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Carsten Menke - Julius Baer Group
Positive sentiment is impacting copper this morning, but we are still bearish, we don't buy into the shortage story. Also, the Chinese economy looks like its reached a cyclical peak ... look at the imports data published by
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NEW Apr 25 2017
The latest person who has talked about China is Donald J. Trump: “Look, he [Xi] turned down many coal ships. These massive coal ships are coming where they get a lot of their income. They're coming into China and they're being turned away. That's never happened before. The fuel, the oil, so many different things.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Donald J. Trump and all the other people that have spoken about China. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Sheng Songcheng - People's Bank of China

After breaking and even reversing expectations for yuan depreciation, there are signs of a trend of capital returning to

Christopher J Ferguson

It does remain kind of an open question whether youth in some Asian countries, particularly South Korea and China, do have more problems around games than in the west. The evidence is unclear because it's difficult to do cross-national comparisons, particularly when there's no clear way to assess video game addiction

Sophie Richardson - Human Rights Watch

This is the latest absurd restriction that the Chinese government has imposed on people in

Cui Tiankai

There's much talk about trade imbalances and calls for fair trade. Trade's benefit for both countries is a matter of fact; fairness is sometimes a matter of perception. Whether this balance will be achieved by increasing trade flows or by raising trade barriers is a matter of

Thomas Shattuck

Once again, the Trump administration fails to send an urgently needed signal on human

Peter Baker - The New York Times

But President Xi [Jinping], from the time I took office, he has not, they have not been currency

Hillary Clinton

We've got to bust this market so it can't come back. It became clear to everyone that this was not just a terrible crisis when it came to the elephant population, it was a trade, a trafficking that was funding a lot of bad folks, a lot of bad actors. It was being used to take ivory and sell it in order to buy more weapons, and support the kind of terroristic activity that these and other groups were engaged in. So China is going to be a key player but we are,

Larry Hu - Macquarie Group

Even the better-than-expected Q1 data could not boost the market, as investors are concerned about regulatory risks. The last thing policy makers want to see amid the Party Congress this fall is a market crash like that in summer 2015. And the outstanding economic performance in Q1 gives them more room to

Chris Wei - Aviva

For example, giving access to financial institutions, to Singapore government databases for identity validation, for anti-money laundering validation etc., that helps a lot. So I think Singapore has taken a little bit of a lead in that. The journey is not over, it's a long-term one, but that, I think, is the next

Tan Su Shan

How DBS wants to play in this field is to be able to harness this fabulous technology, to be able to give us that reach and that ability to reach out to a bigger market, a wider market without the cost that comes with an incumbent, you know, branch-based

Tan Su Shan

If you're talking about the equity markets, Hong Kong, you know, is part of greater China and the Chinese story is alive and well – and kicking. From an equity markets perspective, I think the Hong Kong capital markets is still extremely strong, valuations are not that

Anna Marrs - Standard Chartered

I think that Singapore is really in the right place as where the growth is. So if you think about the deep capital markets here, this ability to finance regional growth, its focus on wealth management, that sort of access to regional and international wealth management [are] opportunities from Singapore. When you look at where China is investing, and you look at the One Belt, One Road markets, it's not just about Hong

Donald J. Trump

Look, he [Xi] turned down many coal ships. These massive coal ships are coming where they get a lot of their income. They're coming into China and they're being turned away. That's never happened before. The fuel, the oil, so many different

Donald J. Trump

We have a great chemistry together. We like each other. I like him a lot. I think his wife is terrific. But President Xi, from the time I took office, he has not, they have not been currency manipulators. Because there's a certain respect because he knew I would do something or

Shinzo Abe

We completely agreed to strongly demand that North Korea, who's been repeatedly dangerous and provocative, show restraint. We'll maintain close contact with U.S. and high level of monitoring and surveillance as we respond firmly on North

Carl Martin Welcker

If the currently prevailing good sentiment, which we can read in many early indicators, continues and proves itself, it could work out even better than we have forecast. All of European industry faces big challenges. Chinese rivals are becoming not only bigger but also more competitive, and our important and hitherto dependable trade partner the United States threatens to become

Yu Zhichen

I've been to the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, and Israel, and the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in China are just as good – in some respects it's actually better. At this point, the technology still needs time to develop – maybe in 5 to 10 years we can start worrying about this issue. As this industry develops, robots will add more support and take on more

