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Scott Pruitt
Putting Pruitt in charge of the E.P.A. was like putting the fox in the henhouse. I'm sorry – for future viewers, foxes and hens were two animals that lived on earth before climate change rendered them extinct. We have a leader who has a personality disorder, but he's done what he actually told the people he was going to do, and they're not going to abandon
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Oct 26 2017
Climate change has been commented on by 446 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Climate change are: Terry Hughes, Emmanuel Macron, Donald J. Trump and Scott Pruitt. For instance, the most recent quote from Terry Hughes is: “Most of the coral reef literature assumes business-as-usual emissions to the end of the century, which would result in global warming of 4, 5 or 6C. We will never get there – not because people will become more and more concerned about coral reefs – but because Florida will go under water and that will get people's attention.”.
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John King

The report is about trends. It's kind of hard not to talk about climate change when you're talking about the future of the Narragansett

Susan Collins

My hope is the administration will take a look at this report and realize there is an economic impact here that is significant. We simply cannot afford the billions of dollars in additional funding that's going to be needed if we do not take into account the consequences of climate

Jack Reed

Muzzling EPA scientists won't do anything to address climate change. While the Trump administration tries to suppress the facts, the American people are seeing and feeling the real world impacts. We need to work on a bipartisan basis to reduce pollution and emissions, and this type of hostility toward science inhibits rather than furthers discussion and

Anne Hidalgo

Air pollution caused by petrol and diesel vehicles is killing millions of people in cities around the world. The same emissions are also causing climate change. In Paris, we are taking bold action to prioritize the streets for pedestrians and cyclists. Working with citizens, businesses and mayors of these great cities, we will create green and healthy streets for future generations to

Al Franken

He's very interested in subjects like climate change. [Letterman's] someone who takes the 60 minutes they have on TV five nights a week very

Anote Tong

Climate change for most if not all of the countries in the Pacific is a survival issue. If we do not address the climate change challenge, all of our efforts in trying to achieve economic survival, economic viability all will come to

Christine Shearer

Record amounts of coal-fired capacity were retired in the past two years. And the growing number of phase-out policies means the trend will accelerate. Improving competitiveness of clean energy, poor economics of coal, air pollution problems and efforts to tackle climate change have all played a key role in accelerating the demise of

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Climate change is going to exacerbate the very problems that are identified in this article. There will be more contagious and infectious diseases. There will be more lives lost, more injuries, if we don't identify a path that gets us out of the hole that we're in. What people don't realize is the instability that results from poverty, the instability that results from migration as a result of climate

Glenn Branch

It's the latest battlefield in an ongoing war about to what extent we're actually going to let children learn about what scientists say about climate

Adam Kolton - Alaska Wilderness League

Today's vote is a wakeup call for all Americans. Americans have fought for decades to protect this last remaining truly wild landscape, and are rallying today because they believe in taking action on climate change and want to defend the rights of the Native Gwich'in people. Every member of Congress who supported this scheme, to hijack the budget process to do the bidding of oil companies, needs to hear loud and clear that we are determined to defend 'America's

Doug Welsh

Coffee is not ready to adapt to climate change without

Paul Polman

Climate change threatens the production of food staples like corn, wheat, rice and soy by as much as a quarter – but a global population of nine billion by 2050 will need up to 50% more food. Fortunately, this research shows we have a huge opportunity to reshape our food and land use systems, putting them at the heart of delivering both the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and the Sustainable Development

Robert Watson

We are trying to ... put biodiversity and ecosystems on the same level - as an environmental, economic, social, security issue - as climate

Mark R. Tercek

Today our impacts on the land cause a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. The way we manage the lands in the future could deliver 37 percent of the solution to climate change. That is huge potential, so if we are serious about climate change, then we are going to have to get serious about investing in nature, as well as in clean energy and clean

Shelagh Whitley

The air pollution crisis in cities across Europe and the recent diesel emissions testing scandal have rightly led to increased pressure for governments to act, yet our analysis shows European countries are providing enormous subsidies to the transport sector. This study shows how governments in Europe and the EU continue to subsidise and finance a reliance on oil, gas and coal, fuelling dangerous climate change and air pollution with taxpayers'

Michael Sabia

Our strategy is based on a fundamental commitment. From now on, climate change will factor in each and every investment decision we make across the breadth of our portfolio. In building this strategy, we have undertaken a thorough analysis of markets and institutional investors' best

Jay Inslee

We're stepping into the breach. The president has run up the white flag of surrender to climate change, and we intend to wave our

Michael R. Bloomberg

He runs the U.S. government, he has a right to do that. The American people and American industry are pretty much all behind doing what the Paris agreement is designed to do, and that is to cut the amount of greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere so we will slow down and maybe even stop climate change, which has the potential to destroy the

Joseph Manning

We started comparing [dates of revolts and eruptions], and it was amazing how the revolts were matching up exactly with the eruptions. It shows there are real political and societal consequences to environmental changes like global warming and disasters. We act as if these things won't affect us. But when you see how advanced civilizations of the past could at times be pushed over the edge by events like these, it suggests that we should be treading lightly on the

Joseph Manning

Ancient Egyptians depended almost exclusively on Nile summer flooding brought by the summer monsoon in east Africa to grow their crops. In years influenced by volcanic eruptions, Nile flooding was generally diminished, leading to social stress that could trigger unrest and have other political and economic consequences. The study is of particular importance for the current debate about climate

Alexander Held

I would say it's the weather and weather is the short-term of climate. We do have these more extreme weather situations more often, so this is climate change. But it's a very welcome excuse to say it's climate change. It gives you a nice way out to say it's climate

Constança Urbano de Sousa

We are facing new (weather) conditions ... In an era of climate change, such disasters are becoming reality all over the

Kerry Emanuel

The underlying probability of a [Hurricane] Harvey-like rainfall in Texas was maybe 1 percent annual probability in 1990 and is 6 percent probability today because of climate

