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Gideon Sam

We had hoped to make this a Games for all of Africa, and so this is a very sad day for the whole continent.

Gideon Sam

This is a huge disappointment for us and for the whole African continent. But without the necessary government guarantees, we couldn't move on. Everybody was very excited to see the Commonwealth Games staged in Durban, which was very well equipped to host the event, but once the economics started to play a role, it became difficult.

Louise Martin

The CGF is actively exploring alternative options, including a potential replacement host. The CGF is fully confident and committed to delivering a successful Commonwealth Games for athletes and fans in 2022.

Tom Wolf

State agencies are taking proactive steps to ensure Pennsylvania is ready for the incoming winter weather and Pennsylvanians should take their own precautions and prepare for adverse conditions, especially for travel. We are preparing for the most significant part of the storm to hit the Eastern half of the state from Monday night into Tuesday's commute. I ask residents and commercial drivers across the commonwealth to prepare to avoid unnecessary travel on roadways during this time – as to let road crews and emergency responders do their jobs and minimize dangerous travel.

Jonathan Marland

I would like to see in the next 12 months, as we move to the Commonwealth summit, that we develop a standard of rules – which could be a Commonwealth accord – which identifies common business practices within the Commonwealth countries which countries can subscribe to.

Jonathan Marland

Obviously UK trading relations are now up for grabs. What easier and better place [is there] to trade than with countries who have shared associations for many years, where you speak the same language, where you have the same basic rule of law? That's why we need to come up with an accord that underlines that.

Patricia Scotland

That ... advantage is something which we as a Commonwealth are absolutely determined to exploit and to grow, and at this meeting today we were able to have a comprehensive opportunity to consider how in practice we do that.

Jonathan Marland

They do, of course, need to acknowledge that they withdrew from all the trading relationships with all the Commonwealth countries and approach it with a degree of humility that recognises that.

Munira Gunja

Excluding people who never had insurance, 21 million adults might have been subject to the penalty.

Jose Carrion

Without major emergency actions, the Commonwealth soon will be unable to pay essential services, including pensions, education, health care and public safety, in a matter of months.

Ed Gillespie

I would like to know why Congressman Tom Perriello and Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam think it's a good idea for people like Nathan Larson and for those who are the most violent felons in the commonwealth should not only have their rights restored and be able to vote but also to be able to run for office and put them on a path to be able to obtain a weapon.

Nikola Casule

The Commonwealth Bank claims to support the Paris Agreement's goal of keeping climate change to well below 2 degrees but it has lent more to fossil fuel projects since the Paris Agreement was signed than any other Australian bank.

Julien Vincent

I wouldn't ever take the kind of positive trends we see in the lending and assume the banks aren't going to fund the Adani coalmine, for example. Politically there is a lot of leaning on the banks to not cave in to environmental campaigns. We need them to show a little bit of courage and say no to the Carmichael coalmine and expansion.

Nikola Casule

The Commonwealth Bank knows it has one of the most recognisable brands in Australia, it also knows that most Australians support stronger action on climate change. [Chief executive] Ian Narev ... needs to decide whether he wants that brand associated with dirty coal or a future powered by clean renewable energy.

Julien Vincent

The first step to back up that commitment is to stop expanding the carbon fuel economy. We're not talking small projects, we're talking about opening up one of the largest offshore oil bases in Norway, or a new gas field in PNG. I think it's definitely become a lot harder for banks to fund coal because it's so clearly connected to climate change and other environmental and social issues.

Lizzy Guyton

Governor Baker is a strong supporter of women's health and believes the commonwealth has a responsibility to ensure access to the important health care services offered by Planned Parenthood in all corners of our state. The administration is prepared to fund these services should the federal government pursue changes that would block care for women and families here in Massachusetts.

Theresa May

India, our Commonwealth partner, is one of the world's largest spirits markets. But within the EU, Scotch whisky faces a tariff of 150 percent for selling to India. And Scotch whisky, the world's preeminent spirit has just a one percent share of the Indian market. I am determined that we should do better than that for our key industries.