Hu Baosen - Central China Real Estate

Right now, it takes about 8 to 10 months to clear up inventory in Zhengzhou. If that climbs to 16 or 18 months, then there's danger, but right now it hasn't, so no bubble. In the second half of last year, a number of our property projects were sold out on the day when they were launched. It's true that rising inventory in third or fourth tier cities is partly due to supply growing faster than demand. In fact, we plan to buy more. In the first half of this year, we made a number of investments in land

Zhouwei Diao - IHS

The technology is doable but it's currently not very

Yannan Chenye

But inclusion would be very symbolic, meaning global investors would have to look at the China market more

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

By now, there are plenty of survivor accounts that reveal (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un's administration is routinely persecuting those who are forced back to North Korea after departing illegally, and subjecting them to torture, sexual violence, forced labour – and even

Richard Marles

I don't think that conflict on the Korean peninsula is particularly likely. I think there is a lot of avenues, and a lot of water that goes under the bridge in the immediate term. I do think that China are taking some positive steps in a way which is different to what has happened in the immediate past in relation to putting pressure on North Korea, and that is a good thing. We do need to see China acting, and that is important. I do think that a harder edge being presented by America in respect of North Korea is not a bad

Wang Yi

You mean the big leadership issue? Every year is something special. Last year was some anniversary, and a few years ago were the Olympics. Next year will be something else. Right now the Communist Party is not so stable. We can't know what is going on inside. They may feel they need quiet at all costs, and we'll have trouble. Or they could also say that they need quiet so will ignore us; after all, we're not challenging them. We just trust in God and let Him

Wang Yi

Auntie Wei was one of our sisters. We loved her. But it's she who possesses eternal life, not the government. She created it for herself by living a good life, by being our sister in the church, and resisting the immorality around

Wang Yi

Ever since I was little, I thought that the city was my dream. But why do we want to live in cities?feedback

Maxine Siegel - Consumer Reports

Cruciferous vegetables are among the most nutritious because they are rich in several vitamins and minerals, plus they contain unique disease-fighting

Mark Cuban

Personally I'm not a huge fan of our president and some of his issues. I don't know who's driving his Chinese policy and I don't get a sense that he knows what's

Hank Paulson

It is highly unusual and positive for a Chinese president to give a phone call to (the U.S.) president so soon after a summit on North

Maurice Obstfeld - International Monetary Fund

Momentum in the global economy has been building since the middle of last year. We cannot be sure we are out of the

Mike Pence

The United States intends to honour the agreement. [What] the regime in North Korea should make no mistake about, is that the United States has the resources, the personnel and the presence in this region of the world to see to our interests and to see to the security of those interests and our allies. We do believe China can do more. We continue to be hopeful and continue to have great confidence that we can finally after a generation achieve a peaceable

Julie Bishop

North Korea's threats of nuclear strikes against other nations further underlines the need for the regime to abandon its illegal nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. These present a grave threat to its neighbours and if left unchecked, to the broader region including Australia. The North Korean government should invest in the welfare of its long-suffering citizens, rather than weapons of mass

Matt Tsien

In the next several years, out to 2020, we expect to launch at least 10 new energy vehicles into the marketplace. We have a pipeline that is going to materialise, that's going to put us in a very good position from a fuel economy requirement perspective. We have no concerns relative to the amount of IP that has to be shared. We have a fairly clear understanding of what the rules of engagement are. For vehicles where General Motors owns the IP, we have had longstanding technology licensing agreements with our partner. Those work

Mike Pence

The United States of America is determined to work with our allies, and especially with China, to achieve the objective of a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. We believe that can occur peaceably, largely owing to the new engagement of

Rolf Bulander - Robert Bosch

Automated driving will not be possible without high-precision maps – not in China and not anywhere else in the world either. Automated driving is a global topic for Bosch. With China we are now starting our fourth testing location after Germany, the US, and

