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Emmanuel Macron
In terms of the fight against terrorism, he has the same drive for efficiency that I do. I don't share some of his choices, above all on the climate
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Jun 27 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about French election 2017. 591 people are quoted and you can read 1298 citations of them about French election 2017. Francois Hollande, Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Francois Hollande said: “I wanted to come back here because without you, without this movement, without the strength you embody, I would never have led France. I am leaving the country in a much better state than I found it in.”.
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Donald Tusk - European Council

Citizens' rights are the number one priority for the EU 27 [all but Britain] and we have made our position clear. We want to ensure the full rights for EU and UK citizens after

Emmanuel Macron

At the Visegrad meeting this morning we established which issues we disagree on and where we will continue to talk to better understand each other's constraints. There are issues where I'd like to advance together, the posted workers directive being one... I believe we need a profound reform of the balance. I will do it with respect for our

Viktor Orban

As far as I can see, we identified the issues where pragmatic cooperation and agreement can be achieved on the basis of mutual

Joseph Muscat

My concern is that we may be creating pitfalls if details are not really well ironed-out. Everyone would like a situation where there is a blanket fair treatment of all of our

Bohuslav Sobotka

With President Macron we agreed today on a more intensive communication. We will start with the directive on posted workers. I have pointed out to Emmanuel Macron today how low wages are in the Czech Republic compared to France, and that French firms can also do more to raise (their)

Theresa May

I want to reassure EU citizens. Of course, there will be details of this arrangement which will be part of the negotiation process. I want to reassure all those EU citizens who are in the UK, who have made their lives and homes in the UK, that no-one will have to leave, we won't be seeing families split apart. This is a fair and serious offer. I want to give those EU citizens in the UK certainty about the future of their lives, but I also want to see that certainty given to U citizens who are living in the

Theresa May

Last night I was pleased to be able to set out what is a very fair and a very serious offer for EU citizens who are living in the United Kingdom and the government will set out more detailed proposals on Monday. I want to reassure all those EU citizens who are in the UK, who have made their lives and homes in the UK, that no one will have to leave. We won't be seeing families split

Philippe Couillard

You cannot disconnect this type of event, terrorism, from Islam in general. I think President [Emmanuel] Macron yesterday was very eloquent about this when addressing the Muslim community in France. He told them it's also your responsibility to act on the theological front to explain to your people that this is not part of the religion, that it's contrary to the teachings of the

Emmanuel Macron

The door is open until the moment you walk through it. It's not up to me to say it's closed. But from the moment things are engaged with a timescale and an objective, it's very hard to go back, we can't lie to ourselves. What did Brexit play on? On workers from eastern Europe who came to take British jobs. The defenders of the European Union lost because the British lower middle classes said: 'Stop!feedback

Emmanuel Macron

Europe is not a supermarket. We have to promote a Europe that goes toward greater economic and social wellbeing. Europe isn't a supermarket. Europe is a common destiny. It is weakened when it accepts its principles being rejected. The countries in Europe that don't respect the rules should have to face the political consequences. And that's not just an east-west debate. Everything is linked. You can't say you want to lead an effective fight against terror and not do something about climate

Nick Clegg

Populism has not been defeated in mainland Europe, but it does appears to have been contained. We were told a few months ago that [Geert] Wilders would win in the Netherlands, that Le Pen would take the [French] presidency and pull France out of the euro, and that Angela Merkel's position was in doubt. None of those things have happened. Yet in Britain, a revolution overturned four decades of EU membership, and in the US a completely unsuitable candidate was elected

Christophe Castaner

Prefects have given instructions for more flexibility to be shown, in particular for more humanity to be shown. We cannot treat women and men as if they are just

Krzysztof Lapinski

Europe is not a supermarket. Europe is a common

Francois Bayrou

I will stand by the president and faithfully support him with a political and personal understanding that is dear to

