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Sameer Samana
Our client base has a rotating list of things they are concerned about. Early in the year it was U.S. politics, then French elections, then North Korea. There's almost always something on the front page that has implications for investor portfolios. Either you are avoiding all the major large developed markets and trying to find idiosyncratic exposure, or just embrace it as an investor and stick to a
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Oct 13 2017
Multiple people spoke about French politics in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Emmanuel Macron is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “You are the new faces of French politics ... it's the first promise kept.”.
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Florian Philippot

They told me that I was the vice president of nothing… I don't like ridicule, and I have never liked doing nothing, so of course I am leaving the Front National. We're a party that doesn't care about people's preferences, their sexual practices or

Roger Cohen - The New York Times

The French president wants Trump to understand that sovereignty is best wielded through

Johannes Bergh

It's fair to say that the Progress Party in Norway is more of a moderate right-wing populist party than the Front National in France, for example, or even the Sweden Democrats [in Sweden]. They try to have more of a certain acceptable rhetoric when it comes to immigration–that has been sort of a conscious strategy for them. To get into government, they had to tone down the most extreme elements of their

Michael Fuchs

(Merkel) wants to work together with (French President Emmanuel) Macron but also with all others in Europe who want to safeguard the European idea because at the moment we do have a problem with Brexit. We don't want to have another example of Brexit … So we have to work on Europe (and) Angela Merkel is the right person to do

Arnaud de Bresson

Mission accomplished. All our international partners can now see that the French president keeps his promises, in terms of ability to deliver and speed of execution, which is a strong

Angela Merkel

Ukraine does not have full sovereignty. I am working together with the French President and also with the help of the United States on finding solutions (for the Ukraine crisis) within the Normandy format. We just made clear in our joint statement released yesterday that the observance of the ceasefire agreement is of the utmost importance. If the Minsk agreement is kept, then the requirement will be met for lifting the sanctions on

Angie Dragt

Everyone is so busy fighting, there is so much negativity, when what we should be doing is what Donald Trump and the French President are doing: laying everything down, being friends, being kind and celebrating the bonds that unite

Stephen Colbert

Then Trump held a joint press conference with newly elected French president and somehow-hotter Justin Trudeau Emmanuel Macron. Trump invoked America's long history with

Mary Dejevsky

The French president showed elegance and discretion with Trump, as he has with Putin. His diplomatic skill shows up Theresa May’s ineptitude• Mary Dejevsky is a writer and broadcaster. Within hours of Air Force One touching down in Paris there was fresh confirmation that no foreign visit by this US president comes without its risks. Betraying what the kindest interpretation would describe as an old-fashioned eye for the ladies – let’s face it, he is 71 – Donald Trump had strayed from the conventional introductions to compliment his host’s wife, Brigitte, on her figure. He then turned to her husband, the president of France, to remark: “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful, isn’t she beautiful?”.feedback

Jean Messiha

There's been a recomposition of French political life. It's affecting us as

Guy Verhofstadt

Yesterday Emmanuel Macron, the new French president, spoke about an open door, he said if Britain is changing its mind it will find an open door. I can say I agree, I don't disagree with him. But like in Alice in Wonderland, not all the doors are the same. It will be a brand new door, with a new Europe, a Europe without rebates, without complexity, with real power and with

Sigmar Gabriel

If a French president has the courage to set a clear signal for Europe after his election, then Germany must have the courage to rethink its own deadlocked positions within the monetary

Junichi Ishikawa - IG Securities

While the ebb in French political risk and prospects of a ECB policy shift have helped the euro, the biggest support factor still remains the recent weakening of the dollar in wake of 'Russiagate'. Merkel's comments was extra fuel for the euro...that said, a weaker dollar is not necessarily a bad thing for

Slaid Cleaves

It seems like we're in a place we've been before and it didn't go well. It's here and abroad. Countries are isolating and going for strongmen. When I was writing the song a year ago, it was before we had the relief of the Danish and French elections, and it looked like the dominoes were going to start falling and we'd be looking at 1933 all over

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

The latest move still reflects the relief of financial markets after the French elections. With political risks fading away, the macro story is surfacing. And it is a positive story. Just confirmed by strong gross domestic product data in the first quarter. (I) think that markets are gradually realizing that the euro zone economy could be the big positive surprise of the global economy this

