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Mark Tepper - Strategic Wealth Partners
We do feel the tide has certainly turned, and overall, the landscape for the energy sector in general looks to be positive. So we're looking at these earnings reports for Exxon and Chevron to really confirm that
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Oct 25 2017
Chevron has been commented on by 65 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Chevron are: John S. Watson, Jim Cramer and Brian Youngberg. For instance, the most recent quote from John S. Watson is: “Second quarter results improved substantially from a year ago and year-to-date net cash flow is positive. We're delivering higher production with lower capital and operating expenditures.”.
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Dan Nathan

If you look at this support [level], it's around $100, so maybe this trader is looking for some protection in the near term for the stock to possibly go back to its support at $

Aun Pornmoniroth

It will not allow itself to become a heavily oil dependent economy. It will instead use oil revenue to fuel structural transformation to sustain economic

Kelvin Tang

Shortly after signing, we will declare a final investment decision and proceed to deliver first oil in 24 months - sometime in

Brendan Warn - BMO Capital Markets

He may see it as a good time to step down and allow fresh management to take Chevron

Oliver Pursche - Bruderman Brothers

It would be hard to sit there and say that John Watson did a bad job as CEO. When we think about how Chevron has run its different business lines during the oil price slump, they've managed very

Alex Beard - Glencore

As soon as we have an opportunity to import through our own infrastructure in Tabasco, we

Kent Robertson - Chevron

Chevron welcomes serious attempts to address the issue of climate change, but these suits do not do

Morgan Krinklaw - Chevron

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) supports renewables that are scalable and can compete without

Brian Youngberg - Edward Jones & Co.

Exxon continues to really struggle on getting its output up. Chevron is going from a cash spender to a cash generator, even without commodity prices

John S. Watson - Chevron

Second quarter results improved substantially from a year ago and year-to-date net cash flow is positive. We're delivering higher production with lower capital and operating

Paul Sankey - Wolfe Research

Based on historical volume performance, XOM is at risk of shrinking on a sustained

Jason Kenney - Banco Santander

Given where oil prices are, 2017 is still a year of transition for these companies, and that is not necessarily supportive for investment. The sector needs to continue doing more of the

Jonathan Waghorn

The fundamental environment is looking quite good because this is an environment where (companies) can cut costs and reduce headcount and they don't have to develop anything. They are off life support at $55 a

Steven R. Donziger

The Supreme Court's decision closes a chapter and will allow the global public to properly focus on the true substance of the case, which is an international judgment enforcement process - in which U.S. courts have no role - and the devastating environmental and human tragedy that both Chevron and the global community need to

R. Hewitt Pate - Chevron

The facts of the Ecuadorian judicial extortion scheme and the illegality of the plaintiffs' lawyer misconduct have been finally and conclusively affirmed by the legal system of the United States. Today's decision is an important step toward bringing this illegal scheme to a final

Ebrahim Patel

A key concern that government will raise in every major transaction like this is how to retain and expand our industrial capability and includes in this case, refinery

Shahriar Abedin

We need security and guarantee of our job at least for three years after the handover to the new company. We also wanted guarantee of our achieved gratitude money and

Lumumba Okugbara

Production activities are still on and our members on essential duties are working. Only those in administrative duties are not working in the various multi-national oil companies since

John S. Watson - Chevron

Shale can help. Certainly between now and the end of the decade, it will be a big contributor to meeting that million-barrels-of-oil-demand growth that's out there. But ultimately oil fields decline, and we're going to need all sources of supply, including the shales, but also deepwater and other sources around the

Fadel Gheit - Oppenheimer Holdings

Their attitude is, We can't control the price, so we might as well keep producing because we desperately need the cash

Fadel Gheit - Oppenheimer Holdings

The bids and asks [between buyers and sellers] have never been wider, because a few years ago we had $110 oil, and last year we had $27 oil. Which is the real price? They can't

Ryan Lance - ConocoPhillips

It'll probably take performance through a cycle to demonstrate we have the position and the passion to

Mike Breard - Hodges Capital Management

If I wanted yield, I'd buy something else. If I wanted growth, I buy something else. I just don't see what customers would want to be in that in-between

John S. Watson - Chevron

Some of the best things we have in our portfolio are the shales. My employees in the Permian know I'm featuring it as something very important. We're just in a period now where markets are weak and everyone is focused on controlling costs. We're growing our portfolio in the Permian as fast as anyone. We're focused on growing value and growing the dividend over time. There is no sign of peak demand right now. We have said that Paris is a first step, but we need to understand what that translates to in terms of

John S. Watson - Chevron

A carbon tax will have the effect of adding cost on the people who can least afford it. If you increase energy costs you are going to make it more difficult here for industrial activity. I'll buy a car that meets all my needs, particularly around size and other

Jim Cramer

The key here is that these symmetry projections identify an important floor of support for Pioneer, running from $171 to $176. Given the stock's recent run up to $187, that floor might not seem all that comforting, but as long as this support holds, then Boroden believes that Pioneer can keep

