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Robert Tracy
She was pretty matter of fact about admission that the two children were dead. Our officers discovered them in the back bathtub. We all have the questions: Why would someone go through and do what they've done. We don't have the answers
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Oct 19 2017
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Amber Rudd

An increasing number of these incidents have been reported in the media in the past months. The most recent case concerned a Japanese spouse of an EU citizen who was threatened with deportation even though she was lawfully in the country under EU law for more than 13

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

While DACA and border security were both discussed, excluding the wall was certainly not agreed

Avideh Moussavian

This feels just like yet another barely thinly veiled attempt to criminalize and demonize immigrants in order to justify what this administration has consistently promoted as their commitment to a massive deportation

Kevin Yoder

But because of "unfair backlogs" on green card, Sunayana was faced with the prospect of having to return home to India because of her visa status. Thankfully, we were able to help her stay for now and are working towards a permanent fix, but if our bill had already been signed into law she would likely have already gained permanent residence and would not have faced the threat of deportation on top of the horrific loss of her loving husband. Many of us think this is an injustice, it's discriminatory, and the system is failing people like Srinivas and

Donald J. Trump

We don't want to forget DACA. We want to see if we can do something in a bipartisan fashion so that we can solve the DACA problem and other immigration problems. If you look at some of the greatest legislation ever passed, it was done on a bipartisan manner. And so that's what we're going to give a

Hilary Benn

When the prime minister went to the European council to tell them all would be well, instead of saying 3 million citizens could stay here and were valued, it was reported she said: 'Don't worry, no one is going to be deported.' In my visit to Brussels last week, people told me that eyes widened when she arrived; instead of offering reassurances, she spoke about

Lauren Jauregui

It's incredible to me that you'll pardon a man who is known for running his prison as a Latino concentration camp and call him a patriot, but then deport kids with a dream to be successful citizens with safe

America Ferrera

Ending DACA would put 800,000 young people at risk of deportation. We can't let their lives be used as political fodder-Call Now!

Astrid Silva

People don't understand that all it is is a work permit that says that for two years you will not be a priority for

Astrid Silva

Anybody who stayed here for over a year after they turned 18 begins accumulating what they call 'unlawful presence.' That means if you spend more than a year here after you 18th birthday, you get punished having to leave the country to adjust your status. Once you're out of the country, if you've been here for a certain time, if you've been caught at the border or have been deported, or if you have a deportation order, they can give you anything between three and ten years where you're not allowed to reenter the

Jim Jordan

The "only folks that are subject to deportation right now are those that have engaged in criminal

Janet Napolitano - Homeland Security

I'm really outraged on behalf of our students, who have done everything that has been asked of them. Most of them know only the United States as home. To say that they have to be thinking about possible deportation is wrong on the law, inconsistent with our value and bad immigration

Lucia Guerrero

Just as I was starting to grow, I am now caught in a storm and I'm in limbo. I feel like a little crooked tree, when I want to be big and strong and sturdy with a future of healthy growth. I am now being shaken by my roots. I worry whether I will make it. Is everything I have dreamed of and worked for now at risk?feedback

Lucia Guerrero

The people who come here are so kind – they are cheering me on, hoping for a positive outcome. They are very thankful. And I am thankful for

Lucia Guerrero

Finally, we could come out of the shadows. We were able to get work permits and renew them every two years. I received my certification as a dialysis technician and I'm dreaming of going to nursing school. But now I wonder, Will that happen? Will we all be forced to return to Mexico?feedback

Lucia Guerrero

We would have had to return to Mexico to apply again, and by then, this was our home. Because my parents can't legally have regular jobs and can only do handy work, it became up to me and my brothers to support all of us. It's something that I am grateful to do. I am happy to return the favor because my mom and dad brought us here and got us an

Steven Mnuchin

I would say the best part about this is this clears out the next 90 days for us to focus on important things. So we have the funding for Harvey; we're focused on tax reform. That's going to be the big priority for the next 90 days … so that we can have a bill passed for the president to

Brad Smith

For the 39 Dreamers that we know of who are our employees, our commitment is clear. If Congress fails to act, our company will exercise its legal rights properly to help protect our employees. If the government seeks to deport any one of them, we will provide and pay for their legal counsel. We will also file an amicus brief and explore whether we can directly intervene in any such case. In short, if Dreamers who are our employees are in court, we will be by their

Barack Obama

In the next few months, eligible individuals who do not present a risk to national security or public safety will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings and apply for work authorization. Let's be clear: this is not amnesty, this is not immunity, this is not a path to citizenship, this is not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stop-gap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, and patriotic young people. It is the right thing to

Luis Gutierrez - Brother

This is a man that says to me to my face, I feel so bad for those dreamers. I'm the only one between them and their deportation,' . Well, if you think it's wrong, then act on your

Ed Davey

First they [the Home Office] send EU citizens deportation letters, now they are plotting to keep out all Europeans bar footballers and brain

Sundar Pichai - Google

Dreamers are our neighbours, our friends and our co-workers. This is their home. Congress needs to act now to #DefendDACA.