Angela Merkel

Europe will only do well if there is a strong France, and I am committed to that. We each represent the interests of our own countries, but the interests of Germany are naturally closely tied to the interests of France. I am the last person who is going to come and say what France has to do. I will of course discuss this with him, and I will say (we are) open to getting something done together. Germany will in the long term only do well if Europe does well, and the election of the new French president offers us the opportunity to bring dynamism to European

Emmanuel Macron

You are the new faces of French politics ... it's the first promise

Joanna Trollope

I got comments from people all the time about it, but it was nothing to do with anybody except the two of us. I see the same happening now with the Macrons [the French president-elect Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, who is 24 years his senior].feedback

Bilal Hafeez

It seems uncertainty surrounding the Trump administration's policies and French elections have resulted in cautious investor positioning and even

Theresa May

Yesterday a French president was elected. He was elected with a strong mandate which he can take as a strong position in the negotiations. The UK, we need to ensure we've got an equally strong mandate and an equally strong negotiating position. Every vote for me and my team will strengthen my hand in those Brexit

Theresa May

As for Le Touquet agreement, actually it works for the benefit of both the UK and France. Obviously the government elected after the 8 June will be sitting down and talking to Monsieur Macron and others about how that system we have works for the benefit of France as well as the benefit of the UK. Yesterday a new French president was elected. He was elected with a strong mandate which he can take as a strong position into the negotiations. I think it is important that we continue, and we will continue, to say that we do want to bring net migration down to sustainable

Aurélien Mondon

What used to be taboo has now become commonplace in French politics and

James Shields

The Front National set itself a project to win the battle of

Stephen Innes

A sense of normalcy has returned to the Forex desks this morning as the final round of the French elections had the expected

Olivier Peguy

This presidential election has marked a turnaround in the French political landscape. Marine Le Pen speaks of a restructuring of political life, but it remains to be seen how this will manifest itself at the ballot box during the legislative elections in

Joël Gombin

It seems improbable. The Front National is a family party, and very legitimist. But the strategy she has adopted and its principal architect, Florian Philippot, could well be

Natalie Nougayrède

France’s new president campaigned against narrow nationalism. That’s why his win matters for Europe. It was no coincidence that the music Emmanuel Macron chose to accompany him, as he walked in victory through the Louvre esplanade on Sunday night, was Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, the official anthem of the European Union. This election was, first and foremost, the rebuttal of what could have been – for France, Europe and the west at large – a slide into a new dark age. To say this in no way diminishes the other accomplishments of Macron’s win: the youngest French president in modern history, and a meteoric rise that slickly took advantage of crumbling traditional political

Anne Applebaum

In his victory speech, the new French president sought to unite his country rather than to underline its

Philippe Le Corre

This is very new for French politics, which are very divided between left and right since World War II. We should give him a chance before saying he already

Marine Le Pen

Maybe there is going to be a surprise that will belie opinion polls. We moved everything, we have changed everything already. The old traditional parties have all been blackballed. Even if we don't reach our goal, in any event there is a gigantic political force that has been born. The recomposing of French political life is, in any event, en marche (in motion). We have imposed the terms of this election. Everyone has been talking about nationalism. Our power is such that we have managed to restructure political life. We did a lot, even by standing alone against everyone else. Admit

Bert Colijn

The economy is proving to be resilient to uncertainty both abroad and at home. Bar a surprise at the French elections on Sunday, Eurozone growth is set for a strong

Emmanuel Macron

But at the same time we have to face the situation, to listen to our people, and to listen to the fact that they are extremely angry today, impatient and the dysfunction of the EU is no more sustainable. So I do consider that my mandate, the day after, will be at the same time to reform in depth the European Union and our European project. And I don't want to do so, because the day after, we will have a Frexit or we will have (Ms Le Pen's) Front National(FN)

Pascal Lamy - World Trade Organization

In French politics, if you were neither right nor left you were nowhere. He has turned this into a

Gérard Miller

That Macron is today a temporary, very temporary alas, rampart against the Front National, I can admit because I'm going to vote for the leader of En Marche!, but only if we're going to be lucid: in terms of fighting the far right, nothing, starting with his programme and his past, goes in favour of the former economy

Angela Merkel

This term is simply absurd. We will see. I can't anticipate the discussions with the future French

Jean-Yves Camus

French politics are not only about the Holocaust. It's an important topic, because it has to do with the memory of the Second World War, but it's not an everyday issue when you are