Jim Cramer

The charts ... suggest that many of these oil stocks could be ready to take off given the recent rebound in the price of crude. If you believe oil can hold here or even keep rallying, then you've got to do some buying, and Boroden will turn out to be absolutely

Jim Cramer

She says that as long as the stock holds above at least one of these zones, then Exxon's more than likely to rally here. Boroden believes it could be smooth sailing up to the $89 to $91 area, with the stock perhaps rallying up to $99 if it can keep the momentum

Jim Cramer

As long as oil can stay above its floor of support at the $45 to $47 area, Boroden believes it can go higher, and if it clears just a few more hurdles of resistance, then she wouldn't be surprised to see if crude ends up rallying from $50 and change all the way up to $57. Longer term, she wouldn't be surprised if Chevron can sail to $

Michael Wirth - Chevron

So, while we expect ample supply in the next few years ... a supply gap could eventually confront us in the years to follow if we don't eventually sanction new LNG

Michael Wirth - Chevron

In the short term, LNG supply is coming online faster than demand is growing, but with continued demand growth in the next decade the market will

Peter Tchir - Brean Capital

I think a strong earnings season could be very supportive for the markets because instead of making excuses about why the market is so high on just the TrumpAgenda, we could have an obvious reason to point

Nick Raich

There is no doubt, growth is accelerating in the first

Ilya Somin

Perhaps the most distinctive aspect of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s jurisprudence is his opposition to “Chevron deference”: the doctrine (first imposed by a 1984 Supreme Court decision) that requires judges to defer to administrative agencies’ interpretations of federal law in most cases where the law may be “ambiguous” and the agency’s position seems “reasonable.” In what is probably his best-known opinion, Judge Gorsuch denounced Chevron deference as “a judge-made doctrine for the abdication of the judicial duty.” He’s absolutely right about

Jonathan Adler

Even before he was nominated to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch’s criticism of the Chevron doctrine attracted attention. Although some portray his concerns as extreme, he’s hardly the only federal judge to have concerns about the way Chevron deference (and related agency deference doctrines) play out in

Elizabeth Wydra

It is also surely not a coincidence that progressives are far more likely than anti-regulation conservatives to use agencies to enact rules – and thus trigger Chevron deference – that promote the social safety net, combat discrimination, protect voting rights, and ensure clean air, unpolluted water, and safe

Billy Corriher

"If you look back at the Supreme Court's rulings involving Chevron, most of those are environmental cases,"feedback

John S. Watson - Chevron

We've seen a more pro-business environment ... I think the approach they're taking toward business – toward enabling our economy to grow again – is a real

John S. Watson - Chevron

The unpredictable effects of the U.S. dollar strengthening is what concerns a lot of people. I think what you'll see is a disconnect. What we'll tend to do is take the cash flow that's generated ... and we'll recycle it into shorter cycle-time investments – the portfolio of assets we have in the U.S., in the Gulf of Mexico, in California and

John S. Watson - Chevron

Specifically he discussed a proposed bill – a border-adjustment tax – that could hike rates on American

Jason Gammel - Jefferies

We believe the company is positioned to generate significant free cash flow moving forward, and estimate a free cash flow yield of 10 percent in

Neil Gorsuch

[T]he fact is Chevron…permit[s] executive bureaucracies to swallow huge amounts of core judicial and legislative power and concentrate federal power in a way that seems more than a little difficult to square with the Constitution of the framers'

John S. Watson - Chevron

I have no doubt the administration will do that and settle on the right tax reform at the end of the

Brian Youngberg - Edward Jones & Co.

Sometimes when things are going well, it's not uncommon for the Street to be optimistic. The overall investment thesis hasn't changed at

John S. Watson - Chevron

Our 2016 earnings reflect the low oil and gas prices we saw during the year. We responded aggressively to those conditions, cutting capital and operating expenses by $14

Jim Cramer

All I can tell you is that Chevron is the one trading in lockstep with oil, but I suspect that oil is stick here for a bit … So I wouldn't bet on a huge run beyond the stock's current

John S. Watson - Chevron

If you have to leave a company to get a new challenge, I think that's a really sad statement. I think it's a missed opportunity for some companies to not try to retain their workforce and keep them stimulated over

Rich Ross - Evercore ISI

That tells me regardless of what you think about the world, Caterpillar is a buy on that

Cam Van Ast - Chevron

Production on Gorgon LNG Train 1 was temporarily halted for minor

Nicke Widyawati

We bought the electricity from them this whole time so actually we know their performance and we were very eager, but as a state-owned enterprise we must follow good corporate

Nicke Widyawati

We are not going to bid. We are backing down because of

Evan Calio - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Going forward, CVX's investments and growth is set to shift to shorter-cycle opportunities, reducing execution risk, improving capital efficiency and enhancing return on capital. The inflection in FCF [free cash flow] and evolution of CVX's portfolio should support relative and continued dividend growth, management's stated top

Patricia Yarrington - Chevron

It is one of the primary areas we are trying to improve our project execution going

