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Sean Spicer
At some point, report the facts. The facts are that every single person who has been briefed on this subject has come away with the same conclusion–Republican, Democrat–so I'm sorry that that disgusts you. You're shaking your head, I appreciate it.
NEW Mar 29 2017
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Eric Holder

Jim is a chess player. He's thinking not only, What's the impact of the move I make today, what's the impact going to be tomorrow?' He's thinking, What's the impact going to be one month, two months, six months from now?

Barack Obama

To know Jim Comey is also to know his fierce independence and his deep integrity. He was prepared to give up a job he loved rather than be part of something he felt was fundamentally wrong.

Hillary Clinton

Our analysis is that Comey's letter raising doubts that were groundless – baseless, proven to be – stopped our momentum.

Donald J. Trump

The system is rigged. General Petraeus got in trouble for far less. I'll tell you what: what he did, he brought back his reputation. He brought it back.

James Comey - FBI

That includes investigating the nature of any links between individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts.

Donald J. Trump

With no Democrat support we couldn't quite get there. We learned about loyalty, we learned a lot about the vote-getting process. I like Speaker Ryan. ... I think Paul really worked hard.

Bernie Sanders

What we're starting to do, for the first time in the modern history of the Democratic Party, is active grass-roots organizing. We're working with unions, we're working with senior groups, and we're working with health-care groups. We're trying to rally the American people so we can do what they want. And that is not the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Donald J. Trump

Hey, we could have done this. But we couldn't get one Democrat vote, not one. So that means they own Obamacare, and when that explodes, they will come to us wanting to save whatever is left, and we'll make a real deal.

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

Because Abe faces no credible challengers inside or outside his Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) to his leadership, disgruntled or disillusioned voters will find it difficult to shift their support elsewhere.

Matt Gaetz

I sure hope so, or we'll have the opportunity to watch a unified Democrat caucus impeach Donald Trump in two years when we lose the majority.

Chuck Schumer

After careful deliberation, I have concluded that I cannot support judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court. My vote will be no, and I urge my colleagues to do the same.

Adam Schiff

I can't go into the particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now.

Adam Schiff

In my conversation late this afternoon, the chairman informed me that most of the names in the intercepted communications were in fact masked, but that he could still figure out the probable identity of the parties. This does not indicate that there was any flaw in the procedures followed by the intelligence agencies. Moreover, the unmasking of a U.S. person's name is fully appropriate when it is necessary to understand the context of collected foreign intelligence information.

Michael McFaul

After the vote results came in last November, many Russians close to the Kremlin celebrated. “Our Trump” - or #TrumpNash, as they tweeted - had been elected president of the United States. Few in Moscow expected Donald Trump to win, but many Russians wanted him to win, including Vladimir Putin. The Russian president so passionately supported the Republican candidate and despised Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that he brazenly tried to influence our presidential election. As FBI Director James B. Comey described on Monday, the Russians “were unusually loud in their intervention, ” violating our sovereignty by meddling in one of our most sacred acts as a democracy and not seeming to care if they were exposed. The Russian theft and then publication of private data from the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta produced a significant impact on our electoral process. The DNC chair was forced to resign and Democratic supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) became more enraged at Clinton, causing many of them to stay home on Election Day. Clinton’s image was damaged continuously by daily media coverage of these stolen emails. Of course, many factors combined to produce Trump’s victory, but Putin’s intervention most certainly played a contributing role.

Neil Gorsuch

No one is looking to return us to horse and buggy days. I have declined to offer any promises, hints or previews of how I'd resolve any case. I was wrong senator, I was wrong because I was bound by circuit-court precedent. And I'm sorry.

Chuck Schumer

I have concluded that I cannot support Neil Gorsuch's nomination. My vote will be no and I urge my colleagues to do the same.

Dianne Feinstein

What worries me is you have been very much able to avoid any specificity like no one I have ever seen before. And maybe that's a virtue, I don't know. But for us on this side, knowing where you stand on major questions of the day is really important to a vote 'aye,' and so that's why we pressed and pressed.

Dick Durbin

Why in your early decision did you want to lower the bar so low?

Lari White

They very intentionally worked hard not to be 'The Angry American, Part 2,' but to be universal and apolotical: 'We want to support these men and women who sacrificed for us,' . It has nothing to with Republican, Democrat, liberal, conservative, whatever. That's irrelevant. It's a universal human story that's really important.

Adam Schiff

The chairman will need to decide whether he is the chairman of an independent investigation into conduct, which includes allegations of potential coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians, or he is going to act as a surrogate of the White House. Because he cannot do both. The wrecking ball of this allegation has just claimed another victim, which is this committee.

Adam Schiff

I have expressed my grave concerns with the Chairman that a credible investigation cannot be conducted this way.

Adam Schiff

I can't go into the particulars, but there is more than circumstantial evidence now. I don't want to get into specifics, but I will say that there is evidence that is not circumstantial, and is very much worthy of investigation. That is what we ought to do. I think we have been dealt a serious body blow to the credibility of our ability to get answers by today's events. To me, it underscores the importance of having an independent commission look at this as a supplement to anything the Congress does.

Amanda Litman

Barack Obama inspired a generation of people to get into public service out of hope. Trump could inspire a generation of people out of fear. And that's horrible, but can also be valuable.

Jessica Post

We thought we would have to struggle to find 100 people who would want to run.

Jessica Post

It used to be an effort to persuade people to put their name on the ballot. Now, the candidates are calling us up and they're saying I want to run. Point me in the right direction...They're looking at Trump and saying I want to do something.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

As a Social Democrat, I attribute exceptional importance to solidarity. But you also have obligations. You cannot spend all the money on spirits and women and then ask for help. Don't be offended. It is not about one country, but about all our countries. The Netherlands also failed a number of years ago to comply with what was agreed. I don't see a conflict between regions of the eurogroup.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

During the crisis of the euro, the countries of the north have shown solidarity with countries affected by the crisis. As a Social Democrat, I attribute exceptional importance to solidarity. But you also have obligations. You cannot spend all the money on drinks and women and then ask for help. It is not about one country, but about all our countries. The Netherlands also failed a number of years ago to comply with what was agreed. I don't see a conflict between regions of the eurogroup.

Adam Schiff

Is it possible that all of these events and reports are completely unrelated and nothing more than an entirely unhappy coincidence? Yes, it is possible. But it is also possible, maybe more than possible, that they are not coincidental, not disconnected and not unrelated, and that the Russians use the same techniques to corrupt U.S. persons that they employed in Europe and elsewhere? We simply don't know. Not yet. And we owe it to the country to find out. This is the political equivalent of [9/11] in magnitude.

Adam Schiff

I think my role is to try to help the Democratic Party to make this investigation thorough and to make it nonpartisan. Sometimes that's playing the role of diplomat, and other times that's using the public spotlight to push the investigation forward. … If we issue a report where Democrats find one thing and Republicans find another, both sides retreat to their respective corners and nothing get revealed.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

As a Social Democrat, I attribute exceptional importance to solidarity. (But) you also have obligations. You cannot spend all the money on drinks and women and then ask for help.

David Bishop

The old group that's up there now on both sides, they have the president they have because they got out of touch.

Jon Ossoff

Something is happening here, and we are building momentum that will get us over the top. It's about this community making a statement about what we stand for. And like it or not, the eyes of the country are on us.

Paul Manafort

I had no role or involvement in the cyberattack on the DNC or the subsequent release of information gained from the attack, and I have never spoken with any Russian Government officials or anyone who claimed to have been involved in the attack. The suggestion that I ever worked in concert with anyone to release hacked emails or sought to undermine the interests of the United States is false. Despite the constant scrutiny and innuendo, there are no facts or evidence supporting these allegations, nor will there be.

Colin Christopher

If we were some terrorist mosque, I doubt the FBI would be coming and standing with us. There has been no Muslim community that has been scrutinized more than Dar Al-Hijrah, so if there's any dirt on us, it's gonna come out.

Ibrahim Hooper

It's part of being the nation's most prominent, active American-Muslim Civil rights and advocacy organization. We get it every day, particularly from the right wing of the political spectrum.

John Findlay

The Republican Party of Virginia does not object to politicians visiting mosques, in fact our own Chairman visited a Muslim house of worship quite recently. However, the Party does object to Mark Herring holding an event at a center with an extensive and well-documented history with anti-American terrorists.

Robert Halstead

Republican, Democrat, independent–there is enormous opposition to Yucca Mountain.

Tim Rushlow

I didn't look at it as a Republican or Democrat. I looked at it as an American. I'm not a politician, I'm not a priest. I'm just an entertainer who wants to help people forget about their problems for an hour while I sing my songs. If I do that, then mission accomplished, you know? The funny part is, the people that hate, I don't hate them. I'm not here to tell somebody that they're wrong for living the way they live. I'm just here to say, why can't we look at things and go let's agree to disagree, but let's agree on one fact: We've got a great country. How can we continue to make that happen?

Donald J. Trump

We want a very big tax cut, but cannot do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace the disaster known as 'Obamacare'. This is our long-awaited chance to finally get rid of 'Obamacare'. We're going to do it; we're going to do it. It's time for Democrat leaders in Washington to take responsibility for the disaster that they and they alone created.

Donald J. Trump

We want a very big tax cut, but cannot do that until we keep our promise to repeal and replace the disaster known as 'Obamacare,'. This is our long-awaited chance to finally get rid of 'Obamacare.'. We're going to do it; we're going to do it. It's time for Democrat leaders in Washington to take responsibility for the disaster that they and they alone created.

