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Diane Greene
This whole cloud phenomenon is gaining steam pretty rapidly, and it's really become a strategic imperative for people. But it just can't happen that fast. It's a lot to take all your on-premise data centers to the cloud and not everything will necessarily move. Customers are excited about this when we explain it to them. It lets them see where we're going and how we're going to do
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Oct 25 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Cisco. You'll find 108 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. You can also see the other popular topics. The 3 people who have been quoted more about Cisco are: Chuck Robbins, Jim Cramer and John Chambers. Chuck Robbins specifically said: “We've listened to our customers. They're looking for cloud speed and scale and agility, but they want the flexibility of running applications in private data centers as well as in public clouds.”.
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Lew Cirne - New Relic

We're happy to compete against Cisco. We do it all day long because where we're strong is in the cloud. We're a 100 percent SAAS-delivered company, and that's where the future is. And so our competitor has an on-premise bias and they were bought by a company with an even stronger on-premise bias, so we don't have any problems competing with a company that has historically been in the networking

Liz Centony - Cisco Systems

As one team, I am excited for the synergistic possibilities ahead to redefine hyperconvergence further and deliver seamless multicloud

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

Everyone one of these CEOs has to make a personal decision based on their company, their own conscience and what they believe. And I think that's what all of them have

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

As we look at what's going on in our country today, we need to drive job growth, we need to drive GDP growth. ...We need tax reform. This country needs to focus on the things that actually unite us and have united us from the beginning and have made this country great and stop focusing every day on the things we disagree

Kim Forrest - Fort Pitt Capital

The negative sentiment is spilling across the retail sector. It makes people wonder about the health of the U.S.

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

Because we see companies that get disrupted, you can disappear in a hurry in today's

John Chambers - Cisco Systems

It is hard to accuse people who are your friends–and they are still my friends–of stealing from you. But this was so

Anthony Conroy

We've had a lot of things happen recently, so if people want to sell, they have reasons to do it. We've also had a couple of really strong days so it's no surprise to see some profit

Bill Northey

Most of the agenda ... has been a little bit distracted by non-economic

Tim Cook - Apple

The thinking we share here is that if your enterprise, your company, is using Cisco and Apple, the combination of those should make that insurance cost significantly less for you than it would if you were using some other person on the network side, or some other OS in the mobile

Jim Cramer

Those of us who like Olive Garden know that we always feel like as though we 'beat them,' meaning that we get more food for less than money than we could anywhere else, and maybe more than it even costs them to prepare. Why is it so hard for other operators to realize that, if you're going to have people stay at the restaurant rather than take the food out, you've got to let them have seconds for free? Maybe Cisco announces something that shows a brighter growth path. Otherwise I bet it will continue to sit out this multi-month tech

Kulbinder Garcha - Credit Suisse Group

We believe the focus of the event will be on Cisco's continued transition towards a recurring software based model, as well as more executive discussion around Cisco's recently revealed Intent-based networking model. We will look for any additional disclosures and guidance related to software and subscription revenues long

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We've heard a lot over the last 48 hours about their commitment to tax reform, which is incredibly important to Cisco. That's the No. 1 thing that we would like to see

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We have, over the last two years, had an increasing focus on our software and subscription business. For this transition to software and subscription to really become material over time we needed to find a way to bring subscription value to the core

Sachin Gupta - Cisco Systems

We're trying to make everything smoother and more ergonomic. We wanted to leave no stone

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We're ushering in a new era of networking that's powered by intent, informed by context and over time continues to adapt and learn. This is a seminal moment in networking. With our investors we've been talking about this continued shift to higher software content in our business. We believe that this launch today is the beginning of a journey to help us launch that software and subscription model in our core which is what our investors have been asking us

Andre Cisco

I don't really care if I'm accepted at this point. By who, the quote-unquote cool kids? Fuck those kids! I don't want to ever hold my head down again. I just want to, like, remain in this. Actually,

Cameron Crowe

I'm fortunate to have a baby girl who's super into everything that I say and do, and really cooperative and just fun to be around. I couldn't imagine having a rebellious kid like me. I'm not gonna lie, I'd probably leave that motherfucker on the

