with

Nicola Sturgeon

It is not my intention to do so confrontationally, instead I only seek sensible discussion. My argument is simply this: when the nature of the change which is made inevitable by Brexit becomes clear, that change should not be imposed upon us, we should have the right to decide the nature of that

Mariano Rajoy

In order to have an agreed-upon referendum, it would first be necessary to create a new constitution that would eliminate the concept of national sovereignty. It's not up to us; it's up to the whole of the Spanish

Carles Puigdemont

We have no problem with Spaniards. We have nothing against Spain. We have a problem against the Spanish state and the Spanish political

Carles Puigdemont

Spain has an idea about its unity like a religion. It's like an idea of God. They don't want to talk about it, but it

Oriol Bartomeus

The article is the nuclear option. If the Spanish government makes use of it, everything blows up. What Madrid has to understand is that there is no clear majority for Catalan independence. But there is a very large majority in favor of Catalan

Carles Puigdemont

The Scottish way is the way we want to follow. What kind of answer does the Spanish state have for this reality? There's a very large number of Catalans who don't want to be part of the Spanish state. We ask to exercise our right to

Artur Mas

We would do the same again, exactly the same. We do not regret anything. We are democrats. And the Democrats truly listen to people and also obey the mandates of the people who

Eduardo Oltra Ort

The system has allowed me to have direct contact with Rafaél from day one. We went way beyond signing a contract, there was a transfer of competitiveness and

Eduardo Oltra Ort

Rafaél has been like an adoptive father to me. He has shared his experience and knowledge of the market, the sector, and has introduced me to suppliers. That has allowed me to use the knowledge he has used to grow the company over the last 35 years to continue the

Inigo Urkullu

The Basque Country is a nation that has to be recognized as such. We have an opportunity to reach a new pact for the

Igor Panteleyev

The 'Trump-wrap' has more meaty stuffing; it is full of proteins and has loads of calories. It can be compared with his Trump's difficult life journey, earning billions in the construction sphere. the 'Hillary-wrap' is spicier, no matter what people say about her. But she is a very eccentric woman. That's why you never know where you will burn

Josep Rull

No matter what the Constitutional Court says, there won't be bullfighting again in

Juan Diego

Above all we're free of being able to exercise our profession, which is legal, and what's more is part of this country's cultural heritage. Furthermore, to be able to defend ourselves legally, we have the legal basis to defend our profession and our life, which is

Gabriel Rufián

The question is why in the Canary Islands is the decision of its parliament respected, and not in Catalonia? It's an arbitrary

Carles Puigdemont

I will insist once again that this is a process that needs to be agreed on with the Spanish government... a referendum is the best mechanism to find out if people want (to be independent) or

Jose Puig Roura

We're happy in Europe, we feel European and we understand we are Europeans. We want to keep being Europeans. We don't want to compare ourselves to the English. They have their own

Jordi Jane

There were students on board, many of them foreign students studying in Catalonia and in Barcelona who had traveled to Valencia for the Fallas and were

Mariano Rajoy

I will not allow anyone to assume unlimited powers outside the laws of democracy. I will uphold the law and democracy throughout Spain, starting by defending the Spanish sovereignty present inside the people of

Artur Mas

I want to make it clear that personally, this is a very painful decision. But I feel calm. My candidate to become the next regional president is the Mayor of Girona and president of the association of pro-independence Catalan town mayors, Carles

Ernest Urtasun

The election represents the end of the two-party system and the emergence of a pole lead by Podemos and Pablo Iglesias which is going to change Spanish politics

Albert Rivera

We don't want a pact with [the conservative] Rajoy or [the Socialist] Sanchez. We want to beat them, and that's very different. There is a conservative-socialist pact to pretend that we are all either red or blue, in order to maintain an obsolete party-ocracy, a pact to conceal

Sergio del Campo

Above all, to strengthen the basic pillars of a democracy of rights, which are public health, education and

