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Donald J. Trump
And by the way, that number is going to go up very substantially as they expand this area. So the 1,100 is going to be a minimum number. These companies are not going to be taking people's hearts out. They are not going to be announcing, like they did at Carrier, that they are closing up and moving to
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NEW Jun 23 2017
The latest person who has talked about Ford is Mark Fields: “You have to have one foot in today ... but also one foot in the future. I think investors understand our strategy.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Mark Fields and all the other people that have spoken about Ford. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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Tom Ford

I don't wear these kinds of colors. You have to learn what works on

Tom Ford

Classics, . We make classic men's wear. That's what I like on

Tom Ford

It's a very sort of '70s thing to do. There was, in the '70s, a moment when even a few luxury companies used to sell a tonal shirt and tie together in a plastic box. I love

Tom Ford

There's not really a thing for men we don't

Michael Useem

Who ever thought Ford would be competing with Google? But they are, and Mark Fields wasn't moving fast

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld

He's the poster child for what's happened to the C.E.O. job. Until last month, people thought dynastic family capital like the Ford family was the solution to rampant short-termism. I'm sorry Ford forgot that

Michael D. Clow - US Army

The U.S. Army facilitated the procurement and delivery of thousands of Ford Ranger trucks to the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police, concluding in 2012. The managing program office has not facilitated the transfer of any vehicles out of Afghanistan, and we cannot speculate on the origin or disposition of the truck in the

Evelyn Clay

This murder was torture. That child suffered a slow and agonizing death. That little body looked like it had been pulverized from head to toe. Her treatment of this child was evil. Enough!feedback

Evelyn Clay

Helen Ford did know how to say 'no,' . She knew how to say 'no' to Gizzell – no water, no food, no sleep, no praise. She did not say 'yes' to the basic requirements of human

Takahiro Hachigo - Honda

We're going to put utmost top priority on electrification and advanced safety innovations going

Adam Jonas - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We believe that Ford's earnings outlook may need to be reset as much as 50 percent lower over the next 18 to 24

Yale Zhang

From the second half and into next year they will launch some newer generation products and the situation will be

Peter Fleet - Ford Motor

We've strengthened our marketing plan in China for the second quarter, with new and exciting customer promotions for Ford-branded

Ned Ryan

Our mission is to identify, test and launch financial products that meet the changing needs of consumers. We're addressing the void in the consumer space between daily rentals and long-term (financial)

Troy A. Clarke - Navistar International

We are on track to improve on last year's results, but still have quite a bit of work to do in the second half. However, the work we've done in the first six months growing share, building our backlog, and managing costs, combined with improving industry conditions, positions us to deliver a stronger second

Neil St Clair-Ford

I was travelling south along Granville Road past one of the properties where I work and got to the brow of the hill, and over it saw something white lying in the road. It was a bit drizzly, towards dusk, so the light wasn't great. I slowed down and saw it was a person. I stopped the car, wondered what it was. Looked around. You have to be a little bit careful because you are trained not to stop the car in case someone wants to kidnap the principal. It was so faint when he made a noise. It was more like a choke. His life signs were very

Neil St Clair-Ford

Each of the gates have vehicle registration cameras and also have security cameras. There are mobile security travelling around the estate and the manned gates are manned 24 hours a day, seven days a

Robert Wastell

During this time you were with the man collapsed in the road, do you remember seeing any vomit? Did you suffer any problem with your mouth afterwards? Any blistering or skin coming off at all or any illness?feedback

Neil St Clair-Ford

Certainly there are some high profile individuals. Many of them don't have bodyguards but have chauffeur-security guards. At St George's Hill there are a number of gates. There are two main gates so unless you have a pass you cannot get through the

Gareth Osborn

One of the significant changes for us has been the growth of the digital

Paul Lewis

SEGRO has single ownership of the estate which enables us to do clever things with

James Finnis

Once an office building is turned into residential, it is never going to come back. There isn't a long list of companies lining up to leave London and come down the train line quite yet, but my sense is there will be businesses that

David Watkins

Slough is on one of the main fibre trunk routes out of London, which makes it an ideal place to put data centres. There is also access to large amounts of power, which we

Rick Longenecker

When companies here do business with a Ford or a G.M., they sign a contract that is not only binding – in many cases it is pretty harsh. Now we have this deal to prevent a global catastrophe, and it's nonbinding? That is ridiculous. And it makes us think that there is a hidden agenda, that we are just transferring trillions of dollars to

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Ford's announcement of 20,000 global layoffs to streamline and cut costs is a typical strategy of large corporations who need to pivot to stay

Colleen Madden - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

We use company announcements, media reports, and SEC filings to compile numbers. We found numerous reports citing the 10 percent global job cuts for Ford. We used those reports in our

Jessica Caldwell -

While demand for new vehicles is still relatively strong, it's a bit of smoke and mirrors. Dealers and automakers really pushed the deals over the holiday weekend to prop up their May numbers. Incentives were up sharply, and it seems automakers are putting more cash on the hood to nudge car shoppers to buy versus

Andrew Challenger

You've seen the purchase by Wal-Mart ... e-commerce is coming to the grocery stores as

John A. Challenger - Challenger, Gray & Christmas

Ford's announcement of 20,000 global layoffs to streamline and cut costs is a typical strategy of large corporations who need to pivot to stay competitive. As consumers demand electric and self-driving options, traditional automakers will need to

Solomon Hsiang

Putting national resources further into coal while China takes the lead in solar is like investing in building a better horse-drawn carriage back when Henry Ford was investing in mass producing

Rachel Waddilove

Modern parenting is all about the child and that's what I don't like about it. I'm not belittling the fact that children are precious, they're a gift but we're building a generation of little tin gods and it's not creating a very nice society. We've lost the plot. I see myself as being half way between Gina Ford and Baby Whisperer Tracy Hogg. You're not leaving a cold, hungry, unloved child on its own to cry for hours. That's abuse. We're talking about a baby with a full stomach in a comfy cot learning to self settle and sleep. That's

