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Michael Penn
New cases among gay men in London have fallen for the first time. We’re turning a corner, but there’s a lot o do to bring attitudes and awareness up to date. In December 1986 my partner, Brian, fell ill. We were spending the Christmas break at our holiday home in Suffolk. Brian spent all of Christmas Day in bed, and on Boxing Day morning I could tell he wasn’t getting better. I called a doctor friend to get his opinion. He took one look at Brian and said we must take him to hospital straight
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Jun 27 2017
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Benjamin Watson

I woke up really early this morning like it was

Steve Kerr

Those were basically the only two times we had anything to talk about as a team. What makes our team dynamic is Steph using high screens. We should have been doing more of that around Christmas. We basically told Steph, Just be you again. KD is going to get 25 no matter

Ange Postecoglou

Losing Mile is a blow as he is not only an important member of the midfield but a great leader amongst the group. He has had a tough period since Christmas with his groin and we all agree it is in the best long-term interest of Mile and the Socceroos that he has a break to ensure he is ready for the new

Miranda Kerr

Before my son was born, I was working six days a week and [on] average traveling for work [to] three different countries a week. The only holiday I would take is Christmas. I thought that was

Iain Duncan Smith

This is the only option on the table. My advice to the party is shut up and get on with it. If you think there is an option – [a new leader] isn't it – it is a suicide note. Anything who thinks they are doing that will be bringing the whole thing down. Turkeys don't vote for

Hall F. Willkie - Brown Harris Stevens

It was our home. We walked and rode to school from there. We celebrated Christmas

Martin Bernard

He was so focused to recover very quick. He was ready at the beginning of the season and we expected him only to be back in Christmas. He's a great kid. I'm very proud of

Jonathan Freedland

If you think that May v Corbyn is a uniquely British horror show, Hollywood has plenty of parallels – from ultra-cynical campaign tales to a much-loved Christmas

David Cho

I didn't work on Christmas. But that's the seriousness which he takes with everything and the work that goes into it, which I don't think can be overstated

Sonia Friedman

I never got a birthday present from him, I never got a Christmas present from him, and I don't blame him. I know that as a kid he had a very difficult life. His parents pushed him to be an extraordinary musician and he was told to put the music first, to put the art first. And he eventually

Simon McCulloch - CompareTheMarket

For parts of December - particularly over Christmas and around New Year - there's a limited availability of call centres and a lot of companies doing IT work. So fewer insurance quotes are generated. Due to the drop in competition, those who are offering insurance quotes are able to charge higher

Liam Bateman

I went on loan to Kettering in November 2015 and then I played until Christmas, and joined them properly. I didn't have an agent, so I didn't know whether any professional clubs were interested or

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Ford's announcement of 20,000 global layoffs to streamline and cut costs is a typical strategy of large corporations who need to pivot to stay

Colleen Madden - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

We use company announcements, media reports, and SEC filings to compile numbers. We found numerous reports citing the 10 percent global job cuts for Ford. We used those reports in our

David Sedaris

Don't they know the Christmas shopping season is essentially over? The time to strike was last weekend, not this

Britt Nilsson

They "wanna get right to it! We are thinking late August, early September. As soon as we can! I think we will have an intimate-feeling wedding -- not too formal, definitely outdoors -- but still try to invite as many loved ones as we can to celebrate. We want it to feel like a party, and a party that feels like us. So, it will probably be under trees with Christmas lights with games and dancing and candles! And not a fancy chicken dinner you pick beforehand, something more fun. Maybe some cool food trucks? And the dress, I'm not sure yet! Simple and

Marilyn Cesnik Radakovic

We went through Christmas with Cathy being missing, and that whole time – because I had gotten that letter – I was sure she was alive. And I had spent time trying to convince my parents, She's alive, let's find out what the letter says, she's tellin' us where she is, we need to go, we need to find her, we need to help

Marilyn Cesnik Radakovic

And every time she came back home – oh my gosh, it was like Christmas. She wanted to be more. She wanted to do more than she was able to do within the confines of the order. And this was how she had explained it to me. She thought she had more potential than they were allowing. Everything I've done, I've really tried since that time – which is just a little over a year ago for me – I've tried to give them all the information that I've learned. And everything ends with, I want you to do your

Phil Neville

He wants to play in the biggest games and when it comes to Wednesday night I would be surprised to see him in that starting XI. It looks like he is on his way out of Manchester United and it happens towards the end of your time. You get the signs that now is the time to leave, and probably now is the time. You hope [he doesn't leave] but the way the season's gone, particularly since Christmas, he's not been involved as much as he would probably have

Antonio Decaro

Bari has shown once again that it can be a bridge between East and West. At a time when selfishness seems to prevail in the world, this is a message of

Dave Grohl

We took a break for Christmas, so I went back to Virginia by myself. I took the rough tracks of what we'd done and it didn't seem right. The album had something missing. But I had this one riff that I originally thought was a Sonic Youth rip-off, but I decided it might be good to turn it into a song. When I brought it to our producer Gil Norton, he said, That's great! Let's put it on the album!feedback

Rupert Welch

I learnt so much in that decade. I did pretty much everything in those days, including packing boxes at 2am in the run-up to Christmas. I did whatever I had to do to help the