Lloyd Blankfein

Immigration is a complex issue but I wouldn't deport a kid who was brought here and only knows America. Congress must address.

Ramon Ramirez

Good teachers are hard to come by – they're still trying to hire more of them in my district. All I've ever wanted was to make a difference in somebody's life. Can't we use more people like that? It's a shame, that's what this is. It's a national

Ramon Ramirez

The economy in Mexico was headed down and they wanted to be proactive. When their visa expired, I was 14 and happy at school, getting good grades, enjoying my friends. Renewing the visa would have required my family to return to Mexico first, and by then, my parents had a mortgage to

Ramon Ramirez

I studied and got good grades with a dream of winning a scholarship, and that's exactly what happened. I received a scholarship to a private university and never took public funds from anyone. All I have worked for in my life, I have earned by myself. And it's all at risk now. I can't teach Mexican history – I know nothing about it. To be honest, I feel as though I am being held hostage by the government here, along with all of the other

Ramon Ramirez

It has always been my dream to be the best teacher I can to be my students and to one day actually be able to say on paper that I am an American citizen. I am very sad today and very disappointed – it's a huge let-down. My family and I are so assimilated into American culture that we don't identify as anything else. We pay our bills, we pay our taxes. I went to college here. America is the only country that I have

Ramon Ramirez

So now, this terrible decision by the president could split up my family. I have a question for Donald Trump: 'What would make you change your mind? What has changed between the time you agreed that the Dreamers need to be kept here, until now, when you are ending the program?' I would like an

Todd Schulte -

The government will begin using information that DACA recipients handed over to them, under the promise that it would never ever be used against them, to round up and deport large numbers of young people who came to this country as children and were raised

Tim Cook - Apple

I want to assure you that Apple will work with members of Congress from both parties to advocate for a legislative solution that provides permanent protections for all the Dreamers in our country. We are also working closely with each of our co-workers to provide them and their families the support they need, including the advice of immigration

Mohammed Uzbeki

If I knew who was the enemy, I would have just avoided

Mike Coffman

Democrats have to decide, O.K., do we allow the deportation of these young people because we don't like a Republican taking leadership on this issue? Or, do we go with a Republican led initiative?feedback

Lamar Smith

But that does not mean federal immigration laws should be ignored. Nor should regulations that require federal contractors to verify legal work authorization of their employers. These policies were put in place to protect American workers and

Thomas Bossert

There's no real wavering here, and it's pretty clear about our position on immigration. I don't think there's going to be a lot of benefits going out to illegal immigrants in terms of the American

Jeffrey Nielsen

The truth is, there are not a lot of people jumping up and down to do civil construction work in Texas. It's hot, and these jobs are pouring concrete or, worse, hot asphalt. That's the reality of it, and we need more people than

Dave Bushnell

Oh yeah. They need the help too. The government helps us, we help them, and all of us help the economy. You see how hard they work. They've probably lost everything too, but they can't sit and wait for a handout. They've got to

Kevin Appleby

We are undoubtedly going to need immigrant workers to rebuild Houston. It is clear that immigrants, including those without status, helped to rebuild New

Roberto Benavidez

For the country to rebuild Houston, it will need amnesty for immigrants. I get it. It seems like we are busting in the door of your house and asking to stay, but in reality, we are knocking on the door and offering a

Kevin Appleby

Either he does not waive and continues to be strict, or he does not waive but also does not enforce, or he does relax

Sanna Vestin

The reasoning from the migration agency is that it's not unsafe enough in

Mohammed Uzbeki

My sisters were crying. My grandmother asked, Why are you crying?feedback

Todd Schulte -

The federal government has the cellphone and home address of every DACA recipient. They grew up here, they work at nearly every major company in America, serve in the military and many are working on recovery efforts in Texas. If DACA is repealed and no permanent legislation passed, they will all be fired and our government will begin the large-scale deportation of people raised in the United States, using information they volunteered to the government with the promise it would never be used against them or their

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We need a government that protects Dreamers. Today I join business leaders across the country in calling on our President to keep the DACA program in place and protect Dreamers from fear of deportation. Carl: there is currently no pathway for undocumented immigrants to become citizens while living here. I've mentored a student who would like nothing more than to get his citizenship and maybe run for office one day, but he currently has no way to do

Michel Barnier

Over the summer, around one hundred EU and EEA citizens living lawfully in the UK received deportation letters. The UK government quickly recognised that this was a mistake. But this is not the first time that something like this has

Dick Durbin

We're going to deport all of them, or we're going to give special treatment to these high

Brad Smith

We are deeply concerned by news reports about changes to DACA that are under consideration. These changes would not only negatively impact thousands of hardworking people across the United States, but will be a step backwards for our entire nation. Ending DACA will drastically disrupt the lives of these individuals who willingly came forward to register with the federal government. They could lose their jobs and risk

