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“Someone can move to here with very basic English and there's no requirement to improve it over time. We will change that. We will now say: if you don't improve your fluency, that could affect your ability to stay in the UK.” said David Cameron speaking about Extremism. It’s one of the 130 quotes about Extremism you can find on this page. 96 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Benjamin Netanyahu. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.

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Ted Cantle

We know that contact between groups improves tolerance and breaks down prejudice – and will even contribute to tackling extremism. But we appear to be going in the opposite direction. We cannot do very much about residential segregation – people can[...]

Gordon Brown

It is time to transcend the bitter division and extremism of an inflexible, die-hard conservatism at war with an intransigent and even more hardline nationalism.

Gordon Brown

Tory and nationalist extremism should not rob us of a third option that can give the Scottish people more powers, offer honest answers about how we can pay for our public services and, faced with the post-Brexit threat to our employment and industry[...]

Michael Sapin

Voters from the left, right and center will know to react with one concern – put Mrs. Le Pen on the side, reassure what France is, its principles but also reassure from an economic, financial, budgetary, European point of view. Reassure on the futur[...]

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

There is also a need to address the underlying drivers of terrorism through continuing investments in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, sustainable and inclusive development, the enh[...]

François Fillon

We were all being told this was going to be a triumph for the extreme right. And yet again the outcome shows that it's the (political) center and right that provide the best bulwark against populism and extremism.

Francois Hollande

The values of openness, respect for others, and a faith in Europe's future are the only true response to the nationalist impulses and isolationism that are shaking the world.

Mark Rutte

The Netherlands said 'Whoa! Stop!' to the wrong kind of populism. We want to stick to the course we have – safe and stable and prosperous. It is the third elections after Brexit, after the American elections. We have the upcoming French and German e[...]

Jesse Klaver

What I would say to all my left-wing friends in Europe: don't try to fake the populace. Stand for your principles. Be straight. Be pro-refugee. Be pro-European.

Geert Wilders

Whatever the outcome of the election today, the genie will not go back into the bottle. Despite what the elite wants, politicians are getting strong who have a totally different concept of what the people want them to do.

Marjolein Meijer

"This is a fantastic result for us, a historic victory,"

Jesse Klaver

We're gaining momentum in the polls. And I think that's the message we have to send to Europe. You can stop populism.

Marjolein Meijer

"For us this is just the beginning."

Christopher S. Murphy

A progressive foreign policy isn't just looking at the back-end of terrorism, but is also looking at the front-end of terrorism. And at the front-end of terrorism is bad U.S. military policy in the Middle East, is the Saudi funding of a very intoler[...]

Gijs De Vries

Wilders' competitors compete with him by embracing some of his ideas without the extremism Wilders purports. At local level most people get along with their neighbours. Muslims, Christians, non-believers or Buddhists. But I think there are many genu[...]

Li Jianhua

What the Islamic State and extremists push is jihad, terror, violence. This is why we see Trump targeting Muslims in a travel ban. It doesn't matter whether anti-Muslim policy is in the interests of the U.S. or it promotes stability, it's about prev[...]

Wu Shimin

The roots of the Hui are in China. To discuss religious consciousness, we must first discuss Chinese consciousness. To discuss the feelings of minorities, we must first discuss the feelings of the Chinese people.

Hannah Stuart

As we continue to improve our policing of Islamism-inspired terrorism – the prevalent national security threat of our age – we should be aware that the vast majority of UK-based terrorists do not act alone. This research shows that the overwhelming [...]

Hannah Stuart

This report poses some particular challenges for the authorities. While it confirms widely held conceptions, such as the majority of UK terror offenders are young males, it also highlights new threats that have developed since the millennium. Our se[...]

Nava Nuraniyah

On the other hand, though, Salafi ulama [scholars] in Indonesia are among the most vocal opponents of extremism.

Nava Nuraniyah

We've been seeing some evidence of the transition from Salafism to extremism among female extremists of the ISIS generation.

Jesus Dureza

We grieve as we strongly condemn the barbaric beheading of yet another kidnap victim. ...Terrorism has no place in a country like ours and we as a people must confront violent extremism every time it rears its ugly head. There must be a stop to this[...]

Erna Solberg

Creating jobs and job opportunities for young people in Europe, in Africa, is the most important part: that's the part of globalization that is important. We have to also be competitive, we have to make sure that we can create new jobs all around th[...]

Erna Solberg

We are using one percent of our gross (domestic) product on development aid and conflict prevention, trying to solve problems around the world that lead to conflict and lead to the need for more military expenditure. There I think the Americans coul[...]