Will Hutton

Arguing over whether a £70,000 salary makes you rich diverts us from a proper discussion of public finances. Acommon feature of all countries in long-term decline has been an inability to overcome the grip of malign sectional interests on their affairs. Eighteenth-century Spain, 19th-century China or the 20th-century Soviet Union were all pulled into self-destructive vortices. For different reasons, none could address fundamental economic and political dysfunctions. The Spanish nobility, the Chinese mandarinate and the Russian communist kleptocracy might have benefited from the way their respective societies were rigged but they were too powerful to be challenged. The question is whether 21st-century Britain can escape from the way its society is rigged to avoid the same

Mike Pence

Our expectation is that they will be in the Sea of Japan, in position, in a matter of days, before the end of this month. We truly believe that, as our allies in the region and China bring that pressure to bear, there is a chance that we can achieve a historic objective of a nuclear-free Korea Peninsula by peaceful means. We are encouraged by the steps that China has taken so

Mike Pence

While all options are on the table, let me assure you the US will continue to work closely with Australian and our other allies in the region, and with China, to bring economic and diplomatic pressure to bear on the regime in Pyongyang until they abandon their nuclear and ballistic missile program. But if China is unable to deal with North Korea, the United States and our allies will. The era of strategic patience is

Wolfgang Schäuble

Only a well-monitored and responsibly regulated financial sector will be resilient enough to provide a sound basis for sustainable growth. Therefore, we should remain committed to support the timely, full and consistent implementation of the agreed financial sector reforms. Trade has benefited the world economy enormously ��� pulling millions out of poverty, bringing prosperity and

Wolfgang Schäuble

Turning back the clock on globalization could harm growth substantially. It would also destabilize emerging economies ��� some of which have already suffered from low commodity prices, volatile currencies and fluctuating capital flows in recent

Donald J. Trump

This is not an area where we can afford to become dependent on other countries. From now on, we're going to stand up for American jobs, workers and their security, and for American steel companies and companies in general. Today's action is the next vital step toward making America strong and prosperous once

Jane Goodall

Its main message is that every single one of us makes a difference. Everyone has a role to

Jane Goodall

I was in love with elephants. It was just that [Leakey] offered me chimps, which fit into what I see as the mission of my life. Scientists were saying, There's a sharp line dividing us from the other animals. We're superior, we're separate,' . But other animals are intelligent. Other animals have feelings and emotions. It's so important because it's showing to people that there is this beautiful wilderness area in China, these amazing animals. In China, they are now trying to protect these

Jenny May Ray

We should be thankful for their sacrifices for staying on an island far away from civilization, away from their loved ones and families and I hope some day, something can be written about them in our history. Pagasa will see progress one day and they will not be forgotten because they have a big role in protecting the

Malcolm Turnbull

The eyes of the world are on Beijing. We seek leadership from China to join the leadership shown by the United States and Japan and Australia. We call on China to make that stronger commitment to ensure North Korea stops this reckless and dangerous

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

I don't think so, I think we will manage. We managed as well in China and it was quite cold. I think it will be OK. We'll see, I don't know the forecast yet but usually forecasts keep changing as well so we will see when we get

Donald J. Trump

As far as North Korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. I respect [President Xi Jinping] very much, and I think he's working very hard... Some very unusual moves have been made over the past two or three hours and I really have confidence that the president will try very

Donald J. Trump

As far as North Korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. We're building our military rapidly. Because that is what it is, it is a menace right now. I really have confidence that the President (Xi Jinping) will try very hard. We don't know whether or not they're able to do that, but I have absolute confidence that he will be trying very, very

Ahmed Shabana

We're viewing Southeast Asia and Indonesia as the new China and it's very obvious that something great is going to

Julian Evans-Pritchard - Capital Economics

The issue for the Chinese leadership is how to deal with those layoffs in a way that maintains political stability and in a way that the workers are relocated and continue to contribute to the

Julian Evans-Pritchard - Capital Economics

The Chinese are not going to be happy about it, but I do think there are more concerns about Trump's trade policy than there were previously under Obama. They're less willing to push as hard against these kinds of probes, because they don't want to escalate

Jim Yong Kim - World Bank Group

China is not going to stop trading with all of its trading partners and it's not going to stop continuing to work with Latin America. China's work in those countries has only gone up over the last few years, and I think it will go up further. So, we're trying to make the case. So, my message is you're not going to bring these old jobs back. Every country in the world has to think about how it's going to compete in the economy of the future. When we say something like two-thirds of jobs in developing countries could be lost to automation, we don't know exactly what the timing is going to