Wallerand de Saint Just

After Marine Le Pen is elected, it is possible that personalities from other parties will want to run under the National Front banner. We will change our list of candidates accordingly. If she is elected, this will be a major disruption in French political life, and in other parties as well. We will be the most important, if not the only force of opposition to Macron. We would seek to be a pivotal force in the

Josh Mahony

US markets are leading the way higher, as the excitement over Donald Trump's corporate tax cuts takes the mantle from the French elections ... Despite the optimism of Trump's tax plan, we are seeing the foreign exchange trends [from Monday] come back into play, with extended gains for the euro ahead of Thursday's ECB meeting. While much of the focus has been upon a rate-raising Fed, the political cloud that is gradually being lifted over the eurozone is likely to start putting pressure on [ECB president Mario] Draghi and

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

Markets are surmising that Emmanuel Macron is a dead certainty to be French President in two weeks' time, and while this is probably the most benign outcome at a time of rising populism it completely overlooks the challenges facing the new French President when he or she takes office on May

Jean-Claude Trichet - European Central Bank

I would say all taken into account, this is an earthquake in French politics. We don't know yet how the political forces will re-establish the appropriate equilibrium, in particular, the two governmental parties. It seems to me that the success of the new government, the new president, will rely upon eliminating this youth unemployment, which is an abominable disgrace. If it is not done then we will see the populism, protectionism, you name it, continuing to

Emmanuel Macron

Extremism can only bring misfortune and division to France. We are clearly turning a page of French political

Emmanuel Macron

In one year, we have changed the face of French

Natalie Nougayrède

Leftwingers and ultra-conservatives could yet hand the French presidency to the Front National candidate – by refusing to back Emmanuel Macron on 7 May. Many will have felt a huge sense of relief at the outcome of yesterday’s vote in the French presidential race – I certainly did. But to say the battle has been won against extremism and demagoguery, in this key test for liberal democracy in Europe, would be a daring assumption. Two weeks remain before the 7 May run-off, and that can be a long time in

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

She will not be the next president of France, but I fear she might get 40%. It would be a second shock. We must remain vigilant to erect a barrier against the [Front National]. Le Pen qualified for the second round. She may have scored less in percentage terms than was expected, but it is frightening that she still got 7.6 million votes. It is too early yet to heave a sigh of relief. The election is not

Emmanuel Macron

In a year we have changed the face of French politics. The French people have expressed themselves. It is an honour and a responsibility. We are clearly turning a page of French political

Emmanuel Macron

We're turning a page in French political history. We can't respond with the same men and the same

Laurence Azzéna-Gougon

We were worrying about of course the Front National, but I'm pretty confident that if François Fillon wins the first round ... he will win the

Ben Nimmo

There is very, very strong support for the Kremlin among the far right in Europe. And Farage is squarely in that bloc with the likes of the Front National in France and Jobbik in Hungary. And it's not going to be his normal 'Mr Brexit' speech. He's going to be talking about the need for closer relations with

Lukman Otunuga

Although Macron has been labelled as the favourite to become the next French President, an unexpected Marine Le Pen victory could deal a symbolic blow to the unity of the European Union and ultimately create a tidal wave of risk

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

An interesting feature of the current upswing is that the positive momentum is broadly spread across most euro zone countries and not only driven by a few strong ones. Even though on the eve of the first round of the French elections a good portion of caution is recommendable, evidence is piling up that the euro zone economy could become the positive growth surprise of the

Bernard Cazeneuve

The Front National candidate, just like every attack seeks to divide and manipulate. She is shameless trying to exploit fear and emotion to exclusively political

Richard Burr

I think it's safe to say by everybody's judgment that the Russians are actively involved in the French

Harold Blanot

This is forgotten France. The real misery is in the countryside. In Nièvre and Morvan a few decades ago, there was small industry – manufacturing, charcuterie, textiles. It has slowly shut … The Socialists have been here since after the war, but it has led to disaster... People want to turn the page and the solutions the Front National are proposing are having an

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

We can actually celebrate a Fillon or a Macron victory because it would be a real change in complexion in terms of the business attitude in French

Gilles Ivaldi

When people think of the Front National, it's really about the policies and extremist background. The candidate doesn't really

Vasileios Gkionakis - UniCredit Group

Once the French elections have concluded – and assuming that Ms. Le Pen does not make it to Elysee – the political risk premium currently embedded in the euro should be priced out. Based on real rate differentials, EUR-GBP is now trading around 6% lower than it should, most likely due to the election uncertainty in France. So, when the latter is priced-out we would expect a swift reversal towards the 0.88-0.90