Cameron Crowe

I think we all worry, that he's going to break his neck before he achieves all his dreams. But that's part of the ride you take as an MGK

Mark Cuban

I have installed Cisco routers ... I have management software. So, it says what apps they're using so I can shut off their phone activity. I'm sneaky as can be. And she hates it. That's the downside of having a geeky dad, you know. I can figure all this stuff

Mark McLaughlin - Palo Alto Networks

Most of them are coming from our competitors, whether it's Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, folks like that. We continue to take customers at a very high

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We saw a significant slowdown in the U.S. public sector, particularly the federal business – which is a pretty significant business for us – due to the uncertainty in budgets. It's one quarter, and we are very focused on continuing this transition. I think we're gonna be

Dan Nathan

That's actually a little rich to the average over the last four quarters. It's been about three

Tim Long - BMO Capital Markets

We expect Cisco to continue to face competitive and secular challenges in its core switching and routing markets. We believe some of the challenges Cisco faces will stay in focus until recurring revenues are bigger. Share losses in switching and a struggling router market have made growth in the core businesses more difficult to

Kulbinder Garcha - Credit Suisse Group

The combination of a potential buyback … combined with accretion from M&A, has the capacity to drive Cisco EPS materially higher in the coming

Kulbinder Garcha - Credit Suisse Group

We believe the possibility of an upcoming repatriation and balanced approach towards M&A [mergers and acquisitions] and capital return could drive [long-term] EPS power. In an environment of tax reform, we believe the company has the capacity to accelerate the company's transition towards a diversified IT

Matt Suiche

As soon as they bypass the firewalls, they target the machines using Microsoft exploits. We now have all of the tools the NSA used to compromise SWIFT (via) Cisco firewalls,

Larry Fink - BlackRock

Throughout his career, Chuck has helped global corporations navigate a world being reshaped by technological advancement. At BlackRock, technology is rapidly transforming how we invest, measure risk, distribute our products, and run our

Curtis Dukes

It's incumbent on the NSA to say, This is an important mission. That has not

Debora Plunkett

I absolutely think we should be placing significantly more effort on the defense, particularly in light of where we are with exponential growth in threats and capabilities and

Yvonne Malmgren - Cisco Systems

Cisco remains steadfast in the position that we should be notified of all vulnerabilities if they are found, so we can fix them and notify

Rick Ledgett

As the cyber threat rises, the need for more and better cyber defense and information assurance is increasing as

Jim Cramer

It's Oracle's turn to be hailed as a changed company that's accelerating its cloud business and migrating its existing customers, while aggressively poaching clients from its competitors. Oracle, Cisco, Intel and Microsoft, the old four horsemen of the tech apocalypse, are coming back. They had all slipped up. But they always preserved their balance sheets, they always recruited smart people, and they always were competitive. Now they're back, and all four of their stocks are

Michael Costello - Cisco Systems

Between the time that we notified them and the release date, it was approximately one line of code per

Sinan Eren - Avast Software

We can prevent attacks in real time if we were given the hooks into the mobile operating system. If we can drive a paradigm shift where mobile platforms don't shut off access, we'll be better able to detect when hackers are hiding in a mobile (phone).feedback

Robert Graham

One anti-virus researcher has told me that a virus they once suspected came from the Russians or Chinese can now be attributed to the CIA, as it matches the description perfectly to something in the

Jonathan Liu - Central Intelligence Agency

We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence

John Chambers - Cisco Systems

Countries that may not have led in the last change now are suddenly starting to

John Chambers - Cisco Systems

We used to be the start-up nation and we have fallen way behind. It's tremendous to have a Snap but we need 5 Snaps. We only took 90 companies public on the Nasdaq last year – we normally run 200. We only took 35 companies public on the New York Stock Exchange, we normally do 80. You have got to do what Israel, Germany, India, France are

John Chambers - Cisco Systems

You've got to really enable the next generation of start-ups. It starts with regulation, in terms of making it easier for companies to do this. It comes with, really, making America great in the startup community again. I think we have a tax policy that was designed before Microsoft even went public. I think we've got to change -- we're at a huge disadvantage around the

Vijay Balasubramaniyan

Voice fraud or phone fraud has become a massive, massive issue. Organizations in the U.S. alone are losing about $10 billion in voice fraud and then they spend an additional $11.8 billion asking people all these