Emmanuel Macron

Because democracy was born in Europe. The US likes freedom as much as we do, but it doesn't have our love for justice. Europe is the only place in the world where individual freedoms, the spirit of democracy and social justice are so closely joined. So the question now is: Will Europe succeed in defending the deep values it brought to the world for decades, or will it be wiped out by the rise in illiberal democracies and authoritarian regimes?feedback

Emmanuel Macron

France is not a country that you reform, it's a country that you transform, a country of revolution. So as long as it's possible not to reform, France doesn't do it. This time, people saw they were at the edge of a precipice and they

Emmanuel Macron

I respect Vladimir Putin. I had an constructive exchange with him. We have real disagreements, on Ukraine in particular, but he has seen my position. I talked to him at length face to face about international issues as wells as defending NGOs and liberties in his

Emmanuel Macron

The question is to know how to restore the dynamic and bring people on board. It's not just about pressing policy onto countries or people; you have to be able to bring them along with you, make them

Emmanuel Macron

That's why I have asked the government to engage the fundamental reforms which are essential for France. Our credibility, our efficiency, our strength is on the

Emmanuel Macron

I will speak to everyone with respect but I won't compromise on European principles – on solidarity or democratic values. If Europe were to accept that, it would mean it's weak and had already ceased to

Emmanuel Macron

Fears are still there and what divides societies is still there. There are no magic solutions, it's a combat for every

Emmanuel Macron

We have to promote a Europe that goes towards greater economic and social wellbeing. Let's not get this wrong. The great defenders of this ultra economically-liberal and unbalanced Europe – the UK – came crashing down on this. What did Brexit play on? On workers from eastern Europe who came to take British jobs. The defenders of the European Union lost because the British lower middle classes said: 'Stop!' He said "extremes feed off imbalances like this" and the European Union couldn't remain shut up in summits and offices and "let things

Emmanuel Macron

Anyone who thinks the fight against climate change is mere whim by middle-class liberals is deeply

Emmanuel Macron

Democracy isn't built from the outside without the people. France didn't take part in the Iraq war and that was right. And France was wrong to take part in the war in Libya in the way it did. What was the result of those interventions? Failed states where terrorist groups prospered. I don't want that in Syria. Three: I have red lines on chemical weapons and humanitarian corridors. I said it very clearly to Vladimir Putin. I will be uncompromising on that. So the use of chemical weapons will be met with a response, and even if France acts

Emmanuel Macron

My election, and my majority in parliament are not the end of something: they are a challenging beginning. It's the start of a French renaissance, and I hope a European

Emmanuel Macron

Everywhere in our societies, the lower middle classes have started to doubt. We have to create a Europe that protects with a real defence policy and common

Emmanuel Macron

When you look at the planet today, what do you see? A rise in illiberal democracies, and extremes in Europe, a reappearance of authoritarian regimes that question the vitality of democracy, and the US in part withdrawing from the world. That context is worsened by a rise in uncertainty and troubles – crises are growing in the Middle East and the Gulf, inequalities are growing everywhere in the

Emmanuel Macron

National egotisms are slow poisons that bring about the weakening of democracies and a collective inability to rise up to our historic challenge. I know the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is conscious of

Emmanuel Macron

Yes. When you fix red-lines, if you don't know how to make sure they are respected, you're choosing to be weak. That's not my choice. If chemical weapons are used on the ground and we know how to find out their provencance, France will launch strikes to destroy the chemical weapons

Emmanuel Macron

I want the discussions that have just started to be perfectly coordinated at a European level. I do not want bilateral discussions, because the interests of the EU must be preserved in the short, medium and long

Emmanuel Macron

I want our cooperation to evolve. We absolutely must avoid creating new flashpoint migrant

Georges Fenech

It is a rude awakening for the French, who had hoped for a new era in

Christophe Castaner

The real victory wasn't last night, it will be in five years' time when we have really changed

Édouard Philippe

Abstention is never good news for democracy. The government interprets it as a strong obligation to

