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Michael Fallon
Jeremy Corbyn made it absolutely clear that he is still against the deterrent, and he was then corrected by his own party. So we had chaos from Labour last night, which doubles the security risk to this country when you have somebody standing to be prime minister who his own party is then having to correct. And you are left completely unsure as to what would actually happen to our nuclear deterrent. This is somebody who would certainly put the security of our country at risk. And if you want stronger and stable leadership then it has to be Theresa May and the
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Apr 24 2017
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Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May will try to say that this is an election about Brexit while ignoring her government's failure and the issues that affect people's lives every

Saira O'Mallie

Up until the last couple of days, we've been seeing positive commitment from the PM, from Priti Patel [the international development secretary] and we hope that they hold their nerve. We hope Theresa May will listen to the British public and to the huge amount of support it has across the political

Jeff Crisp

With the Brexit negotiations Theresa May is going to have to make compromises which will be unpopular with hard Brexiteers. She will have to appease the right wing of her own party. One of the ways will be to get rid of it [the pledge] or to reduce it. Another way she could appease the right wing of the party would be to increase the way the overseas development budget will be used for things that are not strictly

Nigel Farage

You can see Theresa May try to stop the same thing again about a progressive alliance that would try to stop Brexit from happening. Actually that's going to wither over then next few weeks. We should have kicked him out two years ago. He was very much responsible for division in the party. When you have someone [like me] who has been a dominant figure as leader, my critics would say domineering and they would probably be right too, when that person goes, there is bound to be a period where we need to settle

Paul Ryan

Times like these call for bold leadership, and Theresa May is certainly setting the standard. Ultimately, it is up to the British people to decide their political future - as only they can. And honestly, as my colleagues can attest, we Americans have enough on our plate . . . so I will simply say, Good luck and please know that, no matter the outcome, the United States will proudly stand by your new

Paul Ryan

Times like these call for bold leadership, and Theresa May is certainly setting the standard. Yesterday's news and today's vote is indeed a historic

Clive Lewis

I was getting married on 6 May. Theresa May kind of has thrown a clanger into my life. We've had to cancel the honeymoon and we don't even know if we're getting married now, so I don't know. It's a bit of a disaster personally. And you know, the worst of it all is the stag has had to be cancelled. If my other half is listening that was a joke!feedback

Theresa May

As our Prime Minister Theresa May has said, the country is coming together, but Westminster is

Alex Dryden - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

For us, for U.K. investors, it certainly adds to the short-term noise, but what it might lead to is a softer Brexit. A bigger majority for the Conservatives in the House of Commons might allow Theresa May to talk a softer Brexit stance which is why we've seen the pound nose up since the election

Anne Perkins

The Mail and the Sun want no opposition to Brexit, the popular will, or our future of using shire horses instead of tractors. Oh, and neither does Theresa May. Crush the saboteurs! The headline in the Daily Mail, the newspaper that now wears the mantle of the voice of Theresa May with a flamboyant confidence, was reassuring to anyone who might have wondered if they’d overegged their reaction to the election announcement. Yep, that’s right, she really doesn’t think opposition is

John Curtice

Theresa May wins seats from the Labour Party. Why? Because Labour is at sixes and sevens, Jeremy Corbyn is not a very popular leader and the party is divided over Brexit. Whereas Mrs May seems to be at least reasonably popular. Some of the leadership research recently has found she's not loved but

Luke Bartholomew - Aberdeen Asset Management

No one was expecting this. Not least because the Government itself ruled an election before 2020 out barely four weeks ago. But Theresa May has clearly smelt an opportunity to consolidate her mandate ahead of the Brexit

Tim Farron

This election is your chance to change the direction of our country. There are large numbers of Conservative seats where the Lib Dems are the challengers. Seats up and down the country where the Tories are looking vulnerable, where constituents will question this brutal, dumb hard Brexit. The only way to stop Theresa May winning a majority, the only way to stop a hard Brexit, is by the Lib Dems winning in those

Jeremy Corbyn

Elections and democracy are about public debate. So it's rather strange that only a couple of hours after calling for a general election, the prime minister is saying she's not going to take part in TV debates. Well, I say to Theresa May, who said this election was about leadership, come on and show some. Let's have the debates. It's what democracy needs and the British people

Anne Perkins

The prime minister is setting off on a course that will poison politics for a generation. But to succeed, she needs a two-thirds majority in the Commons. Theresa May has turned democracy against itself. She has been seduced by the siren evidence of the 20-point lead in the polls, and she will have a general election, the one she said again and again that she would not call. And it will almost certainly return her with a thumping majority that will allow her to run the Brexit negotiations just as she