Tyler Moran

You are talking about 5,000 to 10,000 kids every week losing work authorization, becoming undocumented, and being subject to immigration enforcement and

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

No one should try to deport them just to make a political point, and the leaders threatening to take away their protections need to do the right thing. DACA has allowed 800,000 young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to live, work and contribute to this

Dick Durbin

These young people grew up in this country and came out of the shadows voluntarily after our government promised not to deport them. We've since witnessed Dreamers graduate college, start businesses and give back to their communities in myriad

Lisseth Rojas-Flores

Kids start lagging behind academically, having social stress, anxiety, depression. With the new administration and all the threats for deportation that are so vivid and so real, and all the rhetoric that's going around, the anxiety escalates to a point that can be very paralyzing for some of these kids, who don't want to go to school, or who go to school and sit in there and still worry about their

Jussi Halla-aho - European Parliament

The event in Turku is the result of badly managed immigration in general, and lack of proper deportation legislation in particular. All rejected asylum seekers should be deported

Leonard D'Arrigo

It's a total dichotomy. It's two different worlds. The backstretch is almost like a third-world country and you have the wealth on the other

Gary Contessa

Lets face it, since the new president was elected, most of the Mexicans think they're not wanted here. They feel like the government is looking for an excuse to push them out of the

Leonard D'Arrigo

The track is a prime target because ICE knows they have, all in one place, hundreds of people who may be

Rodrigo Olivares

You have horses sell for $1 million and here in the backside people live worse than

Joanne Yepsen

So, if ICE is looking for violent criminals, to my knowledge, they're not going to find them

Rodrigo Olivares

If you get a speeding ticket or in any kind of trouble, they can take away your papers and send you back to your

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri

It's a seamless transition. They are immediately in ICE custody. And what ICE does with them, that's up to ICE. That's not our

Omar Jadwat - American Civil Liberties Union

It's a kind of window dressing on the same practice. It doesn't really change the legal

Thou Saroeun

We are processing the case and we don't know yet when this will move to

Phil Tregunno

They're not going to work for you properly if they're not

Chris Ramsaroop

This program is a form of apartheid. Migrant workers are employed and live under a different set of legal rights than Canadians. The very existence of temporary foreign worker programs enables the Canadian government to deny basic freedoms and protections as a result of their immigration

Felix Martinez

The priority was to keep employers happy so they continue to request

Hilario Mendoza

We were abandoned. There are lots more people in Mexico wanting to work in Canada, so they don't protect our

John Sandweg

By focusing on noncriminal cases, you're burning resources that would otherwise be dedicated to criminals. There are only so many seats on the

Mark Krikorian

Deportations under Obama collapsed in the last few years, and turning that around isn't just a question of snapping your fingers. Six months from now, we might see something very

Leigh Marks - Dana

More skilled court management, provided by experienced court administrators, rather than a law enforcement agency with priorities other than fairness and efficiency, would greatly enhance our ability to complete the tasks. For example, cases would not be docketed to make political statements or serve as a show of force by the U.S.

Eric Gonzalez

I don't want to be playing the cat and mouse game with federal

Lee Wang

What does it mean that they will be safer in Rikers than being released? I think it means we're in an ugly

Eric Gonzalez

I am asking ICE to reconsider their policy and treat the courthouse with

Eric Gonzalez

Witnesses are not willing to come forward and

Lee Wang

We cannot ethically advise them not to go to

Emmanuel Dubourg

We in Canada understand their situation, the uncertainty they're feeling, and we will do everything we can to accelerate the

Kathleen Weil

We have the necessary experience to deal with this situation ... (but) that pace is stretching our

Bennie Thompson

It's not surprising that President Trump's decree to drastically expand the Border Patrol and increase his deportation force was put in place without a clear need for the 15,000 new agents and officers or a plan for hiring and deploying them. I hope DHS goes back to the drawing board and shows us the need for new personnel along with a clear plan on how to better manage them once

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

Since the South Korean constitution recognizes all Koreans as its citizens, it is possible for Thailand to recognize South Korea as a legitimate destination to deport North

Adriene Holder

Now that the issue of a criminal carve-out has been resolved, we look forward to strengthening our efforts defending New Yorkers from unjust detention and

Michael Hancock

Whether you committed a physical assault on someone or were caught urinating in the park, you were subject to the same maximum penalties, which doesn't make

Jeannette Zanipatin

Not only do you do your time and pay your fine under criminal court, but you're literally banished from your family and everyone you

Brian McIntyre

There's probably hundreds if not thousands of issues that I suppose we could take into consideration, and when we do that, we necessarily wind up not being as fair to someone

Jeffrey Rosen

If we're giving something, we're going to get

Dan Satterberg

There's certainly a line of argument that says, Nope, we're not going to consider all your individual circumstances, we want to treat everybody the same. But more and more, my eyes are open that treating people the same means that there isn't a life sentence of deportation that might accompany that conviction. It's easier to say, I don't want to know about the potential immigration consequences, and I don't care. It's harder when you want to know. Then it does require you to know more and to be more creative and to take more of a risk with the

