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Nikki Haley
When you have a leader who will go so far as use chemical weapons on their own people you have to wonder if that's somebody you can even work
Mar 29 2017
“It is the most significant confirmed use of chemical weapons against civilians since Saddam Hussein used them in Halabja in 1988 and the worst use of weapons of mass destruction in the 21st century.” said Ban Ki-moon speaking about Chemical weapons. It’s one of the 77 quotes about Chemical weapons you can find on this page. 49 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Barack Obama, Sergey Lavrov and Vladimir Putin. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Ravina Shamdasani - United Nations

There does not have to be an intention to target civilians with the use of these chemical weapons, but particular care must be taken to avoid this affecting civilians. If that particular care is not taken, or if action is taken instead through negligence or through active action, to cause damage to civilians, then this is clearly prohibited – this is a war

Ned Price

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the Assad regime's defiance of the longstanding global norm against chemical weapons use and Syria's abrogation of its responsibilities under the Chemical Weapons Convention, which it joined in

Thomas Weiss

We also fear, and there has been some evidence that ISIL (Islamic State, IS, formerly ISIS) might be using chemical weapons. Children, the elderly, disabled, will be particularly

Omer Dahab Fadl Mohamed

The allegations of use of chemical weapons by Sudanese Armed Forces is baseless and fabricated. The ultimate objective of such wild accusation, is to steer confusion in the on-going processes aimed at deepening peace and stability and enhancing economic development and social cohesion in

Tirana Hassan

It is not the case that we can seek accountability for the use of chemical weapons in one place at the expense of

Tirana Hassan

During these attacks, hundreds of civilians have been shot at, tens of thousands have been displaced and, in one of the most sickening twists in the conflict in Darfur, we have discovered credible evidence that the Sudanese government has been using chemical weapons on the civilian

Jeff Davis - Navy

We recognize this is real. They're dead-set on it -- they would love to be able to use chemical weapons against us, against the Iraqis as they move forward. We are making every effort to make sure that we're ready for

Jean-Marc Ayrault

It is up to the Security Council to act under Chapter 7 to condemn these attacks and sanction perpetrators. It is a moral duty and an obligation for the international community which wanted to ban chemical

Francois Hollande

Syria is now a shame, a stain for the international community. To accept that there is a city ... where the population is starving, with humanitarian convoys attacked, with chemical weapons used and with children who become victims every day – it's the responsibility of the entire

Louis Charbonneau - United Nations Security Council

This has been a political minefield for five and a half years but we have something different, we have a U.N.-backed mechanism with a report. We have it in black and white that the Syrian Government and ISIS are responsible for using chemical weapons, it's a crime and the Security Council has many tools it can use, so we expect them to use them

Samantha Power - United Nations

It is the first official independent confirmation of what many of us have alleged for a long time, many of us have presented substantial evidence of for a long time, and that is a pattern of chemical weapons use by the Syrian regime. It is incumbent on the council to act swiftly to show ... we were serious about there being meaningful

Samantha Power - United Nations

It is essential that members of the Security Council come together to ensure consequences for those who have used chemical weapons in Syria. When anyone – from any government or from any terrorist group – so flagrantly violates the global ban on chemical weapons use without consequences, it sends the signal that impunity

Abu Bakr

The worst method the regime uses is not chemical weapons but it is the sieges, the slow death. We will not allow the repeat of the tragedy of sieges imposed elsewhere in

Francois Hollande

Syria is now a shame, a stain for the international community. To accept that there is a city ... where the population is starving, with humanitarian convoys attacked, with chemical weapons used and with children who become victims every day - it's the responsibility of the entire

Mohammed Assad

In the presence of international experts we have recorded the fact this site was bombed with chemical weapons and poisonous gases on more than four occasions. The worst of these attacks was last year by shells with deadly chemicals in them. We also found landmines with chemicals which we dismantled preventing hundreds of soldiers from being

Yahya al-Houthi

Among the weapons we found British and French bombs, but most are American. We have found that munitions dropped on Yemen, particularly in Marib province, include cluster bombs, white phosphorous, and chemical

Samantha Power - United Nations

This sends a clear and powerful message to all those involved in chemical weapons attacks in Syria. The joint investigative mechanism will identify you if you gas

Bashar Ja

The Syrian government and army have never used chemical weapons and they will never use chemical weapons. Syrian civilians were targeted with the use of toxic chemicals and chemical weapons, including chlorine gas, by armed terrorist

John Kerry

There is something different that happened today, because of the chemical weapons that have been used, and because of this tension for violence, which has been expressed through the use of Hezbollah and Iranian trans-boundary support. Because of that increase in violence, we have decided that we have no choice, in order to try and carry out this negotiation, but to provide greater assistance of one nature or

