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Jonathan Bartley
This is the man who calls Barack Obama 'part Kenyan' with 'ancestral dislike' of the UK. Who describes people from the Congo as having 'watermelon smiles'. Calls Commonwealth citizens 'flag-waving
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Oct 09 2017
Multiple people spoke about Congo in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Lambert Mende is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “If it is the Bana Mura that have killed Congolese people, we will arrest them and bring them to justice.”.
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Lydia Ngoma

She mixes Zambia, Congo and Rwanda so many times leading to the generalization of Africa as 'one big country' – something we have been trying to fight for a while

Paul Kagame

We have made progress thanks to the distinctiveness of our choices and the resilience of our

Nikki Haley

The murder of UN experts -– especially like Michael and Zaida, who risked their own lives in order to help others -– cannot end in a bureaucratic procedure. We still need a full investigation under the Secretary-General's authority into the events surrounding their deaths and accountability for the perpetrators -– there is simply no other appropriate course of

Michel Losembe

Currently there is no possibility – with the current economic situation and political instability – to have ... sufficient confidence to sustain a stable exchange

Lambert Mende

If it is the Bana Mura that have killed Congolese people, we will arrest them and bring them to

Mark Bristow - Randgold Resources

Resource nationalism is often born out of frustration, and sometimes out of unreal expectations. We operate in very complex countries. We spend a lot of time engaged with government. And what we are able to do is demonstrate how much we've contributed to the economy. It's a challenging environment - you've got to be on your

Mark Bristow - Randgold Resources

One of the big highlights of the year so far has been the exploration progress we've made. We're pretty bullish. I've just been in the field with the geologists. We review everything at this time of year to make sure we're putting money in the right

Stuart Culverhouse - Exotix

There was nothing on Friday on the legal side of things to suggest the coupon would be paid. But bondholders think (the freeze) will be lifted over time and they will be paid. But Congo will sit there with a selective default on their credit rating

Thomas Maschler - World Resources Institute

Now, we can say: 'actually the corridor along the road between these two villages is at

Jim Adams

I went to see the gorillas in the Congo. All their food comes from within miles. That's kind of the

Francis Kalombo

So why leave? Someone who is planning to leave wouldn't do

Theophile Mbayo Kifuntwe

When we don't have money, priority should be given to resolve the economic crisis, rather than to elections, don't you think?feedback

Jason K. Stearns

He has all these stopgaps to delay the election. He hasn't been able to change the Constitution to stay in power or find a successor that he trusts. So he's left playing for

Alain Mabanckou

Papa Moupelo stood for tolerance, absolution and redemption, while Dieudonné Ngoulmoumako was the embodiment of malice and

Alfred Bongwalanga

There are five dead. They are all park rangers who were involved in the operation. They had been backing the

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

With the end of this epidemic, DRC has once again proved to the world that we can control the very deadly Ebola virus if we respond early in a coordinated and efficient

Anne Rimoin

People weren't moving around in the way they were during the West African outbreak. So it was a very small outbreak in and of itself. In the West Africa outbreak, nobody was looking for Ebola. It wasn't on a list of things that people were worried about, or even among the top suspects at the time. But in the DRC, when you see something that resembles Ebola, it's one of the first things that come to

Anne Rimoin

This is clearly not the last outbreak. But this time we did better. And every time, we do

Anne Rimoin

It's a good sign of things to come. It wasn't necessarily needed in this case, but it showed that the world is much more capable of managing

Matshidiso Moeti - World Health Organization

Together with partners, we are committed to continuing support to the Government of DRC to strengthen the health system and improve healthcare delivery and preparedness at all

Laila Matar - Human Rights Watch

We think the resolution has the elements needed to produce a strong and credible outcome. It brings hope that the facts can be set straight, and that's the first step toward accountability and justice for

Lambert Mende

Beyond verifying whether these figures are true or not, it demonstrates that this is a real security situation that must absolutely lead to an appropriate government reaction to put an end to

Gabriel Kambale

When leaders are unable to secure prisons, how can you tell them that the whole country is as well run?feedback

Maja Bovcon

Starting production at the Moho Nord will unquestionably provide a welcome source of income. Rampant corruption and a dysfunctional bureaucracy help explain why Congo's goal of becoming an emerging economy remains a distant hope despite its vast oil

Jean-Baptiste Bouzard - Wood Mackenzie

Five years ago, there were uncertainties over the country's remaining potential. ENI changed the game with the Nene Marine

Vincent Rouget - Control Risks

We've clearly seen diminishing interest in Congo among large companies, especially Western