Margo Georgiadis - Mattel

Our Q1 results were below our expectations due to the retail inventory overhang coming out of the holiday period, but we remain encouraged by strong performance at retail for our key core brands, including Barbie, Hot Wheels and FisherPrice as well as sustained momentum in high-growth markets like China. We are confident in both the product line and the enhancements we've made with Barbie, Fisher-Price and Hot Wheels. What we didn't expect was the prolonged impact from the leftover retail

Jan Hatzius

While the growth-positive aspects of the Trump agenda have hit rougher air, the growth-negative aspects also look less concerning. In particular, the specter of protectionism – a major source of concern during the transition especially for trade with China and Mexico – has clearly receded in recent

Donald J. Trump

Maintaining the production of American steel is extremely important to our national security and our defense industrial base. This has nothing to do with China. This has to do with worldwide, what's happening. The dumping problem is a worldwide

John Krasinski

It ruins you emotionally because you go through the entire process of parenthood in less than 90 minutes. It's really nice to see what I missed out on! Our daughter was so excited to have a sibling – especially a little sister that she could teach everything to. We've been enjoying the good version of it for

John Krasinski

By you buying a ticket, you're actually the one donating that money. I hope it leads to even bigger

John Krasinski

It's wonderful to have young children because of their obsession with animals. There's plenty of access to nature in small doses, but with Disneynature, it dives even deeper. It's actually happening right now, somewhere on the planet. It's not fictitious. And I think there's something very moving about

Bridget Wang

She's elegant and confident and a truly successful woman. Her feminine touch will help smooth Chinese-U.S.

Donald J. Trump

Ivanka is an important bridge during this period of uncertainties in China-U.S.

Geng Baoqiang

She is very amiable, with a tender disposition, and not like her father who is quite

Lu Kang

We think highly of all people, whether they are from the government or non-government sector, who devote themselves to promoting China-U.S. friendship and cooperation. And we highly appreciate their efforts in this

Hu Xingdou

That was a boost for Chinese cultural nationalism, because it shows that Chinese culture has an important place in international

Hu Xingdou

Most people in China love Ivanka because of her friendly gestures towards the Chinese

Jenny Zhen

She's independent-minded, thoughtful and supportive of her dad. Her kids learning Chinese language will definitely have a good influence on China-U.S.

Amy Searight

The region very much wants to know where the United States is going to stand on the South China Sea, and more broadly what its approach to China is going to

Elizabeth Dell

China absolutely wants to have its own home-grown film

Rob Cain

The Chinese government crackdowns have made it extremely difficult to get money out. There's a lot of skepticism now by Hollywood about these

Chris Fenton

Almost no Chinese buyers are coming to the table. No Chinese entity wants to test

Elizabeth Dell

You have to make a distinction between capital for large-scale transactions and capital for productions. There's definitely a slowdown in or pause on large deals, but the money is there for movie and TV show collaborations with Chinese

Scott Paul

Getting at China's overcapacity in steel and the scale of it is exceptionally difficult to do through conventional application of trade law. It may take an extraordinary measure, like Section 232, to make some progress and to prod China along as

Helmut Marko

Let me get our pace history straight: in Australia we were 1.8 seconds behind, in China it was 1.3 seconds and in Bahrain something in the range of nine-tenths. So we are improving and step by step closing the gap -- but it is, of course, not

Mark W. Warner

China, Russia and Iran have real, long-term strategies. Why don't we have one, too?feedback

Zhang Lifan

It's a way for Beijing to exert pressure on him. It's a problematic question whether it would help in getting him back, but it might affect his travel in other

Li Keqiang

Pushing through further tax cuts will effectively promote the

Bridget Serchak - Voice of America

We had multiple plans to conduct additional interviews with the subject for social media and late yesterday [Tuesday] made the editorial decision to record this material, edit, and post it in the coming days. In a miscommunication, the stream was allowed to continue beyond the first hour. When this was noticed the feed was terminated. We will release content from these interviews and will continue to report on corruption

Sun Jiwen

Trade disputes are becoming increasingly politicised, measures are increasingly extreme and final tariff rates are relatively

Wilbur Ross

Repeated efforts by the United States to encourage other countries to reduce and address the underlying causes of excess capacity in the steel market have had little meaningful