Jim Cramer

It is not just earnings that is making it hard to bet against this market. While the stock market certainly seems expensive, individual companies can often turn out to be quite cheap given better-than-expected earnings, potential take outs or the possibility down the road of a better tax

Jim Cramer

Every time you want to give up on a stock, any stock, something good seems to

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

As the infrastructure gets more distributed, over the next few years the network is actually going to be more important because you've got to apply security in the network, everything else in the network. Then you saw us leverage our M&A capability with what I think is one of the most important acquisitions we made with

Jim Cramer

It has gotten to the point where even mentioning the mall on a conference call is the kiss of death. They are dying shrines to spending the old way. As far as I'm concerned, things are better and that, not Trump, might be the real secret sauce behind this extraordinary and very real rally. These old tech stocks may lack the sex appeal of the cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence names, but the charts of Cisco, Jabil Circuit and Oracle look

Jim Cramer

I wouldn't be surprised if he is right that they have got more upside

Dirk Slama - Bosch Software Innovations

We are seeing tremendous potential for the application of blockchain in industrial use cases. Being able to create a tamper-proof history of how products are manufactured, moved and maintained in complex value networks with many stakeholders is a critical capability, for example for quality assurance and prevention of counterfeits. This must be supported by a shared blockchain infrastructure and an integrated Internet of Things

Joe Pindar - Gemalto

Securing identity for physical property and packaging is going to be a big business opportunity over the next decade, high value parts of logistics supply chains and regulated industries like energy, pharmaceuticals, and cold chain could all see a blockchain component over the next

Rob Salvagno

Cisco has been a customer of AppDynamics for a number of

Jim Brady - Cisco Systems

As we continue to evolve our business toward a more software-centric, recurring revenue model, we are very pleased with our incremental growth in this area. We feel the acquisition of AppDynamics ... will also accelerate our transition toward software-based solutions that deliver predictable and recurring

Lew Crine - New Relic

This acquisition provides tremendous validation of the market opportunity in front of

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

The overall move to lower tax rates, as well as repatriation, we think creates an opportunity, to do all these things. If you look at AppDynamics, number one, they are the leader in their space. Secondly, they are growing almost twice as fast as their next nearest competitor. They are growing faster than any publicly traded software company today. Everything we heard was constructive, we feel like they're moving in the right direction from a business perspective. But I would say the moves we're making are moves we'd make independent of anything that's going on

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We will definitely continue to leverage our ability to do M&A where it makes

Richard Truesdell - Davis Polk & Wardwell

I think this does reflect that the valuations are still relatively conservative. Certainly (AppDynamics) seems to have hit the jackpot ... this is the most dramatic disparity in valuation between the two markets that I can think of seeing

Jay Ritter

I expect that the U.S. IPO market will have more activity this year than last, but very few tech companies will go public because companies such as Cisco Systems and Oracle are willing to pay top

Koby Simana

This is a troubling trend for the Israeli VC funnel, since the majority of capital goes into later rounds – if there are no companies lined up for later investments, there could be a more serious issue later

Allen Proithis - SIGFOX

I think there's a will to exploit any opening. So the trick is to engineer what you're doing, assuming the worst. But the other fact of the matter is, you're willing to pay a lot more for that sort of security when it's the vice president's pacemaker versus an agricultural sensor. And the trick is to match security to the threat, throughout the

Scott Harrell

We know it's going to become a problem. There is money to be made out of it. You should expect them to do it, and they will replicate it again and

Allen Proithis - SIGFOX

The way our network works is, to get this really long battery life, 99.9 percent of the time, they're not even connected. They're only really connected when they have something to say and then they go back to

Allen Proithis - SIGFOX

This is a technology that enables the masses – the unserved market – that want to participate in the benefits of IoT, but really haven't been able to play because of the limits of

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

I think it would for Cisco, but it would also create jobs beyond that. If we come back – if we were to increase our dividend – then that flows through the mutual funds, which flows through to the middle class America, which flows through to make people feel better about their

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

Historically speaking, the numbers argue for more gains for the Dow Jones industrial