Ben Affleck

Every time I visit, I leave even more inspired there will be a brighter and more peaceful future for the Congolese. The challenges are real, and the road is long, but the Congolese are the hardest working and most hopeful people I know. We often speak of heroes – I count these among the many. It's the honor of a lifetime to support Congo. My heart will forever be there with

Nikki Haley

After the tragic deaths of Michael Sharp and Zaida Catalan, they and their families deserve justice. We owe it to their legacy to end the human rights abuses being carried out by armed groups and the DRC government against the Congolese

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

In any case, the secretariat cannot substitute the criminal justice system of a sovereign country. We stand ready to support any investigative mechanism set up by the relevant intergovernmental

Jonathan Simba

The non-objection was given. Now there's a Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) team that is arriving (in Congo) today to validate the protocol with the technical

Elhadj As Sy

This is very different from what we experienced in Liberia, Senegal and Guinea, where the outbreak was happening for the first time ever. People couldn't recognise it in time. One is this time building on the past experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last outbreak as well as lessons learned in the last outbreak. There is a growing agreement that natural hazards do not equate to natural disasters. The shocks will happen. The fact that it becomes a disaster will pretty much depend on our level of preparedness and our level of

Alain Mabanckou

I'm trying to create a world in which it's going to be like a biography of my city. People in the Congo like that I'm recalling the sea, the street, the prostitutes, the old names of the neighborhood. They want to have that kind of history, because the history of Africa, Francophone history, was written by France. It is not

Clément Kanku

I am convinced that light will be shed on this case and that justice will be given to the many victims of abominable abuses in the Kasai, including the two experts of the United

Frans Barnard

In my world, duty of care means if we ask you to do something, we give you the training and the equipment to do

Daniel Fahey

They were more looking at protecting themselves than protecting us. Everyone loved our analyses. But no one really asked us: 'How do you guys do this? What do you need?feedback

José Luis Díaz

This is why the U.N. is looking at the whole sequence of events in the disappearance and murder of our colleagues. We want to assess whether things worked as they should, and if what we have in place is adequate or robust

Clément Kanku

I think I also spoke with the woman, but I'm not sure because many people call me. Listen, where are you? Can I see you? I can't talk right now. I'll call you

John Nkono

We look forward to presenting our point of view on the outstanding points ... notably on stability clauses, the royalty rates and the exchange rate used for VAT

Peter Salama

We cannot underestimate the logistic and practical challenges associated with this response in a very remote and insecure part of the country. As of now, we do not know the full extent of the outbreak, and as we deploy teams over the next few weeks, we will begin to understand... exactly what we're dealing with. In an area without telecommunications, without road access, without large-scale electrification, this is going to be an enormous challenge. But we are committed to working with... partner agencies to implement a vaccination campaign if the (Congo) government gives us a green

Brienne Prusak - Doctors Without Borders

Transport is extremely difficult in the area, and helicopter flights may be the only way to get there. We considered motorbikes but are now thinking of helicopters because we need to get so many materials there. We're expecting to get to the epicenter by the

Daniel G. Bausch

I think there is a very good probability that control can be rapidly

Erna Solberg

The Norwegian and Congolese governments have agreed to transfer Joshua French to Norway. He came back to Norway today and is receiving medical

Babacar Ngom Bathly

Since last year we're in Mali, in Bamako, Equatorial Guinea, Congo. The goal is to become one of the largest agro-food companies in

Allarangar Yokouide - World Health Organization

The area in Likati is difficult to access, but the work of tracing contacts is very crucial to stopping the epidemic in its

Eric Kabambi - World Health Organization

It is in a very remote zone, very forested, so we are a little lucky. But we always take this very seriously. The DRC is a big country and the zone affected is quite difficult to access, but it is right on the border with Central African Republic. People are constantly coming and going across the border to visit friends and family, so we are taking very urgent preventative measures to contain the

Abraham Luakabuanga

It's a frame-up to prevent the return of the body of our president, Étienne Tshisekedi, and to delay his funeral. What we fear is that the police hide weapons that could compromise us, and use that as an excuse to lock the area down for even longer. We're returning to the era of Mobutu. It's

Roger Ilunga

We agreed with the government on the location of a new burial ground. So theoretically, there should not be a

Eugene Kabambi - World Health Organization

It is in a very remote zone, very forested, so we are a little lucky. We always take this very

Armand Sprecher

It's too early to say. It could just be that one case, which is unlikely, or that there are more cases, but that have not been reported. Ebola exists on its own in the bush and it then comes over and here you

Jean-Jacques Muyembe

We have not placed this zone in quarantine because we will handle this and we are experienced in this. The W.H.O. will contribute as always in the fight against this

Oly Ilunga

[The DRC] has taken all necessary measures to respond quickly and efficiently to this new

Oscar Rashidi

Political maneuvers are Kabila's adored game. But he knows that Mr. Katumbi is the most revered politician after Mr.

