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Well aware of Europe's multiple crises, the European Commission has come up with a five option proposal on Europe's future. It presents various levels of EU integration – from an EU stripped down to its bare economic essentials via a two speed or multi-speed Europe to a fully integrated European machine. And whether you like it or not eurocrats will play a key role in determining Europe's future. So, we are here at the European parliament to speak to lawmakers to find out how in touch they are with Europe's changing future.
Mar 22 2017
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Charles de Marcilly

In the European Parliament, it's considered that it is the turn of the right to hold this position.

Vladimir Putin

We are observing a certain, quite obvious, degradation ... of how democracy is understood in Western society, in this particular case in the European Parliament.

Umida Niyazova

The European Parliament cannot pretend that the human rights concerns over Uzbekistan ended with children no longer sent out to the fields, whilst their teachers and so many others suffer instead.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

With the action today by the European Parliament, I am confident that we will be able to cross the 55% threshold very soon, in a matter of a few days.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

Any other arrangement necessarily entails trade-offs. Perhaps it is easier to convey what I'm trying to say in culinary terms. There will be no 'a la carte'. Secondly, on free movement, I see a clear majority in the European parliament for insisting that the fundamental freedoms are inseparable. And especially no freedom of movement for goods, capital and services without free movement of persons.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

Some of them, who want to leave first, perhaps the UK Independence Party members, who can't wait until they have the right to leave, I presume they will leave immediately, and not go back to the European parliament.

Nigel Farage

I shall miss it enormously. I've had an absolute whale of a time. I shall miss the theatre, I shall miss the drama there's been inside the European Parliament. I'll miss being the pantomime villain. I've just so much enjoyed them all booing at me and shouting. It's been wonderful.

Frans Timmermans - European Commission

Let me be very clear, the remaining benchmarks are challenging, and important and will require political determination for Turkey to fulfil the commitments it undertook on March 18. We will send our proposals to the European Parliament and Council. It should make it possible to take a decision by the end of June, based on what Turkey will have then delivered.

Sandor Zsiros - Euronews

A group of lawyers is involved in the negotiations. If there's a deal on the reforms, it will be legally binding after the approval of the European Parliament.

Guy Verhofstadt

No it is a specific solution for the request of Britain and my proposal and the proposal of the European Parliament is to give a special status to Britain, because that we have had that discussion for three decades.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

I can't give a guarantee for an outcome of future legislation. Nevertheless, it is quite understandable that the prime minister asked the European Parliament to cooperate as intensive (sic) as possible and that was the assurance that I gave to the prime minister that we will do the utmost to find the fair deal.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

The result of a referendum on a future initiative or decision of the European Parliament, the Council or the Commission held in a member state is as such neither binding for the EU institutions nor can it affect the obligations of that member state under Union law.

Carl Dolan - Transparency International

The European Parliament lags far behind other parliamentary bodies, such as Sweden and the UK, when it comes to the transparency of parliamentary expenses. There are clear risks of fraud involving taxpayer money that even the parliament's own internal watchdog has highlighted. The parliament should be routinely providing information on how these public funds are spent rather than putting obstacles in the way of journalists.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

I am here to express my solidarity, and the solidarity of the deputies of the European Parliament with the nation which has gathered here with its own representatives in Versailles. I found the president's speech was firm and decisive. He announced strong measures and and a clear ,and there was also a clear message to his partners and allies in Europe.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

The European Parliament needs to contribute with a clear and unequivocal position. What we should have is a strong text by the European Parliament and what we should avoid is that Parliament adopts a resolution which is neither here or there, or, even worse, is not able to adopt a resolution.

Christopher Howarth

Some element of allowance is legitimate given that MEPs who have not been re-elected would have to bear the costs of closing an office or moving back to their country. However, given the pressure on public spending in Europe and at member state level, the European Parliament should make sure they are getting value for money and the payments are not seen as a reward for failure.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

I wanted to become President of the European Parliament to open the doors and the windows of the EU so people can look inside, see what goes on, so that they understand it, see who does what. That is the only way we can regain the trust we have lost.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

There is an enormous amount of money which is paid by the European parliament and we have to clarify if they work really for their parliamentarian assistant jobs – or in reality as assistants and advisers for the headquarters of the French National Front.

