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Larry Salibra
People use VPNs to set up inter-company links, to set up a secure network. It wasn't designed for the circumvention of censorship. Each person can configure it to look like their own thing. That way everybody's not using the same
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NEW Sep 19 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about China. 628 people are quoted and you can read 973 citations of them about China. Donald J. Trump, Steve Bannon, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Donald J. Trump said: “We must reject threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea. We must uphold respect for law, respect for borders, and respect for culture, and the peaceful engagement these allow. And just as the founders of this body intended, we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos, turmoil, and terror. The scourge of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle on which the United Nations is based. They respect neither their own citizens nor the sovereign rights of their countries.”.
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John Kerry

Well the United States remain deeply committed to a denuclearisation programme in North Korea and we are going to continue. And here I agree with the Trump policy about putting additional requests to China, asking China to do more, because China can do more. And the notion that North Korea is near collapse for the steps that have been taken is ridiculous. China can do more. We asked them to do more, we ratcheted it up, then we saw new, additional sanctions from the Trump administration, twice now, but still it is not enough. We know it's not enough, I believe China knows it's not

John Kerry

And I think it's important for additional pressure to be put in place. China provides 100 percent of the fuel that flies the airplanes, drives the trucks and the cars of North Korea. They can have an effect. China is the source in Beijing of, perhaps, close to 100 percent of the banking facilities that take place for North Korea. So China clearly has the ability to have an impact here and my hope is that as China plays an increasingly important role in the world – which we look to and welcome – it will take greater responsibility and change the dynamics on

António Guterres - United Nations

When one-third of the Rohingya population had to flee the country, can you find a better word to describe it?feedback

Antonio Conte

For sure, it could be a good opportunity for Charly and for Kenedy it is the same. I think he knows very well what happened in China. He made a mistake but I think everyone in life makes

Hassan Rouhani

We wish to have nuclear energy for peaceful uses just as today, in Arak, there is collaboration between America, China and Iran for the completion of the power plant in

Falk Frey - Moody's

While steady global GDP growth will drive a bigger demand for cars in key markets like China, Japan, and India, we expect U.S. car sales to weaken and slow the speed of growth for the automakers sector globally to less than 2 percent into 2018, and so our sector outlook remains negative. Western European auto sales will grow 2 percent this year on the back of improving demand in Germany, where automakers such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Daimler have been offering consumers incentives to trade in older diesel vehicles for less polluting

Thomas Husson - Forrester Research

When you look at mobile usage behaviour and attitudes, China is really leading. The Chinese market is definitely ahead of the curve. It was more or less a black box, so you need some clarity as to what's going on, in aggregate, in the world's biggest

Daniel Ahmad

Tencent's approach outside China has been to invest in gaming companies that augment its existing games and pipeline in China. Now we're seeing Tencent start to bring its own internal games to the

David Gibson - Macquarie Capital Securities

This is very positive in the longer term in getting Chinese publishers supporting the

Hoffman Ma - Success Universe Group

It doesn't make sense for Macau to do that, due to a consistent labour

Bertrand Schmitt - App Annie

It's crucial to provide an accurate picture to app publishers and brand (marketers) of what's happening in China but also what's happening globally in terms of app

Robert Gates

So, a political solution involves perhaps recognition, lifting sanctions, signing a peace treaty. These are all very big steps that have to be done in coordination with South Korea, with Japan. And in exchange for that, either dramatically curtailing the North programmes or eliminating them. Well as it's often the case, Russia is not being very helpful. I think that this is a situation when, unlike China, Russia is perfectly content to see the US preoccupied with this problem in North Korea and to exploit it in Asia and wherever else they

Robert Gates

But the other side of that is if they don't accept what would be a very forthcoming approach would be in essence to say we will take a number of military steps in Asia. That will make both North Korea and China uncomfortable in terms of anti-missile systems, additional naval forces. A range of military actions we could take will make China uncomfortable as well as North Korea. I think that one of Putin's primary objectives for the last ten years or more has been to restore Russia's role as a great power whose interests have to be taken into account in any international

Mats Harborn

We don't know if China will implement its promises. As business people we have to be accountable for our business today, we can't build our future plans on only dreams. We need to have tangible measures from the Chinese state to show that China is going down the path of more

Mats Harborn

We like cheese and we are now in discussions with the authorities to solve the problem. We hope that through this dialogue we will come to a

