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Ana Gupte - Leerink Research
We are convinced that AMZN will almost certainly enter the drug distribution value chain within 2 years, evolving into a more disruptive offering over
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Oct 09 2017
“The patients often don't easily volunteer this history. In states that have legalized, I think it's easier to ascertain that history because they're more willing to come forward. [It could be] endocrine, metabolic, something structural causing the vomiting, it could be a bowel obstruction or gallstones. To the patient who is newly presenting, you have to do the full workup. You don't want to miss anything.” said Robert Glatter speaking about CVS. It’s one of the 57 quotes about CVS you can find on this page. 43 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Jim Cramer, William Shrank and Becca Brown. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Robert Glatter

When there is less blood flow to the gut and intestines, symptoms of nausea and vomiting are

Robert Glatter

I would see people in the emergency department with heavy and chronic [marijuana] use who would have these vomiting syndromes with abdominal pain, and we just didn't know what it was. If you look at the pharmacology of cannabinoids, there are multiple types of cannabinoids, and at low doses, the majority of these cannabinoids are antiemetic. But with higher and heavier usage what you develop is this paradoxical effect, this incidence of vomiting and

Seamus Nevin

They might think, What is this gibberish and what does it mean and how has it changed from previous grading systems? If the employer is time-poor and resource-constrained then they can, on occasions, be quite keen to get through as many [CVs] as possible. So if they have a CV that they don't understand then they might opt for the ones that they

Jim Cramer

Now, we know Amazon's still out there, lurking. CVS today reported a good number, but not a great one, and it's very clear that Amazon's cutting into the front of its store

David Steinberg

It is not at all clear whether the pricing environment will materially improve next year

Timothy Garton Ash

Some welcome the prospect of decline in Britain and the US. They should be careful what they wish for • Timothy Garton Ash is a Guardian columnist. ‘“You must be from England,” says the shop assistant at the CVS drugstore in Menlo Park, California. When I mention Donald Trump, he says: “Well, don’t get me started on how things are going on your side of the Atlantic. Your Mrs May there in Downing Street is being [expletive deleted] by the bureaucrats in Brussels …”.feedback

Roy Hodgson

The message I'd give coaches is not to take it personally and not regard it as a reflection on their abilities. When the English club looks, sees a manager with Champions League wins on a CV and the other guy has been managing a Scottish club, unfortunately those CVs as far as owners are concerned don't match

Dennis Crowley

Would you be able to go to the CVS across the street and buy cups? Good work; keep the receipt. I think that's where M.L.S. is going wrong. They are tending to produce a standardized product across the

Jim Cramer

Believe me, there's nothing theoretical about what Amazon's about to do to these industries. It's now a reality for everyone from Costco to CVS to Wal-Mart and Target and the pain? It hasn't even begun

Tarek El Moussa

It's a lot of lies, like when they spun it that I was a gun-toting psychopath. At first I was, like, it will be gone in a few days. But there I am at CVS picking up a prescription weeks later and these magazines are still at

Michael DeAngelis

CVS Health is committed to the highest standards of ethics and business practices, including complying with all federal and state laws ... and is dedicated to reducing prescription drug abuse and diversion. We also have stringent policies, procedures and tools to ensure that our pharmacists properly exercise their corresponding responsibility to determine whether a controlled substance prescription was issued for a legitimate medical purpose before filling

Steve Kraus - Ipsos

Amazon could break open the space, . Look at what Amazon has done to malls. In the future, when people say they're going to a Walgreens or CVS, they might instead choose to go to Without many serious competitors or true threats, these serves have been stagnant for more than 20

John Timpson - Offerhappy

We're not bothered by qualifications or CVs. We just look at the candidate and work out who they are, are they Mr Grumpy, Mr Slow, MrHappy? If they tick all the right boxes then we put them in the shop for half the day. That's it, I dreamt that up years

Richard Fields

We're hoping that this case and others like it will put a focus on the supply is too

Gabriel Weissman - AmerisourceBergen

The issue of opioid abuse is a complex one that spans the full health care spectrum, including manufacturers, wholesalers, insurers, prescribers, pharmacists and regulatory and enforcement

Tobias Barker - MinuteClinic

We believe in the MinuteClinic model of care and are excited to offer our health care services as one potential solution for the Phoenix VA Health Care System and its patients with minor illnesses and injuries. We're looking forward to working with the Phoenix VA Health Care System team to ensure that their patients have additional options for high-quality acute care at times and locations that are convenient for

Baligh Yehia - Community Care

Our number one priority is getting Veterans access to care when and where they need it. The launch of this partnership will enable VA to provide more care for Veterans in their neighborhoods. Partnerships between VA and private providers are essential to delivering care in the diverse geographies where Veterans

