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Sunayna Tuteja - TD Ameritrade
In our business we feel it will always be an elegant combination of bot and human service.feedback
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NEW Aug 22 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Facebook. 559 people are quoted and you can read 896 citations of them about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Jim Cramer and Sheryl Sandberg, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Mark Zuckerberg said: “I'll take a month off to be with Priscilla (Chan) and the girls at the beginning, and then we'll spend the whole month of December together as well.”.
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Jon Huang

When ... those pictures went viral, media started picking it up. That helped a lot. Everybody has an adorable dog.feedback

Jon Huang

If we were to post every brand or product that came to us, he'd be flooded with advertising and we don't want to be flooded with advertising.feedback

Brooke Feeney

Significant others can help you thrive through embracing life opportunities. Or they can hinder your ability to thrive by making it less likely that you'll pursue opportunities for growth.feedback

Chris Reining

I automated my money years ago, and the benefit is I don't have to make decisions about where my money should go, how much I should invest, what I can spend, do I have enough savings, and so on.feedback

Ryan Broyles

When the Lions drafted me in the second round of the 2012 draft and I got my signing bonus, the first thing I did was pay down my debts and put my bills on autopay – the first steps to getting my credit right.feedback

John Landgraf

It's like getting shot in the face with money every day. And I have no idea how much capital Apple is going to deploy, how many shows they're going to buy.feedback

Robert Kyncl - YouTube

Why not fulfill this demand? It makes absolute sense. It's in the service of our users.feedback

Robert Kyncl - YouTube

If you ask the creative community if we're going to be competitive, the answer is yes.feedback

Christopher Cantwell

I'm not surprised by almost any of this because the whole thing we are complaining about here is that we are trying to express our views, and everybody is going through extraordinary lengths to make sure we are not heard. Frankly, whatever you think of my views, that is very scary to me. Facebook and Instagram is one thing but not being able to participate in the financial system because of your political opinions is something that, you know, people should worry about in America.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

When Max was born, I took two months of paternity leave. I will always be grateful I could spend so much time with her in the first months of her life. Our new daughter is coming soon, and I'm planning to take two months of paternity leave again, . This time, I'm going to take advantage of Facebook's option to take leave in parts. I'll take a month off to be with Priscilla and the girls at the beginning, and then we'll spend the whole month of December together as well. I'm looking forward to bonding with our new little one and taking Max on adventures.feedback

Ebony Merritt

She's great, she's in good spirits and she would like to thank the world for all the love. God is good all the time baby girl just left out the hospital she's doing great. I want to thank everyone that reached out everyone for their prayers and concerns flowers balloons cars and donations the love have been real.feedback

Jim Cramer

The worst mistake, the most common mistake you can make these days, is to say that because a particular stock or commodity trades at a given level, it therefore deserves to trade there. Often, that is just fiction now.feedback

Jim Cramer

Never assume that just because something happened, it has to make sense because the market is always supposed to make sense. That's nonsense.feedback

Deborah Liu

Eventually, we could go in a number of different directions [with payments]. But right now we're really trying to figure out, how do you actually drive engagement between people and businesses, people and other people locally?' That's how we really think about the product.feedback

Deborah Liu

We'll kind of look and see what's popular, what people want to engage with, , So if people are searching or looking for something, we want to make that available to them.feedback

Suzy Welch

When you're hiring, do you look at somebody and say, This person is gonna give me bad news fast?feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Think about how many of the things you use [that] don't actually need to be physical. You want to play a board game? You snap your fingers, and here's the board game.feedback

Carl June

There are now these Facebook networks of kids who had leukemia and been treating with CARs. And the parents talk to each other faster than the medical literature can evolve.feedback

Melissa Butt

As bad as it is, we are lucky and blessed. Paco and Slayer are my heroes as it could have been one of the kids!feedback

Nino Brown

It went from a few hundred to well over a thousand to now roughly three thousand pretty quickly. There are about 10,000 interested in our event, according to Facebook. It's a distraction because we don't mirror the alt-right. The alt-right is trying to hide its politics, and we have nothing to hide.feedback

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

A key point is that the money will be paid even if the people find work. The initiative aims to reduce unemployment and poverty while cutting red tape, allowing people to pursue the dignity and purpose of work without the fear of losing their benefits by taking a low-paid job.feedback