Meghan McCain - Fox

If you're a Republican or Democrat, you have reason to distrust (Comey). I don't see that it moves the needle either way for the American public.

Shawn Kelley

I'd turn it off a lot because, both sides, I'd just be like 'Oh, come on. Let's focus on the issues,' . It's weird, I guess, because I have the background of the actual science of it. I have an appreciation for the process and where it came from. So I look at it more from that versus just headlines and people slinging mud at each other, whether you're a Republican, Democrat, in the middle, whatever. I try to respect the process of what's going on and how our country is run.

Donald J. Trump

James Clapper and others stated that there is no evidence POTUS (President of the United States) colluded with Russia. This story is FAKE NEWS and everyone knows it! What about all of the contact with the Clinton campaign and the Russians? Also, is it true that the DNC would not let the FBI in to look?

Donald J. Trump

The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. Big advantage in Electoral College & lost!

Maxine Waters

As such, I reiterate my request that Wells Fargo provide Democratic Committee staff the same opportunity it provided to Republican Committee staff to meet with the aforementioned executives for unrecorded interviews. Scheduling these interviews would be a small step in reassuring me and my staff that Wells Fargo is sincere when it says it wants to 'make things right' for its customers.

Donald J. Trump

The Democrats made up and pushed the Russian story as an excuse for running a terrible campaign. Big advantage in Electoral College & lost! The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of classified information. Must find (the) leaker now! What about all of the contact with the Clinton campaign and the Russians? Also, is it true that the DNC would not let the FBI in to look?

Keith Ellison

United States foreign policy in the Middle East is governed by what is good or bad through a country of seven million people.

Richard Blumenthal

The right wing, very purposely and methodically, has built a stable of nominees that fit their ideological profile, and it's been a national movement, well organized and strategized. Frankly, I think the progressives of the Democratic Party have been less vigilant and vigorous than the right.

Melissa Byrne

A few hours ago, I was asked to join the DNC transition working group. I said yes immediately.

Jake Tapper

The truth of the matter is that there's no bias when it comes to facts and there's no bias when it comes to decency. It is empirically indecent to make fun of the disabled. You don't have to be a Democrat or a Republican or Independent or socialist or libertarian. That is just indecent. My children know better than that.

Steny Hoyer

It will be essentially dead on the arrival. It's probably the most irresponsible budget that I've seen and the most unrealistic budget that I've seen.

Diane Black

I think we see a president very serious about cutting federal funding and putting money in areas where he sees the nation in need, which is our military.

Andrew Wilkow

I guess it's a crazy world when you have a bill created by Republicans that works exactly like a bill created by Democrats and you say, that's a Democrat bill.

Christopher S. Murphy

There is a big open space in the Democratic Party right now for the articulation of a progressive foreign policy.

Will Hurd

We used the opportunity of the inclement weather on the East Coast to take the opportunity for a Republican and a Democrat to get in a car, spend a significant amount of time together, and talk about the issues. Not just the issues that divide us, but the issues that unite us too.

Harley Rouda

This is what a number of people are all about. Now that we have a president who is going to try his best to bring a better, more cooperative relationship with Russia, I think you'll find more people stepping up to the plate and trying to put out an open hand.

Will Hurd

We used the opportunity of the inclement weather on the East Coast to take the opportunity for a Republican and a Democrat to get in a car, spend a significant amount of time together, and talk about the issues. Not just the issues that divide us, but the issues that unite us too. I believe we can enforce our laws, and fix a broken immigration system so that folks that have only known this country, there is a way to make them stay here legally.

Andrew Kragie

What makes the journey unusual, is that one representative is a Republican and the other a Democrat.

Todd Kaminsky

Preet Bharara has shaken the foundations of our capital – whether you're a Republican or Democrat he's been an equal opportunist when it comes to rooting out corruption. If the president was serious about draining the swamp, this is certainly not something he would do.

Michael Knowles

It took a very long time to research this book. I've been observing the Democratic Party for at least 10 years now and when I observed their record and reasons to vote for them – on reasons of economics or foreign policy or homeland security or civil rights and so on – I realised it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank.

Ben Buchanan

A closer look at UMBRAGE and its limits underscores the strength of the evidence in the DNC hack investigation. .

Devin Nunes

I don't believe that to be the case. I don't think the evidence exists for that.

Karen Handel

As much as I support the president, there also has to be some willingness to be independent and stand up for what is best for the people of the Sixth District. That's my mind-set.

Jon Ossoff

Certainly, I'm the underdog. But in a special election, energy is everything.

Gary Dichtenberg

In a special election, only a small percentage of the electorate votes to begin with – and only the most energized. And look how Trump has energized.

Eddie Lucio III

My father preached love and service in my house growing up, and although I sincerely believe that his position is not rooted in hate, it is still wrong and will create adversity for many. This is not a priority in Texas and should not be treated as one. I will stand up and oppose any attempt at oppression or prejudice whether the target group is gay, straight, white, brown, man, woman or child.

Eddie Lucio III

On this issue, I respectfully disagree with my father and I oppose SB 6. I believe this bill to be nothing more than a political ploy to appease certain narrow minded constituencies at the expense of some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in society.

Jesse Hunt

The Democratic Party is lurching further to left at the behest of the activist base. Money won't solve their problems with crafting a policy agenda that appeals to a wider range of voters.

Mike Pence

They were racing out because they didn't want to miss some must-see TV. The dynamic message of a rising star. The future of the Democratic Party. Kentucky's own former governor, Steve Beshear.

Adrienne Jones

We must have the confidence and trust of the citizens of Maryland to be effective legislators.

Donald J. Trump

And there are 85 million hard-working Americans who would agree with that [rolling back regulations]. We have to address the issues of over-taxation and over-regulation and the lack of access to credit markets to get our small business owners thriving again. Rolling back the overtime regulation is just one example of the many regulations that need to be addressed to do that. We would love to see a delay or a carve-out of sorts for our small business owners.

Marco Rubio

We have had two presidents - a Republican and a Democrat - previous to the current president who thought they could do such a deal with Vladimir Putin.

Marco Rubio

We have had two presidents - a Republican and a Democrat - previous to the current president who thought they could do such a deal with Vladimir Putin. Both of them fell on their face because they did not understand what they were dealing with. It is my sincerest hope that our current President doesn't make the same mistakes.

Adam Schiff

At this point we know less than a fraction of what the FBI knows. There were very large areas that were walled off, and those walls are going to have to come down if we are going to do our job. The director declined to answer those questions. It was unclear whether that was a decision he was making on his own or a decision that he is making in consultation with the Department of Justice.

Donald J. Trump

I don't think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC. Maybe it was – it could be Russia, but it could also be China. Could also be lots of other people. It also could be someone sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds.

Romano Prodi

The split of the Democratic Party is a big signal of crisis….

Romano Prodi

In Italy I still hope that putting together the pieces of the (former) Democratic Party and many of the other, even the right wing parties, you have a majority in favour of Europe.

Adam Schiff

We have reached a written agreement, the minority and the majority in the House intelligence committee, that we will investigate allegations of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

Bernie Sanders

We need to open up the party to working people, to young people and make it crystal clear that the Democratic Party is going to take on Wall Street, it's going to take on the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, it's going to take on corporate America that is shutting down plants in this country and moving our jobs abroad.

Donald J. Trump

Congratulations to Thomas Perez, who has just been named Chairman of the DNC. I could not be happier for him, or for the Republican Party!

Dan Cantor

The leaders of the Democratic Party missed an opportunity today. Since Inauguration Day, millions of people around the country have marched against Trump. Keith Ellison was uniquely qualified to transform that anger and fear into political power and organization.

Melissa Byrne

For people who already feel marginalized by the party, it's like a punch in the gut.

Eric Garcetti

Tom has an instinctive ability to be a dealmaker and consensus builder. He's a really likable person. So this is not an election in which retribution is going to be elected against people who did support you.

Barack Obama

I know that Tom Perez will unite us under that banner of opportunity.

Jane Fleming Kleeb

Unless he figures out a way to start building a bridge to those people, we'll see the hashtag #DemExit trending on Twitter.

Keith Ellison

I trust Tom Perez. If you trust me, then you've got to come on board with Tom Perez.

Eric Thut

It's a loss for the DNC and the Democratic Party, not for Keith.

Thomas E. Perez

For the two of us, that is easy. Because we were always united in our values.

Jaime Harrison

We're going to be unified and we're going to get this thing done on the first ballot.

Pete Buttigeig

I want to thank my competitors for their graciousness beginning the day I got into this race – proving what unites us is greater than our divisions. It looks like I'm not going to be the next chair. But whoever is, I am urging to do the things that must be done to be open to change, to look beyond Washington, to not treat the presidency like it's the only office that matters, to pay attention to communities like ours in the heart of our country – not as an exotic species – but as your fellow Americans.

Keith Ellison

We've got to come out of here, hand in hand, brothers and sisters, because Trump is right outside of that door, and not just Trump, but Trumpism.

Barack Obama

A united Democratic Party is not only our best hope, it is Donald Trump's worst nightmare.

Thomas E. Perez

We are all in this together. We need a chair who cannot only take the fight to Donald Trump but make sure that we talk about our positive message of inclusion and opportunity and talk to that big tent of the Democratic Party.

Bill de Blasio

Keith Ellison is a man of destiny. This is not an optional situation. We need Keith Ellison.

Keith Ellison

We don't have the luxury to walk out of this room divided. We don't have that luxury, and I just want to say to you that it's my mind to support this party under Chairman Perez.

Pete Buttigeig

It looks like I'm not going to be the next chair. But whoever is, I am urging to do the things that must be done to be open to change, to look beyond Washington, to not treat the presidency like it's the only office that matters, to pay attention to communities like ours in the heart of our country – not as an exotic species – but as your fellow Americans.