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

As you look at our business, you have to look at it beyond one

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

I don't view it as losses that have caused a challenge for us this quarter. There are a lot of areas for us to be very excited about and the primary driver for the guide was this service provider weakness that we saw just particularly in the

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

I think that President-elect Trump appears to be very business oriented and is very focused on driving the US economy and anytime the US economy improves, that's certainly good for

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

As I think about what is important for us going forward is first of all the industry and everything about the environment in which we operate is moving faster than it ever has, which is going to require us to move more rapidly than we ever have. It requires us to embrace more technology transitions at one time than we have had to do in the

Ryan Aytay -

We view this as an opportunity to grow our relationship with Cisco. We're starting with collaboration, IoT and customer experience, but we see many opportunities as we move

Rowan Trollope - Cisco Systems

Every company that's come before and tried to do this has created a new

John L. Thornton

Harnessing the potential of digital technology will unlock value across our business, helping us grow our free cash flow per

Todd Gordon

Cisco has made a great adjustment from the hardware router over to more of a software-based cloud model. They've made that transition quite

Todd Gordon

What we want to do is buy some in-the-money calls and have basically a long stock position but use the options market's

Todd Gordon

It looks like we want to go back up and retest the pre-credit crisis highs right around

Todd Gordon

We've broken from the 2010 [high] to the 2016 [high] right at about the $30

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

The markets are changing faster than anything I've ever seen. The customer expectations are changing, technology is transitioning faster than ever. ... There are a lot of factors that come in. What our responsibility is is to ensure that we're aligning our expenses against those areas that we believe will drive our growth in the

Ryan Hutchinson - Guggenheim Securities

We think this is partly an effort by (CEO) Chuck Robbins to put a stake in the ground and send a message that this is going to be a leaner, meaner Cisco that is focussed on driving software and recurring revenue

John Reed - Robert Half Technology

Nobody wants to be laid off but if job elimination is going to happen, 2016 is not a bad time for it to

Trip Chowdhry - Global Equities Research

The hi-tech industry is going through a serious deconstruction. There is more pain to

Kelly Kramer - Cisco

It's part of what we're driving in our shift to software. Those businesses have great margins and it's part of the overall

Bucky Hellwig - BB&T Wealth Management

Despite their willingness and desire to raise rates, they haven't gotten cooperation from the economy

Kelly Kramer - Cisco

We delivered another solid quarter and a good fiscal year, expanding both our gross margins and operating margins. Our strong operational discipline has enabled us to drive growth and margin improvement as we continue to invest in key priority areas such as security, IoT, collaboration, next generation data center and cloud, while also delivering shareholder

Patrick Moorhead

Companies are retooling now in attempt to take advantage of this next generation of opportunities. History shows that some make the transition and others don't make

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

We saw Microsoft break out a couple of years ago, we saw the semi stocks break out more recently. The question I always get is, What's next?feedback

Tim Seymour - Triogem Asset Management

I think both of these names are safe plays. And that's one of the reasons why they're

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

We're watching if Cisco and Intel can follow the footsteps of Microsoft and become the next old tech stock to break through a decade-long base. We think [tech] is best positioned to be leadership over the coming years as it retraces the stark underperformance suffered between 2000 and

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

I'm pleased with our performance today as well as the progress we're making in transitioning our business to a more software and subscription focus, which we'll continue to apply across our entire portfolio. We delivered a strong third quarter, executing well despite the challenging

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We delivered a strong Q3, executing well despite the challenging

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Currently, IBM trades more in-line with hardware peers, like Cisco and EMC. As investors begin to appreciate Watson's lead in cognitive computing, which is more skewed toward software and services than hardware, and the company shows improving growth on the back of recent investments, we see shares trading toward the low end of software and services peer

Chuck Robbins - Cisco Systems

We delivered a strong Q2, and are managing the business extremely well in a challenging macro environment. We're managing the company on two fronts. We're focused on continued strong execution in the near term while investing in the innovation to lead our customers into the

Rowan Trollope - Cisco Systems

My first order of business was to look at the strategy and see what we could do to accelerate it. I spent a lot of time on the road talking to customers and partners about what are the challenges you're still running into. That was an area where Jasper came up over and over

Meg Whitman - Hewlett-Packard

It's unlikely … that we'll see the growth in 2014 that I had

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