James Hackett

There's more to come later in the week that will round out my

Kathleen Kennedy - Lucasfilm

She was having a blast [on The Last Jedi]. The minute she finished, she grabbed me and said, I'd better be at the forefront of IX! Because Harrison [Ford] was front and centre on VII, and Mark [Hamill] is front and centre on VIII. She thought IX would be her movie. And it would have

Bill Ford

We have to empower the teams and we have to move fast, and we have to trust our people to move

James Hackett

The leadership changes we are announcing today across our global business are important as we foster even greater teamwork, accountability and nimble decision-making. I am excited to work together with Bill Ford and such a talented and diverse group of leaders to create a more vibrant Ford that delivers value for all of our

Joe Langley - IHS

GM seems to be getting more for its money and realizing the results

Eddie Jones

I've decided to have co-captains this weekend with Chris Robshaw and George Ford. We need the responsibility of leadership shared. Chris will look after the forwards and defence while George will look after the backs and attack. It splits the responsibility nicely and with so many younger players there we need co-captains rather than just one guy responsible for

Mike Levine - Ford Motor

We're bullish on our strong pipeline of all-new cars, trucks and SUVs coming in the next five years. What's more, the vehicles that we are launching ... will continue to deliver high transaction prices and good

Stephen Levins

They used it because it was cheaper. It saved a few dollars for the car manufacturers to market this dangerous product to consumers here in Hawaii despite publicly available information that ammonium nitrate, this is a chemical principally used to propel rockets...was volatile and

Bruce Clark - Moody's

The appointment of a new CEO at Ford was unexpected and comes in the absence of any major missteps by the company during recent years. This significant senior management change, and the identification of issues that are serious enough in the eyes of the board to undertake that change, reflect credit-negative events within the company. This change was abrupt and may be outside of normal succession planning. We are concerned that this could reflect a more serious set of challenges in these areas than Moody's had previously

Rob Mee

We'll definitely do it when the market conditions and the business conditions are just right. Everything that we do is open-source ... in that mode of openness, now that we provide cloud technology as well, which we have built over the last four years, (the cloud business) has become a big growth engine for us. Companies want a multi-cloud strategy. The timing is really good for us to step up investment in Asia in a big

Michael Warrilow - Gartner

The future for cloud is bright ... adoption will increase within the majority of organizations. There is definitely a place for smaller companies to use big public cloud providers for their

Rob Mee

Software development is optimized for continuous change is essentially what it is. Prior to that, software development had tried to limit change because it was seen as risky. It turns out that in order to move safely, you have to move much more

George Ford

Eddie has challenged me to keep improving our attack, to ask more questions of the opposition and to be more dangerous. It's good sometimes to play with different people and come up with different ways of trying to break teams

David Sullivan

Making cars is hard. I would argue that making a CD is not very hard. Ford is first and foremost a vehicle manufacturing company. It looks to me like Mark Fields put that part of the business on cruise control. You didn't hear management discussing how they were going to not let that happen gain. The message wasn't really communicated on how they were going to fix the day-to-day operations of the

David Sullivan

Now is a time when the company needs to be more cognizant of what's going on on the manufacturing side of the business, especially as people shift from cars to crossovers and

Joe Phillippi

It will be many years before a lot of the stuff Fields has been working on will achieve a

Edward Niedermeyer

This transition here is totally out of character for them. Clearly there was some need for some symbolism in terms of emphasizing how important these future technologies are to the

James Hackett

I do think that the vision and our role in that future has to be better. I know that that can be better, and I know that we can build better enthusiasm for Ford. I've got all the opportunity to make the decisions we need and a great team to help me get

George Ford

I don't think you would want to go to Argentina thinking: 'Let's try our best and see what happens.' We want to go there and win 2-0 – and we are expecting to do so regardless of who is

Denny Solomona

I'm not out of Argentina just yet, I'm doing everything in my power to make sure I make the trip. I've done all the necessary steps to get back in

Eddie Jones

I'm looking to try to develop that all the time really. As a 10, you're more an on-field leader but I suppose especially last week and this week there's some more off-field stuff that I've tried to develop and take upon myself a little bit

James Hackett

I am so excited to work with Bill Ford and the entire team to create an even more dynamic and vibrant Ford that improves people's lives around the world, and creates value for all of our stakeholders. I have developed a deep appreciation for Ford's people, values, and heritage during the past four years as part of the company and look forward to working together with everyone tied to Ford during this transformative

Bill Ford

These are really unparalleled times, and it really requires transformational leadership during these times. He and I sat down Friday and really decided this was the right time for him to go and for us to have new leadership. People can speculate all they want about that. But the fact is, he is (retiring), and I feel we've got a great leader in

Brian Johnson

First, we'd suspect that new CEO Jim Hackett will likely be a medium-term CEO, with a successor to be groomed over the coming years (perhaps in 3-4 yrs). Both have big challenges and perhaps the board's thinking is this will motivate them to cut deeper, act faster, etc. If there was one area where Ford was admittedly soft in more recent years. For example, profits on the new F-Series, while solid, appear to be less than they could be due to decisions on commodities, such as steel and aluminum. A new role of head of global operations would allow these issues to be

Joseph Spak - RBC Capital Partners

We and the market spend a lot of time talking about the future with Ford. However, we wonder if the board is also questioning some of the strategic decisions with their core business. For instance, GM decided to re-enter the U.S. small pickup market over 3 years ago and Ford at the time said they didn't see a market for it. Ford will now re-enter that market 3 years from today. This is a small segment to be sure, but it may show some insight into decision

