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There is an emerging Taliban Axis comprising of Pakistan, China, Russia, and Iran. They are united in two things: evicting US from Afghanistan and combating Daesh.
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In this page you'll find all points of view published about Daesh. You'll find 214 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Daesh are: Haider al-Abadi, John Kerry, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mevlut Cavusoglu. Haider al-Abadi specifically said: “We are proving that Daesh can be eliminated. We have managed to liberate the people and have the *trust* of the people.”.
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Mark Rowley

It would be wrong to suggest it was of the same gravity as the threat from Daesh and Al-Qaida, but there are extreme right-wing groups who are trying to provoke violence in communities, trying to sow discord and divide communities and on occasion using violence.

Frank Baker

For the United Kingdom this is a further evidence of the bilateral support that we are giving and continue to give to Iraq, to help Iraq move forward to recover from the ravages of Daesh.

Frank Baker

For the United Kingdom this is a further evidence of the bilateral support that we are giving and continue to give to Iraq, to help Iraq move forward to recover from the ravages of Daesh (Islamic State).

Marine Le Pen

Daesh is THIS! I did not know it was a picture of James Foley. It's accessible on Google. I learned this morning that his family is asking me to withdraw it. Obviously, I immediately withdrew it. I'm a lawmaker. I'm in my role when I condemn Daesh. And if I don't fulfill my role, I'm worth nothing as a lawmaker. Nobody can prevent a republic's representative from condemning Daesh's acts of violence.

Marine Le Pen

I'm a lawmaker. I'm in my role when I condemn Daesh, this is my role. And if I don't fulfill my role, I'm worth nothing as a lawmaker. Nobody can prevent a republic's representative from condemning Daesh's acts of violence.

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

I would just tell you that by, with and through our allies is the way this coalition is going against Daesh. We're going to continue to go after them until we destroy them and any kind of belief in the inevitability of their message. We owe some degree of confidentiality on exactly how we're going to do that and the sequencing of that fight so that we don't expose to the enemy what it is we have in mind in terms of the timing of the operations.

Falah al-Wabdan

We are now fighting Daesh at the southern edge of the city. We are trying to breach trenches and high berm they used as defensive line.

Sabah al-Numani - Cts

Our forces started a major operation early this morning to storm the airport of Mosul and the Ghozlani base to dislodge Daesh (Islamic State) terrorists. We can confirm that the Mosul airport militarily has fallen and it's a matter of short time to fully control it.

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

If you want to defeat Daesh, we need, even if it looks complicated, even if it looks remote, a political, inclusive, credible solution in Syria and that is the challenge that we are going to face in the next few weeks.

Haider al-Abadi

We call on our brave troops to start the push to liberate the rest of the city, to liberate people from the oppression and terrorism of Daesh. Our main mission is to liberate the people before liberating the land.

Mohammed Javad Zarif

The use of chemical weapons can never be condoned ... Unfortunately the terrorist organisations Nusra and Daesh (Islamic State) still possess chemical weapons.

Aref Hassan

We hope international organisations and de-mining organisations will clean up the farming areas of explosive devices and land mines. This area was the first line of fire against Daesh and it is full of land mines. Farmers cannot go back to their land.

Ali Abu Mahdi

It's their corruption that facilitates the entry of Daesh. Both are in the same bag.

Michael Fallon

"I hope that isolation will be completed by the spring and then operations to liberate Raqqa itself can begin thereafter,". "Raqqa is a much smaller city than Mosul but will clearly be defended very vigorously by Daesh and that means the operation to liberate Raqqa has to be very carefully prepared, as the operation for Mosul was,". "Once Raqqa is liberated after Mosul, we will see the beginning of the end of this terrible caliphate,".

Michael Fallon

I hope that isolation will be completed by the (northern) spring and then operations to liberate Raqqa itself can begin thereafter. Raqqa is a much smaller city than Mosul but will clearly be defended very vigorously by Daesh and that means the operation to liberate Raqqa has to be very carefully prepared, as the operation for Mosul was. Once Raqqa is liberated after Mosul, we will see the beginning of the end of this terrible caliphate.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

On the issue of fighting Daesh, we – that is Turkey and Saudi Arabia – will be cooperating with the United States. We believe that the fight from now on will be more effective and that we will be able to clear both Syria and Iraq of Daesh. We told the previous administration not to rely on or trust a terror organization to fight an organization like Daesh. We said it would be a mistake but we were not able to get them to listen. The operation in Raqqa should be conducted with the right (groups) not with terror organizations.

Rami Abdulrahman

We don't know if Daesh (Islamic State) will be able to recover it, or if it is in a state of collapse.