Clare Boardman

Following a period of uncertainty and what turned out to be a poor Christmas trading period, the conclusion of the sale is an excellent outcome for all involved. This will safeguard the employment of the remaining workforce, which is significant. We thank customers and staff for their patience during this difficult

Andreas Geisel - Airbnb

In this document, Anis Amri is accused of professional and organised drugs trafficking. It would have served as the basis of an arrest warrant that could have prevented the attack. This version no longer refers to professional and organised trafficking, but only to drug

Hung Yi

If the work is exhibited in a private space, artists are free to use any of their ideas. It's like Santa Claus gives you a pair of socks or a candy. You would be happy to receive

Jason Isbell

It's like Jesus, Santa Claus and me. I hate the word 'surreal,' but that's what it is. You've got to find things about touring that make you happy, because the money won't make you happy, and the people applauding won't make you happy, not in the long run. People can get used to any amount of accolades or any amount of money or success, but you'll never get used to being around Willie Nelson – and if you do, there's something wrong with

John Stalker

Our revulsion at her murder remains undiminished. Nothing in criminal behaviour has penetrated my heart with quite the same paralysing intensity. It's an ­innocent children's Christmas song but a chill goes down my spine every time I hear The Little Drummer Boy because it reminds me of Myra Hindley. Generally, I don't believe in capital punishment. But in the case of Hindley and Brady I would have happily pulled the

Eve Branson

You were just a toddler but you were clearly someone who liked to do things his own way and on your own terms, . On a few such occasions we would say things like, Oh don't be ridiculous, Ricky! That's never going to work. More often than not, however, your father and I instead opted to give you plenty of scope to learn by your mistakes and so left you to get on with your Christmas tree growing, bird breeding and all the other weird and wonderful enterprises you came up

David Madde

A Christmas Story is one of the most beloved holiday films of all time – audiences have made a yearly ritual of re-watching it – and we are so thrilled to have Marc leading the charge in bringing the musical version of that film to television. The extraordinarily gifted Pasek and Paul were instrumental in transposing the movie to the stage, and we believe the transition to live television event will be just as entertaining for

Julie Larson

Rent was Jonathan's dream of sharing the theater and the passion he had for it with a whole new generation. None of us could have imagined the massive impact that the messages and themes in Rent would have on the theater community or the world ... except for Jonathan. We are absolutely thrilled to be continuing Jonathan's legacy and the still-relevant themes of the show in this

Dana Walden

We are so honored to partner with the estate of the brilliant Jonathan Larson and producer Marc Platt on one of the great musicals of our time. The title is so iconic, the music is so beloved, and the themes are as meaningful today as they were when the show first premiered on Broadway. With Marc overseeing this project, we are sure it will have a profound impact on the legions of fans who know and love this

Leon Talley - André

I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas there. In the past, I've had terrible challenges around the holidays, so this year I decided to go there. It's a very encouraging environment. I had to cut out ice cream and desserts, pie, cakes and cookies. I don't keep those things in the house. It's very tough with my lifestyle. I have learned to avoid the temptations. There is no bullying about my weight. The fashion world has accepted me and they keep me there for my knowledge, not my

Tori Roloff

It's funny because my instinct tells me the exact opposite. Girls are kind of a nightmare when they're teenagers. Girls are more responsible. I would say I am like 10 million times more responsible than my brother, but I gave my mom and dad a lot more B.S. than my brother did. We are waiting until after Christmas to know the gender to go crazy buying things. We are just enjoying the moment right

Michael Murray

To see if they still eat together at the table. I want to see if that legacy hung around, and if they still do Christmas the same way with little variations that they brought to the table themselves … if my pasta recipe is still around. I think that would be

Simon McGrother

Oldham thrashed Tranmere 4-1 on Christmas Day, 1935. Presumably the Latics loaded up on eggnog to celebrate, because the next day, Tranmere won the reverse fixture at Prenton Park by 13 goals to

Derek Jacobi

It saddens me that one of the most lucrative hooks to get people to go to the theatre is to present somebody - not necessarily a star, but somebody whose name they know. Somebody whose stardom merely means that they have appeared on telly, usually. Maybe in a reality programme, maybe in a dance programme, maybe in a quiz programme. But they are stars in the sense that they are known - what they look like and their name is known. It happens particularly at Christmas, with all of those people that you've never really heard of but you've seen maybe on Strictly Come Dancing or

Mike Pence

I talked to Gen. Flynn about that conversation. [It] was initiated on Christmas Day; he had sent a text to the Russian ambassador to express not only Christmas wishes but sympathy for the loss of life in the airplane crash that took place. It was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation. They did not discuss anything having to do with the United States' decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against

Jimmy Kimmel

One week ago tonight, I made an emotional speech -– that was seen by millions -– and as a result of my powerful words, Republicans in Congress had second thoughts about repeal and replace, they realized that what is right is right -– and I saved health insurance in America! Oh, I didn't? They voted against it anyway? I really need to pay more attention to the news. Our plan is to send a card to everyone who made a donation and there were a lot, so you might be getting those at Christmas

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Although restructuring in the retail sector continues to shed jobs, we aren't seeing the wide-scale layoffs in other sectors, like energy or