Jeff Sessions

It troubles me that we've seen district attorneys openly brag about not charging cases appropriately under the laws of our

Marilyn J. Mosby

There's no set standard. You have to base it on everything that's in front of

Donald J. Trump

When you see these towns and when you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in, rough, I said, Please don't be too nice. Like, when you guys put somebody in the car and you're protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over. Like, don't hit their head and they've just killed somebody. Don't hit their head. I said, You can take the hand away, OK? It is the policy of this administration to dismantle, decimate, and eradicate MS-13. We will find you, we will arrest you, we will jail you, and we will deport

Robert Menendez

Instead of criminalizing and scapegoating immigrants, Congress should be offering workable comprehensive reforms that actually strengthen our economy and national security. Until then, we will continue to be a firm wall of resistance–using all tools at our disposal–to prevent Republicans from blindly trying to sanction this administration's mass deportation

Clemens Lahner

For those already in Croatia, 700 or so, for them the story is over. Austria won't take them

Michael J. Wynne

That's probably the most prudent thing at this point. Label them all material witness to stall the deportation proceedings and sort that out later. Some of the worst fights I have seen in my professional life have been between heads of government agencies over

Rosa Sabido

I will plea, I will cry, I will ask to whomever to let me stay by my

Rosa Sabido

I have tried so many years. I don't want to give up right at this moment. I want to keep on trying. I want to give everything, what is left of me in this

Roy Jarboe

I believe that it's way too easy to get into this country. I believe that if you are harbouring a criminal you are breaking the law, and the people at the church should be

Craig Paschal

When we have laws that are devaluing people and criminalising people we have an obligation. It's certainly not comfortable, it's not easy, but that's who we are called to

Maria Asuncion Bilbao

A deportation monster is being created by asking Congress [for] millions of dollars to increase detentions and deportations. At times like these all we have is each other, and we have no choice but to organise and fight

Daniel Denvir

“MS-13 is one of the most vicious criminal gangs in this country today,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But U.S. policy helped form transnational gangs such as

Rebecca Kitson

After consulting with his family, and with other members of the faith community, (Al-bumohammed) has chosen to seek sanctuary with the faith

Rebecca Kitson

Nowhere is that in his file in the lower courts. It is not mentioned. I find it interesting that it is coming up

Carl Rusnok

(Al-bumohammed) has been on an order of supervision with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement since about 2010. Since he did not appear for a scheduled July 13 ICE appointment, he is currently an ICE

John Wester

Due to his service with the US military, leading Cultural and Linguistics training with his wife, deportation to Iraq puts him at great risk of torture and even

Lucia Parrucci

This is all because of the recent cooperation that is taking place between Egypt and China. We believe that 90 per cent of them left since

Muhammed Emin Nurmuhammed

They were scared because the Chinese government told everyone who is studying Islamic studies to come back. They were worried about getting arrested in Cairo but they decided because they knew that if they go to China, they will definitely get

Muhammed Emin Nurmuhammed

I spoke to one wife who said she was hiding on the roof of their home because she doesn't know where to go. And I spoke to another one who was just walking around the neighbourhood. They are

Diane Abbott

I'm pleased to see the government has met the request I raised in the Commons on Monday for an immigration amnesty for Grenfell survivors. Without an immigration amnesty there may well be people we never know about, and too many people who need help who will not receive it. But this does not go far enough to ensure the confidence of those affected. Why would they volunteer their details knowing that in just 12 months they could face deportation? The amnesty must be indefinite to be truly

George Newhouse

Over a decade ago the Department of Immigration were criticised for acting like a bunch of cowboys because of their failure to implement due process and to make proper investigations – all because they were under pressure to deport people and please their political

Adam Crapser

As a child, I didn't ask to be sent to the United States. I didn't ask to learn the English language. I didn't ask to be a culturalized

Adam Crapser

They waited until I had a family, and they waited until I had children. They waited until I had something to

Adam Crapser

The language is the biggest barrier because of how late I came back here to

Hellen Ko

He said he wanted to die. He said there was nothing he could do in South

Monte Haines

I have been here for eight and a half years, and I am still having a hard time to

Monte Haines

All I had was $20 on me; I didn't know where I was. There was nobody there to talk

Hellen Ko

Deportation is like the death sentence to them. They had a hard time adjusting to life in America. It gets even harder for them when they return

Jeff Sessions

The police have been demoralized in many ways. In many ways, the policies in Chicago have not been working. Murders are way, way too high. It is critical for the people of Chicago's public safety that we begin to work together here and deport violent criminals that have been convicted. They need to not be a sanctuary city, they need to be protecting the people of Chicago from violent

Martin Manna

This is of great concern for the community. It isn't your typical deportation scenario–this is a community with a [threat of] genocide [leveled] against them. It's been an ongoing

Justin Hanna

The Convention Against Torture … it's not optional, it's mandatory that the U.S. does not send or deport an individual back to a country where there is likelihood that they will be tortured or