Scott Cook - Intuit

Lots of people can manufacture well, but manufacturing the same old products will get you the same old results. You hire a Jim if you want to learn to manufacture what people will want

James Hackett

Both of us feel like over the years – what happens in big corporations – the bureaucracy and the hierarchy's probably overwhelmed what can be faster decision making. Bill gets it, he understands the culture. We are totally

Bill Ford Jr. - Ford Motor

We're moving from a position of strength to transform Ford for the future. Jim Hackett is the right CEO to lead Ford during this transformative period for the auto industry and the broader mobility

Bill Ford

We have to re-energize our business, we need to modernize our

Joseph Spak - RBC Capital Partners

Ford's reputation with the investor community with respect to the secular pressures is that they are throwing a lot of things at the wall. They are doing a lot. Some of it may be smart. But the overall communication hasn't been great. A simpler message may be

Jim Cramer

He had a difficult situation. He was told to develop an autonomous car. He's told to be a worldwide guy. You do have peak auto in the U.S. and U.S. is really where Ford has made its biggest strides. So, it's kind of an impossible

Jim Cramer

I was not surprised. If you judge a guy by a stock price, I guess he had to

Chris DeRose

The analogous thing is he would talk about taking Steelcase out of commodity hell. When you think about where the auto industry is, I think there's a pretty clear message that here's a guy who knows how to differentiate in a low-margin, commodity based

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

You have to have one foot in today ... but also one foot in the future. I think investors understand our

James Hackett

The way that that gets fixed is the nature of the innovation and the ideas making their way into the market. It even sounds a little corny but the stock price is a consequence of the actions we're going to take to make the company more fit, more profitable and a more fun place to work. The biggest challenge I had [at Steelcase], and I will have here, is to have everybody see the future. They can see their opportunity in that. And secondly, that it's our right to win and we don't have to cede that to anybody, Tesla or any of them. I love that challenge because I know how to do

Jack Nerad

Mark Fields was given the nearly impossible task of making the utterly conventional auto manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, into a high-tech information-style company with share values to match. Despite turning in credible profits, Fields was unable to turn Ford into a stock market darling, and that may well prove elusive going

Gary Bradshaw - Hodges Capital Management

There's just nothing out there that looks like it will get the stock moving. GM is in the same boat. They don't have a car out there like a Tesla that is getting people excited and saying they need to buy

Richard Bazzy

We had a lot of internal turmoil. People weren't sure what direction we were

Erik Gordon

I think he's going to have to prove himself. The fact that he was probably the most successful CEO in the office furniture business doesn't mean he is automatically going to be a successful CEO in an industry that requires technical

James Hackett

We don't have to cede that to anyone. Not even

Henry Ford - Ford Motor

That didn't play into a big way what we are looking at today. You can always find those issues. That's just part of being in

James Hackett

I am the product of wonderful parents who themselves managed through difficult economic times in their

James Hackett

It's a perversity that when you see something changing you think it's just a flash or a temporary moment. The system that's most dominant believes its virtues will keep it from ever being overtaken. And what I learned from them was you can always really be cynical and downtrodden, but it takes leadership with inspiration and hope to imagine the brighter side of things. And I believe that I've always seen the promise of our

David Brady

It assumes a set of conditions that I view as about zero possibility. Trump's impeached and the Republicans manage to hold the House and the Senate? That's not going to happen. The voters would punish them and the result is you've got Pence as president and he's more like Gerry

Mary Greenwell

To get that sort of look, I always use Sensai Bronzing Gel, £31, which is the most natural bronzer and gives skin a boost of hyaluronic acid. My fail safe mascara is Sensai's 38°C Mascara as it lasts all day and will not budge and then I highlight eyes with Tom Ford brow pencil and eyeliners and Chanel eyeshadows, which just add soft

Carol Clark

It's still not unusual to see out-of-town teams from La Junta [65 miles], Rocky Ford [54 miles] or Walsenburg [53 miles] walk around the mall after soccer or basketball

Joe Phillippi

As the (Detroit) Big Three look out at the landscape, they see dramatic changes coming in the concept of mobility. They are desperately trying to figure out the future business model and how they will fit

Rick Barnes

He would tell you it wasn't easy. We had a lot of long talks where he started saying, Can I do it this way? Can I do it that way?' And one thing I told him, You got to understand something. Your jersey is hanging in that building, and you have gotta have a degree from the University of Texas.' And we argued a little bit, but he always came back

Rick Barnes

I'm proud of him. Because he is -- I told him, you can never be associated with any other university but the University of Texas, and I'm just really -- oh, it's cool, man. But I'm so happy for him, and proud is an understatement. But he deserves it more than anybody. I'm walking,' and he said 'You better be there. And I said I wouldn't miss it for anything. I love him. I love

Tim Aker

We have got to make sure that we have Ukip MPs on the backbenches, the Vietcong in the trees, making sure that if they don't deliver, if they don't do what the people want, we will be there to strike. Without Ukip in the Commons, there will be no Brexit. Now they are selecting Remain candidates for safe seats. Take Vicky Ford, also known as Vichy Ford due to her willingness to collaborate with the EU, can this euro-fanatic be trusted with Brexit. Jackie Doyle Price, Brandon Lewis, Matt Warman, all Remain MPs in heavily Brexit seats. They have to

Dan Ammann - General Motors

These actions will further allow us to focus our resources on winning in the markets where we have strong franchises and see greater opportunity. We have compelling plans for growth in both the top line and the bottom line as we invest for the

Daniel Niles

The longer it keeps climbing and the higher valuations go, the more nervous I become. We're long overdue for a correction. This is the second-longest bull market since World War II. China's auto sales last year were really stimulated by the fact that they cut taxes down to 5 percent from 10. So that went ahead and really ramped up auto sales last year into the double digits. The most recent month, it went negative. In the U.S., we all know what is going on with Ford. This market is very concentrated to say the least. But I think you do have to look at the individual names within the