Theo Bertram

To beat Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn must stop being so feeble. Having worked with Blair, I know how Labour can muster some attacking competence. In the past few weeks there have been some welcome signs of basic competence creeping back into the Labour operation. Three meaty policy announcements (on free school meals for all, increasing the minimum wage, and tackling late payments for small businesses) were decently prepared and served. This is a significant improvement on Labour’s announcement in January of a maximum wage cap: a policy that Jeremy Corbyn, in the middle of an interview about something else, appeared to spit out like an unexpected piece of gristle that he then tried to hide beneath his

Carys Roberts

Although Theresa May agrees that 'advancement in today's Britain is still too often determined by wealth or circumstance, by an accident of birth, rather than talent, and by privilege not merit', one of the key routes into top jobs – internships – is closed off to

Angela Rayner

In excluding the poorest children from the definition of ‘ordinary working families’, ministers are being as selective with the facts as they plan to be with schools. Anyone listening to the pronouncements of government ministers lately will have heard three words: “ordinary working families”. These are the people Theresa May would have you believe her government is all about. I can see why she made it a slogan. It certainly sounds a lot better than “tax cuts for the rich, cutbacks for the rest”, or any other description of the Tories’ actual policies in

Manuel Hassassian

The Balfour declaration, 100 years ago, was devastating for our people. Yet Theresa May says she will be marking its anniversary ‘with pride’During his recent visit to Ramallah, Boris Johnson re-emphasised Britain’s long-standing support for the two-state solution and its position that illegal Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace. Last December Britain also supported UN security council resolution 2334, which reiterated the illegality of

Frances O'Grady

Pay packets are taking a hammering from rising inflation and falling wage growth. We now need urgent action to stop another living standards crisis. Working people will want to know when Theresa May is going to do something to help. We need more investment in skills and infrastructure to build strong foundations for better paid jobs. And it's time to scrap the pay restrictions hitting midwives, teachers and other public

John McDonnell

Theresa May promised to be a champion of working people; she has failed. The Tories are taking the country backwards; Labour will stand up for working families, making them £2,500 a year better off in 2020. Only Labour will take the action needed to end the Tories' economic failure and introduce a real living wage of £10 an hour by

Alex Salmond

Even Margaret Thatcher, for goodness' sake, was prepared to acknowledge the right of the Scottish people to exercise self determination. Self determination delayed, like justice, is self determination denied and it just won't stand politically. My prediction is that the Theresa May position will crumble over time. It's a significant moment. There's been a sea change in attitudes towards

Alex Salmond

The Theresa May line - this is not the time or now is not the time - is not going to stand. Back in the day, I remember David Cameron telling me there wasn't going to be a Scottish referendum but that didn't last against the democratic wishes of the Scottish people and the Scottish Parliament and neither will the Theresa May line. It won't necessarily crumble today or tomorrow or next week but over the next few months that line will crumble because no British prime minister can stand against the democratic

Phillip Blond - ResPublica

David Cameron came into office with a new social vision of Conservatism and promptly sacrificed it on the altar of austerity. It is vital Theresa May does not let her one-nation Conservatism experience a similar sacrifice at the behest of Brexit. The trouble with Brexit is that those who voted against the EU as a proxy for globalisation and its general destruction of working-class security, risk finding May's 'global Britain' to be far, far worse for

Torsten Bell

The living standards outlook is bleak and risks giving us the inequality rises of the 1980s, without the feelgood factor of rising incomes. But it can and should change. After all, Theresa May knows her record will be judged as much on the Britain she builds as the Brexit she

Nicola Sturgeon

Having written to Theresa May on the back of the Scottish Parliamentary vote, I've said some time after the Easter recess I will set out what I consider the next steps to be, but I will set that out to parliament. These are not the kinds of things I am thinking of. I was elected as First Minister just less than a year ago. I've got a responsibility to lead this country. But I also think it's right that Scotland doesn't have our future direction as a country imposed on us, but that we get to choose

Nicola Sturgeon

I'm absolutely clear that the position of Theresa May, I just don't think is politically sustainable. If the Scottish parliament is of the opinion, as it is because it has voted in this way, that Scotland should be given a choice, not now, but when the time is right, when there is clarity about Brexit and when obviously there is clarity also about independence, that we should have a choice about our