Rami Abdulrahman

"We don't know if Daesh (Islamic State) will be able to recover it, or if it is in a state of collapse,"

Salem Jamil

The bodies should stay. Daesh killed lots of people so why should they be buried.

Ibrahim Mohamed

We will leave the terrorists there. The message is clear to Iraqis, to keep them from joining or supporting Daesh (Islamic State). This will be your fate. The Iraqi army will finish you off.

Falah Hammad Hindi

It all depends on how the army behaves. If there are abuses again, a new generation of Daesh (Islamic State) fighters will be back.

Haider al-Abadi

Terrorism uses the weapon of sectarianism in Iraq and Syria ... in order to drive people and communities apart and take control of them. (We must) not allow the conditions that existed before Daesh (Islamic State).

Abdel Amir al-Mohammedawi

The challenge is that they [Islamic State] are hiding among civilian families, that's why our advances are slow and very cautious. The families, when they see Iraqi forces coming, flee from the areas controlled by Daesh [IS] towards the Iraqi forces, holding up white flags, and Daesh bombs them with mortars and Molotov cocktails, and also shoots at them.

Samil Tayyar

Daesh (Islamic State), the PKK and FETO are terror groups with strings linked to the same center. Along with many secret services, the most active user is the CIA.

Sabah al-Numani - Cts

We are proceeding side by side ... and advancing at the same level. This is a very important factor, thanks to which Daesh (Islamic State) has not been able to move its fighters. It has to support one axis (front) at the expense of another.

Binali Yildirim

We discussed the issue of Bashiqa. We see that significant progress is being made in cleansing Daesh from the region. In line with this we will solve this (Bashiqa) subject in some way in a friendly way.

Talib Shaghati

Daesh (Islamic State) devised many plans to obstruct and block us but they failed. We were able to surpass them and these areas were liberated with high speed.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

To present the country which is leading the greatest struggle against DAESH as one supporting terrorism is what the terror organization wants,'' referring to the Islamic State group by its other name. In Turkey, no one's way of life is under any threat. Those who claim this have to prove it. It is my duty to protect everyone's rights. To say Turkey has surrendered to terrorism is to take sides with the terrorists and terror organizations.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Despite the sad start in the early hours of 2017, we strongly maintain our expectations for the new year. To present the country which is leading the greatest struggle against Daesh as one supporting terrorism is what terror organization wants. In Turkey, no one's way of life is under any threat. Those who claim this have to prove it. It is my duty to protect everyone's rights.

Francois Hollande

We have a common enemy: it's terrorism, it's Daesh, it's fundamentalism. This enemy, we need to hunt it down in places where it exists – in Iraq, in Syria. But also we need to understand the links which exist between these terrorist groups and a certain number of individuals who are manipulated and who organise attacks in several countries.

Francois Hollande

We will fight them like (we fight) all jihadists ... since they are attacking us, since they prepare attacks on our own territory. We are preparing for these returns and the very particular processing of these children. Everything that contributes to reconstructing Iraq is an additional step to avoiding Daesh strikes on our own territory. Daesh is stepping back and Daesh will be defeated.

Ben Wallace

The ambition of IS or Daesh [Arabic acronym of Islamic State] is definitely mass-casualty attacks. They want to harm as many people as possible and terrorize as many people as possible. The big concern is if Mosul collapses and all the other bases of Isis collapse. We know there are a significant number of [Britons] fighting for IS in Syria. They will probably want to come home.

Ahmed Abu Karam

We Sunnis are marginalized. The security forces ran away and left us with Daesh in 2014. Now they suspect us of being terrorists.

Haider al-Abadi

We have not seen Daesh [Islamic State] since the Iraqi forces restarted their offensive. We hear the sounds of large car bombs. Today I heard no fewer than 10 huge explosions.

Waad Amin

The government needs to have a security outpost in every neighbourhood . If not, the situation will be very dire. They cannot leave us to kill each other, as they did before Daesh took the city.

Walid al Muallem

Everything is open for discussion, with the exception of national sovereignty, and the people's right to choose its leadership. It is the duty of the factions (rebel groups) who have signed it to distance themselves from, and declare that they are not linked to, the Nusra Front or Daesh (Islamic State).

Abu Mustafa

We escaped death. We left everything, our homes and belongings. Life under Daesh was bad, they treated us poorly, no-one had any money. We are taking our children to the camps so we can live.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

They were accusing us of supporting Daesh (Islamic State). Now they give support to terrorist groups including Daesh, YPG, PYD. It's very clear. We have confirmed evidence, with pictures, photos and videos.