Sarantos Chamloulos

There are also statements from the European Parliament that the troika has been unsuccessful in its handling of the issues, so I believe the minister is simply repeating that.

Yanis Varoufakis

We see no purpose in cooperating with this tripartite committee that the European Parliament has criticised as being built on a rotten structure.

Alexis Tsipras

The new Greek government will be ready to cooperate and negotiate with the European Parliament.

José Bové

Poland is going the wrong way. It's looking in the rearview mirror. The European Parliament says we should cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 30%. Today Poland remains stuck at 20%.

Hans-Gert Pöttering

Awarding the Sakharov-prize, the European Parliament recognises emphatically and resolutely the daily struggle for freedom of all defenders of human rights in China.

Vasco Graça Moura

It is indispensable that a European Parliament member express himself in his mother tongue, both to defend his voters' interests best and also to discuss subjects.

Ignacio Samper

We've been able to make these elections more politically relevant than ever, so that if the Parliament has a centre-right or centre-left then the president of the Commission will be either centre-left or centre-right. That's radically new. For a long time we said to the citizens 'Vote for a European Parliament'. I don't know any country where they'd say 'Vote for a parliament'. No, we vote for candidates.

Sylvie Goulard

At the same time as the European Commission, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank work with these countries, we in the European Parliament are seeing to the reinforcement of the disciplinary rules, and we hope that tougher procedures and sanctions will have a dissuasive effect. I believe far more in persuasion than in sanctioning, which is to say we have tried to improve dialogue between the new Europe and national levels further upstream.

Radovan Geist - EurActiv

Basically what they have to tell citizens is that they can change something: if they vote for this or that party to the European Parliament they can change something in the direction of the EU. Because citizens don't vote just because they like the institution, or they know a lot about it … or enough (about it). They vote if they feel they can change something, if they can change the political course.

Sylvia Tothova

I don't think people know what Members of the European Parliament actually do, and whether they can help us here at a local level.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

I want the debate on ACTA to be open and transparent. Citizens' opinions and concerns have to be listened to when taking decisions on issues affecting their daily lives. Decisions taken behind closed doors do not contribute to regaining people's trust in the EU. The European Parliament takes seriously citizens' participation in the debate. The almost 2.5 million signatures in the petition we received on ACTA is a very welcome sign of involvement and interest.

Stamatis Giannisis - Euronews

The revelation of this video comes at a time when the ultra right wing party's poll performance has taken a downward turn, following the arrests and incarceration of its leadership on criminal charges last September. But the real political consequences, if any, will appear in less than two months from now when Greeks vote in elections for both the European Parliament and local government.

Isabel Marques da Silva

The working group in the European Parliament has admitted receiving more than two thousand amendments to the text, which just shows how difficult it is to reach a consensus. The draft will now go before EU member states.

Dick Oosting - Amnesty International

What we say now is okay, if that is what we have, let's make the best of it! But you have at the same time to address the other issues. Two weeks ago, the European Parliament adopted this report on CIA renditions; It is a massive scandal really that this happened in Europe. An agency in fundamental rights that cannot deal with such basic human rights issues, that is a problem. So politically, the Council (Member States) needs to move on this.

Joe MacNamee

There was a lot of discussion before the Snowden revelations as regards the rules for transfer of data to law enforcement authorities outside the EU. There was a broad consensus at the time that the rules shouldn't be strengthened. After the Snowden revelations, suddenly the whole situation changed and now there is seems to be a consensus across the Member states and across the European Parliament that the rules need to be clear, comprehensive and predictable.

Sandor Zsiros - Euronews

Many think the agreement over the Single Resolution Mechanism is the biggest achievement of this session of the European Parliament. But the financial reform package is still not ready, the decision about the guarantee fund for securing the depositors' money comes only after the EU elections.

Nicolai Wammen

From now on, and that is the essential here, it is not only for Commissioners, or Presidents or Ministers or even for members of the European Parliament to decide what will be on the agenda. From now on individual citizens can put their items on our agenda.

Alejo Vidal-Quadras Roca

We, all the European Parliament members present, have demanded that the Council of Ministers respect the court's decision.