Tim Benton

We have to grow considerably different things in considerably different ways. Certainly for our prime crops, like wheat, the wild relatives are thought to be really important because of the genes that can be crossed back into the wheat lines we have in order to build resilience and adaptation to climate

Paul Maley - The Australian

This begs an awkward question: are we really opposed to climate change in all its forms? What if coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef is the price we must pay for affordable energy in south Asia? What if renewables, for all their promise, can't provide the horsepower required to lift millions out of poverty?feedback

Silvia Ribeiro

All the techniques being proposed have potentially severe environmental impacts. They also ignore the question as to why there's not enough political will to have done more to tackle climate change until now and they in turn serve to justify the

Paul Bloom - Yale

It's because of the zooming effect of empathy that the whole world cares more about a little girl stuck in a well than they do about the possible deaths of millions and millions due to climate

Greg Clark

This Government has put clean growth at the heart of its Industrial Strategy to increase productivity, boost people's earning power and ensure Britain continues to lead the world in efforts to tackle climate change. For the first time in a generation, the British government is leading the way on taking decisions on new nuclear, rolling out smart meters and investing in low carbon innovation. The world is moving from being powered by polluting fossil fuels to clean energy. It's as big a change as the move from the age of steam to the age of oil and Britain is showing the

Matt Beasley - Silicon Ranch

Climate change has never come up in any discussion about why we would do a project. It is always about the

Josh Frydenberg

Well, climate change is real. We take our advice from the scientific experts. We believe we need to reduce our emissions. That is why Tony Abbott signed up to the Paris agreement. I point out that, at the time, Tony Abbott said that the agreement Australia struck at Paris was a definite commitment and that it was economically responsible and environmentally responsible. They were Tony Abbott's

Tony Abbott

At least so far, it's climate change policy that's doing harm; climate change itself is probably doing good; or at least, more good than harm. There's the evidence that higher concentrations of carbon dioxide – which is a plant food after all – are actually greening the planet and helping to lift agricultural yields. In most countries, far more people die in cold snaps than in heatwaves, so a gradual lift in global temperatures, especially if it's accompanied by more prosperity and more capacity to adapt to change, might even be

Andy Pitman

It is true that in rich countries which tend to be in the mid to higher latitudes, some warming might help reduce deaths from cold. In the lower latitude countries – the subtropics and tropics – people rarely die of cold. In contrast they die of heat and lack of clean water. So, countries responsible for global warming might gain a minor benefit from warming while those least responsible will wear the

Josh Frydenberg

Climate change is real. We take our advice from the scientific experts. We believe we need to reduce our emissions. That is why Tony Abbott signed up to the Paris agreement. Now the Turnbull government is continuing the work of Coalition governments to reduce carbon emissions, but to do so in a way that doesn't compromise the affordability and the reliability of our

Maurice Obstfeld - International Monetary Fund

In particular, most advanced economies face medium-term growth rates significantly lower than in the decade before the global financial crisis of 2007–09. Priorities for mutually beneficial cooperation include strengthening the global trading system, further improving financial regulation, enhancing the global financial safety net, reducing international tax avoidance, fighting famine and infectious diseases, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions before they create more irreversible damage, and helping poorer countries, which are not themselves substantial emitters, adapt to climate

David Konisky

It's very clear that this administration has no interest in seriously taking on climate change, be it in the power sector or other sources of emissions. Delaying is the

Jonathan Bartley

Where we lead, others follow. Our London assembly members forced a living wage. Our MEPs stood up for refugees when others stood back. And in parliament, we have consistently kept climate change on the

Adam Smith

Perhaps most concerning is that climate change is playing a role – amplifying the frequency and intensity – of some types of extreme weather that lead to billion-dollar

Frans Timmermans - European Commission

It is not that we, through legislation, should force [producers of plastic to change], though if we have to we might, but through public awareness, to urge countries to raise awareness. Nothing disciplines companies more than consumer practices. We are on the verge of changing consumer habits. I sense a turning point, like that we saw 10 to 15 years ago on climate change. That was what happened with recycling. Who made us recycle? Our kids. I don't think there is one producer of consumer goods that would go against the grain of public

Lyndon Schneiders

Deforestation has a major impact on climate change. Ending deforestation would be a fast, cheap and effective way to cut Australia's greenhouse gas

Victoria Tauli-Corpuz

Indigenous people's rights need to be protected in the best way possible, not just for them but because they are also able to provide solutions to many of the world's problems from climate change to biological diversity. It is in the self interest of states and even corporations in the medium and long term to protect and listen to these people – the question is, will they realise this in time?feedback

António Guterres - United Nations

Over the past 30 years, the number of annual weather-related disasters has nearly tripled, and economic losses have quintupled, . Scientists are learning more and more about the links between climate change and extreme weather, . I have not yet lost my hope that what is happening will be making those that are still skeptical about climate change to be more and more realizing that this, indeed, is a major threat for the international community at the present

Jerry Melillo

To put this in context, each year, mostly from fossil fuel burning, we are releasing about 10 billion metric tons of carbon into the atmosphere. That's what's causing the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global warming. The world's soils contain about 3,500 billion metric tons of carbon. If a significant amount of that soil carbon is added to the atmosphere, due to microbial activity in warmer soils, that will accelerate the global warming process. And once this self-reinforcing feedback begins, there is no easy way to turn it off. There is no switch to

Bill McKibben

When we think about global warming at all, the arguments tend to be ideological, theological and economic. But to grasp the seriousness of our predicament, you just need to do a little

Paul Wheelhouse

It is our responsibility as a government to make a decision we believe is in the best interests of the people of this country as a whole. We must be confident that the choices we make will not compromise health and safety or damage the environment in which we live. We have a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for new low carbon