Joely Fisher

Well, I saw her in November for her birthday and we had a grand time, the typical Carrie party. They were from the night before she got on her fateful flight and I've saved them, screen-shotted, backed them up onto, you know, other hard drives because I don't ever want to lose them. We talked about politics. We talked about our mothers, who were frail, both of them, and our children, and promised to see each other at Christmas, which I upheld. I was there … I think she knew I was there. You could lose yourself in tragedy and in sort of your own demons and she was determined not to, I

Dominic Calvert-Lewin

I hadn't expected things to move as fast as they have and to have played against the teams I have done, so I'm very grateful for that and I'm working hard every day to improve. I'm learning every day in training and in the games, so I can't ask for much more. It only feels like yesterday when I was signing for Everton, so to be here now is a great feeling. Around Christmas I got my chance with the first-team, got on the bench and made my debut. It has taken off from there and I have tried to take it in my stride

Peter Kay

There's not going to be a series three. You've got to get out while the going's good. No Christmas special

Jimmy Webb

The whole Glen story since Alzheimer's entered the picture has been sort of startlingly unique in the fact that he continued to perform and there were a lot of unexpected things that happened. This album is just kind of a gift from the gods. Carl is like some kind of magical person now, in my view, because he put the album together that Glen wanted to sing. And I just feel blessed that I get to hear these songs. It's like early

Martin Shaw

She still lives in the family home and why shouldn't she? It's a beautiful house in London and we gather there at birthdays and Christmas. No acrimony

Nicky Henderson

It's all been good fun. Back at the start of the season I said the novice chasers would be the vital department; Altior, Might Bite, Top Notch and that's what we were thinking for Buveur d'Air until Christmas and there are plenty more of them. It looked the strong department even if, by default, Buveur D'Air came out of

Marie Pettiman

That terrified me. You're thinking: 'Oh my god, it must be serious.' But I thought to myself if I'm going to die of cancer, I'm going to have Christmas and new year with my

Jessica Hardy

I've never felt threatened. Last Christmas, I passed a house on my way home that had a ton of delivery packages from Amazon. The boxes stayed outside the gate to the house for a while and nobody touched them. Somebody eventually moved them inside the gate, but those gifts were

Jessica Harrington

He was so tough. Robert said he was never travelling. It's his fifth race since Christmas. He had to be brave and he stayed every yard of

Henry Pryor

On the positive side, competition in the mortgage market is likely to continue at least until Christmas making money both cheaper and more available but we are very close to zero and this will eventually dry up. When it does the impact could be significant. All but the most motivated of buyers and sellers will sit on their hands as all the parties appear to be hinting at tax rises to come. The threats to the housing market especially in London and the South East outweigh the positives needed to halt the slide in deal

Clara Cazeau

We do this thing all the time. We have dinners together, spend Christmas together – we always call this our 'family

Julia Roberts

I think I'm currently peaking. I'm going to mention that in my Christmas card to the Clooneys this year. People say, Oh, when Pretty Woman came out it must have really changed your life,' and it's kind of become this joke, but the truth is I was out of town when Pretty Woman came

Helen Connolly - Bonmarché

As anticipated, trading conditions post-Christmas continued to be challenging, but this was accounted for when we issued the revised profit guidance last September, and therefore the final result for the year is in line with our expectations. Store like-for like sales were negative in January but stronger during February and March, and we also saw the resumption of growth in online sales following improvements made to our online

Paul Mason

The opposition parties must work to ensure a vote for the best-placed anti-Tory candidate. Nationalists, xenophobes and privateers are not a majority in Britain. Theresa May is about to find out that turkeys do not vote for Christmas. More precisely, when confronted with someone in a butcher’s apron and a sharpened knife, turkeys are not apt to give a mandate for that person to organise an “unspecified meal-type experience”.feedback

Andrew Gale

I can see why someone like Rooty [Joe Root] would want a rest given the amount of cricket he's played. But Jonny has played one one-day international since Christmas. I think he's played three days of cricket. For me, he should have been available right from the first game of the season. He had enough time off from the end of the West Indies trip. I felt he should have been

Tommy DiDario

You know Italians and Cubans – we love our traditions! We learned creating our own as a family can be really fun. Each year, we put up our Christmas tree right before Thanksgiving and host a big feast for our family in our apartment. It's just a simple reminder of what truly matters – being surrounded by friends, family and

Mark Owczarski

I think about the incredible act of kindness that somebody somewhere – I don't know if it was a little old lady, I don't know if it was a child – but somebody saw what was happening here, and somebody wanted to do something to show their support for the community. I think about the journey of that object, how it started somewhere in this country . . . and it's become a part of an annual tradition at Christmas, a season of hope, a season of

Tim Schafer

He came to look at all the storyboards for Day of the Tentacle. And I met him at a Christmas party, and once with Hal

Sean Pang

I think what makes me successful is my availability. I tell kids I practically live in the school. Sometimes I succeed; sometimes I fail. When something clicks, oh my gosh, it's like opening Christmas presents. I always knew I wanted to help people. I've always felt I was more fortunate than some other people, so I really wanted to give back, and what better way is there than teaching?feedback

Duncan Macmillan

It was like Christmas morning for a writer. I didn't have to solve the stagecraft – location changes, dreams, fantasy. Whereas for everything else I've written, you negotiate all that. I don't know how I'm going to go back

