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Isabelle Kumar - Euronews
There are going to be crucial meetings coming up on the future of Europe, the European Commission President has put some proposals on the table. Do they provide a valid blueprint for the future? So do you feel as a small county, Slovenia if the multi-speed option is taken up – you are going to be forgotten about – your voice is not going to be heard? So the Treaty of Rome celebrations are just around the corner. What kind of image do you think the leaders there are going to portray if you imagine that family photo at the end?
Mar 22 2017
“We understand perfectly well the good intention of President Platini trying to see in which way we can have a better coordination, a better cooperation of the national police, but it is not in the European Commission competences to act in that direction.” said Jose Manuel Barroso speaking about European Commission. It’s one of the 108 quotes about European Commission you can find on this page. 100 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Tim Cook and Carl Dolan. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Julian King

It's clear that many institutions across Europe and more widely, and that includes the European Commission, are subject to a continuously increasing number of cyber attacks from different sources. These threats are persistent, they are aggressive, and more and more dangerous and potentially destructive.

Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy

Dieselgate would not have happened if our national governments and the European Commission had acted in line with their legal and administrative responsibilities.

Dimitris Avramopoulos

No doubt. And it's very, very clear. It's good to know that the ongoing negotiations are conducted by the European Commission and of course following a mandate of the Council.

Isabel Rijpkema

We love the non-preferred senior solution and are very pleased that the European Commission chose to adopt a EU solution in line with the French framework. As a bank, we've been quite vocal in favour of the French solution and we expect the Dutch will follow and implement it.

Carsten Kengeter

They (the European Commission) will come in the second week of December with the so-called statement of objections. That will be the next data point really.

Vittorio Colao - Vodafone Group

The European Commission has clearly indicated that they like the idea of stronger competitors to former incumbents. They see that in each country there is a KPN (KPN.AS), a Telecom Italia (TLIT.MI), a Deutsche Telekom (DTEGn.DE), a BT (BT.L), that are at the end of the day still incredibly, I would not want to use the word dominant, but let's say influential. And you want a counter force, and we could be that counter force.

Angela Merkel

And so I personally am of the view that we will have to discuss further with the (European) Commission when this freedom of movement applies from.

Alexander Medvedev - Gazprom

We are now putting the final touch to our commitment proposal. It will be sent to the European Commission shortly.

Carl Dolan - Transparency International

It is incredible that something like this – which is a clear breach of the rules and could have led to a major conflict of interest – was undetected by the European Commission for so many years. The European Commission carries out very limited checks or verifications on the self-declarations of Commissioners when they come into office.

Enda Kenny

I am confident the appeal will succeed because what has happened here is that the European Commission has made a finding with regards to state aid rules, which crosses the threshold into tax competency, which is a matter for each individual country.

John Paul Phelan

The European Commission doesn't have responsibility for taxation matters.

Bohuslav Sohuslav

That is why you (the European Commission) owe it to us now and look to Bulgaria and help do the work quickly.

Michael Sapin

The European Commission treated it as abnormal state aid... the European Commission is doing its job. It's normal to make Apple pay normal taxes.

Tim Cook - Apple

The European Commission has launched an effort to rewrite Apple's history in Europe, ignore Ireland's tax laws and upend the international tax system in the process. We now find ourselves in the unusual position of being ordered to retroactively pay additional taxes to a government that says we don't owe them any more than we've already paid.

Tim Cook - Apple

The European Commission has launched an effort to rewrite Apple's history in Europe, ignore Ireland's tax laws and upend the international tax system in the process. The opinion issued on August 30th alleges that Ireland gave Apple a special deal on our taxes.

Wolfgang Eder - Voestalpine

The European Commission know they'll have to act because too many other agents of this planet are fencing off borders.

Johannes Kleis

The European Commission is one of the few authority which is actually trying to do something. This political signal is necessary. We know that the Commission has no enforcement power, but when they coordinate action from national consumer authorities it could help to get compensation for EU car drivers.