David Whiston - Morningstar

But at the same time, there's not much they can do right now. The market is at its peak. There's no one or two silver bullets that will make the stock

David Whiston - Morningstar

I think Ford is in a tough spot. They have to invest for the future, and the earnings they are generating are quite

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Other plays still remain on the sidelines in this $50 environment. When we were growing at a million barrels in the U.S., it wasn't Permian. It was Bakken and Eagle Ford. The other thing about shale is it has a very high decline rate. The shale did come back stronger. Rigs are returning and for now it remains largely a Permian

Joe Phillippi

Profitability is under pressure, so cuts are necessary, pure and

Arun Sundararajan

Wouldn't you be more inclined to rely on the software and cybersecurity ingenuity of Google, Uber, Didi, Lyft, Amazon, Apple or Tesla (the exception), rather than trusting the digital capabilities of Ford, Toyota, Daimler or BMW?feedback

Jim Farley

We are spending a lot of time thinking and talking about how we need to change our operations and what support we need from the government and other entities, not only in the UK, to make sure (trade) friction doesn't get

John JV Venable - Air Force

Being able to reliability regulate the launch speed at which something goes off the boat, then not ruin that aircraft over time and not have excessive wear and tear is [done] better with an electric catapult. The Navy was thinking about this in the long-term sense, what is going to leave the boat in 50 years, because that's how long each of the Ford-Class carriers will last. We've got to be prepared and got to build the technology that... meets that future

Paul Buetow - General Motors

Robots aren't the threat. The threat is not being able to run your business with products that people want to

Jamal Hameedi - Ford Motor

I'm most proud of the suspension and the aero. They are the magic sauce of this

Jamal Hameedi - Ford Motor

I wanted the driver to feel he is on the starting grid at Le

Jamal Hameedi - Ford Motor

I'd love to say we'd tuned the engine note just so, but that's pretty much the way it came out of the

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

We continue to deliver solid results with our core automotive business by keeping one foot in today, while at the same time prudently expanding into new forms of mobility and placing one foot in tomorrow. We're going through this transition. We're embracing it and I think you will see a lot more exciting news on this to

Jim Farley

For Ford, it's not only important for the UK's agreement with the 27 (remaining EU) countries but equally important are countries like Turkey and South Africa which hasn't really been talked about. There should be a transition period. That transition period is really critical for the future of our investments in the

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

The bottom line is the biggest strategic shift in the history of our company is well underway and gaining momentum. We continue to deliver solid results in our core automotive business by keeping one foot in

Paul Boross

If you are not giving players a solid belief system, they are not going to shine. At United, Fergie used to talk about the difference between being a United player and not being a United player was that ability to focus and have that mental resilience. The American car manufacturer Henry Ford said 'Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are

Denis Villenueve

We are still exploring the themes of memories and empathy. That is what the film is about: What it means to be

Francis Ford Coppola

Trusting the leadership of huge corporations with America's artistic heritage is a crucial mistake, and can already be seen in the 'monotony' of contemporary major studio cinema. The changes you are making at the FCC will only make the fragile balance between artist and businessman more impossible to maintain. I assure you that none of the films that I or my contemporaries are known and celebrated for could exist today in such a

Jack White

One day, I want this place to be like what I had heard about Henry Ford wanted for the Ford Motor Company, which was you pour in all your raw materials on this side, and out the other side of the factory pop out cars. You know, I sometimes sort of lay in bed thinking a lot of it is a waste of my time. Because I don't know how much of it really connects and follows through, and especially in the day and age I was dropped on planet Earth, to work in the day and age where people – music is the last thing on their mind after their cellphone, Netflix,

Pierre Hilzim

For food, this is fun to do. It's been a great time. My children have grown up here, literally. They were not even a year old when they first started coming to Jazz Fest, and now they're here pretty much running the food, with me getting in their way. It's allowed us to meet people we never would have met. We've fed three presidents, two popes, a whole bunch of heads of state, all kinds of celebrities and people, and they wander back here. I mean, we fed Francis Ford Coppola here one

Michelle Krebs - Auto Trader Group

This is the less painful way for automakers to cut inventories... to extend summer shutdowns. Otherwise, the automakers repeat the same mistakes of the past. They know what an ugly move it is when they continue to let inventories

Michelle Krebs - Auto Trader Group

We've seen a bit of softening of sales. Trimming production is the responsible, disciplined reaction that automakers should

Kelli Felker - Ford Motor Company

We expect the majority of these temporary layoffs will be voluntary and that the workers will return in the fall when we begin to build the new model year

Sally Bedell Smith

She fell in love at age 18 and she never looked at anyone

Edward Ford

Some were very concerned. The line was slightly tenuous at that point. So, it was only natural that the older generation – friends of the King like Lord Salisbury – were concerned that who the Queen was with was totally and utterly suitable. So they were sniffing around to see what he was

Graham Hill - Kbr

This is like ordering a Ford. There's a base package, and you can add

Dan Nathan

I really think you're going to have a check back to around the $300 level – the breakout level from just a couple of weeks

Bill Ford

What you're starting to see is serious advertisers are recognizing Snap as an ad platform of scale alongside of Google and Facebook, and [advertisers] want a third

Guy Adami

The downside in Ford looks potentially

Luke Tilley

It deserves a yellow light in the sense we're watching it closely. At the same time, we think the auto market is something that has its own internal dynamics and isn't something indicative of consumer spending. At this point we don't think it's indicative of consumers retrenching in the overall

