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Shailesh Lakhani
1mg has the potential to be the pervasive healthcare app for India.feedback
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NEW Jun 25 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Facebook. 558 people are quoted and you can read 864 citations of them about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg, Jim Cramer, Martin Sorrell and Sheryl Sandberg, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Mark Zuckerberg said: “We want to help 1 billion people join meaningful communities. And if we can do this it will not only reverse the whole decline in community membership that we've seen for decades around the world, it's going to strengthen our overall social fabric and bring the world closer together.”.
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Eva Oller

We had similar views on most things, we went travelling, enjoyed skiing, sailing, diving and hiking together. Then, one year ago, Brexit happened. I woke up in the morning and made some comments on Facebook about how devastated I felt and how I felt homeless. He got angry and told me to stop posting this stuff as his children and ex-wife voted for Brexit.feedback

Keaton Keller - YouTube

On Facebook the revenue that we make primarily comes from sponsorships and brand deals. I wouldn't say monetization has been a big thing yet. I'm hoping it [Facebook ads] finally catch up to what YouTube is. For the meantime it's just going to be sponsorships.feedback

Rosanna Pansino

I have not seen any decline. My content, because it's baking videos, is very family friendly. Me as a person – I'm family friendly.feedback

Nancy Hutchinson

We hope the right home will come along for her again. She has had a tough life.feedback

Nancy Hutchinson

She is a lap cat, she is very sweet, very friendly and loving. She likes to sit and look out of a window. She is quiet and gentle and loves to be around people.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

So this big question we have been asking is, So, if there 2 billion people on Facebook, why are there only (130 million) in meaningful communities? If we can get that to 1 billion, we will have reversed the whole declining trend for decades and start re-growing it to strengthen the social structure.feedback

Katrin Nenasheva

It's strictly forbidden to be in virtual reality in a public place. Here it's the real world.feedback

Ryan Holmes

Politics and elections are being won by the winner's savvy-ness of and use of social … it's about listening, it's about not being tone deaf to the electorate and being able … get your message out there.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Once people are coming together in these smaller groups, that actually grows and it ends up with much bigger changes in the world.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

If what you're trying to do is run a group that has thousands of people, you need tools to help manage that.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

The recent terror attacks in London and Manchester –like violence anywhere – are absolutely heartbreaking. No one should have to live in fear of terrorism - and we all have a part to play in stopping violent extremism from spreading. The UK Online Civil Courage Initiative will support NGOs and community groups who work across the UK to challenge the extremist narratives that cause such harm. We know we have more to do - but through our platform, our partners and our community we will continue to learn to keep violence and extremism off Facebook.feedback

Mathias Doepfner - Axel Springer

These relations are getting better. They need a lot of content.feedback

Mathias Doepfner - Axel Springer

They have to provide a decent business model to attract content onto their platforms. They have the fake news problem.feedback

Brendan Cox

This is a valuable and much needed initiative from Facebook in helping to tackle extremism. Anything that helps push the extremists even further to the margins is greatly welcome. Social media platforms have a particular responsibility to address hate speech that has too often been allowed to flourish online. It is critical that efforts are taken by all online service providers and social networks to bring our communities closer together and to further crack down on those that spread violence and hatred online.feedback

Howard Lerman - Yext

Every intelligence service, whether it's Google or Apple or Facebook, they all have three layers. They have their [user interface], they have their algorithms and they have their knowledge base. Their knowledge base is where Yext comes in.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Our view is if we can help build those tools, the power to build more of those communities, the world is going to be a much better place.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

People are basically good. We're going to start rolling out some tools, make it easier to build communities.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

One is to continue learning from them about what we need to do to help more people like them become leaders of communities.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

[It] is pretty cool and this has been a period to reflect on our role and responsibility in the world and what we want to take on.feedback