Ted Cruz

The Nazis, the KKK, and white supremacists are repulsive and evil, and all of us have a moral obligation to speak out against the lies, bigotry, anti-Semitism, and hatred that they propagate.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

There may always be some evil in the world, and maybe we can't do anything about that. But there's too much polarization in our culture, and we can do something about that. There's not enough balance, nuance, and depth in our public discourse, and I believe we can do something about that. We need to bring people closer together, and I know we can make progress at that.feedback

Chris Sacca

He was bringing the same obsessive work ethic to learning about startups that he does to training, to rehab, to his thousand makes a day, to everything. I ended up actually becoming really enthralled by him because this is a very unique personality type that I only kind of see in some of our very best entrepreneurs.feedback

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

Who's really buying PCs? How many are going to schools? How many are going to consumer hands? The numbers tell the story that can direct action, can help put things in context.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

I think the strategy of Facebook is to learn as quickly as possible what our community wants us to do – and that requires a culture that encourages people to try things and test things and fail. Ok, is this going to destroy the company?' Because if not, then let them test it.feedback

Chris Sacca

For the next few months, my phone never stopped buzzing in the middle of the night. It is Kobe, reading this article, checking out this tweet, following this guy, diving into this TED Talk, diving into the Y Combinator Demo Day stuff. And I'm getting these texts at like literally 2 or 3 in the morning. My wife is like, Are you having an affair with Kobe Bryant? What is happening here?feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

I have more fear in my life that we aren't going to maximize the opportunity that we have than that we mess something up and the business goes badly.feedback

Steve Ballmer - Microsoft

I will say, that was the initial clarion call for me to focus on numbers and get good. What I learned was numbers tell great stories, at least for me. There are a certain set of people who can see it that way.feedback

Sara Blakely

I spent $98 dollars on them, which, for me, was a lot of money. And they just hung in my closet unworn, because every time I would go to wear them, you could see the undergarment.feedback

Page Braswell

A Nazi flag? In my neighborhood? That's unacceptable. It's abhorrent anyway, but for someone to fly that, especially after Nazis just killed someone and attempted to kill others? Anytime I know someone that is posting a [Confederate] flag or talking about a flag, I do call them out personally or on Facebook.feedback

Jimmy Kimmel

Last night on our show, if you missed it, I had a message for those who voted for Donald Trump. I explained that I understood why they did it but encouraged those of them who deep down feel like now they look back and made a mistake, to just admit it and move on. I have to say, I think it might have worked. I really think I made a breakthrough. And I base that on the thoughtful responses I got on Twitter and Facebook. He's right, I would wear my pants. Whenever I go out I'll wear them, unless I'm in the pool, then I wear shorts – or at the beach.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

There is no place for hate in our community. That's why we've always taken down any post that promotes or celebrates hate crimes or acts of terrorism – including what happened in Charlottesville. It's a disgrace that we still need to say that neo-Nazis and white supremacists are wrong - as if this is somehow not obvious. My thoughts are with the victims of hate around the world, and everyone who has the courage to stand up to it every day.feedback

Jesse Ferguson

I'm a regular citizen who can tweet and Facebook that I don't like what he said, but my elected officials need to be held to a higher bar.feedback

Mike Andrews

My deputies showed great restraint and respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger and disgust for recent events in our country. Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham. I am asking both city and county leaders to establish guidelines and safe spaces for protesters to prevent demonstrations from becoming disruptive and as we witnessed in Charlottesville, dangerous.feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

They have policies against violence, racism, harassment. The problem is that there has been no enforcement. These are the platforms everyone is using. They don't want to be pushed to the margins because they want influence.feedback

Dan Baum

The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the antiwar left and black people. You understand what I'm saying? We knew we couldn't make it illegal to be either against the war or blacks, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. We could arrest their leaders, raid their homes, break up their meetings and vilify them night after night on the evening news. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.feedback

Richard Nixon

America's public enemy No. 1 in the United States is drug abuse. In order to fight and defeat this enemy, it is necessary to wage a new, all-out offensive.feedback

Kent Walker - Google

There should be no place for terrorist content on our service. While we and others have worked for years to identify and remove content that violates our policies the uncomfortable truth is that we, as an industry, must acknowledge that more needs to be done. Now.feedback