Michael Fallon

We are dealing here with a global threat from Daesh, a threat that isn't just present in Iraq and Syria, but is present in western Europe, has hit Paris and Brussels, spread to the Far East and hit California. This is a global threat and I have no doubt that the next US administration will step up to its traditional role of global leadership.

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

We have heard from the Russians more than once, and from Putin himself, that the last thing he wants is to see the Daesh people returning to the Russian Federation, those who came from there and were trained to fight there.

Hisham al-Hashemi

The battle has taken a different shape since then - no food, no fuel is reaching Mosul and Daesh (Islamic State) fighters are bent on fighting to the end.

Ahmed Abu Fadl

The hospital was a Daesh base. They were treating their wounded there.

Marwan Abbas

Every day we kill some of them. But all the time Daesh is sending more.

Hamdan al-Abed

We couldn't resist them, we didn't have weapons and they would kill anyone against them. When the security forces approached our neighborhood, all the Daesh fighters fled with their families deeper inside Mosul.

Karim al-Nouri

Daesh attacked at dawn to try to control the village Tal Zalat. Clashes continued for two hours, until Daesh withdrew, leaving bodies (of dead fighters) behind.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

If there is no political solution in Syria, if there is no national unity, if its territorial integrity is not ensured, you may clear it of Daesh today, but tomorrow another organization will appear.

Sabah al-Numani - Cts

Our soldiers are busy fighting Daesh. They have no time to write this. In any case 'We answer your call, O Hussein' is just an expression of joy over the liberation from Daesh. It's known that Imam Hussein is a symbol of the revolution from oppression.

Haider al-Abadi

We have seen the whole organisation collapsing in terms of standing in the face of our own armed forces. The success of liberating a huge area indicates that Daesh [Isis] does not have the guts now or the motivation to fight as they were doing before.

Richard Coe

These people get it right far more often than not, but this time they came up short. In many ways these forces looked and acted like the Daesh fighters the Coalition has been targeting for two years. This was obviously a missed opportunity to be able to limit the damage of the mistake.

Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

If we will leave them as they are, people from Daesh can recruit them easily. They can start operations from there easily. It (Gaza) can transform also as a launching pad for extremism and for terrorism ... That's why we need to put an end to this.

Omar Abdullah

He wanted to get married but he didn't have the money because times are tough. Daesh brainwashed him, gave him money and promised him virgins in heaven. I lost my son.

François Molins

A Strasbourg commando team, and also a man arrested in Marseille, were given instructions to acquire arms. The weapons were going to be used to create public disorder, through intimidation or terror on French soil on behalf of the terrorist organisation Daesh.

Binali Yildirim

It is clear that there are some who are not pleased with Turkey's fight against Daesh. But of course these attacks will be responded to in kind.

Hussein Saleh

Daesh (Arabic acronym for so-called Islamic State) just put explosives on the wellheads and blew them up.

Thafer al-Any

We should not have gone to war against Daesh before settling our differences first. But, let us see how things are handled after Daesh is defeated. It is difficult to imagine that Iraq will stay united without a political settlement.

James Malloy

Mosul is the last large city in Iraq that is held by Daesh, but Daesh is by no means finished in Iraq, so our mission in Iraq won't end as Mosul falls.

Haidar al-Abadi

Our strength lies in our diversity ... we have a tough task ahead of us to rebuild what Daesh destroyed.

Haider al-Abadi

Our strength lies in our diversity. ... We have a tough task ahead of us to rebuild what Daesh destroyed.

Adnan Abu Amjad

The Turkish state is a terrorist state that is attacking positions of the military council that is fighting Daesh.

Afram al-Khoury Benyamen

The first thing they did was break the cross, we want to replace it and tell Daesh that the cross is still here and we are not leaving at all.

Omar Abdallah

In Europe, if a migrant from Syria or Iraq blows himself up in a terrorist attack there is a backlash against all migrants. Here, with the Kurds and Arab Daesh sympathisers, it's the same.

Omar Abdallah

It's possible I'll be arrested now, especially having lived under Daesh. But that's a risk I'm willing to take to get home. My parents have never seen their grandchildren. They call every day asking after Ali and Aboudi.

Omar Abdallah

The peshmerga have searched people here in case there are Daesh fighters hiding among us. We all arrived this morning. They haven't told us when we'll be allowed to cross.

Omar Abdallah

Living in Mosul, I kept my head down, grew my beard long and worked as a fruit seller. I tried to avoid any contact with members of Daesh.

Hussam al-Aboudi

We have sources, we have the names of Daesh fighters, we know them. Residents also give us information - like they say, Daesh posted a sniper on top of my house.

