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Leta Hong Fincher
It's my impression that the Communist Party is fundamentally not interested in having women at the senior levels at
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Oct 26 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about China. 655 people are quoted and you can read 997 citations of them about China. Xi Jinping, Donald J. Trump, Steve Bannon and Li Keqiang, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Xi Jinping said: “It offers a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while preserving their independence.”.
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Ulrich Spiesshofer - ABB

It's a pretty broad-based and well-balanced market that gives us tremendous opportunity going

Xi Jinping

It offers a new option for other countries and nations who want to speed up their development while preserving their

Donald J. Trump

It would be wonderful if we could speak to China and Russia. Because China is helping us and maybe Russia is going through the other way and hurting what we're

Donald J. Trump

The 19th Party Congress provides the opportunity for us to get some things done in the relationship to put us on a good footing deep into the

Carl Weinberg - High Frequency Economics

I believe that yuan pricing of oil is coming and as soon as the Saudis move to accept it – as the Chinese will compel them to do – then the rest of the oil market will move along with

Andre Alexander

One theme that really resonates here is money. Rappers here love to be like, I was poor before, and look what I'm doing

Demi Zhu

We had no idea who they were or what they were saying, but we liked the tempo and we liked the feel. You could feel their

Rajeev Suri

We experienced some challenges in our Mobile Networks business and see a continued decline in our primary addressable market in 2018. That decline, which we estimate to be in the range of two percent to five percent, is the result of the multiple technology transitions underway; robust competition in China; and near-term headwinds from potential operator consolidation in a handful of

Kim Han-kwon

North Korea has been walking a diplomatic tightrope by taking advantage of strategic mistrust between China and Russia, but it has not been easy as Beijing has sternly responded to its nuclear and missile provocations. China's party congress is over, but Kim Jong Un's concerns will only continue to deepen. The most significant event at hand is the upcoming summit between Xi and (U.S. President Donald)

Ryan Manuel

It's a strict system. The rules of placement and the rules of what type of photos you put on there are incredibly tightly argued and

Regina Hui

Our restaurant name will remain the same, the change is only at business license

Joseph Fewsmith

It suggests that Xi will likely serve a third term, and that he is likely to name his own successor. We have not seen that for two

Donald J. Trump

Spoke to President Xi of China to congratulate him on his extraordinary elevation. Also discussed NoKo & trade, two very important subjects! Melania and I look forward to being with President Xi & Madame Peng Liyuan in China in two weeks for what will hopefully be a historic trip!feedback

Matthias Stepan

In a clear break with party tradition, not a single one of his potential heirs has joined the innermost leadership circle. This will fuel speculation that Xi plans to remain in power beyond the next Party Congress in

Zhang Lifan

The status quo of coexistence between Xi allies and various factions at the top level will remain in place. However, we can see that the factions are weakening and there aren't any powerful figures from any of them. Xi has assumed absolute

Hans Dietmar Schweisgut

The world market is given less prominence from this speech than in the past, we saw more mention of the role of the

Steven Pelayo - HSBC

We believe emerging market growth (e.g. India has 1.3 billion people yet only 110 million smartphones shipped last year) will continue to drive units. However we believe innovation is still alive and new technologies such as dual camera/3D sensors, OLED displays, foldable screens, AI, AR, and 5G should allow at least flattish growth in highly penetrated or 'replacement' markets, including

Kirk Caldwell

Sometimes, I wish there were laws that we did not have to pass, that perhaps common sense would prevail. But sometimes we lack common

Shen Weizheng - Ivy Capital

More people in China deserve longer and happier lives, and their needs for healthcare and education should be

Gao Ting - UBS

These are likely major investment themes over the next three, five years. Market interest could be temporarily diverted away from these areas, but will ultimately come back to these

C. Uday Bhaskar

But the big ticket is China, and what kind of Asia is in the best interests of both India and the U.S. in the long term. He spoke of 100

Li Ganjie

It will be very difficult to reach the goal, and we need to make greater efforts to achieve it. It is impossible that such efforts will not have any impact on enterprises. But in the long run, and from the macro perspective, the impact will be

Graham Webster

China has been trying to move up the value chain, avoid the middle-income trap, and get into cleaner industries. High tech development is really a core

Cheng Li - The Brookings Institution

Zhao is well positioned on the policy front to carry out several of Xi's long-standing objectives: the alleviation of poverty and the strict enforcement of regulations on party

Scott Kennedy

The contrast with the U.S. provides Xi a rhetorical opportunity to be an advocate for globalization, but it's the style of globalization with government intervention. This is an illiberal world that China is trying to build and it doesn't look like the world that Deng tried to bring China into in the 1980s and

Merriden Varrall

It indicates that he has that kind of power that Mao had as the creator of the new China, that Deng Xiaoping had as the reformer, and he's the rejuvenator, so he's the symbolic entity who is going to take China to the next