Jerzy Buzek

The president of the EPP group told us that we are supported for the European Parliament presidency by the socialists, but also by the liberals, since Mister Graham Watson has withdrawn his candidature.

Jana Mittermaier - Transparency International

At the moment the Code of Conduct doesn't include a cooling-off period for members of the European parliament. That means once they leave office they can move into lobby jobs that create a conflict of interrest for them. Furthermore, we are bit concerned about the fact that there aren't as strong sanctions as we would have liked to see, and that second jobs are still possible for members of the European parliament.

Hubert Védrine

Well, maybe they're doing terribly well in the European Parliament, that really is a pity, but it's a sort of breaking out in acne, a manifestation of crisis.

Helga Trupel

The European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize for Human Rights to Hu Jia and two years ago I had the possibility to meet Zeng Jinyan here in Beijing. Therefore, I would like to visit her today. I brought a gift for the little baby and I will try to talk to her.

Sandrine Bélier

The question doesn't need to be asked. We know where the European Parliament sits.

Helene Flautre

It is not tolerable that Europeans are condemned to death, it is not tolerable that the death penalty still exists in the world. With this resolution, the European Parliament has shown its opposition to the entire policy.

Simão Cabral

The truth is that we talk about the European Union, but it's not united. Unfortunately the European Parliament, and the MEPs from each nation represented in the European Parliament, continue to defend the interests of their own country and forget those that are truly important to the union, which are the interests of everyone.

Roger Waite - European Commission

Well, we think they should. Heads of government have set a budget now, and what we need to do is, with the European Parliament and the Member States, we need to finalise how the money is spent. What we want is a fairer CAP, which means there's a fairer distribution of funds between the Member States but also within the Member States. For example, that also includes a cap on how much certain individual farms can receive.

Karima Delli

In Kyoto, Europe had fairly big ambitions. Today it's completely lagging behind other countries, whether Japan, Australia or even Norway, who have reviewed their evaluations and are taking their responsibilities in hand. So are we in the European Parliament, with the image of the climate refugee in ice… because the consequences of climate warming will mean social consequences, ecological, and these will translate into human dramas.

Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann

I do think this is an extremely important report. We have found grave and deep injuries to human rights in Europe, caused by the secret services. The European Parliament has always fought for human rights and is raising the banner now. We condemn this. It must not happen again.

Giannisis Stamatis - Euronews

The Greeks will get no gifts from Merkel. But her visit shows strong symbolic support for Prime Minister Samaras and his party, ahead of the European Parliament and local government elections that will take place simultaneously in Greece in May.

Catherine Ashton

Well, members of the European Parliament and I had a good debate the other night. What I pointed out to them is that the External Action Service in its fifth week has done a magnificent job. Our ambassadors have done a fantastic job on the ground. We have been coordinating what has been happening across Europe, the response to this, and will continue to do that and move forward.

Joe MacNamee

Instead of supporting and strengthening those rights both the European Parliament and the member states appear to be very keen on undermining and reducing the protection rather than strengthening them.

Joao Soares - Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe

In Donetsk city not one polling station opened and that's a big problem! What we said that it didn't undermine the legitimacy of these elections because turnout was much bigger then when elections took place on the same day for our European Parliament.

Adrian Severin

I have informed my colleagues about the whole situation and about my hope that an inquiry in the European Parliament will be started as soon as possible, so that everything will be clarified.

Tony Blair

Let's be very clear: this is not the ideal budget but this is the best that can be done now, or nearly the best that can be done now. Then let us all together – Commission, Council, Member States, European Parliament – work out how in the next few years we can build the consensus for a changed and reformed Europe in which the budget is a rational part of that future, not an unfortunate piece of horse trading!

Jerzy Buzek

With this prize, we members of the European Parliament honour those among us who still fight for human rights, but we also honour those who lost their lives in this very struggle: Natalia Estemirova should have been among us today, as should Anna Politkovskaya. Their killers have yet to be brought to justice.

Sonja Van Tichelen - Eurogroup

We don't know what's going to happen with future generations, even offspring, because there are issues there on how these genes will behave in future generations. So, we would like to see a complete ban like the European Parliament and some EU member states are calling for.

Tarja Cronberg

Sure. Of course we talk about human rights in the parliament, this is a very natural starting point – pose questions and also explain the views of the European parliament. But also, the Iranian government has been very open to discussing these questions.