Mario Centeno

The European Commission is in the position to prevent this market distortion.

Stamatis Giannisis - Euronews

The visit of the president of the European commission to Greece coincided with the release of a 7.5 billion euros bailout tranche. But in spite of praise for the progress made on structural reforms Mr Juncker's presence in Athens also served as a reminder that the effort to put the country's ailing economy back on track should not by any means slow down.

Konrad Szymanski

We remain ready to discuss anti-crisis scenarios (with the European Commission), but that does not mean that we can agree to all detailed solutions (proposed by the Commission).

Mevlut Cavusoglu

We are on the verge of completing the necessary technical work, including on passports. We want to see all that in the European Commission report.

Kent Walker - Google

We look forward to working with the European Commission to demonstrate that Android is good for competition and good for consumers.

Philippe Lamberts

It also shows the total lack of courage of the European Commission, and a total lack of responsibility of the member states.

Geert Van Poelvoorde - ArcelorMittal

What the European Commission is asking is too big. It pushes de-industrialisation in Europe but to places where probably or most likely the CO2 emission is higher.

Emmanuel Macron

The British have managed to negotiate long-term guarantees for nuclear newbuild with the European Commission, at a high price level, which opens perspectives.

Thomas De Maiziere

Until now, the systematic control of the Schengen borders was forbidden. And if you wanted to control borders, then you needed a special consultation process. The proposition by the European Commission regarding terrorism suggests that these systematic controls should become the rule and that you can make exceptions in certain cases. That is an important point and we support that.

Marek Magierowski

The Polish government wants to discuss all these things, that seem to be controversial, that the European Commission apparently does not understand fully.

Richard Sarsfield-Hall

The European Commission is certainly raising far more issues than for the original Nord Stream. The financial community may take some persuading that the project is viable.

Max Schrems

For years, the (European) Commission has just been watching. There were two or three years when 'Safe Harbour' could have been fixed. but it was always 'Next month, next month, just not today.

Francois Hollande

France is ready to assume it's share. The European Commission proposes or is going to propose sharing 120,000 refugees [among EU Countries] over the next two years. That means 24,000 for France. We will do it.

Sandor Zsiros - Euronews

The European Commission has said that it won't negotiate over a repeat implementation of the quota system, but that there might be other solutions. However, the details of those solutions are unclear at the moment.

Manuel Valls

It must get its act together. There must be close cooperation between the European Commission and member states as well as candidate members.

Valdis Dombrovskis - European Commission

I think it is relatively unlikely that the European Commission will get a mandate to start formal negotiations as regards a third programme or 'SM' programme today.

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

In the name of the European Commission, what I'm going to do is firstly to present an analysis of the financial risks for the eurozone. Secondly an analysis of the sustainability of Greek debt, then thirdly the needs which are very important to satisfy this programme. And that's the basis on which the ministers will have to make their decision.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The ball lies in the court of the Greek government and the Greek government must explain in Brussels today, how they want to proceed. The President of the European Commission and the European Commission are ready to do whatever necessary within a reasonable time frame to reach an agreement.

Werner Faymann

I support European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker fully to reach an agreement, and also to ask Greece to stick to conditions set. We need a longer-term plan which is also linked to these conditions but which means talking in terms of about five years – so that whoever wants to invest in Greece knows he is investing in a country that will still have the euro a year from now.

Johannes Hahn - European Union

It will be further important to accept all the recommendations being given by the European Commission when it comes to the independence of the judiciary.

Margrethe Vestager - European Union

On the basis of our initial investigation the (European) Commission also today have launched a formal in-depth investigation of Google's conduct as regards to mobile operating system Android, apps and services. My goal is to ensure that consumers and innovative companies can benefit from a competitive environment in Europe.

Jorgo Riss - Greenpeace

The European Commission is, at the moment, completely failing to protect the environment in Europe. We need clean air, we need healthy soils and we need to protect our natural resources.

