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Elon Musk - Tesla Motors
If you build a ship that's capable of going to Mars, what if you take that same ship and use it to go from place to place on
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Oct 13 2017
“The vast majority of FedEx's business is business to business. Eighty-five percent-plus of our business has nothing to do with e-commerce. So Amazon's a wonderful company and they certainly have revolutionized the e-commerce world, and we're not sure what Amazon's going to do one way or another. But the FedEx system that consists of thousands of facilities and the ability to pick up, transport, and deliver in one to two business days between any two addresses in the United States has been decades in the making. And we think that we have not a great risk of being disrupted, to use the term.” said Fred Smith speaking about FedEx. It’s one of the 99 quotes about FedEx you can find on this page. 64 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Logan Purk and Jim Cramer. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Paul Casey

Am I thinking about Ryder Cup currently, in this position? No. Sitting here, no. It is so far out of my current thinking. The Tour Championship, getting home to my wife and my two kids, that's occupying most of my capacity right now. It's something we will look at. But at the moment, I'm not thinking about

Chris Josephs - Fairfax

Even though I don't agree with it myself, I believe they have a right to express their own beliefs. That – more than anything else – is what this country stands

Lizette Cardenas

Trump's comments weren't necessary. He just went too far. I think he should stay in the White House and try to do his job; we're going to continue coming out and supporting our

Jordan Spieth

It was a fight this whole week. I got on the greens and this was the most uncomfortable I've been with the putter in my hands maybe in my career. It was probably the worst putting event that I had this entire

Jordan Spieth

JT just has a tenacity, a confidence that takes experience in order to build and to have. I saw it at the Sony Open in January. He was out in front of the field and really just kept himself there. The week before when he won it was a battle with Hideki Matsuyama. When you come off a week like that, it takes a lot out of you, and that next Sunday the fact that he did it again, he got his fourth win and then obviously the [US] PGA; what he did there shows that he has that confidence no matter what the stage is, no matter where it

Xander Schauffele

I actually thought I had missed a two-footer to win. I'm still in shock. This is just

Justin Thomas

It was a weird feeling. As soon as I finished I got asked what it was like to win the FedEx Cup. It is hard at first, because as a competitor you are mad that you didn't win the

John Miller

He's upright on his takeaway, and then that explosiveness he has on the bottom is like Tiger. The greatness of golf is how well you handle

Nick Taranto

I was miserable working working on Wall Street and I was gone within seven months. I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial where I could roll up my sleeves and harness data and technology and apply them to a very large industry. I would buy salmon and basil and package it up and put it in Fed Ex boxes and hand deliver it to the FedEx store and we had exactly zero repeat customers in our in our early

Jordan Spieth

I get done and look back and I'm surprised we're at 3 under. I felt like it was really a grind out there, and it's just because the first four, five holes of the round, I was all over the place, tee to green. And then my whole back nine, I had a chance to birdie all but one of the holes and only made one of

Kyle Stanley

I don't have too good of a game plan for this golf course, seeing it for the first time. But I felt like maybe that would be key, just hitting a lot of fairways and giving myself chances on second

Angela Marcus

There's seven and a half million pets entering our shelter system right now in our country. I was the operations director for the Pennsylvania SPCA for six years. I can tell you firsthand, shelters are no place for pets, for people who care about their

Jim Cramer

What were today's dominoes? Well, we got three of them: Apple, specifically issues with the Apple Watch, but also some concerns that the phone may not be that strong, General Mills in what I regard as a flabbergasting disappointment of an earnings report, and still one more miserable quarter from Bed Bath &

Angela Marcus

There's a lot of judgment around surrendering a pet to a shelter, and we're here to change that. Shelters are always going to have a place in our society. We're always going to need someone to care for stray animals or victims of cruelty and neglect, but a pet that has been loved and cared for and someone's life has changed for whatever reason, we want to give them an opportunity to do right by their

Alan Graf - FedEx

For a long period of time it was very thin, didn't cover a lot of things that a company would look to cover, much more related to personal information and things of that note. However, as a result of this attack, of course, we are re-examining where the market is, we think it's getting deeper and we are -- I'm going to go out and see if there's something that we can develop that would add protection for our company at a reasonable

Fred Smith

E-commerce is not going to eliminate the retailing sector of the country. It's about 10 percent now. It's certainly going to grow as a percentage. But will it be half? I doubt it. And I think you're going to see brick-and-mortar become more e-tailers. And how that all shakes out, I don't

Fred Smith

Groceries are heavy, hard to handle, people like to come and see the produce and so

