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Natalie Nougayrède
From Turkey to China, strongmen rewrite the past to suit their ends. But democracies are not immune to this revisionism. On 22 July, the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán stood before university students and delivered a speech titled “Will Europe belong to Europeans?” It contained rambling passages about how a “Soros plan” was in place to bring in “hundreds of thousands of migrants every year – if possible, a million – to the territory of the European Union from the Muslim world”. The aim was to transform the continent into “a new, Islamised Europe”. This, Orbán argued, was what lay behind “Brussels’ continuous and stealthy withdrawal of powers from the nation states”. Orbán has form when it comes to this kind of paranoid vision. He’s an authoritarian populist who has made a habit of stoking xenophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment. He eagerly amplifies far-right conspiracy theories about the Christian majority being threatened by demographic “replacement”. His message isn’t just fake news about the present, however. It comes laced with historical
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Aug 04 2017
Fidesz has been commented on by 29 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Fidesz are: Viktor Orban, Csaba Toth, Zoltan Kovacs and Attila Juhász. For instance, the most recent quote from Viktor Orban is: “National governance in Hungary is under continuous pressure and attack… the most important thing at stake is whether we will have a parliament and a government that will seek to serve the best interests of the Hungarian people, or a parliament and a government that will seek to serve foreign interests. If we were to accept that Brussels or other political and financial centres should dictate to us, or that Hungarian or American billionaires should tell us how things should be in our country, then we would have no conflicts.”.
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Liviu Matei

All this seems like a co-ordinated attack not just on academic freedom but on freedom of association, and, finally, on democratic

Liviu Matei

There is a pattern to it. Academic freedom and freedom of association might go. After that there is not much

Stefania Kapronczay

All we are doing is protecting the rights of Hungarian citizens advocating for the wider participation in public affairs, but this is something that seems to be very threatening to the

Attila Juhász

This is a long-form strategy that they (Fidesz) want to maintain until the elections, so it is much more difficult to backtrack on this. This is not just about CEU, this all fits into the campaign against Soros. This is part of the political ideology that is a foundation stone of Orban's system - national interests against foreign

Andras Fekete-Gyor

The Olympics is a great thing, so we can organise it in 2036 if you want but we have to use this money for other purposes. It is ridiculous that they didn't ask the people. This is a mega project in Hungary, and they just forgot about the people. It seems (like) it is going to be a Fidesz Olympics and not the Olympics of

Szilard Nemeth

These organisations must be pushed back with all available tools, and I think they must be swept out, and now I believe the international conditions are right for this with the election of the new president (in the U.S.).feedback

Gabor Vona

The moment that Fidesz, the government, scraps the bond programme, Jobbik is ready to back the amendment of the constitution within 24

Gabor Polyak

A huge media company has just gotten closer to (Orban's) Fidesz

Gabor Polyak

The financial investor (Mr Petzina) is getting rid of Mediaworks. The only potential buyers are oligarchs close to

Csaba Toth

Obviously the Government tries to sell this as a success, but this is not success: it shows Fidesz could not mobilise more voters than its own voter base plus the Jobbik

Csaba Toth

Fidesz' support goes up when the debate is about migration, it goes down when it's about other issues. It is vital for Fidesz to keep the migration issue on the

Attila Juhász

From an international point of view this result is definitely a failure for Viktor Orbán, an invalid referendum is unlikely to put pressure on the European Union, nobody will take this

Zoltan Kovacs

We are not targeting a particular group of refugees. However, the Orbán government differs sharply from some other European governments. We do not look to immigration as a source of cheap labour or a solution to demographic

Tibor Závecz

When the summer started, 1.6 million voters supported Fidesz, 20 percent of the population. This has increased by 300,000 – four percentage

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

Many believe the government's real aim is to win back voters who left them for the far-right Jobbik Party. But some analysts his Fidesz party will lose support because of this

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

I have to thank Hungary for its positive behaviour towards Egypt despite the negative position of other countries which ignore the challenges which (we are)

Attila Magyar

Following recent events in Egypt the president's European tour shows he wants to build bridges, but there is a long road ahead… after their talks the two leaders did not mention issues like the death penalty, and journalists were not allowed to ask

Ronald S. Lauder

Jobbik has a role to play that Fidesz and the socialists are not doing. And that is a dangerous game. Because this is very very much like other right wing parties in the past had risen. And then once they got in power, changed

Zoltán Kész

People have had enough of the corruption, which has reached Veszprém. They said to the government do not steal. I would have thought this is a policy basic. They've sent a message to Orbán's regime, to stop

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

During Angela Merkel's Monday visit she will hold talks with Viktor Orbán for around one and a half hours, yet everyone is is just guessing if the issues raised by the protesters will be part of those

Zsuzsanna Árendás

One more important point to the motivations of the Fidesz government to come up with this new citizenship law was the approaching 2014 elections. It was easily predictable that Fidesz can gain votes from ethnic Hungarians who freshly-obtained citizenship thanks to

Mesterházy Attila

This Country is not free, because the ruling majority constantly abused power with its two-third majority, and has led Hungary away from the constitutional way of democracy, and the campaign was organised based on this, they formed the new election rules according to

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

Just a few votes could determine whether it will be able to continue to govern with a two-thirds majority. If not, the opposition might have a greater say in politics.Things will become clearer within the space of a few

Gábor Kovacs - Euronews

What is your take on the new electoral law? From now on, will it be an easy ride for Fidesz or is the new system a double-edged sword?feedback

Attila Mesterhazy

We find what Jobbik says unacceptable. I hope they don't want to shut Hungarian citizens up in concentration camps. The worst thing is that the Fidesz government has not distanced itself from Jobbik's xenophobic platform. It

Viktor Orban

We will jointly rebuild Hungary and make it

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

The prime minister can now exercise his power with full authority. He'll name his new government after the European elections. Until then the members of the former government have only limited

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

Parties made their final campaign statements. Orbán spoke in Hero's Square. He told supporters that his government had rebuilt Hungary and therefore asked them to give him another term when they vote on April 6. Opposition leader Attila Mesterházy held his last rally at the Opera, calling on people not to support Fidesz, because the last four years has been a time of

Gábor Török

If we're to believe the latest opinion polls, the real question is by how much of a majority will ruling party Fidesz win. They have a good chance of maintaining their two thirds

Attila Mesterhazy

We must pay them back for all the turpitude, humiliation and intimidation we had to bear in the last four

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

The European Union has already repeatedly expressed its concerns about the cuts of energy prices in Hungary. That is why the Hungarian Parliament received a political request from its Fidesz majority last year asking the government to fight EU

Viktor Orban

One thing is for sure, Fidesz and the Christian Democrats have set a European record, among the European parties we got the biggest support. This is a European

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