Stephen Clarke - Resolution Foundation

In High Street, profit was in line with expectations, matching a very strong performance from last year. Stationery performed particularly well over the Christmas period driven by strong sales from our new seasonal product ranges and Books benefitted from good sales of spoof humour

Kerry Washington

I said, Go ahead, alter the scene. We'll just have a lot of articles about how you altered the scene,' . We had done an abortion on a military woman who had been raped earlier on, and we were doing nothing different than we did in that scene – they just didn't like that it was happening to Olivia. It was a Christmas episode, and we played Christmas

Dani Probert

This is bittersweet for me. I have brought some of Bob's ashes to the game. At Christmas time, I came here with my family and the urn with his ashes and we took a photo of us sitting in the penalty box. Had no plans whatsoever of sprinkling his ashes anywhere. I just hadn't been able to let that part of him go, and it was the emotions and being with my hockey family and sitting next to Cheli [Chris Chelios].feedback

Hamish de Bretton-Gordon - NATO

Donald Trump’s military action will have been for nothing if humanitarian and diplomatic steps aren’t now taken, to help the millions of desperate Syrians. The US airstrikes to neutralise President Assad’s ability to conduct chemical attacks – like those we saw in Idlib this week, Aleppo before Christmas and East Ghouta last August – are most welcome. But they will be entirely counterproductive, if they are not rapidly followed by concerted UN

Gwede Mantashe

There is no ANC member who will vote for an opposition motion, that will be uncharacteristic of the ANC. What do you think the ANC is, Father Christmas? I don't know where this notion comes from that we are a collection of individuals who have conscience. We are members of ANC in a party political system. No army in the world allows soldiers to be commanded by enemy general. If you say we will recall Zuma because opposition say that, it won't

Stefano Pessina

There is still the challenge in the UK with the NHS having cut the reimbursement. That will continue, though Boots has performed robustly over the key Christmas period, but retailing is still itself quite challenging particularly in the UK, which is our largest

David Tollerton

The Church of England has much bigger problems with both falling attendances and debates about sexuality that make it appear morally out of touch. With Easter, like Christmas, trying to work out where the 'religious' ends and the 'secular' begins is a pretty imprecise business in which the noisiest commentators clearly have axes to

Reza Farahan

The day after Christmas I started a weight loss program and a bitch has been hard at work! I wanted to get my body back to where it used to be in my 20's and 30's! I'm not gonna lie, it was hard AF, but a bitch was diligent and a bitch was militant and a bitch did it! I LOST 40 F'ing LBS and I feel great!feedback

Rod Gilbert

Henrik cares and is interested in Rangers history; he will ask me about my time as a Ranger, about what Eddie Giacomin would have done in certain situations. Plus, one of my granddaughters is a huge Henrik fan, so we always have to sit at his table at the Christmas party. I am very privileged to play my entire career in New York. I am one of the few. But I don't feel like a legend. I think the word is overused. I went from being a Ranger player to being the biggest Ranger fan. When I'm at the Garden, I'm

John Yarmuth

It's one of the most cruel deceptions in the political realm these days. Even if it does increase demand in coal, in places like eastern Kentucky, Appalachia, those jobs won't come back because that coal is too expensive to

Louise Carter-King

It was Christmas all over again. It was clear Obama had it in for coal and in his second term he went all out with regulations. It's tough to see light at the end of the tunnel when the government is against your industry. March 31, 2016 was one of the darkest days this community has ever

Louise Carter-King

But now with Trump, I don't agree with him on everything, but this town is jubilant. Our restaurants are full and people are happy. Hope is a wonderful emotion. Hope can go a long way. It's not going to change overnight but we were ignored for eight years and now they're listening. There are going to be more miners. But there are different grades of coal. We are sitting on 600 years supply of clean burning coal, and why would you turn your back on that? The environmentalists are not

Jace Killsback

It's alarming and unacceptable for the United States to sign up for decades of harmful coal mining around our

Louise Carter-King

There was a lot of misconception about coal. Everyone thinks we're covered in soot and can't breathe, and have to wear gas asks or

Louise Carter-King

They have this idea we're polluting the world and don't care. But we live here, why would we want to ruin the Earth? We don't want to leave big holes in the ground. The land is

Ericka Jones

We couldn't have Christmas because it was flooded, and went to my mother-in-law's. The last time a DCRA man was here, urine was coming out of the

George Best

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. I was in a flat with just a bed in the front room and I was eating beans on toast for Christmas dinner by myself. It was brutal. If I'd gone to the bank to take all my money out there wouldn't have been a cent. I was that

Darren Morgan

Growth in the final quarter remained unrevised at 0.7%, with buoyant contributions from the retail and wholesale secto rs in the run-up to Christmas. Services dropped slightly in January , with weak performances from hotels and the motor trade. However, the long-term picture is still one of robust

Troy Williams

I could give a flip about what those people want. Surprised and very disappointed. I mean, Jiminy Christmas. But other than that, I'm just being Roy. I don't know if that's good or bad. But I've never tried to be anybody else. Make some daggum

Frank Rambo

None of the ornaments on their Christmas tree are surprising. Sometimes an executive order can sound very far reaching, but there's some little caveat in there that makes it just another piece of