Thomas E. Perez

We need a chair who cannot only take the fight to Donald Trump but make sure that we talk about our positive message of inclusion and opportunity and talk to that big tent of the Democratic Party.

Donna Brazile

No, Donald Trump, you can't go to Staples and buy anti-Russian hacking software.

Hillary Clinton

Let resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country.

Hillary Clinton

Nearly 66 million votes, are fueling grassroots energy and activism.

Keith Ellison

We are fighting for a party that is not the status quo. Let's have a debate it. You're not scared. I'm not scared. Let's do it.

Thomas E. Perez

The most important word in a democracy is that simple two-letter: 'We'. It's amazing what we can accomplish when we have strong parties everywhere that allow us to put those values into action.

Jeff Weaver

Do they really invest in 50 state parties? Are they really going to engage with people in the streets? Are they really going to bring those people into the party, so that you have a much broader cross-section of democratically aligned voters represented?

Maria Svart

We're not going to work within the Democratic Party, but we're not going to work totally outside it either.

Milo Yiannopoulos

You're literally the only good [liberal]. The Democrats are the party of Lena Dunham. These people are mental, hideous people, and the more that America sees of Lena Dunham, the fewer votes that the Democratic Party is going to get.

Patty Rhule

Pets are part of the presidential experience. Presidents have used their pets to connect with their public. Our pets humanize us. You go to the dog park, it doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, it's 'let's talk about our dogs.'.

Beat Wittmann

For the time being it's good. It's good and I think that run still has some legs, because Trump is Trump, he's not a Republican, he's not a Democrat and, as he's basically a family business leader, he will not like to see the stock market down really and he would not like to have unemployment rising, so these two things will be the guiding light of his presidency. M&A volumes have been the highest since the year 2000 so there is a lot of pent up demand for investment and valuation levels that are quite high in the U.S. and are not a good guiding tool for market timing.

Jeff Sessions

Mr. President, I am surprised that the words of Coretta Scott King are not suitable for debate in the United States Senate. I ask leave of the Senate to continue my remarks.

Elizabeth Warren

The Republicans took away my right to read this letter on the floor - so I'm right outside, reading it now.

Chuck Schumer

Sessions "is probably the most anti-immigrant member of this body, Democrat or Republican. And many of us on this side believe immigrants are an asset to America, not a liability.

Diana Rusu

Romanian large anti-governmental protests have been viewed by the urban population as a sign of civil responsibility when the political leaders seem not to follow the best interest of the people. It is worth mention that the massive protests in November 2015 that led to the resignation of the Social Democrat government have set a precedent that peaceful demonstrations can bring a change. I believe this is one very important motivation of all those protesting.

Adam Green

Any red state Democrat who thinks that it's smart to be weak in the face of Trump's unconstitutional agenda is lining themselves up for defeat in 2018.

Beth Fukumoto

I raised concerns that that teaches our kids that it's OK to be a bully, and I think that should have been a nonpartisan message, but the reaction I got from the party and from my caucus was overwhelmingly negative. The pressure on me is getting greater and greater to just comply with the wishes of the national party, and that's not my job. In the state of Hawaii, running as an Independent, it's a pretty big hurdle. There's plenty of room in the Democratic Party for people with moderate viewpoints, and that's where I stand.

Charles Grassley

It's not clear to me why it would be a problem even if he had been involved. But the fact of the matter is he wasn't. Everyone on this Committee – Republican and Democrat – knows Senator Sessions to be a man of integrity and a man of his word. Because we know him to be a man of his word, we know that he will uphold and enforce all laws, equally, without regard to person, as he pledged.

Edward J. Markey

There's no question that if President Trump does not name a nominee who is in the mainstream ... that this will be a huge battle that I'll be a part of in trying to block.

Jon Stewart - The Daily Show

We said, We'll wait for the next presidency to fill the seat.' And we said that when people thought it was going to be Hillary Clinton. It wasn't a situational thing. It wasn't, Oh, if a Republican wins, then we'll do it.' That's what Merkley's doing.

Jeanne Mancini - Pro-Life

The horizon looked bleak for the pro-life movement. I don't identify as a Republican or a Democrat but I do vote pro-life.

Wolfango Piccoli

The result would be an unstable and unwieldy coalition between the center-left led by Renzi's Democratic Party (PD) and the center-right. Depending on the parliamentary arithmetic, the PD could be forced to seek Silvio Berlusconi's support to be able to form a government – a development that in the long run could further boost the support for anti-establishment forces such as M5S.

Chuck Schumer

This bill would mean three things for this country: jobs, jobs, and more jobs. And good paying jobs to boot. As this bill hopefully moves forward, Democrats are going to fight for environmental and labor protections. We will not support tax credits for developers. We will insist that labor and raw materials come from America.

Chuck Schumer

Mr. President: if you really want to put America first, label China a currency manipulator.

Chris Collins

What it shows is we have a liberal press that is continuing to play into the Democrat playbook, which is in this case anything they can do to delegitimize the election of this presidency and try to put a damper on those of us who are ecstatic at his election.

Ben Cardin

The power of the Secretary of State to call out wrong, to name and shame, and to fight each day on behalf of the American people and freedom-seeking people the world over is an enduring symbol.

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

From day one after winning this election, President Trump talking about bringing people together, having a unified American public about unified ideas, not Republican or Democrat. He's ready to get to work; however, the media from Day One has been talking about delegitimizing the election, talking about the Russians, talking about everything you can imagine except for the fact that we need to move this country forward.

Tom Price

The American people need to appreciate that the last thing we want to do is go from a Democrat healthcare system to a Republican health care system - our goal would be to go from what we see as a Democrat health care system to an American health care system that recognizes the needs of all.

Jowie Chen

Because of the urbanization of the Democratic Party, any sort of geographic line-drawing is inherently going to value the rural party, and that's the Republicans.

Paul Ryan

This provides Congress with the legislative tools we need to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is a critical first step toward delivering relief to Americans who are struggling under this law. (…) Our goal is a truly patient centered-system which means more options to choose from, lower cost, and greater control over your coverage.

Maxine Waters

The Republicans will tell you that yes, they'll give you something better. But, they've been saying this for 8 years. They have been after what is known as Obamacare for 8 years- why don't they have a remedy. Why don't they have a plan, why don't they have anything. They didn't have anything when they started to attack Obamacare. They don't have anything today.

Maxine Waters

I just think it's strange. At a time when our intelligence agencies are very confident and basically have confirmed that Russia hacked the DNC and other political interests, and then we have, while I'm on the floor of the House, talking about Trump and Russia, I get interfered with and interrupted by Russia Today. It's strange. It's odd.

Donald J. Trump

As far as hacking, I think it was Russia, but I also think we've been hacked by other countries, other people. The DNC (Democratic National Convention) was totally open to be hacked. They did a very poor job. I respected the fact that he said that. If they had broken into RNC (Republican National Convention) they would have released it.

Barack Obama

But I think one of the things that he would acknowledge is that the Democratic party right now is in trouble at the local level – both at state governorships and in State legislatures. The party needs to be rebuilt at that level, and I think that's a place where he could invest his time and his energy and get payoff.

Martin Heinrich

In the next election, the shoe could be on the other foot, and a foreign power could decide they want a Democrat to win next time.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

As we have already stated, WikiLeaks' sources with relation to the John Podesta and DNC leaks are not state parties. They do not come from the Russian government.

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

He accepts the fact that this particular case was entities in Russia, so that's not the issue. Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat(ic) National Committee.

Chuck Schumer

No administration, Republican or Democrat, has tried to do what these Republicans are trying to do with their nominees. Rather than ensuring that nominees are thoroughly vetted and will remove themselves from conflicts of interests, Senate Republicans are trying to ram them through as quickly as possible.

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

I think he accepts the finding. He's not denying entities in Russia are behind these particular hackings. It started as a spearfishing expedition. Just so happened that the DNC had almost no defenses on their system. Here's what we have, we have the DNC as a siting duck. It matters. They lacked defenses. They lacked training. They allowed foreign governments into their system.

Donald J. Trump

While Russia, China, other countries, outside groups and people are consistently trying to break through the cyber infrastructure of our governmental institutions, businesses and organizations including the Democrat National Committee, there was absolutely no effect on the outcome of the election. The methods, tools and tactics we use to keep America safe should not be a public discussion that will benefit those who seek to do us harm.

Claire McCaskill

The notion that the soon elected leader of this country would put Julian Assange on a pedestal compared to the men and women of the intelligence community and the military ... no matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, there should be howls. And mark my word, if the roles were reversed, there would be howls from the Republican side.

Donald J. Trump

The 'Intelligence' briefing on so-called 'Russian hacking' was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange! [W]hy was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info!

Donald J. Trump

Julian Assange said 'a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta' - why was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info! Perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

Donald J. Trump

Julian Assange said 'a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta' – why was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info! Somebody hacked the DNC but why did they not have 'hacking defense' like the RNC has and why have they not responded to the terrible…..things they did and said (like giving the questions to the debate to H). A total double standard! Media, as usual, gave them a pass.

Donald J. Trump

Somebody hacked the DNC but why did they not have 'hacking defense' like the RNC has. The 'Intelligence' briefing on so-called 'Russian hacking' was delayed until Friday, perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!

Donald J. Trump

Julian Assange said 'a 14 year old could have hacked Podesta' - why was DNC so careless? Also said Russians did not give him the info! I know a lot about hacking. And hacking is a very hard thing to prove.