Benjamin Haddad

A Melenchon or a Le Pen victory would clearly mean the end of the EU. The French President has much more power than the American president… there's far fewer checks and balances. So the impact on the way society is organized and how institutions function, as well on fiscal policy, immigration, the EU and foreign policy would be

Emmanuel Rivière - TNS Sofres

If there is a Trump effect on the campaign, it is that in many minds, it's assumed that anything is possible. It's not unreasonable to have a victory of a candidate who is improbably excessive, and unexpected. We are in a very unprecedented moment in French politics. This presidential term will be something we have never seen

Sébastien Grislain

French politics has become Americanised and the campaign is only dealing with superficial

Giles Merritt - Friends of Europe

Without the European Parliament, you wouldn't have a UKIP or a Front National as powerful and cohesive as they are now. But the fact they were able to get substantial numbers of people in parliament, and through that, funding, that has been significant in the whole populist

Alvin Tan

Obviously the French political risk concerns are quite large. If we continue to see Melenchon improving his position in the polls into the first round, it will weaken the euro and that will weaken euro/

Ned Rumpeltin - TD Securities

It's a relatively modest reaction but there is a lot of geopolitical risk in global markets at the moment. There is Syria, there is more uncertainty about the U.S. economy after relatively weak jobs numbers and we have French elections coming

Natalie Nougayrède

The presidential favourite has chosen a difficult time to recast France as a diverse, inclusive nation. At age 39, Emmanuel Macron is a breath of fresh air in French politics. But can he convince enough voters that he can take France into a 21st century of openness and confident, diverse modernity? With the spectre of Marine Le Pen looming, a lot seems to rest on one young face, just two weeks ahead of a presidential election set to define not just the fate of France’s democracy but also the future of much of

Luca Paolini - Pictet Asset Management

It's not just about Syria, it's also about North Korea, it's about the French elections, it's also about the fact that Trump's administration will probably not be able to deliver all the tax cuts they've promised. It's a number of factors and while markets are quite expensive we still feel that as long as payrolls are actually okay, U.S. growth is accelerating, we will continue to see the markets go

Daniel Vaissier

When he (Briois) arrived in 2014, it was the Socialist Party at the helm, and Hénin-Beaumont had a lot of difficulties, now Mr. Briois put things right … I say that the Front National is today able to do the same thing on a national

Bob Janjuah

Some kind of tax reform bill will have to be delivered in the next few months, the market will like that. I think what the market will come and say is, Is that it? Market-wise the belly of this year could be OK. We could get a decent positive re-pricing of equities in Europe post French elections. I think the market will assume their version of Trump reflation will be a (Emmanuel) Macron plus (Martin) Schulz type of

François Heisbourg - The International Institute for Strategic Studies

In France, even if you are of the extreme right, as Marine Le Pen is, you do not have credibility if you do not know how to align a subject, a verb and a complement. Trump truly wouldn't last 20 minutes in the French political system – not because of his ideas, but because of the way he expresses

Gerard Araud

That'll be the real significance of the French elections: the survival or the demise of the

Richard Burr

I think it's safe by everybody's judgment that the Russians are actively involved in the French elections. It's safe to say that we have had conversations with a lot of people, and you would think less of us if Gen. Flynn wasn't in that

Richard Burr

We know that our challenge is to answer that question for the American people. What we might assess was a very covert effort in 2016 in the United States, is a very overt effort, as well as covert, in Germany and France. I think it's safe by everybody's judgement that the Russians are actively involved in the French elections. We feel part of our responsibility is to educate the rest of the world about what is going on because it is now into character assassination of

Wayne Gordon - UBS

In the short term, the French elections make a bit of a mess of the European story. So all of a sudden you get this Goldilocks scenarios for Europe where the data is better, the macro looks better, the risk has come off because you no longer have this challenge of a potential very important election in France. And so then that's when see really the euro-dollar getting some traction

Alex Edwards - European Central Bank

The euro has reacted positively to Rutte's win, or at least it's been well supported since the result. The Fed decision and statement last night got more of a reaction - Yellen was a lot less hawkish than investors were expecting. Expect EUR/USD ranges to be fairly narrow over the next month or so in the run up to the much anticipated French elections, arguably the biggest market event of the

Tony Cross

A pivot to the right could be cause for concern ahead of next month's French

Raphaël Glucksmann

They've reached this point ... hooked nose, the alliance of capitalism and Bolsheviks (the red sickle and the cigar) ... Even the [far-right Front National] wouldn't