Pascal Mwasa

Moise Katumbi is a rich man and will not accept to be corrupt and let the population

Rodrigue Katembo

It is really worth it to make this sacrifice. I know it is among the most dangerous work in DRC, but I am working for the welfare of future generations. Many times as a chief warden, you take your rangers on patrol. You look at tracks and follow the wildlife, but every time you do that you are amazed at the beauty of the wildlife of Congo. Every time you see new things and make new discoveries – it's

Rodrigue Katembo

I was tortured and put in jail for 17 days. That was a really difficult time for me and my family as we didn't know if I was going to die in prison or

Rodrigue Katembo

We saw the population of hippos in Virunga go from 500 to 1,700 in three to four years – that was a really important moment for me. In Upemba in 2015, we only had 54 zebra, we now have 72. We had no elephants inside the park, but now we have

Rodrigue Katembo

One of the armed groups tricked me and said they were going to bring me to university. In the end, I started to be a child soldier. Many of the youths that tried to run away were killed. But I stayed there for two

Rodrigue Katembo

I was then able to go home during some holidays. I had to tell my mother that my younger brother had been killed in front of my eyes. My mother really fought to try to stop me having to return and I was able to escape. My mother then did everything she could to pay for my schooling and thanks to her I was able to

Rodrigue Katembo

It is really important they trust me and see in me someone whose leadership is bringing them support and who is giving an

Rodrigue Katembo

Since I was very young, I really wanted to become part of the wildlife authority of

Hillary Clinton

We've got to bust this market so it can't come back. I'm very proud that under President Obama, the United States passed a near federal ban on the transportation and interstate trafficking of ivory in our own country. The Obama administration had three overriding goals: Stop the killing, stop the trafficking, and stop the demand… And part of that is protecting these

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The discovery of yet more mass graves and the reports of continued violations and abuses highlight the horror that has been unfolding in the Kasais over the last nine

Daniel Ruiz

They refuse to release our agents, 13 in total, of which two are expatriates. They are all disarmed, but they demand asylum in Uganda, Kenya or

Monique Ngalula

It's the military, the police, the secret service who know the most about this story, the assassination of two United Nations

Matt Painter

We have one of the world's largest cobalt deposits sitting there in Western Australia, just outside of Kalgoorlie. The cobalt price is really booming and it's for very good reason. With Lithium-ion batteries, one of the main components is actually the cobalt, more-so than the lithium. The revolution that is going on in the auto industry is absolutely incredible – we can see that we can feed into

Farhan Haq - United Nations

Given that they have been found dead, we believe that there's likely grounds that this was a form of criminal act, but we need to determine cause of

António Guterres - United Nations

Michael and Zaida lost their lives seeking to understand the causes of conflict and insecurity in the DRC in order to help bring peace to the country and its people. We will honour their memory by continuing to support the invaluable work of the Group of Experts and the whole UN family in the

Rachel Sweet

He just deeply cared about everyone and saw no difference between people of different nationalities. He refused to eat anything other than beans and rice because that's what everyone around him was being

Rachel Sweet

I spoke with one of Michael's Congolese colleagues yesterday. And he told me, Michael was my boss. But he was also my

Rachel Sweet

He was courageous but not reckless. What happened to him is not because he didn't follow protocol. He was the opposite of a war

Lambert Mende

After tests ... it is possible to identify the bodies as the two U.N. experts and their interpreter as being found near the Moyo

Stefan Lofven

Zaida Catalan worked tirelessly for peace and justice, and risked her own life to save others. Sweden is naturally ready to assist in this

António Guterres - United Nations

It is our hope that the cause of their deaths will be determined following a more thorough examination. I trust that the Congolese authorities will conduct a full investigation into this incident. The United Nations will also conduct an inquiry. In case of criminal acts, the United Nations will do everything possible to ensure that justice is done. I urge the Congolese authorities to continue the search for the four Congolese nationals who accompanied our

Lambert Mende

It's now a certainty. It is the two investigators. We identified the third body in the grave with them as their Congolese interpreter. This is a message I hoped never to

Emilie Serralta

Going to places where few people go, asking questions that few people ask, finding out the truth, this is the work of United Nations

António Guterres - United Nations

Michael and Zaida lost their lives seeking to understand the causes of conflict and insecurity in the DRC (Congo) in order to help bring peace to the country and its people. We hope that we could continue to send experts to do their necessary monitoring activities wherever they need to go. Of course, that needs to be undertaken with full respect and understanding of the security condition on the

Lambert Mende

To our knowledge, there are no other foreigners who have disappeared in this

Francois Madila Kalamba

They [the policemen] were apprehended by the militia members and they decapitated about