Donald J. Trump

Somebody hacked the DNC but why did they not have 'hacking defense' like the RNC (Republican National Committee) has and why have they not responded to the terrible things they did and said (like giving the questions to the debate to H). A total double standard! Media, as usual, gave them a pass.

Steny Hoyer
Nancy Pelosi

We're going to fight as hard as ever to protect the ACA (Affordable Care Act), said Representative Steny Hoyer, the House of Representatives' second-ranking Democrat.

Maureen Monahan

The past eight years we have not had any focus on the state parties. There's been a sense that the DNC is a building in Washington.

Adam Hodge - Treasury Department

State parties are the lifeblood of the DNC, and we make investing in all of them a priority because they are an integral part of winning up and down the ballot. State parties were critical to picking up Senate seats, House seats, legislative chambers and governorships in 2016, and their importance will be a key focus for the party as we elect new officers in February.

Liviu Dragnea

This man wants to trigger a political crisis in Romania. We will conduct a quick analysis and if, following this, we reach the conclusion that it is good for the country to suspend the president, I will not hesitate.

Vladimir Putin

The current administration and the leadership of the Democratic Party are trying to blame all their failures on external factors. (We are talking about) a party which has clearly forgotten the original meaning of its own name. They (the Democrats) are losing on all fronts and looking elsewhere for things to blame. In my view this, how shall I say it, degrades their own dignity. You have to know how to lose with dignity.

Samantha Power - United Nations

That has been the policy of every administration, Republican and Democrat, since before President Reagan and all the way through to the present day. Harms the viability of a negotiated two-state outcome and erodes prospects for peace and stability in the region. One would think that it would be a routine vote.

Klaus Iohannis

In the meantime, a controlling coalition has been formed in Parliament, between PSD, ALDE and UDMR. As a result, in the next few days we will hold talks on these topics, and the designation will be made after Christmas.

Dmitri Alperovitch - CrowdStrike

This cannot be a hands-off group or a bunch of criminals, they need to be in close communication with the Russian military.

Harold Schaitberger - International Association of Fire Fighters

Tom Perez is the person who has the right mix of personal background, progressive values, experience and total commitment to all workers, in all regions and states across the country. To have Tom Perez as the Chair of one of our nation's two major political parties would be a significant victory for workers across America.

Barack Obama

Building from the ground up and communicating to state legislators and financing school board races and public utility commission races, and, you know, I am a proud Democrat, but I do think that we have a bias towards national issues and international issues, and as a consequence I think we've ceded too much territory.

R.T. Rybak

People tend to look for consensus, but we shouldn't just be about bringing ourselves together, but moving ourselves forward. There's a big difference. I want to go out into the streets and grab the voters by the neck and tell them if they're not happy with the president, then they need to get the heck into the Democratic Party.

Larry Cohen

The real question is why would Tom run against the front-runner, Keith Ellison?

Keith Ellison

If this is about electoral success, I'm the one who's been in the most elections. I've stood for election myself. I've gotten people elected up and down the ballot and I've increased turnout. Tom's a friend and a nice guy. I just think that if the DNC chair is about turning out the vote, then I have a unique skill set that I think matches up very favorably.

Bernie Sanders

The painful truth is that despite President Obama's strong victories in 2008 and 2012, the Democratic Party has lost enormous political ground over the past eight years. What this election is really about is whether we continue the status quo or whether we bring forth a very different vision for the future of the Democratic Party.

Harold Schaitberger - International Association of Fire Fighters

What he's demonstrated to our union and members is that while he is a strong progressive, he is also committed to a strong economic platform and message that appeals to the broader electorate, rather than narrowly focusing on the identity and cultural messages that shrunk the support for the Democratic party in the last election.

Gilberto Hinojosa

This is not a Latino who has forgotten his roots. This is a Latino that has gone beyond his roots to understand there's a lot of different moving parts to our Democratic Party that we have to be focusing on simultaneously. Engaging the Latino community is going to come with everything else.

Erik Jones

Since the referendum constitutes a risk for the PD (Democratic Party, led by Matteo Renzi), I suspect that Renzi will ensure that elections are held this Spring before such a referendum can take place. That will push the referendum off the agenda until – I believe – 2018.

Donald J. Trump

I don't think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC. She's saying, Russia, Russia, Russia.' but I don't – maybe it was. It could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK?

Jim Cramer

Silicon Valley is a Democratic Party stronghold, and many tech executives decided to play politics ahead of the election.

Keith Ellison

Whoever wins the DNC chair race faces a lot of work, travel, planning and resource raising. I will be 'all-in' to meet the challenge. I want to thank everyone who shared their views on this issue, and I want to thank Democrats everywhere for allowing me to move through my decision-making process.

Jason Kander

I'm going to do all that I can for the cause of progress. If it turns out that my party wants me to serve as chair I'm open to that.

Bob Mulholland

Ellison talks about vision when we need a fundraiser and organizer.

Lee Saunders - AFL-CIO

Keith brings a breath of fresh air to the Democratic party. He believes in strengthening the economics for working families across the country.

David Brock

Keith deserves the level of respect and deference he gave to Barack Obama for the last four years.

Adam Schiff

Within the IC (intelligence community) there would be such massive resistance to this, it just isn't going to happen.

Adam Schiff

I don't think the incoming administration will have any interest in publishing the greater part of the document.

Adam Schiff

The most that we might expect this administration to do... is to designate it as some kind of a record that would ultimately lead to its availability through FOIA, subject to redaction.

Adriano Bosoni - Strategic Forecasting

If you take a look at the political environment in Italy, Renzi's center-left Democratic Party is probably the only mainstream party that still supports the EU and the euro zone.

Boris Zilberman

It's not that Putin is against the Democratic Party. He's more against the United States and (for) whatever may push Russian interests.

Boris Zilberman

It's not that Putin is against the Democratic party. He's more against the United States and (for) whatever may push Russian interests. There's nothing saying that next time they won't hack Republicans and expose Trump administration emails if it benefits them.

Tom Ford

The first lady ? other than the fact that I'm a Democrat and voted for Hillary [Clinton] and am very sad and disappointed that she?s not in office ? even had Hillary won, she shouldn't be wearing my clothes. They're too expensive. And I don't mean that in a bad way. They're not artificially expensive. It's how much it costs to make these things. But I think to relate to everybody, you shouldn't necessarily [wear such expensive clothes].

Kevin Brady

Democrat tactics of 'Mediscare' have been around a long time. They've stopped working. Voters have figured out Republicans want to save Medicare for the long term, and they know that those who say everything's just fine with it aren't levelling with them.

Robert Johnson - Morningstar

Certainly not an establishment Republican [and] he's not a Democrat, he was open. And he's a business guy. And business guys tend to look at where's the opportunity for a benefit.

Ed Rendell

I don't know if he has an interest in doing it. But I think Joe Biden is the one person who I think could bring the party together – the progressive wing of the party, the left and center ... and start giving a cogent message to those working-class Democrats who abandoned us.

Kate Bedingfield

The vice president is not interested in being DNC chair, but he intends to remain deeply involved in helping shape the direction of the Democratic Party moving forward.

Shay Chan Hodges

Throughout the election, Tulsi Gabbard never said one negative word about Trump. And you pretty much can't say that about any other Democrat in the country. How long has Tulsi Gabbard been thinking that this was her alternative option if Trump wins?

Tim Ryan

We better get our act together or we will cease being a national party, we're going to be a regional party that fails to get into the majority and fails to do things on behalf of those working class people that were the backbone of the Democratic Party for so long. White, black, brown, gay straight, everybody wants economic opportunity and they don't see the Democrats as the party providing that and we'd better get our stuff together.

Neil Sroka

This tragic loss is a dark, dark cloud that hangs over everything. But the small but important silver lining is that we can finally have the discussion and battle inside the Democratic Party that we've been needing to have.

Joe Dinkin - World Food Programme

A 30-year drift toward neoliberalism in the Democratic Party establishment damaged the Clinton campaign in ways no message could fix. That allowed Trump's phony populism to flank Clinton on jobs and trade.

Marsha Blackburn

I think it's less important to say, Well, this one's a Republican, this one's a Democrat, this one's for the East Coast, this one's for the West Coast.' Let's put our attention on having the skill set that's necessary to achieve the goals that Mr. Trump would like to achieve in the next couple of years.

Marc Benioff -

I'm not a Republican. And I'm not a Democrat either. You know that I view myself just as an American. And I'm looking forward to a great future.

Dick Harpootlian

But if he decides to do it, I'd say, Joe, I'm with you. I'll help you raise money, I'll campaign for you, whatever, I'll do anything you need.

Dick Harpootlian

Is there anybody better to head the DNC? No. If he called me, my advice would be, Take a break – you've done more than enough for the country.

Stephen Bittel

We need to get some indication that the vice president would be willing to serve and the rest would fall into place. I think he clears the field.

Stephen Bittel

The vice president has done a lot for the country and the party. We're asking him to do just one more thing. There's too much at stake in our country to not try to give it our all.

Bernie Sanders

She ended up getting more votes that Mr. Trump and it goes without saying that she has a very important role to play about the future of the Democratic party.

Bernie Sanders

If we can't do that, I don't see much of a future for the Democratic Party.

Michael Zetts

He understands that many members are deeply concerned about the future of the Democratic party and caucus. He watched many traditional Democrats leave our party and he is concerned that if changes aren't made we will be in the political wilderness for many years to come.

Gara LaMarche

There's a general feeling that the Democratic Party itself needs some serious reform and has grown very distant from the kind of communities it represents.

Bernie Sanders

I come from the white working class, and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party cannot talk to the people from where I came from.