Erna Solberg

That means they will distrust institutions, politicians, and maybe that is a bit of the aim ? to get people confused and increase the distrust.

Eric T. Schneiderman

Abandoning efforts to counter violent white supremacist ideology is profoundly misguided and will endanger Americans.

Robert Fico

Today we see people in the parliament and regional government using the fascist salute (…) we see statements challenging the results of the World War Two and the Holocaust on a daily basis.

Robert Fico

Today we see people in the parliament and regional government using the fascist salute (...) we see statements challenging the results of the World War Two and the Holocaust on a daily basis.

Hoda Hawa

That is concerning for us because they are targeting a faith group and casting it under a net of suspicion.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Europe is facing a moment of truth. The issue is populism. What we are hearing from the U.S. encourages populism and even extremism. They are saying that Europe should not take immigrants, shouldn't stay together, not believe in climate change. Love[...]

Mark Toner

Th?e United States remains committed to a political resolution to the Syrian crisis, which can bring about a more representative, peaceful, and united Syria, free of terrorism and extremism,?

Brian Levin

We are seeing the coarseness that exists in society generally, those embers, have crossed the fire lines to all parts of the racial, ethnic and ideological spectrum.

Brian Levin

I doubt that cities as diverse as those had no hate crimes.

Francois Hollande

Democracy, freedom, social rights, Europe and even peace, all of that becomes vulnerable, reversible. We saw it in the United Kingdom, with Brexit, and in the United States during the election in November. We see it across our continent, with the ri[...]

Abdirahman Yusuf

With events like Columbus, Ohio, it's important for our community to have a dialogue. This is a relevant issue.

Shannon Erwin

CVE predominantly targets Somalis, Muslims, and Arabs – falsely legitimizing hostility against these communities.

Francois Hollande

As a Socialist, because that is my life's commitment, I cannot accept, I cannot come to terms with the dispersion of the left, with its splitting up. Because that would remove all hope of winning in the face of conservatism, and, worse yet, of extre[...]

Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

If we will leave them as they are, people from Daesh can recruit them easily. They can start operations from there easily. It (Gaza) can transform also as a launching pad for extremism and for terrorism ... That's why we need to put an end to this.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Who even knew the DoE [sic] had a counter-extremism unit? And that it wasn't set up to combat terrorism but rather to punish gays with the wrong opinions? Perhaps if I'd called the speech 'Muslims are awesome!' they'd have left us alone. Disgusted.

Frank Hansel

I think due to the fact that America has a new leader maybe the latent anti-Americanism that there is in some parts of the German population, in the right end of the extremism left or the extremism right, maybe Donald Trump can change this mistrust.

Frank Hansel

We are already the third party in the polls…The problem is the media, the media has told the Germans that our party is right wing or extremism populist, or whatever you call it, I think the same media-bashing that America experienced with Donald Tru[...]

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton's plan will import generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism into your schools and throughout your communities.

Donald J. Trump

Her plans would mean generations of terrorism, extremism and radicalism spreading into your schools and through your communities.

Bob Goodlatte

It "defies logic and the law that she faces no consequences for jeopardizing national security.

Irina Bokova - UNESCO

In the context of repeated violence against people and their heritage, this sentence of the International Criminal Court is a key element in the broader response to violent extremism.

Mansour Hadi

We tell the whole world in very clear terms that extremism and sectarian terrorism sponsored by Iran in the region has created and will create a terrorism counter to that. We decided to move the central bank to the interim capital, Aden, in order to[...]

Bernhard Weidinger

In principle, party-leader Strache steered the FPÖ so far to the right, that personal as well as programmatic overlappings with extra-parliamentary right-wing extremism, and with neo-nazism, are almost inevitable. We consider the FPÖ an extreme righ[...]

Jimmy Keyrouz

Our message is one of hope, and when people are hopeless and desperate, it becomes easier to turn to extremism. And in a world that is torn by wars and devastation, art is a mighty tool that helps us fight extremism and terrorism, so thank you to th[...]

Bounnhang Vorachith - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Multifaceted security challenges have occurred in many parts of the world, such as terrorism and extremism, natural disasters, climate change, migration crisis, trafficking in people, territorial disputes and armed conflicts. At the same time, altho[...]

John Kerry

Democracy, still provides the most resilient and reliable platform we have for preventing and responding to violent extremism ... to defeat terrorists, we must uphold, not betray, the democratic principles we cherish and they abhor. Bangladesh canno[...]

John Podesta

Trump's newly installed brain trust. Republicans up and down the ticket are going to have to choose whether they want to be complicit in this lurch toward extremism or stand with voters who can't stomach it.