Albert Rivera

When I talk to everyone wondering how to vote, to those who haven't decided, I ask them to think about those people. The time has surely come to be done with the hard-nosed cheats and thieves who go into politics as a way to stuff their pockets, to get rich. We need educated, dignified people who don't make promises but who offer

Antonio Arroyo Gil

I don't think the 1978 constitution is obsolete. It is quite a modern text. It was very advanced for its time. Its protection of rights makes it one of the most progressive, compared to others around it. However, it's true that in 1978 it wasn't possible to provide answers to questions that have become problematic today, notably that of

Mariano Rajoy

What we are asking is for the resolution and its effects to be suspended. Obviously a parliament can approve, within its powers, laws and resolutions that it considers to be timely and appropriate. This is an appeal against a resolution that aims to break up the unity of

Miguel Cardenal

It seems a joke to me to be thinking about where the teams will play if independence happens, with all that is happening in this country. There are things more important than

Miguel Cardenal

Clubs' finances are decided by their TV revenues. In an independent Catalonia of eight million people, you could be a team based around a youth system like Ajax, Celtic, Standard [Liege], etc… and at most reach the last 16 or quarter-finals of the Champions League, for

Artur Mas

One thing's undeniably clear for everyone; whether you're Junts pel Si (Together for Yes) or the CUP (Popular Unity Candidacy); This election was a big contest about one issue – independence or not. And the result was a clear victory for the yes

Inés Arrimadas

Artur Mas called these elections because he said that most of Catalonia was with him but the majority of Catalans have given him the cold shoulder and we're opting for

Sergi Mancilla

I think it would give us enough power to take the first step towards building a fairer state and the resources to build a more socially-oriented

Maria Navarro

If things have to be improved, let's do it, but let's do it

Cristina Giner

The Catalan electoral campaign is expected to be an intense affair. The election is of strategic importance for the main national parties.It will give a taste of the strength of the independence vote and indicate how people will cast their ballots come December's general

Mariano Rajoy

No one is going to break up Spain in any way. Nobody is going to turn citizens of Catalonia into foreigners in their own country, which is what some people are attempting to do. The state and government will not leave you

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría

All I'm asking Mr Mas to do is respect the law and be neutral, because the least he can do is respect the will of the Catalan citizens and the law. So that means that he can only dissolve the Catalan parliament and call for elections. Nothing less and above all nothing

Manuel Chaves

These are consultations that have no value, which can not be considered as a referendum, they are simply acts of political

Artur Mas

Of all the territories in Spain, more than 30 years after the establishment of democracy, Catalonia contributes the most to Spain's GDP and to economic growth, and yet it is the territory with the least public spending in

Oriol Junqueras

The people of Catalonia have spoken, clearly voting in favour of the process toward

Artur Mas

The people of Catalonia should be consulted next year on their political

Alicia Sanchez-Camacho

There are millions of Catalans who feel like orphans because they don't have a government because it has put all its focus on the separatism movement and the independence of

Vicenç Batalla

You're in charge of recruiting, and you haven't stopped hiring, in spite of the crisis. How have you managed to keep this up? How many people do you need each year?feedback

Monica Vajdea

I don't think about the future because I never thought I'd leave Romania. I didn't imagine myself anywhere else. Life there might have been harder but I didn't think of leaving. It was chance that brought us to Guissona. Now we've lived here for ten years. I don't know what will happen one month from now, let alone ten years away. Plan ahead? I honestly don't

Jordi Fornas

If we leave the Spanish state behind, we will also leave the crisis

Martí Carnicer

But things get more complicated when you take into account the economic crisis which has a much greater impact on funding and the good functioning of the

Martí Carnicer

So these two elements, the lack of understanding of Catalonia's position and the dire economic situation help explain what is happening in

Martí Carnicer

I think there are two fundamental reasons. The first is the lack of consensus, of affection, of tenderness, whatever words you chose to describe the attitude of the rest of Spain towards Catalonia. First of all, that stems from the People Party's appeal against the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, and from the partial annulment by the Spanish constitutional