Philip Lymbery - Compassion in World Farming

I am sure that 20 years ago people calling for a solution to climate change were being asked exactly that question. I believe that nothing less will be needed if we are to secure the future for our

Paul Wheelhouse

The Scottish Government has a moral responsibility to tackle climate change and an economic responsibility to prepare Scotland for new low carbon opportunities. Taking full account of the available evidence and strength of public opinion today, my judgment is that Scotland should say no to

Darren Walker

Creating mechanisms that allow indigenous peoples and local communities to gain tenure over their land or forests is a key way to tackle climate change and

Sophie Lewis

What previous studies have done is look at changes in the frequency of record-breaking temperatures so, for example, how much more common 40-degree days might be in future. Our study wanted to look at what the maximum temperatures in an extreme summer of the future would be. That is what we need to know to plan for the future. We know that two degrees of global warming doesn't sound like much of an increase but it in fact will lead to extreme weather events becoming more

Mark Wakeham - Victoria

We also need updated emergency management plans for extreme heatwaves. This study by respected researchers confirms that climate change is not just an environmental disaster but it presents an enormous challenge to human health and the

Stefania Proietti

When we pay attention to the environment, we pay attention to poor people, who are the first victims of climate change. When we invest in fossil fuels, we stray very far from social justice. But when we disinvest and invest in renewable and energy efficiency instead, we can mitigate climate change, create a sustainable new economic deal and, most importantly, help the

Roy Sidle

I would say the impact of climate change on rockslides in Yosemite is currently rather small, but could increase slightly with time if freeze-thaw and wetting-drying cycles become more common and diurnal temperature changes become greater. But this embodies several

Andrianna Campbell

Because the Brooklyn Museum is a nonpartisan space and these objects were being made for sale in the shop, there are certain terms the artists could not use and certain names we could not mention. But more importantly, this allowed for a breadth of creativity from the artists and allowed us to address the state of our democracy, freedom of speech, climate change, the immigration ban – big-tent issues. To see these symbols out in the world will sustain people's

Tim Pastore - National Geographic

The goal is to ensure that our audience doesn't feel like they're being fed their vegetables. We try not to create programming that is a cause for despair, but rather an opportunity. The greatest goal of climate change programs is to first find a new audience and stop preaching to the converted. At the end of the day, we're trying to find new

Debbie Levin

The term 'climate change' isn't as sexy and 'script friendly' as most plotlines. Agriculture, water issues, environmental justice. Those all are big issues that work really well dramatically without saying the words 'climate

John Akomfrah

The kind of work I make is essentially time-based. For that reason alone, I felt I had to widen my focus to take in the bigger narrative we are now all caught up in. Once you become aware of the implications of climate change for future generations, it is almost as if you have to respond. But I'm not a scientist or a campaigner, I'm an artist. I'm interested in the philosophy of climate change rather than the hard

John Akomfrah

By the realisation that everything overlaps at some profound level, that the great shifts in human progress that are made possible by technology can also cause the profoundest destruction and suffering. In a very real way, I'm present in the film. I'm the figure in the brown shirt who gets rained on. It sounds a bit mystical, but for me everything starts with place. Wherever we filmed, it began with me asking the landscape the same question: 'What can you tell me about the nature of climate change?' As an artist and film-maker, I'm dependent on the responses I get from the

Kate Maltby

Until the party takes climate change seriously and reframes the case for conservatism it will struggle to attract new support. Manchester has always seemed an unlikely place to host a Conservative party conference. Since the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, in which 15 peaceful protesters were killed and hundreds injured by a Tory-recruited cavalry, the left has stoked the city’s memory of proletariat martyrdom. Mancunians rightly point out that the mobs that regularly harass arriving Tory delegates are swelled by out-of-towner activists. But the city’s more courteous discomfort with its Tory guests – expressed in the new Jeremy Corbyn posters now littering shop fronts – is one reason I understand that the party won’t be renewing its three-year contract with Manchester

Joshua Jelly-Schapiro

Storms shape the history of these places. There's a new, strong consensus that storms are getting worse and climate change is to blame. You didn't hear that even a few years ago. For the first time, people are saying, I love this place but maybe it's not a place where we can

Roosevelt Skerrit

Eden is broken. To deny climate change . . . is to deny a truth we have just

Karyn Rains

You ignore climate change impacts at your peril,

Angela Gittens

Airports understand well that climate change could have some far-reaching effects and that they are not immune to

Steven L. Chown

We have created a new ecological process, the process of mega-rafting. The development of materials that can float for ages, and the rising levels of seas due to climate change, make the possibility of these events larger and

Shelagh Whitley

The air pollution crisis in cities across Europe and the recent diesel emissions testing scandal have rightly led to increased pressure for governments to act [on air quality]. Yet our analysis shows European countries are providing enormous fossil fuel subsidies to the transport sector. This study shows how governments in Europe and the EU continue to subsidies and finance a reliance on oil, gas and coal, fuelling dangerous climate change and air pollution with taxpayers'

Bob Geldof

They weren't really captured by the existential threat of climate change. But the reality of an oppositional position to the president that they didn't want, that excited them and so you get a lot of activism now. So bizarrely, the very thing that Trump was denying was immediately accepted because he was denying

Ken Anthony

But we need a philosophy where we don't just give up. We do need two balls in play. We need to fix climate change and the more we can mitigate carbon, the better the chances that these things will work. It is not an either, or,

Gus O'Donnell - Frontier Economics

In a world where it is difficult to guarantee getting a return above inflation on any investment, it makes sense to invest in improving the energy efficiency of your home. This cuts bills, allowing you to stay warm and help tackle climate change. Government needs to do more to encourage this investment, and this report provides some practical proposals on how they can do

Gareth Redmond-King - World Wide Fund for Nature

Green energy forecasting could be a game changer – making the connection between the weather and energy and helping people use electricity when it's greenest. This is not just good news for reducing the effects of climate change but could also help us cut our home energy bills and it's vital the UK Government bring in time of use tariffs quickly to maximise these

