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CeBIT has been commented on by 22 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about CeBIT are: Matthias Beldzik, Tim Biersa, Sean Rooney and Takuma Iwasa. For instance, the most recent quote from Matthias Beldzik is: “A growing market segment is industry and inspection flights. What you see here behind us are models of industry facilities such as offshore facilities where it is not easy to fly to. So we need a strong and reliable system in the air.”.

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Marco di Filippo

What we want to show is that there are many configuration errors. Many people put their smart homes, their own personal Internet of Things, online. At least it should be properly protected.

Mohamed Mehdi Moniri

If a worker has those glasses, they will find it easier to work. We have concrete projects with the industry that we have developed around those glasses, which will help to contribute to an ergonomic workplace.

Jürg Michel

We do have three LiDAR sensors here, here, and up there. They are like the eyes of the vehicle. The bus recognises obstacles through these sensors and knows that it has to stop.

Matthias Beldzik - Intel

Cameras and sensors get better and they become lighter. So flight times get longer, and the data about the facilities inspected get more and more reliable.

Hiroo Unoura

The important point for us is how each company in our group can help our clients and users to create new business models or new systems in different fields. With these GPS sensors we have picked up different information like the placing of the cycli[...]

Tadashi Onodera - KDDI

In the era of IoT [Internet of Things], ten thousand times more different devices will be connected. And in that case the question of cyber security becomes even more important compared to today. At our R&D centre – and here I have a SIM card, which[...]

Yoshiharu Inaba - KDDI

Even if the capacity of each robot and of each machine tool is getting better, they can only do the amount of work of one single actor. As with humans, meanwhile, if two or three people work together, one plus one equals two, but sometimes three – m[...]

Hitoshi Masuda

Japan has been a manufacturing country. Manufacturing itself is very important. So connecting the real world of manufacturing and the virtual world of information technology, that's the key, we think.

Hartwig von Sass

We do see that innovation is no longer linear, as it used to be in previous years. Now it's exponential development, technical developments converge together, and develop a disruptive power in many sectors of the economy.

Shigeo Fujita

Today our clients pay a lot to treat confidential information in order to erase them, while with our machine the client can erase everything straight away on site.

Oliver Frese - Deutsche Messe

Security is one of the central issues at CeBIT. On the one hand we will have more than 300 exhibitors that offer security solutions for businesses, but we will also debate the topic in different forums, and at the CeBIT Global Conference.

Takeshi Yagi

There are many areas were we want to wow the world. Take robotics for example, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, or also biometrics.

Wilfried Huelsmann-Tennhoff - Deutsche Telekom

The bicycle is equipped with a so-called On-Board-Unit, a small device which is built into the bicycle frame. With this On-Board-Unit, we can basically make bicycle maintenance and riding a lot easier for the consumer.

Frank Pörschmann

We see a recovery in the global economy and the information and communication technology industry. We see a clear interest in moving this business forward. That's what CeBIT stands for: encouraging global business deals and being a positive dynamics[...]

David Cameron

It is our ambition to make the UK the most digital nation in the G8 and it's my mission to show the world that we are getting there.

Karin Stein

In our laboratory we are measuring the reflection of materials, for example road signs. At night you want to see what is written on the sign, and therefore it is essential to know that all the reflected light is coming back towards you.

Daniel Kuehn

We have integrated more than 60 sensors into the feet and we pre-process the data right there so that only the results are sent to the main computer. The spine is flexible and can move in all directions and has the same movement range as us humans.

Olivier Bierhoff

There will always be personal decisions by the coach. There will always be players who disprove of the statistics, it happens in other sports. This is nothing more than a tool. The computer or the software don't score goals or take decisions. They a[...]

Howard Yates

It takes an image and splits it into two. One of the images we print on the card here and the other image we put on your PC screen.

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