Zhang Xiaoning

These will be brand new tournaments, providing players with more opportunity to participate, as well as to establish a route for China golfers to get through and into the world stage of golf. The development of golf tournaments here is not only helping the tour itself, but also to help China develop better and more professional golfers and to raise the interest of our citizens to the sport of

Jim Qian - Fosun International

The number of middle class population in China has increased tremendously. In 2002, the middle class population percentage was 4 percent. Since then, it's increased to 31

Gloria Guevara - World Travel & Tourism Council

The two-digit growth that we see here in this part of the world is very impressive. China is good not only as a sourcing market for some other countries, but also their domestic traveling is

Geng Shuang

China and North Korea are close neighbours and have a tradition of friendly

Yang Moo-jin

Congratulatory messages between North Korea and China are an old story and reading too much into the message exchanged would be a one-sided analysis. It's what they usually do and not surprising at

Sonny Perdue

The good thing about it is our food safety inspection agency, in the USDA, does a marvelous

Wang Naiyan

If the mountain collapses and the hole is exposed, it will let out many bad

Tang Jialing

We are the party of the people. It's the people who voted in more men than women. It's the people's

Dali Yang

It signals balance and offers some relief to those who thought Xi will seek to place just his own loyal followers in key positions. Instead, this suggests that the different factions are united in facing the

Dong Guanpeng

The Party congress has become more open and transparent, which reflects the growing confidence of the ruling party of a large country like

Elizabeth Economy - Council on Foreign Relations

I don't think a crypto-liberal would do what he has been doing over the past five years. I don't think a crypto-liberal lets Liu Xiaobo die in jail, and the arrests and the intensification of the attacks on the [human rights] lawyers. That is not a

Jeremy Paltiel

No one doubts Xi bestrides the landscape like a colossus. Organized or even unorganized resistance is

Heather Bacon

We had a lot of discussion and debate because it's a major surgery that you cannot undo, but we felt in terms of his quality of life it was the best way to give him as normal a life as possible. Having to carry around [6.5 pound] of tongue is not normal and that's a lot of weight on his jaw and head. Also, since he was dragging it around on the floor, from a hygiene point of view it's pretty unpleasant, and he couldn't even close his mouth. Now he should be able to close his mouth and manipulate

Richard Barrons

Nobody in Government is having the profoundly important debate that we need to have about how the world is changing and how the UK is at greater risk and what we need to do in the future. It's very straightforward – the risk today and more so in the future is that countries like Russia and China already have capability that could hold the UK homeland at military risk at very short notice. We can't really deal with

Jon DeLena - Drug Enforcement Administration

It was garbage heroin: It was 17, 18 percent purity. They started telling people they had a new, cleaner version of heroin. China White, they were calling

Zhang Lifan

In every sense, the Xi Jinping era has begun in earnest. Only Mao's name was enshrined in the party ideology while he was still alive. We're opening something that hasn't been broached

Eric Li

As the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China draws to a close, analysts are parsing through President Xi Jinping’s 30, 000-plus-word report - delivered in a three-and-a-half-hour address without breaks - to decipher the direction of the most populous nation in the world. It is a laborious effort, especially considering the report’s extensive official jargon and policy

Ong Kim Swee

You can see from the group that we have that 3 of them are from Middle East. That will be an advantage for 3 of them because they have been playing against each other most of the times in their region. At the same time, I'm not saying it's going to be an advantage for us but it's going to be a similar style to prepare

Martin Lomuro

Maybe Russia will come in, or China will come in. Someone will fill their

Willy Wo-Lap Lam

The amendment of the party constitution effectively confirms Xi Jinping's aspiration to be the Mao Zedong of the 21st Century – that means a top leader with no constraints on tenure or retirement age. The fact that he has become the new helmsman of the ship of state, providing guiding principles for party, state and military, provides the perfect justification for him to stay number one well beyond the normal 10

Francois Godemont

In retrospect it was an overwhelming assertion of authority to a degree unseen since

Chris Weston

Despite a lack of any real movement in markets, we know there are landmines and event risk to work through and this creates an opportunity for short-term traders. Whether the gains can continue this week is obviously yet to be seen. I remain a bull, but of the view that these markets are tired, fatigued and need new information to fuel the

David Zweig

He's consolidated his power without making unnecessary problems for himself. The costs of keeping Wang Qishan or getting Chen Miner were too high. He didn't need to do

Zhang Xiaoning

As soon as I walked onto the first tee, everyone was speaking Mandarin to me – 'Haotong, play well, good luck' – my mind was lost. I learned a lot from

Jay Monahan

They followed the path from PGA Tour China to the Tour to the PGA Tour, and they are ideal examples of what you can do when you have immense talent, you dream big and you play on PGA Tour

