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You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about eBay. 41 people are quoted and you can read 63 citations of them about eBay. Devin Wenig, Tom Brady, James Impoco and Josh Olson, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Devin Wenig said: “The Indian market is important to us. We're always looking at the possibilities to win in every market we compete in. But eBay India is a major player in that market, and we are investing in it, and we'll continue to invest in it.”.

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Devin Wenig

Most people shop eBay in their passions and their interests – as much as the things they need, the things they love. But we know that there's a group of our buyer segment that want certainty. They want speed. I absolutely want the president of the U[...]

Devin Wenig

The fourth quarter of last holiday season was a really important moment. I think it was an inflection point where that was the end of retail as we know it. And I do think the restructuring of this industry is going to happen faster than a lot of peo[...]

Devin Wenig

I'm not sure all the retailers are going to even make it, in a healthy economy, to this holiday season. And I do think you are going to see drastic changes in store footprints and what stores do. I think the complete death of stores has been greatly[...]

Tom Brady

If it shows up on eBay or something, somebody let me know.

Tom Brady

It's unfortunate, because that's a nice piece of memorabilia. So if it shows up on eBay, someone let me know and I'll track that down. Those are pretty special ones to keep. What can you do? I'll take the ring and that's good enough for me.

David Perkins

They shot it down with a Patriot missile. I'm not sure that's a good economic-exchange ratio. In fact, if I'm the enemy, I'm thinking, Hey, I'm just going to get on eBay and buy as many of these $300 quadcopters as I can and expend all the Patriot m[...]

Bridget Davies - eBay

EBay always knew that we had massive scale, but [advertising] wasn't our core focus. But it's actually not an adjacent business; it's a tool kit for brands and requires investing into it.

Jimmy Fitzgerald - ServiceNow

No change in strategy. This search has been going on for the last 18 months, so we were really excited last week to hear that John Donahoe, who has a great history at eBay, and a very successful career as CEO of Bain and Company, is coming in as our[...]

Andrew Goodwill

Certain types of fraud are rising fast and banks are not prioritising the safety of their customers. It's the banks' responsibility to properly log, investigate and act upon instances of reported fraud.

Gordon Crowhurst

I tried everything to report the scam but I got nowhere. The case wasn't logged correctly, and my bank never contacted the criminal's bank.

Andrew Wylde

I did lots of research and it all stacked up - I never thought it could be a scam.

Alicia Schöppe

It was bit like in the movie Awakenings. Many of them have started eating independently again, they go to the toilet on their own, even some who were bed-ridden have got up.

Gunter Wolfram

Since we've had the memory rooms, our registrations have gone up.

Sarah Hindlian

We believe Mr. Donahoe's decision to join ServiceNow, while it may remove near-term M&A speculation, should be viewed quite constructively as the company expands into a mega-software vendor.

Frank Slootman - ServiceNow

The fact that the board has appointed John is a really strong statement that we are going to run this company and not view ourselves as a target of the activity.

John Donahoe

The opportunity will be to expand beyond just IT and the chief information officer (CIO) into helping partner with the CEO to help them address their greatest needs.

Frank Slootman - ServiceNow

This is not about me, this is about us really being very proactive, very strategic, very forward-looking about CEO succession. As many people know, it's very, very tricky to have a successful CEO transition, and you're going to have to strike when t[...]

John Donahoe

Over the past year I've had a great opportunity to step back and survey the landscape, and the trend that just stood out is the role that cloud is having on both consumers and enterprise. Companies born in the cloud, like ServiceNow and Workday and [...]

Tom Brady

If it ends up on eBay, let me know. Someone stole my game jersey.

Tom Brady

No. It is going to be on eBay soon, I guess.

Tom Brady

Yeah, it's going to be on eBay at some point.

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

The various improvements the company is making are not, as of yet, generating significant traction with consumers. They are really about correcting deficiencies rather than putting eBay on an innovative footing.

Devin Wenig

We are making progress. That progress will take time.

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

It is a turnaround process for the company.

Devin Wenig

It's not a black or white issue, ... but the rhetoric matters. It matters to our employees, it matters to policymakers, and somebody's going to stand for responsible immigration, and we're one of the parties that does that.

Devin Wenig

It's important for companies that have been built on trade and immigration like ours to stand for those values.

Devin Wenig

We obviously want free trade and we hope that the rhetoric will dampen down.

Joi Ito - Media Lab

For example, one of the most critical challenges is how do we make sure that the machines we 'train' don't perpetuate and amplify the same human biases that plague society? How can we best initiate a broader, in-depth discussion about how society wi[...]

David Kalt - Reverb.com

Be honest about it, people love that.

Benjamin K. Glaser - Dealnews

While you can't expect to get very close to retail, there are many opportunities out there for those that want to sell their stuff.

