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John Oliver
The last seven days have been absolutely insane, so much so that they may have broken Anderson Cooper. A Fox host not being able to hold his doubts at bay for 48 hours is pretty much a canary in a coal mine, but then at this point Donald Trump is basically waist deep in
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May 22 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Coal mining. 37 people are quoted and you can read 40 citations of them about Coal mining. Jace Killsback, Hans-Paul Bürkner, Joe Manchin and Boris Schlossberg, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Jace Killsback said: “It was a cultural stand. We'd really be contradicting what our ancestors stood for, we'd be contradicting the reason why the Creator made us, and that was far more important to us than having a coal mine on our reservation.”.
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Jace Killsback

It was a cultural stand. We'd really be contradicting what our ancestors stood for, we'd be contradicting the reason why the Creator made us, and that was far more important to us than having a coal mine on our

Jace Killsback

It's alarming and unacceptable for the United States to sign up for decades of harmful coal mining around our

Jace Killsback

The Nation is concerned that coal mining near the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation will impact our pristine air and water quality, will adversely affect our sacred cultural properties and traditional spiritual practices and ultimately destroy the traditional way of life that the Nation has fought to preserve for

Sarah Posner

President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order rolling back the Clean Power Plan, former president Barack Obama’s 2015 policy aimed at reducing the carbon emissions that cause climate change. He touted this as a big step in restoring American jobs - in particular, coal mining jobs, which are concentrated in areas carried by Trump in the 2016

Hans-Paul Bürkner

Some people will lose jobs … it creates hardship. It's not easy to train coal miners and make them become software engineers. I've never seen that happening anywhere in the

Donald J. Trump

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. I will also cancel all wasteful climate change spending from Obama/Clinton. We are going to put our coal miners back to work. They have not been treated well, but they're going to be treated well

Hans-Paul Bürkner

Some people will lose jobs … that's crazy, it creates hardship. It's not easy to train coal miners and make them become software engineers. I've never seen that happening anywhere in the

Grant Fenn

We're very much looking forward to working with Adani at the Carmichael Coal Mine, which is expected to become the largest thermal coal mine in

Katharine Hayhoe

The Arctic is the canary in the climate's coal mine. What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic. This entire planet is

Jimmy Breslin

The first funeral for Andrew Goodman was at night and it was a lot of work. To begin with they had to kill him. Football is a game designed to keep coal miners off the streets. The auditorium, named after a dead Queens politician, is windowless in honor of the secrecy in which he lived and, probably, the bank vaults he

Eliza Borné

We remain focused on creating a quarterly print magazine with great writing and gorgeous design. The South is host to so many different communities, from so many backgrounds, that I have never found it limiting to focus our coverage on the region. In the past year, we have published stories about Burmese refugees in rural Georgia; coal miners who are struggling to make ends meet in Harlan County, Kentucky; anarchists in Palm Beach County; and migrant workers who died in the little-known Hawk's Nest Tunnel disaster in West Virginia (the worst industrial disaster in U.S. history).feedback

Mitch McConnell

The legislation we passed today will help stop this disastrous rule and bring relief to coal miners and their

Pippa Gallop

Expanding the coal mine to feed the new plant is particularly worrying, as no environmental impact assessment process has been carried out for the increased

Jim Cramer

Trump promised beleaguered coal mining states they would have relief from his White House. I think that is a big reason why CSX's stock has been so

Gina Sanchez

I think the retail stocks right now are the canary in the coal mine. And I'm not sure that we'll necessarily see a

David McCloud

But at least they had their pensions and health care. I might not. If there's any light at the end of a coal mine, it's supposed to be that you will receive a pension and health care when you leave. That's why we did it in the first

Joe Manchin

Over two years ago, we promised the retired coal miners of America -- we promised them and most of their families -- and these are a lot of widows now -- and we promise them that they would have their health care benefits, which were guaranteed to them, and their

Brendan Dillon - UBS

You have a pro-growth president that has a different view on certain sectors like coal, mining, defense and healthcare. There is going to be a lot of M&A activity associated with that

Ted O'Brien - Doyle Trading Consultants

I don't think the Trump presidency will have a material impact on bringing coal miners back to work. He may eliminate the regulatory

Mitch Goldberg

Consumers don't like rising prices, and when the populism backfires, we'll go back to less-restrictive trade policies. When Americans see that they have to pay more for everything at Target, they'll forget about populist polices in a heartbeat. What about the coal miners and the assembly-line workers? Well, what about my checking account and Visa statement?feedback

Diane Burkhart

Trump has an organization that has hired 60,000 people. He is a businessman. He understands jobs. He understands that's what we need. And when Hillary Clinton said she wanted to give the coal miners money when they lose their jobs, what are you talking about to a 27-year-old man? … We don't want welfare. We don't want handouts. We're proud, dedicated people to the United States of

Dave Baer

When you worked at the coal mine, you write your own

Hillary Clinton

I firmly believe that if you spent your life keeping the lights on for our country, we can't leave you in the dark. For more than a century, America's coal miners have put their own health and safety at risk to provide affordable and reliable energy for the nation. They are entitled to the benefits they have earned and the respect they

Sreedhar Ramamurthi

The very nature of coal mining is so harmful. We must ensure stringent compliance of laws and resolve the issues of rehabilitation and resettlement to mitigate the

Rob Portman

If we're going to help Puerto Rico escape bankruptcy, we should also be helping the 90,000 coal miners in Ohio, West Virginia and elsewhere who are also

Shubha Sathyendranath - Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Phytoplankton are microscopic, they are dynamic, they are very active, so you can think of them as the ocean analogue to the canary in the coal mine. They will respond very, very rapidly to any

Elena Panaritis

We had created a wonderful experiment which worked as long as we had surpluses, called the euro or the European Union. When the cows were fat and the milk was out there, we were all happy. But now that the cows are thin and the milk is dry, we still haven't found our bearings. And the little canary, Greece, is dying alone because there is no oxygen and instead of saying 'oh guys, we need to get out of this coal mine, and let some oxygen in, we are closing the tap even

Murat Yokus

I will do my best not to enter a coal mine ever again. If the government helps, provides opportunities for decent work then it might change but I won't enter underground ever again and make my living from

Simon Birkett

These monitoring stations are the ones used to report legal breaches in London and they are also the ones used to trigger smog alerts. Now these, in a sense, are the canaries in the coal mine, warning miners about the danger of pollution levels. To use these pollution suppressor trucks directly in front of official monitoring stations is public health fraud on an industrial

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