Tim Farron

When Assad first used chemical weapons I didn’t vote to punish him, and I regret that. It’s up to Theresa May now to kickstart the diplomatic process. I am in no doubt that what will end the war in Syria is what ultimately ends every conflict: words and diplomacy, not weapons. But when diplomacy fails and civilians suffer, as they have been doing for many years in Syria, and when they are the victim of weapons that have been outlawed by the international community for their horrific and indiscriminate consequences, then we cannot shy away from proportionate military

Anna Heslop

Car manufacturers have consistently failed to hit air pollution limits for diesel cars – it is about time prime minister Theresa May put the interests of people's health above the interests of the car

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

The government is ardently pursuing bilateral deals with the subcontinent and other non-EU countries – but why not just do business with our neighbours?I still recall the stinging rebuffs I received as a teenager pursuing some beautiful young woman with whom I was besotted: “Can’t you take a hint?” The British government is similarly failing to take the hint that the Indian authorities are not going to succumb to ardent wooing for a bilateral trade deal. A few months ago Theresa May was despatched from Delhi in a rather humiliating manner, and either the message has not yet reached the Treasury or the PM wants to see her chancellor sent packing in a similar

Owen Jones

Not just content to lead us out of the EU, Theresa May is also bringing us closer to Saudi Arabia, despite the terror and suffering it inflicts. Does “Brexit mean Brexit”, or does “Brexit means Britain should cosy up even more to murderous human rights abusers?” Our government is already a serial cheerleader of gruesome regimes: now a grubby arms dealer at their service, too. But as Theresa May prostrates Britain before her head-chopping friends in Saudi Arabia, her strategy is clear. Abandoning the vast single market across the Channel doesn’t just mean reducing Britain to the status of lapdog to the woman-groping Muslim-bashing demagogue across the Atlantic. It means an ever-closer relationship to regimes which inflict suffering on people inside and outside their own

Tim Farron

Blair's speech shows how badly Corbyn's Labour has failed as an opposition. Labour have waved the white flag and given Theresa May a blank cheque for a divisive, hard

Alison Thewliss

When Theresa May stood on the steps of Downing Street last year, she said that her new government would strive to help the 'just about managing' in society. It appears that this was just empty rhetoric. Just about managing families don't need warm words, they need action from the UK government to tackle low pay and child poverty. On Thursday, Theresa May will whip away vital child tax credit payments with a two-child policy that is tantamount to social engineering. The government say this is about cutting welfare, but the reality is that two-thirds of those affected are already in

Observer editorial

Now our isolation from Europe is clear, Brexiters turn on the ‘enemies within’What a jolly week for the hard Tory Brexiters! After nine months of whingeing and bellyaching that Remain fifth columnists were conspiring to rob them of their referendum prize, the glorious day finally dawned. Theresa May stood up in the House of Commons and formally declared the UK was quitting the European Union. A lot of rhetoric followed about how Britain remained inseparably European, how we share our EU partners’ values, and how, like an unfaithful husband walking out the door, we want to keep a “deep and special”

Sonia Sodha

The left must learn that moral outrage will never win an argument. It took but a quick click, but even as I joined the collective expression of disgust on social media at last week’s Daily Mail “Legs-it” front page I felt a bit sheepish. Not because juxtaposing a headline that posed the question of who had better legs next to a photo of Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon wasn’t deeply sexist, but because it was a futile gesture, and I knew

Hussein Kesvani

The aggressive tone of the article 50 letter shows the UK has not yet realised the weakness of its position in the Brexit negotiations. Sitting in Downing Street, a carefully placed union flag draped in the background, Theresa May signed article 50, beginning the process of officially leaving the European Union. With a £400, one-of-a-kind Parker pen, and under the gaze of Britain’s greatest politician – Sir Robert Walpole – the prime minister posed for an image beamed out to the world’s media. A brief piece of daytime theatre, designed to assure the public that not only would things be fine, but that this would be a return to a bygone age of imperial

Tim Farron

It is shameful that Theresa May has threatened to withdraw security cooperation from our closest neighbors and

David Cameron

I made a promise to hold a referendum, I think it was the right thing to do. We held the referendum and, of course, the result is not the result that I sought. But it was a decisive result and that's why today Theresa May quite rightly is taking the next step to ensuring the people's will is followed through. I hope we will be out of the European Union, but we will take part in security cooperation and other forms of cooperation to recognise that while we are leaving the European Union, we are not leaving Europe, we are not giving up on European