Ward McCarthy - Jefferies

This has been ongoing since Q4 of last year, where the upward momentum just petered out. It does seem like credit has tightened up somewhat, and of course you had both Easter and Passover in April, which is unusual. That could have been a factor. The bottom line is the upward trend in light vehicle sales peaked. Going forward light vehicle sales are not likely to contribute to trend growth. They'll be a factor in month-to-month changes in retail

Mustafa Mohatarem - General Motors

When you look at the broader economy, including a strong job market, rising wages, low inflation and low interest rates, and couple them to low fuel prices and strong consumer confidence, you have everything you need for auto sales to weather headwinds and remain at or near historic

Jeffrey Lehosky

If they didn't have their manufacturing in Mexico - the plants, the Ford plants, the Chevy plants, the GM plants - then they'd be right back up in Michigan or they'd be back in Ohio or they'd be back in Indianapolis or Indiana, and there'd be more employed people here in the States as opposed to Mexico. And the price of the vehicle's not going to change, realistically, when you think about it. . . . I just kind of believe in 'Made in the USA.' You know? Buy

Jeff Schuster - LMC Automotive

This will have to balance with natural demand at some point relatively soon or the industry will be heading into potential troubled waters and unhealthy

Francis Ford Coppola

I put that cat in his hands. It was the studio cat. It was one

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

The Model 3 is on track to start limited vehicle production in July and to steadily ramp production to exceed 5,000 vehicles per week at some point in the fourth quarter and 10,000 vehicles per week at some point in

Francis Ford Coppola

I haven't seen these movies for years. I found (watching) a very emotional experience. I forgot a lot about the making of it and thought about the story, and the story used a lot of family and my personal

Diane Keaton

Francis, it was so beautiful. Everybody is so great in it, and the music is so – every choice you made was so authentically brilliant. I mean that. It's so

Francis Ford Coppola

I was told (by studio executives ) that having Brando in the film would make it less commercial than having a total

Francis Ford Coppola

They (the studio) hated Brando. They thought he mumbled and they hated the film . . . It was very

Francis Ford Coppola

I just saw his face. Everywhere we went, all the girls lit up for Al, for some

Diane Keaton

Every choice you made was so authentically brilliant. It's so unusual!feedback

Diane Keaton

She had me in tears watching what she did with the part, and this was on a fucking computer!feedback

Francis Ford Coppola

I was disappointed in the book when I first read it because it's very long. Much of the book - about a third - is about Lucy Mancini's anatomy. I just saw his face. Once you see someone in the role, it's very hard to get that out of your

Dave Cole

We're entering the most turbulent era since I started watching the auto industry – and the president could dramatically change the

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor

With the typical industry product cycle, which is five to six years, what we're going to launch (in 2024 to 2025) is already in the

Joe Phillippi

I don't think (Trump) understands the incredible spider web of the intricate auto industry supply

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

No matter what happens in the U.S., we will not change any of our plans for electrified vehicles and more efficient

Warren Beatty

Charlie Bluhdorn was a fan of Bonnie and Clyde and sent me the book … I read it. Sort of. And I said, Charlie, not another gangster movie!.feedback

Li Jie

While China is celebrating the launch of its first home-grown aircraft carrier, the country should also be mindful that the United States is possibly deploying its most advanced Ford-class supercarrier to the Asia-Pacific. The US is deliberately going to remind China that the generation gap between PLA navy and the US carrier strike groups as well as their fighting capabilities will be further enlarged when the carrier Gerald R. Ford is commissioned this

Mark Schaller

The legacy of Mustang continues to grow, and in places it never reached

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

So from the get-go, people can say, Oh, OK, I kind of get the gist of this guy. And so once you get that out of the way, then you can get on with the work. And then importantly, I have to live up to what I talked about in terms of my leadership. Because if the sleeves don't match the cuffs, people just think you're trying to manipulate

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

I've always had the philosophy, always run to the fire. Run to those really challenging situations or businesses that you can learn a lot, but also contribute a

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

I'm the youngest of three boys. So listen, if you weren't fast at the kitchen table, or in sports, because you know, you get knocked around–that was part of

Todd Blackadder - Ford Motor

With Ant and Rocco, the execution should have been straight under the bar and try

Todd Blackadder - Ford Motor

I thought we had it there. To lose it the way we did was really disappointing. To come away with nothing and being knocked out is obviously disappointing, especially when we were only three minutes from a win and a chance to play in the

Mona Mazjoub

I think there's clear and convincing evidence that your client poses a danger to the

Hali Ford

I'm a little upset how little understanding Jeff is getting. Everyone makes mistakes – and that was a big mistake – but Jeff is an incredible person. Martin Luther King Jr. said, Hate cannot drive out hate – only love can do that.' I just feel like, in light of Jeff's circle of hate, we're just hating on him so hard and I just wish we wouldn't do

Ozzy Lusth

I think it's a great opportunity for us as human beings watching a television show to look at the way that we treat transgender people and really reflect on the fact that we are all people and we all deserve equal rights. This shows that all people should be treated equally and we shouldn't make these people hide in the shadows any

Ozzy Lusth

Seeing it in person was shocking and we all knew it was going to have major consequences – but not to the extent that there have been. I think that Varner is reeling and he's really having to come to terms with what his desire to win the game led him to actually do to another

Hali Ford

This is the core of Zeke's struggle and personal narrative for the past decade or more and to have him outed like that was just devastating. You could just feel his experience even when he was putting on this strong

Steve Hansen

You've only got to look at the five-eighths [fly-halves]. A guy like Finn Russell has been playing really well and can't even make the team because they've got [Jonathan] Sexton, [Owen] Farrell and [Dan] Biggar there. You have also got young [George] Ford missing out. There is a lot of depth right through all the positions. The locks are the same, the loosies [back-row forwards] are the

