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Mauro Barogiola - Citi
We would say that this is a quite an amazing result for a leader who first became prime minister in 1994 - when other current leaders barely had a driving license. Although some years ago the Economist (publication) famously questioned Silvio Berlusconi's fitness for office, he seems to be back (as per the polls) leveraging: i) the internal frictions at PD; ii) the lack of a program at M5S seen as credible and iii) the proposal of Ius Soli (a bill granting Italian citizenship to foreign babies born on Italian soil ) – hardly the most popular political program under current
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Jul 26 2017
“It doesn't make me feel one way or another.” said Silvio Berlusconi speaking about Forward Italy. It’s one of the 181 quotes about Forward Italy you can find on this page. 85 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Umberto Eco and Romano Prodi. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Silvio Berlusconi

I brought you prosperity, 24 years ago they arrest me and you start stabbing me (in the back).feedback

Giuseppe Graviano

When Berlusconi started in the 1970s he started on the right foot, throw in some luck and he ended up what he is. When he found himself with a such a (big) party in 1994, he got drunk and said 'I can't share what I have with those who helped me'. He distanced himself and was a traitor. Berlusconi asked me for this favour…that's why there was the

Giuseppe Graviano

When he found himself with a such a (big) party in 1994, he got drunk and said 'I can't share what I have with those who helped me'. He distanced himself and was a

Pippo Russo

Scaroni was already a minor shareholder at Milan and it is curious he has remained under the new owners. I don't know if this could mean Berlusconi still wants to have an influence in some manner but I'm sure in the next few weeks and months we will have a clearer picture of what is

Alain Wang

Now everybody has suspicions about what is going on regarding their capability to fund the takeover and also who is behind it. But surely Berlusconi should have known there were issues at the time? Or at least he should have done some due diligence. I think he just wanted to sell up and didn't care about what happened

Massimiliano Allegri

Balance is the force of a great team. In football, you can win or lose, but the important thing is to keep your balance because that will always lead to success. I'd like to say a thanks to president Berlusconi and to [CEO Adriano] Galliani for the opportunity they gave me to coach and to win with

Silvio Berlusconi

Without them, our winning Milan wouldn't exist and never would have existed. With them, we won everything we could win. I will remain first and foremost a Milan fan: the team my father taught me to love as a child. To the new leaders I send the most cordial good wishes and I hope they can achieve objectives even more extraordinary than we

Silvio Berlusconi

The same hug goes to all of those who, in directorial, technical, administrative and media roles, have made Milan not just a team but a model club in world football. Among these people, the first to be mentioned is [CEO] Adriano Galliani, who was the indefatigable builder and engine of our Milan. But above all, my thanks from the bottom of my heart go out to our fans. To the millions who filled stadiums around the world to shout 'Forza Milan' and the many others that, despite being physically far away, have been close to us in sympathy and

Silvio Berlusconi

After more than 30 years, I leave the position of president of AC Milan. I do so with pain and emotion but with the knowledge that, in the modern game, to compete at the highest level in Europe and the world requires investment and resources a single family can no longer support. I will never forget the emotions that Milan have given to us all. I'll never forget all the people who are to thank for my being able to preside over this club which has won so much. First of all, of course, are the great coaches and champions who made possible these feats that will stay forever in football

Silvio Berlusconi

To those who remain, from the players, the coach, and the employees of the club to all of our fans, I express the most affectionate wishes for great success, and I hope every one of them can achieve every one of the dreams they hold in sport and in

Yonghong Li

I thank Berlusconi and Fininvest for their trust and the fans for their patience. From today we will build the

Vincenzo Montella - AC Milan

This is an epochal day for Milan. I would like to thank Berlusconi and [vice-president Adriano] Galliani for having given me the opportunity to coach a club as glorious as the Rossoneri. In the next few days I will meet the new management and together we will find the solutions to make Milan as successful as it was in the

Michela Vittoria Brambilla

Save the lives of lambs and kid goats, especially during Easter. This is what we are asking Italians and this is what former prime minister Berlusconi wanted when he adopted the three little

Silvio Berlusconi

Gigio is one of Milan's jewels. He's a gorgeous product of our youth system, he feels strong attachment in his heart to the jersey and the Rossoneri colours. For us he's completely off the market. The Chinese buyers have been impacted by some difficulties that couldn't have been predicted, but they guaranteed significant down payments: we're ready to continue to maintain our commitments and think the buyers will with