Anita Blanchard

They get you out of your own clothes and make connections across the U.S., making you realize you can get along with people with different beliefs. I spend a lot more time on Facebook because of the groups than I would otherwise. Especially with the current sociopolitical climate, I'm not comfortable being very open in my regular newsfeed.feedback

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

When you think of the social structure of the world, we are probably one of the larger institutions that can help empower people to build communities. There, I think we have a real opportunity to help make a difference.feedback

Barack Obama

The Senate bill, unveiled today, is not a health care bill. It's a massive transfer of wealth from middle-class and poor families to the richest people in America. It hands enormous tax cuts to the rich and to the drug and insurance industries, paid for by cutting health care for everybody else. Those with private insurance will experience higher premiums and higher deductibles, with lower tax credits to help working families cover the costs, even as their plans might no longer cover pregnancy, mental health care, or expensive prescriptions.feedback

Aarti Soman - Facebook

Profile pictures are an important part of building community on Facebook because they help people find friends and create meaningful connections. But not everyone feels safe adding a profile picture. In our research with people and safety organizations in India, we've heard that some women choose not to share profile pictures that include their faces anywhere on the Internet because they're concerned about what may happen to their photos.feedback

Amy Binns

There have long been cases of celebrities' faces being photoshopped onto pornographic pictures, and as this technology becomes more common and easier to use, this has become more common for ordinary people.feedback

Amy Binns

A woman may be shamed by a picture of herself simply with her hair uncovered, or in skimpy clothes.feedback

Jeanette Edwards

We've been shocked by some of the evidence we've seen, including make-over apps and cosmetic surgery 'games' that target girls as young as nine. There is a daily bombardment from advertising and through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat that relentlessly promote unrealistic and often discriminatory messages on how people, especially girls and women, should' look. There are legal age limits for having tattoos or using sun beds. Invasive cosmetic procedures should be regulated in a similar way.feedback

Daniel Kreiss

Candidates can speak out of both sides of their mouths. Having some kind of digital repository of ads that are purchased during a particular cycle and linked to a particular source is a good, democratic thing for the public.feedback

Michael Franz

We don't have the capacity right now to track it, and nobody does, as far as we can tell.feedback

Ellie Kendrick

I had Instagram and Facebook a few years ago and initially it was just because I got really distracted and was like, what am I doing with my life? I suppose it became a slightly broader question about how I want to spend my time, how I want to have my conversations and conduct myself in the world, in terms of how I connect to people. I realised that technology was short circuiting that for me. I didn't want to have the sense that I was in a strange capsule that social media creates.feedback

Adam Smith

Effectively, since March we have seen a surprisingly general effect of clients either stopping spend altogether, or pausing spend in this area. It has been widespread. It has been much more persistent in that if you thought it was something that was a seven-day wonder, it isn't. There is still a substantial number of advertisers yet to return to their prior weight of ad investment.feedback

Keith Weed - Unilever

I think trust in digital advertising is one of the most important industry issues of our time. It is absolutely central to people's confidence in advertising and brands, and our continued use of these channels. Therefore partners need to have greater accountability to aim for a brand-safe environment. We continue, through tough and difficult conversations with media partners, to accelerate plans that address these challenges.feedback

Adam Smith

No traditional media owner has made as much of this as they should have done. They haven't seen the message that they were a safer environment for online content translate commercially. Nevertheless, the issue remains an important theme for 2017.feedback

Lou Ann Young

Duchess' arrival at our house has helped Lacey as well. When I come home in the afternoon, she is no longer panting and nervous.feedback

Robin Vincent

We are so thankful for people like Lou Ann who choose to adopt senior animals. So often, older pets have a hard time in shelters. Their hearts have been broken, and they don't know why they were surrendered.feedback

Lou Ann Young

This is the first time in my life that I actually adopted a pet from a shelter. All of my previous pets have found me by one means or another. I've always told people if I do adopt, it will be an older dog. Little did I think she would be 17 years old.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