Raghid Rashid

Daesh is gone. But even if they came back I'd stay put, and I'd fight to the death if necessary. We know their tactics now and we're not scared anymore.

Raghid Rashid

The fight to get Bashiqa back was tough. Daesh (Islamic State) used suicide bombers, tunnels, snipers. When we got here half the town was destroyed - including my home.

Lahur Talabany

The fight against [Daesh] is going to be a long fight. Not only militarily, but also economically, ideologically.

Haider al-Abadi

Maybe some crimes happen here and there, but I consider it as homicide when some people take revenge against Daesh (Islamic State) by themselves.

Ala Hussein

The government sold us to Daesh in the first place. And now they want to accuse us of being terrorists!

Abbas al-Azaji

As our troops advanced towards the areas we were charged with liberating, Daesh (IS) used tanks and vehicles made of wood to divert the military planes.

John Dorrian

We call it tactical deception. Daesh has been doing it and that's certainly a tactic that enemies like to use.

Qaisar Mohammed

After two years under Daesh (Islamic State), they have terror in their hearts. Their reaction is fear. They think maybe the Iraqi forces cannot liberate Mosul and then they will return. That is how they think.

Othman Fadel

We were caught between shelling from both sides. Sometimes Daesh (Islamic State) would deliberately shell civilians.

Tarek al-Jaroushi

I strongly support Trump because of his and the Republicans' resolute and decisive attitudes. The Republican Party, which understands the truth about Daesh (Islamic State) and the positions and the victories of the Libyan army, will support us.

Riyad Ahmed

The devil himself would be astounded by Daesh 's methods of torture. It is beyond the imagination.

Ali Dhaher

Thank God we're no longer under Daesh. Daesh is a byword for savagery. They target civilians even before targeting the army. It's increased too. Wherever they are more encircled and lose territory, they increase their attacks on civilians.

Fathi Abu Abdallah

They [Daesh] shot me, right as I was collecting food aid next to the mosque on that corner, just a few minutes ago.

Riyad Ahmed

If the forces had come just a few days later, we would be in Mosul now. Daesh wanted to take us.

Safeen Rasoul

Our aim is to take control and clear out all the Daesh (Islamic State) militants. Our estimates are there are about 100 still left and 10 suicide cars.

Rezan Hiddo

We cannot extinguish the fire in our neighbor's house if our home is burning. We were very clear with our allies. If there is a plan to attack Daesh, there must be limits for Turkey.

John Dorrian

Daesh have continued to hide behind civilians and facilitate harm to them.

Najim al-Jabori

There are at least 70 Daesh (Islamic State) fighters in the town. The majority are foreign fighters, so they don't know where to go. They are just moving from place to place.

Hadi al-Amiri

This is the area Daesh (Islamic State) entered Mosul from. Severing this road means to completely cut off the enemy's supply lines and surround them.

Haider al-Abadi

We will close in on Daesh [IS] from all angles and, God willing, we will cut the snake's head. They will have no way out and no way to escape. Either they surrender or they die.

Saleh Yassin

We tried for a year to convince them not to say Daesh, because we knew that we would be taken away, imprisoned and whipped.

Abdul Ghani al-Assadi

We fear that Daesh militants could attack our forces or the town with mortars. So, for the safety of the families, we ask them to stay inside their houses.

Sami Al-Aridi

The special forces have stormed in. Daesh is fighting back and have set up concrete blast walls to block off the Karama neighborhood [in between Gogjali and Judayat al-Mufti] and our troops' advance.

Emad Hassan

When I knew the security forces were serious about liberating Mosul, I came here. Daesh (IS) was preventing families from moving toward the security forces and ordered them into the city centre, but I refused and stayed.

John Dorrian

If Daesh stand and fight, they're going to be killed. There's no question about that. If they run, they will either be captured or killed. They are not going to be allowed to escape.

Abbas Ali

A nearby village held by Daesh was attacked. We heard the five remaining Daesh members in our village went to help their comrades there.

Hussein Nazim

We must strike like this before we move in or else we will be easy prey for Daesh.

Ahmed Raad

Some people fled the other day so we took a chance. Daesh fired two bullets at us but they missed and we made it.

Sabry Abdullah

Yeah and came back from near of my village… a further village, and Daesh execute civilians from my village: approximately 25, 27 persons. Civilians from here.

Ali Hazoom

Some of them, their father or their mother was killed by Daesh, so when they see the prisoners, they can't control themselves.

Chris Parker

As Iraqi forces move closer to Mosul, we see that Daesh (IS) resistance is getting stronger.