Vicenç Batalla

Mr Carnicer, you headed talks with Madrid aimed at improving funding for the region, but three years down the line, plans have been buried because the new government wanted a fiscal pact similar to the Basque country. What happened? How did things get so bad that Catalonia is now demanding separation from Spain?feedback

Francesc de Carreras

No, Rajoy can not divest Artur Mas, nor suspend autonomy. Firstly, any suspension of autonomy would mean putting on hold the activities of the autonomous government and those of the parliament of Catalonia as well. That is not permitted by the constitution. As for divesting the governing president, that is provided for in the penal code but can only be imposed by a judge. In any case, Rajoy can denounce Mas through the state prosecutor, and launch a formal complaint with a judge, but it would be for the judge to decide whether to strip him of his

Artur Mas

In a democracy, one resolves the challenges ahead with more democracy. Nobody can be scared by others expressing their opinions by casting a ballot. This is our compromise, what we were given the task to do by a great majority of Catalans with their vote in the last autonomous election. Catalonia wants to speak, to be heard, to

Francesc de Carreras

We could say that a majority of Catalan society wants to be heard on this subject – people who want to vote. But [only] a minority [of them] want independence. There is also the matter of properly debating the consequences for everyone, in relation to Europe, in relation to being a country among other countries of the world. I'm talking about a Catalonia and its economy – all that. We have not really had enough in-depth debate about this. That is because the media in Catalonia are highly monopolised or heavily influenced by the most nationalistic

Francesc de Carreras

The formal contestation as provided for in article 161-2 of the constitution means the court must automatically suspend the referendum for as long as it examines the case. In this sense, from a legal point of view, holding the referendum on 9 November is impossible. They could, however, organise mock voting. It seems that's what some independence parties want to

Mariano Rajoy

If what he wanted was to create tension, divide the society, go above the law, we need to recognise that those objectives were reached. If what he wanted was to show a pro-independence Catalonia he

Elena Valenciano

We think that the Popular Party's is trying a xenophobic, racist campaign and if it works, they will use if for their campaign in 2012

Alicia Sanchez

Most Catalonian people do not want independence, they do not want this division. What you are doing today is applying pressure in defiance of the Spanish

Mariano Rajoy

We have witnessed, well I don't know what to call it, the intention to celebrate something akin to, I'm not sure if it even has a name, to a pseudo-consultation which has not been called for, as you all know, which does not fulfil any democratic conditions and everyone knows it does not fulfil them because it does not make any sense, is not supported legally, and is not backed by a body to oversee its

Lluis Villacorta

It's a great joy that they will no longer torture and kill defenceless bulls in Barcelona, but sad because it will go on in the rest of

José Antich

It is clear that Mas cannot govern alone. He has had a very big electoral setback. He has lost nearly 20 percent of his seats. That means he will have to put together a coalition government or find stable allies in

José Antich

He has two opposing options. One is to govern with the Catalan Socialist Party. That could lead to an impasse for the sovereigntists and the consultation plan the Catalan president committed to. Another alternative would be with the Republican Left of Catalonia, the independence party which is the second-strongest political force. That would be to form an alliance between the two parties in first place, and whose main objective would be to engage in this consultation

Vicenç Batalla

Outgoing regional president Artur Mas leaves significantly weakened by this poll, but other independence-oriented parties gained votes, so Mas can govern [again] and organise a possible referendum. What strategy is he going to adopt now?feedback

Alicia Sanchez Comacho

The separatists have failed. They have fewer politicians in the regional assembly than they did two years ago. They have lost two seats. This is what Artur Mas has

Cristina Giner

So ends an intense day of voting, in which Catalans have been able to have their say in an alternative consultation which has no legal but a highly symbolic

Marian Urkiola

Sooner or later independence is the logical thing, that's what I think, but it is not necessary to follow Catalonia or Scotland. I think that we have been asking it for long time and it has been shown that the Basque Country has an identity as a

Lluis Villacorta

This will not end until January 2012. That is why we are here, until the last

Marta Rovira

It is so easy to imagine a scenario like the Scottish situation. It is very simple. A table, two chairs, some papers, a pen a lot of political will and