Dan Aykroyd

She had long conversations on the phone in my presence with Paul Simon, with whom she was attempting to reconcile at the time of my relationship with her. Here I found myself in love with a woman who was returning to a former intimate, and might I say a much better choice. But a woman who confided deeply in me and who valued my counsel. Although Carrie and I did not get married, we had taken blood tests in anticipation of maybe having a child and a doctor in Chicago took them for us. Because babies and Christmas were great joys for

Joachim Stamp

This memo is clear proof Jäger failed in his responsibility as interior minister. We demand Jäger's resignation, because he refuses to admit the

Armin Laschet

These new revelations are dramatic. Interior Minister Jäger is a security risk for people all over

Richard Curtis

I know the film is very much not everyone's cup of tea, but I've been surprised ever since it came out, and so grateful, that some people are really fond of it. So I hope that a lot of you will turn on to BBC1 on Red Nose Day to see the mini-sequel and maybe find it in your hearts to give a bit of cash to save and change a lot of lives, at home and abroad. What a strange and delightful outcome that would be for our little, old, slightly chaotic 'All I Want for Christmas' Christmas

Paul Pillar

This includes mowing people down with a vehicle on any crowded city street. Locations might be chosen that have some other political or religious significance -- such as a Christmas market, or the vicinity of a national parliament -- but there always are vulnerable public places with lots of

David Lammy

This biannual guilt trip perpetuates Band Aid stereotypes. Can we finally look at the issues behind the problems, and inspire anger as well as donations?Raucous comedy, flamboyant red noses, celebrity endorsement and a plethora of ways to get involved from bake sales to triathlons: the Comic Relief formula has broad appeal. When it launched on Christmas Day 1985 on BBC1, it raised £15m; in 2011 it broke the £100m barrier for the first

Michelle Firminger

The next day I was invited to seven Christmas lunches. I ended up having three because I felt too bad saying no. We have older people coming in who might not even necessarily buy something each time but they but just want to have a chat. The shop has become almost the first port of call for people that want help and

Jonathan Romain

If Noel does not want to see another Christmas, he should not be forced to do

Brendan O'Carroll

It can't be a Christmas special because we've already got one [the regular Mrs Brown Christmas show has been commissioned by the BBC to 2020] but there's nothing wrong with it being an Easter

Jennifer Lopez

Actually, the dress I have in [this] picture, she made. It's short in the front, long in the back – my favorite color, which is emerald green. And she gave it to me for Christmas. And, by the way, it fits beautiful. Honestly, I'm not saying it 'cause she's my daughter. It fit me perfect. At first I was like, We're good with the kids and everything, but if we start working together, are we gonna start going at each other again?' . And it's been awesome. Honestly, I think it's even helped our

Kate Bottley

For Christians E aster is bigger than Christmas as it celebrates Jesus's Crucifixion and Resurrection. S o I think its a great thing that people are going to more effort. Of course businesses will want to make money off the back of it, but that will never change. I think a nything that starts a conversation about what Easter is all about, and which brings about a resurgence in community and family time is a brilliant

Carolyn Bailey

This is the first year we have included Easter crackers as we feel people now want that extra touch to finish off the table. This year we've seen more people buying gifts and decorations for Easter, including crackers which are normally bought for Christmas, but now Easter is becoming like a second

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

While [Thanksgiving to Christmas] remains the most important single period for purchasing, it accounts for a much smaller share of annual sales than it once

Christopher Masingill - Delta Regional Authority

On Christmas Day, literally, they were not going to have access to running water. The governor reached out, and we were able to come together to provide them with some emergency funding within 24

Andrew Challenger

Efforts to suppress the Madness would mostly likely result in long-term damage to employee morale, loyalty and engagement that would far outweigh any short-term benefit to productivity. And, with labor markets getting tighter and tighter, employers would be better off embracing March

Mike Coupe

The market remains very competitive and the impact of cost price pressures remains uncertain. However, we are well placed to navigate the external environment and remain focused on delivering our strategy. We continue to simplify Sainsbury's trading strategy in favour of lower regular prices. We have reduced promotional participation, lowering operating costs and cutting food

Diane Black

When I was four year's old, I asked for a doctor's kit for Christmas. I was a tomboy. I'd bandage my two brothers up when they got hurt. … I would have loved to have been a doctor, except that I was raised in a family that just didn't have the means to let me do

Ed Sheeran

Taylor [Swift] isn't going to be releasing until probably the end of this year – Christmas is the smartest time to release because that's when everyone buys records. So I've got a full year of just all Ed, all the

Kirk Cousins

They'll cut you on your birthday, they'll cut you on the day your child's born, they'll cut you on Christmas Eve, so you just never know what's going to happen. That's not the ideal time, in the middle of September, but we're going to find a way to make it

Nick Viall

It's one of the more beautifully scenic places I've ever been to, and apparently Santa Claus lives here, which is pretty crazy. It breaks my heart knowing that I can't make Vanessa feel better, more than any moment I've ever had with Vanessa. Right now, knowing that she's questioning whether she can get engaged to me is terrifying. But I'm not able to give Vanessa clarity about what I want to do knowing that I still have Raven here and that I have incredibly strong feelings for

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

The increase in industrial production shows that the shocking drop in December was mainly driven by the Christmas season and the cold winter weather. At the same time, however, the fact that on the year industrial production has remained flat shows just how difficult it is for the industry to get out of