Nicholas Colas - ConvergeX

In the near term, equities are fine because there's a lot of enthusiasm behind it. Is it sustainable? That's the ultimate question. It depends 100 percent on what happens in Washington, how much of the Trump agenda gets through and at what speed.

Michael Yoshikami - Destination Wealth Management

My first reaction is it makes me very nervous. It is always a great contra indicator when enthusiasm is too high or pessimism is too low, so it does concern me. The difference between this and the dot-com bubble is while valuations are probably stretched, I don't think they're so far off that you can necessarily say it's irrational exuberance. I would say it's more pure exuberance.

Nicholas Colas - ConvergeX

You can totally understand why this is where it is considering the market action. What's hard about interpreting it against 30 years of history is you have a very unusual period in economic and political history now, so you have to throw out the usual rulebook.

Brad McMillan

In the short term, I'm not worried. In the longer term, absolutely, this scares the heck out of me. The only other time we've come close [to this CAPE level] was 2007. Every time we've been at or above the current level, we've seen a significant market pullback.

Michael Yoshikami - Destination Wealth Management

Five percent (down) is kind of a given on any given day. A 10 to 15 percent drop could occur. In fact, I would actually be surprised if it did not occur this year, which is not to say I'm negative on equities. There's still a lot of buying pressure kind of sitting on the sidelines.

Brad McMillan

Right now there's no reason to panic. We're moving into a moment that could be equivalent to boom times, and that's wonderful and it feels great. But it also raises the risks. You have to be cautious of those risks even as you're enjoying the good times.

Gareth Aird - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Reserve Bank cut rates twice last year, in May and August, and I think the reaction that we saw in the housing market off the back of those cuts really caught them by surprise. They cut the interest rate because inflation printed a lot lower than they expected but then we saw the housing market really kick off. There's plenty of spare capacity here in the economy. I doubt we're going to see a material pickup in wages or inflation.

Tim Lawlaess - CoreLogic

With inflation consistently tracking below the RBA's target range for almost three years, it's likely that the heat in the housing market is one of the primary reasons why the cash rate hasn't moved lower in an attempt to stimulate spending and push inflation higher.

Maura Healey

Harm to our institutions, our citizens, and our businesses is harm to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The President's executive order is a threat to our Constitution. Rather than protecting our national security, it stigmatizes those who would lawfully emigrate to our state.

William Galvin

With the risk of the Department of Labor's Fiduciary rule being dismantled, it is crucial that the states step in to fill this void. The Securities Division and I intend to do that by vigilantly policing this area to protect retirees, and I would also caution Washington not to dismantle Labor's rule and abandon mom and pop investors.

Terry McAuliffe

It is the Governor's responsibility to ensure that the laws of the Commonwealth are properly carried out unless circumstances merit a stay or commutation of the sentence. After extensive review and deliberation, I have found no such circumstances.

William Galvin

This case represents a classic example of a shell game of moving the money from one investor to another with some left over to fatten the coffers of the money manager.

Vassili Serebriakov - Crédit Agricole

The hope is for a pivot back toward the Trumponomics agenda, which was three key themes: tax reform, deregulation, and infrastructure spending.

Omer Esiner - Commonwealth Foreign Exchange

The wild card here is if Trump sounds a protectionist, anti-immigration, anti-strong dollar tone. And if we get that, there is substantial risk for the dollar.

Leighton Ku

Repealing key parts of the ACA could trigger massive job losses and a slump in consumer and business spending that would affect all sectors of state economies.

Sara R. Collins

The immediate and most visible effect of ACA repeal would be the loss of coverage and access to care for millions of people who have gained insurance because of the law. This study points to even larger potential economic effects that would be detrimental to the health and well-being of millions more.

Tim Seymour - Triogem Asset Management

Taking risk right out of the gate just because things have gone so well isn't necessarily how you want to play this.

Brad McMillan

You want to bet on the American consumer. We're seeing wage growth continue to rise. We're seeing job growth doing very well.

Scott Wren

They're going to take a long time to refine, debate, implement and then finally have an effect on the economy.

Anita Brody

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has committed a grave miscarriage of justice in convicting Dennis and sentencing him to die for this crime.