Keith Vaz

Huge corporations like Google, Facebook and Twitter, with their billion-dollar incomes, are consciously failing to tackle this threat and passing the buck by hiding behind their supranational legal status, despite knowing that their sites are being [...]

Harriet Harman

Providing a clear definition of extremism is a difficult task and the government has yet to succeed in doing it.

Javad Zarif

We are very pleased to see that the relations between Turkey and Russia have improved. And now they are moving towards co-operation on the issues of a region, which is important to all these three countries (Iran, Turkey and Syria). Syria should dev[...]

Darsi Vazquez

A few years back, technology wasn't where it's at it now, so you couldn't see things like this happening like you see it now. I don't know if it's necessarily getting worse, but we're seeing it more now. We don't just see what's happening outside ou[...]

Barack Obama

We're moving forward with the most significant reinforcement of our collective defense any time since the Cold War.

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

We are very close (to the target) and I'm certain that we will reach that level.

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

For our nations to be safe, it's not enough to keep our defenses strong, we must help to make our partners stronger. Training local forces is often our best weapon against violent extremism.

Jan Jambon

We know that radicalism, violent extremism, is in a small minority of the Muslim community and it targets families.

Dee Collins

We are aware of the speculation within the media in respect of the suspect's link to mental health services and this is a clear line of inquiry which we are pursuing. We are also aware of the inference within the media of the suspect being linked to[...]

Barack Obama

There's no magic to the phrase 'radical Islam'. It's a political talking point. It's not a strategy. And the reason I am careful about how I describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeati[...]

Sadiq Khan

Donald Trump's views are ignorant, divisive and dangerous – it's the politics of fear at its worst and will be rejected at the ballot box just as it was in London. Sadiq has spent his whole life fighting extremism, but Trump's remarks make that figh[...]

Doug Ducey

His death is a tragic reminder of the daily sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform – fighting evil and extremism on the front lines to protect freedom and democracy at home and throughout the world.

Madeleine Albright

Well, I think it is different, but I do think that populism / nationalism are very dangerous forces, because they seem to be filled with not just extremism, but based on the fact that you hate somebody else. It's one thing to be proud of who you are[...]

Mariwan Naqshbandi

Through Friday preaches we now try, with the help of enlightened imams, to make our people understand the tolerance of Islam, and to reject extremism. The Islamic scholars here also visit the local prisons that hold many ISIL militants, to try to ch[...]

Brandy Donini-Melanson

I wouldn't call this a failure. Let us get to a point where we have some funded programs and where there is some level of measurement to determine whether these efforts are successful or not.

Borge Brende

It shows that one is vulnerable when it comes to violent extremism and terrorism in all of North Africa.

Ash Carter

Our focus here is going to be on counter-ISIL and that campaign will go on because ISIL must be defeated, will be defeated, whatever happens with the Syrian civil war. But it certainly would help to de-fuel extremism if the Syrian civil war came to [...]

Paolo Gentiloni

We maintained a good level of contact, so we can say today, Italy is not returning to Iran, as our institutions, our companies, never really left the country.

Abbas Akhoundi

Our first measure will be a contract with Airbus for 114 new aircraft, which will soon be signed and we will release more details after striking the deal. We could have the first fleet of these airplanes in Iran before 21 March.

Hassan Rouhani

We are ready to welcome investment, welcome technology and create a new export market.

Hassan Rouhani

Under the new conditions, we want to export 30 per cent of what we produce in Iran. If we want to combat extremism in the world, if we want to fight terror, one of the roads before us is providing growth and jobs. Lack of growth creates forces for t[...]

Paolo Gentiloni

We are not looking at simple reactivation of our cooperation with Iran, but rather a comprehensive relaunch of a strategic alliance.

Adam Deen

We need to stop people going on this journey to extremism. And that requires a theological reform. The very way we understand Islam, the way we understand the world through the Islamic lens, needs to change.

Adam Deen

It (extremism) was normalised for me, to enter a conversation and sit with people, talking about potentially performing a terrorist act in London. I look back now and think, what the hell was I doing?' But then it just felt normal. The West were att[...]

Sabrina Goldman

When she compares prayers in the streets to the German occupation, Marine Le Pen is in fact summoning up hatred. She is laying the Muslim community open to victimisation, in the usual style that the National Front employs, via fantasies, fear, wavin[...]

Charlie Winter

Though there are some commendable efforts being undertaken by counter violent extremism practitioners and civil society organisations, they are dwarfed in size by ISIL's media behemoth, which produces on average 38 individual batches of propaganda e[...]