Mark did this all hands (meeting) and said: 'we are going to be a mobile first company'. And do you know what happened? Nothing, nothing happened, everyone went back to their daily lives as they normally did. And what they did, they would come to product presentations and they would present, here's our desktop app… and the last screen would be a mobile screenshot. And so Mark one day said: 'no more meetings until you come in with a mobile screenshot first', and he did not have any product meetings for a couple of weeks.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

We had no mobile revenue, not a little bit, none, and I'm looking at Mark and saying 'no one can fire you, and only you can fire me, so if you're in, I'm in'. So… we built the mobile app and we shipped it, we absolutely prioritized our newsfeed in mobile revenue over our desktop revenue.feedback

Thomas Lembong

I see good intention and spirit from Facebook. What we care about are taxes and responsible content.feedback

Carolyn Everson - Global Marketing

Facebook is a safe place for brands, let me start there. The second thing I would say is we have zero tolerance, zero tolerance for hate speech and terrorism. There is no place for any of that on our platforms, and we have already made a commitment.feedback

Carolyn Everson - Global Marketing

Our policy is zero tolerance -- that doesn't mean zero occurrence. There are bad things that are going to happen. That is reality. That is life. Facebook is a reflection of that life. It is our job to make the community as safe as possible. Not only for the people that use it, which is incredibly important of course , but also for the brands we work with.feedback

Alyn Wallace

Shortly after I took a few shots I stripped off and went for a swim under the stars surrounded by the bioluminescent glow, one of the most magical and surreal experiences of my life.feedback

Alyn Wallace

This is something I've always dreamed of seeing. Its known to appear in North Wales in the summer but not so common down south.feedback

Alyn Wallace

I could see the blue glow as the waves broke on the shore so I descended the cliffs ... It was like being in the film avatar, every step I made and every splash of the sea just lit up with an incredibly beautiful blue glow.feedback

Alyn Wallace

I had to pinch myself this morning. Last night I meandered through dark woodlands and waded across a crab infested estuary to get to this spot where bioluminescent plankton were lighting up the shores. When I realised it was new moon on an extraordinarily hot day as the tide was coming in at night I thought I'd try my chances.feedback

David Rosenberg - AeroFarms

That's been the case this year. We're all focused on the FANG stocks [Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google parent Alphabet], and yet very quietly the German DAX in U.S. dollar terms is up roughly 16 percent so far this year. That to me, if you're looking for a great reflation trade, [says] Germany seems to be one.feedback

Carolyn Everson - Global Marketing

We think Stories is also another format that not only consumers but advertisers use. You are going to see Stories in a lot of different platforms.feedback

Mark Liberman

Just as it's easy to build a clockwork figurine that plays the clavier.feedback

Mark Liberman

We have to start by admitting that it's not up to linguists to decide how the word 'language' can be used, though linguists certainly have opinions and arguments about the nature of human languages, and the boundaries of that natural class. Probably not, though there's not enough information available to tell. In the first place, it's entirely text-based, while human languages are all basically spoken or gestured, with text being an artificial overlay.feedback

Mark Liberman

The 'expert systems' style of AI programs of the 1970s are at best a historical curiosity now, like the clockwork automata of the 17th century. We can be pretty sure that in a few decades, today's machine-learning AI will seem equally quaint.feedback

Amber Rudd

I'd like to see the industry to go further and faster in not only removing online terrorist content, but stopping it going up in the first place.feedback

Bernd Holznagel

Our constitutional court will not allow such a statute. I think they would crush it. The statute sets up incentives to take out content if there is any doubt, so there is an incentive to erase speech, and that cannot be upheld. The second point is the other side of the coin, because if there is just an incentive to remove, what about the rights of the speaker who posts the content?feedback

Klaus Gorny - Facebook

We are disappointed by the results. We have clear rules against hate speech and work hard to keep it off our platform.feedback