Carla Fendi

We had to work twice as hard as men to establish

Philippe Aghion

Macron is good at talking to the unions, at giving them

Laurent Berger - Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail

There's a mentality in France that says we should cut off the heads of those at the top. And there's also a French tendency to focus on things that could go wrong. I have no desire to be among those who keep saying, None of this will work.' It has to work. Because if it doesn't, we'll wind up with Le Pen in another five years. And things will be much, much

Jean-Christophe Cambadelis

The collapse of the Socialist Party is beyond doubt. The president of the Republic has all the powers. Don't write us off so

Jeremy Klein - FBN Securities

I think there's a bit of a sense of relief that Macron won the majority. Europe had been treading water recently and now it looks like it's reverting

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

Macron will need to tread carefully, with some questioning the validity of his mandate on a 45 percent turnout, the lowest in fifty years, . He will also face an enormous amount of resistance on the ground from the vested interests of the trade unions which still wield an enormous amount of influence, and could make life very difficult for the inexperienced new President and his

Peter Chatwell

What is also important is the composition of the (parliament). Having the Socialists loose so many seats means this is still a very much business- and reform-friendly assembly and that's why we've been able to see the CAC-40 (stock market) rally nicely ...while French spreads are still relatively

Jean-Claude Mailly - Force Ouvrière

Is he going to say, you don't agree, well, I'm going to push (the reform) through by force'? If so, one thing's for sure, his presidency is going to get off to a bad start on labour relations and there will be

Laurent Berger - Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail

The indispensable starting point has to be a period of sincere dialog. We'll see in the coming weeks if it's

Jean-Pierre Delevoye

We're already thinking about who the leaders and orators will be, who will be able to take them on. We're already sharpening our

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

I inform the new powers-that-be that not one meter of ground, in the domain of social rights, will be given up without a fight. This inflated majority in the National Assembly has no

Marine Le Pen

We are the only force of resistance to the dilution of France, to its social model and to its identity. We will fight the government's harmful plans with all of our strength. They may have a big majority, but their ideas are absolutely in a minority in this country. The French will not support these plans to weaken our

Dennis Muilenburg

The MAX 10 is going to add more value for customers and more energy to the

Mark Carney - Bank of England

I am delighted to welcome Silvana Tenreyro to the Monetary Policy Committee and am very much looking forward to working with her. Her extensive and varied academic experience – on the monetary transmission mechanism, the dynamics of productivity, trade, housing issues as well as wage dynamics, to name just a few – will be invaluable to the Committee as it seeks to promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom through maintaining monetary

Josh Mahony

Global stock markets have begun the new week in style, with European indices following their Asian counterparts higher despite a terrorist attack in North London. There is a feeling that for the most part, markets are immune to attacks nowadays, with only those that have an impact on international relations, government spending or business making any impact. After a week dominated by central bank interests, this week sees the likes of the Australian, New Zealand and Swiss central banks release their latest

Philip Hammond

I am delighted to appoint Professor Silvana Tenreyro as the new external member of the Monetary Policy Committee at the Bank of England. I am confident that Professor Tenreyro will be a strong addition to the MPC, bringing a wealth of economic experience and academic rigour to the Committee's

Holger Schmieding - Joh. Berenberg, Gossler & Co.

We expect the Macron reforms to transform France like the Thatcher reforms had cured the erstwhile sick man of Europe, the United Kingdom, some 35 years ago. And like the 'Agenda 2010' reforms had turned Germany from one of the weakest into one of the strongest economies in Europe almost 15 years

Édouard Philippe

Through their vote, a wide majority of the French have chosen hope over anger. Abstentionism is never good for democracy. The government will consider it has an obligation to

Emmanuel Macron

I must tell you that I'm astonished to hear some commentators pretend or hope that we won't be able to have a

Laurent Berger - Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail

We reserve the possibility like everyone to give our point of view democratically. If we have to hold protests, we will. If we have to mobilise in companies, we'll do