Iyad Shamse

There is no Islamic State in this area. The Russians are applying great pressure on the revolution. This will strengthen terrorism, everyone will head towards extremism. Any support for Assad in this way is strengthening terrorism.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Shira was a brave girl. She was murdered by a vile person because she supported the simple notion that everyone has the right to live their lives respectfully and with security. The despicable murderer who stabbed Shira and five others tried to unde[...]

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's absolute commitment is to fight this evil, to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. We have to calm spirits and recommit ourselves to our joint battle against terrorism and extremism.

David Cameron

Areas of cities and towns like Bradford and Oldham continue to be some of the most segregated parts of our country. It's no coincidence that these are some of the places where community relations have historically been most tense, where poisonous fa[...]

David Cameron

There is a danger in some of our communities that you can go your whole life and have little to do with people from other faiths and backgrounds. So, when groups like ISIL seek to rally our young people to their poisonous cause, it can offer them a [...]

David Cameron

Government needs to start asking searching questions about social housing to promote integration and avoid segregated social housing estates where people living there are from the same, single minority ethnic background.

Adeela Suleman

It's like reading, if you capitulate, if you read it all the time, then somewhere it does leave a mark and especially on young minds, especially our children who are trying to find their way. That's why. If you talk the language of hatred, hatred wi[...]

Khaled Akasheh

What we say, what we teach, what we write, what we preach, should be against extremism and violence, and at the same time call strongly to building justice.

Dimitry Safonov

Unfortunately our voice was not heard, the position was not supported. Maybe if there had been backing at the time, extremism would not be as widespread as it is today.

Barack Obama

We're going to discuss our shared future, the global economy that creates jobs and opportunity, maintaining a strong and prosperous European Union, forging new trade partnerships across the Atlantic, standing up to Russian aggression in Ukraine, com[...]

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The creation of this force is imperative to fight extremism and terrorism which is spreading in the Arab world, but the question of how to put these steps into practice is still facing a lot of difficulties, notably the deep political differences be[...]

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

There seems to be a newly-found sense of urgency among governments to fight violent extremism as a global scourge. The recent atrocities by ISIL and its supporters have certainly helped forging that determination. As Jordan's foreign minister has pu[...]

Barack Obama

When peaceful democratic change is impossible, it feeds into the terrorists' propaganda that violence is the only answer available.

Stefan Grobe - Euronews

The Obama administration is hammering home the point that this fight goes far beyond the immediate threat by ISIL. It's about discrediting voices of hatred and extremism across the board in our cities and communities. This is a task for civil societ[...]

Lina Gotterman

I think it's important that we show that this is a very very important thing that we can have our expression, free expression, and that Jews can be allowed as well as Christians as well as Muslims, as well as all religions.

Diego Giuliani - Euronews

Given the recent tragic events in France, I can't avoid asking you about the attack against Charlie Hebdo. First of all: what are you feelings, right now?

Mitt Romney

I congratulate him on taking out Osama bin Laden and going after the leadership in al Qaeda. But we can't kill our way out of this mess. We're going to have to put in place a very comprehensive and robust strategy to help the world of Islam and othe[...]

David Cameron

It's no secret that we've had differing views on how best to handle the situation, but we share fundamental aims to end the conflict, to stop Syria fragmenting, to let the Syrian people choose who governs them and to prevent the growth of violent ex[...]

Tony Blair

A major part of the answer to Iraq lies not in Iraq itself, but outside it, in the whole of the region where the same forces are at work, where the roots of this global terrorism are to be found, where the extremism flourishes with propaganda that m[...]

Omar Khayam

I do not support terrorism or extremism. I would like to apologise unreservedly and wholeheartedly to the families of the victims I understand it was wrong, unjustified and insensitive of me to protest in this way.

Nursultan Nazarbayev

Today, of course, the most serious regional problem is Afghanistan. There is also the nuclear situation in Iran. This debate continues. The world community has not received a definite response yet. The 'frozen conflicts' also fall within the scope o[...]

Mahmoud Abbas

We reaffirm the peaceful aspect of our initiative because we reject violence and terror in all its aspects, especially state terrorism as well as the terror perpetrated by armed settlers. We will abort their wishes: we won't fall into the trap of ex[...]

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

It's not NATO as an alliance, but individual NATO allies are engaged. What you see now is really how much the international community as such is concerned about this situation and the spread of extremism and terrorism. It requires a unified response[...]

Maajid Nawaz

As well as being a very positive change for the United Kingdom, this is a very proud moment for Quilliam. This represents not a change but a continuation for us, as challenging extremism of all kinds forms the basis of our work. We have been able to[...]