Jacob Parakilas - Chatham House

Europeans look at Trump and see Berlusconi. South Americans look at Trump and see Hugo Chavez. And I think there's some truth to that, but obviously they had smaller countries with smaller economies and militaries in their command. Their potential impact was much smaller. Expectations for Trump are very, very low. If he manages to exceed expectations, there is a very deep reserve of basic goodwill for the

Nicolo Ghedini - Fininvest

We already had a favourable ruling from the appeals court, then the Bank of Italy referred the matter to the ECB. And so now we're presenting the same appeal to the European Court of

Silvio Berlusconi

Vivendi caused us a very serious damage. The projects we proposed to the French were ours, we're still working on them. Creating a pan-European platform is the only way to fend off competition from Netflix or web companies such as

Anna Maria Fagetin

Berlusconi said the same thing when he ran in Italy ... that he would run Italy like he would run his companies. The companies were successful, but Italy was not. So, what advice can I give to the Americans? Good

Emanuele Grasso - PricewaterhouseCoopers

The deal is convenient because it has a low entrance price, but is an operation with a high value. The money (the Chinese) are putting down is to give value to a big brand, counting on the masses in

Andrea De Vita - Banca Akros

This new move by Vivendi would signal a stronger appetite for

Silvio Berlusconi

I have not followed AC Milan as in the past, and now I want to close a 30-year period, including 28 major successes, in the best way and I think it's important the choice of giving Milan away to somebody who is willing to invest in the club to get it back at the top in Italy and in the

Maurizio Gasparri - Forza

It is like Real Madrid and Ronaldo – the main player. The club's destiny is linked to the striker. We are expecting him to return to the

Renato Brunetta - Forza

Let's not forget how the ratings agencies downgraded Italy for no reason other than to push Berlusconi

Silvio Berlusconi

Think about it: in Italy I am marginalised while Putin tells me he is ready to give me (Russian) citizenship and get me the lead of the Russian economy

Piero Alberto Capotosti

At this point, given that prime minister Berlusconi is not resigning, it will inevitablly have to go before parliament, which will have to make its voice heard with a vote of no

Enrico Letta

This has been a historic day for our democracy. We have now achieved more of the necessary conditions for our work – to allow us to look to the future with greater

Enrico Bona

Today, in court, the atmosphere seemed more relaxed. Silvio Berlusconi's lawyers came out of the hearing and briefed journalists, and they told us they saw a positive sign in the fact that the Attorney General has not totally rejected the lawyers'

Rosy Bindi

This package proves that he [Berlusconi] knows the government will not last. It's a pre-election-package whereas what the country needs is that the government takes real responsibility to create growth without destroying people's

Silvio Berlusconi

If, after what happened, there is a better awareness of the need for calmer and more honest language in Italian politics, this pain will not have been for

Valérie Guariat

You're at the centre of the current political scandal. Ruby has alleged that you introduced her to the PM's parties. What exactly was your role in these infamous evenings?feedback

Rosanna Mirri

Nothing will change. He is so powerful he will be able to keep everything under

Emiliano Fittipaldi

I think Berlusconi's lawyer, Niccolo Ghedini, is just doing his duty of defending his client. If he really thinks these recordings are false and Berlusconi's voice has been imitated, he will have to prove it. He said he'll denounce it to prosecutors. He should do

Vincenzo Visco

Mr Berlusconi is selling because he fears he'll lose next year's general election and then there would be changes in the media ownership laws that would cause the Mediaset share to fall in value. He wants to take his profit after letting the conflict of interest go on all this

Giovanni Magi

Silvio Berlusconi getting involved could radicalise everything. It's already looking like a lively campaign full of anti-European and populist slogans above all from the Northern League, and Pepe Grillo's Five Star movement. Mario Monti, if he runs, already has the backing of Europe's Popular Party and it seems the still-highly influential Catholic Church, and he could unite the centre, including elements from Berlusconi's own

Silvio Berlusconi

The prime minister works in the interests of the

Joseph Daul

There's a problem with President Berlusconi, whose complaint will go before the courts, but for the moment democracy is not called into question in Italy. It is not our business here, and the EPP refuses to deal with an Italian