Wan Azizah Wan Ismail

This is a sad day for Malaysian democracy, when a democrat has been brought to court for daring to speak up to protect the rights and interest of the people.

Martin O'Malley

Since the election, I have been approached by many Democrats who believe our party needs new leadership. I'm taking a hard look at DNC Chair because I know how badly we need to reform our nominating process, articulate a bold progressive vision, recommit ourselves to higher wages and a stronger middle class, and return to our roots as a nationwide, grassroots party.

Ilya Sheyman

The DNC must clean house. At the same time, the DNC must connect with the grassroots of the party base that wants the party to reject corporate influence and advance an inclusive, progressive agenda.

Neil Sroka

That said, Keith Ellison has been a stalwart ally of the progressive grassroots and is definitely someone that we're very happy is thinking about possibly pursuing a race for chair. The Democratic Party establishment that tried to ensure the primary was over before it even started has zero moral authority in the fight for who will be the next party chair.

Howard Dean

The Dems need organization and focus on the young. Need a fifty State strategy and tech rehab. I am in for chairman again.

Stephanie Taylor

The Democratic establishment had their chance with this election. It's time for new leadership of the Democratic Party – younger, more diverse, and more ideological – that is hungry to do things differently, like leading a movement instead of dragging people to the polls.

Raul Grijalva

There has to be a complete restructuring of that committee. The DNC cannot continue as it is as if nothing occurred.

Leon E. Panetta

We're not sure he's a Republican, we're not sure he's a Democrat, he can very well put together the right kind of coalition that can help this country govern itself.

Chuck Todd

If you want tell me who's the leader of the Democratic Party right now, I'd like to know.

Chuck Todd

It's going to be a whole lot of factions. Every conversation a lot of us thought the Republicans would be having this morning, it is the Democratic Party that's going to have that this morning.

Donald J. Trump

You have to look at what's happening. There are reports that when people vote for Republicans the entire ticket switches over to Democrats. You've seen that. It's happening at various places today it has been reported. In other words, the machines you put down a Republican and it registers as a Democrat. They have had a lot of complaints about that today. You have to be careful we have to see what it is.

Justin Burke

I had an issue this morning and I wasn't the only one because there was a note scribbled on my machine about it picking Democrat when you selected Republican.

Kylee Ensminger

They gave me the one machine that was open. I put in my card and it told me the steps to vote, and when I went to press Republican, everything went to Democrat. I tried to do that four times, and on the fourth time it went Republican.

Hans Olsen - Stifel

From a market standpoint, markets are remarkably bipartisan in their ability to produce returns. Both parties, Republican or Democrat, over the course of their terms, they tend to produce positive returns.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

We had information that fit our editorial criteria which related to the Sanders and Clinton campaign (DNC Leaks) and the Clinton political campaign and Foundation (Podesta Emails). No-one disputes the public importance of these publications. It would be unconscionable for WikiLeaks to withhold such an archive from the public during an election.

Lorne Baring

As there are no new shocks in the press, it is clear that investors are cheering the Clinton lead, even if it is too close for absolute comfort. Yesterday's rally after a two week decline indicates that the home straight has been entered and the market feels that the Democrat horse will win by a length. The race is not over yet though.

Hillary Clinton

The choice in this election could not be clearer. It really is a choice between division or unity, between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon, between an economy that works for everyone not just those at the top, and an economy that is set up and run for those at the top.

Eric Trump

He's had to take on the DNC, take on the corruption, a very, very biased media in so many cases. He's done that all by himself and me and quite frankly the American people. ... I give him tremendous, tremendous credit because he shouldered so much weight on his own. He shouldered a movement to change this nation.

Donald J. Trump

We're going into what they used to call Democrat strongholds where we're now either tied or leading. We're going to Minnesota, which traditionally has not been Republican at all, and we're doing phenomenally. We just saw a poll. We're going to Colorado, where we're doing phenomenally well. We're doing well everywhere.

Lindsey Graham

The story of this election may be the mobilisation of the Hispanic vote. And they didn't come out for anybody as much as they came out against what they saw as racism. So Trump deserves the award for Hispanic turnout. He did more to get them out than any Democrat has ever done.

Pharrell Williams

But I think Hillary's gonna help fix these wrongs. I'm calling on all the women in this nation, I don't care if your Democrat, Republican, Libertarian. If you are a female, think about what you can do on Nov. 8.

Imran Khan

How can a democrat want the military to come in? He has to answer. He can't hide behind 'democracy in danger.

Carter Wrenn

Look, if African Americans voted overwhelmingly Republican, they would have kept early voting right where it was. It wasn't about discriminating against African Americans. They just ended up in the middle of it because they vote Democrat.

Betsy Jones

He is a big supporter of the work Mrs. Clinton has done throughout her career and has also worked alongside former president Bill Clinton at a 2003 DNC fundraiser.

Sadiq Khan

This is the wrong decision for London and the whole of Britain. The government are running roughshod over Londoners' views – just five months ago I was elected as Mayor on a clear platform of opposing a new runway at Heathrow, a position that was shared by the Conservative, Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP candidates in that election.

Fredrik Erixon

It was a move by Sigmar Gabriel (Germany's economy minister) in order to appease critics in his own party that wanted the SPD (The Social Democratic Party of Germany) to block CETA … Wallonia (the Belgium region) has just ended up in this fight because Gabriel thought he could solve an internal party problem and that other countries would not have troubles supporting CETA. Now it turns out he was not informed about Wallonian politics.

Paul Gallant - Cowen and Company

By standard antitrust metrics, this deal should be O.K. in Washington. But the Democratic Party is moving left, and if Clinton wins, this could become an early test for her 'tougher on business' rhetoric.

Donald J. Trump

All of these liars will be sued after the election is over. Just like we found out about these paid violent protesters, it was probably the DNC and the Clinton campaign that put forward these liars with their fabricated stories. But we will find out about their involvement at a later date through litigation and I look so forward to doing that.

Tim Kaine

Not only John Podesta – Colin Powell, the DNC, various state boards of elections have been hacked. And our director of National Intelligence last Friday said that it is absolutely clear from all the evidence that this is being orchestrated by Russia to at a minimum destabilize the U.S. election and maybe at a maximum to put their thumb on the scale for Donald Trump.

John Kirby

Aid and assistance for any country are always under review and subject to modification. We are going to review our position and continue to have further policy discussions.

Ted Lieu

It appears that either the Saudi coalition is intentionally targeting civilians or they are not distinguishing between civilians and military targets. Both would be war crimes.

Angie Stroud

I won't vote for any of them. The only thing worse than a Democrat is a Republican who acts like a Democrat.

Eitan Hersh

Doctors think of themselves as mechanics – given a certain set of symptoms, they're going to treat it the same.

Eitan Hersh

But obviously these kinds of biases exist, which can be jarring for someone as a professional.

Eitan Hersh

Right now when you try to look up a doctor, it tells you where they went to medical school, because there is a belief that you're going to get different quality [of] care depending on where someone went to school. If what we've found is right, Democrats and Republicans treat patients differently and patients should absolutely be able to figure that out.

Eitan Hersh

But for Democratic doctors, the only right thing to say in this scenario is not to store guns in the home.

Donald J. Trump

Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same - Nice!

James Scott

Between Trump and what happened at the DNC – both sides – whichever one loses is going to be crying foul.

Mark Grant - Hilltop

Forget the politics of being a Democrat or a Republican for a moment. You've got the ultimate insider in [Hillary] Clinton and the ultimate outsider in [Donald] Trump.

Donald J. Trump

I don't think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC. [Clinton]'s saying Russia, Russia, Russia, but I don't – maybe it was. I mean, it could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It also could be somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds, OK?

Donald J. Trump

We should be better than anybody else and perhaps we're not. I don't think anybody knows it was Russia that broke into the DNC. She's saying Russia, Russia, Russia … Maybe it was. It could be Russia, but it could also be China. It could also be lots of other people. It could also be somebody on their bed, weighing 400 pounds.

Donald J. Trump

Lester is a Democrat. It's a phony system. They are all Democrats.

Carsten Nickel

The next signpost to watch will be whether the CSU officially backs Merkel in time for the December CDU federal conference. But even if the Bavarians delay their decision until early 2017, the lack of alternatives means that time is on Merkel's side.

Carsten Nickel

The negative implications of yet another strong AfD performance will further increase the pressure on Merkel.

Bill Clinton

She's feeling great and I think she'll be back out there tomorrow. It's a crazy time we live in, you know, when people think there's something unusual about getting the flu.'.

Bill Clinton

I just talked to her - she's feeling great and I think she'll be back out there tomorrow. It's a crazy time we live in, you know, when people think there's something unusual about getting the flu.

Lisa Bardack

"My overall impression is that Mrs. Clinton has remained healthy and has not developed new medical conditions this year other than a sinus and ear infection and her recently diagnosed pneumonia". "She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the United States".

Lisa Bardack

"She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest". "She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States".

Lisa Bardack

"The remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition". "She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president".

Bill Clinton

It's a crazy time we live in, you know, when people think there's something unusual about getting the flu. Last time I checked, millions of people were getting it every year.

David Pepper

Our suit clearly laid out – and a Bush-appointed judge agreed – that eliminating 'Golden Week' had a discriminatory impact on African-American voters. Ohio Republicans can keep trying to make it harder for people to vote, but we will continue to fight them at every turn. It has been a central value of the Democratic Party that we support greater voter participation – regardless of party.

Steven Wieting - Citi Private Bank

We tend to shift to a Democrat when the economy is deeply depressed, as we did in 2009. Democrats have been able to ride out the business cycle recovery. Republicans, as you see from George W. Bush, inherited an economy that was above trend.