Mark Rigby

Over the next five years, allowing for transitional relief which limits how quickly bills can rise and fall, with increases through inflation, CVS projects Tesco will save £105.32 million in rates under the revaluation for its largest stores. In comparison, across England and Wales small shops have seen their rateable values, used to determine bills, increase by 8.5% whilst pubs have seen a 14.36%

Dax McCarty

Bastian comes in, he hasn't played in a year and a half, he steps into the team and immediately you see his quality. And again, that's because he's been one of the best players in the world over the last couple of years. You look at their pedigrees, and you look at their CVs and you find yourself scratching your head at how anyone could question whether this guy was going to come in and help our team be

Troyen Brennan - CVS Health

We know that tobacco kills 488,000 people a year in the U.S. How can you sell that kind of thing when you're supposed to be emphasizing health care? Cigarettes are an impulsive buy. When you change availability, you can change the smoking habits of

Stanton Glantz

It shows that responsible behavior by a pharmacy has public health benefits for the whole population. It was a big enough effect that you could see it in the population level, which is very impressive. We think that this research definitely shows that if pharmacies didn't sell cigarettes, fewer people would smoke, more people would live longer, and fewer people would

Paul Turner Mitchell - CVS Pharmacy

Not one penny of the Government money will be part of the £3.6bn fund. What it means is that businesses in less prosperous areas will have their rate deductions denied in order for businesses in more prosperous areas to be afforded a cap on their

Nicholas Roffe

Relief to me does not mean charging more, but I am being charged more to compensate for relief. It's not

Jerry Schurder - Gerald Eve

As business rates bills start to land on doormats, firms are discovering just how inadequate the Government's transitional relief scheme

Jerry Schurder - Gerald Eve

These firms have been struggling for many years with bills divorced from economic reality, and to make them subsidise businesses in thriving areas is simply

Daniel Eckert

We're leaning into a behavior and habit that began with Walmart Pay, and it was all centered around how to improve the overall experience at checkout. This is just going to add on to that overall experience. Our customers continue to tell us that the need to save time has become just as important as the need to save

John Darrah

Plaintiff merely alleges that he prefers products made in the United States and that he is willing to pay a

David Larsen

Without the increased competition among manufacturers that the PBMs create, drug price inflation would be even higher than where it is

Ernesto Ramos

We want to be exposed to equities because we see the potential positives coming through. However we want to do it a defensive low-risk way. We are looking actively for underpriced, low-risk stocks to put our money, with stable operating earnings

Peter Maybarduk - Public Citizen

It was essentially a maneuver to maintain premium market share and avoid straight talk on

Peter Maybarduk - Public Citizen

CVS and Cigna are looking through the aggressive marketing tactics and asking why it's worth it to pay twice for the same product. We need a lot more action and we need legislative action against price

Karen Eldred - CIGNA

It is positive news for our customers who rely on the life-saving EpiPen Auto-Injector that Mylan has launched the first authorized generic version. The generic version, available now in pharmacies, has the same drug formulation and device functionality as the branded medication, but at a substantial cost

Brian Tanquilut - Jefferies

The company's recently-announced script and market share losses on the retail pharmacy side of its business present a meaningful revenue and earnings headwind that in our view, has reset CVS's growth outlook. The company will be unable to deliver the positive earnings surprises in 2017 that are necessary to get it out of the investor penalty

Roger McNamee

I think this is part of a continuum that began a number of years ago when folks like Home Depot, and then CVS and Albertsons, Wal-Mart and others have experimented with

William Shrank

We're looking out for you because we know there is a potentially big storm

William Shrank

There is an incremental benefit beyond what the media does by creating a partnership between the government and the private

Nicole Lurie - Department of Health and Human Services

They have registered to receive the same data we provide to CVS, and we're optimistic that more of them will adopt this practice. As (was) the case with CVS, we expect some will want to do some pilot tests before they go to scale, and we have offered to

William Shrank

At a time when there is increased risk due to a natural disaster, how do you identify those people most at risk and get them the medications they need to stay at

Jim Cramer

CVS has gone from a market darling to a total dog, as its once-vaunted pharmacy benefit manager business has become an albatross around its neck and the company loses share to its

Jim Cramer

Maybe they can turn things around, but for now, CVS remains in the penalty box until we see them take concrete steps to lessen their dependence on what was once the golden goose, now just a turkey headed for a

Jim Cramer

I have to admit, it was pretty confusing given that management had just raised numbers three months ago – it made them seem

Alan Zillich

Even though drugs cost a lot, pharmacies don't make much off each individual

William Kayatta

The cited studies do not on their face render implausible the allegation that CVS lacks substantiation that the 'heart health' and 'supports heart health' statements are truthful and not misleading descriptions of the function of vitamin E supplements in

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