Rajesh Subramaniam - FedEx

More and more retailers are evolving their business model to compete with pure-play e-tailers, and we see this as an opportunity to provide even better value for our customers – whether it's fulfilling from store or a [distribution center].feedback

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

FedEx is still a well-oiled machine and there is a lot of value to be had in its

Thomas Wadewitz - Ubs

We expect a combination of additional expense and lost revenue at TNT resulting from the cyber-attack to weigh on results throughout F2018. In addition, we do not yet have visibility to significant improvement in FDX's Ground margin which could provide an offset to the challenges at

Alexios Shaw

It was a cash on delivery business. Instead of paying in advance with a credit card, everyone paid with cash. You can't use FedEx or the post office and leave a box at the

Mark Rypien

There just seems to be something missing there. I don't know what it is. It's a larger stadium. It doesn't have the intimacy that RFK had. I just feel that . . . it's not passionate like it once was. It's not that intimate setting and it's not a ticket like you can't get a ticket for it. Everyone can get a ticket now to FedEx and it's just become a situation now when in a big game, on a high stage, that we're not performing at the level that we need to, and it's

Kirk Cousins

Whether it's the preseason or the regular season, you just play. If you start to back off, that's probably where you're starting to risk injury. At first I thought maybe I should have given a better effort. I didn't want to extend my arm, so I just kind of threw a shoulder. At first when I looked up at the Jumbotron, I felt like I should have done a better job tackling

Jay Gruden

I would hope so. It's a competitive sport. To let a guy score a touchdown on our home field is unacceptable, so I'm happy he did that. That was the right move. He should do

Dustin Johnson

You know, well, today was the first time it's kind of felt, the golf swing, I was in control like I was leading into the Masters. I've been saying it's close and I've seen signs of it, but today was the first day where I felt like all day, I was really in control of the swing. Hit a lot of really good shots. Drove it well. Did everything really well. It's the first time in a long time I've done

David Henkes - Technomic

This deal also has a huge impact on the meal kit business. Companies like Blue Apron have relied heavily on couriers like FedEx to deliver meal kits and other at-home meal offerings to consumers over the last several years. This deal opens up doors for Whole Foods to compete against players in the direct-to-consumer delivery

Scott Brown

It's always helpful. We're used to seeing it really one or two times for the week; basically I've seen it three

Genevieve Cozzens

I leave a FedEx box ready to go for anything we've forgotten or that is

Craig Currier

That's kind of what started it. That was the style people got to see we were kind of looking

Tim Shifflett

It's more of an elegant look for this property. That was kind of the goal. We went against what a lot of places were

Craig Currier

When you stand on those holes and you see a white splash here and there, and everything's clean, that was what I envisioned. I think that's what we

Craig Currier

If somebody was in the upstairs bathroom, they would have been dead. It's weird. I never envisioned

Tim Shifflett

It was frightening. At one point, a tree fell across the road about 100 yards in front of me. I just gunned

Padma Lakshmi

He kinda said, Oh, looky here, what a pretty face. What a shame about that pretty face. I felt he was bullying me. I thought he might hit me. I felt

Jay Monahan

I think that works very well for our product, and candidly, as a sport, a true international sport, being on all the time and showcasing the world's best players over that period of time. As a whole, there are a lot of players who are very happy with the FedEx Cup schedule and our entire

Jim Cramer

People are expecting a very good quarter given the incredibly fast shift to e-commerce in this country. UPS should be a huge winner now that online is totally ascendant, but how many times has this company managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? FedEx did a great job when it reported, but the stock's been stuck in neutral. Perhaps UPS can get it going again. My fingers are

Ed Stroz - FBI

Even though there's a financial component in terms of the payload looking from ransomware, the deeper analysis shows that may not have been the main purpose. If you look at the geographic impact as to where it hit, and if they start to reverse-engineer some of the code and the functionality, it looks like the disruption payload was more significant than the ransomware

Charles Carmakal - Mandiant

What's really clear right now is that we are seeing what appears to be the first widescale attack against the economy and Ukraine. It appears to be more of a disruptive attack against organizations that do business in the Ukraine and something to really impact the way of life out

Arjun Karpal - CNBC

It's a very different piece of work here, and security researchers and companies are still scrambling about how to fix

Rajesh Subramaniam - FedEx

We are focused on ensuring that we are compensated for the investments we make to deliver outstanding service during

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

It was an exceptional quarter. They more or less smashed the (Wall Street forecast)

