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You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Disney. 147 people are quoted and you can read 302 citations of them about Disney. Bob Iger, Jim Cramer and Paul Dergarabedian, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Bob Iger said: “She's in 'VIII,' and we're not changing 'VIII' to deal with her passing. Her performance, which we've been really pleased with, remains as it was.”.
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Bob Iger

We are not changing [Episode] 8 to deal with her passing. Her performance remains as it was in 8.

Bob Iger

Leading this great company is a tremendous privilege, and I am honored to have been asked to continue serving as CEO. I am confident that Disney's best days are still ahead, and I look forward to continuing to build on our proven strategy for growth while working with the Board to identify a successor as CEO and ensure a successful transition.

Orin C. Smith - Disney

Given Bob Iger's outstanding leadership, his record of success in a changing media landscape, and his clear strategic vision for Disney's future, it is obvious that the Company and its shareholders will be best served by his continued leadership as the Board conducts the robust process of identifying a successor and ensuring a smooth transition.

Rick Singh

It's a matter of being fair and equitable. If the single mother who is working two jobs has to be held accountable to pay her fair share, so should everybody else. What does it cost to improve the land? What does it cost to build this? ... What is the labor cost? Factor in all that and then it depreciates, and that's your cost approach.

Doug Head

He uses professional expertise, and he clearly figured out there is a lot more value than is properly being reflected. He did what he needed to do, and people accustomed to the way business was done weren't happy.

Sarah Coyne

Girls who adhere strongly to female gender stereotypes tend to limit themselves in different ways. They tend to think that they can't do well in math in or science. You take a really good character who is not very gender stereotyped.

Jerramy Fine

The princess dream doesn't exist just because Disney is selling it. It's actually an ancient archetype that girls subconsciously recognize and subconsciously crave. When our daughters dress in their princess regalia, they are not attempting to be sexual objects or resigning themselves to domestic passivity – they're asserting an ancient feminine force.

Noelle Marion - Hong Kong Disneyland

It all started years ago when my college roommate and I somehow stumbled upon a Google Image search of the Beast costumes.

Anthony DiClemente

I think we're out of the woods on traditional cord cutting. Because these newer bundles like YouTube TV and the soon-to-be launched Hulu will include ESPN. What I'm incrementally concerned about, actually, is advertising, because ratings on the shoulder programming, like SportsCenter, have really rolled over. So even though we took up the overall earnings estimate, our ESPN advertising estimate went lower.

Anthony DiClemente

I just think at a higher level, [Disney's studio segment] really demonstrates the consistency and the global power of the Disney film studio. As a result, we took up our target price on the stock, which is a great buy. Look, this is the biggest ever March box office opening, you know, in history. This is the seventh biggest opening weekend of all time. We were looking for $120 million, and it did $170 [million].

Walt Disney

It is an unprincipled attempt to lay claim to a successful film he didn't create, and we will vigorously defend against it in court.

Gary Goldman

In the big city, the heroes come up against strong, powerful, and entrenched bosses who want to maintain control over the heroes. The heroes are obsessed with their work and go to extreme lengths in pursuit of success, even taking principled stances in defiance of their bosses. The heroes have partners who help them achieve success. But success goes to the heroes' heads and they publicly offend others and alienate their partners, exhibiting their own prejudices. This triggers a job crisis, resulting in the heroes losing their dream jobs and hard-won statuses.

Gary Goldman

The heroes work to achieve a career dream that their parents specifically discourage. They go to academies where they excel, achieve recognition for their work, and earn the opportunity to go to the big city for their dream jobs.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

As quote-unquote controversies go, this was a real tempest in a teapot. This obviously had zero impact on the movie. In fact, those who raise awareness of a movie for whatever reason are generally only helping that movie do better business. I don't think that was going to dissuade anyone except the most narrow-minded from seeing this film.

Bas Lansdorp - Mars

Buying into Mars One, is buying into content, while buying into Boeing or Airbus is buying into technology. I think that throughout last 30 years, we see that content has become more valuable. High impact content like the Olympics, Formula 1 and big blockbuster movies are going up in value. That is exactly what Mars One is. It's comparable to the exploration of the earth, be it Europeans migrating to the U.S. on a one way boat ticket or maybe a better comparison is people in west of Africa settling across the world on all continents in 40,000 years.

Bas Lansdorp - Mars

It will change the world more than we can imagine right now. It will bring people on earth closer together, it will inspire people to pursue more education to start a new company, inspire kids to become astronauts again. The most important thing is that by going to Mars, which is the second best place for humans to live in the solar system, by going to Mars and showing Earth how bad the second best planet is, will change the way humans look after this planet.

Dave Hollis

Nostalgia is a very powerful driver for these films. What's exciting here is there is an opportunity to see these beloved stories in a way that's never been seen before, but you get to build that on the foundation of something that's very familiar. But you don't get to $170 million because of nostalgia. You have to ultimately make these movies great.

David Scott

This one is still quite fresh. … You can just feel it's a big, loving family that lived through enough to crush anyone, frankly. You're rooting for them. It's a bittersweet ending, it's not a Disney ending, but you do end up rooting for some rapprochement in the near-term future that will allow everyone to embrace this version of the modern family.

Josh Gad

The one in Sleeping Beauty has so much to prove and doesn't have the help of seven dwarves.

Paige O'Hara

I made sure I wore blue. I wore blue to audition for Belle. I wore blue for both premieres, and she ended up in blue in the movie, so it's kind of a lucky color.

Luke Evans

I met Bill Condon, the director, and I got to sing the song. I knew I could do it. I knew I could sing. I knew I could do this role I was hungry to play, and I was also desperate to sing live on a performance stage, and this was it, and it just went really well.

Luke Evans

It was very weird because for a long a time no one really recognized me from my films, but The Hobbit has totally changed that and I've had some really special moments, especially with youngsters. It's good for people to look at me and think this guy is doing his thing and enjoying what he's doing and successful at it and living his life. And that's what I'm doing and I'm very happy.

Oswald Fudge

One of the fathers said, My daughter's wish was to go to Disney World, but even if we don't get there, it's okay. We've had such a good time here, she's not sad.

Jim Cramer

That's real cash that can't be spent elsewhere, but a smartphone is simply indispensable. An [Apple] iPhone is the most prized and cherished purchase any American makes after his car or home. So what does pry the typical consumer off the couch? Trips to theme parks, hence why Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Disney and Comcast's Universal theme parks are jammed to the gills. Or cruise ships, because they create experiences.