Laurent Berger - Confédération Française Démocratique du Travail

There has never been such a paradox between a high concentration of power and strong tensions and expectations in terms of changes. There is no place for euphoria in victory. There is no providential man, no miracle

Peter Altmaier

France now has a strong president with a strong majority in parliament. Good for Europe and for Germany!feedback

Luc Rouban

Yet the working class represent 40 per cent of the French

Thomas Guénolé

The ivory tower effect has always been a danger for the Elysee palace's occupant. Most have fallen into the

Jerome Sainte-Marie

From the first round of the presidential election, we entered an implacable, inevitable mechanism which would lead to the triumph of the one who was chosen to defeat Marine Le

Hugo Drochon

We know that En Marche has been very, very centred on Macron, and I think that's going to be reinforced by the fact that most of these people are political novices, . It will likely just mean that they will apply Macron's programme [entirely] as opposed to the compromises that typically go with the left-right politics. The line is going to be coming very much from the top down, rather than from any kind of

Sudhir Hazareesingh

Behind his success was always the idea that he was going to renew not just the presidency, but also the political elite on the whole. And when you look at the parliamentary candidates he's chosen, it is a spectacular

Patrick Weil

The new members of parliament have been chosen personally by the president. Donald Trump never chose any Republican members of the

Djamila Haddad

Finally, there are younger candidates. Finally, there are more women. And finally, there are new ideas in a staid, stolid system. That's

Sudhir Hazareesingh

What is extraordinary is the speed with which it's happened. What's also extraordinary is that both traditional parties are being swept

Will Hutton

The French president hopes to establish a new economic order. Labour should be watching him closely. Today, the seal will be set on an extraordinary political event. In the second round of its elections, France is expected to elect more than 400 deputies of the 577-seat French national assembly to represent a political party – En Marche! – that was founded just 14 months ago. The French Socialist party will be reduced from its current 284 deputies to a tiny rump of fewer than 25, while their conservative rivals will fall from 226 to fewer than 130. Emmanuel Macron, newly elected president and founder of the party, will have completed a stunning

Marc Abélès

There is a sort of change in the culture. There was an atmosphere that was a bit deadening, the impression that one couldn't get out, that one was cornered. And I think against that backdrop something was pushed. We were completely looking at things negatively, and now people have a tendency to see things more

Bernard Brevet

He's young, he has the future ahead of him, we have to give him at least a year. He must bring

Céline Davy

The businesses with fewer than 10 employees are the lifeblood of France, but I have the impression of working to pay social taxes. I want to work well, but not to pay everything to the

Emmanuel Macron

I want France to be a startup nation. A nation that thinks and moves like a startup. Entrepreneur is the new

Mounir Mahjoubi - Trend Micro

We will ask parliament to work on this subject. By introducing a dose of proportional representation parties that get such (low) scores would have more representation. That would be fairer, and above all, it would improve the

Emmanuel Macron

When an entrepreneur has too much success, he gets stigmatized and, in general, he gets taxed. This is over! I'm proud of you. Everywhere, women and men want to innovate. France is in the middle of becoming a nation of

Emmanuel Macron

We will drive through these transformation without delay. You do not wait, because your competitors do not

Pascal Gannat

We've got to redefine populism. We have to define for ourselves. Marine Le Pen was afraid of defining herself as of the

Emmanuel Macron

The bet of the future for us is to carry on educating our talents, taking our students to the highest levels of academic success. We must defend our educational model, we must help our students go

Emmanuel Macron

I will ensure that we create a most attractive and creative environment, I will ensue that the state and government acts a platform and not a constraint. Entrepreneur is the new

Nicolas Dufourcq

People need to know that if they come to France, they can make a fortune and won't get

Nicolas Dufourcq

The tide has been turning in our favor for about year now. It is as if the French Tech's boss had been elected as the new