Jim Cramer

The president has met and is meeting with the people who run FedEx. I think you're going to hear, and this is my reporting, that FedEx is going to be involved with the privatization of airports. That's a very good reason to own FedEx beyond the

Jim Cramer

Today, the transports gave us exactly what the bulls want from this all-important group. Now, we did hear a lot of activist chatter when it came to the long-faltering UPS ... but it was the dramatic move in FedEx, up more than 4 points, that made me feel like we shouldn't give up on commerce in this country, at least not

Thomas Bossert

Overall, the U.S. infection rate has been lower than many parts of the world, but we may still see significant impacts in additional networks as these malware attacks morph and change. We had a small number of affected parties in the U.S., including FedEx. As of today, no federal systems are

Brian Stretch

This allows everybody in chain to be sharing in real time a lot of the decisions on these larger investigations. It is my expectation that this new review process can only aid with such

Roger Federer

It's definitely going to be very special playing Rafa here again. I'm thrilled for him that he came back as well as he did after the comeback and the struggles that he had last year. It feels like old times. We're playing each other every week now. We can't get enough of each other. Hopefully it's not our last

Roger Federer

It did feel very good, because you don't very often play three breakers in a match. It's nice to win those and winning breakers is always such a thrill. It's great winning this way, especially because I remember the loss against him a few years ago, It was rough. It was the birthday of my boys. I wasn't with them and had that match, so it was nice to get this one. It feels like old times. We're playing each other every week now. We can't get enough of each other. Hopefully it's not our last

Danny Willett

You work hard and you think you should do certain things every week, which is impossible. You step back, realise that happened in 2016 and it was awesome. But this is 2017, a new year and the slate is clean. That doesn't mean I'm not Masters champion but in terms of Race to Dubai, FedEx Cup, whatever, you are starting at zero again. Regardless of how poor I thought the last few months were, I'd done something there that not many people have been able to do. I'll host a Champion's Dinner with maybe 34 guys there wearing Green Jackets. The realisation set in that this was really

Fred Smith

Margins, cash flows and returns are going to increase over the next several years. Amazon is a wonderful company, and they certainly have revolutionized the ecommerce world, and we're not sure what Amazon's going to do one way or another. But the FedEx system that consists of thousands of facilities ... has been decades in the

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

Looking at the quarter in isolation, its not great, but looking forward, which is what the market is going to focus on, it actually looks fairly

Fred Smith

We believe strongly that our strategic investments to expand our global scope and our portfolio of services will significantly increase long term

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

If you just looked at overall sales, volumes and what they're getting per package, everything appears just fine. It's the expense side that really offset the more-or-less solid

Marty Mucci - Paychex

You see Nashville's got good high-tech jobs coming in there. E-commerce is now 15 percent of sales, and FedEx being based there, you're seeing a lot of shipping really pick up in the market, as

Fadi Chamoun

Following steady y/ y [year over year] decline in industrial production since September 2015, the outlook appears to be improving. This should help support demand for high-margin B2B shipments. While we are in year one of a four-year TNT integration plan and the company could still face bumps along the way, we sense that the integration is progressing well and could be a source of positive surprise relative to our

Fadi Chamoun

FedEx shares are currently trading at a 15 percent discount to the S&P 500 compared to a 5-year historical average discount of 2 percent. Valuation is also at a significant discount relative to other high-quality industrial peers. On trade, we believe that while there is a risk associated with FedEx's exposure to international trade, the company's network is able to flex and adapt to changing origination-destination

Patrick Tyler Brown

We continue to believe that adding TNT into FDX's portfolio will prove a game changer for FDX as TNT should improve FDX's European operations providing not only cost synergies (via density), but also revenue opportunities over

Bill Miller - Legg Mason

Their addressable market in AWS alone is in the trillions of dollars. U.S. retail alone is $5 trillion. Amazon would rather ship through FedEx or the post office, but they don't have the capacity, especially in the fourth quarter, to handle that surge. Wal-Mart is a good competitor. They're not going

Donald Broughton - Avondale Partners

UPS and Fedex are dead center in one of the greatest marco trends of our generation – and yet they can't take full advantage of it. Bottom line UPS has proven less capable of generating incremental margins on the surge in

Richard Peretz - United Parcel Service

We actually had a good fourth quarter, but what we saw was a tremendous shift in the amount of volume that went to the consumer versus to the business. In fact we looked over the last 10 years and this is the fastest rate of change. While volume continued to grow, opportunity continues to grow, because of business-to-consumer, we saw the

Martin Mucci - Paychex

We're really coming off of a high on ... how great things are going to be. You're seeing e-commerce really pick up. You have FedEx in Tennessee, that's picking up some small businesses around