Eddie Jones

The squad have a great opportunity to represent their country and win for England. There are a few new faces in the set-up so every training session and team meeting will count. Dylan Hartley will lead the side again having captained excellently during the Six Nations and will be supported by vice-captains Mike Brown, Danny Care and George Ford. The Pumas are a physically aggressive side and they have become very good at playing unstructured rugby; we need to make sure we control the structural part of the game and our defence will play an absolutely crucial

Stephanie Coontz

When young Americans are asked about their family aspirations, large majorities choose equally shared breadwinning and child-rearing if the option of family-friendly work policies is

Mona Chalabi

Whether the wife earns a little bit more or a lot more doesn't actually make much of a

George Lucas

She played a part that was very smart, and she was having to hold her own against two big lugs, goofballs that were screwing everything up. She was the boss. It was her war, and when I cast it, I said I want somebody young to play the part. I want somebody very young. When Carrie came in, she was that character. She was very strong, very smart, very funny, very bold, very tough, and there really wasn't much of a question. There are not very many people like her. They are one in a

Mark Hamill

How can you make it sound like it's spontaneous dialogue rolling off the tongue?feedback

George Lucas

He was right, it was a bit much. Although, it stuck in your

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

This investor group should buy Ford stock. Their governance is amazing. Besides, I already said we'd add more independent members during SCTY merger. Will announce soon, but this group has nothing to do with

Peter A. Nadosy

Everywhere I go, people want to know, What quartile are you in? Like it or not, that's the world we live

Darren Walker

In time, I fervently believe, we will see a thriving, mature sector in which everyone can make impact investments that produce both sustainable financial returns and substantial social returns. Maybe it will take decades more to get there. But we'll never know if we don't make a

Peter A. Nadosy

We're talking about 8 percent of the portfolio over 10 years. After Year 2 or 3, if it doesn't work, we'll slow down. If it goes well, we can go ahead even

Peter A. Nadosy

When we first started talking about this nine months ago, I was very wary. I'm on 10 different boards and investment committees. It's deeply ingrained that your goal is to maximize returns, because that's how performance is measured. I'm on two boards where clean technology and pollution are big issues. We invested in some ventures going back five or six years. They've been money-losers, by and large. They were good people and good ideas, but they haven't worked

Peter A. Nadosy

I went from very skeptical to very excited. So you take a little more risk, and maybe get a slightly lower return. Why not? The goal is to help

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

Besides, I already said we'd add more independent members during [Solar City] merger. Will announce soon, but this group has nothing to do with

Debi Bernardes

No matter what, unless you are a regular racer, no one is going to run a [personal record] on a hot

Debi Bernardes

Too many athletes just drink a ton of water not realizing that they are actually flushing their store of electrolytes (remember, electrolytes are minerals that help to conduct electricity, which your muscles need to fire).feedback

Jeffrey Gundlach

As a car company alone, Tesla is crazy high valuation. As a battery company -- one that expands and innovates substantially -- maybe the valuation can

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

We've always planned for the fact that (in) the first quarter there would be payback from the pull forward of sales into the fourth quarter (before the incentive was reduced). We expect the second, third and fourth quarter to show

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor

The first specially-built police vehicle was a 1920 Model T. And ever since then, we've been working with police departments across the country to meet their needs and get them what they're looking for. One of the biggest asks of the last several years has been a greener pursuit-rated

Todd Soderquist

Internally, you'll be surprised at how comparable they

Thomas Korabik

Anytime you can save money it is good. I'd want to see the car first and see how it would hold

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

I was very encouraged by the fact that the two Presidents–and particularly very early in President Trump's term–have decided to come together and first start the process of establishing a relationship. It's very different when you talking on the phone versus when you have had a chance to meet and break bread with that

Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company

The time is right for Ford to broaden our EV (electric vehicle) lineup and investments in

Yale Zhang

They think American-brand vehicles are reliable, strong and

Jim Cramer

Tesla isn't worth more than Ford. It's just that there are institutions who are willing to pay more for Tesla's stock than for Ford's right now, and that's the key issue

Jim Cramer

Since then, justifiably, the stock's been off to the races because that money and the sheer size of the Chinese investor gives the entrepreneurial CEO Elon Musk plenty of breathing room to reach his goal of producing 500,000 cars a year by the end of

Jim Cramer

The bottom line is this: you need to stop being hung up on the valuation of individual stocks. Right now, Tesla and a bunch of other biotech, social, mobile and cloud stocks are being bid up furiously by these growth hounds. If they're right, they'll get even more money in and they'll keep buying their favorites, no doubt including

Jim Cramer

He's not deterred by the losses because he's thinking, Hey, judging by those revenues, there's relentless demand for what Tesla makes. As long as Tesla doesn't run out of money, it can keep making cars and charging a fortune for those cars, so eventually, it will make a killing. Emphasis on '

Jim Cramer

Not only that, but given how weak Ford's sales have been this year ... and how many incentives the automakers have had to offer to sell vehicles, it's entirely possible that we're in what's known as peak auto sales. If that's the case, then 2017 could be a down year for Ford. Those are the ones who buy Tesla stock every day and many other growth stocks that to you seem

Antoini Jones

On that particular day, he had wanted to commit suicide by cop. He's medicated today. That's the

Angela D. Alsobrooks

Mr. Ford knew exactly what he was doing March 13th when he attacked that police station and caused the death of officer Jacai Colson. This was a heinous event. Everybody's intention is to make sure it never happens

Stephen Hofer

The FAA conducted a full investigation into the matter, including an interview with Mr Ford, and determined that no administrative or enforcement action was

Walt Mossberg

I admire Tesla and @elonmusk, but this is the billionth example of why stock market valuations don't reflect reality. Exactly. Tesla is absurdly overvalued if based on the past, but that's irrelevant. A stock price represents risk-adjusted future cash