David Blumenthal

I think this is a really perplexing point. I think it's something that those of us in this field have to think about and try to understand because there clearly is a disconnect between people benefiting from this particular program and their political perceptions about which candidates they want to support.

Scott Morrison

Thorough evaluation of final private sector bids received showed that it would not deliver net financial benefit for the Commonwealth.

Brian McMonagle

To come up with the required showing of a 'signature', the commonwealth reaches for a cliché: a giant in the entertainment industry using his power to take advantage of young aspiring actresses. Even if proven . . . the age-old 'casting couch' is not unique to Mr Cosby.

Richard Scalone - TJM Brokerage

Commodities are up across the board. That helps emerging market currencies and commonwealth currencies.

Philip Morgan

This is a big deal. There's not a better indicator of well-being than life expectancy. The fact that it's leveling off in the U.S. is a striking finding.

Steven Miunchenberg

The amount of (margin) they're making on lending is the tightest it's been ever. In that context I think the banks are trying to adjust some of the pricing to reflect the realities of the costs in the market.

Scott Morrison

To help better protect Australia's revenue base and ensure that companies are paying the right amount of tax on their activities in Australia the government will conduct a review into the operation of the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT), crude oil excise and associated Commonwealth royalties.

David Blumenthal

The U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, but what we get for these significant resources falls short in terms of access to care, affordability and coordination.

Michael Weitzman

There are widespread misconceptions that hookah is a safer alternative to cigarettes. Smoking hookahs at home can be terribly dangerous for the smoker but perhaps more importantly, for children and other people living in the home.

Thomas Eissenberg

Hookah smoking has been increasing in the U.S. and worldwide for the past decade. Even when the smoke has passed through water, which makes it cooler and easier to inhale, that smoke still contains many of the same carcinogens as cigarette smoke. If you are using hookah at home, you are putting yourself and all members of your family at risk for tobacco-caused disease.

Ian Narev - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Bank profitability at the moment is not quite what it was a few years ago. We are in an unprecedented world of low interest rates and inflation.

David Ellis - Morningstar

The margins are under pressure. Volume growth is okay so banks including CBA have to reduce their expense growth to make sure there is a modest increase in profits.

Thomas Eissenberg

If you are using a hookah at home, you are putting yourself and all members of your family at risk for tobacco-caused disease.

Michael Weitzman

Hookah smoking, especially in the home, has the potential to be profoundly dangerous to the smoker, children, pregnant women, and all individuals who reside in or visit such homes.

Gerald Pappert

Plaintiffs waited until eighteen days before the election to bring this case. ... Were the Court to enter the requested injunction, poll watchers would be allowed to roam the Commonwealth on election day for the first time in the Election Code's seventy-nine year history -- giving the Commonwealth and county election officials all of five days' notice to prepare for the change.

Brad McMillan

I'm going to be paying more attention to the jobs report this Friday. The only way the election is important is if Mr. Trump gets elected. Then we have to come to grips with (how his policy plays out).

John Bredemus - Allianz

The next two weeks are difficult because we have an election coming up and markets seem to be very complacent. I think the markets have decided on a winner, and while volatility has clearly picked up recently, it is difficult to determine if it is being driven by election uncertainty or economic data. Recent news about better growth in the U.S. and abroad, especially China, has pushed bond yields higher.

Brad McMillan

There's a lot of fear and there's a lot of angst and there's a lot of uncertainty. Once the election is over, people are going to feel better regardless of the outcome.

David Radley

As far as families are concerned, it's still hitting them. It doesn't, to an average family, feel like [insurance costs are] growing slowly. They're still facing a bigger burden than they did a few years ago.

Patrick Toomey

I don't think my constituents care that much how one person is going to vote. They're gonna make their own decision, all across the commonwealth, about who they're going to support and who they're not going to support. I think they care much more about whether I've got policies that are gonna help grow this economy, whether I've got policies that are gonna help keep us safe, and that's the contrast on which they'll make their decision.

Michael Eidel - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

We strive to stay at the forefront of disruptive technologies to understand how they can be used to enable greater efficiencies and solve the real world challenges our customers face. The interplay between blockchain, smart contracts and the Internet of Things is a significant development towards revolutionising trade transactions that could deliver considerable benefits throughout the global supply chain.

