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Ska Keller
I don't see CETA as my ideal for future trade agreements. In CETA there is a lot of problematic points. There we have a privileged court system for investors alone, so investors can go there and sue member states whereas me as an individual if my rights are infringed by a company I cannot do anything really. I would like to see trade happening, but that is fair and that is not harming the planet and is improving the rights and standards that we have and not endangering those
Mar 22 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. You'll find 36 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement are: Justin Trudeau, Sigmar Gabriel, Cecilia Malmström and Martin Schulz. Justin Trudeau specifically said: “The European Union is a truly remarkable achievement, and an unprecedented model for peaceful co-operation. Canada knows that an effective European voice on the global stage isn't just preferable – it's essential. Now, we live in a time when many people are worried that the current system only benefits society's luckiest few. And their concern is valid. This anxiety towards the economy and trade – the worry that our kids won't have access to the same jobs and opportunities that we had – can be addressed only if we ensure that trade is inclusive, so that everyone benefits.”.
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Didier Reynders

This is the best commercial treaty the EU has ever signed with one of its close collaborators, which shares the same values and same system of common

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

Some of the experiences, some of the procedures that we have experienced with CETA, will also be reflected in our work on

Paul Magnette

From now on, we can draw the lesson: with CETA improved, TTIP is dead and

Frederic Gillot

It is clear that the text of CETA stays the same: the DNA of CETA is one of deregulation and it puts nations in competition at an unprecedented

Donald Tusk - European Council

I am glad for good news from PM Charles Michel. Only once all procedures are finalised for EU signing CETA, will I contact PM Justin

Jean Charest

We are one of the most dependent countries in the world in regards to trade. If this agreement [CETA – Ed.] fails, it will be a

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

There is not only still hope but we are on the way to find a compromise and to find a solution for questions raised by the Wallonians, which are questions raised by a lot of citizens all over in Europe, and we have to give an answer

Chrystia Freeland

If Europe cannot sign this trade agreement, and it's also a trade agreement with Canada, a country that very much shares, has shared values with Europe, then I think that certainly does call into question European trade policy more

André Antoine

A reasonable time frame would be the end of the year. With that, we could get

Fredrik Erixon

It was a move by Sigmar Gabriel (Germany's economy minister) in order to appease critics in his own party that wanted the SPD (The Social Democratic Party of Germany) to block CETA … Wallonia (the Belgium region) has just ended up in this fight because Gabriel thought he could solve an internal party problem and that other countries would not have troubles supporting CETA. Now it turns out he was not informed about Wallonian

André Antoine

There's a huge mish-mash of texts. This is not serious international law... Secondly, ultimatums and threats are not part of democracy. We want a deal, we want a treaty, but we want to negotiate it with a minimum of courtesy and

Elio di Rupo

They took years to negotiate #CETA and we are denied a few weeks. Will we reach a solution? All depends on the contents. If it doesn't change enough, we will maintain our

Chrystia Freeland

We have done our job. We have finished negotiating a very good agreement. Now the ball is in Europe's court. I hope I can return in the next few days with my prime minister to sign the treaty as

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

The door for every step forward is open but it is quite clear that the problems on the table are European problems. In my mind, there's no problem we can't solve. I'm very optimistic we're going to find a solution for CETA that is going to make the project better. It is already a very, very good

Angela Merkel

I am optimistic that one will maybe find a solution with regards to CETA. But I can't anticipate

Didier Reynders

Only Wallonia is against the deal, the French Socialists, the Italians and the German Social-Democrats are in

Sigmar Gabriel

I am very pleased that we have made a first, big step, because if Europe were not able to deal with Canada, this would send a difficult signal to the

Sigmar Gabriel

I am very pleased that we have made a first big step, because if Europe were not able to deal with Canada, this would send a difficult signal in the world. For this reason I am pleased that we will make a big step towards finally giving rules to

Angela Merkel

(Being an) open society also means being open for global trade .. we have made good progress on CETA now and in the European context you can expect that we will get the signing and

Sigmar Gabriel

If the Americans are not ready to meet at least the standard of CETA, with Canada, then there will be no chance of a

Justin Trudeau

Great Britain has always been a strong and positive voice around the European table in support of

Hanni Gramann

Many people from NGOs have been able to look at the documents, for example in the English version of the CETA agreement, and there we can clearly see that these are not just

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