Vincenzo Buttiglieri

We don't want to pay for this crisis, it must be paid for by those who caused it, the banks and the

Roman Ettore Vannucci

(Berlusconi) can only hurt Italy. When you see how we still accept certain things, and that people that still follow him and believe him, it's unbelievable that people still believe in

Silvio Berlusconi

I was certain that I would be acquitted of these totally unreal accusations. It is a verdict that I can only define as politically motivated, incredible and

Beppe Grillo

Berlusconi seemed to be eternal. He left only a short time ago but he still seems like ancient history. He looks like an even older guy. He doesn't use make up any more. Berlusconi is just something which doesn't mean anything anymore. He achieved success thanks to his tv channels. Once his channels no longer had the monopoly, he fell beause he had built nothing during his public

Silvio Berlusconi

I sincerely believe I am by far the best prime minister Italy has had in its 150 year

Romano Prodi

We've written in our programme – reintroduction of inheritance tax, exclusively for the

Silvio Berlusconi

It is clear and evident that it (the judiciary) is a disease of our system, a cancer in our

Silvio Berlusconi

And without reacting to or feeding the neuroses of the market. Our economy is fundamentally

Fabrizio Cicchitto

I just hope that Fini meant what he said, and that it's not just a tactic to bring the government

Marteinn Thorssen

I think its an universal issue, its a problem definitely when its not talked about in the news or in the media, you know, for instant when alcoholism isn't talked about , when Gerard Depardieu is drunk… or when Berlusconi is having his parties you know all this kind of behaviour, Dominique Strauss Kahn, all these people in power, and nobody mentions

Roberto Maroni

Berlusconi is like Moses. He is leading our people through the Red Sea to

Silvio Berlusconi

The racial laws were the worst fault of Mussolini as a leader, who in so many other ways did

Dario Franceschini

The Constitutional Court has simply re-established a principle that had been violated: that all Italian citizens are equal before the law. Everyone is equal before the law, even the most

Silvio Berlusconi

Dear friends, as you may all know, storms don't scare me. In 17 years I've seen a great deal. They have tried every way they can to remove me from politics and from

Silvio Berlusconi

He can sense defeat, he doesn't want to accept it, and he's doing everything he can to stop it. The fact he doesn't want to be beaten is human, that he's still trying to win a few votes is legitimate, but that he does that in riding roughshod over every rule, all good taste, shouting and often incoherent, that's not a good

Giuseppe Bianco

The issue doesn't lie with the premier's resignation, it's the national crisis. We've just woken up from a nightmare and we've found ourselves right behind

Antonino Gatto

I am very surprised because I thought the accusation was

Gianfranco Fini

The PDL has a leader, and that's Berlusconi, that's clear. But he himself knows very well that a strong and recognised leadership can, in no way, become a personality

Mara Carfagna

The strategy of a certain section of the magistracy is clear as is its objective. Reform of the justice system is

Sergio De Gregorio

I believe this issue will speed up the end of a political journey… with Silvio Berlusconi withdrawing from the political scene, freeing Italy and

Sergio Romano

There is not much rationality in the markets. We should not expect rational reactions from the market. The question is rather what might happen on the day that Berlusconi goes. Probably even then the markets would also react with bewilderment and scepticism. They would believe afresh that Italy is in crisis. No, the problem is Italy, the problem is not the markets where we have only limited

Manuela Sparpellini

The government survived – but only just – how can it go on?feedback

Sergio Romano

Europe has – of necessity – to deal with whoever is the leader of Italy right now. If we didn't have Berlusconi, it would probably improve Italy's credibility, there's no doubt he is a problem and I think the majority of Italians are aware of

Silvio Berlusconi

If they think that I would be useful for the government, the position that would let me best express all my experience would be the position of Minister of Finance. That would allow me to show once again, that I have no political ambition, and I don't think of politics as something that gives me

Silvio Berlusconi

When a country needs a real government to govern right now, how can we think about leaving it suspended, looking for something on which there is not the slightest possibility today of reaching a common

Pier Luigi Bersani

Berlusconi should go home. Either he goes alone or we send him home, in Parliament or through elections. But he has to go