David Martin

MEPs have understood what ACTA meant and have said to the Commission this is unacceptable. We do not support the curtailment of freedom on the internet that ACTA would involve. It is now up to the European Commission to decide if they look for another treaty or they just say that's it, finished.

Anne Devineaux

Finding a way through the maze of the EU institutions is not so easy. To make these elections more transparent the parties, for the first time, have been urged to indicate their choice for European Commission President.

Jennifer McKeown - Capital Economics

June's European Commission business and consumer survey is a further blow to hopes that strong growth in the region's core might help to ease the crisis in the periphery.

Ricardo Ibarra Roca

In spite of traineeships being intended to help young people, they end up being fraudulent contracts that employers use with those who are struggling to gain an entry into employment. So far it's been legal in Spain to use young people up to their thirties for internships without any limitation. The European Commission declared in July 2012 that over 60% of Spanish traineeships are illegal, without any contributions, work rights or minimum wage.

Marina Catena

I think that in Brussels I learned how to work in international humanitarian aid communications. But after that I wanted to do something, in that field, that was more hands on. I wanted to see for myself how humanitarian aid works. I spent two years in Kosovo alongside Bernard Kouchner. I saw women who had been raped, I saw the KLA – Kosovo Liberation Army – soldiers, the Italian workers who were rebuilding the railways. I saw Europe working in Kosovo. We must not forget that Kosovo's economic base was rebuilt thanks to the European Commission.

Sonia Alfano

Today we handed the European Commission a report which presents a package of proposals: to recognise mafia association as a crime, to seize mafia goods and proceeds and re-use them for social purposes, and to create a temporary anti-mafia parliamentary committee.

Antoine Juillard - Euronews

At the moment the European Commission is studying the budgets of member countries, including that of France. What do you make of this extremely risky exercise where a state tries to control its public spending but at the same time provide enough fuel for the development of its economy, its growth.

Oliver Roth

I think the European Commission is doing the right thing in forcing budgetary discipline on Greece. This austerity plan is ambitious, but it is necessary. It will be a quantum leap for Greece to implement this plan.

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

The amount of money in tax fraud is the equivalent of over one billion euros per year in Hungary, according to official data. And Hungary is not unique in this respect – so András Horváth as asked the European Commission to help with this problem.

Guler Turan

The Antwerp plant was very competitive and the European Commission must launch an investigation to see how this decision was reached because we don't understand it.

Jerzy Buzek

I strongly believe that it will be support for Mr. President (Barroso), because we need strong support for a president of the European Commission, because we want to have a strong European Commission.

Olli Rehn

The European Commission called for a comprehensive crisis response already this year in January in our annual quarterly survey. In fact we started to work on this already at the end of last year. Then we were criticised by some, and not all the elements of this comprehensive answer have so far materialised, to say the least. But I am certain that we now need a comprehensive strategy to overcome the sovereign debt crisis and banking sector fragility in order to ensure sustainable growth and employment in Europe.

Filipppo Lombardi

We want Italy and other countries which are tempted to follow Italy's example to know that Switzerland will not be walked over. Now, we will have to send a note to the European Commission to say Switzerland wants to negotiate with other EU member states, but these countries must behave correctly towards Switzerland.

Michelle Bachelet

We have been working together in the past but we need to expand this relationship to make it a little bit more global, comprehensive and not 'project to project'. Of course someone could come here and talk to one commissioner, one office and get a project. But we wanted something more. We want to mainstream gender issues within European Commission activities in terms of how, if you work in governance and in political participation, women can have a place there. If you are working in economic development, how the projects will include what happens to women, particularly resources for women.

Clara Aguilera

No EU country can ban a product on its territory. That's up to the European Commission. Germany, Austria and Finland's decisions are completely illegal.

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

This is the culmination of a long process in which the European Commission, in particular our Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, and our EU partners have never given up on finding a solution.