Cheuk Wan

Given the binary risk of the French presidential elections and geopolitical concerns over North Korea, investors are staying on the sidelines. We are looking at the opportunities in Asia, particularly. ..equities in China and India where corporate earnings are expected to be strong this

Chris Woo

No country can be lauded for being able to meet the needs of an aging population and have low taxes… In light of the global economic climate, the trend in current tax reforms in these major economies are now focused on lowering income tax rates. Yet, social and medical welfare needs still need to be

Koh Yu-Hwan

If the United States and China can set the tone, there will also be more opportunities for dialogue. It seems Trump could be more willing to cut a deal with North Korea than Obama

Lu Kang

I have noted the recent report. China expresses serious concern with recent trends about North Korea's nuclear and missile development. China is unswerving in its commitment to realising the de-nuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, maintaining the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula, and continue to solve matters through dialogue and

Omar Jabara

We would be open to discussing a possible transaction with Barrick on (Kalgoorlie) if they are interested in doing

Paul Waldman

As a candidate for the presidency, Donald Trump agreed with all his Republican colleagues that the Iran nuclear deal that the United States negotiated along with China, Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany was a disaster, a catastrophe, a calamity. But now, the Trump administration is taking the position that it might actually be working out

Donald J. Trump

We are sending an armada. Very powerful. Nobody's ever seen it like that. Nobody's ever seen such a positive response on our behalf from

Chiu Chui-cheng

He left his group without notice. From the perspective of our tourism regulations, the immigration authorities absolutely have the authority to apprehend him. If he intentionally overstays in Taiwan, the immigration authorities can deport him after an investigation. We can send him back, according to the tourism agreement between both

Robin Bhar

Prices have found some support at lower levels. There's been some Chinese buying helping. Markets seem well positioned to work higher over the next two

Tom Toles

In a breakthrough trade agreement, President Trump agreed that China is no longer a currency manipulator in exchange for China opening its markets to Ivanka Trump merchandise. China will also grant trademark rights to Ivanka Trump in exchange for the opportunity to actually manufacture all of her merchandise and then sell it back to the United States at variable discount rates denominated in

Victor Cha

Normally, we condemn it, we say it's a violation of existing resolutions, we call on them to stop, and then we call on the allies to coordinate policy. It's very typical. I could write those talking points for any president. That is not a normal United States reaction. Part of that is to put a lot of pressure on China, for China to cut off assistance to North Korea. That is why we've seen the escalation–because North Korea is continuing on its path and the U.S. is trying to do something that shows muscularity, unpredictability, and decisiveness. Whether that works? We don't know

Sean King

I want to know what help China is giving us on North Korea because as far as I see it, they're not doing anything. Japan "has any interest in pursuing

Bruce Klinger

Japan has moved on. Japan is in the twenty-first century, they fully bought into the [Trans-Pacific Partnership] and they want to talk about things like intellectual property rights, entry into the retail and financial sectors. But we've somehow gone back to the 1980s. And we want to talk about things like autos, agriculture, currency – even though we've just let China off the hook on that

Daniel Kirchert - Tesla Motors

We will be competitive because we produce the car locally. In the end, it's really about how premium you are. That's the real

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

The Russians are our partners. De Gaulle himself recognized the Russia of Stalin and Mao Zedong's

Donald J. Trump

No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days. That includes on military, on the border, on trade, on regulation, on law enforcement – we love our law enforcement – and on government reform. We're on time, if we get that healthcare approval. We wanna get that approval. And it just makes the tax reform easier, and it makes it better. It's gonna make it steeper. It's gonna be bigger, and that's what we wanna

Phoebe Song

They say, you're supposed to be a big global brand – what global brand doesn't have sales channels in China? And we have to explain it's because we really don't want to torture some

Erin Hill

They're just completely behind the curve in learning about the new science. It's a big task to make this shift – it comes down to having the right laboratories, the people skilled in these different methods, and also access to the equipment and the supplies you

Estee Lauder

It "does not test on animals and we never ask others to do so on our behalf. If a regulatory body demands it for its safety or regulatory assessment, an exception can be

Mike Pence

We will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective American response. All options are on the table. History will attest the soldier does not bear the sword in vain. My hope is that they'll continue to get the message not just from the United States, here in Japan, and in South Korea, but on an increasing basis from China and countries all over the world committing to a denuclearized Korean