Eli Winkelman

The studio makes a beautiful venue for off site meetings and other gatherings. CLIF Bar's team is all coming into town for SXSW, so they're spending two days in our space. That means we have to close to the public for our main offering of walk-in crafting – but that's what we do occasionally to keep the crafting so affordable the rest of the

Jeremy Leo

I like being available on my permanent location for my regular customers. I don't like to move around to try and chase the money; I like being open for my customers because they're the reason I have been around for six

Jessica Galindo Winters

We have people from all over the world visiting Austin, Texas. We tell our crew not to be surprised if someone asks 'How do you eat a taco?' or 'What is a tortilla?' Yes, we have had those questions

Jessica Galindo Winters

It is one of the busiest times of the year. It can get crazy busy, with long days, but it can be very rewarding. My best memory was meeting Jimmy Fallon!feedback

Jeremy Leo

My two locations are located in North West and South. I don't have a location close to downtown, where all the action is during

Jeremy Leo

The residents of Austin love to support small

Laura Aidan

We make all of our ice creams from scratch (the old-fashioned way), which is time consuming. We increased production a couple weeks ago and have been working around the clock to ensure that we will have enough ice cream to get us through the entire ten days of the festival. I think whenever you get large concentrations of people there are always a few bad apples, but SXSW staff and law enforcement typically do an amazing job to help ensure that everyone has a good

Jessica Galindo Winters

We staff up, prepare larger quantities of food for our main location as well as off site events for which we are contracted. As far as keeping our staff on point, there's plenty of coffee, energy drinks and family meals brought

Lauri Turner

Each year is a different kind of blur in hindsight. You gotta be kinda tough to roll with the insanity but dang this is seriously fun!feedback

Laura Aidan

When I was developing my business, SXSW was a constant consideration in selecting our location, in partnering with other businesses and in driving better profits on an annual basis. I think 95% of SXSW is great. It can certainly get crazy; there are so many extra people roaming around and discovering what Austin has to

Darren Salter

As there is a confirmed natural cause of death, being dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver, the investigation is being

Andrew Ridgeley

On Christmas Day 2016, the greatest singer-songwriter of his generation, an icon of his era and my beloved friend George Michael was

Sharon Cochraham

He sounds like a really dumb robber. I'm serious. It was a brand-new Coach purse and wallet that my grandkids gave me for

Fadi Fawaz

It's a [Christmas] I will never forget – finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. I will never stop missing

Taylor Swift

We've gotten matching Scottish folds, made each other arts and crafts Christmas presents, vacationed with our families, and had each other's backs. He is the James Taylor to my Carole King and I can't imagine a time when he wouldn't

George Michael

As there is a confirmed natural cause of death, being dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver, the investigation is being discontinued and there is no need for an inquest or any further inquiries. No further updates will be provided and the family requests the media and public respect their

Martin Sorrell

But it's increasing become more complex. Persistence, determination and speed are really important. You have to be increasingly efficient in what you do. Do more for less ... that's the way of the world at the moment. Things don't come up Monday through Friday. They come up on Saturday or on Christmas Day, or whatever it happens to be. Things move so quickly that being disconnected for eight to ten hours on a plane is not helpful. Getting time to think is really important, which is not necessarily quiet time in the sense of disengaging from the

Nick Bubb

The John Lewis board is likely to be mindful of the fact that underlying profits look to have fallen by over 10% last year, despite a decent Christmas, and with trading in the new year off to a sluggish start, it will have to allow for the fact that profits will probably fall again this year as well – hence the significant pressure on the bonus that it flagged on 12

Adam Lallana

We're still young and learning, we're disappointed with our consistency since Christmas and need to put it right. But if we keep going the way we are we're moving in the right

Lisa Kudrow

He's like a big brother. I got a Christmas gift. There was a was from her show tour. And other things, I can't remember.... A picture!feedback

Sean McConnell

Those are the actual streets and some of the places I talk about. My buddy was home visiting for Christmas and so I asked him to get some footage of those streets to splice into the footage that we recorded here. It added a really emotional element to the

John Boehner

I didn't have to think too hard to figure out how critical the IRS is to the functioning of the government, and it touches virtually every American. It was my Christmas present to

Corey LaJoie

I know it looked like I meant to do it but I didn't. I was running the middle and he came down on me. I didn't want to be sipping margaritas on the beach on Sunday. I wanted to be out there racing. If that was my mom, I would probably spin her out to make the Daytona 500, too. That's just frank. I'm sure I'm not going to be on Reed's Christmas card list this year, but that's all

Paul Lejeuz - Citi

For a consumer increasingly moving online, the off-price model continues to stand out in the world of bricks and mortar. We believe TJX is capturing market share put up for grabs by closing department stores, which should continue in [fiscal year 2017].feedback

Craig Menear - Home Depot

We saw a healthy balance of growth among both our Pro and [do-it-yourself]

Terry Lundgren

Consumers have money. They're spending their money. They're spending it in different places than in stores like ours.... [but] once they've spent their money on [cars and other] various categories, they've got to be ready to come back to

Chloe Bridgewater

My teachers tell my mum and dad that I am very good in class and am good at my spelling, reading, and my sums. I have only ever sent one other and that was to Father

Grant Cardone - The New York Times

I'm not giving her roses on Valentine's Day. I love her 364 days of the year, so I can abandon Valentine's Day. I do not do the holidays other people have. … We don't travel when other people travel. It's more expensive and it's more crowded. Why am I going to rush off to to do Christmas when everybody else is doing Christmas?feedback