Alessia Cara

I'll probably just watch a movie, , and eat some bread. I always eat bread on planes. And go to sleep, or maybe write some songs on my laptop.

Abdul Halim

We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie.

Josh Gad

Never judging a book by its cover. There is so much fear out there of that which we don't understand, that which we don't know… And you have a character in Gaston who uses his charm offensive to whip other people into a frenzy to go and attack somebody they've never met. Somebody that's different. Somebody that only represents a danger because [Gaston] says that he represents a danger… I think that that theme is as relevant today as it was when Beauty and the Beast was first written 300 years ago. So that's what I hope people take from it.

Bill Condon - Disney

LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston.

Alan Menken

To define LeFou as gay ... nobody who sees the movie could define it that way. He's enthralled with Gaston. I'm happy that LeFou is getting so much attention. But I pray that this stupid topic goes away because it's just not relevant with any respect to the story. Even the one moment that's being discussed is just a silly little wink. It's nothing.

Abdul Hamid

'We have approved it but there is a minor cut involving a gay moment. It is only one short scene but it is inappropriate because many children will be watching this movie.'.

Jasrena Jasmih

They (the censors) are too sensitive... they should be open-minded, because it's just a movie, just a story. Nothing else matters.

Rennis Ponniah

Disney films for children's entertainment are usually associated with wholesome and mainstream values. But times are changing at a foundational level.

Jacqueline Durran

What we did with that silhouette was to try and give it a lightness and a fluidity and very little structure, so that Emma didn't feel inhibited or trapped by it. It was as light as it could possibly be, but at the same time had enough movement to work for the gown. It's very wearable and it doesn't have such a big skirt.

Jacqueline Durran

We took elements of those 18th century things and added them to Belle. So her pockets, for instance, are an 18th century thing. It's just that people didn't wear them outside like she does. I would take elements that were historical and bring them with a twist.

Jacqueline Durran

[We looked at] how much shine the yellow had; how matte the yellow was; whether the fabric had the texture; what tone the yellow was. Sometimes what you thought was the right yellow would be completely wrong once you camera tested it.

Demi Lovato

We're totally gonna do it. It'd be like American Pie meets Disney Channel… It's going to happen.

Angela Flournoy

In 'F.U.B.U.' [Solange] Knowles doesn't just eschew the white gaze for the sake of creating her art; she performs that rejection in song, to pull her black listeners close. It's a rhetorical invitation for black folks to grab a chair and settle in for real talk about lives like theirs. To her white listeners (who are listening, after all), she offers a tongue-in-cheek indictment as consolation: 'Don't feel bad if you can't sing along / Just be glad you got the whole wide world.

James Cameron

It took us four-and-a-half years to make one movie and now we're making four. We're full tilt boogie right now.

James Cameron

Well 2018 is not happening. We haven't announced a firm release date. What people have to understand is that this is a cadence of releases. So we're not making 'Avatar 2.' We're making 'Avatar 2,' 3, 4 and 5. It's an epic undertaking.

Sean Bailey - Walt Disney Pictures

We feel a pretty tremendous obligation to the animated classics, and part of that means asking ourselves, before work even gets started on the new films, What is the contract each one has with the audience?' With the older classics, what people seem to remember are emotions. But 'Beauty' is the first from the renaissance. People really know it chapter and verse.

Joe Jonas

Nick and I go to the gym together once and a while. It's really funny to see. That's where we get competitive.

Joe Jonas

Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark. An adult film. Well, not an adult film. An R-rated film. We've joked around about the idea a couple times.

Jacqueline Durran

Though we didn't completely take blue out of the village, Belle is distinct within the town as the only one who wears a column of blue.

Leatrice Eiseman

It's dependable. It's reliable. It might cloud up, but we know it's there.

Bill Condon - Disney

In the 1991 film, Belle was a real breakthrough among Disney heroines. But obviously a lot has happened in 25 years. We wanted to make sure that she remained a feminist figure and someone who looks to the future.

Emma Watson

We'd been doing so many crazy things on that shoot," "but it felt incredibly artistic and I've been so creatively involved and engaged with Tim and I'm so thrilled about how interesting and beautiful the photographs were.

Emma Watson

It just always reveals to me how many misconceptions and what a misunderstanding there is about what feminism is.

Bill Condon - Disney

LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston. And Josh makes something really subtle and delicious out of it. And that's what has its payoff at the end, which I don't want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.

Matt Cain

It may have been a long time coming but this is a watershed moment for Disney. By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural - and this is a message that will be heard in every country of the world, even countries where it's still socially unacceptable or even illegal to be gay.

Audra McDonald

The thing is, Disney's not doing anything all that revolutionary. LGBTQ people have always existed, interracial couples have always existed. And now they're shining light on it. So they're just representing the world the way it actually is and I think that's spectacular and necessary.

Josh Gad

(Director) Bill Condon did an amazing job of giving us an opportunity to create a version of LeFou that isn't like the original ... but that makes him more human and makes him a wonderfully complex character to some extent. And there's a moment at the end of the film that I don't want to ruin ... because I want the surprise to be intact, but I'm very proud of it. I think it's an incredible moment and it's subtle, but I think it's effective.

Sarah Kate Ellis

It's a wonderful step forward. And this is incredibly important for the youth of today. They need to see themselves reflected in the media they consume. More and more, as studios want to appeal to youth audiences, they're going to have to include LGBTQ story lines and characters.

Alexis Isabel Moncada

We're portraying princesses as this one form, even though every girl can be a princess. If I would have had that kind of representation as a kid, I wouldn't have felt so alone in it.

Emma Watson

If you had told me when I was five – which was probably around the age that I was watching [Beauty and The Beast] on repeat – that I would one day get to play Belle I don't know what I would have done.

Hasan Piker - The Young Turks

For the most part my generation has left cable. We're not going to come back if you buy Snapchat or Disney buys Maker. Snapchat may become the main entertainment platform for my generation.

Josh Gad

They're used to my voice, but they're a little confused about the fact that I look like a psychopath on the poster.

Josh Gad

I haven't showed them [The] Wedding Ringer. I don't think it's appropriate. The only reason I'm sitting through this is to see how they react because I've seen it now twice, and I can't watch myself.

Emma Watson

Belle really dominated and characterized a huge part of my childhood and my growing up. I was like, The first shot of the movie cannot be Belle walking out of this quiet little town carrying a basket with a white napkin in it,' . We need to rev things up!