Rachel Dolezal

I felt less like I was adopting a new identity and more like I was unveiling one that had been there all along. Finally able to embrace my true self, I allowed the little girl I'd colored with a brown crayon so long ago to emerge. I was presented as a con and a fraud and a liar. I think some of the treatment was pretty cruel. I would pretend to be a dark-skinned princess in the Sahara Desert or one of the Bantu women living in the Congo … imagining I was a different person living in a different place was one of the few ways … that I could escape the oppressive environment I was raised

Barry Otieno

Yes, Oburu (Vincent) has been recalled to the camp. He will probably act as a back-up because Musa (Mohammed) and Akumu (Anthony) have not trained since

Joseph Ponde Isambwa

In connection with this video, we have found seven suspects, all are F.A.R.D.C. elements, who are currently in

Herman Van Holsbeeck

The board has decided to help Anthony. The club never forgets its former players who have difficulties. We know Anthony well and we hope he seizes this opportunity with both

Kristof Terreur

He's always been a rebel. I think injuries at the wrong moment have affected him badly but there have also been some weird career choices. He doesn't take football too seriously. A few times he has gone to stand on the ball, which people in the crowd enjoy but maybe not the

Kristof Terreur

He's always missed something – someone who can guide him. He trusted the wrong people and that why things have gone wrong, although has played at the World Cup which was a career high for him. But after that, it all went wrong

Anthony Vanden Borre

In my day, [Lenvain] was not there to help me. It is perhaps my fault this has happened. I did not like school and was a tough guy. But I have learned you must work hard and listen to your coaches. Have respect for everyone. I had a lot of talent but maybe I did not work hard

Anthony Vanden Borre

I am the first to admit I have too long relied on my talent. My attitude irritated Mario Been, he told me I had missed a good career. It made me think, it was time to turn the knob. At 24, I found a balance in my life. I want to go to the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 with the Red

Anthony Vanden Borre

It really bothered me to hear about [the coach's criticism] of my haircut. I know I look like a 'Je-m'en-foutiste' ('I don't care'). You see how mistaken it is. People have a false image of me. I am a human being like others, with a heart like everyone else. It would not have been said I was a sensitive boy, right?feedback

Franky Vercauteren

Anthony wanted to stop football for a while. He was going to training at Fiorentina because he had to. He wanted to breathe. He was very attached to his mother. A few hours before her death, she called everybody to reassure us that everything was fine with her ….feedback

Anthony Vanden Borre

He wanted me to throw in the garbage. He did everything to get me out of the team. Everyone in the changing room at Anderlecht are janetten [pussies]. But I have a three-year contract. They cannot force me to leave – even with a gun to my

Anthony Vanden Borre

I've always dreamed of playing for Mazembe. It is the land of my mother. This is a choice of the heart. Anyone who knows me, knows what this club means to me. All my friends are excited, including Vincent [Kompany]. He congratulated me by

Bas Van Abel - Fairphone

This is one of those dilemmas you run into: should we avoid an area because there's conflict? Or avoid the mines where there is no conflict but are still in the area? Or do you stay there and take for granted that there is child labour and try to improve the situation? I think that what companies have been doing is to mitigate risk, so they avoid problems. I think we have to surface them and try to find

Bas Van Abel - Fairphone

We work in Congo. And we are probably one of the few mobile companies that say we know for sure that we have child labour in our supply chain. We are called Fairphone but we have child

Bas Van Abel - Fairphone

So they got the stuff out of the ground, risking their lives, and when they get out to the surface, they start selling it. There is military rule, and the rebel groups stand at the entrance of the mine and they say 'everything you make, I want half'. So they pay half of their money, and that money is used in conflicts. The money that is made out of the mining is fuelling the war. You could say that you are potentially funding a war by buying your

Charles Kyona

Without electricity, we don't have the means to effectively

Richard Crighton - Peel Hunt

Having had a tough few years, the UK exploration and production market needs some new names, and a few decent sized listings approaching the mid-cap range should provide that over the coming

Pete Jones

The discrepancy between Katanga Mining's filings and the real recipient of these huge payments runs the risk of misleading investors. Investors need to ask Glencore why it felt comfortable making these payments and why it didn't clearly disclose Gertler as the

Colin Hamilton

The global cobalt market is becoming ever more dependent on supply from the Democratic Republic of Congo, where geopolitical risk is again rising...with a transfer of presidential power due next year, a process which has not gone smoothly over

Désiré Sangara - Banro

There was an armed attack by robbers and the police opened fire to respond to the

Rejeton Tshawuke

He never betrayed the nation. We can't invest hope in just anyone. Many opposition leaders are only interested in