Tammy Duckworth

As a country, we made a commitment to thousands of brave men and women who are willing to lay down their lives in service to our great nation. I'm sad to see that with President Trump as commander in chief, even our military can't be trusted to keep its

Grace Meng

I feel it is only right that we honor our contract with them, and that we allow these individuals to continue to live in America once their service has concluded. These recruits deserve the chance to defend our freedom instead of being put at risk for deportation. Anything else is a breach of

Grace Meng

They are exactly the type of individuals who will continue to make America

Betty McCollum

For the Defense Department to even consider terminating these contracts is a betrayal of people who want to serve the United States. My amendment is a first step to holding the Pentagon accountable on its commitments to foreign nationals who want to fill critical military

Margo Schlanger

They need enough time to file those petitions to reopen. It's the government that is hurrying these people toward

Clive Walker

My research suggests there are more than 40 foreign terrorists convicted in the UK who have avoided deportation using the human rights act. The figure is much larger than was previously thought. The report is finished. It is a substantial piece of work. David [Anderson] has produced other reports critical or not of the Government which have always been published. My role in it was to compile a detailed description of the rules and regulations about deportation with assurances. I still think the Home Office wish to pursue

Lee Gelernt

The court took a life-saving action by blocking our clients from being immediately sent back to Iraq. They should have a chance to show that their lives are in jeopardy if forced to

Lee Gelernt

The court's action today was legally correct and may very well have saved numerous people from abuse and possible

Clarence Thomas

A defendant in petitioner's shoes, therefore, would have suffered the same deportation consequences regardless of whether he accepted a plea or went to trial. He is thus plainly better off for having accepted his plea: Had he gone to trial, he not only would have faced the same deportation consequences, he also likely would have received a higher prison

Jae Lee

Would have rejected any plea leading to deportation – even if it shaved off prison time – in favor of throwing a 'Hail Mary' at

Dylan Harris

Any other nationality that commits a misdemeanor in North Korea is likely to either be ignored or result in a reprimand or deportation, but a U.S. citizen is much more likely to face arrest and jail for the same

Ann Coulter

This Daily Trump melodrama is worth it ONLY if he's really going to build the wall, cut off Muslim refugees and deport

Andrew M. Cuomo

In the more than 30 years since Carlos Cardona has lived in this country, he has built a family and given back to his community, including in the aftermath of 9/11, when he assisted with ground zero recovery efforts at the expense of his own health. It is my hope this action will not only reunite Mr. Cardona with his wife and daughter, but also sends a message about the values of fairness and equality that New York was founded

Enda Kenny

We would like this to be sorted. It would remove a burden of so many people that they can stand out in the light and say, now I am free to contribute to America as I know I can. And that's what people

Shawn Neudauer

Cunningham entered the country lawfully under the Visa Waiver Program, but failed to depart in compliance with the terms of his

Lee Gelernt

There's absolutely no question the government can't deport somebody to be tortured. What they're challenging are the current conditions in Iraq. Through no fault of their own, they're still here. Iraq wouldn't take them back. Now the government wants to send them

Alina Das

Some of these are people who would be allowed to stay here under previous administrations. Now that kind of discretion is harder to come by. What the pardon process does is give someone a chance to be heard, about their life, and what they've done after their conviction to redeem

Usama Hamama - US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

He forgot his language, he doesn't speak Arabic anymore. We have no family there on both sides. Where would he go? What would he do? How would he live?feedback

Marco Coello

Every time they would move me around, I would fear that they were going to take me to deport

Gillian Christensen - Homeland Security

As a result of recent negotiations between the U.S. and Iraq, Iraq has recently agreed to accept a number of Iraqi nationals subject to orders of

Dana Marks

If we have to go back and review all of those decisions that were already made, it clearly generates more work. It's a judicial

David Leopold

Before, if someone did something after the case was closed out that showed that person was a threat, then it would be reopened. Now they are opening cases just because they want to deport

Philip D. Murphy

Do you think there's some trepidation with these families opening their door given the age of Donald Trump and deportation?feedback

James Stanton

He's agreed to leave voluntarily at his own expense. They understand that we're working on other channels to get a stay and they'll respect that if we get it. If are unable to get it, he understands that he'll go back to

Magana Ortiz

The last week was very stressful. I have a little bit of

Tulsi Gabbard

This morning, Mr. Ortiz faced the possibility of immediate deportation, leaving his wife and three children behind. While today's 30-day reprieve is a positive step, it does not resolve the underlying issues. I'll continue to push other avenues to assist Mr. Ortiz and his family in their efforts to remain in the Kona community he has called home for nearly three

Theresa May

I mean longer prison sentences for those convicted of terrorist offenses. I mean making it easier for the authorities to deport foreign terrorist suspects back to their own countries. And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they are a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in

Robin Levine

After three years of unabashedly supporting the [legal defense funding], it's incomprehensible that Mayor de Blasio would turn his back on immigrant families and the city's most vulnerable New Yorkers. The speaker and City Council are fully committed to defending the integrity of this vital program and to upholding due process for all New Yorkers, which is why we have amended the budget to ensure continued, unrestricted access to legal services for all detained immigrants facing

Andrew Hammond

This means less food on the table, fewer meals in houses where the kids have rights because they are U.S.