Mike Pence

The era of strategic patience is over and while all options are on the table, President Trump is determined to work closely with Japan, with South Korea, with all our allies in the region and with China to achieve a peaceable resolution and the denuclearization of the Korean

Mike Chinoy

Mike Chinoy is a non-resident senior fellow at the University of Southern California’s U.S.-China Institute and the author of two books on North Korea: “Meltdown: The Inside Story of the North Korean Crisis“ and “The Last POW.” He has visited North Korea 17

Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Social media has become an important battlefield for brands to compete for brand awareness, engage audience and convert them into customers. The overall landscape of Chinese social media is relatively fragmented, although there are major platforms like Weibo, WeChat, Baidu and Taobao that have the largest volume of users. Platforms are either segmented by function or cater to niche interest

Mike Pence

We appreciate the challenging times in which the people of Japan live with increasing provocations from across the Sea of Japan. We are with you 100 per cent. While all options are on the table, President Trump is determined to work closely with Japan, with South Korea, with all our allies in the region, and with China. We seek peace always as a country, as does Japan, but as you know and the United States knows, peace comes through strength and we will stand strongly with Japan and strongly with our allies for a peace and security in this

Dean Cheng

China's approach to the peninsula is under the same strains that it's been under before. The difference is that, this time, the Americans appear to be applying more overt, real pressure. South Korea has been put on notice that future defense efforts will likely also incur

Paul Haenle

I think Beijing is prepared to tighten the screws – but only so much. There's no question that Xi Jinping strongly dislikes, even probably detests, Kim Jong Un and wants to resolve this

Lu Chao

China's sanctions and persuasion have been so far not very effective, but China is still making its best

Donald J. Trump

He then went into the history of China and Korea. Not North Korea, Korea. And you know, you're talking about thousands of years . . . and many wars. And Korea actually used to be a part of China. And after listening for 10 minutes, I realised that it's not so

Hiroji Onishi - Toyota

But in China's view, the Prius is no more than a gasoline car. We have no choice but to get over our EV allergy and come up with an electric

Donald J. Trump

North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A. Ya never know, do you? You never know. We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier. We have the best military people on Earth. And I will say this: he (Kim Jong-un) is doing the wrong

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Calls for a negative open for equities come after losses on Wall St amid mixed corporate results overnight (Yahoo! beat, IBM missed), another leg down for Crude Oil drove a poor session in Asia and additional GBP strength took FTSE futures lower. Copper may be off its worst levels, but remains in a clear downtrend, although a rebound for Iron Ore offers some respite for a commodity sector troubled by scepticism about stimulus; too much in China and nothing to show yet from Trump in the

Mike Pence

We appreciate the challenging times in which the people of Japan live with increasing provocations from across the Sea of Japan. While all options are on the table, President Trump is determined to work closely with Japan, with South Korea, with all our allies in the region, and with China. We seek peace always as a country, as does Japan, but as you know and the United States knows, peace comes through strength and we will stand strongly with Japan and strongly with our allies for a peace and security in this

Dubravko Lakos-Bujas

S&P 500 is expected to deliver [its] strongest earnings growth in 22 quarters with momentum driven by recovering U.S. and global economic growth, higher oil prices, and rising rates for

Dubravko Lakos-Bujas

While stronger earnings growth … has typically coincided with a positive … drift for S&P 500, we continue to believe geopolitical risks (upcoming French election, Syria/Russia, North Korea/China) are likely to weigh on equities in the short term and could overshadow the constructive tone from this earnings

Kyung Moon Hwang

No respectable historian would make such a claim. It's possible that Xi said something like this, as such a story has been part of the nationalist history project under the Chinese Communist Party for a couple of

Hao Peng

We must resolutely assess party building. Without tests there is no way to hold (people) accountable. The party committee secretary and chairman are shouldered as one; two jobs, two duties with only one person in charge; we must resolutely avoid paying attention to one while neglecting the

Chuck Schumer

President Trump has just repeatedly failed to deliver on the promises he's made to American workers during the campaign. He hasn't stood up to China, who has robbed millions of Americans of jobs over the last several decades, has been a benefactor of loopholes in our buy America