Abdul Hai Khatibi

Afghan police killed a Daesh (Islamic State) commander in Ghor province during an operation yesterday but Daesh fighters abducted some 30 civilians from near the provincial capital and shot them all dead in revenge.

Karim Sinjari

There is information that many people are revolting and carrying out attacks against Daesh. A number of Daesh members were killed on the streets at night.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

This kind of attack will not stop our fight against Daesh (Islamic State). This operation will continue until al-Bab. The operation needs to continue, and it will.

Ahmed Bilal Harish

We had two choices: We could be killed by Daesh or die along the way, so we ran.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

I have told our American friends we do not need (the Syrian Kurdish groups) to fight Daesh.

Rupert Colville - United Nations

We very much fear that these will not be the last such reports we receive of such barbaric acts by [Daesh].

Brett McGurk

Daesh is trying to launch spoiler attacks. This was expected, it's planned for, and we can expect more of it.

Lise Grande - United Nations

We were informed that two days after the attack by ISIL or Daesh, the Kirkuk authorities announced that they will be expelling the (displaced Sunni Arab) civilian population and just a few hours after the announcement we understand that around 250 civilian families felt they had no choice but to leave.

John Dorrian

Fighting is ongoing in Rutba, which is still contested. The coalition continues conducting strikes to support the Iraqi security forces' response efforts, including one against a Daesh convoy that was attempting to flee the area.

John Dorrian

The attacks have also killed hundreds of Daesh fighters who are attempting to block the Iraqi advance to liberate Mosul.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Our aim is to remove Daesh (Islamic State) from both Syria and Iraq. Iraq is a neighbor and friend for Turkey and for us the territorial integrity and stability in Iraq is as important as our own.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

(Kurdish) Peshmerga forces we trained in northern Iraq are actively participating, and local forces that we support in Bashiqa, are actively fighting Daesh.

Rida Issa

The forces have completely recaptured the 600 block area in Sirte from gangs of Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIL], and now the Ghiza Bahriya area is the last pocket of resistance.

Dmitry Peskov

A temporary base is not a goal, it's a means to achieve the goal that was declared by the president - to help legitimate Syrian authorities in their fight with ISIS (Daesh) and other terrorist organizations. The Syrian territory must be liberated.

Raeda Paulos

We are scared, in case it doesn't go back to normal when they clear the area. Daesh (ISIL) has been there for two years, maybe there are explosives, IEDs (improvised explosive device) or bombs. So we are in a wait-and-see mode right now.

Adil Mateh

The church is the safest place. It is God's house. But Daesh isn't afraid of God. They aren't afraid of anything.

Mohammad Ghasri

Each round of fighting has its own circumstances ... and it's difficult to predict when the battle will be over. But the end of Daesh will be very soon.

Rida Issa

There was a desperate resistance by Daesh, but it was confronted by heavy weapons.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

They thought they could keep us out of Mosul by bothering us with the PKK and Daesh (Islamic State) ... They think they can shape our future with the hands of terrorist organizations. We know that the terrorists' weapons will blow up in their hands soon.

Suleyman Soylu

The Daesh militant was rendered ineffective following very important tracking and intelligence work. These operations are continuing.

Haider al-Abadi

I have my own sources inside Mosul who tell me who is Daesh and who isn't. My commander knows my plans and he has agreed to let me go.

Hoshyar Zebari

Daesh is disoriented, they don't know whether to expect attacks from the east or west or north.

Gary Volesky

I'll tell you there are a lot fewer Daesh today than there were yesterday. There will be fewer tomorrow than today.

Haider al-Abadi

These forces that are liberating you today, they have one goal in Mosul, which is to get rid of Daesh [Isis] and to secure your dignity. God willing, we shall win.

Haider al-Abadi

I announce today the start of this heroic operation to seek the liberation from the oppression and terror Daesh. We will meet soon in Mosul to celebrate its salvation. The main troops which are participating in this operation are the Iraqi army and police forces and only they will enter the city of Mosul to liberate it.

Haider al-Abadi

I announce today the start of the heroic operations to free you from the terror and the oppression of Daesh [ISIS]. We will meet soon on the ground of Mosul to celebrate liberation and your salvation.

Evaan Khalas

Now they don't accept me. I wanted to fight with them against Daesh. As long as there is Islam we can't live here.

Ali al-Hussaini

Our role will be liberating them from Daesh tyranny. We will make sure to save the families from any harm and preserve their dignity. We are their brothers, we are not an enemy.

Brett McGurk

We're going to try to make sure that if Daesh escapes Mosul, which I don't think they'll be able to do, that they can't take these people with them. It's one of most difficult questions, and we want to free these people. That's one of the key objectives of the operation.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We won't let Mosul be given to Daesh (Islamic State) or any other terrorist organisation. They say Iraq's central government needs to approve this but the Iraqi central government should first deal with their own problems.