Martin Schulz - European Parliament

Silvio Berlusconi was Italy's prime minister for a very long time and the result of that is very well known. His government was one of the causes of the crisis in which Italy and Europe is in

Alessandra Bruzzese

No matter how much rain, young people are so angry after all these years of

Mara Carfagna

The prime minister and his deputy Fini have had the courage to envisage a profond renewal, which does not mean a conflict between generations. It will help young people and women enter politics so their contributions can change the

Pier Luigi Bersani

We have to explain why we don't want a grand coalition, not just say that we don't want it. Because we don't like Berlusconi? That's not an argument that will solve the problems. It's not just because people don't like Berlusconi. There are different problems – the point is that this doesn't answer

Livia Turco

These declarations are very grave – a real incitement for racism. They are also absolutely unfounded because the immigrants who live in our country are necessary for our

Jean-Leonard Touadi

We have very huge, very huge amount of problems (sic), economical problems, problems of financial stability that we cannot afford with a government looking for a vote every day to pass these agreements. So I don't think it is politically a success for Mr

Pier Luigi Bersani

Berlusconi will not win. He will lose this

Silvio Berlusconi

I am maintaining all the girls who have been ruined by this trial and the prosecutors, they have been forever dishonoured. Some of them have lost their boyfriend, and maybe they'll never find another one again. I feel responsible because these girls have only committed one crime: to accept a dinner invitation at the prime minister's

Walter Veltroni

Dialogue isn't the problem – the problem is he doesn't want to respect or fulfil his role as head of

Silvio Berlusconi

I am fine. I am going to the San Raffaele hospital where they want to monitor me for 24

Walter Veltroni

The parliament must immediately pass the stability law. Of course it's the government's responsibility to pass it quickly but we won't put obtacles in the way. Berlusconi resigns and immediately afterwards we must hand over to a government able to guarantee to the country the minimal conditions of stability and security that are compromised

Silvio Berlusconi

We have asked the Fund to monitor and publicly certify every three months the progress of our reforms so that we can show the markets, using the authority of the IMF, that the Italian government is making progress in the implementation of the

Romano Prodi

They're very important because Italy's an important

Silvio Berlusconi

I trust the intelligence of the Italian people too much to think they are such pricks that they would vote against their own best

Fabrizio Cicchitto

Let me tell you, we will not be judged by the people in the piazzas, the people on the streets. And we tell you, we have no inferiority complex like you lot!feedback

Giorgio Napolitano

Mario Monti would just be the first step for Italy, because he will make these stability rules and try to apply all the reforms that the European countries asked of

Silvio Berlusconi

I am sure that the next spring, spring 2008, will be for Italy a spring of

Silvio Berlusconi

I think it is not even in Monti's interest to become a small player alongside other small players in Italian politics, instead of this kind of miracle saviour he wanted to

Raffaele De Mucci

Until a few years ago there was a sort of relationship, a pretty strong one, between absenteeism and a certain sort of right-wing electorate. Now turnout is low across all the parties, so it's no longer possible to say a low turnout will hit the Right more, or draw any clear conclusion. This is a mid-term Berlusconi government, and before this election the prime minister said there would be no big changes whatever the outcome. It seems highly unlikely he will change his finance minister Giulio Tremonti, a close ally of the Northern League and seemingly bent on tightening the budget

Silvio Berlusconi

If someone asked whether I had 'a relationship, let's say steamy or more than steamy, with an underage girl', my answer would be: 'Absolutely not!' I have sworn it on the life of my children. I am aware that, if this were perjury, I would have to resign a minute

Silvio Berlusconi

We must work to make Europe change its suicidal austerity

Piero Scaramucci

I haven't seen so many young people on the streets since 1968. Young people are totally fed up with traditional political leaders, but they have things to say. And one day they decided let's say it, let's do it. And suddenly, we did it!feedback

Angelino Alfaro

As founder of first Forza Italia and then this party, there's no need for primaries. That would be

James Walston

He is a fighter; he has survived many other accusations and indictments even though he has been found guilty but let off. The other point, which makes this different from the corruption charges and from the slush fund accusations, it's a very clear and obvious

Francesco Paolo

I think it is really difficult to talk of an under-age prostitute, when that woman denies both the sexual intercourse and having been

Mario Lantuzzi

Sales have definitely gone up, people are asking about which model was used. They keep picking it up to see how heavy it is. It's definitely one of the most popular Christmas