Manuela de Madre

We're here to show our displeasure with the verdict, to demand the autonomy that was approved by the Catalan people. This rally demonstrates our dignity and national

Artur Mas

They're now saying the Spanish Constitution is rigid and fixed rather than flexible and open. I think Catalonia must change strategy and really push for the right to decide its

Jose Blanco

I have ordered an investigation to find out all the circumstances related to the accident. Although everything indicates that it happened due to the imprudent failure to use the station

Cristina Giner

People arrived from all over Catalonia to form a gigantic V for vote, but above all they want the Madrid government to approve a vote on November 9. The Diada of the Referendum has become a demonstration of force and strength of the Catalan

Juan Carlos

For many years, we have walked side by side building our democracy. Together we have resolved problems even more difficult than the ones we face today, and always with the same objective:- to reach a common

Ignacio Blanco - Bankinter

Over the last month and a half bond interest rates are down more than two percent, since Draghi spoke at the end of July. There was strong demand in the days before the auction and today too. They were buying bonds before, they continued to buy today, and the initial operations after the auction were

Carme Gutierrez

If they said, Hey – thanks for helping us out' – because we do help them out. But they don't, they say we're bad, we're cheap, we're the worst thing possible. So bye,

Carme Gutierrez

They always say it's because of money, but it isn't. We love a united Spain, the language, the culture. Catalonia has always taken people in, you can ask other people about

Ada Colau

It's been almost four years and the parties in government have done nothing except rescue the banks. Although it's late, we must react to this

Elodie Bugnicourt

We have developed a new bioplastic based on whey protein, used for making recyclable food

Klaus Noller

This whey protein dissolves easily in water with the help of enzymes. The layers come apart easily, making recycling much

Natalia Fuertes

I blame those who have closed the operation rooms. They closed them and now it is we, the public, who are suffering from these

Oriol Amat

I can't imagine that the EU wants to keep out a state that brings money into the European Union and is very pro European Union and in which the EU has invested heavily in the

Oriol Amat

The question is whether this region of seven and a half million people can be viable. Among the 20 most competitive countries in the world there are 14 that are less than 7 million (people).feedback

Felix Gonzalez

The terrain is very difficult. There is no access and the forest is extremely dense. We are only able to work with special firefighting

Mariano Rajoy

Faced with a text that meets none of the required conditions- it's neither a reform nor a statute and it's unconstitutional- we must send it back so its authors can correct it, in accordance with the

Ferran Civit

It's not easy because there isn't the democratic tradition such as Britain has, which is more than a century old. Spain's democratic tradition as a state is very recent. We see this with the threatening tone of military declarations, which are a contrast to what happens in the UK. But that isn't what's relevant. We are beating our own path. And if we can speed the process up and declare independence at the end of the year or the beginning of next year, so much the

Ferran Civit

We expect it to be a kind of historic accelerator. The way the crisis is going today, we don't believe that Spain will accept a change in the way its autonomous communities are financed, and still less accept preferential conditions for Catalonia. Faced with this scenario, the only way out is a state living in harmony in its own right, with the same unity and equal conditions that other European people have, including in the Iberian

Beatriz Beiras

We now turn to the third protagonist of this story, Judge José María Fernández Seijo, in Barcelona. You are a judge at Barcelona's business court, where Mr Mohamed Aziz brought a complaint against Catalonia Caixa Bank for abuse of his mortgage agreement, and he is asking for his eviction notice to be annulled. Why did you refer this case to the European Court of Justice?feedback

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría

…It will be difficult to reach an agreement because, I tell you, neither this government nor this party will agree to

Michel André

We use underwater microphones, that are called hydrophones, which allow us to capture sounds. Once we have captured these sounds, they are analysed in real time through a circuit which tells us whether they come from a cetacean, or whether they come from vessels, to help us understand the interaction between artificial sound and natural

Michel André

Here you have the whistling of cetaceans, but these marks indicate the presence of