Sammy Sampson

We are adapting our processes, our procedures, our tactics, our understanding, every single minute of every day. I'm absolutely confident that we're outpacing Daesh in that area.

Sammy Sampson

The air component and the air support have helped partner forces on the ground. And in many, many areas, those partner forces have stopped Daesh (the Arabic acronym for IS) dead in their tracks.

Haider al-Abadi

We hope within the next few months we're going to kick Daesh out of Mosul and we'll deliver a huge blow to what Daesh believes in.

Haider al-Abadi

We hope within the next few months we're going to kick Daesh out of Mosul. They must be crushed on the ground.

Haider al-Abadi

These operations pave the way for cleansing every inch of Iraqi land and, God willing, its end will be the liberation of Mosul city,... the liberation of all Iraqi lands and the end of Daesh (IS).

Haider al-Abadi

These operations pave the way for cleansing every inch of Iraqi land and, God willing, its end will be the liberation of Mosul city, ... the liberation of all Iraqi lands and the end of Daesh.

Barack Obama

This is going to be a challenging battle. Mosul is a large city and Daesh has embedded itself deeply within that city.

Al Jafaari

This proves clearly the link between US troops and Daesh, and that Americans said it was just an error, this is clearly a lie. This was justified by the will to avoid the US-Russian (ceasefire) deal.

Peter Cook

The strike near Al Bab, Syria, removes from the battlefield ISIL's ['Daesh's] chief propagandist, recruiter and architect of external terrorist operations. It is one in a series of successful strikes against ISIL [Daesh] leaders, including those responsible for finances and military planning, that make it harder for the group to operate.

John Kerry

If groups within the legitimate opposition want to retain their legitimacy they need to distance themselves in every way possible from Nusra (Front) and Daesh (ISIL). And we expect that Russia will ensure that the Syrian government will adhere to all of its requirements about its air activities and about the access for humanitarian deliveries.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

It is our duty to our people to finish off Daesh (ISIL) in Syria and to reduce them to a level where they can't carry out attacks in our country. Euphrates Shield is the first step in that.

Qais Al-Azzawi

Al Qaeda's principle enemy now is Daesh – the group that calls itself Islamic State – because Daesh revolted against al-Qaida. You have to know that all these terrorist organisations like al-Qaida, Daesh, the Al-Nusra Front and Boko Haram, even Daesh leader al-Baghdadi, all followed the rules laid down by Osama bin Laden, they may not get along with Ayman al-Zawahiri but they're fine with the man they see as their spiritual father – Osama bin Laden.

Christopher S. Murphy

Thousands of civilians are being killed, and terrorist groups inside the country, like al-Qaeda and ISIL (Daesh), are getting stronger. Until the Saudis' conduct changes, the US should put a pause on further arms sales.

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Make no mistake, I certainly do not equate the actions of nationalist demagogues with those of Daesh. But in its mode of communication, its use of half-truths and oversimplification, the propaganda of Daesh uses tactics similar to those of the populists.

John Kirby

We don't believe tactical operations between members of the SDF and Turkish forces, or forces supported by Turkey, to be productive in terms of the fight against Daesh.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Whether it's Daesh or PKK or PYD or YPG or the DHKPC or Nusra or Al Shabab, in our view these are all terrorist organisations… There are no good or bad terror organisations. We can not make a distinction between good or bad terrorist organisations. They are all terrorist and all are bad.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

We'll fight against Daesh and other terrorist organisations until the end. And we'll continue to support countries and forces who are (also) fighting (ISIL)… And of course our border needs to be completely cleansed of Daesh.

Donald J. Trump

You know, in fact, in many respects, [Daesh] is honoring President Obama. He's the founder of ISIS. He founded ISIS.

John Nicholson

We will continue to stay after Daesh until they are defeated here in Afghanistan.

Francois Hollande

We are facing a challenge, and yet another one, because the threat level is very high and it remains very high after all that we've been through in the past few days, years even. We are dealing with Daesh (ISIL), which has declared war on us. We must lead this war with all means necessary, respecting the law, which is what makes us a democracy.

John Kerry

To eliminate Daesh from Iraq permanently, the government of Baghdad has got to be viewed as responsive to the needs of the people in all parts of the country.

John Kerry

I spoke to Foreign Minister Lavrov again today. We both believe that we have an understanding of the direction we are going in and what needs to be achieved and our teams will meet shortly and we are going to continue to do that in order to bolster the cessation of hostilities and in order to increase our capacity to fight back against Al-Qaeda, which is Nusra, as well as fight back against ISIL [Daesh].