James Walston

Today we are approaching that kind of time and there are the premises of reaching some sort of revolution. Berlusconi will be leaving the scene very soon and there will be major changes. Whether they are violent or not depends very much on Berlusconi himself and on what happens between his supporters and the

James Walston

Italy has a long history of political violence. If you look at the last hundred, hundred and fifty years, since Italian unification, more or less every generation, every twenty years, there have been major changes ….feedback

Roberto Maroni

The job of the security services in situations like that is particularly delicate and complex. But the tone and political discourse that we've seen recently, especially the intense campaign against the prime minister, which in many cases has passed the legitimate limit in democratic conflicts, has ended up causing a dangerous

Massimo D'Alema

I think, and I said it even then, that the immigration policy conducted by the Berlusconi government was really a black time in our history. As was the agreement between Italy and the Gadaffi government to return the illegal migrants. It is possible to return illegal immigrants but the problem is that before returning them, you should check if they are refugees who have the right to

Massimo D'Alema

Well I have to say that Italy has taken a very important step forward since the replacement of the Berlusconi government. This, for Italy and for the eurozone, was very good news, because Italy was not responsible for the crisis, the government

Jörg Haider

The European Union has recognised that democratic elections can't be influenced from outside. Otherwise, the EU should have imposed sanctions against Italy, against Berlusconi and the Northern League, and all of these kinds of parties in power which share many of our ideas. The EU should have imposed sanctions against Denmark – where the government there completely cut itself off from Europe's immigration policy and backed away from the EU. But no sanctions were imposed. This shows the EU wanted to make an example of Austria, to intimidate other member

Silvio Berlusconi

When I'm in the presence of a beautiful girl, I look at her. It is better to have a passion for beautiful girls than to be

Marina Marra

Personally, I wouldn't buy it. I think it is a great way for him to reinvent himself, so I appreciate his originality, but I wouldn't buy

Dario Giamsci

We are used to Berlusconi doing so many things and the CD is just one

Lorenzo Bertuccio

Honestly I don't think this is the behaviour a prime minister should have. He should

Franco Marini

He is at the end of the road, in the sense that we are tired of

Niccolò Ghedini

This is not a sentence that is political or apolitical, it is a sentence that is completely out of tune with reality and unrelated to the evidence that emerged during the

Maurizio Bellacosa

This judgement before the Supreme Court is so relevant because, for the first time, Berlusconi is really close to a potential definitive sentence. And we are speaking about a serious crime – tax fraud – with a serious conviction, because Berlusconi was sentenced to four years of imprisonment, even if three years were deleted by the 'indulto', a sort of Italian pardon, plus the additional penalty of disqualification from public

Enrico Bona

The decision by Silvio Berlusconi's lawyers not to ask for a delay shows they want a verdict as soon as possible to avoid wasting time. They're betting on a ruling in the politician's favour. We'll have to wait until Wednesday or even Thursday to see whether or not that happens. In the meantime anything is

Gianfranco Mascia

We are afraid of one thing – that if, as ought to happen, Berlusconi is convicted and thus barred from office, the problem won't be legal, it will be political, because a Senate committee must decide if they approve banning Berlusconi from office or

Alessandro Di Battista

It's no longer important who you vote for. You are honest citizens, just like us, and all of us have been taken on a ride by the parties who have united for their own good to support

Dario Franceschini

I think that the minister must accept that the majority of this chamber has called on him to accept his responsibilities and resign, and therefore he should do just

Silvio Berlusconi

We have decided to say no thank you to all the countries that have offered to help because we can can deal with it ourselves, we are a proud country, with a strong welfare

Silvio Berlusconi

It is essential that relations between the United States and the European Union remain strong and

Gianfranco Fini

The government is currently floating in the face of emergencies. It has lost its direction, the project that should be essential to build tomorrow's Italy

Maurizio Buccarella

In the Senate, even those like us that were pushing for Berlusconi's expulsion, we all understood that it was a sad moment, for the man, although he reaped the fruits of what he sowed. But it was a sad moment for Italy, because this moment should have come already many years'

