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Kevin Westcott - Deloitte
We've really not seen much in the way of cord cutting. There is some, but consumers who do have these bundled services – internet access is now like any other utility. If they have bundled service, they're much less likely to cut the cord.
Mar 22 2017
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Colin Terry

The majority of companies are struggling to achieve historical peak sales.

Katrina Westerhof - Lux Research

Power is a logical use case for a few reasons: units of power and energy are a strong fit for so-called smart contracts based on blockchain, and meters can feed data directly into blockchain logic. Power also relies on cumbersome trading and clearing systems to support complex markets, and blockchain can help create a leaner distributed system that can cut out intermediaries and associated fees.

Jean-Baptiste Feat

For banks it is unusual but once they have done it and are happy with the outcome, they are trying to replicate the structure on other deals.

Mark Hickey

Corporate borrowers are more open to the different options available to them, often informed by accountancy and advisory firms or even banks saying they should consider direct lenders.

Andrew Cleland-Bogle

Paymentsense … exemplifies how non-sponsor backed companies can also avail of private debt capital to support their growth aspirations with tailored and flexible financing packages.

Andrew Proebstl

Whether a fund is small, medium or large, it needs to have clarity of purpose and can deliver better value for its members relative to larger super funds.

Andrew Proebstl

The problem is that there is a fixation on growth for the sake of growth, which can be a quick pathway to mediocrity.

Claudius Modesti

Deloitte Brazil failed in its public watchdog role to protect the interests of investors by issuing materially false audit reports.

Angelo Barberio - Auchan

I don't know the exact number, but we'll definitely increase turnover over three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday because we are also open on Sunday.

Ben Perkins - Deloitte

What's really different about this year is the growth of online. So, most… most of economists are predicting at least half of all retail sales registered today will be online. Consumers are increasingly choosing to shop from the comfort of their home and retailers are making it easier for them to do so by spreading the offers over a longer period of time.

Alistair Barker

We have appetite for more infrastructure acquisitions, at home or overseas, but we are cautious on the price as sometimes we feel it's expensive.

Kristian Fok

We could, for instance, look at ways we could own those assets and lease them back.

David Cruickshank - Deloitte

We still have a very big base in the UK and we're very proud of our UK heritage. (Brexit) just says the UK has to be very good at trading internationally, doing things internationally and that's where all our efforts are. So we continue to invest hugely in the UK.

David Cruickshank - Deloitte

I think the case has to be made again about the benefits (of free trade) because there have been some challenges around some of the communities who got left behind with globalization. I think long term, free trade will out.

Steve Almond

The writedowns reflect assumed exit prices in current markets - not provisions for the rest of the year.

Julien Petit

You cannot assume that it has been resolved as the client (RBS) did not want to take our comment.

Robert Noel

We are extremely confident…because we have a world-class portfolio, we have low gearing in unsettled times and we have great firepower to take advantage of any opportunities that arise.

Robert Noel

Whether values fall much further than they have will be a function of where the rental values go, how much tenants are prepared to pay for space and that, in an uncertain environment, we can't tell at the moment, I'm afraid.

Robert Noel

It's the marginal dollar that becomes more hesitant when markets are unsettled.

Robert Noel

We simply don't know what the reaction of our continental friends is going to be when we serve our notice to leave them.

Peter Randall

What this allows people to do is to effectively make a payment from their account to the merchant's account, completely encrypted end-to-end, without having to go through all the existing very expensive legacy infrastructure.

Peter Randall

This is fiat currency, it's real money. It's not a form of cryptocurrency or anything else; it's money you can go and take out of the bank and spend.

Vijay Michalik - Frost & Sullivan

While Deloitte and their internal blockchain lab, Rubix, have led the way in professional service adoption of blockchain technology, these partnerships set the stage for an acceleration across the sector. Blockchain start-ups have long been in conversation with professional services as implementation partners, and late 2016 is seeing their proof-of-concept work emerge into fully fledged and enterprise-ready applications.

Rod Sides - Deloitte

For them, it is important to be able to have people enjoy that experience.

Stephen D. Lebovitz - CBL & Associates Properties

We think that for our employees and for the store employees, they deserve the day off and to be able to spend the day with their families.

Hugh Radford - Cbre

Identifying exactly the right location is of crucial importance to retailers. For high-end retailers in particular, this comes down to a small number of highly desirable streets within London – including Bond Street, Sloane Street, Regent St and Covent Garden.

Nick Pope - Deloitte

If sterling weakness persists over the next 6 – 12 months and margins continue to come under pressure, I would expect more brands to incorporate price changes.