Donald Tusk - European Council

So here it is, six pages. The notification from prime minister Theresa May triggering article 50 and formally starting the negotiations of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the European Union. There is no need to pretend that this is a happy day, neither in Brussels nor in London. After all most Europeans, including almost half the British voters, wish that we would stay together, not drift apart. As for me, I will not pretend I am

Allister Heath

The EU is on the verge of the abyss. We need to leave quickly. But it is clear that Theresa May has a winning

Rehana Azam

Public sector workers desperately need a real pay rise, not the miserly and cruel decision being imposed on them by the government. Dedicated professionals are hurting and the quality of services is deteriorating for everyone else. Theresa May talks about helping those who are 'just about managing', but it's clear that she doesn't include over 5 million public sector workers. Imposing a 1% settlement is an insult to our selfless NHS staff and other public sector workers who keep us safe day in, day

Gianni Pittella

We have heard that Theresa May is considering a cut-off date as the notification date. We completely disagree on this and we believe that the British citizens and those from the other 27 states are EU citizens until the day of the divorce. During this period the UK is a member state with full rights and obligations. It cannot be right that someone signing a work contract in the UK on Tuesday has more rights than someone signing a contract on

Gianni Pittella

We will not allow Theresa May to deliver a hard Brexit for EU citizens. If we don't insist on the rights of workers in the UK, then I am afraid the UK's health service will collapse, given the number of EU nationals who are working as nurses. So there is a common interest

Owen Jones

The paper’s leering front page featuring Nicola Sturgeon and Theresa May is part of a wider attack on liberal values. We must be prepared to fight back. Perhaps the Daily Mail should be sued for damaging people’s health? Across the nation, millions have cringed so hard at its audaciously sexist front page that they’ve strained their face muscles, or given themselves a migraine from slamming their heads repeatedly against the nearest

Polly Toynbee

Reality bites from this week: the reckless charge out of Europe has begun. But at last Labour, thanks to Keir Starmer, is fighting back. Off we go, headlong downhill, off piste, our Eddie the Eagle Brexit negotiators tumbling down towards a great crevasse. Far from “taking back control”, as Theresa May sends off our suicide letter on Wednesday, we will abandon all control as we place ourselves at the mercy of the goodwill or otherwise of each of the EU

Jules Howard

Teaching evolution from a young age can remind us of who we really are, where we come from and help a belief in universal human values flourish. It seemed slightly ghoulish seeing her hanging there, in a school. A framed portrait of Theresa May, looking down on the children in the school hall, watching over them Just About Managing not to shuffle their bottoms or pick their noses. At the time I thought it would be a one-off, but I have since seen her hanging in a few schools during my travels. Often she’s next to a big display emblazoned British Values – which is, as of 2014, a topic all schools must talk about with their

Tim Farron

Just weeks ago, Labour MPs voted against membership of the single market and to give Theresa May a blank cheque for a hard

Tim Farron

We are here to show solidarity and respect for those who voted leave. We do not believe they wanted this. [Theresa May] does not speak for 52%, she barely speaks for 5%. We are not giving up this week of all weeks. We here are as testament that we refuse to despair. Britain can be better than

Mark Rowley

It is still our belief – which continues to be borne out by our investigation – that this attacker acted alone yesterday and was inspired by international terrorism. To be explicit, at this stage, we have no specific information about further threats to the public. Spoke to U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May today to offer condolences on the terrorist attack in London. She is strong and doing very

Jeremy Corbyn

She [Theresa May] was clearly elected on a pledge not to cut school funding and that's exactly what is

Peter Rosenstreich

In our view the event of Theresa May triggering Article 50 will have a limited effect on

John Curtice

Many remain voters would like to see an end to the less popular parts of Britain's current membership of the EU, while many leave voters would like to retain the seemingly more desirable parts, such as free trade, cheap mobile phone calls and clean beaches. It also means that they are also the group that are most likely to be disappointed if they were to come to the conclusion that the government has failed to achieve that objective. Theresa May could be faced with political difficulties at home if she struggles to achieve her key objectives in

Naeem Aslam - AvaTrade

The country is divided and this is the biggest task that currently rests in her hands. Theresa May is going to start touring the UK in an attempt to bring the country together and create more support for Article

Tim Farron

The Conservative party has been taken over by its own version of Momentum. May's Momentum, the hard Brexiteers. The anti-free trade protectionists. The shrink-the-state extremists. The anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-international aid zealots. It's their party now, and it's hard to be sure whether Theresa May is their leader or their