John Kirby

We've always made clear that the military campaign is not enough to defeat Daesh (Islamic State) or to remove the threat that it poses.

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I do not equate the actions of nationalist demagogues with those of Daesh, which are monstrous, sickening, and Daesh must be brought to justice, but in its mode of communication, its use of half-truths and oversimplification, the propaganda of Daesh uses tactics similar to those of the populists.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

Our suggestion to them is that they should also wear Daesh, al-Nusra and Al-Qaeda insignias during their operations in other regions of Syria. They can also wear the Boko Haram insignia when they go to Africa, but they don't see YPG in the same way as the other terrorist groups.

Mohamed al-Gasri

We declare the completion of the first stage of al-Bonyan al-Marsous after we pushed the militants of Daesh (Islamic State) back to the outskirts of Sirte.

Antony Blinken

We've seen that Boko Haram's ability to communicate has become more effective. They seem to have benefited from assistance from Daesh.

Tanju Bilgic

Our country which is fighting at the same time against terrorist organisations such as PKK, Daesh and DHKP-C, is taking all measures within laws in order to maintain the balance between freedom and security, and to protect the lives of our citizens in the region.

Jean-Marc Ayrault

It is not Daesh (Islamic State) that is being attacked in Aleppo, it is the moderate opposition.

Malcolm Turnbull

Neil Prakash's death is a very, very positive development in the war against Daesh and the war against terror.

John Allen

I think so. The challenge for us is not about beating Daesh in the physical space. The challenge for us will be beating Daesh in the information space. They've got a very powerful message. We've worked hard in the first year and a half (of the anti-ISIL coalition) to oppose that message. And I think in the end – both in terms of addressing those underlying causal factors and also competing directly against that message – that's going to be the challenge. And when we can compete with that message and overcome that message, then Daesh will be defeated.

John Kerry

Daesh is getting weaker by the day and the coalition strategy of supporting Iraqis with equipment, with training and airstrikes, is working. The fact is, in Iraq, Daesh fighters have not been on the offensive in months. They are losing ground including 40 percent of territory that they once controlled in Iraq.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Today we succeeded in reaching one of the Iraqi army's front lines to witness part of their tough war against Daesh. Military sources told us the operation will develop in the coming days especially from the technological and tactical side, and the number of soldiers (is expected to increase) as well.

David Grossman

You know, the Hamas is not my favourite part of the Palestinian society because they are fanatic, fundamentalist and in their basic declaration, they openly wish for the eradication of Israel and building an Islamic state on the ruins of it. Yet, the Hamas because of its structure and because of the geo-political situation, has also some political interests, unlike the ISIS, Daesh.

John Kerry

We're very confident we've done an enormous amount. The fact is that Daesh kills Christians because they are Christians. Yazidis because they are Yazidis. Shi'ites because they are Shi'ites.

John Kerry

Daesh is genocidal by self proclamation, by ideology and by actions. We must recognize what Daesh is doing to its victims. Naming these crimes is important but what is essential is to stop them.

Barack Obama

If implemented, and that's a significant if, the cessation could reduce the violence and get more food and aid to Syrians who are suffering…it could save lives, potentially it could also lead to negotiations on a political settlement to end the civil war so that everybody can focus their attention on destroying ISIL [Daesh].

John Kerry

There is a possibility there will be additional ground troops on the ground fighting Daesh.

Marcus Wells

A lot of these groups, it's probably 80 percent young men. When Daesh (ISIL) take over an area, the young boys any age of 12 upwards, they have a choice: they either fight for Daesh or otherwise they'll be killed. So their parents say, just go, just get out of here. I was talking to someone yesterday, fifteen years old, and his younger brother was fourteen. And I said, what did your mother say? They said their mother said, go, go. That's why the mobile phones, they're all standing around charging their mobiles because they want to talk to their mum, you know?

Marcus Beale

Our assessment is that she was not naïve. She had absolutely clear intentions when she left the UK, sending tweets encouraging the public to commit acts of terrorism here and then taking her young child to join Daesh (ISIL) in Syria.

Mohamed Beji Caid Essebsi

Daesh, which is present in Libya at our borders, finds that the moment is opportune to act in Tunisia.

Malcolm Turnbull

We must combat all of Daesh including its financiers and its propagandists. It is why we must give our agencies the powers they need to detect, to disrupt, to arrest and to target. Success requires strong laws, modern powers and importantly it requires social unity.