Angela Merkel

Terrorism in the form of right wing extremism is a disgrace, and shameful for Germany and we will do everything to clarify things and to see justice is served.

Saeb Erekat

We appreciate the Europeans being payers, but we want the Europeans to be players. I'm not saying that because I woke up one morning and felt my conscience in love with Europe. I'm talking about geo-politics, talking about history, talking about int[...]

Jacques Chirac

France rejects extremism, racism, anti-Semitism, we respect the individual. In our history we have seen the damage extremism does, it divides, it perverts, it is poison.

Gordon Brown

Terrorism is not a cause. It is a crime. And it is a crime against humanity and there should be no safe haven and no hiding place for those who practice terrorist violence or preach terrorist extremism. Ladies and gentlemen, in Iraq we have duties t[...]

Tommy Robinson

I have been considering this move for a long time because I recognise that, though street demonstrations have brought us to this point, they are no longer productive. I acknowledge the dangers of far-right extremism and the ongoing need to counter I[...]

Cobus de Swardt - Transparency International

The most powerful way to deal with populism, in the way that we see it emerging at the moment, is indeed for dramatically more accountability. If you look at countries such as Greece, more than 80% of Greek citizens say they have no trust in the pol[...]

Tieman Hubert Coulibaly

We have a plan in 12 points, including the economy, infrastructure, and social services. We think that extremism and terrorism can only grow where there is ignorance and poverty.

Robert S. Mueller III

Concerns we have about individuals who may support terrorism being in the United States run from concerns about providing financing to terrorists, radicalising others with regard to violent extremism.

Fred Ponsard - Euronews

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has just been through one of its bloodiest episodes in Gaza. Your movie Ana Arabia sketches the possibility of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land. Filmmakers, writers.. Are they today the la[...]

Francois Chinac

Every year 11 million young people enter the job market in Africa. They don't all find jobs and very often this problem radicalises them and pushes them into extremism.

Salaheddine Mezouar

The economic dimension is fundamental but one must not forget all the questions related to tolerance and the fight against extremism.

Yair Lapid

Israelis have said 'No' to a politics of fear and hatred, No' to splitting into tribes or groups divided by interest, No' to extremism and an anti-democracy.

Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

All those ingredients push young people towards extremism, towards desolation, it's effectively that….

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

There has been a military operation against the Taliban with the end of peace efforts – marking an end to those peace efforts – after the Taliban admitted that they had the insurgency, to the extremism. So you don't support this operation at the mom[...]

David Cameron

What we must do is re-double efforts to stop all our people going, to take away the passports of those contemplating travel, to arrest and prosecute those who share in this extremism and violence, to take extremist material off the internet and do e[...]

Erin Marie Saltman

I would try and explain that negative messages are not the way forward – we should be better at engaging and realise the extremist propaganda does have a counter narrative.

Tzipi Livni

We are fighting for the image of the state of Israel. It's not just Beit Shemesh and not just gender segregation, it's all the extremist elements that are rearing their heads and are trying to impose their world view on us.

Tareq al-Hashemi

The international community should not blame us, they should blame themselves, they should blame Maliki. When they rendered him the support in 2010 we were the winners…At the end of the day we discovered that the US collaborated with Iran to support[...]

Wil van Gemert - Europol

In the past there were preachers who reached out and they had maybe eight or 10 followers. But with the internet there's the possibility to get to hundreds of people. Many more people can be radicalised.

Ghulam Murtaza

No outside forces should be allowed to enter Pakistani territory. If any country has carried out an operation inside our territory, it is against our sovereignty. We should not give permission to anyone to do that.

Marvi Sirmed

How could you get power from a symbol that is so humiliating and demeaning to women's power? Projecting a symbol that is so closely associated with the submission of women and you are now just reimagining and reimaging the burka, the symbol of suppr[...]

Gerhard Schroeder

They must acknowledge our democratic rules of the game.

Erin Marie Saltman

The idea of a lone wolf narrative is not true – you don't go online to buy a pair of shoes and then become radicalised. The first contact is a real world contact, like someone in your community or something in the media. After that people go online [...]

Wil van Gemert - Europol

It's the most popular tool but other tools will be used. Even if they are getting radicalised by social media you still have to travel there [to Syria] and there has to be a network for that. With the internet there's the possibility to get to hundr[...]

Erin Marie Saltman

Governments have been slow in taking social media seriously as a tool that is legitimate and they are at a loss [at how to react]. They tend to target organisations – such as Twitter – but you're attacking the system and not the root cause.

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