Stewart Glickman - S&P Global Market Intelligence

We think that Chevron just has too much risk right now. It's trying to balance pretty … hefty dividend spending, along with trying to streamline the company, along with trying to grow production. We're worried that production is eventually going to turn into a

John S. Watson - Chevron

We have made progress toward our goals of lowering the cash breakeven in our upstream business and getting cash balanced. Capital spending and operating and administrative expenses have been reduced by over $10 billion from the first nine months of 2015 as a result of a series of deliberate actions we have

Elizabeth Donnelly - Chatham House

Expectations of what can be achieved in negotiations at this stage should not be

Kola Karim

The Delta and the spread of its people is so wide and huge, the biggest disparity is going to be, who are the people the government will continuously engage with to get a comprehensive resolution. There are a lot of different groups springing

Oweikeye Endoro

When such a development becomes known to the others it becomes a source of conflict resulting in

Igwe Achese

So we want government to act. That's why we have given a 21-day ultimatum. We believe government would act. If they don't, when we get to the bridge, that is at the expiration of the ultimatum, we will cross it. I don't want to use the word 'strike'

John Auers

To be a refiner in California is difficult and tough, but it can also be lucrative. It's an insulated market, and that protects your

Joe Naylor - Chevron

If we look at the operation of our facilities around the world, I would stack our record up against

Steve Chazen

Maybe the people in Beverly Hills should park their Rolls Royces and drive bicycles going

Kent Robertson - Chevron

John (Stumpf) is a valued member of our board. Given the investigations that are underway, it would be inappropriate for us to comment

Brian Youngberg - Edward Jones & Co.

I really think nothing will come of it. The SEC, the auditors have had no issue with how Exxon Mobil and or Chevron report

Stephen Green

The core assets that we operate in the Gulf of Thailand are a core part of Chevron's portfolio and we have intention of it remaining a core part of our portfolio. We are not leaving

Stephen Green

We are focusing our resources on our operated assets. We're happy to keep it if the market value of it is not what we think it should

Amalya Kearse

Chevron's US$8.646 billion judgment debt ... is clearly traceable to the Lago Agrio plaintiffs' legal team's corrupt

Brian Youngberg - Edward Jones & Co.

Oil prices shot up to $50 sooner than we all thought. In the near term they could fall back a little farther, but I'm confident oil prices will be in the $50s for most of

John S. Watson - Chevron

The second quarter results reflected lower oil prices and our ongoing adjustment to a lower oil price world. In our upstream business,we recorded impairment and other charges on certain assets where revenue from expected oil and gas production is expected to be insufficient to recover

Fadel Gheit - Oppenheimer Holdings

If nothing happens with oil, M&A is the only thing that can save them. If oil is $40 this time next year, there will be a lot of it. The only answer is higher prices, asset sales, more stock offerings or

Diego Martinez - Chevron

We have today paid around $112 million. We don't agree with how these international mechanisms work ... however, we are respectful and we fulfill our international

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

The energy world is evolving . . . There are new areas over the next 20 years beyond oil and gas that we think can be

Pete Grannis

We believe it's incumbent upon us as owners to find out what they're doing (on climate research) and how that will affect their long-term business plan. It's almost impossible to imagine they haven't been doing some of this

Jim Coburn - Ceres

For the most part the SEC has not been too responsive, so investors have had to turn to other

Anne Simpson - Calpers

Companies like Exxon and Chevron, they're clinging to bygone assumptions. This is their Kodak moment. If they want to still be in business in 30 years, they have to understand the changes that are taking

John S. Watson - Chevron

First quarter results declined from a year ago. Our Upstream business was impacted by a more than 35 percent decline in crude oil prices. Our Downstream operations continued to perform well, although overall industry conditions and margins this quarter were weaker than a year

John S. Watson - Chevron

We continue to lower our cost structure with better pricing, work flow efficiencies and matching our organizational size to expected future activity levels. Our capital spending is coming down. We are moving our focus to high-return, shorter-cycle projects and pacing longer-cycle

Jay Johnson - Chevron

Unlike oil, I think gas (prices) will stay low in the United States for some time. We're going to have to be able to figure out how to make money at a low gas

Jay Johnson - Chevron

We don't really expect to see below $40 (per barrel oil prices) on an extended

Pavel Molchanov - Raymond James & Associates

Oil prices at $30 are completely unsustainable ... Saudi Arabia is running $100 billion budget deficit. It's not something that can last forever. he sees a "$60 minimum by the end of the

Fadel Gheit - Oppenheimer Holdings

There will come a day where dividend is at risk and that day is today. Not only Chevron, but the rest of the industry is currently funding dividends through additional borrowing. You can't do that

John S. Watson - Chevron

We generate enormous cash flow, even at low prices. So we're going to do everything we can to cut future

Greg Hanggi

The loss of our co-workers has come as a huge shock to us all. Our thoughts and deepest sympathy go out to their families. We will ensure that all employees and contractors are fully supported throughout this difficult

Anthony Grisanti

I'm talking about crude oil, probably 90 to 100 dollars a barrel, definitely if you get Iran involved in this, we've got major

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