Terry McAuliffe

I am pleased that the court has agreed with the request to extend Virginia's voter registration period after unprecedented web traffic prevented many people from completing their registrations online before the original deadline. The Commonwealth will fully comply with the court's order and extend our registration process online, in person and through the mail.

Ian Narev - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

We never intended and we were very clear about this at the start, for those repriced deposits to continue indefinitely.

James Wiggins - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

The securities-based loan accounts were opened only after discussing the product with each client and obtaining their affirmative consent. These accounts are valuable to clients providing access to low-cost liquidity whenever they choose to access it.

William Galvin

This complaint lays bare the culture at Morgan Stanley that bred the high-pressure effort to cross-sell banking products to its brokerage customers without regard for the fiduciary duty owed to the investor. This contest was relatively local, but the aggressive push to cross-sell was company wide.

Dieter Adams

The current exchange rate means that the competitive position of New Zealand manufacturers and primary exporters is seriously affected.

Jacob Leibenluft

On the other hand, Donald Trump's proposals would strip coverage away from many more people, including low-income families and those who are already struggling with health problems. That said, there were clearly some faulty assumptions made in this analysis that over-inflated the cost of the plan. Other independent estimates have set the cost vastly lower.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin

You could quibble about some of the modelling, but directionally I think it's right.

John Coates - International Olympic Committee

We believe this would be possible given the existing venues and infrastructure spread throughout the entire Council of Mayors area of south-east Queensland. The current venues centered on Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast would be boosted by the additional venues being built as part of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Terry McAuliffe

We are strongly encouraging everyone in Virginia to prepare for the possibility of damaging winds, downed trees, power outages and flooding in much of the Commonwealth.

David Blumenthal

The sickest patients have the highest medical spending but cannot reliably get the health care they need, even though they have insurance. This is a sign that our health-care system is failing its most vulnerable patients.

Grant Williamson - Hamilton Hindin Greene

We might get this a bit in the reporting season - where expectations have just got well ahead of how these companies are performing.

Bill Shorten

If I have to make a choice between keeping Ian Narev or keeping the Australian people and the Australian economy improving, I will choose the Australian people and the Australian economy every time.

Ian Narev - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

At CBA, we are cognizant of the combined impact of weaker demand, strong competition and increasing regulation. An ongoing focus on productivity and credit quality will be important. But we remain positive about Australia's economic prospects.

Gabriel Petek - S&P Global

In our view, Pennsylvania is not well-positioned for a recession given the depletion of budget reserves and elevated fixed costs. While several years have passed since the official end of the last recession, slow economic growth has not kept pace with growing expenditures, and the commonwealth has continuously enacted structurally imbalanced budgets.

Junichi Ishikawa - IG Securities

The dollar could suffer a sudden fall, with the Dow possibly falling any time now following days of successive record highs.

Junichi Ishikawa - IG Securities

The dollar continues to benefit from the strength in U.S. equities, which have gone a head above their global peers and are attracting money thanks to high dividends, with strong earnings also helping. This has resulted in 'risk on', sustaining the dollar's rise against the yen.

Bill Gentry - Risk Management

It is still going to get hot next week but ... the extended pattern is not as intimidating as it was yesterday.

Madeleine Donlan - Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Early harvest activity has indicated Russian yields are even better than anticipated. Russia's winter wheat output is expected to be a record this year, as are Russian exports. U.S. wheat will face plenty of competition in the season ahead.

John Kasich

Is it? I haven't read that thing lately. the party is "my vehicle [and] not my master.

John Kasich

They are not me. Okay? They are not me. I'm telling you my views, okay?

Kelly Bryan

I'm a 62-year-old gay man who came out to both of my parents at 19. And I've been gay for 45, over 40 years. Gay people are human beings and not a lifestyle choice. Please respond without prayer being an answer.

John Whitbeck

Mercy requires that we as Virginians be a commonwealth of second chances. But there are limits. yet he chose not to. His decision to issue a blanket restoration, without regard to the nature of the crimes committed doesn't speak of mercy. Rather, it speaks of political opportunism.