Silvio Berlusconi

Firstly, finally Italy is free, but it's too late, it's

Stefano Fólli

It is not a victory, for anybody. It's the end of a misunderstanding. Berlusconi in the last years was a great misunderstanding because of his conflicts of interests and his trials. The fact he has not been beaten politically, in an election, is not good for

Stefano Fólli

Berlusconi has been far too controversial a leader at an international level, so I believe that there is a general preference to do business with anyone but

Stefano Fólli

No, I don't see the risk of an early election. I see the need for the government to take advantage of its current majority. I mean to use this cohesion to provide an answer to the country's problems, and realize the important reforms, often promised and always

Massimo D'Alema

I don't think that the future of the government should depend on these court verdicts – and the other verdicts that perhaps will

Fabrizio Cicchitto

People did not vote according along party lines. That means that when you have turnout like that, at around 50 per cent, it's sure the centre right will lose. Because our electorate is not particularly

Franco Bassanini

Defending our constitution does not mean freezing. Rather, it means being open to reforms backed by the majority of Italians, and reforms that are coherent with the basic principles and values of our republican

Romano Prodi

If we win, it's encouraging, if we lose, it's discouraging, he

Roberto Maroni

Either Berlusconi's party manages to tighten its ranks, putting aside all squabbles – everyday we read of squabbles inside the People of Freedom party, people accusing each other – or we should acknowledge the majority is

Philip Pullella - Reuters

The situation is extremely volatile. Berlusconi is under extreme pressure to resign from the markets and from many members of his own party. There is a rebellion in the ranks, many of them feel that the situation is no longer sustainable and they want him to

Silvio Berlusconi

As far as Alitalia is concerned, the Chancellor and I are agreed that the best option would be a deal between Lufthansa and Alitalia. We hope it will

Federico Bricolo

It is not right that it is only Italians who must bear the costs of immigration. It is only right that the immigrants themselves have to pay something. That is my answer to all those who are against this

Silvio Berlusconi

I must say that we do not agree with it. It is a proposal which has not been put before the government. We were only informed about it via parliament and I personally reject

Silvio Berlusconi

This is real judicial harassment that has no equal in the civilized world.We must continue our fight for

Enrico Bona

It may now fall because of actions of the PDL or because of a section of the Democratic Party who may not want to govern with a knight (referring to Berlusconi), who has been

Enrico Bona

Silvio Berlusconi has retraced the latest 20 years of history of the Italian Republic and he has proposed the re-foundation of Forza Italia as an antidote to what he calls the distortion of justice. We will see if his call has the same force as in '

Silvio Berlusconi

The right to not be in fear is a primary right that the state cannot guarantee for its citizens and so we've activated a series of measures

James Walston

Berlusconi wanted to make the European elections a plebiscite on his government. That is why he is standing in the whole country. He wants to be able to say to Italy and the whole of Europe he is the most popular man in

Angelino Alfano

We are willing to agree to a president who will not be against an important portion of the Italian

Pier Luigi Bersani

Clearly it is a moment of great satisfaction, then starting tomorrow we will have to face many problems but we will finally start working on

Renato Schifani

The duty of the majority is to ensure that its representatives in parliament are united to approve government policy. If this unity is defective it means we do not observe the electoral pact with the voters. In this case it would be for voters to judge with new

Romano Prodi

Its been a hard fight, but we won in the end and its time for Berlusconi to stop wasting time and go

Romano Prodi

It's useless for Berlusconi to seek excuses and delays, he should go

Silvio Berlusconi

We need to check the voting registers from 60 thousand bureaux, but it seems there have been widespread

Romano Prodi

He (Berlusconi) is unable to lose, to admit that we won. He will never do (it). He is absolutely unable to admit the truth. He did so ten years ago, he is doing the same

Enrico Bona

In order to support Berlusconi during these longest hours the PDL has summoned his supporters. They will await the verdict in front of his Roman residence Palazzo Grazioli hoping the conviction will be

Silvio Berlusconi

Those who don't respect the mandate of the electorate proves they don't have the interests of Italy at heart only their own miserable career

Paolo Armellini

I suppose it would be better to have new elections, because right now nothing is working. Everything just gets postponed, extended, the crisis is still here and you can feel

Roberto Speranza

Berlusconi's putting his own personal interests before those of

Silvio Berlusconi

I think there is no other option but going to elections as soon as possible. We are also convinced that all the poll numbers suggest that we will win these