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

If we get over 200,000, it's pretty much across the board. Construction, because of the weather. Manufacturing was pretty good. Retail and temp help because they didn't hire in the Christmas buying season so they're not laying off. The most positive news is the job losses in the energy sector are

Nicholas Coleridge

This is an announcement I hoped never to have to make. Alexandra Shulman, editor-in-chief of British Vogue for a quarter of a century, told me before Christmas that she had decided to stand down from Vogue in six months time. Shulman has been the longest serving and most successful editor of Vogue in its 100 year history. She has edited the title for a quarter of its existence, through its period of highest ever circulation, and its simultaneous transformation into a global digital

Seb James

We believe that we have outperformed the market during the

Sergei Markov

It looks like a Christmas gift from the American people with very beautiful packaging, but we don't know what is

Isabella Goldie

As is now widely known, Blue Monday – a calculation based on factors such as weather conditions, debt levels, time since Christmas and time since failing our new year's resolutions – was created in 2005 to sell summer holidays. Since then it has become a yearly PR event and primarily a device to promote things, often tenuously linked to improving our wellbeing. The 'science' behind it has been effectively

Ricky Gray

I've stolen Christmas, birthdays, and Easters, Thanksgivings, graduations, and weddings, children. There's nothing I can do to make up for

Mike Pence

Actually it was initiated when on Christmas Day, he had sent a text to the Russian ambassador to express not only Christmas wishes but sympathy for the loss of life in the airline crash that took place. It was strictly coincidental that they had a conversation, they did not discuss anything having to do with the United States' decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against

Charlie Mayfield

We sustained a strong sales performance right through to Christmas and enabled a great start post Christmas including clearance. This reflects the greater changes taking place across the retail sector. We expect those to quicken, especially in the next 12 months as the effects of weaker sterling feed

Sergio Bucher - Debenhams

I'm delighted that the business has delivered a good trading performance over

Kate Calvert - Investec

We also expect more positive sentiment towards the shares in anticipation of the new CEO's strategy reveal in

Dave Lewis - Tesco

We are very encouraged by the sustained strong progress that we are making across the group. We are well-placed against the medium-term aspirations we outlined in October

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

The long-anticipated return to inflation suggests that the speed of growth in the overall market will continue to hasten in 2017, and both consumers and retailers will be looking at ways to avoid increasing the cost of the weekly

David Potts - Morrisons

We're delighted to have found our mojo. We're still in the fix phase of this company's recovery programme. However, our customers are responding. We are well set to do our very best work in whatever comes

Jo Masters - ANZ

This is a reasonable indicator of consumer spending, suggesting a solid Christmas and holiday spending period is

Helen Dickinson

The challenge for retailers in 2017 will be to create real growth against a backdrop of growing inflationary pressures and persisting economic and political

Helen Dickinson

Despite the slow start to the Christmas trading period, the week itself was a bumper one and exceeded

Yves Marin

This is the first year with such promotional intensity. We had a strong Black Friday in November, Christmas and post Christmas promotions and this creates much uncertainty for

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

When the last boom got underway, oil firms had the luxury of building their work forces amid high unemployment across the nation. Before the most recent downturn, drilling firms were already struggling to find

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Oil companies may once again start to expand in 2017. Ironically, the only obstacle in their way may be a shortage of skilled

Sophie Michael

With such a weak base for December 2015 (when sales fell 5.3 percent) any further decline can only be seen as a poor result for retailers, . Coming at a critical juncture, this fourth negative December in succession highlights the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead for 2017, when consumers will more keenly feel the bite of inflation and the weaker

Lindsay Drucker Mann - Goldman Sachs Group

For both retailers, the consistent themes of the shortfalls are weak traffic between Black Friday and

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Oil prices are back on the rise. The new administration poised to take over the White House in January could further benefit the industry by relaxing regulations and drilling

Richard Jaffe - Stifel, Nicolaus & Company

The strength around Thanksgiving and Christmas was insufficient to offset the sales weakness in the balance of the quarter. In addition, these peak selling periods were characterized by greater promotions which contributed to weaker than anticipated gross margin as

Andrew Hughes - Credit Suisse Group

The expected sales recovery ahead of Christmas failed to happen, and this rolls through to cautious company sales and (profit) guidance for

Simon Arora - B&M European Value Retail

We have delivered our best ever Christmas trading and served over 5.5 million customers in a single week in the UK alone as we continue to gain market share. Our German business Jawoll has also performed well and our first steps towards a faster pace of expansion are going to

José Mourinho - Manchester United

We go step-by-step, we try to win our matches. But in relation to Tottenham v Chelsea, I hope it's an amazing match, they are two great teams with the privilege nobody else has so they are

José Mourinho - Manchester United

It's not just hard for the team with 10 (players) but hard for the team with 11. When you have one more player you also need to think well. My players were too tired to think well, we had lots of bad decisions. When you are fresh you play simple, when you are not fresh you play complicated. In the first half everything was complicated. Only when I brought on fresh people, Mata, Rashford, the team was

José Mourinho - Manchester United

It's very difficult to play football in these circumstances within 48 hours. It's amazing for the fans around the world, everybody has the Premier League, I'm more than happy to do that but it's very hard for the