Martin Mignot - Index Ventures

Whether it be Britain, Germany or Nordic countries, there's a clear interest for France. All funds are starting to have one or two French or Francophile people that spend their time reviewing the French market. And that's clearly new. We shouldn't delude ourselves, London still has a considerable advantage. But this advantage was built over 15 years. There's no reason Paris can't achieve

Guy Verhofstadt

Yesterday Emmanuel Macron, the new French president, spoke about an open door, he said if Britain is changing its mind it will find an open door. I can say I agree, I don't disagree with him. But like in Alice in Wonderland, not all the doors are the same. It will be a brand new door, with a new Europe, a Europe without rebates, without complexity, with real power and with

Theresa May

We remain steadfast in our commitment to the Belfast agreement. A discussion taking place on the Northern Ireland executive and our focus is absolute. In talks with DUP we want to ensure with their support we give stability which is important ahead of the Brexit negotiations. Our intent is to have stability in the national interest. We have worked with the DUP

Theresa May

Nowhere is our cooperation closer than in the area of defence and security, with British and French fighter pilots flying alongside one another and in each other's planes over Syria and Iraq to strike Daesh [Isil] at its heart, or our troops deployed together in Estonia to provide reassurance to our eastern allies in the face of Russian

Theresa May

The UK and France will work together to encourage corporations to do more and abide by their social responsibility to step up their efforts to remove harmful content from their networks. We are launching a joint UK-French campaign to ensure that the internet cannot be used as a safe space for terrorists and

Theresa May

What we're doing in relation to the talks that we're holding, the productive talks we're holding with the Democratic Unionist Party, is ensuring that it is possible to, with their support, give the stability to the UK government that I think is necessary at this time. I confirmed to President Macron that the timetable for the Brexit negotiation remains on course and will begin next

John Hardy - Federal Reserve System

I think a lot of this is randomness – the "softer Brexit" idea is just a narrative from the U.K. – an interesting one, but hard to hang our hats on as things are in flux. Just as important is the EU perspective, and there, we have to consider the strong Macron victory and a couple of themes from that. Second, actual EU moves are isolating the U.K. – like today's measures aiming to have euro-denominated derivatives cleared only by EU-based banks – therefore requiring massive reshoring away from

Joseph Dobbs

Nearly a year on from the Brexit vote, Europeans are understandably confused by what Britain wants. That was true a week ago, and it's more true now after the vote. It's gotten an awful lot more

Emmanuel Macron

The decision [to exit the EU] has been taken by the sovereign British people. I do respect

Theresa May

The counter-terrorism co-operation between British and French intelligence agencies is already strong, but President Macron and I agree that more should be done to tackle the terrorist threat online. In the UK we are already working with social media companies to halt the spread of extremist material and poisonous propaganda that is warping young minds. We are united in our total condemnation of terrorism and our commitment to stamp out this

Marine Le Pen

There needs to be in parliament lawmakers who will really oppose the disastrous policies Emmanuel Macron is

Lyn Graham-Taylor - Rabobank

Macron doing well in the first round of the French parliamentary elections bodes well for him getting a majority. The fact that 5-Star did poorly in local elections in Italy also suggests a setback for populism in

Édouard Philippe

France is back. For a month now, the President has been a symbol of confidence, drive and audacity, both in France and on the international stage… In the large abstentions seen this Sunday, I see the consequences of the standing down of certain political parties, which have been unable to regroup after losing the presidential election. I also see the effect of the demobilisation of a section of the electorate, for whom the election of the President represented the conclusion of the

Thibault Gouache

The most important thing is changing the people that do politics. [Many candidates have already served multiple terms and] are disconnected to the reality of what we live on a day-by-day

Mounir Mahjoubi - Trend Micro

We want a big majority to be able to act and transform France over the next five

Pamela Guillou

I think people don't realize how important these elections

David Queneutte

With all the promises that they've made and that they never hold, there's less and less people who go out and