Silvio Berlusconi

Following the decision the Italian people are taking, we must probably say goodbye to the possibility of nuclear power stations and we must strongly commit ourselves to renewable

Maurizio Caprara

Of course there is a link between his political instability and market instability. Of course, I don't think that politics have to follow the markets, but in this case we have to defend the euro and defend our nation. So it would be better to have a government capable of taking decisions, and to govern. Until we have exactly that result, the situation will be a little bit

Silvio Berlusconi

I have been accused many times of saying communists eat babies. Go and read the black book on communism and you'll find that under Mao's China they didn't eat babies but they boiled them to fertilise the fields. It's something horrible but it's

Angelino Alfano

Often when the mafia wants to discredit adversaries it chooses not to physically assassinate them but to question their

Vladimir Putin

It's because he lives with women. If he was a homosexual, no one would lift a finger against

Angelino Alfano

Since in our country, there is compulsory penal action, I expect that the magistrates' bench does its duty in inquiring and pursuing those who encourage hatred and murder and commit a crime, from a penal point of view, and judge in an inappropriate manner from a moral point of

Nicolas Sarkozy

We want Schengen to live, but for Schengen to live it must be

George W. Bush

So I think what you're going to find is that countries will be willing or anxious to get out when Iraqis have got the ability to defend

George W. Bush

When he brought up the issue of Italian troops in Iraq, he said first of all he wanted me to know that there was no change in his policy, that in fact any withdrawals would be done in consultation with allies and would be done depending on the ability of the Iraqi people to defend themselves. And I said, are you sure I can say this to the press corps, they are going to want to know what took place in our conversation, and he said,

Umberto Eco

I'm just saying that there is a European cultural identity which cannot be clearly defined because it is intangible, but it does exists: using it as a base we could start to unify Europe, to think of a political Europe, an economic Europe. But I can't talk about an economic Europe; I am not competent in that area and it would be dishonest to discuss it on

Umberto Eco

Very strong, yes very strong since my youth!feedback

Umberto Eco

No, I do not believe that culture can change the course of the markets, not even Homer could do

Umberto Eco

No. You believe that writers are the oracles that there isn't a question which the novelist can't answer. The writer though can raise a question, and there are questions that a writer cannot answer, but it's a question that a writer can ask. You believe the euro crisis can be a positive thing to create new ideas like this?feedback

Umberto Eco

Go back to the early 1990s and the crisis and allegations of corruption with the Christian Democrats. There was a huge void, Berlusconi had the political intelligence and the ability to make alliances with no ideological issues, just as in a cattle market, he created allegiances. Then the Catholics – with reported scandals surrounding him – withdrew their support, so there was no room for Berlusconi in

Umberto Eco

I don't agree, during the year he has been subjected to constant criticism from most of the press, intellectuals, etc. It was used to damage Berlusconi's image, to show his weaknesses, and then at some point Berlusconi had to yield to the fact that he was not accepted by the European leaders. His fall coincided with the fact that Italy is now represented by a respectable

Umberto Eco

A very long time. Fortunately the rest of Italy managed to resist. How could Italy accept Berlusconi? A German journalist asked me the same question, I answered him by asking how was Germany able to accept Hitler, how could France accept

Umberto Eco

Berlusconi was – is – a great communicator, he is a charmer, certainly a charmer of the public, the middle-aged people who are 50 or older, who watch TV and see him on TV. But he could not have a majority, he always worked with a 30, 40 percent lead and an electoral law that allowed him to dominate the

Umberto Eco

No, my novel is about forgers, people who produce false records. Well, Berlusconi has done that to get rid of political opponents, if you want you can make a connection with that, but since my novel is about the Protocol of the Elders of Zion – a text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for achieving global domination – and its effect on humanity, I dare not say that Berlusconi ever acted on that

Umberto Eco

I can't solve the economic crisis, I am a victim like the everyone else, I lost some….feedback

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Italians don't know how to promote themselves, so when I am abroad I hear bad things said about my country. The last 15 or 16 years the newspapers have been full of it. To get at one man, Berlusconi, they have targeted a whole country. But it's not the fault of all Italians, on the contrary. There are those who get up early to work hard and make sacrifices to advance the image of Italy and the Made in Italy

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