David Cameron

It is about the use of chemical weapons and making sure, as a world, we deter their use and we deter the appalling scenes that we've all seen on our television

Walid al-Moallem

We are ready to reveal the location of our chemical weapons, halt the production of them and also show these facilities to representatives of Russia, other states and to the United Nations. Our adherence to the Russian initiative has the purpose of halting the possession of all chemical

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I remain deeply concerned about all these reports about the possible use of chemical weapons. I reiterate my demand, that the Syrian authorities categorically state that they will not use chemical weapons or other weapons of mass destruction under any circumstances. That's my strong

Jay Carney

We have seen more co-operation from Russia in the last two days than we have heard in the last two years. I don't have a time line to give to you. What I can say is that it obviously will take some time; there are technical aspects involved in developing a plan for securing Syria's chemical weapons and verifying their location and putting them under international

Georges Chachan

To be honest, we are tired of indignation. Since the start of this crisis, the Syrian regime and the Russians have been one step ahead of everyone. It is sad to see now that the regime is waging against its people has transformed into negotiations about controlling chemical

Nouri Al-Maliki

I think they can all be cancelled. Some decisions were based on the fact that Iarq had nuclear and chemical weapons. UN inspections ran their course, and the file is closed. Certainly Iraq was a danger to its people, its neighbours, and the entire world, but that's no longer the case today. All the decisions taken in the past and the international sanctions imposed are unnecessary today. Iraq is no longer a threat to peace and international security. The UN has stated

Omran al-Zoabi

If chemical weapons were used, and that is a big 'if' – we are trying to investigate that – but if they were used, it is the Syrian government that has access to them and would have used them against the civilian

Vali Nasr

The stockpile of chemical weapons at some point in time could be used in a negotiation with the opposition to get the terms that they want in any negotiations. I think this is a real classic game of Realpolitik that Assad is playing with both outsiders and people

Maria Cristina Perceval - United Nations

All council members agree that any use of chemical weapons by any side, under any circumstances, is a violation of international

Borge Brende

This has not been an easy conclusion for us to come to – because if there's one thing Norway and the Norwegian people desire, it is to contribute to these chemical weapons being

Barack Obama

Given the regime's stockpiles of chemical weapons, we will continue to make clear to Assad and those around him that the world is watching, and that they will be held accountable by the international community and the United States should they make the tragic mistake of using those

Jay Carney

We need to expand the evidence we have. We need to make it reviewable. We need to have it corroborated before we make any decisions based on the clear violation that use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime would

Jen Psaki

If the regime has nothing to do with these attacks, if there was not a use of chemical weapons here, there is no reason they wouldn't let the United Nations team that is on the ground, available, happy to investigate, in to do just

Guido Westerwelle

The use of chemical weapons would be a crime against humanity. If it proves to be true then the international community needs to act and Germany will be amongst those calling for consequences. We are in close contact with the United Nations and our

Sergey Lavrov

Now that the Assad government has joined the chemical weapons convention we have to engage our professionals together with the Chemical Weapons Prohibition Organisation and with the United Nations to design a road, which would make sure that this issue is resolved quickly, professionally and as soon as

Khaled Saleh

They have continued to kill civilians using conventional weapons and will continue to do so with chemical weapons…they have nothing stopping

Chuck Hegel

Our approach is to continue to find an international coalition that will act together, and I think you're seeing a number of countries state, publicly state, their position on the use of chemical

Sergei Ivanov

After I heard the Pentagon Chief said Russia supplied chemical weapons to Syria, then he corrected himself saying it was not chemical weapons, but the means for their development and production. This, I apologise if I lose my temper, is rubbish, sheer

Faisal Al-Maqdad

The most dangerous thing will be that those terrorists will use chemical weapons soon against European

Sergey Lavrov

We have serious grounds to believe that it was a provocation, and several of our partners without irrefutable proof, have announced that only the regime (of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) could use such chemical weapons, but the truth has to be

Mark Lyall Grant - United Nations

The type of munitions, the trajectories which confirm the analysis that British experts have done about the provenance of where the rockets were fired from, all of that confirms in our view that there is no remaining doubt it was the regime that used chemical

John Kerry

Sure, he could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week – turn it over, all of it without delay and allow the full and total accounting (of it) but he isn't about to do it and it can't be

Sergey Lavrov

The talks were already over when news came of John Kerry's speech in which he said that strikes on Syria could only be avoided if Damascus handed over all its chemical weapons to the international community. If the establishment of international control over chemical weapons in that country would allow avoiding strikes, we will immediately start working with

Vladimir Putin

One of the priorities is not only the liquidation of chemical weapons, but restoring the negotiation process between the conflicting parties, on the basis of the Geneva