Emma Watson

When I finished the film, it kind of felt like I had made that transition into being a woman on-screen.

Ian Miles Cheong - Twitter

Disney's making its first gay character with LeFou and he's a clownish sidekick who exists to prop up his straight best friend. Great job.

Bill Condon - Disney

LeFou is somebody who on one day wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston. And that's what has its payoff at the end, which I don't want to give away. But it is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.

Gabe Gordon

Influencers are a bit of a challenge that way because they're creating hundreds or thousands of hours of content, and they take down videos, too, so you have to go beyond the existing content that's published, really know the person and know what they've stood for throughout their career.

Kristy Sammis

They're not coming to the table thinking about how a brand is going to react to their behavior. They care more about being themselves than what a brand thinks of them. There is really a microscope now on brands' values and value messaging because of the political state of the world right now. Brands can't really be completely silent, and they're being called out.

Gabe Gordon

Brands need to start looking at working with influencers the same way they've approached celebrity and athlete endorsements. Most brands, when they're investing a certain level of money in people, they're doing full background checks, they're working with P.R. agencies to understand potential risks, they're doing audits of every piece of content they've been in or associated with.

James Pitaro - Disney

"One of our top priorities is to expand the audience,". "We have a lot of confidence we will continue in that direction,".

Marty Brochstein

"It would be unfair to expect the same kind of volume generated this time around by consumer products,"

Paul Clarke - Ocado

There's hundreds of algorithms and pieces of machine learning at play in this warehouse, with about 8,000 of these containers on the move at any one time it's like choreographing traffic around a city and that requires an enormous level of complexity, use of big data, lots of sensing. So if a piece of conveyor has a problem, the systems have to route around it and find another way.

Marty Brochstein

It would be unfair to expect the same kind of volume generated this time around by consumer products.

James Pitaro - Disney

One of our top priorities is to expand the audience. We have a lot of confidence we will continue in that direction.

Russ Lesser

We were just talking about maybe we ought to have a line of mermaid products by Body Glove.

Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg

I think it's important to say something and I want to make one thing clear: I am in no way supporting any kind of hateful attitudes. I make videos for my audience. I think of the content that I create as entertainment, and not a place for any serious political commentary. I know my audience understand that and that is why they come to my channel. Though this was not my intention, I understand that these jokes were ultimately offensive.

Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg

It is 2017 now. We're going to have to start separating what is a joke, and what is actually problematic.

Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg

I was trying to show how crazy the modern world is, specifically some of the services available online. I picked something that seemed absurd to me – that people on Fiverr would say anything for 5 dollars.

Michael Ng

Hasbro is a best-in-class toy company with a strong portfolio of entertainment-driven products including Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Princess, and Transformers.

Alwaleed bin Talal - Kingdom Holding

"We continue to have confidence in Disney and remain committed to investing in France,"

Vijay Jayant - Evercore ISI

Disney has a pro-inflation business model (advertising, theme park & resort pricing), is largely domestic, is a full taxpayer, has low leverage, and has relatively high capital expenditure levels. Broadly speaking, in considering the primary insinuations put forth by Congressman Ryan's tax reform blueprint ... Disney stands to be a significant beneficiary.

Gregory So

Regionally there are a lot of amusement parks that have been established. The competition is very stiff.

David Kretzmann

That is a risk for Disney and other companies. In this case, it's clear to remember that Disney is truly a global company. Obviously, the company has put a ton into Shanghai Disneyland…(and) Disney has had such close ties with the Chinese government and with the Chinese society as a whole to get to this point.

Bob Iger

An all-out trade war with China would be damaging to Disney's business and to business in general. It's something I think we have to be very careful about. In fact, there was some uptick initially on Hong Kong attendance when Shanghai opened. And there seems to be an interesting growth in pride locally in Hong Kong, in that park. I guess their competitive spirits have, somehow or another, been stimulated.

Jeffrey Immelt

We create great jobs here when we sell our products every place, and I think the president knows that. We don't have to go through Washington on our way to be global. We are global. We've got people all over the world.

Jim Cramer

It's like Iger was saying, you want to sell Disney off of ESPN? Go ahead … I'll make more money off of you than you ever dreamed of. The valuations are pretty darned reasonable, but I have a hard time proving it to people because we are in an incredibly visceral, polarizing moment stemming from the election of a pro-business president who seems to rack up an incredible amount of baggage on a daily basis.

Tim Nollen

Investors have clearly been very happy with Bob Iger's performance as CEO, and I think this comes as no surprise, really. He was due to retire in about 16 months, and I think that's too short a time frame to have somebody step into the role, whether internal or external. I think people will take it well knowing that he will likely be there for another two years, at least.

Tim Nollen

On the one hand, having somebody who clearly comes from a digital world might be a very interesting and positive development for a company whose, in many people's opinion, largest issue is the digital distribution of its content. On the other hand, Disney is a very broad, diversified company. Digital media is clearly one important aspect of it, but there are lots of others when it comes to parks and consumer merchandise and film and others, so is she qualified to do that is another question.

Steven Cahall - RBC Capital Markets

What we think is really getting better with ESPN is these new virtual cable distribution platforms. Hulu is set to launch soon, DirectTV now recently launched, and [Disney CEO] Bob Iger last night indicated that they're going to be on Google as well as some others. [Digital distribution] helps stabilize that base, it supports their traditional affiliate fees, so that's what unlocks the stock. BAMTech has the leading technology for concurrent streaming. And so if you think of how we might be watching live sports five or 10 years from now, chances are it will be very digital.

Bob Iger

The other thing that's important is when all these new channels launch we're in all of their homes. The notion of a skinny bundle that excluded ESPN is not the case in the new world order.

Bob Iger

I think there's way too much pessimism about ESPN because ESPN is still in demand from three constituents you want to be in demand the most from. One – distributors. Two, consumers and three, advertisers. And the reason it's in demand is the brand is still strong, the product is still good and we've invested nicely to keep that product as high quality as possible. I think in today's world we have to be mindful of the number of commercial interruptions.

Bob Iger

We believe that (digital TV services) is going to occupy a good part of the future. It's less expensive, easier to use, more mobile friendly.

Bob Iger

An all-out trade war with China would be damaging to Disney's business and to business in general. It's something I think we have to be very careful about. It's a national destination in China already. Where we are as a nation is due to having an openness to the people of the world. It's incredibly important. I firmly believe that we cannot shut our borders to immigrants. I think a fair and just immigration policy is good for our country and good for our society.