Tim Farron

You are now the supporters of a government that is as anti-business as Jeremy Corbyn. You are now the cheerleaders of a government that is as anti-refugees as Nigel Farage. Theresa May has put at risk the very people who have bankrolled her party's success for years, and she didn't have to. So business should drop the Conservative party like a hot brick. We can gain the seats to rob the Tories of their power to wreck Britain, and by doing so we can change the course of our

Janet Davies

The Government risks turning off the supply of qualified nurses from around the world at the very moment the health service is in a staffing crisis like never before. As she pulls the trigger to begin negotiations, Theresa May must tell EU nurses and other occupations that they are needed and welcome in the NHS. It would not survive without their contribution. Sadly, it is no surprise that EU staff are leaving – they have been offered no security or reassurance that they will be able to keep their jobs. Few are able to live with such

Michael Russell

I do not know Theresa May as well as I know Nicola. But I have no doubt Nicola not only has the shrewdest but also the cleverest mind. And she is good at taking people with

John Young

Because of the referendum, the elections will be about independence again. Every time Theresa May speaks, it is worth a 100 votes to the

William Thomson - Livingston

They've got a mandate just to go for independence. Theresa May cannot say that we haven't. Theresa May is being dogmatic, saying you're only a wee country and can just be ignored. I run a company [supplying restaurants and clubs] and with Brexit we are going to lose £200,000. The Brexit thing plus Theresa May knocking back Scotland is really not on. The Scottish people should get the

Angus Robertson

The Tories argument is not about process, it's about their desperate desire to prevent anyone having the chance to reject the hard-right Brexit that they are so wedded to. The truth is it should not be for either Theresa May or the Scottish Government to decide Scotland's future, that choice belongs to the Parliament and the people of Scotland. And it is one this party will never, ever shy away from. We can not drift along for the next two years and hope for the

Angus Robertson

Well let me absolutely clear to Theresa May: you are not going to get away with

Alexander Kneepkens

Theresa May seems likely to be facing a more confident EU instead of one careening towards Nexit and Frexit when she triggers Article 50 in coming

Lesley Riddoch

With few economic downsides so far, many Scots hoped they could ignore the Brexit process. The battle over a second referendum will make that impossible. What’s a year or two between friends? Quite a lot, it seems – and even longer between sworn political enemies. Theresa May got her own back on the first minister of Scotland by refusing her request for a second independence referendum before Brexit negotiations are complete. That position sounds kinda reasonable – until you think it

Humza Yousaf

If Theresa May thinks we will shut up and eat our cereal she should think

Martin Kettle

From Brexit to Scotland, the prime minister has become one of modern politics’ greatest risk-takers. It could mean the end of the UK. When the horses line up for the Cheltenham Gold Cup this afternoon, it would be astonishing to learn that Theresa May had her feet up and was watching the race on television. Still less that she had put a pot of her money on a well-priced

Donald Tusk - European Council

A 'no-deal scenario' would be bad for everyone, but above all for the UK. The claims, increasingly taking the form of threats, that no agreement will be good for the UK, and bad for the EU, need to be addressed. I want to be clear that a 'no-deal scenario' would be bad for everyone, but above all for the UK, because it would leave a number of issues unresolved. We will not be intimidated by threats, and I can assure you they simply will not work. Our goal is to have a smooth divorce and a good framework for the future. And it is good to know that Prime Minister Theresa May shares this

Angus Robertson

If the UK Government genuinely believes in a United Kingdom (it must) take the needs, interests, concerns of the different parts of the UK seriously. The Tories are boxing themselves into a very dangerous corner. For a party that claims to be a unionist party they are making it very difficult for people in Scotland, who are not traditionally SNP voters, to look to the future of a Tory-run Britain and accepting that as our best way

Ellie Mae O'Hagan

In my heart, I long for Wales to leave the UK. While the economics doesn’t add up, we urgently need to follow Scotland in discussing our future as a nation. Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement on Monday that she plans to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence was inevitable after Theresa May refused to discuss full Scottish access to the single market and threatened to restrict new powers for Scotland after Brexit. Downing Street, having decided the British people have had quite enough democracy for the time being, countered that “another referendum would be divisive and cause huge economic uncertainty at the worst possible time”.feedback