Barack Obama

If we cannot agree even on this (enforcing Assad's promise) then it will show that the United Nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws. On the other hand if we succeed, it will send a powerful message that the use of chemical weapons has no place in the 21st century, and that this body means what it

Chuck Hagel

The United States is concerned that the Syrian government is behind in delivering these chemical weapons and precursor materials on time and with the schedule that was agreed

Vitaly Churkin

We all, of course, are going to follow things very carefully and we believe that there is no room for using chemical weapons in Syria or anywhere else and in fact if there was a use it should be investigated. That's why we're very upset that the March 19 incident was not

Barack Obama

But we can send a very clear strong message in favour of the prohibition against using chemical weapons. We can change Assad's calculus about using them again, we can degrade his capabilities so that he does not use them

Ahmed Marwan

The regime has been bombing Homs for a few days and we really are scared for people there. The civilians there receive a lot of rockets every day, we are not sure about that, we think chemical weapons have been used. So really, we are very concerned about

Barack Obama

We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is, we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilised. That would change my calculus. That would change my

Barack Obama

I have instructed John Kerry to talk directly to the Russians… if we can exhaust these diplomatic efforts and come up with a formula that gives the international community a verifiable, enforceable mechanism to deal with these chemical weapons in Syria, then I am all for

Vladimir Putin

We think any decisions on providing arms to the opposition based on the unproven accusations of Damascus's use of chemical weapons could just additionally destabilize the

Jean-Marc Ayrault

On wednesday there will be a debate without a vote, because in law the ultimate decision can only be taken by the president of the republic alone, once the coalition is formed, to lead an action which will send this strong message: It is no longer possible for the dictator Bashar Al Assad to use chemical weapons in Syria against his own

Luigi Alcaro

It has been proven that chemical weapons also have a macroscopic effect, particularly in the case of chemical weapons containing mustard gas, which is an irritant that causes blisters. Our research has also identified liver and spleen lesions in fish caught in areas near the

Nadim Shehadi - Chatham House

The message about the chemical weapons that we're getting is what would happen to the chemical weapons after the collapse of the regime? Whether they will go into the hands of al Qaeda or terrorists or anything like that… That's part of trying to regain the fear of the aftermath of

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The former regime under Gaddafi has reported to the relevant international United Nations organisations on nuclear materials as well as chemical

Samantha Power - United Nations

Just two weeks ago tonight's outcome seemed utterly unimaginable. Two weeks ago the Syrian regime hadn't even acknowledged the existence of its chemical weapons stockpiles. But tonight we have a shared draft resolution that is the outcome of intense diplomacy and negotiations over the past two

David Cameron

I understand people's concerns about getting involved in wars in the Middle East, getting sucked into the situation in Syria. This is not about wars in the Middle East. This is not even about the Syrian conflict. It's about the use of chemical weapons and making sure as a world, (that) we deter their use and we deter the appalling scenes that we've all seen on our television

Sergey Lavrov

We believe resolving this problem will render air strikes on the Syrian Arab Republic unnecessary. Without doubt our American partners, as President Obama has said prefer a peaceful way to solve the problem of chemical weapons in

John Kerry

In light of what has happened, the world wonders and watches closely whether or not the Assad regime will live up to its public commitments that it has made to give up their chemical weapons, and whether two of the world's most powerful nations can together take a critical step forward in order to hold the regime to its stated

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

It is the most significant confirmed use of chemical weapons against civilians since Saddam Hussein used them in Halabja in 1988 and the worst use of weapons of mass destruction in the 21st

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I would like to announce that I have decided to conduct a United Nations investigation on the possible use of chemical weapons in Syria. My senior advisors are working on the modalities in close consultation with the relevant

Catherine Ashton

In the face of the cynical use of chemical weapons, the international community cannot remain idle. A clear and strong response is crucial, to make clear that such crimes are unacceptable and that there can be no

Jay Carney

We find it highly likely that chemical weapons, if they were in fact used in Syria – and there is certainly evidence that they were – that the Assad regime was

Vladimir Putin

Syria has announced that it already considers itself a member of the Chemical Weapons Convention. There are practical steps the Syrian government has already taken.Whether it will be able to bring this process to an end, I cannot be 100 percent sure, but everything we have seen in the last few days gives me confidence that it is

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

It would be reprehensible if anybody in Syria is contemplating the use of such weapons of mass destruction like chemical weapons. I sincerely hope that the international community keeps an eye on

Vladimir Putin

As for the position of our American colleagues, our friends who insist that Syrian government forces used weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons in this case, and say they have evidence, let them present it to UN inspectors and to the Security

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