Hugh Radford - Cbre

Supply – and turnover of occupiers – is therefore limited by the simple fact that they are loathe to leave spots once in situ in coveted locations. There is inevitably high demand when such properties do make it to market, driving rental growth.

Rod Sides - Deloitte

Every retail location, every physical address, was down. The consumer seems to have turned a corner and is as happy shopping online as they are in a store.

Jill Standish - Accenture

The weather could turn, competition could shift, there could be an abundance of inventory in the wrong place.

Jill Standish - Accenture

The big thing that I'm watching and concerned about is this notion that everyone's shopping for a deal.

Steve Barr - PricewaterhouseCoopers

You know darn well we're going to start seeing big 'for sale' signs because the fall inventory's got to sell through.

Rod Sides - Deloitte

This group has been collectively taking share from large, traditional retailers to the tune of $200 billion in annual sales over the last five years.

Adam Marshall

While there is a lot of uncertainty in the U.K.'s relationship with the EU, the government can give certainty by greenlighting infrastructure project, lowering business costs and rolling back the tone of interventionism which has concerned many firms in recent weeks.

Adam Marshall

The slowdown in services is concerning because it obviously is the dominant sector in the UK economy.

Anna Tipping - Norton Rose Fulbright

The headline consideration paid (by Japanese insurers) as a multiple of book value has been high by European and U.S. standards - but one has to weigh that against the low/zero interest and negative inflation environment in the Japanese domestic market. The Japanese insurers don't have to chase a 15-20 percent return on equity, a much lower return is attractive and acceptable.

Koichi Niwa - SMBC Nikko Securities

The targets and shareholder returns companies have are increasing as a result of M&A. Total shareholder returns for all insurance companies are increasing, so that's a positive.

Tim Cook - Apple

It's a healthy number and it's an incredibly great growth rate.

Punit Renjen - Deloitte

The intent there is to, in one location, bring the best engineers, the best products and the best thinkers to try and address clients' problems.

Tim Cook - Apple

What's needed now is more of a focus on transforming the enterprise and helping businesses identify which areas have the highest either return on investment or highest impact on customer satisfaction. Deloitte is well positioned for this.

Tim Cook - Apple

The momentum is significant, and we see this as a very important growth vector.

Dan Jones

This is the fourth consecutive year the summer transfer spending record ... has been broken. At the start of the 2013-14 season the summer transfer spending record stood at 500 million pounds and the fact this record has more than doubled since then is a clear indicator of the financial growth of the league.

Dan Jones

As has been the case for a number of years now, the increases in broadcast revenue, with the 2016/17 season being the first of the new broadcast deal cycle, is the principal driver of this spending power. The increase in the value of these deals and the comparatively equal revenue distribution of these by the Premier League has again allowed clubs throughout the division to invest significantly in this summer's market.

Sriram Prakash - Deloitte

The biggest shift has been Brexit. M&A is a long-term play and companies are taking a wait and see approach.

Sriram Prakash - Deloitte

Europe has very much been a buyers' market. European companies are still reasonably valued compared to the U.S.

Sriram Prakash - Deloitte

Last year was an aberration of sorts, and it would always have been very difficult to reach those heights again.

Matthew Toole - Thomson Reuters

The big story is the China outbound story. There's still a little bit of uncertainty about how serious they are.

Frank Friedman - Deloitte

Health care continues to be very strong in terms of hiring, and leisure and hospitality. The areas that have struggled are mining, construction and manufacturing.

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

I'm sure it will create its own riddles. It always does. I think it's going to be a solid report. I think broad-based growth across industries. Energy will still be laying off. Manufacturing will be flat. Otherwise, I expect a solid report. I expect to see solid growth in health care, professional services, leisure and hospitality.

Najib Razak

As the Prime Minister has always maintained, if any wrongdoing is proven, the law will be enforced without exception.

Amy Bensted - Preqin

Although Europe-focused funds did not make the same gains as North America- or Asia-Pacific-focused vehicles in Q2, the ongoing volatility arising out of the uncertainty within Europe may provide opportunities for hedge funds focusing on the region to deliver some upside gains.

Craig Johnson - Customer Growth Partners

Back-to-school shoppers in 2016 will be cautious in spending, but relentless in searching for value.

Ian Stewart - Deloitte

Perceptions of uncertainty have soared to levels last associated with the euro crisis five years ago. The spike in uncertainty has had a toxic effect on business sentiment, with optimism dropping to the lowest level since our survey started in 2007 – lower, even, than in the wake of the failure of Lehman in late 2008.

Ian Stewart - Deloitte

CFOs do not seem to be waiting for growth to slow before adjusting direction. There has been a marked shift to more defensive balance sheet strategies in the wake of the referendum.

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