Tarja Cronberg

Well, I think one of the things that is important for us is that last year the European parliament gave the Sakharov price to two Iranians, (the film director) Jafar Panahi* and (the human rights lawyer) Nasrin Sotudeh*. We, of course, hope to meet them.

Christophe Midol Monnet

And from your position as President of the European Parliament, would you say that there is today a really common perception of this historical event a cross Europe?

Roberto Maroni

The European Parliament holds the Italian government at fault for a reform which was tabled by the former Prodi government, which wrote about a 'Roma emergency.

Lauren Bowey - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

It's the 21st century. We have a million ways to entertain ourselves, and torturing animals for entertainment is something that is so cruel it's unbelievable that it still occurs. And it's even more unbelievable that the European Parliament supports this industry.

James Franey - Euronews

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was less than enthusiastic when she was asked to endorse the former PM of Luxembourg to take over at the EU executive. If leaders and the European Parliament can't strike a compromise deal over the next few weeks, it could spell the start of a bitter row here in Brussels…at a time when voters are urging governments to do more to fix the economy.

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

I'm optimistic that a balanced solution will be found and I'm optimistic and confident that my commission will get the support of the Parliament, as I got the support of European Parliament when I was confirmed some time ago.

Mairead McGuinness

Together, the member states, the European Parliament and the Commission can make a difference to people who are currently locked up behind the walls you see at this exhibition. We do have a lot of work to do. It is ambitious, but it is not an option. We have to do it.

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

First of all I was shocked: years and years the European parliament and also national parliaments asked for more consequent fight against tax evasion and nothing happened and then came the off-shore leak and immediately everything was upset. This is a bad signal.

Catherine Trautmann - European Parliament

Where I disagree is when people say we produce more Co2 and spend more money going to Strasbourg. No, because MEPs also have to travel to Brussels for meetings at the Commission. Historically, the European Parliament was born in Strasbourg, its meetings have been held there, its sessions are held there. The Commissions meet in Brussels.

Jerzy Buzek

Some time ago I hoped to be a member of a Polish Parliament in a free Poland. Today I've become President of the European Parliament, something I could never have dreamed of in my country. That is a measure of how Europe can change. I see my election as a sign to our countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania and Bulgaria. I regard it as a tribute for millions of citizens of our countries who did not bow to a hostile system.

Angela Merkel

It is in the interest of Europe, the Member States and their citizens to bring the constitutional process to term by the next European Parliament elections in mid-2009. A failure would be a historic error.

Matteo Renzi

In the next 1000 days the Italian government can defy the European Parliament, in a positive and a proactive way, in order to improve the country's conditions. In order to allow Italy not to have an agenda dictated from elsewhere. So we could say that we are improving reforms not because others asked for them but just because we are aware that we need them.

Rebecca Harms

In the European Parliament, concerns about political developments in Ukraine have been growing for a long time – since the last presidential election. We are not satisfied with the development of the rule of law. We are not satisfied with development concerning values such as freedom of the press, freedom of expression, pluralism of opinions. The cases of Yulia Tymoshenko and Yurij Lutsenko throw a long shadow over these elections.

Rudolf Herbert

About the legislation, it's not just about the most complicated matters, such as the banking union but also things that directly affect our daily lives; not least roaming charges, which just before the start of the summer holidays, will come down again .That's due to the European parliament.

Rudolf Herbert

So what is the salary of an MEP? The basic monthly salary is just under 8,000 euros and is therefore not very high (for a parliamentary politician), but the MEPs also get a monthly expense allowance and a daily allowance for attending official meetings of the committees of the European Parliament.

Rudolf Herbert

Elected at the end of May for a five year term the 751 members of the European Parliament first meet at their inaugra plenary session in early July. Each of the 28 member states has a certain number of seats: Cyprus for example has six, the highly populous Germany has 96. In the European Parliament MEPs however are not organised according to their own countries but in transnational fractions.

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

I am not in favour of undoing or re-doing the agreement we finance ministers made on the 18th of December. But I am in favour of improving it, given that the EUropean Parliament has raised a number of questions that in my view could increase the effectiveness of the mechanism.

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