Casper Klynge

We are to continue doing traditional diplomacy with countries and organisations, but we also have to start looking into what relation you can have with these big tech companies. If you look at these companies' involvement and significance for you and me, many of them have a much greater degree of influence than most nations. We saw what happened after the terror acts in London when Facebook came forward and said they are ready to discuss how we prevent terror organisations using its network to promote their actions.feedback

Rob Petty

Not everyday the wonderfully grounded and caring Adele pops into Chelsea Firestation for a cup of tea and a cuddle. X.feedback

Stephen Furst

The doctors told me that amputation might be the only way to stop the spreading infection.feedback

Stephen Furst

The way to deal with the devil of obesity and diabetes is literally one day at a time. When I achieved my weight goal, I bought myself a bracelet inscribed with the following 12-Step prayer: 'God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.' The magic is you can change more things than you could ever dream of.feedback

Carolyn Fairbairn - Confederation of British Industry

We are seen as a magnet for global talent and one of the reasons that quite a lot of firms set up with their tech operations - we've seen the investment coming in from Google and Facebook - is that we are a magnet.feedback

Michelle Neshin

It didn't really hit me until after the graduation when all the parents went and found their kid and gave them flowers and people were coming up saying to me, Is it awful I stopped videotaping my own kid to video yours?feedback

Brian Weiser - Pivotal

From a small-business perspective it's not much different than when Yellow Pages was the only game in town. For large brands, it's not that different than the era where there were three [TV] networks.feedback

Martin Sorrell

Amazon is going to be an increasingly important force and one we have to better understand and link with effectively for our clients.feedback

Tim Armstrong - AOL

There are only three companies in the world that touch one billion consumers digitally–Facebook, Google, and Oath.feedback

Shane Smith

Media is probably at its most dynamic, most evolutionary time in its history. With Facebook and Google taking an ever-growing piece of the online advertising pie, looming 'skinny bundles' and OTT/DTC offerings exploding the media status quo – networks have to be nimble, smart and fast-moving. It's what we would do if we were going to go public – is get a third-party paying and start building our book, and bringing in revenue on a sort of hockey stick basis. So that theoretical IPO would look very sexy.feedback

Samuel C Woolley

Russia is the case to look to to see how a particularly powerful authoritarian regime uses social media to control people.feedback

Philip Howard

For the most part, they leave it to the user community to police themselves, and flag accounts.feedback

Samuel C Woolley

Bots massively multiply the ability of one person to attempt to manipulate people. Picture your annoying friend on Facebook, who's always picking political fights. If they had an army of 5,000 bots, that would be a lot worse, right?feedback

Linda Sarsour

Nabra, you and your family will get justice. This is NOT OKAY. This is NOT OKAY. As a mother of a 17 year old daughter – I am HEARTBROKEN. SHATTERED. Nowhere is safe.feedback

Nigel Smart

If the British government asks for a special key like this, what stops other governments from asking for the same access? You need end-to-end encryption because it stops anyone from listening in.feedback

Monika Bickert - Facebook

We're talking about this is because we are seeing this technology really start to become an important part of how we try to find this content.feedback

Tom Little

He lives very close to Grenfell Tower as the court will be aware for the catastrophic fire on June 14. He uploaded photographs and video of the deceased inside the body bag and then five photographs of the upper body and the face and the blood that had drained from the body. It appears as if the individual might have been someone that jumped from the tower and had not survived and was waiting to be moved to the coroner's mortuary.feedback

Charley Hart

Stop bugging these girls who may not want to do it [on Periscope or Facebook Live]. These girls who aren't even putting themselves out there are getting these requests.feedback

Charley Hart

I'm an introverted extrovert. I like to be in my house, but I like to be with people. I get to not even go anywhere. I can literally stay in my bedroom, and I can have people around me and everything.feedback

Lee Hsien Yang

Lee Kuan Yew's final will was simply Lee Kuan Yew's first will of 20 Aug 2011 re-executed on his instruction.feedback