Tanya Broder

We should care if people are afraid to interact with institutions that all of us rely on for our health and

Teresa Smith - Catholic Charities

They don't want to put their name and address on a form for a government public benefit out of fear that they'll be sought out and asked to

Mark Krikorian

It is an attempted moral blackmail to say 'If you Americans don't give me your money, I can't stay here and feed my children'. Well, it's your choice. No one made you sneak into the United

Manfred Kösterke

The authorities' approach is scandalous. They haven't taken the fundamental rights of a family into account at all. To give a baby a deportation notice without waiting for a court decision on his parents' ongoing procedure shows they're just sending out preformatted

Adam Duininck

I believe we had an officer make a serious mistake. Frankly, I – and all our council members – expect more from our training and our department. It is troubling that something that started as a routine fare check resulted in a pending

Tomas Gonzalez

Today with Trump as president there is extreme uncertainty among immigrants without the proper documents who constantly fear deportation. The policy of building walls is costing migrant lives on both sides of the

Edgar Rodriguez

You know how things are with Trump's laws now; someone goes to court, and boom, they get taken

Carlos Garcia

We're literally in survival mode. Everyone wanted to be the one to help her. Everyone wanted a

Carlos Garcia

Early on, a lot of Dreamers wouldn't even talk about deportations. It was all about the Dream Act, figuring out tuition and those sorts of things, driver's

Francisca Porchas

For Lupita we go cray-cray and then everyone expects

Ernesto Lopez

There's been a lot of conversation about the ban, but for everything else it's dead. Nobody is talking about people getting deported. In a couple of months, it won't be possible to get that media

Alfredo Gutierrez

One of the reasons they got away with repatriation and they got away with Wetback was because there was no resistance. Everyone of that era will tell you how they

Erika Andiola

Because we started that narrative like 'I was brought here by my parents, not my fault, poor me, I was here as a child' that kind of created blame on our

Carlos Garcia

All the scary things that folks are talking about, we've seen

Erika Andiola

We got to a point where the legal strategy, the political strategy wasn't working, so we had to begin using our bodies in civil

John Hickenlooper

Given the extraordinary circumstances of this case and Mr. Lima-Marin's demonstrated ability to live successfully in the community ... it would be unjust for Mr. Lima-Marin to suffer further consequences for his

Ellen Calmus

Migrants are susceptible in these areas where there's no communication. They are in these informational black holes when they cross the

Baldemar Chaqueco Reynoso

There are very few who have the discipline to save for a

Isabel Mancilla

One day I looked in the mirror and thought, Who am I? There, everybody was busy with school and work, and here you have more time for family. There you have a bunch of money, but you're going to waste it going

Alejandro Cedillo

I want them to be with me, to give them values. There are children who get everything, but they are lost, they turn to

Ellen Calmus

That's where things start going terribly wrong, and it's an invisible humanitarian

Jaime Arizmendi

I went every year for seven months to work, and then I came back to plant here and teach the children how to work. Now they don't want to come

Alejandro Cedillo

It was a hard case. Everybody was against me. They said the children couldn't come here because they didn't speak Spanish, they were coming to a culture that was very

Jessica Vaughan

That's why Congress created these forms of relief. I think most Americans would support

Salem Magarian

Some people are freaked out. Most people are concerned. Almost no one says 'it's not a big

Carl Rusnok

Rene Michael Lima Marin currently has final orders of removal from a federal immigration

Sebastian A. Arcos

He is in trouble now because of the result of the normalization process which is opening up the possibility, but legally there is no agreement between the two countries to exchange criminals, so he might be in limbo. No one knows what's going to happen in the new

Carlos Samour

Requiring Lima-Marin to serve the rest of his prison sentence all these years later would be draconian, would deprive him of substantive due process, and would perpetrate a manifest injustice. Because the Court finds that Lima-Marin is being unlawfully detained, he is ordered released. No other remedy will result in justice in this

Bertrand Rossier

Murder, kidnappings, threats, recruitment by non-state armed actors, extortion, sexual violence, and forced disappearance – these are the realities of war and conflicts also faced by people in this region of Central America. Attempts to stem migration by strengthening national borders and increased detention or deportation, as we have seen in Mexico and in the U.S., ignore a genuine humanitarian crisis and do not curb smuggling and trafficking. These strategies have devastating consequences on the lives and health of people on the

Neil Warren

Ms. Colotl knew that she was in the United States without authority to be here and voluntarily chose to operate a vehicle without a driver's

Dustin Baxter

We are taking an innocent girl who has done nothing but contribute to the society she has been a part of since she was 11 and making her a villain and poster child for Trump's deportation