Li Keqiang

The people's livelihood is why we govern. At times, one needs to place it on one's heart and carry it on one's

Gal Luft

Game changer it is not – at least not yet. But it is another indicator of the beginning of the glacial, and I emphasize the word glacial, decline of the

Juerg Kiener - Asia Capital

The U.S. coverage is dropping off. Iraq, Russia and Indonesia have all joined in non-dollar

John Driscoll

My biggest reservations are the role of the Chinese central government, potential state intervention and favoritism toward Chinese companies. Will the contract create a level playing field? The biggest challenge in global oil markets may be ensuring that no country or entity garners a dominant advantage. China may be world's fastest growing and most formidable energy consumer, but its central government plays a dominant role in the energy

Xu Hongcai

To build a market economic system in such a big country, it's impossible without the leadership of the

Heather Bacon

I've worked with bears for over 10 years and I've never seen anything like it. It's pretty astonishing. Having to carry around 3 kilos of tongue is not normal, and that's a lot of weight on his jaw and head. Also, since he was dragging it around on the floor, from a hygiene point of view it's pretty unpleasant, and he couldn't ever close his mouth. Now he should be able to close his mouth and manipulate food. It's likely he'll have a period of learning and adaptation because he's obviously never experienced this

Willy Wo-Lap Lam

The amendment of the party constitution effectively confirms Xi Jinping's aspiration to be the Mao Zedong of the 21st century – that means a top leader with no constraints on tenure or retirement age. By the middle of this century or before, China aims to close the gap economically and militarily with the United States and become the ultimate arbiter in the Asia-Pacific

Patrick Poon - Amnesty International

The news of Gui Minhai's release is positive but must be treated with caution. It remains to be seen if he is genuinely free. At every step the authorities have shown a flagrant disregard for due process, from when he went missing to the so-called TV confession. The system is designed to break people and force them to go along with the Chinese government's version of events if they are to have any chance of being released. If Gui Minhai is truly free, he must be able to leave China if he wishes and contact his family, free from any harassment of the Chinese

Kevin Ozan - McDonald's

During the quarter, we refranchised our businesses in China and Hong Kong, reaching our target to refranchise 4,000 restaurants more than a year ahead of schedule. Completing this transaction brings us closer to the customers and communities we serve in these markets and creates a better opportunity to unlock their full growth potential. Our more heavily franchised structure will continue to drive shareholder value by providing a more stable revenue and income stream with higher returns on invested

Elisabeth Asbrink

We are very glad if this is true, but if this is true, it is an

Sofia Karlberg

According to information from the Chinese authorities, Mr. Gui Minhai has been released in

Gianluca di Tondo - Heineken

For us in Formula One, every race with this level of hospitality is like a final. We need to fix China and Vietnam. Of course if it were possible to have a Grand Prix in Vietnam we would be very

Ko Ko Gyi

We are a small country that lies between India and China, and the DNA of our ancestors is to try to struggle for our survival. If you in the West criticize us too much, then you will push us into the arms of China and

Bill Bishop

It means Xi is effectively unassailable … If you challenge Xi, you are challenging the party – and you never want to be against the

Kevin Rudd

Five years ago I said he would be China's most powerful leader since Deng Xiaoping. I was wrong. He is now China's most powerful leader since Mao

Bill Bishop

A lot of that stuff must have sunk in. If Xi didn't clear things up, then the place was going to implode and the Communist party was

Li Yingzhe

We believe there will be so much growth in the number of electric vehicles in the

Lee Hsien Loong

There's nothing planned. There is no quick and easy solution. Pressure is necessary but so is dialogue. The US will need to work with others, including China, South Korea and Japan and Russia to resolve the

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

Our investment in Twitter is part and parcel of a plan whereby Kingdom Holdings is moving from the old investments that we had to the new investments, like in China, like Twitter, Lyft, and Careem, which is another ride-hailing [company] in the Middle East. We are very optimistic about that, obviously –Twitter. It's not going to be easy because now they're facing some difficulties. But our entry point was very reasonable so right now it's holding our breakeven point. So any good news from Mr. Jack Dorsey and his team at Twitter will reflect very much on

Peter Schintler

The china is fine – the china didn't break. We can grow food and we will not run out of rum or wine. But we need people to come visit and to share stories and to leave

Dai Chong

We have found traditional authoritarian Chinese teaching has many ill effects and deviates from the essence of education, which is to serve individuals. Our teachers are like

Rex W. Tillerson

We expect Pakistan to take decisive action against terrorist groups based there that threaten its own people and the broader region. It is the obligation, not choice, of every civilised nation to combat the scourge of terrorism. The United States and India are leading that regional effort together. China, while rising alongside India, has done so less responsibly. The "need to collaborate with India to ensure that the Indo-Pacific is a region of peace and