Natalie Nougayrède

France is a country beset by scandals and security fears – and with the mainstream parties crumbling, anything is possible. Marine Le Pen’s far-right Front National party has never been closer to power. That is not to say she will be elected president in May. When in 1962 Charles de Gaulle introduced direct universal suffrage for the presidential election, he cushioned it with a two-round voting system in which a 50% majority is required in the runoff. Le Pen seems set to pass the first hurdle, but not the second. In that case, the biggest danger lies not so much in her entering the Elysée Palace, but in her party becoming the largest opposition force in the National Assembly after the parliamentary elections in June. But don’t be mistaken, a worst-case scenario is

Alain Juppé

I don't intent to engage in partisan bargaining for positions. I'm not in a position today to achieve the required unity behind a unifying project. I confirm, once and for all, that I will not bid for French

Franck Debeaupuis

It's part of French political life. It always has

Emmanuel Macron

The step that was taken, our common decision on an alliance that we took together is, in my opinion, a real turning point not only for this campaign, but also for the French political life, because it shows the capacity to go beyond classical divisions of our political

Karl Steiner

What we have seen later yesterday and this morning is some euro strength. It will be interesting to see if the euro continues to be dominated by French politics. That has certainly been the case in the last few

Ric Spooner - CMC Markets

U.S. stock markets are currently a great example of the old trading adage that the trend is your friend. The slide in the euro as Marie Le Penn's polls improve was the other key feature of international markets last night and is an early indicator that French elections could loom larger on the market radar over coming

Diego Iscaro

Most polls suggest the Front National will lose the election. That said, polls have been wrong recently, so we have to take it with a pinch of

Diego Iscaro

Again, it's not impossible, but it's also not a done deal that if the Front National win, that France will

Gavin Friend - National Australia Bank

The French political noise has brought the euro down and that has given the dollar a reprieve, . Markets know that if Trump was to come out and start talking about tax reform and infrastructure spending, the dollar would go up. The dollar rose a long way at the end of last year, it has come back, now we are sitting around waiting for the next

James Woods - Rivkin Securities

The market is clearly pricing in a degree of uncertainty around the French elections, although that's not to say that the market is pricing in some type of shock political

Kim Pessala - Evli Bank

We're leaning towards possibly increasing our exposure to European equities as many things look good, but there are two big uncertainties: Trump and the French

Gerard Mestrallet - Suez

Most were interested in income tax and executive tax on pay. Many will wait three months to have more clarity on the outcome of the French

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

European markets have really struggled to make any headway today with investors once again reluctant to try their luck against a backdrop of rising political risk. Narrowing opinion polls in Germany eroding Angela Merkel's lead, along with Marine Le Pen launching her bid for French president at the weekend, has seen European stocks roll over, and that's after the geopolitics surrounding US President Donald

Carsten Brzeski - ING-DiBa

The December decision has put the ECB on autopilot at least until the summer and until after the Dutch and French elections. This autopilot should also immunize the ECB against short-term volatility in macro

Douglas Webber

It is true that she's expanded the support of the Front National very successfully in the course of the last five or six years since she controlled the party, but I think still for a great majority of French voters and citizens, the Front national remains a rather frightening political

Kit Juckes

My overall sense is that we'll start the year eking out further gains from the post-Trump trends, before we get a change of tack. I reckon dollar-yen will get as high as it can relatively early in the year, the euro as low as it can by the time of the French elections in May and Treasury yields may get as high as they can sometime soon after

Scott Thiel - BlackRock

In my mind the French elections are obviously the most

Kit Juckes

A bit of a euro short-covering rally overnight changes nothing. The $1.0580 area where the last two euro falls have found resistance is the next key support. There's a huge dose of political concern to keep the pressure on the euro ahead of the Italian referendum on 4 Dec, and perhaps ahead of French elections next year

Su-Lin Ong - RBC

The move coincided with an FT (Financial Times) story about French President Hollande demanding tough Brexit negotiations.The move was exacerbated once stops were tripped below a key level of US$1.2600 in very thin trading before the U.S.