Michael Niemira

The bitter cold that blanketed the U.S. over the past week hurt consumers' ability to shop, which means more is riding on the current week as holiday shopping wraps

Ken Perkins - Morningstar

The annual post-Black Friday shopping lull was even more pronounced this year. Super Saturday weekend needed to be a blowout to make up for declining foot traffic the previous three weeks. Unfortunately from our store visits, it appeared to be anything

Walter Kirkeminde

The planning process started literally as soon as we were done [last year] and now we're heading into our Super Bowl – that's what this

Bob Costello

While seasonally adjusted tonnage fell, meaning the not seasonally adjusted gain wasn't as large as expected, the bottom of the current tonnage cycle should be

Chad Morganlander

So this is one of the critical reasons why we've had this get up and go in the transportation sector. We believe that is justified; we believe that earnings are going to be quite robust going into 2017 and 2018. And valuations? They make sense at this

Chad Morganlander

You've been getting paid to own these stocks versus other segments of the market, so versus the bond proxies, or versus the staples, or the utilities, so that's the big change as far as we're concerned; you're getting paid to own transports, as opposed to something else – so big change, bullish

Bob Costello

There are some recent trends that suggest truck freight should improve, albeit gradually,

David Ross

While we do not see an imminent global recession – in fact, we believe there could be further market upside due to multiple expansion in the pre-Trump euphoria – FDX has hit our $186 target price, causing us to step to the sidelines rather than raise our estimates for the target

Chris Allen - FedEx

The aircraft associated with the affected engine is temporarily not in service until the engine is replaced. Safety is our top

Amit Mehrotra - Deutsche Bank

We see .. upside potential in FDX shares as the company realizes the last remaining benefits of its profit improvement plan, synergies from its recent TNT Express acquisition take hold, and Ground investments begin to

Rory McIlroy

I think it's obvious. The fact I've won the FedEx Cup this year and won the Race to Dubai before made the decision a little easier. I guess it's out of my

Francois Hollande

The opening of this facility is an additional sign of France's attractiveness. With the decision by Britons to leave the European Union, it should lead us to attract even more

Paul Casey

I'm looking at this as a continuation of the year. I know the slate's been wiped clean and we start the FedEx Cup all over again, but I'm looking at this to try to cap off my season. I've got three opportunities to try to win a golf tournament, and I haven't done that yet this

Darren Clarke

We have the Masters champion (Danny Willet), we have The Open champion (Henrik Stenson), we have the Olympic champion (Justin Rose) and we have the FedEx champion (McIlroy). You combine that with all the experience and with all of the rest of the team and the way those guys played, I don't really need to respond to that. I think I've got full confidence in our

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

But investors want more details about TNT and rightfully so because this is a massive acquisition, it's a bit of a game changer for

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

I would love more details too but I am going to give FedEx management the benefit of the doubt because this is a new acquisition and it's a moving target for

Alan Graf - FedEx

Our team is extremely excited about the TNT Express integration, and we are discovering many possibilities for achieving high returns. As we integrate these networks and take advantage of the unmatched road capabilities of TNT Express, I am confident there is going to be a tremendous opportunity to increase the earnings of FedEx

Juliette Kayyem

The gap is essentially when mail is sent to the United States from foreign countries; if it's of a certain weight, it doesn't go through normal cargo surveillance like the mail that is sent through private mailing services such as UPS and

JJ Kinahan - TD Ameritrade

It was a loss and a little bit bigger loss than maybe some had expected. We keep hearing the consumer is coming back, yet at the end of the day [it's] still not what we want to see of consumers. If stocks decline Wednesday, FedEx will likely be a contributing

Logan Purk - Edward Jones & Co.

FedEx has demonstrated once again that it knows how to run an efficient operation during peak season. The strong results coupled with a robust outlook bodes well for the

Alan B. Graf, Jr. - FedEx Freight

We now expect our fiscal 2016 adjusted earnings to be up 20% to 22% over last year, as we continue to benefit from our execution of the profit improvement program. Our positive financial momentum should continue into our upcoming fiscal 2017, where we expect solid growth in earnings and cash

Nathan Brockman - Nathan

Even if there is some discounted pricing for being a consolidator, they'll take the volume, and if someone is doing the consolidation for them, it works fine, as it ends up being more profitable, usually. Many other shipping brokers already do this for corporate

Kevin Gibbon - Shyp

The biggest pain point was the shipping piece. Having to pack items and get them out. That was the most time-consuming

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