Michael Morris - Guggenheim Partners

It is significant, and investors will continue to look at the subscriber trends [in] that business for an indication of the future value of the company. If Mr. Iger, who by all measures has been a tremendous leader of the company, were to stay on for perhaps an additional two years, giving the company the opportunity to find a more qualified successor, I think that would be well received. But his shoes are incredibly big and will be difficult to fill.

Michael Morris - Guggenheim Partners

They really have been focused on price, I think, to ... mitigate some of the challenges that come with attendance growth. But the intellectual property of the company is so strong, it continues to drive people into the parks. It's a capital-intensive business, but it's a tremendous business.

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

We also felt like it really wasn't contemporary. It's not the way we look at our business to look at boys and girls anymore. So many of our brands are gender inclusive. If you play Nerf, you could be a boy or a girl. If you love 'Star Wars', you are a boy or a girl. You could be anybody.

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

Hasbro's foresight to build brands led by storytelling, consumer insights and innovation, combined with the relentless execution of our Brand Blueprint including investments in entertainment and digital gaming, is driving our business and creating long-term strategic differentiators for Hasbro. We are well positioned for a successful 2017 and the continued advancement of Hasbro's brand-building capabilities for years to come.

Jim Cramer

We have a process in the country where the antitrust division of the Justice Department decides these things and I can't think of an economic reason in the world why they'd block this one. But this administration is a whole new world and my instincts are to take the money and run.

Benjamin Swinburne - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

With estimates largely reset and potential for ESPN to accelerate revenue growth against a more aggressively managed cost base, we upgrade DIS. Climbing out of FY17, we think distribution renewals for ESPN, new streaming bundles, and [a] strong film slate will accelerate EPS growth.

Jim Cramer

CEO Bob Iger has multiple levers, including selling ESPN if he has to – although I think that would be a big mistake – in order to keep generating the 266 percent return that Disney gave you from Dow 10,000 to 20,000.

Jim Cramer

That says the risk-reward is still in your favor and the bulls are right to bet on the future.

Nikolas Oliverio - Twitter

If it's called #TheLastJedi, my honest and bold prediction is that Luke Skywalker has to die.

Daniel Salmon - BMO Capital Markets

Moreover, we believe it is still too early to own the stock for the F2018 film slate. ... We see more risk than opportunity in estimates for the studio segment.

Daniel Salmon - BMO Capital Markets

We believe the risk/reward skews negatively and continue to see more negative data points than positive ones for ESPN, which we believe will remain the dominant theme for the stock.

Drew Borst - Goldman Sachs Group

Studio entertainment should benefit from what may [be] Disney's strongest ever film slate with 4 Marvel films, 2 'Star Wars' films and 3 animated family films. Notably, this will be the first time that Disney has ever had 2 'Star Wars' films in a single [fiscal] year with 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' (Dec. 15, 2017) and Han Solo 'Star Wars' Anthology (May 25, 2018).

Mark McSpadden - Sabre

The folks behind the Medallion have a lot of experience with Disney's Magic Band, with one of lead people coming over from Disney.

Richard L. Gelfond

You can't walk into a mall in China I'm told without seeing Star Wars everywhere. We did a lot of viral marketing, a lot of online things that appeal to consumers.

Steven Cahall - RBC Capital Markets

We're upgrading Disney as we see a turning point in investor sentiment around distribution revenue. DIS will enter a new round of affiliate deals late in FY17 [fiscal year 2017]. As new deals are done affiliate revenue growth will accelerate, providing the necessary optics for generalists and making it difficult for shorts to press.

Nelson Coates

On behalf of the Art Directors Guild, I am very saddened to share news of the loss of our highly talented friend, Tyrus Wong. His work and life inspired so many of us with his passion, originality, and creativity. Deepest condolences are extended to his family and many friends at this time.

Mark Litwak

Most people in the movie industry don't think it's quite there yet. It's amazing what they can do, but it's not as good as a real actor. It still seems a bit artificial. Does Disney want to have people scrutinising how real that synthetic character is, rather than talking about the movie itself?

Tim Seymour - Triogem Asset Management

Nike's management is some of the best. I think it's an oligopoly with they and Adidas. I think they will win again after really falling behind over the last couple months.

Mike Khouw

It isn't quite the oligopoly that it once was. The Under Armours of the world sort of coming in and eating their lunch sometimes, that's part of it.

Mark Litwak

Does Disney want to have people scrutinizing how real that synthetic character is, rather than talking about the movie itself? It would be a distraction.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

The fact that we are talking about this shows how woven into the DNA of 'Star Wars' Carrie Fisher is. This is no small thing.

Erik Davis - Movies.com

Based on the divisive way that fans have reacted to the effects in 'Rogue One' and considering that her death will still be pretty fresh, I think they won't go the CGI route. Unless, it's to touch up a tiny bit, a fraction of a scene. Sort of the way 'Fast and Furious' did it with Paul Walker. I think that that would be the only case that they would use effects.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

You have the creative talent behind the 'Star Wars' movies that will deal with this in a very respectful and appropriate way. Somehow you will have to address it and be respectful to Carrie Fisher's family, the fans and 'Star Wars,' in that order.

Craig Erwicht - Hulu

The Disney brand is synonymous with beloved movies that the whole family can enjoy. Expanding our offering of top-rated kids and family programming has been a top priority for us, and we know viewers will love watching these films over and over again on our service.

Marty Brochstein

Disney hadn't pushed it hard and licensees hadn't pushed it. They spent the next year catching up and trying to fill the demand.

Jim Silver

It's in the minority share that kids will go to a movie more than once, because if you go to see a movie and you are a family of four, you're generally talking at least $40… you don't have the multiple viewings.

Marty Brochstein

Frozen was the exception to the rule. There isn't a formula. A lot of the big successes have come in at least some what under the radar.

Jim Silver

Kids love the [Disney princess] dresses. The dresses all play a significant part in the movie, it's not just that it's a dress you look at....The Cinderella dress was the special dress that was made for her by the Fairy Godmother that she danced with the prince and they fell in love. You look at the Belle dress. That was the dress she wore when she had her first dance with the Beast and again, they fell in love.

Jim Silver

You play it out differently. When you played 'Frozen' you played out Elsa and Anna and the relationship between two sisters, which a lot of girls can relate to, and you also played out the love story between Anna and Kristoff. For 'Moana' you have the dolls, the boat, the demigod and the fish hook and that's about it.

