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It is imperative that the Eurovision Song Contest remains free from politics.
Mar 23 2017
Eurovision has been commented on by 23 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Eurovision are: Dmitry Peskov, Sietse Bakker and Maria Bukharova. For instance, the most recent quote from Dmitry Peskov is: “The decision from our point of view is absolutely unfair, it's unfortunate. And we hope all the same that it will be reconsidered.”.
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Eleonora Vecchio

They have sounds that we in Italy do not have. I spent a long time with the speakers on in the studio listening to it, I rewrote and rewrote the lyrics to see how I should pronounce them. That was quite a challenge.

Anna Timofey

The atmosphere is great. Everybody is friendly and people smile at one another, we talk and share our experiences.

Alexander Rybak

They are growing. They are getting more international and I think Belarus is way ahead of all the Eastern European countries. They are showing that they are ready for international.

Jorge Romano

I am very happy to be here, the Belarusian people are incredible, I loved Minsk, Vitebsk is beautiful, so I am very happy.

Aleksander Petrovitch Sidorenko

The city changes its aspect a lot during the festival. During the event and the festival's activities we have around 150,000 visitors.

Maria Bukharova

It was so transparent. In my view it was too transparent, too obvious, and everyone understands that the real winner was our Sergey Lazarev.

Maria Bukharova

It was so transparent. In my view it was too transparent, too obvious, and everyone understands that the real winner was our Sergey Lazarev.

Sergey Lazarev

We tried so hard to represent our country in the best possible way. I think we managed. At least viewers across Europe put us first, and that's the most important.

Dmytro Shchavliov

Well done! I wish her inspiration and success.This is a step forward for us, and I hope everything will work out for Ukraine like it worked out for Jamala.

Dmytro Polonsky

Ukraine is celebrating, 12 years (since the country's last victory) Eurovision will be coming back to Kyiv. A big party was organised at Musafir, a Crimean Tatar restaurant opened by Crimean Tatars who moved to Kyiv from Crimea a year and a half ago. This victory is symbolic for Ukraine, as one of the favourites was Russia whose singer Sergei Lazarev finished in the top three. Jamala flies back to Kyiv this afternoon (on Sunday), and she'll be holding a huge concert in Kyiv that had been planned before her trip to Stockholm.

Johar Bendjelloul

It's a play on words. It can mean simultaneous orgasm, but that's not the meaning here, after all it's a family programme, so it's about everyone coming together.

Mark Rutte

Some of the people against it think it is a first step to membership, it is not. We have these association agreements with countries in middle America, in the Middle East, and they are not applying for membership. Maybe for the Eurovision song contest, but not for the European Union.

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

We're here in the media centre at the exact moment the winner is announced. Even though we weren't allowed access to the main hall, we still felt that we were among – not journalists – but real Eurovision fans.

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

The biggest applause of the night in the press centre was when Sweden overtook Russia to take the lead.

Christer Björkman

Eurovision is all about Building Bridges, to get to know each others' cultures. It has grown a lot, it has become huge, from 22 countries to 40 entries! When it comes to entertainment, it is the biggest event in the world.

Christer Björkman

It is built upon the same idea and aims to overcome differences. As the friendly and peaceful games, we have entertainment, fun and easy-going shows.

Sietse Bakker

But I don't think we can enforce that but if it should happen it will be an organic development.

Sietse Bakker

The song contest has always organically grown, sometimes a little faster than Europe, sometimes a little slower.

Sietse Bakker

But I think it's really whether the broadcasters in the countries outside of Europe are interested in this song contest – only then can the song contest grow beyond the borders it has now. Now we have the one-time participation of Australia and we see increasing interest from Canada and China and if that interest grows who knows in a couple of years we would have a world song contest.

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