Daniel Clifton

The Democrat portfolio is outperforming by 3 percent year-to-date, so it's saying Hillary has a slight advantage, but the portfolio had been up by 10 percent.

Hillary Clinton

We've never had a foreign adversarial power be already involved in our electoral process with the DNC hacks. We've never had the nominee of one of our major parties urging the Russians to hack more. So I am grateful that this is being taken seriously and I want everyone–Democrat, Republican, independent–to understand the real threat that this represents.

Hillary Clinton

We are facing a very serious concern. We've never had a foreign adversarial power be already involved in our electoral process with the DNC hacks. We've never had a nominee of one of our major parties urging the Russians to hack more.

Jason Kowalski

If you take a look at what Barack Obama has done and you take a look at where Hillary Clinton started at the beginning of the campaign, the Democratic Party platform is far more progressive on climate than Hillary's platform initially and what Barack Obama has done while in office.

Vladimir Putin

Listen, does it even matter who hacked this data? The important thing is the content that was given to the public.

Vladimir Putin

I wouldn't like for us to follow their example. I don't think they are setting the best example.

Vladimir Putin

There's no need to distract the public's attention from the essence of the problem by raising some minor issues connected with the search for who did it. But I want to tell you again, I don't know anything about it, and on a state level Russia has never done this.

Vladimir Putin

Listen, does it even matter who hacked this data. The important thing is the content that was given to the public.

Donna Brazile

The Victory Leaders Councils are one more way that Democrats are investing in all 50 states.

Brandon Davis

Democrats are competing across the country and building for the future. In states from Georgia to Arizona, demographics and politics are changing quickly – and Democrats are making the investments to make gains now so that we can take majorities later.

Donald J. Trump

Nothing makes me more honored and proud than to be the nominee of Abraham Lincoln's Republican Party. It is the Democratic Party that is the party of slavery, the party of Jim Crow, and the party of opposition.

David Woo - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

You have a Democrat president, and a Republican controlled Congress which means you have gridlock in Washington. The market is pricing in this gridlock, meaning it's going to be that much of the burden of supporting the economy falls on the Fed.

Sophie Bock

She's always been that sweet kid. I admire her stamina. With three children and cancer and Congress, and then the DNC.

Tim Kaine

We might find that this generosity that he's claiming is just smoke and mirrors. I think that's probably the case. My wife and I put out 10 years of tax returns yesterday, right 10 years. You have a right to know. I don't care whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, you have a right to know.

Alex Seitz-Wald - National Broadcasting Company

Hillary Clinton's campaign should be reeling from two unflattering news stories this week that play right in Donald Trump's hands. But instead, the GOP candidate missed an opportunity by diverting attention away from the Democrat with another unforced error about himself.

Donald J. Trump

If (Democrat Hillary Clinton) gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

Whistleblowers often take very significant efforts to bring us material and often at very significant risks.

Abhisit Vejjajiva

I think a lot of countries are going through an exceptional period in terms of democracy. But here in Thailand of course, it comes at a time when there has been chaos on the streets and the military had to step into restore orders. So it is not surprising to me that anti-political establishment feeling is now being channeled to support outsiders to take care of some of the aspects of our politics.

Abhisit Vejjajiva

I'm still the party leader and I hope to come up with a platform that will respond to people's needs.

Abhisit Vejjajiva

What I think we have seen in recent years is that we can only be strong if we help the weakest. Which means that for rural farmers, for people who are still in debt, they need to have the opportunities and the income, otherwise there will not be a strong enough domestic economy for everybody else.

Charles Henderson - International Business Machines

The bad guys are testing your systems right now, the only difference is you don't get the report.

Donald J. Trump

This story is not about Mr. Khan, who is all over the place doing interviews, but rather RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM and the U.S. Get smart! Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same – Nice!

Donald J. Trump

Mr. Khan, who does not know me, viciously attacked me from the stage of the DNC and is now all over T.V. doing the same.

Jodeen Olguín-Tayler

As a Latina, as a progressive leader ... I'm not writing today to endorse this national platform. The movement for black lives does not need my stamp of approval. Instead, I'm calling on other progressives – especially other light-skinned people of color, white people and leaders of the Democratic Party – to sit up and pay attention.

Jeff Sessions

I have people come up to me all the time and say 'Why don't you, if you want to find out where those 30,000 e-mails are, why don't you ask the Russians?

Hillary Clinton

We would not tolerate that from any other country, particularly one with whom we have adversarial positions. And for Trump to both encourage that and to praise (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, despite what appears to be a deliberate effort to try to affect the election, I think raises national security issues.

James Clapper

Now is the appropriate time, since both candidates have been officially anointed.

Joy Reid - MSNBC

She perfectly married the new Democratic Party to what was left of the old Republican Party.

Mary Catherine Roper

This is what it looks like when you just let people get their message out: lots of expression and very little conflict.

Donald J. Trump

I would've hit them…I was gonna hit them. I was all set and then I got a call from a highly respected governor. How is it going Donald?' I said: 'Well, it is going good but they are really saying bad things about me. I'm gonna hit them so hard. I was going to hit one guy in particular – a very little guy – I was going to hit this guy so hard his head would spin. He wouldn't know what the hell happened.

Gilberto Hinojosa

It's no coincidence someone is hacking into Democratic Party computers. It's almost sounding like a repeat of Watergate. This is just the kind of dirty politics we expect from Donald Trump. I have no doubt Donald Trump is behind it.

Sarah McBride - McBride

The reality is that Hillary Clinton has been a steadfast supporter of LGBT equality. She has evolved on the issue of LGBT equality, and I think we are a better movement when we give people space to grow and learn. We can't reduce it to a single issue like marriage equality.

Sarah McBride - McBride

I really want to use this moment to reinforce and underscore that behind this debate on trans equality, there are real people who are seeking dignity and fairness throughout their lives, people who hurt when we are ridiculed and mocked and discriminated against, people who are facing violence. I want to make sure that people realize the humanity behind the conversation.

Sarah McBride - McBride

I think we're long past the point where merely saying the letters 'LGBTQ' should be seen as progress. The GOP had also last week adopted one of the most anti-LGBT platforms imaginable and nominated a vice president known for signing a controversial "religious freedom" law widely perceived as discriminatory toward LGBT individuals.

Jason Miller

I think it's also important here to not let Hillary off the hook for why we're even having this talk. Because she illegally bungled 33,000 emails from her home server, and now the DNC had their anti-Sanders smear campaign emails shared with the world.

Anup Ghosh

A policy of hack-back would allow the DNC or any private firm to take unilateral actions against Russian intelligence, possibly starting a cyberwar. The only thing we know for certain is what we don't know: who is behind the attacks provable in a court of law.

Nina Terrero - Entertainment Weekly

I do think celebrities are being more outspoken than ever this election cycle. The DNC really highlighted its pull among celebrities that have a huge following among the most valuable voters -- women, Latinos, millennials. I thought it was such an impressive line-up compared to what we saw at the Republican National Convention.

Bernie Sanders

Madame chair, I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. I move that all votes, all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic party for the president of the United States.

Bernie Sanders

This election is about which candidate understands the real problems facing this country and has offered real solutions – not just bombast, not just fear-mongering, not just name-calling and divisiveness. By these measures, any objective observer will conclude that – based on her ideas and her leadership – Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the US. The choice is not even close.

Ian Bremmer - Eurasia Group

Russia has the capabilities, and the timing also provides a motivation. The Kremlin strongly believes the U.S. government has been behind similar efforts against Russia – a la the Ukraine and Georgia revolutions.

Jennifer Palmieri - Clintons

The first lady is one of the most popular public figures in America. She will be a highly effective messenger to kick off our convention and throughout the campaign ahead. She has been a role model to so many in her time as first lady, and few know better than her the importance of electing leaders who set the right example for our children and grandchildren.

Eva Longoria

When Donald Trump calls us criminals and rapists, he's insulting American families. My father is not a criminal or a rapist, in fact, he's a United States veteran. When Trump cruelly mocked a disabled reporter, he was also mocking my special-needs sister Lisa and many like her.

Chris Finan

There's been a line that has been crossed and there has to be some type of response if, indeed, there is a nation state responsible.

Chris Finan

You can't let it go unaddressed, because otherwise you are leaving our political institutions vulnerable to this type of intrusion in the future.

Dmitri Alperovitch - CrowdStrike

Extensive targeting of defense ministries and other military victims has been observed, the profile of which closely mirrors the strategic interests of the Russian government, and may indicate affiliation with Main Intelligence Department or GRU, Russia's premier military intelligence service.

Dmitri Alperovitch - CrowdStrike

These claims do nothing to lessen our findings relating to the Russian government's involvement.

Brian Ballon

The Democratic primary was not decided by random thoughts, exchanges over email by DNC officials. It was decided at the ballot box by all the Democrats and Independents that took part of the primaries and caucuses over the last several months.

Eva Longoria

I'm from a small town in South Texas, and if you know your history, Texas used to be part of Mexico. I'm ninth generation American. My family never crossed a border; the border crossed us. When Donald Trump calls us criminals and rapists, he's insulting American families. My father is not a criminal or a rapist. In fact, he's a United States veteran.

Elizabeth Warren

What kind of a man acts like this? What kind of a man roots for an economic crash? What kind of a man cheats students, cheats investors, cheats workers? A man who must never be president of the United States.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

The real story is what these emails contain and they show collusion. We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that's being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

Would Hillary Clinton have won anyway? Maybe, maybe not. I think that it's completely up in the air now, and so the result of the nomination process has no political legitimacy.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

The emails that we have released are different sets of documents to the documents of those [that] people have analyzed.