Leigh Marks - Dana

Asylum does not solve everything. Imagine I'm the judge, and I have to go through each of these points and show that you have to qualify on each

Swapna Reddy

I wish this were an exception to the rule. It is an exception to the rule in that the senator got

Liz Johnson

It's unfortunate that politicians are repeating misleading information and, in the process, demonizing the men and women whose job it is to enforce the laws Congress

Lindsay Nash

You don't really know what the basis for the asylum officer's decision

Nancy Pelosi

In a defeat for President Trump, the [deal] does not fund the immoral and unwise border wall or create a cruel new deportation

Charlie Beck - Los Angeles Police Department

Everything we've ever told our clients is out the window. It's so demoralizing and so frightening to imagine what happens if it

Olivia Rodriguez

This is not normal. They assume that if they call a government entity it's all connected, that they will be reported to ICE and sent away. So instead they are just taking the

Wanda Lucibello

When you're talking about immigrant communities, you're talking about perceptions and whether those perceptions are accurate or not. If the perception is that there is a greater risk if you go to the police, you are going to be less likely to do so, and you are more likely to stay in an abusive relationship until you need to seek treatment at a hospital. It's really the opposite of what anyone should want. All of this strengthens the abusive

Kate Marr

We've always told our clients that even if you are undocumented, you don't need to worry about it – the officers are going to protect

Bill Daley

Trade is an integral part of our foreign policy. Obviously, the president wants to build a wall, he wants to deport all sorts of people back and blah, blah, blah. You can't separate it. Obviously, in a campaign people say lots of things that they find, when they get in the office, life's a little different. I think it's a good sign that Wilbur Ross is there trying to renegotiate

Patrik Engstrom

We have the capacity to deport at most 5,000 rejected applicants a year. We're a smallish law enforcement

Stephen Yale-Loehr

If you don't get this advanced permission, known as advanced parole, then by leaving the country you have effectively abandoned your DACA status. If you return, you are returning illegally and therefore you can be subject to deportation

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

By now, there are plenty of survivor accounts that reveal (North Korean leader) Kim Jong Un's administration is routinely persecuting those who are forced back to North Korea after departing illegally, and subjecting them to torture, sexual violence, forced labour – and even

Camille Mackler

Having law-enforcement officials understand how complex immigration issues are and how the consequences of them can often be devastating is critical. You wouldn't normally think of a district attorney as a partner in something like this, but he is stepping up at a moment when immigrants in New York are facing great concerns for their

Eric Gonzalez

We don't want to destroy communities or tear people away from their families for low-level offenses. If someone confronts a guilty plea that would automatically subject them to a harsh immigration penalty and there's another possible plea that would hold them accountable and ensure public safety, justice demands they be given the one that doesn't have immigration

Eric Gonzalez

We will not stop prosecuting crimes, but we are determined to see that case outcomes are proportionate to the offense as well as fair and just for

Jeff Sessions

The Department of Justice is absolutely committed to race neutral and fair application of the law in every circumstance. But we have lawful systems of immigration and shouldn't that be enforced? Is that racist to say so? Is it wrong to say that if somebody enters our country unlawfully and they get caught next week in Los Angeles that that somehow is an abusive thing to apprehend them and deport them?feedback

Nora Preciado

Juan Manuel has been unequivocal in his assertion that he never voluntarily left the country while he had DACA. We believe him. We filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to get answers. Rather than continue to provide half-truths and varying assertions, DHS should respond to our request for

Chiu Chui-cheng

He left his group without notice. From the perspective of our tourism regulations, the immigration authorities absolutely have the authority to apprehend him. If he intentionally overstays in Taiwan, the immigration authorities can deport him after an investigation. We can send him back, according to the tourism agreement between both

Juan Manuel Montes

I was forced out because I was nervous and didn't know what to do or say, but my home is [in the United States]. I miss my job. I miss school. And I want to continue to work toward better opportunities. But most of all, I miss my family, and I have hope that I will be able to go back so I can be with them

Nora Preciado

Juan Manuel was funneled across the border without so much as a piece of paper to explain why or how. The government shouldn't treat anyone this way -- much less someone who has DACA. No one should have to file a lawsuit to find out what happened to

John Kelly

Its use and possession is against federal law and until the law is changed by the United States Congress, we in DHS, along with the rest of the federal government, are sworn to uphold all the laws that are on the books. Finally, ICE will continue to use marijuana possession, distribution and convictions as essential elements as they build their deportation, removal apprehension packages for targeted operations against illegal

John Kelly

When marijuana is found at aviation checkpoints and baggage screening, TSA personnel will also take appropriate action. Finally, ICE will continue to use marijuana possession, distribution and convictions as essential elements as they build their deportation, removal apprehension packages for targeted operations against illegal

Jason Flora

If you asked 100 people to paint you a picture of a bad guy, no one would draw anyone remotely resembling