Reinhard Grindel

Whether for players or spectators, interest in the DFB-Pokal reaches its peak every year in Berlin. The DFB-Pokal final is here to celebrate the holiday of football. For more than 30 years and hopefully for as long as possible. It has become a brand in itself. Berlin's Olympic Stadium has become a German version of Wembley - a living

Scott A. Snyder - Council on Foreign Relations

China has enormous leverage to influence stability in North Korea, but most of it they feel they cannot use because of adverse consequences for China interests in North

Robert Manning

The degree to which China is prepared to cooperate will determine how successful we are in imposing pressure on North

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

We're not holding back anything. The requirements whether they get changed or adjusted or whatever, the bottom line is clear that electrification is going to play a bigger and bigger role ... in China and other markets as

James Schoff - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

This is a tentative first step, a way to start this discussion. But it's good that they're doing this as a way to manage the alliance at this important time, when we have the North Korea problem and China policy to deal with. And our businesses continue to face too many barriers to entry, which tilts the playing field against American workers and American

Wang Yi

This is a positive, cooperative conference, it shouldn't be

L. Rafael Reif

We are in a global competition. While we are dwindling and reducing our funding for research, China is growing

Mike Pence

The era of strategic patience is over and while all options are on the table, President [Donald] Trump is determined to work closely with Japan, with South Korea, with all our allies in the region and with China to achieve a peaceable resolution and the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. We appreciate the challenging time in which the people of Japan live with increasing provocation across the Sea of Japan. We are with you

Sergey Lavrov

I hope that there will be no more unilateral actions like the one we have recently seen in Syria while the United States will pursue the course which President [Donald] Trump has announced during his election campaign. If the US vice president meant that Washington could unilaterally use military force, then it is a risky road. I can't say that Obama's presidency was 'an era of strategic patience' because the United States took quite tough steps against North Korea in order to hamper the development of industries important for missile and nuclear

Sean King

Whoever thought that Trump would let China, a rival, off the hook on currency? If he can do that with a country that's clearly not a friend, maybe he could reconsider reversing himself on TPP for a friend like Japan. He's certainly made greater reversals and claimed victory. Why not do this for our friends who want to stand with us against countries like China and North Korea? I'm all for

Mike Pence

Under President Trump, the United States will continue to work with Japan and with all our allies in the region, including South Korea, to confront the most ominous threat posed in this region of the world, the regime in North Korea. Let me be clear, our commitment is unwavering and our resolve could not be stronger. We are with you 100

Abigail Klem

The brand has filed, updated, and rigorously protected its international trademarks over the past several years in the normal course of business, especially in regions where trademark infringement is rampant. We have recently seen a surge in trademark filings by unrelated third parties trying to capitalize on the name and it is our responsibility to diligently protect our

Jochem Heizmann

This will be a new cooperation on pure battery cars. Our challenging target is to come, already next year in 2018, to the market with the first car. You have to achieve cars which are competitive. We will be fast. We will use their technology. We will put in some of our own technology and

Maurice Obstfeld - International Monetary Fund

One salient threat is trade protectionism, leading to trade warfare. Growth has remained reliant on domestic credit growth so rapid that it may cause financial stability problems down the road. These problems could, in turn, spill over to other

Maurice Obstfeld - International Monetary Fund

There has been a stream of continuing positive data that we have seen since the middle of 2016. This pickup in manufacturing, industrial production and trade is fueling our confidence that this year and next year will be substantially better than

Casper Burgering - ABN AMRO

There is still some uncertainty in the market about geopolitical issues, and there is some risk aversion at this stage. A small deficit (in copper) is expected this year, and demand is very good... but that hasn't benefited the metal. There is still a lot of oversupply in aluminium, and a lot of stocks, and that oversupply has depressed prices for quite some time. Now you see there are initiatives to cut capacity in China, and prices are moving (up).feedback

Paul Gait - Sanford Bernstein

It's always distressing when we see price collapses like this, but you should be wary of the surge of euphoria on the way up, and the surge of despair on the way

Myles Allsop - UBS

We see headwinds from falling spot iron ore prices and slowing China momentum after 12 months of generally better-than-expected economic

David Pleming - HSBC

Strong supply recovery and growth [will drive] a widening surplus in the iron ore