Tanweer Ikram

That view is shared in the horror and disgust that is shown by those people that have uploaded messages on your profile.feedback

Tanweer Ikram

The whole country, if not the whole world, has been shocked by what has taken place in the last few days in relation to the fire at Grenfell Tower. The horror is not to be underestimated. The dignity of the dead must always be respected. What you have done by uploading those photos shows absolutely no respect to this poor victim. To show his face as he lies there is beyond words.feedback

Michelle Denney

He accepts he should have taken them down and he accepts posting the images was ill conceived. He apologises to the victim's family any all the other victims for what he has done.feedback

Michael Phelps

Last year, going into the Games, I was eating just fish and chicken, trying to stay away from red meat, trying to get as lean as I could.feedback

Theresa May

We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet – and the big companies that provide internet-based services – provide. We need to work with allied, democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremism and terrorist planning. And we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online.feedback

Jimmy Wales

There is a deeper more reflective approach than saying I don't want to be just a reptilian sort of of thing clicking on tidbits of food, that I want. I want to be a human being and be given thoughtful, reflective ideas.feedback

Jimmy Wales

Consumers need to hold their (Facebook's) feet to the fire and say, you really need to take a look at this stuff because I don't want to be tricked by fake information.feedback

Monika Bickert - Facebook

Tragically, we have seen more terror attacks recently. As we see more attacks, we see more people asking what social media companies are doing to keep this content offline. Ideally, one day our technology will address everything. It's in development right now.feedback

Shira Faigenbaum-Golovin

Getting a letter from Hananyahu after 2,600 years, it's something that gave me chills. I was really surprised to see it.feedback

Tanweer Ikram

The whole country, if not the whole world, has been shocked by what has taken place in the last few days in relation to the fire at Grenfell Tower. The horror is not to be underestimated. The dignity of the dead must always be respected. It is an aggravating feature that when people said to you 'This is really sick, just call the police' and 'call the cops rather than post photos', you didn't. You didn't remove the photos. These offences are so serious that a community order or financial penalty would not mark the seriousness of the offence.feedback

Penton Tabitha

I too have spent $13.7 billion at Whole Foods Market but somehow I only have a half used container of Almond Milk to show for it.feedback

Kevin Ridder

For that price, what'd they get? Two bags of granola?feedback

Farhad Manjoo - The Times

Ride-sharing, as an industry and a civic utility, is too big an idea to be left to a company like the one Uber is now. The company that wins this industry is bound to become one of the world's most powerful corporations. Its executives and culture will indirectly shape how we build cities, how we use energy, how we employ and pay people.feedback

Farhad Manjoo - The Times

So far, we've been failing at holding Uber accountable.feedback

Craig D'Souza - Facebook

Keep in mind that when the person sees your name on the list, it was in their activity log, which contains a lot of information, there is a good chance that they associate you with another admin of the group or a hacker.feedback

Andrew Griffith

Addressable TV is the high-quality, brand safe and transparent medium that leading brands have already been adopting in their thousands. Today's partnership takes that to the next level with the extension of AdSmart to millions more homes, meaning more relevant ads for Virgin customers and a larger platform for advertisers.feedback

Amber Rudd

Each attack confirms again the role that the internet is playing in serving as a conduit, inciting and inspiring violence, and spreading extremist ideology of all kinds. But we can't tackle it by ourselves … We need [social media companies] to take a more proactive and leading role in tackling the terrorist abuse of their platforms.feedback

Michael Hodgkinson

I know he wasn't happy with the way things were going, the election results and stuff. Totally out of the blue.feedback

David Lammy

I have heard nothing since her Facebook post saying, Please pray for me and my mum. I fear the worst and like hundreds of other people all can we can do is wait, hope and pray.feedback

Kathy Smith - Renaissance Capital

IPO investors are already cautious about valuations. Now they are going to be even more cautious.feedback

