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It actually puts the onus on the U.S. in a way. They are saying: 'I'm along for the ride. Here's my proposal.
Mar 03 2017
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Terry Gou - Foxconn

I thought it was a private conversation, but then the next morning it was exposed. There is such a plan, but it is not a promise. It is a wish. Automation, software and technology innovation will be our key focus in the US in the coming few years.

Terry Gou - Foxconn

The rise of protectionism is unavoidable. Secondly, the trend of politics serving the economy is clearly defined.

Hannes Niederhauser

If we develop poorly and our share price falls significantly I expect that Foxconn will do a full takeover.

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

I do believe that some manufacturing may come back to the United States, primarily because of the fact that president-elect Donald Trump is going to twist Apple's arm. And there's been reports that Foxconn is reviewing being able to assemble plants, and it would be a good thing.

Donald J. Trump

I'm going to bring jobs back. I'm going to get Apple to start making their computers and their iPhones on our land, not in China. How does it help us when they make it in China?

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

If the world moves to a more nationalistic approach 'made in America, by Americans, for Americans' or 'made in China, by Chinese, for Chinese'? The unwind of these variable conditions will likely impact margins, growth and suppliers exposed to the globalization trend of the last decade. The same will likely make global tech a tougher place to invest in 2017.

Kavin Bharti Mittal - Mittal

I'm thrilled to announce this new milestone in our journey. Tencent and Foxconn both have pedigrees that speak for themselves and such an investment especially in today's market just goes to show the strong foundation on which Hike is being built. The new fund raise is going to allow us to push Hike to greater heights and invest in areas that will be key to our long term vision and success.

Toyodo Uemura - Sharp Corporation

Sharp and Foxconn have not set a signing date. Both companies are working hard to reach a satisfactory agreement as soon as practically possible.

Atul Goyal

That puts the entire deal in jeopardy. This is especially so given the dramatic back and forth that happened between Sharp and Foxconn in 2012, when Foxconn agreed to acquire a stake in Sharp but then later walked away.

Gavin Parry

Sharp has the know-how to construct out the elements to compete with Samsung as an Apple supplier, because of this that with Sharp under its umbrella Foxconn can assist Apple wean itself off Samsung. this gives Foxconn better pricing energy with Apple.

Teruo Asamoto

Hon Hai's vast network of clients can help absorb Sharp's LCD panel output. Hon Hai, for its part, can consolidate its position as a contract manufacturer by taking in Sharp's display technology.

Terry Gou - Foxconn

We don't want to destroy this company. We want to keep this company for another 100 years. Working together with us is the right decision.

Huang Jun - Foxconn

In the past, from the time we started work until when we finished, we would not really have a break. But now we have been given time to rest.

Mary Williams

It's my responsibility to make sure the company that I support also supports good labour practices.

Adrian Mowat - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

China is very challenged demographically – we are seeing a shortage of labour for manufacturing and companies like Foxconn and Honhai need to move outside China in order to get access to lower costs.

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