Stephen Hofer

The FAA conducted a full investigation into the matter, including an interview with Mr. Ford, and determined that no administrative or enforcement action was warranted. Mr. Ford retains his pilot's certificate without restriction. In closing the matter, the agency acknowledged Mr. Ford's long history of compliance with the federal aviation regulations and his cooperative attitude during the

Jessica Caldwell -

Trucks and SUVs, although they did well, it's still hard to make up the lack of car sales. You can't have the other side of the industry completely not performing

Sarah George

He was wearing a T-shirt and a cowboy hat. He didn't look like I'd ever seen him

Ross Aimer

I estimate that [Ford] missed the aircraft by less than 100 feet. He came uncomfortably and dangerously close on that landing – the video is pretty

Mark Scarpelli

There might be some higher inventory levels on certain car lines or truck lines, but that's going to happen in good times or

Jeff Conrad - American Honda Motor

Many automakers are looking for signs of market stability as consumers continue to head towards trucks and SUVs. But cars are still a compelling choice for many, especially when you have the right formula. Civic is a great

T.J. Stiles - Pulitzer

By the time they returned, Jesse had become uncomfortable in his customary

T.J. Stiles - Pulitzer

Then he heard a sound more familiar to him than any other: the metallic clack of cocking pistols. He turned his head toward the noise just as enormous roar erupted, accompanied by the brief sensation of his skull disintegrating just behind his

D.J. Ford

It's a great experience. It's my first time experiencing this except for when we beat Duke, and it's more people than I've ever seen

Stephen Hofer

The FAA conducted a full investigation into the matter, including an interview with Mr. Ford, and determined that no administrative or enforcement action was warranted. Mr. Ford retains his pilot's certificate without restriction. In closing the matter, the agency acknowledged Mr. Ford's long history of compliance with the Federal Aviation Regulations and his cooperative attitude during the investigation. Mr. Ford has held a pilot's certificate for more than 20 years, has logged more than 5,000 hours in the air, and has never been the subject of an FAA administrative or enforcement

Mark LaNeve - Ford Motor

(Sport) Utilities and trucks are trucks are very positive in terms of our economics. If you think about it, it means revenue is

Mark LaNeve - Ford Motor

Our high-series Super Duty trucks and all-new F-150 Raptor drove double digit F-Series sales gains in March, along with the strongest year-over-year increase in transaction prices of any truck manufacturer in the

Kurt McNeil

Chevrolet will have the industry's broadest and freshest lineup of utility vehicles led by the all-new 2018 Equinox and Traverse, plus we have a unique three-truck pickup strategy and a dominant position in large SUVs. We also have a first-mover advantage in many segments. It will be years before key competitors are able to launch rivals to the Chevrolet Bolt EV, Colorado and

Mark Few

I think I had six or seven guys in a Ford Fiesta and I think Roy had the same. We rallied down there. We got a table all to ourselves, played craps. It was awesome. We all got our butts kicked and lost some

Jack Burke Jr

I was standing on the putting green beside Doug Ford. I said, Doug, I'll take a 77 and take my shoes off.' That wind was blowing 50mph, it was raining, I knew I couldn't reach the 1st green in two. I'd never been on the 2nd in two with anything; I went over the green with a five-iron. At the 4th, a par three, I hit driver-wedge then made the putt. I thought Jesus Christ was on my bag at that

Michael Kimmelman

The art's formal ingenuity can jump out at you as forcefully as the grill of a Ford or a fragment of Marilyn Monroe's lips or the cap from a Pepsi bottle or a stack of Fiesta dishes in a dish

Frankie Boyd

I had seen a photo of Scarlett from when she attended a Tom Ford party in L.A. The image always stuck in my mind because she had a gorgeous tan and a gold dress on. I wanted to do something similar, but with a smoky taupe eye to make them

Sean Spicer

The president was pleased to see that Ford announced $1.2 billion investment in three manufacturing facilities in Michigan just two weeks after automobile executives came to the White House and met with the president. This adds to the growing wave of positive news, jobs news, under the president. I think there's been some regulatory efforts and some commitments on the regulatory efforts going forward in the future that I think may have played a

Lisa Newman - Henry Ford Health System

The Midwest is often referred to as America's heartland, and is home of the so-called bellwether states whose voting patterns have consistently predicted the outcome for national elections. Patients with breast cancer and breast cancer surgeons are also voters, and it is therefore reasonable to question whether these political patterns can be generalized to oncology practice

Lisa Newman - Henry Ford Health System

We must respect patient choice and avoid being paternalistic, but we must also protect our patients from making impulsive surgical decisions when they are freshly encumbered by the panic accompanying a new diagnosis of breast

Lisa Newman - Henry Ford Health System

Choices regarding breast cancer surgery – much like casting a ballot – can be intensely personal decisions, based on one's lifetime experiences and exposures, as well as values and resources. Patients and voters alike deserve accurate information regarding realistic expectations from their options. I think that women in the Midwest may well be representative of women in the rest of the country. It may be that the notably rising rates in the Midwest may be a sign that we are going to see increasing rates in the rest of the

Judy Rankin

Back in the dark ages, I did not agree with everything Gerald Ford did. I found him to be the most wonderful man, and I certainly played golf with him. Because you play golf with them does not necessarily mean you support every single thing they do. But they hold the highest office in the land. And I'm not sure that an invitation to play golf should be answered with a political

Kellyanne Conway

Two weeks after @POTUS met with auto execs...Ford plans 'significant' investments in 3

Brian Johnson

I think it really highlights… [that] GM and Ford as well are undervalued on their dividend payment

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor

If you look at the investments we've announced so far this year in Michigan, they capture what's going on right now in the

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor

These Michigan Assembly Plant and Romeo Engine plant announcements are consistent with what we agreed to and talked about with the UAW in 2015 negotiations. There will be a lot of similarities, but we will have some changes in styling … that will make it unique for North American customers. It's a package deal – the two vehicles go very nicely