Marty Brochstein

To expect ['Moana'] to reach the heights of 'Frozen,' it would be really unusual to think that it could do that.

John Frelinghuysen

Earlier this year, we worked closely with Snap on a very successful The Oscars Live Story and we look forward to building on that relationship and providing Snapchat's mobile-centric users with a unique, immersive experience around our shows and brands.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

['Rogue One'] is the kind of movie that makes going to the theater an essential part of your diet. This is the kind of movie that reminds people that this is the best way to see a movie.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

Disney has a legacy of quality that keeps you coming back. Episode VIII is going to be freaking huge.

Erik Davis - Movies.com

It goes to show you that 'Star Wars' as a brand is probably the strongest brand next to Marvel Studios.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

Disney creates a vision and sticks with it. They treat every film, prequel, spin-off, etc., as if they are in the top tier. There are no second-tier movies here.

Jessica Reif Cohen - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

We believe DIS offers an increasingly solid catalyst pipeline for upside potential in FY17/FY18E. As a leading diversified media and entertainment company with global branded family entertainment clout, we believe DIS shares are well positioned for outperformance.

Jessica Reif Cohen - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

As a leading diversified media and entertainment company with global branded family entertainment clout, we believe DIS shares are well positioned for outperformance.

Jeff Goldstein - Warner Bros.

I'm disappointed. But the film plays well with an older audience, and we hope that over Christmas, they'll have more free time available to go out and discover it.

Barton Crockett - FBR Capital Markets

For Disney, Rogue One' will test whether Star Wars was a flash in the pan reboot success or a franchise that will have lasting appeal. Lasting appeal is crucial, because the argument for Star Wars upside is that this is a high-margin annuity in perpetuity, not just a lumpy hit-and-miss series.

Erin Gibbs - S&P Global

If it's just coming from Disney, then Disney needs a big lift up – way more than Wall Street's expecting.

Wang Jianlin - Dalian Wanda Group

I think Disney would become the biggest-grossing studio in the world this year. Virtually all of its seven to eight releases every year were blockbusters.

Paul Mifsud

In light of social media, which in our view sort of unfortunately publicized a lot of the dressing up of the players … those kind of things which in our view were insensitive and potentially offensive to a number of groups. There's lots of pictures of baseball players dressed up as Disney princesses.

Paul Misfud

There's lots of pictures of baseball players dressed up as Disney princesses.

Bob Iger

I think the whole story has been overblown and, quite frankly, it's silly. I have no reaction to [this] story at all. Frankly, this is a film that the world should enjoy. It is not a film that is, in any way, a political film. There are no political statements in it, at all.

Bob Iger

We have taken a more bullish position on the future of ESPN's sub base. We think that while we were candid a year ago on sub losses, we believe that, to some extent, the causes of those losses have abated, notably the migration to smaller packages.

Bill Abbott

We offer great value and we offer it at a very fair price to our distribution partners. They're saddled with sports rights that are through the roof and far more expensive than they have value, and they're looking for good value and networks that people actually like to watch, and we fit into both categories.

Jim Cramer

In my view, the best way to make all of this dull personal finance medicine go down is with a spoonful of stock-picking sugar.

Jim Cramer

If you don't want to do this for your children, do it for yourself, because kids who can manage their own finances are kids who won't be begging you for moolah even after you have gone into retirement.

Dwayne Johnson

It's a very tough culture, just tough, there are tough men, tougher women but beautiful and warm and caring, it's such a great mix. So I think people will be really pleasantly surprised and in a way it's kind of like a masterclass, if you will, of Polynesian culture and storytelling.

Samuel Lau - Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Everybody knows tourism in the region, especially in Hong Kong, has been challenging, so it's not just Hong Kong Disneyland.

Jim Cramer

Buyers just can't wait for this market to come down. They are stepping up each day for a host of stocks. The result? I always say there is a bull market somewhere and right now there are almost too many to count.

Bob Iger

What we've seen since then is somewhat of a moderation of losses stemming from the skinny bundles. We also have a number of new platforms coming into the market.

Bob Iger

I won't say they're dead wrong; i think it's possible their sample was off.

Bob Iger

We've seen examples lately of samples being off in terms of predicting outcomes.

Bob Iger

We want our investors to know that fiscal 2017 is going to be an anomaly.

Bob Iger

The signs are good that there is a smooth transition. I love the way both the incumbent president, President Obama, and the president elect, Donald Trump have managed this so far, and I think that's a very good sign.

Bob Iger

America voted and made the decision to put Donald Trump in the presidency. I respect that decision, accept that decision.

Bob Iger

There is going to be far more energy around attacking the tax code, changing the tax code, closing loopholes on corporate taxes and lowering the base.

Bob Iger

We're not as competitive as we need to be as a country. I think that is going to be addressed on a timely, meaning a fast basis. That's certainly good.

Bob Iger

That can only be good for business and for the country. On the smooth transition front, we're going through a smooth transition as well. We've already prepared a bust of President-elect Trump to go into our Hall of the Presidents at Disney World.

Anthony DiClemente

We believe interest in political news content, unfavorable NFL matchups, the temporary absence of star players, and other entertainment alternatives have affected NFL ratings in the early season to varying degrees.

Bob Iger

The sports that people watch today are not just watched on a fixed television set in the living room or den. They're watched in many different ways. And not only are they watched in their entirety, but they're watched in snackable form or short form....the destination that was once 'SportsCenter,' while it was still strong, is not what it used to be, because it's been disaggregated by technology.

John Malone - Liberty Global

When these tectonic plates start moving, it's just fun to speculate, because we're just the little guys now.

John Malone - Liberty Global

If I had to guess, what you will see is a split of Disney with ESPN spun off and, probably, ESPN could be owned and protected by a distributor in the U.S.

John Malone - Liberty Global

With his massive reach, at what point is [Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg] going to want to step into this video space in a meaningful way? I'm not saying he has to produce content, but it may make sense for him to own some.

John Malone - Liberty Global

I think the equity market has got that bug in their head that this is a longer term problem that he [Iger] has, and that somehow or other there is going to be some solution. Otherwise, Disney should be trading at a substantially higher multiple. …It's a quality global brand. ESPN in order to solve the issue of having to pay more every time the contract went up, they went long. At the moment that looks adverse.