Donald J. Trump

There's no loyalty there, right? There's no loyalty – none whatsoever. Clinton knew everything that Wasserman Schultz was doing. Debbie was totally loyal to Hillary, and Hillary threw her under the bus. It didn't take her more than five minutes to make that decision. Man, I don't want her covering my back.

Jessica Levinson

This is going to be the election of voting against someone as opposed to voting for someone. It's not really going to be about whether Hillary is going to get them to vote for her but whether Trump will make them vote because they're so scared of him.

Donald J. Trump

The new joke in town is that Russia leaked the disastrous DNC e-mails, which should never have been written (stupid), because Putin likes me. Crooked Hillary Clinton knew everything that her 'servant' was doing at the DNC - they just got caught, that's all! They laughed at Bernie.

Danny Glover

This is a permanent revolution. This is not about this election. That's too small. That's not enough for us.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Hey @Reince - I'm in Cleveland if you need another chair to help keep your convention in order.

Hillary Clinton

There's simply no one better at taking the fight to the Republicans than Debbie, which is why I am glad that she has agreed to serve as honorary chair of my campaign's 50-state program to gain ground and elect Democrats in every part of the country, and will continue to serve as a surrogate for my campaign nationally, in Florida, and in other key states.

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

Hillary Clinton's choice of Tim Kaine does nothing to unify a fractured Democrat base which is repelled by her dishonesty and cronyism. After spending last week pandering to grassroots Democrats with Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton has chosen someone who holds positions that she's spent the entire primary trying to get to the left of.

John Kerry

I want our NATO partners to be clear about where we stand. This administration like every single administration, Republican and Democrat alike, since 1949, remains fully committed to the NATO alliance and to our security commitments.

Caitlyn Jenner

The Democratic Party does a better job when it comes to [the] LGBT community, the trans community, and Obama has been very good from that standpoint. But I think the Republican Party needs to understand, they need to know people who are trans. … I'm here today so you, since most people don't know somebody who's trans, get to know somebody.

Isaac Boltansky - Compass Point Research & Trading
Alison Ashburn - Compass Point Research & Trading

The Clinton campaign has refused to support the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act, even though the Democratic party platform is supportive of doing so.

Gil Troy

The fact that you've had someone who is not a part of the Democratic Party run so far and succeed so much is quite outrageous in terms of American history.

Harry M. Reid

It's going to be good for the country, good for Indiana to have him back. Trump "speaks for the Republicans" and creates opportunities for Democrats to compete around the country.

Evan Bayh

Baron Hill has always put Indiana first, and has been focused on setting aside party differences to strengthen our state and country. I share this commitment, and agree with him that the stakes have never been higher. Baron and I have spoken and we both believe that we must send leaders to Washington who will put Hoosiers' interests ahead of any one political party.

Paul Ryan

It's been a long month for America. We have seen terrible, senseless things. Every member of this body, every Republican and every Democrat, wants to see less gun violence.

Harry M. Reid

They'll force yet another failed vote on this cynical legislation and then pack their bags for the longest Senate vacation since 1954.

Bernie Sanders

The notion that Donald Trump could benefit from the same forces that gave the 'Leave' proponents a majority in Britain should sound an alarm for the Democratic Party in the United States. Millions of American voters, like the 'Leave' supporters, are understandably angry and frustrated by the economic forces that are destroying the middle class.

Jeremy Corbyn

I was democratically elected leader of our party for a new kind of politics by 60 percent of Labour members and supporters, and I will not betray them by resigning. Today's vote by MPs has no constitutional legitimacy. We are a democratic party, with a clear constitution. Our people need Labour party members, trade unionists and MPs to unite behind my leadership at a critical time for our country.

Dane Strother

I woke up this morning a little dismayed. The question is whether Trump is similarly underperforming in the polls here. If that under-polled anger was present in Britain, as a Democrat you have to hope it isn't mirrored here.

Orrin Hatch

It's a tough issue. For people like myself, who come from a hunting and fishing state, it's pretty hard.

John Lewis

It's not a struggle that lasts for one day, or one week, or one month, or one year. We're going to win the struggle.

Scott Peters

It really connected with people out there. This whole phenomenon with [live video] struck a nerve.

Nancy Pelosi

Without you and without the technology of Periscope [the sit-in] would just be a debate in the Halls of Congress unrecorded because they turned off the microphones. But we raised our voices. They turned off the cameras and we went to Periscope.

Lindsey Graham

Eventually this problem will get addressed again one of two ways: We find a breakthrough, which I will seek, or there will be another terrorist attack which will bring us right back to this issue. I hope we can do it without another terrorist attack.

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Something interesting is happening with Facebook Live that's bringing more openness to the political process.

Scott Peters

Without that, think about it, it would have been a caucus meeting where we talk to ourselves.

Virginia Raggi

Certainly not from my side. I have always said that I want a loyal and frank relationship with other institutions. The Democratic Party was very harsh towards me during the electoral campaign. As far as I am concerned there isn't a problem. We'll start from scratch and work in the interest of Rome and its citizens. I expect the same integrity from the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, and the other institutions.

Donald J. Trump

Much of it is false and/or entirely inaccurate. We believe it was the DNC that did the 'hacking' as a way to distract from the many issues facing their deeply flawed candidate and failed party leader. Too bad the DNC doesn't hack Crooked Hillary's 33,000 missing emails.

Raul Grijalva

I firmly believe that her victory will only come when she and the Democratic Party articulate the themes this movement [created by the Sanders campaign] has so powerfully expressed.

Donald J. Trump

This is all information that has been out there for many years. Much of it is false and/or entirely inaccurate.

Bernie Sanders

The time is long overdue for a fundamental transformation of the Democratic Party.

Jim Langevin

It should come as no surprise to anyone that political parties are high-profile targets for foreign intelligence gathering. Nonetheless, it is disconcerting that two independent operations were able to penetrate the DNC, one of which was able to stay embedded for nearly a year.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

It was likely Sanders' last campaign rally. Earlier, he gave the strongest signals yet that he is ready to bow out of the presidential race – after the DC primary next Tuesday. It would be a win for the Democratic Party in its fight against Trump.

Donald J. Trump

This election isn't about Republican or Democrat, it's about who runs this country: the special interests or the people.

Bernie Sanders

If we can win here in California, win in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, do well in New Jersey, we're going to go into that (Democratic Party) convention with enormous momentum.

Donald J. Trump

She is a person with absolutely no natural talent. All you have to do is watch her speak.

Bernie Sanders

Party Leaders in Nevada...claim that the Sanders campaign has a 'penchant for violence.' That is nonsense. Our campaign has held giant rallies all across this country, including in high-crime areas, and there have been zero reports of violence. Democrat leadership used its power "to prevent a fair and transparent" convention.

Vince Powers

Donald Trump is radioactive. He is a sexist and a racist. He praises tyrants. He criticizes our NATO allies. Every day since he's been declared the winner, I've had Republicans coming up to me, saying, I'm voting for the Democrat.

Alan Grayson

I asked him more than once, What is your basis for making that statement?' and he couldn't come up with anything more than, I want you to lose'. He's bullying me and he's slandering me.

Donald J. Trump

Am I going to contribute to a Republican for my whole life when they get, they run against some Democrat? And the most they can get is one percent of the vote.

Bernie Sanders

The ideas that we are fighting for are the ideas of the future of America and the ideas of the future of the Democratic Party. What we have shown the world is that we can run a powerful and winning campaign without relying on special interests.

Bernie Sanders

Our job is to revitalize American democracy. And the Democratic Party has to reach a fundamental conclusion: Are we on the side of working people, or big money interests?

Hillary Clinton

If you are a Democrat, an independent or a thoughtful Republican, you know their approach is not going to build an America where we increase opportunity or decrease inequality. So instead of us letting them take us backwards we want America to be in the future business.

Ted Cruz

Donald on television this morning said, gosh, he thought that men should be able to go into the girls' bathroom if they want to. Let me ask you: Are there any parents of daughters here? I'm the father of two little girls. Here is basic common sense: Grown adult men, strangers, should not be in alone in a bathroom with little girls. That's not conservative or liberal, that's not Republican or Democrat. That's basic common sense.

Robby Mook

We expect that Secretary Clinton will be the nominee, particularly after tomorrow. Sen. Sanders and his campaign need to decide if they're going to continue on this line of attack. He needs to decide if he wants to continue making attacks on the Democratic Party itself and on allied groups like Planned Parenthood.

Jeff Weaver

While the use of joint fundraising agreements has existed for some time -- it is unprecedented for the DNC to allow a joint committee to be exploited to the benefit of one candidate in the midst of a contested nominating contest.

Bernie Sanders

I am a big, big fan of the pope. He's trying to inject this sense of morality into how we do economics ... and we need that absolutely desperately.

Hillary Clinton

I am a proud Democrat and I support Democrats up and down the ticket, always have and always will.

Ted Cruz

Well, listen, I have news from the Democratic Party: Women are not special interests. Women are a majority of the United States of America, and every issue is a women's issue.

Hillary Clinton

We are on the path to the nomination and I want Washington to be part of how we get there. ...It's important to show up at this caucus on Saturday.

Bernie Sanders

What this campaign is about is not just a corrupt campaign finance system, it's a rigged economy.

Robby Mook

It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a Democrat to win the nomination without strong levels of support among African-American and Hispanic voters.

Rand Paul

Gun control's not that popular in our country, so I think it'll be probably splitting some of the Democrat vote if that's one of his key issues to run on. That seems to be what's activated in and inspired him in recent elections – gun control. So if he splits the Democrat vote and goes for gun control, that might be good for Republicans.