Michel André

It's a global network. It started in 2002 thanks to the Rolex Awards for Enterprise which we were awarded to avoid collisions between large cetaceans and vessels. As you can see on this map, all these dots indicate the locations of our different observatories. The sea is never

Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba

The people arrested are suspected of having covered for, and helped escape, five of those implicated in the 2004 bombings in

Michel Vandenbosch

Absolutely, Catalonia has forbidden bullfights. They started by banning them in Barcelona. So it's clear and I think it's very positive that the Spanish themselves have started to get toether and work towards banning bullfighting. It's a good thing and they are helped and supported by associations like GAIA and others of course, to help these people and help the Spanish to put an end for once and for all to the shameful display they call

Vicenç Batalla

President Mas has abandoned his initial plan for a referendum but is proposing another vote run by volunteers. Is it still possible to have a vote in November under such complicated circumstances?feedback

Artur Mas

We still have a very useful tool, clearly identified. That's what most scares Madrid: ordinary elections called by the President of the Generalitat, in which some parties might decide to make a united list with a single programme. If that list and programme are backed by an absolute majority of votes, the referendum is

Mariano Rajoy

We always said the vote was not going to happen because it is totally against the constitution. Today, we fulfil our obligation to lodge an appeal against a decision which seriously jeopardises the rights of all

Artur Mas

The Catalan government is going to hold this consultation within existing legal frameworks which give us jurisdiction as far as civic participation is

Isidro Murga

Maestro, what do you feel before your last bullfight at the Monumental in Barcelona, knowing the place is taking its last bow before the public. What hurts more: being gored by the horns or closing the bull rings?feedback

Juan Mora

I have mixed feelings. I am shocked to the bone because this is an attack against the expression of a culture. It's an attack against many people's freedom, and above all an attack against the bull

Matteo Salvini

We are still independentists, federalists. We want independence everywhere, from Scotland to Catalonia or Crimea to Veneto. With Marine Le Pen we share some battles on immigration, taxes, agriculture, the euro, and the traditional family model. We still are federalists. She has another political vision. We want to create a movement at a European level because Italy cannot fight

Andrew Baines

I was greeted by a sea of bowler hatted businessmen. Like clones. And I thought it was a set up. Some sort of stage thing, but dad said these are battery hens heading off to work, nine to five everyday, and they will do this til they turn sixty and then they will probably get a gold watch and drop

Mariano Rajoy

As President of the Government I am and I will be everybody's President. I defend the permanence of Catalonia in Spain because I can't think of Spain without Catalonia and I can't think of Catalonia outside Spain and outside

Mariano Rajoy

It is unconstitutional and it will not happen. What the Catalan parties decided is in perfect opposition to the constitution and the

Mariano Rajoy

I want a Catalonia in Spain, in Europe, and I want a Spain in Europe like I want Galicia. That is our place, co-existing with democracy, freedom and progress in

Mariano Rajoy

This is something more than a simple railway. We are in front of one of the biggest and most ambitious infrastructure projects ever undertaken in our country. This is strategic infrastructure which is going to be a new hub of prosperity for Catalonia, the rest of Spain and the whole

Mariano Rajoy

These processes are a torpedo on the waterline of the European spirit because the EU was created to integrate states, not break them up. And that's the sign of the times, integration, not division. We need strong countries and unions to face the global challenges

Mariano Rajoy

The Parliament of Catalonia is authorised to start the process of a Constitutional reform. This is what they should have done from the beginning. This is the only legal and responsible path to go forward with its proposals. Both me and my party will be against any Constitutional reform that leads to the end of the national

King Felipe

I want to make this Crown more visible in this land, to transmit messages of respect, understanding and coexistence that, as I pointed out in my proclamation, are inseparable to our Parliamentary

Mariano Rajoy

I think those things are best resolved through talking. And not through taking decisions unilaterally, then putting them in front of the rest of us

Mariano Rajoy

National sovereignty will be safe as long as I am prime minister and no one will break Spain's unity as long as I am prime

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