Ken Wharfe

In today's environment, it becomes a serious security matter when documents like this detailing the hourly movements of a protected person are misplaced. That's just not acceptable. Theresa May is given this protection because she is a target and so, of course, this is a serious security risk. These papers give a detailed -assessment of her movements. Had such information reached potential terrorists it could serve to confirm their plans. But also, importantly, it would highlight the lapse and suggest to those with such terrorist intentions the weakness surrounding their potential

David Quarrey

We're seeing trading bilateral relationships between the UK and Israel, in science and trade for example, doing better than ever. But there's the potential to do even better, particularly in the context of Brexit. I was with Theresa May and Benjamin Netanyahu in London and it was clear there was the determination for this. Most businesspeople in Israel look at the UK as a great place to do business, because of its culture, language, and the predictability of the regulatory and tax

Jim Sillars

The SNP would look very silly, having chuntered on all the time while the negotiations are taking place, if Theresa May turns round and says 'we've got a tariff-free

Wendy Moffatt

It is interesting that Theresa May has had the guts to raise the grammar agenda but I wish she would come and talk to us about the reality. If you believe in grammars and a grammar education and if you are aware of what schools like mine are doing you would make sure they are viable, I wish they would wake up and see

Alison McGovern

Given the overwhelming support for the Dubs refugee children, and the public's disgust at the Government slamming the door shut, it is vital that Theresa May listens to Tory rebels and re-opens the scheme. We will keep bringing this back to the Commons until she does

Gavin Shuker

It's pretty vital for Luton. It's the assurances we can't give that are the tricky ones. It's with Boris Johnson and Theresa May – that's where this story goes

Gerry Adams - Sinn Fein

We are very clear about our view that if recent statements by James Brokenshire and Theresa May are to be taken at face value then the British government is going to make all the mistakes that it made in the

Giles Tremlett

The government seems to be in no hurry to remove us from the limbo we’ve been in ever since the Brexit vote. Theresa May cares about me and a million more people like me – British citizens who, before Brexit, chose to make their lives in Europe. There are, however, only two reasons why I know this. One is that the prime minister has repeatedly said so. The other is that three million Europeans who live in the United Kingdom are being held ransom on my behalf, forced to endure the stress and chronic uncertainty inflicted on those “displaced” by the new wall being erected in

Arlene Foster

I think it's very clear that was absolutely not about RHI. It may have been the excuse but it certainly wasn't the cause of the election. The cause of the election was Sinn Fein and republicanism wanting to rerun the election, they have mobilised their vote in a very effective way. I am pleased that the DUP has come out as the largest party in terms of votes. It is very clear in terms of unionism that it is the Democratic Unionist Party that speaks for

David Wrigley - British Medical Association

Patients are not getting the care they deserve. We are a country that can afford the funding that is required. I guess it is also a wakeup call for Theresa May and the chancellor ... we demand they fund the NHS adequately. If the budget does not bring about any further funding increase, there would be

Gianni Pittella

Theresa May is a bull in a China shop. She likes playing the role of the hardliner, but she's just coming across as fully inadequate to live up to this incredibly delicate historical phase. Without an agreement on this and other crucial issues, talks on future relationships between the EU and UK cannot start. Madame May is fully aware of this, but she's still fooling herself that the EU can be impressed by her bullying

Gina Miller

There is real danger in this process of Brexit that we don't have scrutiny, that it will actually empower Mrs. (Theresa) May and the executive, rather than parliament if this goes ahead; because they'll be making momentous decisions with a handful of people rather than parliament. (In the end) it's going to be about the negotiated package. We're going to leave but nobody actually knows what's going to happen in Europe – much less in Britain in 18 months'

Polly Toynbee

The peers debate was a terrible augury for how Theresa May intends to conduct these negotiations. It looks like things can only get worse. Here’s the Daily Mail’s comment the morning after: “In an act of betrayal and dishonesty, the House of Cronies, Dodgy Donors and Has-Beens voted last night by 358 to 256 to amend the Brexit Bill.”.feedback

Roland Mouret

I think our prime minister (Theresa May) is someone who is ready to

Juri Ratas

We must be strong ourselves; we must have good relations between the European Union and United States. Today we know that (U.K.) Prime Minister Theresa May (has been in) Washington, we know that a lot of leaders had phone calls (with) President Trump… and I think these are very, very good marks and very good

Colin Pilling

One of the main things I would say to her (Theresa May) is: look after your British expatriate communities and also our counterparts in the United Kingdom. If we lose all the bilateral agreements, then pensions, healthcare and all the other ancillary ways of living here. And that is one of the major things that is worrying