John Malone - Liberty Global

In order to solve the issue of having to pay more every time the contract comes up, they went long ... At the moment, that looks adverse.

Anthony DiClemente

Disney is the one media company that can succeed in taking its brands directly to consumers.

Anthony DiClemente

You can use that as a template for what they might do in the U.S.

Wouter Geerts

Wanda has been very vocal about Disney being unable to break [into] the Chinese market but it seems that Wanda is having issues themselves.

Murray King - Disney

Shanghai Disney Resort is unique to the market and delivers an experience no one else in mainland China can offer.

Mike Khouw

This is a situation stock trading at one of its lower valuations, maybe you can get a bump to the upside.

Mike Khouw

We saw mostly bullish activity, … it was the November 96.5-calls.

Lawrence Levy - Electronics For Imaging

As a unit of Disney, it's been an incredible success. The key to that acquisition was to keep Pixar Pixar.

Mike Hopkins - Ice Energy

We're building a service that offers subscribers the most sought-after programming on television -- and channels from 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company are essential to that mix. With these two new deals in place, and additional partners to come, Hulu will soon give TV fans of all ages live and on-demand access to their favorite programs in a whole new, more flexible, highly personalized way.

Mike Hopkins - Ice Energy

We're building a service that offers subscribers the most sought-after programming on television . . . With these two new deals in place, and additional partners to come, Hulu will soon give TV fans of all ages live and on-demand access to their favorite programs in a whole new, more flexible, highly personalized way.

Timothy Hayes

My chief fear is that Disney will wield Twitter as one large PR machine to prop up their image and squash dissent. The Mouse is not above silencing (its) opponents.

Mark Mahaney

Probably the biggest reason is just the size of the asset. With $56 billion market cap, there are very few names who could actually make that deal even plausibly work – maybe a Disney, maybe a Google, maybe an Amazon, maybe an Apple.

Ivan Feinseth

I think the biggest beneficiary of this is Disney. Disney really has not been valued based on its content, and they are the king of content.

Rich Greenfield - BTIG Research

Earlier this month, Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger highlighted the growing importance of distribution for content companies.

Jim Cramer

What's happened is, a lot of the bidders are looking at people with lots of followers and seeing the hatred. I know that the haters reduce the value of the company … I know that Salesforce was very concerned about this notion.

Keith Meister - Corvex Management

Twitter would have been bought by Salesforce, or Twitter would have been bought by Disney or any one of the number of suitors who supposedly looked at it over the last month had it not been for the shareholders of those companies saying, What are you doing? Why go spend $20 billion dollars to buy this?

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

That's the goal of our franchise brand strategy: to drive our franchise brands to be billion-dollar brands over time. We continue to see growth in our own brands through great storytelling and great consumer insights.

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

We had always wanted to work more significantly with Disney, and we worked for many years to build our reputation in girls through consumer insights and creativity. We were so happy to be given the right and the opportunity to build the princess and 'Frozen' business.

Reed Hastings - Netflix

Then it's available to everyone, which is clearly what consumers want.

Reed Hastings - Netflix

I think we've been very successful in finding technological ways of inhibiting the cross-border VPNs. Like I had mentioned, we didn't win the bidding for the [rights to] the Disney movies in the U.K., so it's clearly not fair to allow our U.K. subscribers to watch the Disney from Canada or the U.S. So we've found, with the help of the studios, some more technology to enforce their rights.

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

Innovative play experiences, engaging storytelling and global execution of Hasbro's brand blueprint continues to drive consumer and retailer demand for our brand portfolio. 2016 has been a strong year, including our third quarter - which marked the greatest revenue and earnings quarter in Hasbro's history. We are well positioned for what we believe will be a good holiday season.

Jim Cramer

It is torture. It seems like none of these rallies ever get you back to even. Tantalize and then crush.

Jim Cramer

These secondaries, rather than creating opportunities for short covering, which is what happens in a healthy market, now look like opportunities for the shorts to double down on their positions.

Jim Cramer

For me, as a lover of growth, this is where the rubber hits the road.

Jim Cramer

We own this one for the charitable trust, too, and we would love to buy more at these levels, but you need to be aware that Moreno is not a fan. GE's got a lot of aerospace, which is today's big freak out, so I understand the weakness, but I still believe that $25 would be a huge and unlikely bargain.

Jim Cramer

Whatever you think of Disney's fundamentals, and I think they are terrific, the chart is clearly not friendly to the bulls.

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

I don't think it's up for sale, we've seen many rumors. At one point Apple was interested, at one point Amazon was interested. I think it's a very valuable asset, but I do think it's an asset that will continue to grow on its own for the next several years.

Anthony DiClemente

[I] don't mean to be a Debbie Downer on the potential for a big, blockbuster-hyped acquisition, but it could be another suitor like Microsoft, like Salesforce, who sees the virtue in extending their portfolio to social.

Anthony DiClemente

It's a very high price tag and a high multiple for Disney. We see better uses for that capital elsewhere for Disney.

Anthony DiClemente

We've covered Twitter for some time, and we can see some of the issues that Twitter has fundamentally. The issues with growth, the issues with decelerating revenue per issue, the issues with leadership that has turned over quite a bit.

Tony Wible - Janney Capital Markets

[Disney] will soon face a massive increase in NBA costs as the new season and deal terms take effect in October.

Marama Fox

It depicts Maui as a bit of a beefy guy, and not in a good way. That's not the picture I have of the Maui who fished up the North Island, and had a number of feats attributed to him.

Ben Sherwood

Disney-ABC is home to some of the most iconic brands in television. As we build on creative momentum across our portfolio, it has become more important than ever to establish a more efficient and effective operating structure. With his formidable record as a skilled manager and innovative dealmaker, Bruce is a stellar addition to our team. I'm confident he will make a powerful difference as we navigate – and win – the future.

Inhwa Lee - Havaianas

We are the exclusive and official flip-flop of Walt Disney World resorts.

Nancy Kanter - Disney Junior

It's just a few weeks into the launch of Elena of Avalor, and we are already seeing what an impact and connection she is making with kids and families. We're eager to make sure that we will have many new stories of bravery, adventure and leadership for our audience to enjoy and are delighted to begin production on our second season and continue to find ways for her story to be heard both on and off screen.

Steven Cahall - RBC Capital Markets

This transition of the earnings composition to something that is less predictable probably should result in some multiple compression.