David Cameron

In this modern Elizabethan era in which so much around her has changed, Her Majesty has been steadfast, a rock of strength for our nation, for our commonwealth and on so many occasions for the whole world. She is our queen and we could not be more proud of her. Happy birthday, Your Majesty and long may you continue to reign over us all.

Tyree Blocker

No actions by a small group of individuals can ever undermine a century of tradition built by our troopers and I am confident that those graduating in March will continue to build on our proud traditions and serve the Commonwealth with the utmost honor, integrity, and trust.

Queen Elizabeth

At this meeting, the Commonwealth will be charged with demonstrating leadership, often in practical ways, on an agenda of global issues and drawing on a distinctive contribution of our members.

Reg Milley

This hasn't been an easy decision. But at this time it would not be right to move forward with our bid when cuts are being made in our communities to programmes like education and health.

John Evans

Because in the past, we see a white box and we see bees entering and leaving but what they do in the meantime, we've no idea.

Paulo de Souza

Bees are very sensitive to heat. So we bring them to the lab, we chill them down, then we attach the sensors while they're sleeping. This is just like carrying a little backpack.

Robert MacLaren

The choroideremia gene is important for making a protein known as REP1 and when that protein is deficient in the retina the cells gradually die throughout life and they die from the outside in, so patients develop tunnel vision, it gets narrower and narrower and eventually it goes. The concept of gene therapy is to put that protein back into those cells by using a virus to carry the missing gene.

Bob Brown

There ought to have been a pilot aboard and the state and commonwealth authorities have been under pressure to put pilots aboard for two decades but have failed to do so.

Kevin Cummins - UBS

There has been some talk that if they do wind up tapering, that they will lower that threshold on the unemployment rate, possibly to 6.0 percent or even 5.5 percent, to signal that they are going to remain extremely accommodative even further out in the path of policy. So there is kind of different tools.

Colin Barnett

As a state government we will assist the Commonwealth and do all we can to make them feel welcome, to be respectful of the very sad loss of the family members.

Mikheil Saakashvili

This is about killing the freedom and independence of this country and scaring all the others around us. Well, I think our message to them is, no matter what they do, no matter how much they bomb us, no matter how they want to cripple us and undermine us, we are not going to give up our freedom and Georgia will never surrender.

Mikheil Saakashvili

We are leaving the CIS for good and propose that other countries leave this body, run by Russia.

Kevin Rudd

We as the Commonwealth, representing one third of the world's population, believe the time for action on climate change has come. The clock is ticking to Copenhagen.

Mykola Azarov

As soon as the agreement comes into force, trade between Ukraine and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States is expected to increase by 35%. This will boost growth.

Queen Elizabeth

On this, the eve of the UN Copenhagen summit on climate change, the Commonwealth has an opportunity to lead once more. The threat to our environment is not a new concern, but it is now a global challenge which will continue to affect the security and stability of millions for years to come.

Thomas E. Mann - The Brookings Institution

He was a moderate Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He was pragmatic, got a lot of thing done and now, in order to win the nomination, he has to be someone else.

Queen Elizabeth

If the Queen was going to make a major announcement, she wouldn't do it in a pre-recorded speech that is shown in the South Pacific Commonwealth realms several hours before it is shown here. I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.

Queen Elizabeth

I am delighted to join you here in Kampala, and to find the Commonwealth in such good health.

Alison Lundergan Grimes

While tonight didn't bring us the result that we had hoped for, this journey, the fight for you – it was worth it. I will continue to fight for the commonwealth of Kentucky each and every day.

David Cameron

There are some very serious questions that need to be answered. Questions about human rights violations today in Sri Lanka, the fact there are so many people who disappeared, the fact that there aren't proper rules for a free press. But there are also very big questions to be answered about how the long war ended and the appalling scenes that we've seen on television about thousands of innocent civilians being killed at the end of that war.

Queen Elizabeth

Determined and collective action can also help us tackle other challenges that cannot be dressed alone, such as the scourge of terrorism, which is a threat to us all and has directly affected a number of our countries.

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