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

In the modern world, everybody should have the opportunity to work and to thrive. One idea that could help make this a reality is a universal basic income. This concept should be further explored to see how it can work practically.feedback

Arielle O'Shea - NerdWallet

Saving early means compound interest works for you and you can actually save less over time. As you can see from these numbers, even a few years makes a substantial difference.feedback

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

We also note a massive lock-up expiration of shares in the last two weeks, intense competition from Instagram/Facebook for users and advertisers.feedback

Youssef Squali - Cantor Fitzgerald

Facebook/Instagram and YouTube are quick followers, constantly improving their value proposition as well, at materially greater scale.feedback

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

What I took away from the talks was the sense of self-esteem that universal basic income could provide to people. The hope is that policies like these can help people struggling just to survive and allow them to get on their feet, be entrepreneurial and be more creative. At the moment, the trials that have taken place have been local in size and vary in how they've been implemented. So we've still got far to go before we can prove they can work on a larger scale.feedback

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation. Yeah, I am not sure what else one would do. I think that is what would happen.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

If I had to support my family growing up instead of having time to code, if I didn't know I'd be fine if Facebook didn't work out, I wouldn't be standing here today.feedback

Susan Bro

My child's famous Facebook post was, If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. [Heyer] paid attention. She made a lot of us pay attention.feedback

Matthew Prince

This was an arbitrary decision ... I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the internet.feedback

Lori Goler - Facebook

Facebook's mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, and a cornerstone of our culture is being open. The FB Anon internal Facebook group violated our Terms of Service, which require people who use Facebook (including our employees) to use an authentic identity on our platform. Last year we disabled any anonymous internal groups or pages within Facebook, and reminded our people of the places at our company where they can have discussions about issues that matter to them, openly or confidentially as appropriate.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Some of you have asked if this challenge means I'm running for public office. I'm not.feedback

Rebecca Jensvold Hayes

It was the real deal. We miss and love our spouses still and will always love them. So this… this is scary and wonderful and crazy… but real.feedback

Duffi Crowson

This is a story about love after loss. And embracing your life with laughter.feedback

Zeynep Tufekci

This is about the fact that increasing portions of our sociality are now conducted in privately owned spaces. The implications of this are still playing out.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

The events this weekend in our country make discussions like this with our children even more timely and crucial. Every generation has to be vigilant in fighting against the type of bigotry and hatred that was displayed by the white supremacists in Charlottesville.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

It was a beautiful story but discussing the horrors of the Holocaust with a child is never easy. How do you tell a 10-year-old that such extreme racism and inhumanity has taken place so recently? And how do you explain why atrocities are still committed against so many people all over the world?feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

Along with millions of others, I was so heartbroken this weekend. Yesterday on our way to camp, my daughter and I were reading the book for our mother-daughter book club. Part of the story involved the granddaughter of a WWII veteran learning more about her grandfather's service during the war and meeting a Holocaust survivor whom he had helped.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

Along with millions of others, I was so heartbroken this weekend. The brave Heather Heyer's mother Susan Bro said she wanted her daughter's 'death to be a rallying cry for justice and equality and fairness and compassion. Let's honor her by teaching all of our children how to honor and respect those values.feedback

Trond Berger

This is an expected development, it will not change our strategy.feedback

Ruchika Budhraja - Facebook

Facebook does not allow hate speech or praise of terrorist acts or hate crimes, and we are actively removing any posts that glorify the horrendous act committed in Charlottesville.feedback

John Deluisi

I am an idiot. I am very sorry. Maybe I get too carried away on Facebook, and I put something up there that was stupid. I thought he would get a joke about it. I really did. And thinking about it, it was very stupid.feedback

Conrad Lariviere

Never would I want someone to get murdered. I am not a racist and don't believe in what any of those protesters are doing. I'm a good man who made a stupid comment and would just like to be left alone.feedback

Greg McBride

Working Americans are increasing their retirement savings more and more as the economic recovery continues, whether by saving the same percentage of higher earnings or a higher percentage of the same earnings.feedback

Eros Resmini

Discord was built to bring people together through a love of gaming and our mission is to connect positive communities who share this appreciation. We unequivocally condemn white supremacy, Neo-Nazism or any other group, term [or] ideology that is based on these beliefs. They are not welcome on Discord.feedback