Roger McNamee

I think this was a really smart move for Disney. I think the situation Disney faces today is a little bit like the one that Apple faces for the iPhone; that when you have been magnificently successful – more successful than your competitors – it is often hard to come up with a second act that makes for a smooth transition.

Bob Iger

We must create or take advantage of new opportunities in ways that are complementary to our multichannel offerings.

Anthony DiClemente

The pattern over the last few quarters has been that the company has outperformed for studio entertainment results, and underperformed media networks. That trend is likely to continue.

John Skipper - Disney Media Networks

Bringing a multi-sport service directly to fans is an exciting opportunity that capitalizes on BamTech's premier digital distribution platform and continues ESPN's heritage of embracing technology to create new ways to connect fans with sports. As WatchESPN continues to grow and add value to the multichannel video subscription, this new service will be an outstanding complement.

Bob Iger

We think that in today's world having the ability to stream on a scale basis live sports and live programming is a competitive advantage and something that's necessary. As a majority owner, we feel it gives us an ability to jump-start not only ESPN, but our other businesses as well.

Michael Morris - Guggenheim Partners

Disney is a great company, but it's working through a couple of challenges. The biggest challenge is the fact that ESPN in our opinion overearned for a very long period of time.

Mike Goodman - Strategy Analytics

Technology has fundamentally changed the relationship that consumers have with television. It used to be dependent on appointment viewing, but across the board networks are coming to the realization that it's changing.

Daniel Salmon - BMO Capital Markets

We see skinny bundles as a potentially valuable new source of distribution for ESPN and the upcoming Hulu skinny bundle (and reportedly YouTube now) can help support that. However, skinny bundle distribution is very nascent and the contribution to overall subscriber revenue is still tiny.

Jim Cramer

Those who think more short-term may end up trading this thing right into the poor house. I reiterate, though, that if you take a long-term view, Disney will be just fine.

Tatsumi Kimishima - Nintendo

We are now expanding how we leverage Nintendo IP in various ways beyond our traditional use of them predominantly within the dedicated video game platform business.

Atul Goyal

We believe the value of Nintendo intellectual property is enormous and will eventually be unlocked over a 3-5 year period.

Richard Dickson - Mattel

We have almost completely offset the year-to-date Disney Princess shortfall.

Laura Martin - Needham

Apple has higher profit margins than the Walt Disney Company and has higher returns on capital than Facebook and, therefore, the notion that it could be valued as a hardware company just because it makes phones, we think is flawed. Those margins are only achievable because it does have these ecosystem benefits like 'Pokemon Go' to route its ecosystem to a much higher margin.

Benjamin Mogil - Stifel, Nicolaus & Co.

We ... see the company as somewhat of a split story. We continue to be of the view that the Studio and corresponding Consumer Products segments continue to deserve a strong multiple reflecting the very strong pipeline.

Brian Goldner - Hasbro

We are building bigger global footprint for our brands, including Disney Princess and Frozen, and we need the inventories to back up the sales.

Dave Hollis

It's frustrating when there's a disconnect between the critical response, the consumer response and ultimately the box office. But we've got every reason to be hopeful for the midweek business ahead, every reason to be hopeful for a nice long run. And we've only opened in two international markets: Australia and Russia.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

Considering the roller-coaster year we've been having, this was a solid Fourth of July. In terms of the cumulative numbers, it was a really good showing, though individual films may have had their challenges.

Jeff Goldstein - Warner Bros.

We're in a much better place today than we thought we were going to be. We're positively looking forward. Friday came in much stronger than we thought. Yesterday was much stronger than we thought.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

There's a lot of product out there. That leads to a lot of fragmentation and cannibalization, and a lot of spreading the wealth.

Nick Carpou

The magic of the Blumhouse model is that it allows us to be subversive and think outside the box when it comes to interesting audiences.

Dave Hollis

We've seen the way people are speaking of and rating the film. We're hoping to be the beneficiary of some good word-of-mouth.

Jeff Goldstein - Warner Bros.

You have to look at the whole worldwide results. At the end of the day we always looked at this as a bigger play internationally.

Zuo Jianlong - Disney

Lots of people online have talked about plagiarism, but it seems from the legal side that the matter is quite clear – at root there is no plagiaristic behavior.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

There may be no more consistent brand at the box office than Pixar. the company has managed to retain incredible fan loyalty in its 20-year history.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

It's amazing when you look at the longevity of this brand, the viability of it, and the unfettered enthusiasm pretty much everyone has for Pixar.

Dave Hollis

We became a film for everybody. We tapped into something really meaningful.

Jeff Goldstein - Warner Bros.

They're comfortable with and connected to social media. They're very involved with their fan base and they're always tweeting non-stop.

Paul Dergarabedian - comScore

That's still a really good result. We needed a box office hero and we got one with this little fish.

George Hobica - Airfarewatchdog.com

We are not seeing any fire sales to Orlando, although fares in general have been quite reasonable.

Ashley Fields

Even if Disney World wouldn't have happened, we still would have closed the beach just to be safe and take care of people.

Sam Singer - Disney

When people think of Disney they think of magic, the unbelievable, and everything is going to be fun. This incident flies in the face of that.

Bob Iger

This is one of the proudest and most exciting moments in the history of the Walt Disney Co.

Bob Iger

As a parent and a grandparent, my heart goes out to the Graves family during this time of devastating loss. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I know everyone at Disney joins me in offering our deepest sympathies.

Shaun Rein - China Market Research Group

Even with the weak economy, Chinese are not cutting back on tourism. They are still spending on experiences and on their kids.

Jerry Demings

We are dealing with this family now, who there's no question will lose a 2-year-old child. It has been now about 15 hours since the child was taken into the water by the alligator, so we know that we are working on recovering the body of the child at this point.

Jerry Demings

Our ultimate concern is about the safety of the guests here at Disney as well as the public. I'm certain there will be opportunities in the future to look at what has occurred here and see if it can be prevented in the future.

Tony Wible - Janney Capital Markets

The challenge is: How do you extract value out of that environment? The Chinese results are good for the box office, but you only get 25 cents on every dollar. Similar to the parks, you don't really get to take much out of the country.

Nick Wiley

If you look on a map you'll see it's a pretty extensive body of water.

Jacquee Wahaler - Disney

Everyone here at the Walt Disney World Resort is devastated by this tragic accident. Our thoughts are with the family. We are helping the family and doing everything we can to assist law enforcement.

Jeff Williamson

Right now, hopefully, we're searching for a little boy to bring the family some comfort.