David Suzuki

I'm sorry Australia, wake up. The oceans are a mess and a great deal of the mess is a reflection of climate change. Climate change is the overarching issue that is hammering the oceans as well as terrestrial areas. And it is absolutely disgusting that coal is still considered a great economic input to

Ann Tutwiler

If there is one thing we cannot allow to become extinct, it is the species that provide the food that sustains each and every one of the seven billion people on our planet. This 'agrobiodiversity' is a precious resource that we are losing, and yet it can also help solve or mitigate many challenges the world is facing. It has a critical yet overlooked role in helping us improve global nutrition, reduce our impact on the environment and adapt to climate

Jianguo Liu

The adjustment is a recognition of panda conservation success so far. But pandas are still facing threats, especially climate change. It does not mean that panda conservation should

Jianguo Liu

This study is the first that provides a 40-year analysis of panda habitat changes across the entire panda range. It shows that the panda habitat continued to decline until 2001, when the panda habitat began to recover. Conserving pandas is the responsibility of not only China, but also all people around the world. For example, CO2 emissions outside China will contribute to global climate change and have impacts on the panda

Chris Scicluna - Daiwa Capital Markets

So, for example, in marked opposition to the Trump world view, Merkel's foreign policy will be very much centered on supporting global institutions, while she will also remain at the forefront of defining a common European response to geopolitical challenges. And with the Greens likely to be on board, Merkel is hardly going to dilute her support for anti-climate change policies such as the Paris

Justin Trudeau

There is no country on the planet that can walk away from the challenge and reality of climate change. I think it's time we actually stood up and took responsibility for the terrible mistakes of the past and share it at the UN. What we shared today is a Can-adian vision that taking care of people - the most vulnerable, the most marginalized in our society - is an essential step towards a better

Hamdi Ulukaya

The issue isn't whether we can solve poverty or climate change or income inequality. It's whether or not we can work together. The willingness to just get together and talk – that's why we're

Emmanuel Macron

There is nothing more effective than multilateralism in our current world because all our challenges are multilateral: war, terrorism, climate change, the digital

Madeleine van Oppen

If the speed of natural adaptation was fast enough to keep up with climate change, we wouldn't see the scale of loss we're seeing. There's an urgent need to come up with ways to slow it

Leonardo DiCaprio

We are proud to support the work of over 100 organisations at home and abroad. These grantees are active on the ground, protecting our oceans, forests and endangered species for future generations, and tackling the urgent, existential challenges of climate change. Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It's the most urgent threat facing our entire species and we need to work collectively together and stop

John Kerry

Well, I hope not. I believe the Unites States needs to be very engaged. I believe in multilateralism, I believe in extensive diplomacy and I think it's very important for the United States to continue to lead on key issues, like climate change, non-proliferation, peace initiatives. My hope is that the United States will continue to play the important role we have. Now there are some indications that it's moving in a different direction, and I find that very concerning. My hope is that we will continue to be as engaged as we have been in the

Carolyne Coleby

This is the most serious hurricane we have had so far, it is the third one in two weeks, but this is serious for us because of the direction it is approaching. We have never experienced a hurricane season like this, it is just crazy, it is obviously climate

Danilo Medina

Climate change and its consequences should not be a subject of speculation or debate. It's a truth which hits us and which causes great

Andrew King

Another way of putting that is if we hadn't had climate change at all the chance of getting a winter like this would be much smaller. It would be a very, very unlikely

Jay Inslee

We have blown up the argument that acting on climate change is bad for your

Edna Molewa

The fact that we're meeting is quite good. You know, in climate change discussions we believe in engagement, and engagement is very

Jo Swinson

A few years ago it would have seemed inconceivable that in such a crisis, China would be a voice of reason, and Russia more measured than America. The politics of the bully is back. Human rights are trampled. Climate change is denied. Hate and division are spread like poison into society. Brexit will make it harder to follow our values, to protect human rights, to tackle climate change, to solve global

Ryan Maue

The bigger issue than global warming is that more people are choosing to live in coastal

Bob Ward

Fake news stories about climate change are a significant threat to the public interest in the UK, US and other countries. The expert community must continue to fight back against the deluge of propaganda from climate change

Jo Swinson

We are absolutely right to fight for an exit from Brexit. Brexit will make it harder to follow our values, to protect human rights, to tackle climate change, to solve global problems. An exit from Brexit is necessary, but not

Barack Obama

Climate change is threatening this treasure and the communities that depend on it, which includes almost all of South Florida. And if we don't act, there may not be an Everglades as we know

Bob Ward

It was fairly obvious right from the start it was bound to be suspicious because David Rose has a long history of promoting climate change denial. It was grossly overblown, and that was clearly what he was trying to

Lamar Smith

NOAA sr officials played fast & loose w/data in order 2 meet politically predetermined conclusion on climate

Gabe Vecchi

I don't see hurricanes as necessarily the best piece of evidence to see that global warming is real. The fact that the planet has been warming: surface, ocean, land, deep ocean; that ice and snow have been melting; and that sea level has been rising are much more compelling and

Diane Swonk

Whether you believe in climate change or not, companies believe in climate change. And they factor it into supply chains. They factor it into where they locate. Individuals do as well. And the cost of flood insurance

James Snider - World Wide Fund for Nature

Climate change is being witnessed in the Arctic at a rate really not seen elsewhere in the world. We need to be effectively monitoring today the status of wildlife populations so that we can understand the impacts of climate change on a lot of really unique and important species in the Canadian

Deborah J. Glick

I thought that a new pier in a sensitive part of the estuary in days of climate change was very wrong headed. I was also concerned that large private money resulting in the control of design and programming was not a particularly democratic

Brian Schatz

We can get a fair amount of bipartisanship if we talk about severe weather and resiliency. For some people, it's just about the phrase 'climate change' being too politically