Monika Bickert - Facebook

More than half the accounts we remove for terrorism are accounts we find ourselves, that is something that we want to let our community know so they understand we are really committed to making Facebook a hostile environment for terrorists.feedback

Hany Farid - Facebook

We've known that extremist groups have been weaponizing the internet for years. So why, for years, have they been understaffing their moderation? Why, for years, have they been behind on innovation?feedback

Austin Jones

In the next one, you have to prove you're my biggest fan. I know you can do it! How amazing that would be for you!! To have your favorite singer spanking your a–! If you're lucky, maybe I'd let you suck my d–.feedback

Gerardo S. Gutierrez

He's a scared young man. He's facing 15 [years in prison], mandatory minimum.feedback

Steve Wilhite

The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They are wrong. It is a soft 'G', pronounced 'jif. End of story.feedback

Tom Toles

A few better-informed-than-me colleagues told me the gunman in the latest mass shooting, at a baseball diamond where Republican lawmakers and others were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, had shared at least one of my cartoons on his Facebook page last year. And a commenter here at The Post asked Wednesday: “Tom Toles A direct question. Do you recognize your hate speech and recto-rate results in a violate response from those you incident. I truly wonder if you have the integrity to respond. Probably not. The public awaits.”.feedback

David Lammy

My friend, who is missing and likely dead on the 20th floor, was on Facebook communicating that she was about to faint at 3.30am. If the fire began at 1am, why is she communicating at 3.30am with no help at all? There must be a full investigation and people must be held to account.feedback

Brad Lamensdorf

Its price-to-sales ratio is just so freaking high.feedback

George Orwell

So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot.feedback

Tom Mockridge

Quality programming deserves to be supported with quality advertising. In partnering with Sky we're putting the UK and Ireland at the forefront of TV advertising innovation. We're giving consumers advertising that is more relevant to them and giving brands a trusted destination to deliver intelligent, tailored TV campaigns to a targeted audience.feedback

Katy Waldman

Things that happen for political reasons, and have political consequences, demand that we scrutinize them through a political lens. Crying 'politicization' is itself politicization – a way to advance whatever slate of politics favors the status quo. Often people invoke policy goals in order to get things done; what's at stake is whether these tragedies should be regarded as irreducible lightning strikes or problems with potential solutions.feedback

T.S. Eliot

I had not thought death had undone so many.feedback

Alison Preston - Ofcom

The UK's older generation is beginning to embrace smart technology, and using it to keep in touch with friends and family. But some older people lack confidence online, or struggle to navigate search results. Many are new to the internet, so we would encourage people to help older friends or family who need support getting connected.feedback

Wayne Rooney

I just have to make a decision in terms of a football decision, and that's what I'll do. I'll do that the next few weeks with my family while I'm away and, honestly, as soon as I know what's going on then, I'm sure you will know.feedback

Diane Abbott

The first time I became aware that I was a target of a national campaign was when people in marginals in the north were WhatsApping me to say there were ad vans talking about me, with a picture of me and Jeremy on. Then there were these targeted Facebook ads. There was one which was a mashup ad which made it sound as if I supported al Qaida. We did contemplate taking legal action.feedback

Ron Barber

I am on Facebook and I see things there that I couldn't imagine anyone saying about another person. We've seen an increase in racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia. It's time for all our leaders, from the president on down, to say, Stop.feedback

Rick Hasen

Why is this barely getting coverage in major news outlets? One would think real possibility of 23 million people losing health care coverage would warrant page 1 coverage in major papers, networks.feedback

Austin Jones

I've been in therapy, seeking help to discover why I communicated with my fans in a way that I have come to fully realize was not appropriate. I'm embarrassed. I'd have conversations online with girls that would involve me asking them to create a video of themselves twerking. Sometimes I'd make videos of myself doing some twerk moves in return. Here's the truth: I NEVER asked them to do anything more than send a twerking video. Nothing EVER went beyond that.feedback