Steven Coffin - Twitter

I like making people happy. I know a lot of people have stressful days or just horrible days and I want to make their day brighter and Sarahah gives me an easy way to do that. Also, being anonymous stops them from thinking, Oh they are just saying this because they are my friend,' so I like that I can make people happy and that it doesn't matter who gives them the compliment, the only thing that matters is the compliment itself.feedback

David Houghton

People are much less annoyed if they choose to look at photos on Facebook rather than if they are popping up unsolicited in their text or email.feedback

Dianne Adelberg

I love her dearly but I feel like she's assigning me homework. And I feel scolded, like I haven't done a good job if I haven't sat down and looked at the photos.feedback

Giana Crispell

She also has to give you the whole story behind the photo–'This is the couple I told you about from Oregon and he is an engineer. I think, Debbie, we don't care.feedback

John Barbieri

I received notification of this Facebook post earlier today via email from a complainant. The post is purportedly from Springfield police officer. I took immediate steps to initiate a prompt and thorough internal investigation. If in fact this post did originate from an officer employed with the Springfield Police Department, this matter will be reviewed by the Community Police Hearings Board for further action.feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

The biggest problem is a failure or refusal to enforce the terms of service that they have. The question for the Googles of the world is: Do you really want to be party to what is going on with these websites?feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

Discord has had a monopoly on communication between members of the far right hate groups for the past six months if not more. Almost every leader in this movement has an account there. So much of the coordination and collaboration of Charlottesville took place on Discord.feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

They make a big thing of saying that they want to be where the 'normies' are. Why would you want to preach to people who already agree with you?feedback

David Collett

Where you live is an exciting part of your university experience. We understand how important it is.feedback

Steve Ward

The sooner we have a confirmed place on a course, the quicker we can allocate a student room in our halls – or we'll help them find a suitable alternative.feedback

Alfred A. Wilson - Miller Law Group

Heather being Heather has seen something on Facebook or read something in the news and realized someone has been mistreated and gets upset. She just didn't like the way he was judging me as a minority male that's doing well for myself.feedback

Dan Loeb

Thank God for Jeff Klein and those who stand for educational choice and support Charter funding. Meanwhile hypocrites like Stewart-Cousins who pay fealty to powerful union thugs and bosses do more damage to people of color than anyone who has ever donned a hood.feedback

David Jenkins

I personally get a few wake-up calls, I suppose. I figured I would get a few anonymous buttholes or whatever. But mostly I've been getting people coming out of the woodwork saying how much they miss me. Or how I wish I had kept in contact with them.feedback

Tristan Wilson

He's been sharing pictures from inside the can and the quality of the pictures is pretty good. He's been boasting about how great his life is from inside prison. There are topless pics of the guys and talking about how great their lives are. It doesn't seem as if he is showing much remorse for whatever he's done to get in there for. Like a holiday camp.feedback

Jerry Spencer

Prisoners are not allowed to use social media under any circumstances and we have a zero tolerance approach to anyone who does so. We have taken immediate action to investigate this alleged incident and if it is proven to be true we will not hesitate to take all necessary steps to prevent a reoccurrence and if appropriate prosecute any individuals involved.feedback

Dan Rayburn - Frost & Sullivan

There's no chance of that happening. Companies will do what's best for their bottom line.feedback

Paul Verna - eMarketer

One of the barriers to entry for the consumer right now is simply confusion. The more of these services that are out there, the harder it's going to get for people to make rational, informed decisions about what to subscribe to.feedback

Emerson Gaudin

A few of us met up in the Student Union bar early in freshers' week.feedback

Jeremy Shih

The fastest growing influencer marketing platforms are Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook, and YouTube. For now, there's no comparable market for Twitter and the live video application Periscope.feedback

Alex O'Brien

I do want people to think about it, because we've had this (pay discrepancy) for decades and decades and we're bringing it to the forefront of people's minds. I like that it is making men stop and question their privilege a little bit.feedback

Thomas Chatterton Williams

My black father, born in 1937 in segregated Texas, is an exponentially more worldly man than my maternal white Protestant grandfather, whose racism always struck me more as a sad function of his provincialism or powerlessness than anything else. I don't mean to excuse the corrosive effects of his view; I simply wish to note that when I compare these two men, I do not recognize my father as the victim.feedback