Stephen Schneider

If you had asked me how many people could have died in France by the most exaggerated heat wave – souped up by global warming – that I could imagine ... I would have said 500 – max. And I would have been off by a factor of

Stevie Wonder

We've come together today to love on the people that have been devastated by the hurricanes. When love goes into action, it prefaces no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions. It just loves. As we should begin to love and value our planet and anyone who believes there is no such thing as global warming must be blind or unintelligent. Lord, save us

Linda O'Shields

I know it's an act of nature, but to be hit twice within a year, it makes you wonder what's happening in nature. Is it cyclical? Am I to believe global warming? I don't

Joao Castro Neves - Anheuser-Busch

As we strive to bring people together to build a better world, we at Anheuser-Busch are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions. Helping to grow the renewable energy market is not only good for the environment, it is a strategic business move as we strive for long-term sustainability. Now more than ever, we are excited to lead our company's global effort toward a renewable future and, partnering with Enel, set an industry example of how major companies can help to make a difference in climate

Volkmar Denner - Bosch

This is a faster way of limiting global warming. We are doing this alongside electric

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

Man-made climate change is contributing to increasingly strong hurricanes causing unprecedented damage. The whole world should be scrambling to get on top of the climate change issue before it is too late for this generation, let alone the generations to

Mark Roulston

With a prediction market, getting the information is the primary objective. There's not necessarily a consensus on all the implications of climate change. The idea is to have a benchmark which could track any emerging

Yuna Yang

I feel really honored and excited to be able to contribute to jobs here, where I am based. We have become a small family. We are more like a high-end company, so we don't do mass production. Though I prefer to [keep my business model] this way, some investors want me to make more money [by making] more product. But this is not my goal. For me, climate change is a fundamental issue, and it's really scary that we aren't prioritizing

Yuna Yang

When [Trump] decided to exit out of the Paris Agreement, I was very confused. Many people can argue about whether the President is good or bad, but climate change, that issue is a proven fact. ... For me, climate change is a fundamental issue, and it's really scary that we aren't prioritizing

Khin-Sandi Lwin - UNICEF

The region needs a 'disaster recovery Marshall plan' for the BVI and other territories that will aid in recovery, sustainable reconstruction and long-term revitalisation of the local economy. This will have to include building resilience against what is likely to be a higher intensity and frequency of extreme weather events, as the effects of climate change continue to

Tomas Regalado

We need to seriously look at climate change. Hurricanes like Irma don't come out of

Hillary Clinton

This wasn't the normal rough-and-tumble of politics. This was – there's no other word for it – war. This man is President of the United States, And no one is happier than Vladimir Putin. Climate change?' you ask. Health care?, No,' your teacher responds.

Eric T. Schneiderman

Fuel efficiency standards are common sense, protecting Americans' pocketbooks and reducing the emissions that undermine public health and drive climate

Jennifer Rubin

Oh, puh-leez. President Trump is not an “independent,” as right-wing Republicans now would like to believe. (Didn’t they spend the campaign trying to convince fellow Republicans that he was really a conservative?) Trump ran for the GOP nomination, captured the party and now hypes every bad idea that the party’s most extreme elements have espoused — tax cuts for the rich, anti-immigrant hysteria, fear-mongering on crime, know-nothingism on climate change, anti-government animus, and bigotry toward the LGBT community (hence the totally unnecessary ban on transgender recruits to the military). Much as Republicans might like to disown him, they cannot. They remain responsible for nominating the most unfit person ever to hold the

Tomas Regalado

This is the time to talk about climate change. This is the time that the president and the E.P.A. and whoever makes decisions needs to talk about climate change. If this isn't climate change, I don't know what is. This is a truly, truly poster child for what is to

Odd-Inge Kvalheim

It's like elsewhere. One or two-issue parties are doing well; those that voters expect to have a policy on everything from kindergartens to climate change, and a balanced budget, are

Jeff Masters

They said the benefits of that investment would pay off – and now we're seeing exactly what they were talking about. With climate change expected to make the strongest hurricanes stronger in coming decades, storms like Harvey and Irma will assault our coasts with increasing frequency. Our hurricane vulnerability problem is going to get progressively worse unless we dedicate more resources to the

Thomas Knutson

We think, based on model simulations that climate change is having an effect, making storms slightly more intense with higher rainfall rates, but these changes are not huge and we cannot yet clearly detect them in

Jeremy Lent

If we see nature as a machine, we impose no ethical limitations on human action and could destroy the very systems we depend upon for survival. For example, rather than change human habits based on evidence of climate change, there's talk in respected scientific journals about geo-engineering, basically changing nature to solve problems we created. People would rather change the planet itself than our own patterns and it could be

Sasha Abramsky

The right wing has been very good at generating fear about terrorism, Muslim immigrants or young black criminals. On the left, they generate fear about climate change. We're going to have hurricanes with or without climate change, but they portray these storms like they are all to do with climate

Dave Shull - The Weather Channel

I believe in climate change, and I believe it's man-made. But I'm not a big fan of the term. It's been

Mark Steyn

There is a desire to advance this climate change agenda, and hurricanes are one of the fastest and best ways to do it. You can accomplish a lot just by creating fear and panic. You don't need a hurricane to hit anywhere. All you need is to create the fear and panic accompanied by talk that climate change is causing hurricanes to become more frequent and bigger and more dangerous, and you create the panic, and it's mission accomplished, agenda

John Abatzoglou

Man-made climate change is making things incrementally hotter and allowing for fuels to dry out that much faster. We have certainly seen more years favorable to large fire outbreaks – like the one we're experiencing now – over the past half

Harold Wanless

It's important we don't hide from reality. We should be doing very serious planning, and it doesn't help when you have a governor and a president who are dismissing [climate change].feedback

David Hastings

Hurricane Harvey and Irma should resolve any doubt that climate change is real. These are extraordinary