Joseph Muscat

I understand that Theresa May would want to position herself in that way at the start of negotiations; when you're negotiating you definitely have to convey the message that it is not a do or die sort of

Ben Hodges

I don't see, and I have not heard, anything that would lead me to think that this could be curtailed. Our president has spoken with Prime Minister (Theresa) May, Chancellor (Angela) Merkel and President (Francois) Hollande and what I have heard is the affirmation of the importance of NATO and the United States commitment to

Heidi Allen

Strong leadership means not being afraid to tell someone powerful when they're wrong. It's an ethos this country is proud of, Theresa May. I don't care how special the relationship is, some lines just shouldn't be

Jeremy Corbyn

President Trump's executive order against refugees and Muslims should shock and appal us all. Theresa May should have stood up for Britain and our values by condemning his actions. It should sadden our country that she chose not to. After Trump's hideous actions and May's weak failure to condemn them, it's more important than ever for us to say to refugees seeking a place of safety, that they will always be welcome in

Jane Foley - Rabobank International

I think the dollar is already coming off its post-Trump honeymoon period. What could potentially give the dollar bulls a little bit more of headway is if he were to bring out some more detail about his policies, what is he going to do about fiscal stimulus, how is he going to lower corporate tax. (U.K. Prime Minister) Theresa May, I think, has been advertising what a busy schedule she's got. But of course, the negotiations for Brexit are yet to commence with European partners. So, I think once Brexit is triggered … we've got a volatile year ahead

Victoria Honeyman

Obama has been a more Asia-Pacific-focused president, so this is a return – at least in rhetoric – to the good old days of the U.S.-U.K. special relationship. But it's very difficult to know exactly what Theresa May is going to get out of this other than warm

Volker Treier

Now there is doubt about whether (British Prime Minister Theresa May) can hold her course. There are new question marks over the path to

Robert Halver - Baader Bank

Share prices will be more volatile, on the basis of daily 140-letter tweets with significant content. What's interesting is the possibility of new trade agreements, for example with Britain, as Theresa May will be in the US in the next days and she'll be the first leader to see Mr Trump

Sean Spicer

The president will welcome his first foreign leader this Thursday when the United Kingdom's Theresa May will come to Washington on

Sergey Lavrov

A whole range of leaders of countries which are US allies openly campaigned for Hillary Clinton. Angela Merkel was actively doing that as well as François Hollande, Theresa May and other leaders of European states. Moreover, besides direct campaigning for Hillary Clinton, official representatives of the European countries were not shy to demonise Donald

Jeremy Corbyn

Theresa May has made clear that she is determined to use Brexit to turn Britain into a bargain basement tax haven on the shores of Europe. She makes out this is a negotiating threat to the 27 EU countries but it's actually a threat to the British people's jobs, services and living

John Studzinski - The Blackstone Group

Theresa May is a very thoughtful, structured, disciplined leader. The press is trying to create this image that she is approaching Brexit like she doesn't know how to

Nicola Sturgeon

The hints about what (Theresa May) she is likely to say and the comments of Phillip Hammond in the German newspaper are deeply troubling. What he is describing is a race to the bottom – a sort of bargain basement economy where the UK government will try to attract business to the UK by offering lower taxes, lower wages, less regulation in terms of workers

Donald J. Trump

We're going to work very hard to get it done quickly and done properly. Good for both sides. I will be meeting with [British Prime Minister Theresa May]. She's requesting a meeting and we'll have a meeting right after I get into the White House and it'll be, I think we're going to get something done very

Richard Cochinos - Citi

Broadly, the market has not had sterling and Brexit and Theresa May in its mind for the last two months - it's been driven by Trump and Treasuries, and more the U.S. drivers. And now for two weeks in a row we've had news on May ... really bring that to the forefront

Tony Geary

I think it could happen a little bit quicker. Theresa May now needs to sort of get her finger on the button and make sure everything is in place so by the end of this financial year she is in a position to make things

Jane Foley - Rabobank International

It���s clear that sterling is still very vulnerable to 'hard' Brexit fears. The uncertainty is itself also a negative factor, and I think perhaps that���s one of the reasons for Theresa May���s speech on Tuesday, to provide a little bit of

Richard Mylles

Theresa May is in a deceptively weak position when it comes to Brexit. Fundamentally she has a very small majority. In our view, we're heading towards WTO rules in the most likely scenario

Jordan Rochester

Political speeches come and go throughout the year with most having a very limited effect on markets. But when it comes to Brexit and a speech from Theresa May, the impact can be