José Mourinho - Manchester United

When you are fresh you play simple, when you are not fresh you play complicated. In the first half everything was complicated. Only when I brought on fresh people, Mata, Rashford, the team was different. We had width with Rashford, an extra player creating, and we deserved to win, but I'm going to be honest, if Antonio scores I don't think we win, when you are tired and losing it's even

Steve Barr - PricewaterhouseCoopers

It finished very strong. While there were distractions throughout the holiday season, whether it be weather or the election ... consumer sentiment remained

Steve Barr - PricewaterhouseCoopers

The retailers that are stuck in the middle really did not do well, and the majority of their growth was fueled by

Greg Portell - A.T. Kearney

Not everyone's going to have a good year. What'll be interesting this time is that they won't be able to blame the consumer or consumer trends for poor performance. This is really about how did they execute as merchants and retailers more so than an uncertain economic

Vitaly Churkin

I think it's quite scandalous that they chose to throw out our kids. They know full well that those two facilities they mentioned, they are vacation facilities for our kids, and this is Christmas, and this is vacation time for our schools. This is the time when the kids go to those facilities. So to close our access to them just while those holidays were starting, to me was rather

Radu Magdin

For example I had my holidays in northern Romania and there was a whole village with people who went abroad to work en masse, whole families, in construction in the UK and all of them came home for Christmas and they all started building houses back home. The fact they are doing that shows they view their futures in

Penny Hallman

They brought a bottle of vodka and chocolates to wish us a Merry Christmas. It's mostly a social club, a vacation

Paul Harris

There's very little volume. A lot of these stocks ran up into the Christmas season and sort of just drifted sideways to down. Most people aren't around, so that's just hampered any liquidity in the

Vladimir Putin

Moreover, I am inviting all children of U.S. diplomats accredited in Russia to the New Year and Christmas parties at the

Sarah Hunt - Alpine Funds

You run up into the end of the year, you've got the big Santa Claus rally and then you get to January and everybody goes, Oh, my goodness. We have a whole year. We don't really know what's going to happen. We've got all these things that we think were promised and we're not sure what we're going to

Queen Elizabeth

On our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice, but the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine. At Christmas, our attention is drawn to the birth of a baby some two thousand years ago. It was the humblest of beginnings, and his parents, Joseph and Mary, did not think they were

Paolo Gentiloni

I was a bit surprised to receive the news, out of the blue and on Christmas day. It's important that the reasons behind this assessment are shared and that there is a dialogue because we need to handle this issue together ... We will stick to our

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Some of the other metals are actually showing negative for the day, but the fact that they look to have bottomed out in the run-in to Christmas and have held firm perhaps yesterday as well is a positive. We were in a downtrend that started end of November, so if we can call the end to that, that will be good for (the miners).feedback

Dean Hunt - Thomson Reuters

Gas-for-power consumption is higher than previously forecast for the Christmas period, back up to levels between 50 and 65 that we saw before the

Kit Juckes

Everything is broadly dollar-supportive. We have come back from Christmas with some good U.S. data, (U.S.) bond yields are at the top end of their recent range, oil is edging higher and the Dow is flirting with 20,000

John Knight

This strongly suggests that the Christmas effect isn't caused by temperature or anything related to the winter season. When temperature is removed as a likely cause that leaves a reasonably small pool of established social, health and health-system-related risk

Adam Wells

This is the most important thing to them. It's not just the money they rely on to get Christmas presents, fill the car with gas, help send their grandkids to college. It's the money they need to survive in the most literal sense. It's their number one

Bilal Kamyana

The maker and supplier of the toxic liquor is also included among the dead. The maker prepared liquor at home and sold it in polythene bags for 500 rupees (about US$5)

Pan Wen-chung

About this issue, the Ministry of Education will make a decision according to the investigation of the special

Mikaela Shiffrin

We have been training at her home. We really only had Christmas day off. But it was OK, I had a restful day. And sometimes it is like when you take a break, then your body says, Oh, it's a break!', and then you get sick. I tried to fight that off but I feel good right now. My energy is

Jeff Wilke

Echo and Echo Dot were the best-selling products across Amazon this year, and we're thrilled that millions of new customers will be introduced to Alexa as a result. Despite our best efforts and ramped-up production, we still had trouble keeping them in stock. From turning on Christmas lights and playing holiday music to shopping for gifts and asking for help with cookie recipes, Alexa continues to get smarter every

Pope Francis

Today we want to think of those who suffer persecution and to be close to them with our affection, our prayers and our tears. Yesterday on Christmas Day, the persecuted Christians in Iraq celebrated Christmas in their destroyed Cathedral. This was an example of fidelity to the

Richard Jefferson

We all think we're fouled on every play in every single game. That's why I say I know the referees have a very hard job. I switched to his body. It looked like he lost his balance. He was trying to regain his balance, and as soon as I saw him start to stumble, I ran off. I ran off so it wouldn't look like I was trying to pressure him more, so he didn't trip on my foot and it looked like I bumped him --

Michael Lippman

I'm devastated. It is with great sadness that we can confirm our beloved son, brother and friend George passed away peacefully at home over the Christmas period. The family would ask that their privacy be respected at this difficult and emotional time. There will be no further comment at this