Charlie Crist

I am persuaded that global climate change is one of the most important issues that we will face this century. Florida is more vulnerable to rising ocean levels and violent weather patterns than any other state. Yet, we have done little to understand and address the root causes of this problem, or frankly, even acknowledge that the problem

Rush Limbaugh

The media takes every extreme that is in a forecast such as this and runs with it as though it is gospel. And then they hype it and hype it and hype it. And then they tie it to climate change, and they tie it to whatever. And it's not the hurricane center doing that. That is the media. And that's how they play snowstorms, it's how they play tornadoes, anything, it's just the way the media works. So the reality is gonna be a midpoint between what the forecast is and the media hype. You watch. It'll be the

Rush Limbaugh

Now, in the official meteorological circles, you have an abundance of people who believe that man-made climate change is real. And they believe that Al Gore is correct when he has written – and he couldn't be more wrong – that climate change is creating more hurricanes and stronger hurricanes. And, of course, when Harvey hit, it was the first hurricane that had hit in 12 years. There haven't been more hurricanes and no more dangerous than any others in previous

Sally Brown

How much climate change is involved in these hurricanes and their impacts is uncertain and requires study. Repeated studies to date have indicated that small islands are likely to have high levels of vulnerability to extreme events, such as Hurricane Irma, and suffer most in the aftermath. Apart from the immediate damage, flooding can have long-term effects, such as on water resources, soil salinisation affecting crops, or longer term stress related health effects on the

Myles Allen

As yet another hurricane barrels into the Caribbean, with extreme precipitation and the impacts of storm surges both exacerbated by past greenhouse gas emissions, we must begin to ask 'how long can we expect taxpayers and those in the path of the storms to foot the entire bill for the impacts of climate change?feedback

Julian Heming

The North Atlantic hurricane season runs from June-November, with peak activity during August-October. During peak season around 96% of all Atlantic major hurricanes (categories 3, 4 and 5 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane wind scale) occur. There is much debate about the influence of climate change on hurricanes in the Atlantic. The latest research suggests that there may be an increase in tropical cyclone intensity in the future, under continued global warming. However, the models also indicate that tropical cyclone frequency will either remain unchanged or

Emma Pinchbeck

Wind energy doesn't require a fuel source… once we're built we don't need to mine for anything and we don't need to burn fossil fuels which, as we know, are contributing to climate change. It's sustainable as a form of energy production, but then it's also fairly sustainable as a form of infrastructure because of how we build it. The amount of energy that goes in to building a wind farm is 'paid off' after one year of generation from that wind

Kelly Morice Banister

We are watching our beloved Columbia River Gorge be torched by the carelessness of some teenagers with fireworks. We are heartbroken, outraged…. And above all at this time, I am infuriated by anyone denying climate change, as we are living in a tinder box becoming an inferno and the South is flooded and shredded by

Park Williams

Now, thinking about temperature trends due to human-caused climate change, we think that western U.S. is 1.5 Celsius, or 3 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than it would be in absence of climate change. And there's a heatwave on top of that. Because of the exponential influence of temperature, that means that this heat wave is having a way worse influence on fire than it would in absence of human-caused

Rush Limbaugh

There is symbiotic relationship between retailers and local media, and it's related to money. It revolves around money. You have major, major industries and businesses which prosper during times of crisis and panic, such as a hurricane, which could destroy or greatly damage people's homes, and it could interrupt the flow of water and electricity. You have people in all of these government areas who believe man is causing climate change, and they're hellbent on proving it, they're hellbent on demonstrating it, they're hellbent on persuading people of

Gina Hanrahan - World Wide Fund for Nature

With transport the single biggest contributor to climate change in Scotland, we're delighted the first minister has heeded the call of thousands of people across Scotland to cut pollution from our cars. Decarbonising our transport sector in fifteen years will create new jobs, cut emissions and clean up our polluted air. This announcement will help accelerate the shift to electric vehicles and sets us up to lead the technologies of the

Kevin Sara

If European governments take the Paris accord seriously and want to meet the less than two degrees target for global warming, we need to start importing renewables. 60% of Europe's primary energy is currently imported from Russia or the Middle East. Does the EU really want to be investing in infrastructure that lasts 50 years but which just enables more fossil fuel use?feedback

Colin Carlson

If parasites go extinct, we are looking at a potential massive destabilisation of ecosystems [which] could have huge unexpected consequences. That doesn't necessarily work out well for anyone, wildlife or humans. It is difficult to summarise the net consequence, as we know so little about most parasites. Climate change will make some parasites extinct and make some do better. But we would argue the overall phenomenon is dangerous, because extinctions and invasions go hand in

Fabrice Leveque - World Wide Fund for Nature

This is yet more evidence that a zero-carbon future is in our grasp. However, at the present rate it will take over 100 years for us to ensure our homes are carbon neutral. This is clearly not good enough, and the government must stop dragging its feet and make sure more homes are renovated each year. Our cold and leaky homes pile hundreds of pounds on to people's fuel bills, can damage their health, and are adding to climate

Dana Nuccitelli

There is no cohesive, consistent alternative theory to human-caused global warming. Some blame global warming on the sun, others on orbital cycles of other planets, others on ocean cycles, and so on. There is a 97% expert consensus on a cohesive theory that's overwhelmingly supported by the scientific evidence, but the 2–3% of papers that reject that consensus are all over the map, even contradicting each

Wouter Dorigo

It does fit very well with the expected patterns of climate change. Europe is expected to get drier, particularly southern Europe. Northern Europe (Scandinavia) is expected to become wetter. For central Europe it's less clear in which direction it'll

Wouter Dorigo

But it could be an indication of climate change, of course. But you have to be aware of the time period we're looking at is 25 years. It's a little bit too uncertain to say it's climate