Ian Davis

In the long-run, it's very possible and plausible that China and other countries will be looking to develop wide-body engines. It makes sense for industrialized countries to start doing so and we assume at some stage of the future that they will come in. It's a big growth market and I think the key, as always, is to make sure you've got competitive products that really offer something to

Michael Grubb

We're in the midst of an energy revolution and it's happening faster than we thought, which makes it much more credible for governments to tighten the offer they put on the table at

Lu Kang

Developments in the peninsula nuclear issue up to this point prove that, no matter whether it is military threats in words or in action, they cannot promote and advance a resolution. To the contrary, it just adds to tensions and makes achieving the goal of denuclearization on the peninsula appear more complicated and difficult to

Francis Tang - ZhongAn

This is how we want to see our expansion, not just outside China, but also inside

Fu Chengyu

If you want the industry to be sustainable, the price won't be as high as most people expected in the

Francis Tang - ZhongAn

This is a good marriage for the company in the sense that this is a very strategic, visionary investor and they've done a lot of study into the company. SoftBank is definitely a very strong stamp of approval. We are at a fast-pace growth stage, so we want to make sure that we have the sufficient capital, because as an insurance company, we have to have a strong capital base to do more business. So when we see more business coming in, we want to make sure this won't become a

Claire Perry

How is the time to build on our strengths and cement our position as a global hub for investment in clean

Michael Grubb

The smaller constituencies - cities, businesses, states - are just saying they're getting on with it, partly for carbon reduction, but partly because there's this energy revolution and they don't want to be left

Myles Allen

When you are talking about a budget of 1.5 degrees, then a 0.3 degree difference is a big

Jana Scholze

It turns out that this is a question that luxury brands ask themselves on a daily

Jana Scholze

If you try to mass produce it, you end up with products, not

Michael Olson - Piper Jaffray

Our 2020 year-end subscriber estimate of 164 million worldwide assumes 64 percent domestic and 19 percent international share of broadband subscribers (excludes China from addressable base). While this level of penetration (domestically) is higher than most comparative subscription entertainment products, we believe the content/value ratio offered by Netflix is, and will continue to be, higher than other relevant comparative

Charles Hayter

It's still unclear whether there is a full permanent outright ban in China. Earlier in the year the market was bullish whilst the Chinese exchanges were facing regulatory implementation and Japan picked up the slack. The market is moving on and realising the price drama was excessive and

Aurélien Menant

The market is realizing that it doesn't really matter what happens in China anymore, the exchanges based there no longer dominate trading activity and more mature liquidity from institutional players in Japan, Korea and Europe is providing a boost to this next bull cycle. It's also important to remember that the crackdown in China was targeting the activities of the local exchanges for not complying with the Chinese financial regulatory environment and not a crackdown on bitcoin and blockchain

Yukihisa Fujita

In a sense, it's as if China and North Korea are supporting Abe's

Jeffrey Kingston

There is right now a one-sided arms race that China is

Dixon Chen - China Banking Regulatory Commission

The rampant offerings of unregulated assets through cryptocurrencies may pave the way for new high-tech-themed fraud. The government needs to control it before it gets out of

Sushma Swaraj

Dialogue is the only way out of the Doklam standoff…and this should be seen in the context of the entire bilateral

Edward J. Markey

If North Korea does not have UDMH, it cannot threaten the United States, it's as simple as that. These are the issues that the U.S. intelligence community has to answer: from which countries they receive the fuel -- it's probably China -- and whether North Korea has a stockpile and how big it

Zhou Enlai

You should not let history imprison you. You should remember it, you should honor it, but you should also move

John Lewis

Sometimes people should remember history. Sometimes it matters. You know, the Chinese, we had a really bad history with them. Zhou

John Lewis

So they went nuclear. It is terrible. It is getting worse and worse by the

Sean Turnell

The people who lead this government are the same people who faced down evil for decades. They remain Myanmar's best

John Sifton

Burmese security forces are committing ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya and disregarding the condemnation of world leaders. The time has come to impose tougher measures that Burma's generals cannot

Yun Sun

This is basically an opportunity for China and a vulnerability of Aung San Suu Kyi. The Chinese government says the Rohingya issue doesn't affect us and by supporting Aung San Suu Kyi we don't lose