Rex W. Tillerson

Our view is you're going to have to walk some of that

Arthur Kroeber

Clearly, there's been a willingness to let these guys flourish but, at the same time, a desire to neutralize them as an independent political

Rupert Hoogewerf

The savvy entrepreneurs have already worked out which way the wind is

Mo Shaoping

In reality, the implementation of it has been terrible. It's equivalent to

Gary Rieschel - Qiming Venture Partners

They are getting nervous about how powerful these companies are becoming. You look at the most valuable companies in the world, and after Amazon, Google and Facebook, you then have Tencent and

Jiang Chunqiu

Many children have fallen in love with the sport, which has been called 'the green

Mike Weaver

[T]hat report regarding Mr Wynn is false. Beyond that, he doesn't have any

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

If you go 5%, there's nothing that prohibits you from going another 5% next year, and 5% the third year and fourth year, and so forth, depending on the situation. I'm not a member of the government but I read these reports, and I will not be surprised if China will be looking at this opportunity. China depends on oil and will depend on oil for a long time to come. And Saudi Arabia is an anchor exporter of oil to

Joseph Fewsmith

Xi seems to be reshaping the rules of the game. This lineup, if it is correct, seems to confirm

Minxin Pei

The most important outcome of a midterm congress such as this is the designation of a successor. If the old rules apply, we should expect to see a similar outcome. But this time nobody is

H.R. McMaster

We are in a race to resolve this short of military action. We all know it across the departments and agencies. Our allies and partners know it. China knows it. Russia knows it. So what we need to achieve now is really an unprecedented level of international

Xi Jinping

Clear waters and lush mountains are as valuable as gold and

Cui Dongshu

Auto companies have adequate profits. They can withstand it, but their production schedules may be

Donald J. Trump

We're so prepared like you wouldn't believe. You would be shocked to see how totally prepared we are if we need to be. China is big stuff. [President Jinping] has got the power to do something very significant with respect to North

Michael Osterholm

The work is very concerning in terms of the implications for what H7N9 might do in the days ahead in terms of human infection. The whole world is worried about

Willy Lam

Xi dedicated a lot of his very long speech to reassuring international investors after heavy criticism from the US and EU about the increase in hidden and overt barriers to companies investing in China. He sought to distinguish himself from Donald Trump, who is an isolationist, by emphasising China's open door policy. He said that China would roll out the red carpet and international companies would receive 'national treatment', which isn't a phrase that has been used for many

Jian Fang - Linklaters

Xi gave no signals to suggest this policy is going to change. The Government does not want Chinese companies to be spending money on football clubs or real estate but they will welcome deals in technology and infrastructure investments that can benefit the Chinese

Jian Fang - Linklaters

There has been a slowdown of foreign investment into China as international companies have found it difficult to make money in

Alistair Kirkwood - National Football League

We have offices in China and Canada and they would logically be the next territories for

Philip E. Hess

Many obstetric providers believe that the numbness and weakness in a woman's legs from epidural medications may affect a woman's ability to push out a baby. Our study focused on this question, and we found that this is not true. Continuing epidural medication while pushing had no effect whatsoever on the time it took a woman to deliver her baby, or any other measured

Philip E. Hess

Today's epidural pain relief can be targeted to providing good pain relief with minimal

Christophe Chan

Taiwan and China are two different countries. This is a political fact that must not be

Xue Yinxian

Anyone against doping damaged the country and anyone who endangered the country now sits in prison. They warned me against talking about doping substances. They urged me to back down. I said I couldn't do that. They wanted to silence me … both of my sons lost their

Xue Yinxian

At first, the youth-age group teams used the substances – the youngest were 11 years old. If you refused to dope, you had to leave the team. I couldn't do anything about

Rory Medcalf

The Chinese party-state has overplayed its hand in trying to influence Australia's

Charles Hayter

As China . . . fears fade, the price is unlocked and driven by demand and buyers entering the

Rosealea Yao

The negative September sale number shows that, unequivocally, the property boom has peaked. We have seen some big rebounds at the end of the first and second quarter, but given how fast the sale numbers are declining, we expect no big rebound this

Jiang Chunqiu

They must apologise if they are late – even if it is less than five minutes. And we demand that they behave themselves at all times during the

Jian Xu

The party does not want these entertainment programs to compete with news programs and 'morality

Willy Lam

Chinese people are increasingly ignoring party propaganda and are much more interested in movie stars, who represent a new lifestyle and more exciting

Willy Lam

Xi Jinping has been advocating a revision to traditional, Confucian moral standards. The definition of what is vulgar or morally problematic has been inflated and expanded so that it has become

Jian Xu

The government's method of punishment and praise is very obvious: If you work with me, you will reap the benefits, if you don't, you won't. If you're a good boy, you get candy, if you don't, you won'