Wouter Dorigo

What you see means overall, over the last few decades, in the 1990s it was wetter than normal but lately we're getting drier and drier years. It's not random anymore, the dry years are accumulating. They wouldn't be wrong to look at the maps [and say it's climate change] but you need a real study to say it's climate

David Karoly - Climate Change Authority

It's a small amount of money but it is odd in my view that they are spending this level of funding on an organisation that is arguing against the conclusions the CSIRO has made about the science of climate

Richard Dixon

Phasing out new petrol and diesel vehicles is a big step forward for tackling air pollution and climate change emissions. Setting a date of 2032 puts Scotland among the most ambitious countries in the world on vehicle electrification, and the announcement of an A9 electric superhighway also sends a very important signal on the future of motorised transport in

Ellie Goulding

We aim not only to raise awareness of the effects of climate change but to encourage this conversation, for those who wear [the bracelet], it will show they really

Soledad Delgadillo

Air pollution drops by 60-70% because 70% of our air contaminants come from vehicles. Our biggest problem is the spike in consumption of drinks and food packaged in plastic bags and disposable containers. It gives us a great opportunity to do environmental education about climate change and protecting the environment, as people enjoy it so very

Tim Kaine

What's going to be hard about this, it's not what they think about climate change or sea level

Randi Weingarten - American Federation of Teachers

Unfortunately, just like climate change deniers deny the facts, Betsy DeVos is a public school denier, denying the good in our public schools and their foundational place in our democracy. The 'real pioneers' of private school choice were the white politicians who resisted school

Ernst Rauch - Munich Re

We see the need at a global scale for societies and public risk managers like government and local authorities to pay more attention to the reduction of risk and resilience building. Otherwise we will see an ongoing increase in losses, driven and intensified by climate

Ernst Rauch - Munich Re

We have been working on climate change since the 1970s. We are one of the largest risk takers and it is essential we understand these potential risks. This is crucial to

Ernst Rauch - Munich Re

Not enough account is taken of climate change at the public decision-making level. Climate change is not something that is going to have an impact in a hundred years, its impact is already felt today. That's why we need to adapt to the consequences, such as by investing in infrastructure, fortifying homes, building levees and dykes, maybe removing homes from highly exposed

Ernst Rauch - Munich Re

We are very transparent. Insurance premiums reflect risk based on two factors: first is the underlying hazard, that is the probability of an event occurring, and the second is the vulnerability if an event occurs. If the hazard is driven up by climate change, you can still reduce vulnerability, by investing in protection and fortifying homes, such as by building them to higher standards. Then the premiums could remain constant. But if you keep everything as it is today and the risk goes up, they would have to

Stephen M. Strader

What gets lost in climate change debates is that society is changing,

Khalid Koser

Yes, there's a current crisis that needs fixing, though I would put 'crisis' in inverted commas, but let's also begin to think about what our systems need to look like in the future. And that's about the challenges of climate change, the challenges of internal displacement … the challenges of endemic crises in places like sub-Saharan

Ron Mitchell

To fix things in this era of climate change, well, it's fixed but you don't count on it being the fix forever. Things are changing that we can't arrest or change or

David Barber

It's an example of how ill-prepared we are to address climate change and these extreme events. We can expect more of this – one-in-100-year flood

Kevin E. Trenberth

It's essential to talk about climate change in relation to events like Hurricane Harvey and it's sad a lot of reports don't mention it in any

Kevin E. Trenberth

When storms start to get going, they churn up water from deeper in the ocean and this colder water can slow them down. But if the upwelling water is warmer, it gives them a longer lifetime and larger intensity. There is now more ocean heat deep below the surface. The Atlantic was primed for an event like this. You don't want to overstate it but climate change is a contributor and is making storms more intense. A relatively small increase in intensity can do a tremendous amount of damage. It's enough for thresholds to be crossed and for things to start

Bette Grande

In the bizarro world of the climate change cultists ... Harvey will be creatively spun to 'prove' there are dire effects linked to man-created climate change, a theory that is not proven by the available science. Facts do not get in the way of climate change alarmism, and we will continue to fight for the truth in the months and years to

Daniel Pauly

They are affected by global warming because their prey

Michael Mann

While we cannot say climate change 'caused' Hurricane Harvey… we can say that it exacerbated several characteristics of the storm in a way that greatly increased the risk of damage and loss of life. Climate change worsened the impact of Hurricane

Hugh Gladwin

The question is whether people are going to be basing their real estate decisions on climate change futures. In any coastal area there's extra value in property, [but] climate change, insofar as it increases risks for those properties from any specific set of hazards – like flooding and storm surge – will decrease

Detlef van Vuuren

Climate change is not the most important thing for electricity demands in the

Justin Brice Guariglia

I got stuck on a gondola ride with a climate change denier. What's interesting to me is how civilization can transform things in all different ways. I was feeling the physical impacts of years of living in China. The air pollution was awful. My nose would be running black from the coal in the air. I said, What if I can get there tomorrow?feedback

Kevin E. Trenberth

The human contribution can be up to 30 percent or so up to the total rainfall coming out of the storm. … It may have been a strong storm, and it may have caused a lot of problems anyway – but [human-caused climate change] amplifies the damage

Michael Mann

That large amount of moisture meant the potential for much greater rainfalls and greater flooding. The combination of coastal flooding and heavy rainfall is responsible for the devastating flooding that Houston is experiencing. So Harvey was almost certainly more intense than it would have been in the absence of human-caused warming, which means stronger winds, more wind damage, and a larger storm surge. Climate change worsened the impact of Hurricane

Fatima Akbari - United Nations Environment Programme

People know about climate change even if they don't call it that. They know all about change in water and

Mostapha Zaher

Terrorism is not going to be lingering here for ever. But climate change is an ongoing death

Mostapha Zaher

In the region, Afghanistan is the most vulnerable country facing the ravages of climate

Michael E Mann

We can’t say that Hurricane Harvey was caused by climate change. But it was certainly worsened by it. Tropical storm Harvey – live