Harrison Ford

I'm the schmuck that landed on the taxiway. I was distracted by the airline which was in movement when I turned to the runway and also the big turbulence by the landing Airbus. It's a big deal for

Jim Cramer

GM moved into China very aggressively. Ford has not. If you want to sell all these stocks off Ford, then I will tell you that I'm not a huge fan of GM but I would buy

Mike Khouw

Ford saw 2.5 times its average daily put volume [Monday]. That is testing that 2016 low. The auto sector, not just due to the credit crisis, is a high cyclical industry that's sensitive to oil prices and obviously product cycle

Greg Valliere

Make no mistake: a defeat in Thursday's vote would send a clear signal that the rest of Trump's agenda – taxes, the budget, infrastructure, etc. – is in

Brian Ashton

It is interesting in that regard that Ford and Farrell come from junior rugby league backgrounds. Their understanding of space and how to manipulate it is much further developed. That is a real art. Their passes are all short, sharp passes; none of these long floated, bloated passes across the field that just drags defenders with

Kumar Galhotra - Lincoln

The Lincoln product and ownership in China are resonating with Chinese customers even beyond our expectations. We are now taking Lincoln to the next level by building a new SUV in China to join a dynamic lineup of imported cars and

Jonathan Joseph

On a day like today when the sun's out, the forwards are on the front foot, it's a dream. It makes our job on the outside so much easier because the way they play creates massive amounts of space for us. All we have to do is hold our feet, pick the right holes and the rest is

Joey Logano

There wasn't too much talking, just a lot of swinging. I don't know. I was racing him right there at the end with our Pennzoil Ford. … Kyle and I usually race really well together and don't have any issues. He tried to pin me down into the corner underneath Brad [Keselowski]. We about crashed and I was still trying to gather it up in the center. I was going to spin out, so I'm trying to chase it up [the track] and he was there. It wasn't intentional, but obviously he thinks that. So I don't

Eddie Jones

Some of the space created by George Ford and Owen Farrell for JJ was outstanding. Scotland did not defend well, but having passers at 10 and 12 helps and they have a great mentor in Jonny Wilkinson. We will enjoy the win tonight, but after that it will all be about

Malcolm Barrett

Shortly before this, there was a Lone Ranger movie, where the lead character was white. We get to reclaim these historical figures; it makes me a part of history in a way that is sometimes

Virginia Williams

Each pregnancy loss was incredibly heartbreaking. In fact, I believe that miscarriage is one of the most painful trials a woman can go through. Yet, miscarriage is rarely discussed publicly. We don't tend to want to talk about, and therefore re-live, the bad things that happen to us. What I was not prepared for was how difficult those days were when my body still held on to a baby that I knew had no heartbeat; I woke up still pregnant, but knew that I would not be able to raise this

Virginia Williams

After having previously had a [dilation and curettage procedure], which ultimately felt quite traumatic for me, I decided to let nature take its course this time and waited until my body naturally released the

Virginia Williams

The thing that makes me feel like the pain I went through (and still carry with me) is somehow not in vain, is the hope that if I talk about my experiences I might be able to help others heal,

Victoria Beckham

I'm really proud of what I achieved with the Spice Girls, but I'm also proud of everything I have done with my brand. So that meant a lot to me, you know? That's Tom Ford saying, We look at you as a credible designer,' which was very cool. I've got a pretty thick skin. It could have been worse. They could have said, We thought it was going to be rubbish, and it is.' Instead, they thought it was really good, and I look at that as a positive. I look at everything as a positive, to be honest with

Warren Gatland

For a lot of players this weekend is really important and the match-ups at Twickenham are reasonably significant. I'm interested in how the two 10s [Finn Russell and George Ford] match up against each other. Same with the wingers – I thought Tim Visser played well against Wales and Tommy Seymour has been impressive, while Sean Maitland has been playing well for Saracens. Stuart Hogg has done all right, so there's a little bit of depth in Scotland's back

Jim Cramer

Given that GM is selling its money-losing Opel division, I couldn't agree with Moreno

Jim Farley

This is still a key market globally for new technology roll-outs like electric cars and automated vehicles, and key for Ford's commercial

Peter Schwarzenbauer - BMW

The brand being perceived as British, that's important but this does not mean necessarily that you have to produce it [in Britain]. Most people don't know where the cars are

Ian Robertson - Rolls-Royce

Somewhere around the middle to the third quarter of this year we will decide where to build the electric mini and we have said all along that we would like to see the UK have tariff-free access to the single market. It is not the only consideration but it is a

Ralf Speth - Jaguar Land Rover

Europe is the biggest market for Jaguar Land Rover. Not only do we sell more than 125,000 units in the UK but we also buy all the components and the parts for around 600,000 units we build in the UK, so we really need free and fair

Carlos Tavares - PSA Peugeot Citroën

In the event of a hard Brexit, the fact that we have a UK footprint supplying the UK market with significant custom duties all around would be a good thing, don't you think?feedback

Jim Farley

For the future of those [14,000] employees and for customers in the UK, a zero-tariff environment is really, really important. We will continue to insist that a zero-tariff environment is key for the future of those employees at

Chad Bown - Peterson Institute for International Economics

And the question is, well, is that beneficial for the country in some way? I suppose there are instances where it's possible, but in most instances,

Doug Irwin

Firms are very clever at doing this. If you put a tariff on a particular product category, they can with a small adjustment get classified as a different product and get around the

Bob Lutz - General Motors

Ford enjoys a huge and wildly profitable commercial vehicle business in

Juan Mercado

We don't want any more kids hurt or being killed like my granddaughter. If DCFS had done their job, this wouldn't have happened and Gizzell would still be