Martin McGuinness

Sinn Fein will not tolerate the arrogance of Arlene Foster and the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party). We now need an election to allow the people to make their own

Martin McGuinness

Over this period of the elections, both the British government and the DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) in my opinion have grievously undermined the institutions and have eroded public confidence. So we in Sinn Fein will not tolerate the arrogance of Arlene Foster (First Minister of Northern Ireland) and the

Jordan Rochester

This doesn't necessarily mean that a BoE mandate change is on the way anytime soon but it does tie in with the theme Theresa May outlined in her Conservative conference

Guntram Wolff - Bruegel

Obviously, Theresa May will have the advantage of the EU at 27 and the fact that there are 27 different

Jean Baker

How long is the uncertainty going to last? Theresa May should come clean and tell us - she's making it too hard for people to know what they're going to

Angela Merkel

I told the British Prime Minister (Theresa May)very clearly during our talks that first Article 50, then common guidelines from the European Council, and then the negotiations, and I have no reason to doubt that this agreed strategy will be

Paul Nuttall

The country needs a strong Ukip more now than ever before, for if Ukip ceases to be an electoral force, there will be no impetus on Theresa May and her Government to give us real Brexit and we will end up with some mealy-mouthed, backsliding version. This will be a betrayal of the British people and a united Ukip under my leadership will never, ever allow that to

Francois Hollande

I have said it very clearly: Madame Theresa May wants a hard Brexit? Then talks will be hard,

Vivienne Westwood

If (Theresa May) wants to be the same as everybody who came before (her, like) David Cameron, Tony Blair. (The politicians are) all the same as soon as one goes, another one comes in. What (the political leaders) all got in common is (they) are all applying this terrible system, which is not only making and everybody poor – even dying from the fumes in the air and all kinds of terrible – war, everything is caused by this

Naeem Aslam - AvaTrade

Concerns of a hard Brexit continue to fester, causing more inflation pain for the Bank of England and for consumers. The selling pressure has easing off somewhat as Theresa May takes the foot off the gas in terms of a hard

Jean-Bernard Levy - EDF Energy

The new British government, with Mrs (U.K. Prime Minister Theresa) May, they have made their decision, and what they have publicised, there is a very interesting document called Value for

Sean Callow - Westpac Banking

The whole thing's been on a precipice since Sunday, since Theresa May (pointed to) March Brexit negotiations. But the selling has been very substantial so you can only think it's been part of that general punishment of the pound for

Neil Mellor - BNY Mellon

We can dismiss what happened in Asia, but the bias for sterling's performance remains downward. The speech by (Prime Minister Theresa) May this week thrust the prospect of a 'hard' Brexit upon the market. The fact is that the bias to the downside is going to remain there until we see some details from the negotiating

Jack Trask

In fact, a move downwards looks much more likely. The uncertainty over when Theresa May will trigger Article 50, and what the final outcome of the Brexit negotiations will be, casts a long shadow over

Pawel Wargan

[Prime Minister] Theresa May is quite keen to retain the possibility of ending free movements – at least to strengthen her bargaining position with the European Union – so that's created a lot of

Caroline Flint

I personally feel Theresa May will go all the way to

Sarah Hewin - Standard Chartered

Theresa May, the prime minister, has already said that the government won't be trying to eliminate the budget deficit. It's a new approach, no more austerity, so we're expecting that the new chancellor will announce a new set of forecasts for the deficit. In our view, it will probably be a wider deficit this year than the last and likely to stay high over the next couple of

Heather Conley

We know Philip Hammond very well in Washington from his time as foreign secretary. I think that's a very steady pair of hands so I think there is growing confidence that we've got a good leadership team. As Theresa May said, it's time to get on with it and now we'll see what the outlines for the negotiations will

Daisy Sands - Greenpeace

Theresa May should not be under the illusion that fracking is the answer to the UK's energy

Lincoln Allison

The effect of Theresa May being Prime minister has calmed down the financial markets. And, because she was a mild Remainer, it has suggested the possibility of negotiations with goodwill, depending, of course, as you will know better than I do, on whom those negotiations are with, whether they are with the (European) Commission or whether they are with a broader European negotiating

Patrick McLoughlin

Her track record shows that when Theresa [May] arrives in Brussels, Europe's bosses sit up and

Bernard Cazeneuve

Determination is the key to the success we will obtain against those who organise attacks on us. As my colleague Theresa May has just said, we will win this war against terrorism, we are determined to win

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