Ben Ayliffe - Greenpeace

This is the paradox of climate change. The fossil fuels we're burning are allowing access into areas that were previously protected by

Chad Mayes

I am going to continue to keep working toward changing the image that people in California have about California Republicans. California Republicans are different than national Republicans. We care about the environment. A huge number of California Republicans believe that climate change is real and state government has an obligation to address it. We shouldn't be running away from

Tony Wood

Malcolm Turnbull says coal will be part of the energy mix for the next several decades, and this is true, but it is a declining part of that mix. We may have a bigger share, but it is still a bigger share of a declining market. Unless someone does something with carbon capture and storage – or the world turns away from acting on climate change, which doesn't seem likely – this is not an industry with a long-term

Peter Cook

We need to be realistic about it, it's not going to be the solution to the problem of global warming and climate change. I'm sure it will work chemically, and they've shown that it does. The issues is the extent to which you can deploy

Simon Boxall

The irony is that one advantage of climate change is that we will probably use less fuel going to the

Gidon Eshel

Our increasing dependence on animal products in worldwide diets is a major self-inflicted handicap in our capacity to successfully negotiate climate

Amy Spitalnick

As detailed in our filings in New York court, the Attorney General's investigation of Exxon Mobil has uncovered significant evidence indicating that Exxon may have misled New York investors and consumers about the risk of climate change to the company. We will continue to vigorously pursue our investigation, regardless of Exxon's unprecedented campaign of delay and

Ben Grumbles

This a strong and environmentally protective approach, it embraces the art of the possible. This is a primary example of real progress on climate

Ron Illingworth

The biggest thing that we're worried about right now is what's happening with global

Thomas Crowther

Modifying large-scale agricultural practices to restore some of these lost soil carbon stocks might be a valuable strategy in our efforts to dampen climate

Nick Aberle - Victoria

It's one thing to want more renewable energy but it's another thing to create a mechanism to make it happen. The federal government does not have the monopoly over energy policy and if they are going to continue to not take climate change seriously then states are going to step

Geoffrey Supran

We looked at the whole cherry tree. Using social science methods, we found a gaping, systematic discrepancy between what Exxon said about climate change in private and academic circles, and what is said to the

Christa Anderson

It was really exciting to see, in this moment where it's hard to find any positive news on climate change, here's this very small program that looks like it's actually working so

Christa Anderson

You could imagine the state adding in some kind of metric and saying because of climate change in this area we think we have a greater risk of fire, or bark beetle disease and death in trees. And so we need to account for that risk and deduct credits based on that higher

Toby Walsh

Nearly every technology can be used for good and bad, and artificial intelligence is no different. It can help tackle many of the pressing problems facing society today: inequality and poverty, the challenges posed by climate change and the ongoing global financial crisis. However, the same technology can also be used in autonomous weapons to industrialise war. We need to make decisions today choosing which of these futures we

Euan Dunn - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The trouble is that climate change is only going to worsen. We desperately need to do something to give our seabirds a fighting chance of survival in future. The very least we can expect to achieve that is a proper census every 15

Euan Dunn - The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

For reasons that are not entirely clear – though they are almost certainly concerned with climate change – Bempton Cliffs has not suffered from the precipitous declines in seabird numbers that we see

Claire Perry

We led the world in setting up the Green Investment Bank and it is now being copied by others. Now that it's in the private sector, it will be able to operate on an international level to tackle the global challenge of climate change. It is also perfectly placed to help us finance green initiatives for our Clean Growth Plan and realised the commitments set out in the Paris

Bronwen Theriot

I think the data is incomplete. I came back every time. To the same place. I've looked at those maps a million times. I've looked at the aerial photos. I see how if we don't do something to protect our coast we will have no coast to protect. From a scientific perspective. But I don't know what is causing the coastal depletion. When it comes to depletion and subsidence, I feel like there are so many items it could be attributed to, and perhaps it is not one individual thing, but a lot of things adding up. Do I think it is climate change? That's

Mark Dunkley

The ship is threatened by a new type of ship worm which has come from the Mediterranean Sea and is moving north because the sea around Britain is getting warmer with climate change. It's reached as far north as Felixstowe so any shipwreck below that latitude is threatened by it. It burrows into any wood which speeds up decay and makes the wrecks vulnerable. It attacks the timbers and wooden chests. So it's important that we start conserving these things now to prevent any more

Paul Kirkland

Climate change is a double-edged sword but it's an exciting time to be in the Scottish borders. It's not just butterflies but moths and dragonflies are moving north quite

Mohamed Bah

Until we stop dumping waste into drainages, until we stop clearing the trees, we will always face severe consequences of climate

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

Am departing presidential councils. Climate change is real. Leaving Paris is not good for America or the

Paul Kingsnorth

When I worked at The Independent in 1995, I was obsessed with climate change, but nobody on that newspaper was interested and nothing on it ever got published. I remember thinking, If only we could get climate change on to the front page, things would really change.' Well, now it is on the front pages very often, and everybody knows about it, and the politicians and business leaders all know about it, and yet nothing's

Paul de Clerk - Friends of the Earth

This clear ruling by the advertisement standards board is of great importance. Time after time we see how oil and gas companies are misleading citizens and politicians. They want us to believe that gas is clean and they support the transition to renewable energy. Behind the screens we see how the same companies lobby against this transition. To prevent catastrophic climate change we need to end the dependency on all fossil fuels – including

Tracey Ramsey

How confident can you be that the Americans will even include the words 'climate change' when they pulled out of what happened in Paris? They have a president who claims that climate change is a Chinese

Miguel Ángel Sánchez

The river has collapsed through a combination of climate change, water transfer and the waste Madrid

Michelle Bachelet

I am convinced that climate change is a reality, a complete and absolute reality. We think it's essential for our economic development to have cleaner energy because we want this planet to

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