Okello Oryem

There might be a need to examine the whole time agreement. (Tshisekedi's death) might cause some ripples and a shaking of the system, hence the need for Kabila to continue holding the country together until such time as things

Jean Bonkadi

I don't see anyone who can take up the mantle, who can really take his

Avram Grant

This is a game I think the team showed a lot of good spirit despite the fact that I rested a lot of the key players. I was happy because one of the things we are working on is mental strength and despite not scoring we came to the Egypt half and attacked several times. Congo is a good side and I know it will be a tough game but we will be up for it. It's not looking so good but Gyan is a very strong boy. We will need to wait and see. We will have a scan and then we will know

Ofwono Opondo

The Uganda Security intercepted four vehicles at Mbarara that were carrying 101 former M23 combatants who were travelling on their way to Democratic Republic of

José Maria Aranaz

A particularly worrying pattern we have documented is the way in which women have been targeted, both generally in the violence but also with sexual

José Luis Gomes Sambo

Up until two months ago, we didn't´t have any detected case, but, now, we have two cases of Zika. We have to take preventable measures, especially in the anti-vectorial fight against the

Joseph Kabila

Now that all pretexts for various plots against the republic have been removed, I call everyone to ... to create conditions of true peace and stability throughout the

Therese-Louise Mambu

The damage is very serious. We continue to look for other

Jeanne Nzita

Everything was taken away – the windows and the doors. All that remains of our house is the walls and the

George W. Bush

We're proud to call this son of the Congo a citizen of the United States of

Jean Marc Kabund

Today is the last day (of negotiations). It's make it or break

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Such high casualty figures suggest a serious disregard by the various police, defence and security forces of the need to exercise restraint in policing demonstrations. Not only are soldiers participating in law enforcement operations, but all the forces involved are heavily armed and using live

Martin Fayulu

Kabila stays for one year. He will not try to stand for a new

Jean Claude Baka

As soon as you go by on the road and you're a young man - you're in a group of two or three - they (security forces) take

José Maria Aranaz

We are very concerned by the excessive use of force by state agents, notably the (police), the Republican Guard, the military police and the National Agency of

Therese Sjöström

The KPCS is outdated and does not cover most human rights abuses linked to diamond extraction on

Etienne Tshisekedi

I launch a solemn appeal to the Congolese people to not recognise the… illegal and illegitimate authority of Joseph Kabila and to peacefully resist [his] coup d'é

Jean Oscar Sanguza

On the issue of deaths, it looks bad. We are reviewing allegations of up to 20 civilians killed, but it (the information) is pretty

Jean-Marcel Tshikuku

Kabila has betrayed our country. He must leave. He announced a new government just at the end of his mandate. It's an insult! We don't want him anymore. We don't want negotiations to resume. He must get out, that's

Maman Sidikou

I'm gravely concerned by the arrests of those who seek to express their political

Romain Nadal

The seriousness of the situation justifies that the European Union re-examines its relations with

Romain Nadal

After the constitutional mandate of President Kabila ended, France is concerned by reports of arrests as well as violence in Kinshasa and

Diego Kas

We are prepared to take to the streets to chase out Kabila. Kabila will be an illegal president ... I don't know how Kabila's going to stay on because we don't like him anymore ... We are not his tenants. Congo is our

Guy Robert Lukama

We are not there to fix all the problems. ... In a post-conflict area, you should from day one keep in mind how to make it beneficial for most of the stakeholders. We have decided to think outside the

Guy Robert Lukama

We cannot avoid the fact that ... we [have] to manage the presence of [the diggers].feedback

Valery Mukasa

It's a very fundamental problem. We don't need armed men where there is

Didier Reynders

Belgian citizens who remain in the country are requested to exercise utmost caution, in particular during

Gregory Mthembu-Salter

The precedent is a difficult one for industrial miners to swallow because they like to deny the presence of artisanal miners on their

Jean-Marc Thystere-Tchicaya

From mid-2017 we can already count on an increase in production and then reach a peak in 2018 with 300,000 barrels per day. We hope that the cost of a barrel of crude will stabilise on the market and allow us a good

Corneille Nangaa

Work is under way between CENI and the government to see the possibilities of substantial reductions of this budget in view of the financial difficulties that the country is

Joy Bokele

For the time being, we have a provisional toll of about 30 deaths and about 20

Richard Muyej

The Tenke Fungurume site is overrun by clandestine miners who organize incursions into the heart of the private concession. The report I received indicated that 13 bodies were taken from the

Martin Fayulu

It's a useless provocation. We know exactly what (Kabila) is trying to

Richard Adkerson

They're working on something. I wouldn't want to predict exactly how they do it, I'll just say I'm confident that they'll find a way for us to continue exports of copper