Audrey Tilve

Michel Barnier, welcome to Euronews. At the European Commission, you are on the frontline in the fight against the crisis and its causes, I want to return to that. But first, I would like to discuss with you Europeans' frustration at what is seen as the dogma of austerity. We saw this recently in the Netherlands where the government fell. Do you not think it is time to think again on these austerity measures and instead give priority to growth?

Jean Luc Dehaene

One thing President Sarkozy could be reproached for is that he rather thought of the European Commission as the secretariate of the Council. That's not the commission's role, especially in the monetary crisis when it somewhat closed itself in with that role, even though with the climate and energy package it showed it could be the driving force behind Europe.

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

We understand perfectly well the good intention of President Platini trying to see in which way we can have a better coordination, a better cooperation of the national police, but it is not in the European Commission competences to act in that direction.

Philippe Biol

The European Commission wants to cut costs and fees which are used to finance air traffic controllers in France. As a result, aviation revenues are decreasing today and means the technology that is needed cannot be bought.

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

The European Commission will present its proposal for a single resolution mechanism in the next two weeks.

Gilles Merrit

I personnally do not see the European Commission in the present political climate making a big attack on the energy companies that we rely on as part of the infrastructure of both our lives as citizens and of course our industries. It seems to me very unlikely.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

As we did win these elections, I feel fully entitled to become the next president of the European Commission.

Hans-Gert Pöttering

The President of the European Commission will certainly seek discussions with the political groups now. Based on these talks the decision could be taken in September, I hope.

Boyko Borisov

We are assisting the European Commission with its investigation into Gazprom. Bulgargas and Bulgartransgas handed over all the relevant documents to the Commission a few months ago.

Hans Von Der Brelie

Prime Minister, the watchdog of free competition, the European Commission, has started investigations into Gazprom. Is the Russian gas supplier complying or not to fair competition in Bulgaria?

Antonio Tajani

In my opinion, it is an opportunity. But we must assess how to use this without damaging the environment. It would be wrong for Europe simply to rule it out. We need to accelerate a technical-scientific analysis that could tell us how we could use this form of energy to make our system more competitive. The European Commission, at the request of the Council, is preparing a study for the end of this year on the impact of energy costs on industry.

Kristalina Georgieva - European Commission

Just last week, the European Commission provided an additional five million euros, bringing our funding to 17 million euros for now.

Ivo Sanader

No, we are not against any involvement of the European Commission. In this case, what we are against, is the fact that it has been brought up to the table of our negotiations.

Michele Cercone

The European Commission is calling on member states to take further measures to better address the challenges of the management of the crossing point at La Linea de la Concepcion.

Steven Woolfe

This motion of censure means there must now be a debate on the behaviour of President Juncker and a vote to remove the entire European Commission.

Francois Baroin

The purpose of this budget is to consolidate our income so as to meet our international commitments, to stay on track to reduce our debt and to make sure we reach our firm goal of a public deficit of 5.7 percent of GDP this year. This has been confirmed by the European Commission, in agreement with the OECD and the International Monetary Fund.

Catherine Ashton

I asked if they needed our help to cope with these exceptional circumstances. Their reply was clear: 'No thanks, we do not need the European Commission's assistance at this stage.' Despite the lack of a request from their side, I immediately asked my services, the Frontex agency and the European Asylum Support office, to assess how the European Commission could support the Italian authorities in this difficult situation.

Gerolf Annemans

In my view the Commission is the secretariat of the Council, and should not be more than that, so we should not give a political role to the European Commission. I don't care who is the next Commission president as long as he or she has as little political power as possible.

José Bové

The rules today are catastrophic. The European Commission has understood nothing. Mrs. Fischer Boel tells us she stands for compassion, while the producers plead for justice.

George Papaconstantinou

A plan will be finalised and submitted to the cabinet for approval, then it will go to parliament for discussion, and around January the 20th it'll be submitted to the European Commission.

Lucas Papademos

It is essential that the economic programme currently being prepared (by the European Commission, the ECB and the IMF, together with the Greek authorities) specifies comprehensive fiscal measures and structural reforms that will address the root causes of Greece's fiscal imbalances and structural weaknesses.