Emmanuel Macron

I won't let anything stand in my way. Our civilization is at

Emmanuel Macron

I am a warrior. I am a fighter. I have a willingness to act that is consuming

Naomi Klein

It is more Le Pen equals David Duke [former leader of the Ku Klux Klan]. If David Duke got the percentage of the vote that Le Pen got, we would be terrified, as well we should be. The UK election really showed the power of leading with substance and ideas, rather than slick packaging and fear. The more May tried to exploit people's fear and shock – telling them they might need to give up their privacy and human rights to fight terror, that they should delegate their rights to her – the more [Corbyn's] message of hope, that positive 'yes' looked like the better option to many

Emmanuel Macron

That's what the country wants and that's what it

Boris Schlossberg

The euro has been on a tear lately. Partly because Emmanuel Macron won in France, but also because the market is speculating that the European Central Bank is going to taper the quantitative easing that's been in place for several

Angela Merkel

I am so moved and enthused that so many states and enterprises in the United States of America want to travel this path with us. We will travel it

Kirk Hawkins

If we had a right[-wing] populist–if this were [former Peruvian President] Alberto Fujimori or even a … Donald Trump or a Marine Le Pen, the [Venezuelan] economy wouldn't look like it does right now. Populism interacts with other features of the political environment to give you certain kinds of

Nicolas Bay

It's a good thing. It saves us from having banks decide who can be a candidate or

Francois Bayrou

For years, we have seen practices develop that have imperiled, cracked and fractured the trust citizens must have in their elected representatives and provoked a profound exasperation among the

Francois Bayrou

Will we have an ideal text? No. Will we have a text that prevents all incidents? No. But we will have made huge

Thomas Gomart

It was adroitly done. It showed a self-confidence, even a form of insolence … In terms of foreign relations, the early stages of Macron's presidency have undeniably been a success. So what we see is a convergence between this young president who is the incarnation of a form of modernity, and these symbols that resonate with the French, these references to France's history. Don't forget parliamentary elections are not far

Michael R. Bloomberg

Americans don't need Washington to meet our Paris commitments, and Americans are not going to let Washington stand in the way of fulfilling it. I want the world to know that the U.S. will meet its Paris commitments and that through partnerships among cities, states and businesses we will seek to remain part of the Paris agreement process. We are already halfway there and we can accelerate our process further even without any support from Washington. The Paris agreement is irreversible and will be implemented because it is our

Adam Posen - Bank of England

These are techocratic things that even if they work, would prevent bad outcomes. The Commission, technocrats never get credit for preventing bad outcomes. You need something positive to create the political momentum in support of Europe, in support of the euro area. And given the recent elections, not just Macron and given the external threat that Europe faces from the U.S., from Turkey, from Russia I think it's a positive

Emmanuel Macron

I tell you firmly tonight: We will not renegotiate a less ambitious accord. There is no way, . France believes in you (the U.S.), the world believes in you, but don't be mistaken on climate; there is no plan B because there is no planet B. France will put forward a concrete action plan to increase its attractiveness for researchers and companies in the ecological transition sector and will take initiatives notably in Europe and Africa on this subject. Tonight the United States has turned its back on the world, but France will not turn its back on

Angela Merkel

We will gather all our strength – in Germany, in Europe and in the world – to meet the great challenges of humanity, like climate change, and to successfully master these challenges. For all for whom the future of this planet is important, I say: Let us continue along this path together, so that we are successful for our Mother Earth. The path, there is no doubt about it, is rocky. I have known that ever since I started in politics. But I am also convinced, if I look back at these more than 20 years, that the path is

Emmanuel Macron

I tell you firmly tonight: We will not renegotiate a less ambitious accord. There is no way. France believes in you (the U.S.), the world believes in you, but don't be mistaken on climate; there is no plan B because there is no planet B. Make the Planet Great Again. France will put forward a concrete action plan to increase its attractiveness for researchers and companies in the ecological transition sector and will take initiatives notably in Europe and Africa on this