Mark Lilla

You must understand my experience, and you can't understand my experience.feedback

Mark Lilla

But I wasn't talking about their experience or my experience. I was talking about an issue. They argue both, so people shrug their shoulders and walk away.feedback

Liam Stokes

If there has been any genuine resurgence of animal rights activism, it can almost certainly be attributed to social media. Animal rights messages are very simplistic, and simplistic messages spread well on Twitter and Facebook, particularly when broadcast by celebrities like Packham and Brian May. The arguments for wildlife management are complex, nuanced and sometimes paradoxical, and don't lend themselves so easily to social media.feedback

Danielle Flynn

I think social media has been a big thing among my generation. A lot of them might be apathetic about politics but they might, for example, take an interest when I talk to them about animal testing and makeup. I also tend not to like conflict and you have to be careful what you say to people these days, so the thing about a Facebook post or a YouTube video is that you can get your message across to people without having to confront them.feedback

Charlotte Renwick

Last year we had questions like: 'Can I bring my guinea pig?feedback

Charlotte Renwick

Speaking on the phone is not something many students do in their everyday lives. We want to make it as easy as possible for students to talk to us comfortably. Of course we will still have lots of people on the phone lines, but we will also have provision for people to text in, use live chat and message through Facebook and Twitter – and the teams on all those channels are trained to make offers.feedback

Matt Horne

Students sign up for personalised information on the clearing process, course places and help and advice around results day – and this year we're extending that to WhatsApp, so they get alerts straight to their phones. We're using Snapchat influencers to encourage our target audience to sign up for alerts. Students will also be able to contact us through WhatsApp to ask any questions they might have about clearing, results day and coming here.feedback

Calvin Williams

We're grateful that this has ended. We would prefer that it had not ended this way because there are a lot of questions, I'm sure, that not only the family but the city in general would have had for Steve.feedback

Dan Loeb

Thank God for [New York state Sen.] Jeff Klein and those who stand for educational choice and support Charter funding that leads to economic mobility and opportunity for poor knack kids. Meanwhile hypocrites like Stewart-Cousins who pay fealty to powerful union thugs and bosses do more damage to people of color than anyone who has ever donned a hood. I regret the language I used in expressing my passion for educational choice. I apologize to Senator Stewart-Cousins and anyone I offended. I have taken down the post from Facebook.feedback

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

This company lacks scale in terms of users and hardware provides no clear linkage to improving the problems of scale or of increasing DAU growth. Facebook will likely continue to pressure Snap's core offering and it is difficult to see how Snap can differentiate in our view.feedback

Bryan Wiener - 360i

We foresee increasing spend on the platform provided Facebook can demonstrate consumer interest. There is a lot of money over time that will move from linear TV to digital video and Facebook Watch should benefit from that.feedback

Bryan Wiener - 360i

This may take some budget from YouTube, but the platform needs to scale initially.feedback

Donald J. Trump

Sure, we'll always consider negotiations. But they've been negotiating now for 25 years. Look at Clinton. He folded on the negotiations. He was weak and ineffective. You look what happened with Bush, you look what happened with Obama. Obama, he didn't even want to talk about it. But I talk. It's about time. Somebody has to do it. Somebody has to do it.feedback

Salvatore Recco

There is a lot of heavy competition and the company has not figured out how to monetize its audience yet. Until they do, investors will likely continued to be disappointed.feedback

Teng Bingsheng

The government's control and surveillance of media is strict, and it is almost impossible for them to open that door. Although Mark Zuckerberg has visited China many times and practiced his Chinese very hard, I don't foresee any major breakthroughs for Facebook.feedback

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

In 10 years, Facebook, Google, Apple, and Tesla will not have their employees chipped. You'll see some extreme forward-looking tech people adopting it, but not large companies.feedback

Jim Cramer

Hey, maybe 'expensive' doesn't mean 'sell, sell, sell'. The most disciplined thing you could've done with these stocks was to stay long through all the jeremiads by the graybeards to get out of them. You had to tune out the sirens of skepticism who said they were dangerous.feedback