Philippe de Buck

Clearing up the on-call problem was what started the whole revision of this directive. Then the European Commission wanted to go over more content and now it's up against it, because a new Commission coming in next year will have to take the problem up again from the starting point.

Victor Ponta

Absolutely we do. Yes, we will stick 100 percent with the agreements with the IMF and the European Commission. This is a fait accompli.

Paschalis Papachristopoulos

We would like for instance to see this information diseminated to all citizens in the same way. Like we've done for the rights of travellers, with posters in all airports around the EU. The first step has been done in some countries by introducing this right and printing it in the passports. For instance in my Greek passport, there is a specific notion behind with the website of the European Commission indicating that, but very few people actually read that.

Wulf Bernotat

We are in talks with the European Commission on how transnational cooperation between the utility providers and their transmissions systems can be regulated.

Esther Herranz García

There was an extreme lack of coordination. The European Commission did not perform to standard. It must be said that it re-transmitted the irresponsible statements of an inexperienced German politician, who was new to the job and spoke without thinking. The European Commission passed that on without understanding a thing.

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

It confirms that the position of the European Commission was the right one. Except in very, very limited and exceptional cases, the golden shares are in fact against the internal market.

Nicolas Sarkozy

I know Mr. Barroso well, and I appreciate him. What's more, I backed him as European Commission President, and I appreciated that he disassociated himself from the expressions used by his vice-president. I am the head of the French state. I cannot let my country be insulted.

Oliver Lewis

Dumping people with disabilities in institutions is a gross human rights violation. Conditions inside these institutions are often deplorable. Force feeding, light deprivation, physical and mental violence and deaths have all been uncovered in numerous institutions across Romania. Many have been funded by the European Commission.

Frederic Vincent

If this is proved and based on sound scientific evidence then the European Commission will obviously act accordingly.

Frank Sixt - Hutchison

The European Commission has taken a positive view of four- to-three consolidations of mobile in three cases now…and we believe that the precedents that they have set in those transactions will apply for this transaction.

Sylvia Maurer

And therefore the European Commission should revise the provisions on chemicals and really strengthen them.

Angela Merkel

We are seeing in a number of countries, for example in Spain, that reforms are making an impact and that they are strengthening the dynamics. But we have to take it very seriously when the (European) Commission rightly warns that backsliding on reforms is the biggest risk for further recovery.

Jean-Claude Trichet - European Central Bank

One: it is efficient, which I will develop for you; two: it is democratic; and three: it respects the principle of subsidiarity. These three things appear essential to me. If a country manages its affairs very badly, does not respect recommendations made to it by the European Commission and the Council, and in doing this endangers the euro zone's stability, as we have seen amply in the crisis, then there are sanctions that are supposed to act as a deterrent – sanctions in the form of fines. I don't believe that works. It hasn't worked in the past and I don't think it will in the future.

Sergei Stanishev

Some of the funds have been irreversibly lost, some not, and we, as I am explaining to you, are doing our best for the structural reforms, personal changes, creating new rules and complete openness to the European commission, to provide that this money will be used effectively and in a transparent way.

Sergei Stanishev

You are trying to confront me with the European Commission, you will not get it! We are having a very open and sincere cooperation.

Sergio Cantone - Euronews

What about the European Commission, do you think that the European Commission is wrong in freezing the funds for Bulgaria because of crime and corruption.

Traian Basescu

We do not care if there will be or if there will not be a (European Commission) investigation. But I am very convinced that today the so-called dispute Paris-Brussels was closed.

Pedro Passos Coelho

We won't rest until we have repaid the trust put in us. I can assure you we are doing everything in our power, with the European Commission, the ECB and IMF to make a success of the austerity programme.

Rudolf Herbert

So what does the work of the MEPs consist of? They are involved in the European legislation process and they control the institutions of the European Union, including the European Commission.

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