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Gabriela Rivadeniera
There are no major developments that we should worry
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May 24 2017
The latest person who has talked about Ecuador elections 2017 is Lenin Moreno: “I am the president for all of you. I owe you all a great debt and respect you all. All of us will form part of a deeply enriching national dialogue.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Lenin Moreno and all the other people that have spoken about Ecuador elections 2017. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Guillermo Lasso

We're on the correct side of history. We won't cross our arms and stand by. We will exhaust all political and legal channels in Ecuador and abroad to respect the will of the people who called for a

Lenin Moreno

I'm going to be the president of everyone but fundamentally those who are

Janet Bravo

He'll fight for equality, because he knows what it's like to be disadvantaged. I want government to continue along this

Rafael Correa

The Revolution has triumphed again in Ecuador. The right has been

Michael Shifter - Inter-American

Although Ecuador's economic situation has recently worsened and there are serious questions about government corruption, most voters recognized advances in education, health care and especially infrastructure. Moreno promised to give a new push and build on these

Guillermo Lasso

We will not allow the popular will to be played with. We are not fools, and neither is the Ecuadorian people. Peacefully defend your vote. Let us not fall into provocations. We act within democracy and with respect to the authorities, but firmly to defend the will of the

Rafael Correa

What they can't accomplish at the polls, they're trying to achieve by force. The revolution has triumphed again in

Guillermo Lasso

Ecuador had no business spending a single cent protecting someone who definitely leaked confidential information. We will ask Mr. Assange, very politely, to leave our embassy, in absolute compliance with international conventions and protocols, ... we vow to take all the steps necessary so that another embassy will take him in and protect his

Luzmila Muñoz

We need new ideas. Everything is stagnant here. Ten years is

Guillermo Lasso

This is very sickening, we're not going to allow it. Let's not be provoked. We will act democratically and with respect for authorities but firmly to defend the people's will. We're not fools, nor are the Ecuadorean

Lenin Moreno

You have the voting acts, you know Cedatos lied to

Guillermo Lasso

We will know how to defend the people's will. Behind us are those dark pages of hatred among

Lenin Moreno

We have a very trustworthy lead. We will always be alert and ask Mr Assange to show respect in his declarations regarding our brotherly and friendly

Guillermo Lasso

Change is preventing Ecuador from experiencing what's happening in our neighboring country

Sebastián Hurtado

I think the circumstances favor a narrow win for the opposition. But it's going to be really

Lenin Moreno

It's time for peace and union. Everyone will have a new opportunity and we will seek dialogue and harmony. Our hand is

Edwin Tatés

This government has had many errors, above all those of Correa, who has fought with everyone, but we need to change things for the good of the country, not to change the whole

Simón Pachano

The economic orientation will change; the social emphasis will

Guillermo Lasso

A coup annulling the National Assembly! Is that what you want? Then let's go for change! Change is avoiding Venezuela's

Pabel Muñoz

Lenín is a leader who seeks consensus and dialogue. We have a platform that offers the adjustments Ecuador needs, without throwing everything in the

César Montúfar

Lasso has tried to offer an alternative to Correa rule, but it's very hard to compete with the power of the government, so his chances to win are small. It's like running a 100-meter dash against an opponent who is riding a

Hector Moreno

The truth is all our opponents have grown from before. Costa Rica, the United States, Honduras, they've got players who are playing in Europe, in MLS, here in Mexico. They've grown, they've matured and are strong national teams, as is Mexico. But right now we're thinking of the next

Hector Moreno

Obviously we're happy. We're going to try to win the four. It would be brilliant, we'd be practically qualified and you'd go to the Confederations with a feeling of

Jim Cramer

Given that GM is selling its money-losing Opel division, I couldn't agree with Moreno

Lenin Moreno

Do you see me desperate? It's because we're going to win the elections just like we won the first

Lenin Moreno

We know that the projections could give us victory in the first round. We are waiting in a democratic and peaceful manner for the results from electoral

Guillermo Lasso

I want to tell them not to toy with the will of the Ecuadorean people. It's not there yet. If they mess around, we will go out onto the streets. So they, the government, should be

Maria Lourdes Rosales

As president, Lasso would give this country a new face. First with jobs, secondly by giving us back the dignity we've lost with this corrupt

Guillermo Lasso

My hands are extended to embrace every single Ecuadorean who dreams of

Lenin Moreno

We've shown that by campaigning honorably you can win elections. We've had to endure terrible attacks that can't be justified just because of the heat of an

Cristopher Gonzalez

This government must continue because it's the best one in all political history. It's built everything: Hospitals, roads, schools. I don't believe any candidate but Lenin

Lenin Moreno

I say to you all: the mission continues. The mission for people with disabilities, yes, but also for elderly people, women who have been abandoned, domestic workers, children, young people, or women who have been

Guillermo Lasso

We are going to eliminate and get rid of 14 taxes here in Ecuador, because the Ecuadorean people have had enough of so many taxes, so much abuse, and above all the most malignant tax of them all: the corruption among Correa's

Lenin Moreno

Do it in one round! We're proposing major surgery to remove corruption. You don't steal from the fatherland!feedback

Guillermo Lasso

You must choose between continuity or change to live better. I have experience in creating jobs, I've done it in the last 40 years and I can do it for

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