Larry Leung

Hengqin will be the Orlando of China. Macau is Las Vegas (and) Hong Kong is New York. Within an hour, you can have them

Jo Swinson

A few years ago it would have seemed inconceivable that in such a crisis, China would be a voice of reason, and Russia more measured than America. The politics of the bully is back. Human rights are trampled. Climate change is denied. Hate and division are spread like poison into society. Brexit will make it harder to follow our values, to protect human rights, to tackle climate change, to solve global

Antonio Conte

We have to check with the doctor, but I hope this problem is not serious. We lost Pedro against Arsenal in China as

Mary Barra - General Motors

I think it works best when, instead of mandating, customers are choosing the technology that meets their

Jo Swinson

It reminds us that neither side of the political spectrum has a monopoly on undermining democracy and abusing human rights. And it beggars belief that Jeremy Corbyn would rather defend a tenuous link to socialism than condemn these

Francis Tang - ZhongAn

We can further develop the depth and breadth in each of them. We're looking more at the pain points when you conduct your daily activities on the Internet ... what kind of protections do people need? We want to address

Jo Swinson

Trump is a bully, a misogynist and a racist. When calm heads and brave leaders are needed more than ever, global politics seems broken. A few years ago it would have seemed inconceivable that in such a crisis, China would be a voice of reason, and Russia more measured than America. The politics of the bully is

Cui Tiankai

Honestly, I think the United States should be doing ... much more than now, so that there's real effective international co-operation on this issue. They should refrain from issuing more threats. They should do more to find effective ways to resume dialogue and

Carlo Ancelotti

I am very happy here and I would like to stay for a long time. All I can say about my contract is that it runs until June 30, 2019. But I am not thinking about my contract at the moment. I only know that I would like to do a good job

Steve Bannon

If you don't like what [Trump's] doing and you don't agree with it, you have an obligation to resign. I don't think there's a world leader that President Trump respects more than the president of China. Xi is very

John Kerry

The United States remains deeply committed to the de-nuclearisation programme in North Korea and we are going to continue and here I agree with the Trump policy – putting additional requests to China, asking China to do more because China can do

Zhao Hongxi

She always liked to help others and wanted to contribute. If the organs are usable, they should be used to help others, as a way of lengthening her

Carlo Ancelotti

We are not top of the league right now, but we will be soon. I do not have to answer every critic. I know that many people always give advice and I promise I will have a big party for these people at the end of the season, with good wine and good

Rex W. Tillerson

These continued provocations only deepen North Korea's diplomatic and economic isolation. China supplies North Korea with most of its oil. Russia is the largest employer of North Korean forced labour. China and Russia must indicate their intolerance for these reckless missile launches by taking direct actions of their

Wei Sun Christianson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

There are a lot of very credible buyers. Certainly, there is higher execution risk, but deals do get

David Coker

What is surprising however is that even as Mr Dimon openly criticises Bitcoin, JP Morgan is quietly advancing its own, proprietary crypto ledger, Quorum. Quorum is based on Ethereum, a blockchain project broadly similar to but somewhat different than Blockchain, which backs Bitcoin. So one can't help but wonder if Mr Dimon's comments regarding cryptocurrencies would apply to JP Morgan's own offerings, should they come to market?feedback

Cheng Xiaohe

I think what North Korea has done makes the doves increasingly hard to rationalize their

Zhang Baohui

Beijing wants to teach North Korea a lesson without causing its collapse. These do show some changes in China's thinking about North Korea as the sanctions are

John Delury

The Trump administration has made it explicit that there is a constant trade-off between trade issues and North

Zhu Feng

As momentum once again builds in Beijing to reassess its relationship with North Korea, it is time for China to make a significant shift in its policy, once and for

Zhang Liangui

The sanctions imposed on North Korea are still lacking strength and global

Yoshihide Suga

Implementation [of sanctions] is extremely important. We must firmly make efforts to win over China and Russia, which have influence with North

Hua Chunying

The nature of the Korean Peninsula issue is that of security, and its core lies in the conflict between North Korea and the U.S. We have made enormous sacrifices and paid a great price for

Wang Sheng

The other half lies in resolving the conflict between the U.S. and North

Richard Fisher - Federal Reserve System

To be fair to China, they do not want U.S. forces on their southern border, so the solution's much more complicated than, say, reunifying

Axel Moreaux

You cannot provide a plate of French cheese if you don't have all that stinky, famous cheese, like