Mitchell Green - Lead Edge Capital

Unfortunately, Silicon Valley is kind of like Wall Street in the '80's and '90's ... like the 'bro culture' out there. I definitely don't condone it at all. Changes need to happen at Uber, and lots of other companies too. Facebook is a hard-charging culture, too. Working for [Amazon CEO] Jeff Bezos is no picnic either, I think. The reason they've built the business to where it is, and ran through regulations, is because of the hard-charging culture.feedback

Mak Chishty

And almost certainly you will find that these extremist voices start to shrink...remove their dominance, starve them of oxygen. Make sure they have got a powerful lobby against them. We can do that now.feedback

Mak Chishty

I would like to issue a call for action today for every single Muslim, from a young person all the way through to my mother-in-law who is well in her mid 60s but has got a Whatsapp or a Facebook, to to get on there and start to denounce extremism as not theirs. And almost certainly you will find that these extremist voices start to shrink...remove their dominance, starve them of oxygen. Make sure they have got a powerful lobby against them. We can do that now.feedback

Mak Chishty

We are not trying to defame Islam - that's the last thing that British people want to do. Let's stop being so sensitive about the language.feedback

Mak Chishty

When leaders stand up and say we condemn this, the change has been, we do not believe you, you always do this, where are your deeds, we hear your words, but what have you done to change this?feedback

Mak Chishty

It has been a turning point because people have had enough. I don't agree with that but I understand it. The anti-muslim sentiment online has been incredible it has been strong and relentless and it is there. Muslim communities are genuinely fearful of the backlash.feedback

Mak Chishty

The first thing that needs to change is we need to be comfortable with difficult conversations.feedback

Mak Chishty

I've said this menace lurks within Muslim communities. I mean that - it does. I'm a Muslim, I'm proud of that. But it doesn't change the fact that actually it's within our own communities.feedback

Ryan Holmes

There is a lot of value being created by the companies that are disrupting a lot of incumbents. So if you look at what Uber is doing, it's consolidating the transportation industry and others, and I think that there is a lot of froth around this, but also I think there is a ton of opportunity and if you look at the long game I think they are going to pay out very well. Nobody's calling a 1 800 number and sitting on hold anymore.feedback

Ryan Holmes

Social is going from a couple of millennials managing social to a major focus within the business. We're seeing companies that are shifting all of their advertising to online and to social and that is a huge change in how brands are operating.feedback

Annie Railton

Is it right the profession should lose such a dedicated, gifted, charismatic teacher for one catastrophic mistake?feedback

Simon Edwards - Trend Micro

Whether you're in China, Russia, Europe or the US, it's very, very easy to buy these services. It's important that we put a stop to this as soon as possible before it becomes mainstream. It's really important that people think about what it is they ingest and question everything you see.feedback

Hannah Pewee

Yup. Apparently some anonymous person reported me to MALL SECURITY for inappropriate dress and I was kicked out. Never mind that within a one foot radius there were plenty of girls dressed just like me, since it's NINETY degrees outside. I am so angry right now I'm shaking. I felt so embarrassed I almost cried. All because a stranger didn't like how I dressed. At the time, I had no idea what the mall's clothing policy was. I didn't know it didn't say anything about clothing lengths, so I wasn't about to start arguing with them.feedback

Hannah Pewee

The Woodland Mall should be ashamed of themselves, as well as that anonymous complainer. It's my body, and it's hot outside! I'm not going to show up in jeans and a sweater, sorry. Don't like it? Look away! I was out having a fun time with my sister and next thing I know, I'm out on the street. Slut-shaming how girls are dressed is deplorable and outdated, and it needs to stop.feedback

Aran Ryan

There is also more value in staying at boutique hotels than before, since guests can post their distinctive experiences on Instagram or Facebook.feedback

Diane Abbott

Then there were these targeted Facebook ads. There was one which was a mashup ad which made it sound as if I supported al-Qaida. We did contemplate taking legal action.feedback