Paul Gait - Sanford Bernstein

There's no cause for panic as far as an investor in Rio Tinto is

Wu Dawei

If the DPRK and U.S.-Republic of Korea's tit-for-tat posturing and mutual displays of strength fail to fundamentally change, then sooner or later something will go wrong on the Korean

William Cohen - Cohen Group

The North Korean regime is a criminal enterprise. They are extortionists. They are saying feed me, fuel me, employ me before I test again or kill

Shinzo Abe

Needless to say, diplomatic effort is important to maintain peace. But dialogue for the sake of having dialogue is meaningless. We need to apply pressure on North Korea so they seriously respond to a dialogue'' with the international community, the prime minister said, adding that China and Russia need to play more constructive roles on the

Eric Handler

IMAX's box office results in China are improving after a disappointing 2016, which had bearish investors questioning if the country was going through a secular issue rather than our perception of a cyclical problem driven more by quality. In 1Q, IMAX benefited from the success of local language title, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back' … The positive momentum has continued into

Mike Pence

Just in the past two weeks, the world has witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of armed forces of the United States in this region. We are with you 100 percent. Even in these troubled times, we stand with you for a free and secure future. The U.S. stands shoulder to shoulder with the Republic of Korea. We will continue to closely consult with South Korea and your leadership as we make decisions moving

Zhang Liang - Shanghai Automotive Industry

China success is the base of overseas market success. I worry for them. You see local technology getting stronger and

Dennis Wilder

You'll actually see in that parade transporters that the Chinese provided to the North Koreans for their logging industry. That's just one indicator of the kinds of equipment Chinese continue to give to the North Koreans that frankly aids and abets the North Koreans and what they're

Yanmei Xie

China may marginally increase economic pressure on North Korea by cutting down trade, tourist flows or food aide, but its primary goal is to placate Washington. Beijing has reasons and means to discipline Kim, but is more concerned with ensuring the survival of his regime, thus maintaining a buffer against U.S. military presence in the

Mike Pence

Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region. There was a period of strategic patience but the era of strategic patience is over. The United States is troubled by China's economic retaliation against South Korea for taking appropriate steps to defend itself. But as the president has made very clear, either China will deal with this problem or the United States and our allies

Jennifer Rubin

Warning. “A senior Trump administration official warned Sunday that North Korea’s provocative behavior ‘can’t continue, ’ and said the U.S. is working with partners including China to develop a range of possible responses to future ‘destabilizing behavior.’ ”.feedback

Shinzo Abe

We'll closely cooperate with the U.S. and South Korea to change (North Korea's) attitude, and encourage China to play a greater

Donald J. Trump

But as the president has made very clear, either China will deal with this problem or the US and our allies

Mike Pence

The message of the people of the United States of America is that we seek peace, but America has always sought peace through strength and my message here today standing with US forces Korea, standing with courageous soldiers from the Republic of Korea is a message of resolve. The people of North Korea, the military of North Korea should not mistake the resolve of the United States of America to stand with our

Micky Pant

For us, what's very important is infrastructure spending because that's how we get new malls, new trade zones, new high speed rail stations, new airports and that's continuing at the fastest rate in China compared to any other country in the world. That's how we build 600 restaurants a year because these opportunities are emerging. It actually simplified things for us dramatically and given us a lot of operating relief and margin relief as well. It's been very good for the industry. So steps like that, I think, will continue to stimulate the consumer

Micky Pant

We have 7,500 restaurants (in China) but I keep reminding people that we have double that number in the United States. And the U.S. is a smaller country than China in terms of population and future

Arthur Ding

Politically, it somewhat implies that the DPRK should be treated fairly - if not equally - with that of other nuclear

Donald J. Trump

Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem? We will see what happens!feedback

Loletta Chow

Chinese enterprises have begun to rapidly increase their global investment to achieve mid- to long-term growth. With the 'One Belt, One Road' initiative and other strategies serving as a powerful engine, more Chinese enterprises are expected to invest overseas and, therefore, a double-digit growth rate in China's outward [foreign direct investment] is expected in the next few

Neil Wang - Frost & Sullivan

The international development of start-ups is accompanied with demonstration of high-tech products, which shows the world that 'Made in China' products are also innovative and

Rodrigo Duterte

China sent word that, please, do not do that. So because of our friendship with China, and because we value your friendship, we will not, I will not, go there to raise the Philippine