Kevin Appleby

Up to now, they have really been using scare tactics to put on a show, to demonstrate to supporters they are tough on immigration. Eventually, they really have to produce results. Without congressional approval [for funding], they will not reach the deportation numbers under Obama. That will be the test. If in the first year, if there are not a significant number deported, how will they distinguish themselves from the previous administration?feedback

Kevin Appleby

They're throwing a lot of public resources at a problem that should not be a priority, especially since the number of [border] crossers is down considerably. Overall, it's a wasted use of resources that could be used more

Marielena Hincapie

This is an administration that very much is interested in setting up that mass deportation infrastructure and creating the levers of a police state. In these documents, you have more proof and evidence that they're planning to carry it

Kevin de León

It's the absolute height of ridiculousness that ICE would come in and just deport somebody as opposed to that person having their day in immigration

John Sandweg

It's very difficult when you have recalcitrant countries that typically will not take those individuals back. I'm not at all surprised to see that the Trump administration is having to release

Sarah Rodriguez

Given that the agency had no significant likelihood of removing Mr. Al Seryani in the near future, he was

Ames Holbrook

And then if we don't answer those countries that still refuse, then the countries that bought the threat are going to realize that it's not a

Jay Stansell

There's a lot of things Trump thinks he can do because he's Trump. But it turns out that, no, we have a judiciary and you can't legislate immigration law from the White

Ames Holbrook

Threats may work. But they're not going to work on everybody, because some countries are going to refuse to do

Mariam Masumi

Somehow, magically, after some time, they ended up issuing a travel document. At that point, I couldn't do much to fight

Chris Crane

From our perspective it's early on in the process. It's pretty unrealistic to think that the administration can get all of these things taken care of in the first month or first 100 days. They've got a million priorities, and this is just

Adam Ansari

He hadn't committed any crimes. He didn't even have a parking ticket. From everyone's accounts he is probably one of the most lovable guys you will ever meet. He is a loving husband and father. And he put a lot of work into his restaurant. It's a little bit unclear but it sounds like he didn't have adequate legal counsel and he entered into a voluntary deportation order. That voluntary deportation then turned into a final order of removal when he didn't leave this

Zev Yaroslavsky

Nineteen percent of the Anglos were worried. That could be their maid or co-worker in their office or gardener. The number of people in our country concerned about deportation is

Myfanwy Buckeridge

I have no evidence before me as to how Miriam came to be in Avon Gorge with multiple injuries. On the balance of probabilities, I consider that was probably due to a fall, but I have no conclusive evidence that she intended to take her own life. I cannot rule out the fact that this may have been a tragic accident or that something she intended to do somehow went

Adam Ansari

ICE officials keep moving him around knowing full well we are arguing that there hasn't been afforded adequate due process. It doesn't seem like they care. It's a complete violation of his

Rekha Sharma-Crawford

Each ERO field office may routinely transfer detainees to other ICE facilities as needed as part of the removal process. Detainees may be 'staged,' for example, at a facility for several days pending removal to their country of origin by air or by

Rekha Sharma-Crawford

Roberto Beristain-Cegueda remains in ICE custody pending his removal to Mexico. For operational security reasons, ICE does not release information regarding upcoming

Jason Flora

Once the case is finalized and done, there's really no reason to keep him around in their eyes. They think, Why take up jail space for no reason if all the legal options have been exhausted?feedback

Pastor Emma Lozano

All of us have to really take a good look at what kind of country we live in. Many military families and Gold Star families are also being affected by

Adam Ansari

This case is a clear example of how complicated the system is, since even those charged with enforcing immigration laws don't know what they're doing. So how is someone like Roberto - who is not versed in the law - supposed to get right with the law when people who are tasked with enforcing it and representing it to immigration judges don't accurately and properly portray the

Rekha Sharma-Crawford

People look at these things and see an immigration case, but the real story here is that it's a case that involves a fundamental right to due process. When you have a system that fails, it leads to a catastrophic result. Hopefully, we can go back in the court in New York and they will do the right

Sarah Larimer - The Washington Post

Previously, the Obama administration prioritized the deportation of people who were violent offenders or had ties to criminal gangs. Trump's executive order on Jan. 25 expanded priorities to include any undocumented immigrants who had been convicted of a criminal

Yasmeen Pitts O'Keefe

Accordingly, ICE is now making preparations to repatriate Mr. Zhang to his native

Jonathan Portes

I think there is a legitimate sense of worry. The government isn't going to deport 3 million people, or even 1 million. But equally, it's not going to give a blanket guarantee. It's not going to simply say to everyone who has an E.U. passport who is here today, That's it, that's all you need, here's your right to permanent residency and

Mark Krikorian

It's already hard enough to deport illegal immigrants who really deserve to be deported. The mission of the immigration bar is to obstruct enforcement of the immigration laws, and this is just a way of doing this for pay, or doing it for more

Emily Tucker

They're facing permanent exile from their home, permanent separation from their families, friends and their community. Short of long-term incarceration or the death penalty, deportation is one of the most devastating consequences that can befall you in the American legal