Jim Cramer

But their dividends are often much higher than Treasurys and Treasurys give you no upside whatsoever, so what are you supposed to do? If you choose to hide in Treasurys while these stocks, I'm talking about Clorox, Procter & Gamble, frolicked higher, you've missed out a big run. Where I come from, you know what they call that? A mistake.feedback

Jim Cramer

Listen to yourself. Do your own work. But understand that it takes a ton of discipline and conviction to own a Facebook or an Amazon or an Apple through these runs, and you aren't an idiot if you do. You're smart. In fact, I have one word for you: congratulations.feedback

Jim Cramer

I keep coming back to one major issue, even as I expect the market to go down [on Friday]. Almost every winning stock I've mentioned was overvalued, classically overvalued before its run. I can show you analyst after analyst who told you that stock was going to get crushed because earnings were going to be down in 2017. Oh yeah, that's right, the stock went to $160. But they were smart.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

It's hard to have a community be a meaningful part of your support structure if you're not also connecting in the real world. We're going to keep focusing on giving everyone a voice and helping them stay connected to their friends and family but understanding that now we need to do more to help bridge some of the divides in society and bring the world closer together.feedback

Suzy Welch

Go in with good will, do a great job, and in the long run, and usually in the short run too, you'll see the real reward.feedback

Ramit Sethi

It's easy to tell your boss you've done great work and that you deserve a raise. But when you actually prove it – and explain how your work translates into more profit or savings for the company – you'll instantly grab your boss' attention. When you know what you want, not only can you communicate that crisply to the other person, you can demonstrate why – and this forces you to prepare for the negotiation. This single distinction can be worth thousands to you.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Watching a show doesn't have to be passive ... You'll be able to chat and connect with people during an episode, and join groups with people who like the same shows afterwards to build community.feedback

Liz Wessel

The top 10 programs stood out as being the ones that focused the most on ensuring their interns learned as much as possible, from executives, mentors and one another.feedback

Vladimir Fedorov - Facebook

What sets us apart is the fact that you can have real impact. So there are three months in the summer [that] fly by at some places, but at Facebook, you're going to get to do real work.feedback

Sophia Bera

The money is tax deductible when you put it in, it grows tax-deferred and you can take it out tax free if used for qualified medical expenses.feedback

Nick Holeman - Betterment

If you are on medications, have a chronic illness or if you're older – anything where you might be going to the doctor a lot – then having a high-deductible will probably be very expensive for you.feedback

Nick Holeman - Betterment

You can use the money similar to how you would with an IRA. You put money in pre-tax; there's an annual limit on how much you can contribute per year; and you can either use the money for medical expenses, or let it grow and invest tax-deferred, and then make withdrawals in retirement. It's kind of like this retirement loophole trick and can be a powerful strategy, if you have an HSA in the first place. Typically, it only makes sense if you're healthy and you don't use the doctor very often.feedback

Nick Holeman - Betterment

It's less money that you can put into that account [than other retirement savings vehicles]. So this account alone is not going to be nearly enough for you to save for your retirement, but it can be a nice addition to your normal retirement savings.feedback

Brooke Erin Duffy

You have to think about the investments they're making upfront, the investments in the fashion or the makeup or the food.feedback

Brooke Erin Duffy

The expectation is, if you invest yourself now, this will pay off in the future with this glamorous, fantastic job. But the reality is much less auspicious in terms of how often these actually do turn into full-time employment.feedback

Scott Berry

Pregnant women should smoke and drink liquor during the eclipse. This will prevent radioactive waves from making your ankles swell and being grouchy most of the time. Meanwhile, your other children will be on the school bus wondering why it got dark so early. An afternoon snack of potted meat will encourage them to ignore the end of the world as we know it.feedback

Scott Berry

It's the last day on Earth. You might as well go out with a bang, right? If you're going to die anyway, I mean, s‑‑‑, smoke and have a glass of wine. It'll be okay.feedback

Scott Berry

We have built an eclipse-proof bunker here, and when the dust settles and the zombies rise up, I will still be here.feedback

Scott Berry

I like to use the page for my little missives. I appreciate sarcasm as a form of communication, so I try to incorporate sarcasm at appropriate times.feedback