Vincent Payen

The first month of the year is a very active month on the selling side, particularly for fashion.

Michael Crane

I am selling the whole collection. My love affair with Bruce has become more real. I'm moving on to some bigger projects. I started a non-profit and I am raising money for orphans and widows now, and it's kind of where my life has taken me.

Michael Crane

In '70's New Jersey, the car was still a powerful image. That summer I bought my first set of wheels for two thousand dollars. It was a '57 Chevy with dual, four-barrel carbs, a Hurst on the floor and orange flames spread across the hood.

Sara Gruen

I have a fortune invested, only one venue to offload them, and in only three weeks they will magically transform into useless pumpkins that will take up space in my office forever, and have caused my financial ruin.

Sara Gruen

It never occurred to me that I'd have trouble getting rid of them. They were already selling at double, triple the manufacturer's suggested retail price, but I figured I could sell them at a profit and put a dent in the extremely hefty lawyers' fees.

Nancy Zwiers

We recognize it may be difficult finding this in-demand toy. We have increased production and a whole new batch of Hatchimals will be ready to hatch in early 2017.

Mike Zappa

We've seen the toy selling from $140 to $225 this past weekend for Black Friday.

James Impoco - Newsweek

Yet in this toxic brew of electoral politics in America, it became a thing, it went viral.

Dennis Davitt - Harvest Volatility Management

Options are beneficial to buy before periods of volatility when people are not looking at high historical yields. So it's kind of like, the hurricane has just passed, and now you want to buy insurance on it. The options were priced for a volatile ti[...]

Ajay Mehta - Twitter

This looks like something dropped from a cartoon UFO, with balloons attached to slowly float down.

Devin Wenig

As I travel to our offices around the world, I have the privilege to interact with people of countless nationalities and backgrounds. This diversity is one of the most valuable assets we have as we drive our business forward.

Ivan Feinseth

Most of what is being sold on eBay is new product, and that can be bought anywhere for almost the same price.

Josh Olson - Edward Jones & Co.

This has been about 18 months now that we've been hearing the same thing...we're kinda waiting for the returns on the investments.

Mark Robben - Funko

I don't think we were prepared for how excited people would be, We wanted them to be limited, but we didn't know they would go that quickly in the morning.

Ross Sandler - Deutsche Bank

We think EBAY is in the latter stages of its re-platforming, which is the time period where select internet stocks historically tend to generate the most alpha. There are few out-of-favor accelerating-growth stories with upside to estimates and a re[...]

Michelle Malison - Euromonitor International

Acquiring Jet.com would allow Walmart to become more competitive with [online retail] giants such as Amazon and eBay.

Paula Loop - PricewaterhouseCoopers

They're engaging more with the activists. They're willing to listen to them.

Devin Wenig

We are planting the seeds right now to ensure that eBay is not only relevant, but a leader – a disruptor – in artificial intelligence.

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

Weaker consumer spending in the U.K., perhaps due in part to Brexit uncertainties, could adversely affect eBay and PayPal.

Russ Robertson

In general, these are considered speculative types of investments. You can get great returns, but it comes with high risk, unless you really know what you're doing.

Gil Luria - Wedbush Securities

While it is safe to say Amazon won this holiday season, eBay clearly lost.

Carl Icahn

We think this is a major move and will greatly enhance shareholder value. I have had several meetings with [CEO] Ursula Burns and applaud and respect her for doing what she believes shareholders want -- just as John Donahoe did with eBay and PayPal.

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

To return to industry growth rates, we believe eBay has to go beyond restructuring a product that is lower value than its core competition.

Ken Sena - Evercore ISI

We are not recommending eBay as despite attractive value, we think growth of 2-5 percent is just not appealing enough where competitors such as Google and FB are making investments in product ads, customer match, and local targeting for the sake of [...]

Gil Luria - Wedbush Securities

It appears eBay is guiding to a decline in profit in 2016, which is very concerning.

Carter Harrison - Conlumino

While not a direct competitor in every respect, the growth of (Amazon's) successful Prime service has locked more customers into using its services and sites in a way that is unhelpful to eBay.

Christophe DeLoire - Reporters Without Borders

It is upsetting to note that after such a tragedy, certain people are trying to profit on the back of Charlie Hebdo's misery. We call these people the profiteers of Charlie at the expense of the decency and respect for the memory of those who lost t[...]

Christophe DeLoire - Reporters Without Borders

We must at all costs avoid this issue being subject of a bidding war, so that it is read worldwide and sold at its price, and no more.

Sam Hamadeh - Privco

It has created essentially the Google of China. It's created the Groupon of China. It's created the Amazon.com of China, the eBay of China and the PayPal of China. So if you can imagine one company, all in one stock, all at once, and in the fastest [...]

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