David Thiery

Normally, we should have cheese for everyone, but the supplier just cut off the order. No more cheese ... it's not a joke. Life continues, and I just have to

Clement Bacri

If they close now the border, I think it's that they know this will be a big market – so why import, instead of producing it? Now we need to find solution ... we are thinking about making cheese

Clement Bacri

We're good with oysters, very good with foie gras, with duck, with

David Thiery

They will understand, I think. We are living in another country with [its] own rule and regulation, and we have to accept

Axel Moreaux

I said, OK, now, I'm going to buy a lot of cheese from

Shinzo Abe

We can never tolerate that North Korea trampled on the international community's strong, united resolve towards peace that has been shown in UN resolutions and went ahead again with this outrageous act. If North Korea continues to walk down this path, it has no bright future. We must make North Korea understand this. Now is the time for the international community to be

Zhao Tong

Many things can happen between now and then. New developments can emerge that seriously change the

Charles Hayter

Chinese volumes account for less than 10 percent of global volume - they are no big deal. Waiting for the axe to fall is worse than the actual event; leaked documents seem to be clearing up uncertainty. But also a bounce of this magnitude was on the cards after such steep

Alex Gurevich - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Jamie, you're a great boss and the GOAT [greatest of all-time] bank CEO. You're not a trader or tech entrepreneur. Please, STFU [shut the fuck up] about

Mitch McConnell

In my view, publicly condemning Aung San Suu Kyi–the best hope for democratic reform in Burma–is simply not constructive. … Unfounded criticism of Suu Kyi exaggerates her ability to command the military, which the Burmese constitution does not actually allow her to

Steve Bannon

To me, the economic war with China is everything. We have to be maniacally focused on that. If we continue to lose it, we're five years away, I think, 10 years at the most, of hitting an inflection point from which we'll never be able to

Mary Barra - General Motors

G.M.'s vision, is a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero

Weijian Shan

So far, we have not seen much movement in SOE reform. What we see of interest is the private sector, which is much more scaleable. Ten years ago, it was hard to put in $100 million – today you can easily put in several

Wei Sun Christianson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

If Chinese buyers are clever, have the blessing of government, and focus on non-sensitive sectors – there are good assets out

Mary Barra - General Motors

While we are exploring all channels to boost NEV sales, building raw consumer acceptance of NEVs will depend on continued joint effort between the government and

Rex W. Tillerson

That is a very powerful tool and it has been used in the past. We hope China will not reject

Fareed Zakaria

An imagined interview with the North Korean

Steven Mollenkopf - Qualcomm

What we are seeing in China is a real desire not to be a follower and to launch with everyone else. That's new this time. From a geopolitical perspective, certain regions of the world just don't want to be late to that

Bruce Cleaver

There is a place for synthetics, perhaps as a fashion item, but there is nothing rare about them and they are not diamonds in my book. It's a traditional question I know, but if you ask a lady would you like to be given for your engagement gift a natural diamond made by the miracle of nature 4bn years ago or something made in a press last week, its pretty obvious what the answer

Bruce Cleaver

The self-purchasing element is a whole new angle on potentially a bigger market and a potentially new source of demand. I don't think the core of the business, which is diamonds as a gift, is likely to change but this is an enormously powerful potential additional source of

Qiao Mu

I am leaving my country and I will miss it.

Shinzo Abe

Relations between India and Japan are not only a bilateral relationship but have developed into a strategic global partnership. We (India and Japan) will strengthen our collaboration with those countries with whom we share universal

Mina Choi

I would rather err on the side of over-education, not

Angela Merkel

Therefore the automotive industry must do everything to restore trust and credibility as quickly as possible; this is in its own interest and that of its employees and the whole of

Frans van Houten - Philips

I am very disappointed about this outcome as this was a very good deal for both Lumileds and the GO Scale Capital-led

Nick Price

I always felt that emerging markets were capable of doing at least as well as developed markets as we headed into 2017, however, the extent to which we've seen outperformance is likely reflective of improving EM profitability after years of decline and cheap relative

Steve O'Neil

It's much easier to meet the requirements on mono, therefore it (the program) is accelerating investment in mono. We've been looking into mono to further improve power output. In early July, we started production of a... mono solar panel specifically designed for Japan's residential