Matteo Renzi

It seems to me that the climate is changing in Europe, and we have to keep working on this. For too long Europe has been perceived only as a place of austerity, a place without hope, without growth.

Francois Hollande

There will surely be initiatives to take after the British referendum, whatever the decision is, even though we wish Britain stays in the European Union.

Alexis Tsipras

The progressive forces have to promote the need to return to the fundamental values of Europe, which are solidarity, democracy, social cohesion, but also to build a wall against economic policies that prepare the ground for the far-right that today threatens the future of Europe.

Francois Hollande

Social Democrats must respond to emergencies … and prepare Europe's future.

Jeb Bush

You find a Democrat that's for cutting taxes, cutting spending $10, I'll give him a warm kiss.

Willis Aberg

Evacuation plans will be reconsidered and residents will be informed as to what to do and in some cases additional security will be set up. There are many elements needed so that the refugees can feel secure, which is what we want in the end.

Selahattin Demirtas

Erdogan is doing this to create a false perception among the general population. His main objective is not to disarm the PKK but instead make sure the People's Democratic Party pays the price for PKK violence. He doesn't care about peace. Erdogan wants to take revenge out on the People's Democratic Party for their results in the elections.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

The ruling Justice and Development Party is the biggest alliance in Turkish politics. It brings conservatives and the centre right under one roof. The Republican People's Party and the Nationalist Movement are the oldest political traditions. The main actor in this election is the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), which brings Kurds and the left-wing together.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

On Tuesday night, President Obama is going to make a stand portraying himself as a European-style Social Democrat who is fighting for the middle class against heartless Republicans. Obama says he wants to work with Congress, but the battle lines are already drawn.

George Papandreou

We welcome the people's power. We welcome every active citizen that will sign our declaration today, and in the coming days when we will travel all over Greece, for our Democrat and Socialists' Movement.

Sunder Katwala

The most striking thing is the Lib Dem share of seats not rising. There isn't a viable Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition option in this exit poll.

Vladas Gaidys

The campaign is boring because we have one strong leader – Dalia Grybauskeite. She is on course to get collect 50-60 per cent of the vote while the second most popular candidate, the social democrat leader has five times less support. If the turnout is more than 50 per cent, she would win, but if it's lower she would need the second round, and then we might see some surprises.

Tanya Pettis

I think de Blasio will be in our best interest. He looked like he's more interested in what the people need and, you know, the schools and everything. Lhota seems like he's not so much interested in the common person, the middle class. Nobody's really helping the middle class. There isn't any middle class anymore.

Bill de Blasio

New York city is a city of families and neighbourhoods – progress that knows that we must be a city of opportunity for all.

Nicolas Sarkozy

As you know, I am a politician of the centre-left. I believe in progressive politics. In the USA, I would be a Democrat. In the UK, I am Labour. In France, I would be.

James Phillips

General McChrystal's report puts the President in an awkward position politically because there are members of his own Democratic party that adamantly oppose increasing the numbers of US troops beyond the 68,000 troops that are autorised for the end of this year.

Ignazio La Russa

The Democratic Party told us to share the institutional roles. But, in the end, they grabbed everything. It's not a good sign for the future of the legislation.

Giovanni Magi

All the polls say the centre-left Democratic Party will win in February. What's most likely after the election is that is that party boss Pier Luigi Bersani becomes prime minister and looks for an alliance with the centre, with perhaps Monti as economy and finance minister, or more probably as president, as there's an election in May.

Laura Davedescu

Both Romania's major political parties master the art of unorthodox politics. Unbiased observers know it: both the Social-Liberals, in power, and the Democrat-Liberals of President Basescu, manipulate the Constitution. So this political crisis could continue to ravage Romania's politics well beyond this Sunday's referendum.

Barack Obama

I certainly did not expect to find myself in this position a year ago, but as I have spoken to many of you in my travels across the states in these past months, as I have read your emails and read your letters, I have been struck by how hungry we all are for a different kind of politics.

Mona Wafa

The vast numbers of protesters last night is natural, because as you know the number of people who were part of the former National Democratic party was three million during the time of Hosni Mubarak. So it's only natural that there was a large number of people protesting yesterday, but the most important thing is that it should be peaceful.

John McCain

It's people who are trying to stay in their homes, keep their jobs and afford health care, is what they want for us to yell at each other? No. What they want is for us to sit down, together Republican and Democrat to work together in this terrible time of crisis, this largest financial crisis in our history.

Claude Meisch

What has just happened is what we at the Democratic Party had asked for four weeks ago. That is to call on the government to quit and to make way for a new government via new elections because Luxembourg has a lot of problems and we realised this government was preoccupied with all these scandals.

Heinz Fischer

I had good talks with Gusenbauer, the leader of the Social Democrat Party, and I asked him to build a new government or to make some proposals on the forming of a new government according to article 70 of the Austrian constitution.

Vito Crimi

In the Senate we will vote against giving the Democratic Party our confidence, which is to say a government led by Bersani.

Barack Obama

What I said to the president is that this process about endorsements isn't something that I am concerned about right now and he can take the endorsement and shove it.

Alan Lichtman

Foreign policy has been Barack Obama's weakest point. It is Joe Biden's strongest point, of course as chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee. He's also a kind of lunch-bucket Democrat with appeal to the white working class voters that Barack Obama has not really sewn-up yet.

John Murtha

Our troops have become the primary target of the insurgency. They are united against US forces and we have become a catalyst for violence. US troops are the common enemy of the Sunnis, the Saddamists and the foreign jihadists.

Philipp Rösler

The FDP is, and remains, a party which is clearly pro-European with the necessary sense of political rationality.

Angela Merkel

Every single vote counts. And if you want to make sure that there are no political experiments like red-red-green, then you must vote for the Christian Democratic party (CDU) or in Bavaria for our sister party the Christian Social Union (CSU).

Sadakazu Tanigaki

This result came out of the Japanese voters' severe judgement on the chaotic politics conducted by the Democratic Party of Japan for the last 10 months. It also shows that people supported our effort to regain trust after our defeat last year.

Mike Huckabee

People have asked if I am going to quit. I have come here to make it clear that I am not.

Pierferdinando Casini

He's the first relevant personality of the center-left, a former mayor of Rome and Italian vice-president, who recognizes that the process of the Democrat Party has failed.

Mitch McConnell

I think we all know that if the president decides to reach an agreement with us, the Democrats, most of them, will fall in line. He is the leader of the Democratic party, he is the President of the United States: he needs to indicate what he will sign.

Nick Clegg

Let me be clear: the Liberal Democrats must be a party where even a hint of sexism is taken seriously; where every allegation of harassment is dealt with properly; and where there can be no fear that power or position can be abused.

Miguel Sardo

Professor, let's talk about the social democrat candidate Jose Serra. Who supports him? Where will he get votes from? Will it just be traditional social democrat supporters or are some people dissatisfied with Lula da Silva?

Adil Gür

Our studies show that at the last local elections 97 percent of people who voted AKP voted for Erdogan. And 98.4 percent who voted for the People's Democratic party also voted for their candidate.

Khaled Meshaal - Hamas

We refute and condemn these kind of statements because they are insulting. We do not expect much from an American administration, whether it is Democrat or Republican. We are not counting on that. We're focusing on our rights.

Mirek Topolanek

The situation won't affect the Presidency, this sad fact is that the opposition Social Democrat undermine the Presidency but I hope the Presidency will be completed successfully.

Victor Ponta

In Romania we have a social democrat who does not even hide the fact that he is on the right. And he even proposes a prime minister of the right, Tariceano, a liberal who has led a conservative government with the former president.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit

I believe that the liberal democrat, Green, socialist and extreme left majority is sufficient to say 'no' when the procedure comes around in July. There are capable personalities who will emerge after such time as we have blocked Barroso. That is always the way it works. If we say their names now, we burn their chances.

Enrico Bona

It may now fall because of actions of the PDL or because of a section of the Democratic Party who may not want to govern with a knight (referring to Berlusconi), who has been convicted.

Hillary Clinton

I move Senator Barack Obama of Illinois be selected by this convention by acclamation as the nominee of the Democratic party for president of the United States.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

Europe knows this drama needs to be dealt with, now we are searching for the tools to manage it. I hope that the answers will arrive as early as the June European Council; Italy will put this issue at the heart of its EU Presidency. This problem concerns not only foreign ministers but also other ministries.

Angela Merkel

We have the courage and the clear intention, as the centre coalition to take Germany forward and to make Germany a country of solidarity through growth and education.

Traian Basescu

My decision is to trust this mandate to a member of the Democrat-Liberals, the party with the most seats in parliament.

John Boehner

The President reiterated one more time tonight, that he will not negotiate. All we are asking for here is a discussion and fairness for the American people under Obamacare. I wish, I would hope the President and our Democrat colleagues in the Senate, would listen to the American people and sit down and have a serious discussion about resolving these differences.

Barack Obama

It is the answer spoken by young and old, rich and poor, Democrat and Republican , black, white Hispanic, Asian, Native American, gay, straight, disabled and not disabled. Americans who sent a message to the world that we have never been just a collection of individuals or a collection of red states and blue states. We are and always will be the United States of America.

Angela Merkel

The disappointment about the start of the Christian Democrat-Liberal coalition government is all the more serious because for 11 years, we waited, we fought, we hoped and we worked toward it.

Shinzo Abe

I hereby form a cabinet that will tackle crises for the Japanese people. Our nation's strength comes with a strong economy. Without strong economic revitalisation, there is no financial reform or any future for Japan.

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