Scott Berry

Have you ever had a RaisinO? I mean, have you ever seen that sad cereal? Man, I'm telling you – in our grocery store here, it's about seven years old. Nobody has bought a bag of RaisinOs – nobody's going to eat CheeriBran or RaisinOs.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Watching a show doesn't have to be passive. It can be a chance to share an experience and bring people together who care about the same things. That's why today we're launching the Watch tab in Facebook - a place where you can discover shows your friends are watching and follow your favourite shows and creators so you don't miss any episodes.feedback

Daniel Danker - Facebook

Watch is personalized to help you discover new shows, organized around what your friends and communities are watching. Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work.feedback

Donald J. Trump

We're backed by 100 percent by our military. And we're backed by many other leaders.feedback

Susan Foister

To get them all together physically would be pretty challenging and might take quite a long time. The fact that you can actually bring them together digitally was a solution that really appealed to us, particularly just now with all the experimenting we've started to do with Facebook and virtual reality.feedback

Susan Foister

That's often the case with great works of art, particularly with works by Van Gogh, and Sunflowers above all.feedback

Susan Foister

In terms of exhibition organising, works by Van Gogh are always really difficult to obtain because they mean an awful lot to the visitors of a museum who often come thousands of miles to see them.feedback

Daniel Danker - Facebook

Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work. On Facebook, videos are discovered through friends and bring communities together. As more and more people enjoy this experience, we've learned that people like the serendipity of discovering videos in News Feed, but they also want a dedicated place they can go to watch videos.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

We are making some early investments to create episodic content.feedback

Michael Rupp

We often try to power through the day to get more work finished, which might not be as effective as taking some time to detach for a few minutes. People should plan short breaks to make time for an engaging and enjoyable activity, such as video games, that can help them recharge.feedback

John Bruner

Its face was solid black, no hair on it. The hair looked shaggy all over.feedback

Bridget Boudreaux

I about fell about the boat. I was like, wow, that's not a regular dolphin, that's a pink dolphin. It was an awesome experience. The pictures don't do it justice.feedback

Sam Altman

I'm fairly confident that at some point in the future, as technology continues to eliminate traditional jobs and massive new wealth gets created, we're going to see some version of [UBI] at a national scale.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

If I had to support my family growing up instead of having time to code, if I didn't know I'd be fine if Facebook didn't work out, I wouldn't be standing here today. Now it's our time to define a new social contract for our generation. We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things. Seeing how Alaska put this dividend in place reminded me of a lesson I learned early at Facebook: organizations think profoundly differently when they're profitable than when they're in debt. When you're losing money, your mentality is largely about survival.feedback

Wendy Brandon

Too funny! I love that you can joke about it and give us all a good laugh! Best back to school pic yet!feedback

Jason Calacanis

It will be very easy for them to get tens of millions of people to subscribe. If something like poker becomes extremely popular, they could, with a direct-to consumer offering, have a poker channel, and do it with a level of professionalism that other people simply can't. So I think it's going to open up new opportunities for them.feedback

Roger McNamee

When I invested in Facebook in particular, where I was very, very active, it never occurred to me that anything bad could ever happen from people sharing photographs and stories about family.feedback

Roger McNamee

I don't think they are consciously doing bad things. I think what happened was they each adopted an advertising-based business model that essentially encouraged engagement.feedback

Roger McNamee

These systems are open, anyone can use these systems to manipulate public opinion because the ad models essentially encourage this exploitation of peoples emotions. Is this really something we want? Because these companies can afford to do this differently. They are allowed to run experiments across a population of 2 billion people without being accountable for what happens.feedback

Paul Adams

Bots are dumb and rudimentary. Today's bots don't have manners.feedback

Reed Hastings - Netflix

I see our board being about great judgment, particularly in unlikely disaster where we have to pick new leaders. I'm so mystified by your endorsement of Trump for our President, that for me it moves from 'different judgment' to 'bad judgment'. Some diversity in views is healthy, but catastrophically bad judgment (in my view) is not what anyone wants in a fellow board member.feedback

Rousseau Kazi

I used to think, Oh man, being able to make the hard decisions is going to take all this time. It's going to take hours and hours and hours, and weeks and weeks. Over the career, I figured out that hard decisions are hard, but they can be quite time efficient. They're not actually that hard to make.feedback

Rousseau Kazi

People usually don't hate an idea. They're just scared that you didn't think through i