Jason Tsai

Many panel makers... can't meet orders. Their bookings are full until next

Jing Ulrich - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

China's supply-side reform actually is kicking in. In the past several years, they have been containing capacity growth, they closed a lot of factories in the steel and aluminum sectors. So now, that reform actually has come to

Jing Ulrich - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In the past many years, the macro economy was always growing strongly but the companies couldn't make any money. But this year, in the first half of 2017, we're seeing the macro and the micro (economies) actually performing in

Gerwin Ho - Moody's Investors Service

China's auto market is evolving into a developed market, and recalls are common and standard procedures in developed auto

Norihiro Fujito - Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities

Foreign investors' short-covering seems to have run its course, while China's weak data soured market

Thomas Glucksmann

The overall share of Chinese exchanges has been diminishing

Thomas Glucksmann

People will realize that China is out of the picture for the

Sheng Songcheng - People's Bank of China

Because it is traded anonymously and peer to peer, Bitcoin makes it easy for money laundering and tax

Charles Hayter

The Chinese ban is causing a panic in the market as mixed messages and lack of clarity has turned sentiment negative. The closure of BTCChina is perhaps a portent of what the other Chinese exchanges

Jamie Dimon - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

It's just not a real thing, eventually it will be closed. I'm not saying 'go short bitcoin and sell $100,000 of bitcoin before it goes down. This is not advice of what to do. My daughter bought bitcoin, it went up and now she thinks she's a

Viraj Patel

We view this dollar move higher as broadly a corrective move and now the question is how much the dollar can recover before the

Rainer Guntermann - Commerzbank

The weaker euro has amplified the headwinds facing the bond market. With the euro off its highs, it is easier for the ECB to taper next

James Dyson

You end up having to do one transitional arrangement, and then another one. So just have a clean break, it's not a big deal. Europe is a declining part of world trade. It's now down to 12 per cent and in about five years' time it will be nine per cent of world trade. The fastest growing sector is, of course, in the far east, China and the far eastern countries where we're growing by about 80 per cent or 90 per cent a year. That's where the opportunities are – not

Zhou Fengsuo

Welcome to the free world. I have studied the transition of eastern European countries – usually it is professors, writers, lawyers and journalists who become politicians. I want to be a congressman – to criticise, to supervise the corrupt

Jerome A. Cohen - Council on Foreign Relations

The situation in the last year has become not better but worse for intellectual life in China … It's a sad time to be an intellectual. It is not simple to get a permanent job abroad as good as the one you have had in China. But with the incentive of not being free to write and speak as they normally would, people scramble for whatever chance they can get. People are trying to cope. But they realise that they have at least five [more years of Xi Jinping] to deal

Steven Mnuchin

If China doesn't follow these sanctions, we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the US and international dollar system - and that's quite meaningful. North Korea economic warfare works. We sent a message that anybody (who) wanted to trade with North Korea - we would consider them not trading with

Wang Wei

Now the mine has about 50 employees. I feel in the future it might bring hundreds or even thousands of jobs, like the big

Bruce Friedrich

It is a colossal market opportunity. This could put [lab-made] meat onto the radar of Chinese officials who have the capacity to steer billions of dollars into this

Josh Balk - Humane Society of the United States

[China's] version of Bill Gates is already backing these companies. I think all this runs into a pretty good theory that clean meat and other non-live animal protein sources will become bigger in

Donald J. Trump

The wealthy will probably be where they are. If we can do that, we'd like it. If they have to go higher, they'll go higher. We're looking at the middle class and jobs. We have four principles for tax code. Make the tax code simple and fair. Cut taxes substantially. The largest tax decrease in the history of our country for the middle

Darin G. Billerbeck

It took me about three minutes to read. He's smarter than me so maybe two minutes for him. And an eight-minute discussion and I think we've got

Darin G. Billerbeck

We look at the rationale articulated by CFIUS for blocking the transaction and it doesn't align with reality or the president's

Darin G. Billerbeck

Growing U.S. jobs with someone else's money–that's a good thing for the United States and a good thing for

Darin G. Billerbeck

You're basically saying that the government itself can't control IP that they're in charge of. I don't understand that. It has to be–it has to be–that they don't want to do a deal with

William Lai

Typhoon Talim has been changing course and is not entirely predictable. It's been expected to hit Taiwan directly, but its trajectory has altered further northward and eastward. But at this point our emergency operation center has not lowered its level of