Eric Handler

I'm not expecting year over year growth. I think if they could be stable, that would be seen as a big positive.

Qin Lijun

The surroundings of the [old]village, they don't compare to now. You would be working in the factories there during the day, and then working on your land when you got home. That doesn't compare at all to here. Here, you walk out and it's all greenery and flowers. The surroundings are so much better.

Dave Hollis

It's a disappointing result. We have embarked on a branded tent-pole strategy that makes big bets. But when you make big bets, there are times when you have results that are disappointing.

Wang Jianlin - Dalian Wanda Group

We still haven't seen a real craze here or a generation blindly following Mickey Mouse of Donald Duck.

Paul Ryan

This is not make-believe, Mr. Secretary. Veterans have died waiting in those lines. There's no Fast Pass at the #VA. #Veterans seeking medical attention don't have that luxury.

Mike Van Eaton - Eaton

This particular doll was given to woman that he drove an ambulance with in 1917 in World War One. A lifelong friend of his, [Disney] gave her one of his most cherished possessions, and he signed it on the bottom in French dedicated to her.

Wang Jianlin - Dalian Wanda Group

We will make Disney's China venture unprofitable in the next 10 to 20 years. To balance the books, (Disney) has to charge high prices, which will put some customers off. On top of this China already has Wanda – they really ought not to have come to China at all.

Anthony DiClemente

In 2011, Mr. Iger set a plan to step down as CEO in April 2015, only to extend his plans to remain CEO until 2018 to oversee the successful integration of Lucasfilm and theme park expansion plans into China. To borrow a phrase, the best successor to Bob Iger may very well be Bob Iger.

Colleen McDaniel - Cruise Critic

Disney is consistently ranked one of the top cruise lines on Cruise Critic by our members, and it's a line understood for moving the needle with brand-new and advanced functions, so we anticipate the very same high quality touches and focus on development will be included on the brand-new ships also.

Bob Iger

Well, we had great performance across the board, really. Clearly, Star Wars' drove the studio performance.

Helena Bonham-Carter

Well it was kind of nice to do something without special effects, without blue screen because doing big Disney film these days or any big budget tends to be full of… you're always in front of a green screen having to imagine everything but this time we had everything, it was real. So I even had a huge pumpkin, an inflatable pumpkin to react to.

Cate Blanchett - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

What I love about this retelling is you really get to know what makes Cinderella tick whereas I haven't really got that sense from any fairytale version I've ever seen or read before.

Mathias Disney

The instrument sits there on a tripod and it spins round and it fires out a laser beam, and every time the laser beam shoots out – thousands of times a second – it records how far the laser has travelled and essentially the distance between the laser and the object that it has hit. And in that way it builds up a three-dimensional picture of everything that's surrounding the laser instrument.

Frank Gehry

I can't promise. But it's been happening a lot. It happened in Disney Hall. It happened in Chicago and the park. Maybe I'm lucky.

Marina Zhigalova-Ozkan

Disney is planning to produce several films annually in Russia, there are quite a lot of projects in production now.

David Crisp

We have a lot of amazing teachers from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks.. It's part of the course that you go out and do an internship at these companies, so that you start in the industry, as part of the school.

Philippe Gas - Euro Disney

Revenues grew by five percent versus the prior year, driven primarily by higher guest spending.

Mike Moon - Disney

The style borrows a lot of stuff from the past that we've cherry picked and pulled into this very futuristic, very modern, very contemporary execution. There's a lot of 'rubber hose' influence on Mickey and the gang. There's a lot of 60s and 50s graphical influence on some of the backgrounds. All together that served as the source of inspiration where we were able to make something very contemporary out of it.

Rich Moore

It's small group of people working on it in the beginning, and you start to wonder especially me as a director is this good? Are we just falling in love with something because we really like it and we've lost objectivity to the whole thing?

Tom Hanks

There was a substantial amount of the man that we tried to get into – not just the happy Uncle Walt that made people's dreams come true. There was a pragmatic rather bare-knuckled businessman in there, who if charm didn't work and hard sell and negotiation didn't work either, well, then there was just some other place he'd have to go to make things happen.

Emma Thompson

It's the first live action movie that Disney has done in 50 years. It's very brave of them actually and very exciting to see Disney as a corporation, as a film making group, making something like this which is a grown-up drama and that I thought was very thrilling.

Suzi Brown

Disney has a long history of non-discrimination and we're working with the cast member directly to try to accommodate her request.

Elle Fanning

When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say, a Disney princess. That's always your dream, and for me to be able to say that I got to do that is so exciting. I wanted to make her the best version of her I could, I guess.

Cyndi Tetro

Companies are always worried about losing their designs and you're always walking this fine line of how you embrace what's happening in the open-source and the fan communities and how you protect your brand.

Julie Samuels

The copyright laws that we currently have on the books have been on the books literally since the 1970s. It doesn't make sense for how we use and share things today.

Julie Samuels

The state of the laws and then the people who are trying to tighten up copyright law and in some instances tighten up patent law too, those efforts to tighten the laws would impact 3D printing. They would make it harder for people to print things at home, they would make it harder for more people to make new 3D printers and come up with new 3D printing technology.

Marvi Sirmed

How could you get power from a symbol that is so humiliating and demeaning to women's power? Projecting a symbol that is so closely associated with the submission of women and you are now just reimagining and reimaging the burka, the symbol of suppression, as a symbol of resistance.

Christopher Garnett - Eurotunnel

We're talking about 11 hours that this whole process has taken to rescue the passengers in not a good situation, but at the same time in appalling weather conditions. The experience of the Disney train, and of the other trains, but the Disney train is the worst example has led us to a lot of the recommendations that we make in our report.

George Lucas

I think it'll give me the chance to go off and explore my own interests and at the same time feel completely confident that Disney will take care of the franchise I've built.

Marc Lepire

Ice is alive because when it's very cold, it's still very hard but when it melts after, it's melting slowly and you can see that. It's very cool because next year I can come back here again and do again in the same place, another thing. Ice is perfect.

Alexander Deman

We have been working for five weeks with 29 international artists from 11 different nationalities. We transformed not less than 400 tones of ice, or 22 trucks full loads of ice, into 90 Disney characters.

Benjamin Renner

When you chose to adapt a piece of work for the screen, there will inevitably be a part of you in it. I identified very strongly with the work of Gabrielle Vincent. After that, it's all down to personal interpretation.

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