Tom Wright - JMP Securities

It'll be interesting to watch whether this is just a blip or if we see continued weakness in these names.feedback

Saroop Ijaz - Human Rights Watch

The authorities are using vague and broad laws to criminalise freedom of expression. He and all others accused of 'blasphemy' must be released immediately. Instead of holding people accountable for mob violence that has killed at least three people and injured several more in recent months, the authorities are becoming part of the problem by enforcing laws that lack safeguards and are open to abuse.feedback

Saroop Ijaz - Human Rights Watch

The blasphemy laws have been used as an instrument of persecution against marginalized groups in Pakistan for the past three decades.feedback

Shafiq Qureshi

It is the first-ever death sentence in a case that involves social media.feedback

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

The big US tech stocks have gone stratospheric this year and investors are querying if there is anything left in the tank. At the moment it looks like it's just a pause that allows for some profit taking before another push higher. But it certainly has the potential to rattle markets if it continues.feedback

Robert Bouroujerdi

Five companies poised to dominate disruption - Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet - have added a total of $600m (£474m) of market cap this year, or the equivalent gross domestic product of Hong Kong and South Africa combined. Parallels to the 'nifty-fifty' and 1999 to 2000 are growing as their performance is even more pronounced on a risk-adjusted basis.feedback

Imran Khan

I think as you build your sales force you're educating more [of the] market; as you are launching self-service, it reduces the friction for advertisers to buy advertisement on a platform.feedback

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

We know marketers want to compare results across platforms and placements. Historically, we've enabled larger marketers to do this. In Q1 we started testing a set of advanced measurement tools that make it easier for marketers of all sizes to compare the effectiveness of Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network alongside other publishers.feedback

Mark Mahaney

I think [it] still gives you more than 20 percent upside between now and the year of the year. I won't want to tell you to back up the truck on Facebook.feedback

Mark Mahaney

Netflix is a stretch valuation. It has been for a long time. We only see small, single-digit upside to the price target.feedback

Mark Mahaney

You've got this sector that's up about 30 percent year to date and trades off 3 percent in one day that does not strike me as a big buying opportunity.feedback

Nadia Rahman - Amnesty International

Convicting and sentencing someone to death for allegedly posting blasphemous material online is a violation of international human rights law and sets a dangerous precedent. The authorities are using vague and broad laws to criminalize freedom of expression. He and all others accused of 'blasphemy' must be released immediately. Instead of holding people accountable for mob violence that has killed at least three people and injured several more in recent months, the authorities are becoming part of the problem by enforcing laws that lack safeguards and are open to abuse.feedback

Tommy Reza

Many people from Jambi and even overseas from places like Hong Kong and Malaysia got in touch to ask me where they could donate money. He was very grateful and he was praying. I told him that I was only the messenger. Indonesians are amazing. I'm touched by their compassion towards one another.feedback

Muhammad Shafique Qureshi

The forensic report of his mobile phone showed that he had committed blasphemy in at least 3,000 posts.feedback

George E. Harlow

Once they are near Earth's surface, it is very difficult to get rid of diamonds.feedback

George E. Harlow

Lots of ancient diamonds that have been down there for close to two billion years will still look like octahedrons. But the Earth is dynamic, moving all the time and most diamonds show the effects of being squooshed to some extent. They are not inert, but may deform and crystallize again.feedback

George E. Harlow

If a diamond gets raised to a shallower level or heated a lot, it may wind up being in the stability field of graphite, the more common form of carbon. We know this because there are plenty of documented cases of graphite with the shape of a diamond.feedback

Josh Harder

People in my generation, if they don't raise their hand and step forward – and are spending their time writing Facebook creeds instead of trying to affect change – then we deserve what we get. I'm frustrated and tired of standing on the sidelines.feedback

Shafiq Qureshi

An anti terrorism court of Bahawalpur has awarded him the death sentence. It is the first ever death sentence in a case that involves social media.feedback