Richard Adkerson

There's a lot of uncertainty about this near-term movement and where things are

Richard Adkerson

We're going to be very interested in who the secretary of state is. We're going to be working with them to help support our business in places...around the

Paul Conibear - Lundin Mining

The cupboard's bare right now. It's the first time in five years that we haven't actively been studying or negotiating an

Eric Kinneberg - Freeport-McMoRan

We anticipate that the sale to CMOC will be completed before the end of

Joseph Kabila

No political agenda will justify violence, still less the loss of human life. Trying to take power by the blood of the Congolese people is morally

Joseph Kabila

The Congolese have shown that they can responsibly resolve their differences. I warn against and denounce all interference in Congolese affairs… our country is entitled, like all the member states of the United Nations, to respect for its

Joseph Kabila

In some months, the electoral register will be ready and the election will be

Augustin Matata Ponyo

I have just handed in my resignation and that of my government to the president of the republic in line with the spirit of the political accord signed on Oct.

Lambert Mende

I have never stopped saying that the constitution will be respected and it excludes the possibility of a third term. This does not in any way remove the right of the Congolese, like all sovereign people, to modify the constitution in three, four or five years, if they so

Julien Paluku

We were in contact with the Ugandan intelligence services who confirmed that, since Friday, ex-Colonel Makenga may have fled and the Ugandan services have not been able to locate

Julien Paluku

There's a maximum alert. Our troops are carrying out combat patrols so that, if it turns out it's true, they will proceed to neutralise (Makenga) along with any allies who might be accompanying him on this

Ismael Salumu

We just heard the explosion and the cries. We then ran over to

Albert Yuma - Gécamines

As long as the rights of Gecamines are not respected, THERE WILL BE NO

Matata Ponyo Mapon

I strongly hope this involvement by (China Molybdenum) will be rapidly put in place and see no obstacle preventing

Jean Claude Katende

The revelations are so serious ... that the attorney general of the republic should investigate this

Didier Reynders

I hope that, with all the documents that have been provided, there can be not only investigations in Congo but also international

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

At the same time, there is no basis for MONUSCO to continue providing humanitarian assistance to them, as they are no longer in a life-threatening

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I am, accordingly, bringing the matter to the attention of the Security Council in order that it might take such decisions or provide such guidance as it may deem

Daniel Mulé

The Metalkol asset sale is the latest in a growing list of undisclosed Gecamines transactions. It is essential that the government immediately release the contracts for the sale of the Metalkol stakes and other undisclosed transactions for which the government-mandated 60-day publication deadline has long

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Impunity for serious human rights violations – including the shooting, hacking and mass arrests of protestors – has been a chronic problem in the DRC for decades now. This is clearly outrageous and serves to fuel an already explosive situation in the country. While the rate of prosecutions appears to be rising, new violations continue to be perpetrated with alarming

Joseph Kabila

There is no political crisis in Congo ... what is happening at the moment is just some political tension ahead of elections, which is a normal thing in many parts of

Joseph Kabila

We have decided to delay the elections to avoid locking out a huge number of people – most of them young voters. As many as 10 million unregistered voters could miss out on the chance to vote if we proceed with the

Kaitlin Y. Cordes

Despite the strong consensus at this point on the importance of transparency, too few governments and investors have been willing to make their agricultural and forestry contracts publicly

Romain Nadal

It is necessary to act to stop the situation from worsening in DRC (the Congo). France wants the European Union to use all means at its disposal, including if necessary and in function of the evolution of the situation, resorting to sanctions' measures against those guilty of serious human rights violations or those who block an exit to the

Jean-Marc Ayrault

The constitution must be respected, a date must be fixed for the elections and a real national dialogue needs to really take place. Mr Kabila does not have the right to stand for re-election and he needs to set the

Leslie Bothge - Audi Volkswagen Korea

To our best knowledge, the cobalt in our batteries does not originate from the respective sources from DRC [DR Congo]. To our best knowledge we had no human rights abuses in our cobalt supply

Alexis Georgeson - Tesla Motors

We have asked the company in the DRC [DR Congo] that produces this trace amount of cobalt deep down within our supply chain to provide written documentation directly to us concerning their

Thomas Perriello

Unfortunately, the pattern over the last year has been to dramatically reduce that open political space … We have seen a crackdown on the rights and freedoms of Congolese people. We remain ready to impose additional targeted sanctions on individuals who have been involved in abuses or

John Kirby

The United States is also outraged and deeply disturbed by the physical obstruction and verbal aggression aimed at U.S. Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region of Africa Tom Perriello while he was departing from the Kinshasa airport on September