Haider al-Abadi

If 2015 was the year of liberation, 2016, God willing, will be the year of the great victory and the year of the final victory and the end of the presence of Daesh on Iraqi soil and their final great defeat.

Chris Cummins - Euronews

When did Daesh first make its presence felt in Syria, was there a particular incident, which arrived on your desk and alerted you to the fact that the conflict in Syria was morphing into something far more complex?

Chris Cummins - Euronews

What is the humanitarian situation in Raqqa as we speak, you are operational in Raqqa and do you have contact with Daesh?

Najat Vallaud-Belkacem

It is an extremely serious act, in a school, which is supposed to be a sanctuary. We will continue, with the Minister of the Interior, to reinforce the current safety measures in a context where yes, schools feel threatened. Teachers have told us and we have to be there.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If you are looking for who's responsible for providing weapons and financing Daesh then the first place you should look is the Assad regime itself and the countries supporting and acting with him.

John Kerry

We began our fight against al-Qaeda in 2001 and it took us quite a few years before we were able to eliminate Osama bin Laden – and the top leadership – and neutralise them as an effective force. We hope to do Daesh much faster than that.

Vladimir Putin

We should not apply any time limits, we should know them all by name. We will search for them everywhere – wherever they are hiding. We will find them in any spot on the planet and punish them.

Francois Hollande

We need a regrouping of all those who can really fight against this terrorist army in one big, single coalition. It is with this in mind that I will be meeting Presidents Obama and Putin in the days to come with a proposition to unite our forces.

Francois Hollande

Some have wanted to establish a link between the influx of refugees coming from the Middle East and the terrorist threat. The truth is that this link exists because the inhabitants of areas in Iraq and Syria flee because they are martyred (tormented) by the very same people we are attacking today.

Barack Obama

The discussion we had today I think was very helpful in helping to continue to coordinate the work we were doing together to help to fortify the borders between Syria and Turkey that allow Daesh to operate, and we will redouble our efforts working with other members of the coalition to bring about a peaceful transition in Syria.

Nicolas Sarkozy

We need everyone's help to exterminate Daesh (Islamic State), notably the Russians. There cannot be two coalitions in Syria.

John Kerry

People are coming from all over the world attracted to Daesh or al-Nusra or whatever, but mostly Daesh, because of the fight against Assad. And that fight will continue. And the best way to solve this problem is for Bashar al-Assad to recognise that he could save his country by being part of this transition and allow all of the countries in the region to to defeat Daesh. That is the game plan.

King Abdullah

I have always said, for the past five or six years, that for a political solution in Syria, Moscow is key. They are the ones that can give the guarantees to the regime that they have a stake in the future. And I still believe that is the fact – that the Russians are on the ground in Syria today is a reality that we all have to deal with. As I said, if the Europeans are dealing with a major concern of foreign fighters, that is doubly so for Russia. They have a major problem with foreign fighters also, so they need to deal with the threat of ISIS or Daesh themselves.

Laurent Fabius

The priority is to fight the radical Islamic State movement, Daesh, and then to organise a political transition. Obviously, President Assad, who is responsible for most of the Syrian tragedy, cannot be part of its future.

Charles Brown - Air Force

The B-52 demonstrates our continued resolve to apply persistent pressure on Daesh and defend the region in any future contingency.

Chris Karns - US Central Command

Accuracy is critically important in this war. Carpet-bombing would not be effective for the operation we're in because Daesh doesn't mass as large groups. Often, they blend into population centres. We always look to minimize civilian casualties.

Haroun Mir

For example, in eastern Nangahar, they were able to kick out Taliban from some of the districts. That is also a danger for the peace process, because I don't think that all Taliban would agree with the peace process. Some of the field commanders, they might refuse and they could become members of Daesh.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

During the operations that we conducted against both Daesh (ISIL) and PKK in Syria and in Iraq we informed the UN Security Council, as well as the UN Secretary General and the members. (...). We expect solidarity and support from our NATO allies regarding the security threats and Daesh is our common enemy.

Tony Abbott

That's as much as we can say at this stage except for this: that we believe that the attack was inspired by – or the potential attack was inspired by – the Daesh death cult in the Middle East.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

After more than two years of merciless siege, 18,000 Palestinian refugees and Syrians are now being held hostage by Daesh and other extremist militants. Our refugee camp is beginning to resemble a death camp. We are now hearing worrying reports of a massive assault on the camp and on civilians in it.

John Kerry

It is not an Iraqi problem. Daesh is a global problem and it demands a coordinated, comprehensive and enduring global response.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

Daesh is threat number one and has to be faced together, putting aside the fights and divisions, firstly inside this country and realise there is a major fight to face.

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