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

Brexit will show how much more attractive it is to be a member of our Union. Thanks to Europe, people enjoy the freedom to live, buy, love, and trade across

Vladimir Putin

No hackers can influence election campaigns in any country of Europe, Asia or America. We are ready to receive any person, always. If Madame Le Pen asked to meet us, why would we want to refuse her? The more so since she always publicly spoke out for developing relations with our country. It would be strange for us to refuse

Vladimir Putin

There are certain dimensions we can pursue more actively in fighting terror. We are patient, we know how to wait and we will wait. We don't engage in that at the state level. No hackers can influence election campaigns in any country of Europe, Asia or

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

Everything would depend on the responsibilities and powers such a euro zone finance minister would receive. Would be a representative role or would it come together with a euro zone budget. Latest comments from Merkel and Macron have given hope that the Franco-German axis could really revive further integration of the euro zone. However, the coming days will show whether it was only words or whether particularly the Germans are willing to put their money where their mouth

Ashley Deeks

If you are Macron or the leader of any country and you get the cellphone number of the president of the United States, it's reasonable to assume that they'd hand it right over to their intel service. Government sometimes looks like a big bureaucracy that has stupid rules, but a lot of these things are in place for very good reasons, and they've been around for a while and determine the most effective way to do business in the foreign policy sphere. Sometimes it takes presidents longer to figure that

Laurent Bouvet

He's not hesitating at all to stage-set the majesty of presidential

Jean-Claude Mailly - Force Ouvrière

He was open, in the discussions. On the surface at least there's a desire for partnership. He wasn't

Vladimir Putin

It would have been very strange on our part to refuse to have a meeting with a leading political figure in Europe who wishes to develop good relations with Russia. It doesn't mean we tried to influence the result of the French presidential election–this is

Emmanuel Macron

I have always had an exemplary relationship with foreign journalists, but they have to be journalists. Russia Today and Sputnik were agents of influence and propaganda that spread falsehoods about me and my

Emmanuel Macron

A very clear red line exists on our side - that is the use of chemical weapons by whomever. Failed states in the region are a threat to our democracies, and we have seen each time they have enabled terrorist groups to

Emmanuel Macron

It's indispensable to talk to Russia because there are a number of international subjects that will not be resolved without a tough dialogue with them. I will be demanding in my exchanges with

Emmanuel Macron

It was serious that these foreign press organs – under whatever influence there may have been, I don't know – interfered by reporting serious falsehoods in a democratic campaign. I will give no ground at all to

Emmanuel Macron

When I say things once, I don't usually repeat myself. During the campaign, Russia Today and Sputnik were agents of influence which on several occasions spread fake news about me personally and my campaign. They behaved like organs of influence, of propaganda and of lying propaganda. Our absolute priority is the fight against terrorism and the eradication of terrorist groups and Daesh in

John McCain

I think ISIS can do terrible things. But it's the Russians who tried to destroy the fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an American election. They just tried to affect the outcome of the French election. So I view Vladimir Putin – who has dismembered Ukraine, a sovereign nation, who is putting pressure on the Baltics – I view the Russians as the far greatest challenge that we have. We have done nothing since the election last November to respond to Vladimir Putin's attempt to change the outcome of our elections. So, way to go Vladimir. We haven't responded at

Emmanuel Macron

I want us to organize a democratic transition but also preserve a Syrian

Emmanuel Macron

When press outlets spread defamatory untruths, they are no longer journalists, they are organs of influence. Russia Today and Sputnik were organs of influence during this campaign, which, on several occasions produced untruths about me and my campaign. I will not give an inch on this. Russia Today and Sputnik ... behaved as organs of influence, of propaganda, of lying propaganda. Big things are built over time. It was an exchange that was extremely frank, direct, with a lot of things that were said. We have disagreements, but at least we talked about