Jean-Marc Ayrault

What counts is the date of the elections. If the elections keep getting postponed it means that Mr Kabila wants to stay in power by all

Évariste Boshab

The government of the republic condemns any use of violence with the aim of spreading disorder and chaos in our country and creating the conditions to challenge democratic

Josue Aruna

The communities will quickly turn to this ecosystem that is very close to them to meet their economic and social needs. This population pressure in the ecosystem is related to the poverty of the population and high population growth around the national park especially in the high-altitude

Nkulu Kalala

You must know that to get a baby gorilla, you must shoot down all its family members. This is a very dangerous kind of poaching. We can still perhaps tolerate poaching to sustain livelihoods, but commercial poaching is very

Lambert Mongane

We would receive like forty tourists a day, that's about eight people per family. Today, we can even go for a whole week without receiving a single guest. Only during weekends. Personally, I have never received more than ten

Sylvie Briand - World Health Organization

So far in Angola, more than 15 million people have been vaccinated and so this represents 65% of the population, so we can say that we still have to protect certain districts and provinces, but the risk of major outbreak I think is now

Huguette Samu

In terms of language, we manage well. Whether it's in English or French, clients don't really notice the accent over the

Jacques Kamenga - Gécamines

For us, it's a matter of setting up a new joint venture with new partners to facilitate the exit of Freeport and reassure the state and the

Elizabeth Williamson - International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources

Chimps get by even if there is only a remnant of a forest. They can raid crops and steal fruit from farms - gorillas and orangutans don'

Tarik Jasarevic - World Health Organization

The WHO Emergency Committee will reconvene in coming weeks (and) will re-evaluate the situation but we think that the outbreak is manageable if we can protect enough people with the

Mak Hazukay

The goal of the attack is to incite the population to rise up against

Brett Bailey

Macbeth tells the story of a man who becomes a tyrant in his country and for power, ambition, greed, he doesn't mind. He kills anybody. For me there is a little of echoing on the Congo as well, where opportunism, self interest are what dominate. Tens of milllions of people are dying and that's why I want to make this

Alexandra Pardal

The accusations levied against us are completely false. This was a routine mission ... to meet with communities living on the edge of logging sites in the region to find out whether the benefits promised by logging companies had

Richard Muyej

There is a lot of talk about the abundance of natural resources, but the reality is that people here live in poverty. So you have to wonder, who benefits from all these profits and where do they get these profits from?feedback

Bart Janssens - Doctors Without Borders

The epidemic has become something that can exponentially reinforce itself. It's not that easy to

Matshidiso Moeti - World Health Organization

While WHO is working with partners and vaccine manufacturers to increase vaccine production and replenish the emergency stockpile currently being used for this outbreak, it is vital to interrupt transmission, especially in cross-border areas to rapidly bring this outbreak under control and halt further international

Géraldine Mattioli Zeltner - Human Rights Watch

Other commanders should take notice that they, too, can be held accountable for rapes and other serious abuses committed by troops under their

Tarik Jasarevic - World Health Organization

Experts agreed to propose if necessary, if there is a shortage of vaccine, to divide the vaccine by five. One fifth of a dose according to their evidence would be sufficient to provide immunity for at least 12

Jean-David Mihamle

It's often information from elsewhere that influences the lives of Africans. But for once, we have the possibility to freely give an African perspective. That is what africanews represents to

Narkwor Kwabla

But then with time, we have learnt to work together and everybody here is professional. So we have learnt to work together for the good of this project. And it's working out

Fatou Bensouda - International Criminal Court

While the reality of the crimes is appalling, the significance of this decision is to be celebrated. What this decision affirms is that commanders are responsible for the acts of the forces under their

Sylvia Steiner

MLC soldiers by force knowingly and intentionally invaded the bodies of the victims by penetrating the victims' anuses, vaginas or other bodily openings with their

Fatou Bensouda - International Criminal Court

Bemba's troops inflicted terrible crimes. To this day men, women and children who survived are still haunted by the horror of what happened to

Sylvia Steiner

The civilian population was the primary as opposed to incidental

Denis Sassou Nguesso

I think the vote marks progress for our democracy. And I can say that the new republic is setting out under a good omen. The vote is unfolding calmly in my

Joe Washington

There are other things to think about besides elections. Everything is being done so that the election is not

Adel ALaya

High-speed broadband is still not available across the continent. The second challenge is that access for the majority of the population is not yet at the required level. The third is actually related to the content and adaptation of the content to local needs in

Antonio Olmos

I don't oppose progress in photography. I'm pleased there aren't darkrooms and suspicious toxic chemicals you guiltily throw down the sink. I'm pleased there are no longer photography companies who got silver out of Congo by bribing Mobuto for their film, as used to

