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The exciting thing is that now the team is compensated by young talents such as [Yannick] Carrasco, [Antoine] Griezmann, [Angel] Correa. Did you see Lucas [Hernandez] play? He's got a huge future at the club, what a player! This is a guy who could play for Bayern or at Real Madrid. He's got it all, technical skill, intensity and is in fantastic condition. And he's our player, one of our own, you get me?
Mar 23 2017
The latest person who has talked about Ecuador elections 2017 is Lenin Moreno: “Do you see me desperate? It's because we're going to win the elections just like we won the first round.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Lenin Moreno and all the other people that have spoken about Ecuador elections 2017. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Jim Cramer

Given that GM is selling its money-losing Opel division, I couldn't agree with Moreno more.

Carlos Vallarino

This has to end, it's ended in Argentina, now it will end in Ecuador, and next up is Venezuela.

Juan Pablo Pozo

No, it's not possible. But we have to wait for official results to be 100 percent.

Lenin Moreno

Do you see me desperate? It's because we're going to win the elections just like we won the first round.

Tatiana Manosalvas

We can't return to our history of instability when the richest stole our money with impunity.

Lenin Moreno

We know that the projections could give us victory in the first round. We are waiting in a democratic and peaceful manner for the results from electoral commission.

Guillermo Lasso

I want to tell them not to toy with the will of the Ecuadorean people. It's not there yet. If they mess around, we will go out onto the streets. So they, the government, should be responsible.

Maria Lourdes Rosales

As president, Lasso would give this country a new face. First with jobs, secondly by giving us back the dignity we've lost with this corrupt government.

Guillermo Lasso

My hands are extended to embrace every single Ecuadorean who dreams of change.

Margarita Revelo

I want Ecuador to keep advancing and Lenin will help poor people have a better life.

Lenin Moreno

We've shown that by campaigning honorably you can win elections. We've had to endure terrible attacks that can't be justified just because of the heat of an election.

Angel Mendoza

We've lived 10 years of disgrace, 10 years of theft, corruption, false honesty, a country-wide regression where only a few have benefited.

Cristopher Gonzalez

This government must continue because it's the best one in all political history. It's built everything: Hospitals, roads, schools. I don't believe any candidate but Lenin Moreno.

Ines Cueva

These scandals are one more little drop in the glass that was already full.

Rafael Correa

Unfortunately the modus operandi of these companies is to give tips to those in charge of managing contracts, and that's hard to detect.

Genesis Mariscal

Not all of them are perfect but they have done more than those before them.

Ana María Bustos

He was our Messiah. A populist figure who came to save the day. We gave him and his party complete and total power. His backing was massive. The Messiah also came in Argentina and the Messiah also came in Venezuela.

Antonio Torres

In the real world when you have a good-paying job that you know might not last, you save money for a rainy day. He didn't. Ecuador was living day by day.

Antonio Torres

He also hasn't decreased the size of the government. Those who are hurt the most are in the middle class.

Rafael Correa

Only a blind man can deny the change we have brought to our land.

Emilio Palacio

It's not a democracy, There is no separation of power. The press is not free to say what they have to say. They could end up in jail.

Lenin Moreno

I say to you all: the mission continues. The mission for people with disabilities, yes, but also for elderly people, women who have been abandoned, domestic workers, children, young people, or women who have been mistreated.

Guillermo Lasso

We are going to eliminate and get rid of 14 taxes here in Ecuador, because the Ecuadorean people have had enough of so many taxes, so much abuse, and above all the most malignant tax of them all: the corruption among Correa's people.

Lenin Moreno

Do it in one round! We're proposing major surgery to remove corruption. You don't steal from the fatherland!

Guillermo Lasso

You must choose between continuity or change to live better. I have experience in creating jobs, I've done it in the last 40 years and I can do it for Ecuador.

Janet Carrig - ConocoPhillips

The Tribunal's decision on damages sends a clear message that governments cannot expropriate investments without fair compensation. ConocoPhillips sought to protect its interests to the fullest degree and the tribunal acknowledged our legal rights and the unlawful nature of Ecuador's actions.

Bill DeWitt Jr.

The "findings are fully consistent with our own investigation's conclusion that this activity was isolated to a single individual.

John Mozeliak

This has been a long and challenging process for all of us, especially those within our baseball operations department. We have learned a great deal along the way and we have taken additional steps to ensure that something like this doesn't ever happen again.

Rob Manfred

Although Mr. Correa's conduct was not authorized by the Cardinals, as a matter of MLB policy, I am holding the Cardinals responsible for his conduct. A club suffers material harm when an employee of another club illegally accesses its confidential and proprietary information, particularly intrusions of the nature and scope present here. In addition, as a result of Mr. Correa's conduct, the Astros suffered substantial negative publicity and had to endure the time, expense and distraction of both a lengthy government investigation and an MLB investigation.

John Mozeliak

"This has been a long and challenging process for all of us, especially those within our baseball operations department,". "We have learned a great deal along the way and we have taken additional steps to ensure that something like this doesn't ever happen again.".

Rafael Correa

The solution to stopping migration isn't walls or borders. It's solidarity, humanity and the creation of peace and well-being for everyone in the world. So long as a just distribution of wealth is not met, the world's social problems will not be resolved.

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