Bernard Kouchner

I intend to find out why there's no peace in the area despite so many efforts by, firstly of course the Congolese, the international community, and Europe… and how no stabililty has been reached, how in camp after camp, hundreds of thousands of people are living in appalling

Louis Michel

After hearing from the DRC and Rwandan presidents, and other figures, I have the feeling that there's a real willingness to come together, towards dialogue. And I think it's only through dialogue, not a military option, that we're going to find a lasting

Atul Khare

We have also failed. Our actions were not adequate resulting in unacceptable brutalisation of the population of the villages in the area. We must do

John Stremlau

We are hoping that the country gets through this. We are hoping that it stays peaceful and we are hoping that the candidates accept the

Joseph Kabila

It's difficult to say we should keep our calm, but effectively, we must keep our calm. Congo must continue to prepare and

Ariu Oliver

It is not the end of the war because there are still other groups who still have weapons on Congolese territory and we will also disarm them by force if they do not want to comply

John Mulala

We are asking Kabila to step down, because he was not the one who was elected. We are against the election fraud in

Antoine Mbabazi

I'm scared of war, because people can come and kill your father or your

Esta Janine Kaiti

We have no news of my mother. I don't where she is. There were gunshots everywhere. My mother woke me up and told me that we had to go. When we arrived at the Masisi Centre there were huge crowds

Frédéric Bonamy

Children are often easy targets for armed groups and the main risks to them are from forced recruitment by armed groups. Sometimes they are used to carry out domestic tasks, or military ones. So children risk being engaged in the fighting and for girls especially, they risk ending up as sex

Antoine Mbabazi

When these people find you at home, they take everything you have. And if you are unlucky, they come with knives and they tear your body, they cut you into

Esta Janine Kaiti

I was buying and selling little things and I thought, you know, my parents are dead. Am I just going to go on doing this all my life? So when I saw the others going to school, I went along with them to sign

Antoine Mbabazi

I hadn't been to school for two years because my parents didn't have any money. During that time I went out collecting firewood, which I sold and the money was used to feed the family. Life really was very hard for

Louis Michel

In a democratic country there's no place for groups of illegal armed

Michel Van Herp

We are facing the most aggressive strain of ebola, the Zaire strain. It kills more than nine out of 10 people infected. There's no cure, no medicine that kills this specific

Keiji Fukuda - World Health Organization

This is one of the most challenging ebola outbreaks that we have ever faced. And the reasons why this is one of the most challenging outbreaks is that, first we see a wide geographic dispersion of cases. So this has come in from a number of districts as well as a large city in Guinea,

Lambert Mende

Even though the retreat has been announced for a few hours now, our government is waiting to see its effects, because elements of M23, and those who support them, have made us used to decoy tactics and unkept

Jean-Jacques Muyembe

We think the big bats who eat fruit are the main carriers, but we still have to confirm this. The only way to fight ebola is by practising good hygiene and interrupting the train of transmission, meaning detect the disease rapidly – the people who are already infected – and isolate

Michel Van Herp

We are facing a scale that has never been seen before, looking at the number of cases in different

Luis Moreno Ocampo - International Criminal Court

I always say that one of the most important impacts of the ICC is that armies all over the world are adjusting the rules to the legal standards, and this case will strengthen this idea. A commander should be, is responsible, for what his troops are

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

The de-facto impunity for rape in armed conflicts must be ended. When military commanders use and impose rape, then it is a war crime. These war crimes must be punished as war crimes!feedback

Mende Omalanga

If the people show that they're not terrorised, they will deter other adventurers who may want to spill the blood of innocents in our

Navi Pillay - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Of course it is not a judgment; it is a collection of evidence and it may point to the commission of crimes such as war crimes because the laws of war forbid the killing of civilians. It points to crimes against humanity and in some instances may well amount to

Charlotte Omoy Malenga

Beyond its role in destabilising the DRC, Rwanda is now a peaceful oasis for all war criminals who operate in the eastern part of our country who are being sought by international

Simon Sang

The whole port has been paralysed, the whole port will not actually, no work will go on, until the first one thousand letters are seen

Behame Hassan

These attacks are common with Congolese soldiers, they normally come and take our animals but this time they attacked the army. They fought for hours and the result of the fighting is what you see here with dead Congolese soldiers on the

Leire Otaegi

Your career is marked by a commitment to combating sexual violence. What do you remember about the first interview you did with a female victim of sexual violence?feedback

Pierre Anganda

We have people from Vietnam, Congo, Belgium, Mexico, everywhere. Being together is our strength, which has kept us

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The intervention brigade will address all this violence and will try their best to protect human life and human rights and human dignity of all the people

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