Anna Soubry

Triggering Brexit as early as March really concerns me, troubles me hugely, because we won't have had the French elections, we won't have had the German elections, and I'm sorry, it is going to take a lot of time and effort to disentangle ourselves and get the right

Frédéric Chatillon

Obviously, the Front National has nothing to do with this private affair, neither directly or

Giovanni Grevi

We have in France, the Front National. We have a debate on that in Italy. We have a strong debate in the UK. It is going to be very, very

Michael Leigh

German chancellor Angela Merkel and French president François Hollande share some of Cameron's reform goals on immigration, the single market, and labor law but will not pay any price to keep Britain inside the

Matthew Moran

They are policies that one would more usually expect to see come from more right-wing political groupings and this is an indication of the cumulative effect of the attacks in 2015 on the political landscape in France. President Hollande is now competing with Nicolas Sarkozy on Sarkozy's natural battleground – security – and the broader shift to the right is playing into the hands of the Front

Jean-Yves Camus

2017 is far away and we don't yet know who the candidates will be except, of course, for the Front National. It has a small advantage since the party won't be holding primaries. There's no contest over who will represent it. The election remains open on the right and, in any case, if the presidential election were to be held today, Marine Le Pen wouldn't

Jean-Yves Camus

So, on the one hand we have institutions made for a simple, left-right split in political life. And on the other, the Front National, which is growing and, little-by-little, has led to the existence of three – rather than two – political forces, which split the cake into fairly even pieces. That means, eventually, French politics may go through a major

Bernard Thibault

The French president is making the wrong analysis of the situation to justify – or try to justify – unemployment figures, that it would be the employees fault who would cost too

Jean-Marc Ayrault

Where the Front National is ready to prevail in the second round, the left and the right are responsible for creating the conditions to prevent

Marine Le Pen

The Front National success signifies a national force and also, from now on, a great local force. It's a vote calling for us to grow roots in all the territories of the Republic, to prepare for tomorrow's

Frédéric Badi

The left lost badly except in a few strongholds. The Front National only ran in 600 cities; this means only one French voter in three had the chance to vote FN. The five percent score it got across the country is an illusion compared to its real

François Copé

Round two should switch from yellow card to red card; women and men who voted for the Front National, next Sunday should massively go over to UMP candidates to really make their opposition to the left

Nigel Farage

Because we feel that their politics, whether their leaderships reflect it or not, within those parties, the Front National certainly, there are still elements of the old anti-Semitic brigade and that's of no interest to

Sadou Diallo

I want to thank the French president who answered the call of my

Isabelle Coutant-Peyre

Of course it is a political trial, the proof is the condition of the abduction, illegal abduction, by the French political police, from

Paulo Cento

As for the French president, this is a humane gesture, considering the health of Marina Petrella the victims families should be on the side of law and order and vendetta serves no purpose. We must leave these dark times behind

Thorbjoern Jagland

The presence here today of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande make this day very particular, symbolic for all of us I

Dominique Moisi

They have given a terrible image of themselves by giving precedence to personal rivalries over national unity and the party. Whoever is secretary general after these elections is extremely weak, extremely discredited, and is confronting a very strong French

Angela Merkel

I support, as the French president does, the idea that the necessary interest payments for the debt be paid into a separate account so that it can be sure that Greece has the money available at all

Francois Chaulet

While we still don't know the total cost of rescuing, for example, Dexia bank, the agency is being specifically cautious about France. Then there are a lot of individual things that are specific to France – a government that's made particular announcements, let's say first of all, to slightly reduce the deficit. We've seen the need several times to go back to the drawing board to find other sources of savings. It's not certain that between now and the next French elections there won't be the need for more reassuring measures vis-à-vis this

Julia De Clerck

Even if the Lisbon Treaty isn't ratified – I mean the enlargement process has been going on under the Nice treaty so far with ups and downs – the problem is really political that we heard both from French President Nicloa Sarkozy and from Angela Merkel in Germany, who has just started the second term, that they don't want enlargement to proceed unless the Lisbon Treaty is ratified – unless institutional reform is dealt

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The French president visits Armenia and from there makes biased recommendations to Turkey, using the question for electoral

Marine Le Pen

The Front National has demonstrated today that people subscribe to this movement's ideas. I believe that no one can say otherwise. Our voters want our candidates, to defend their ideas, therefore our

Martial Foucault

I think it's too early to know if France has abandoned its two-party- right-left system. Let's see the results of the European elections before judging whether Marine Le Pen's politics have borne fruit. At the end of May, we'll see if the Front National achieves a high score. We mustn't forget that the European elections are decided by proportional representation, which gives a clear advantage to small parties such as the FN. I think that, come May, we'll see if there's a third political force on the French political

Gordon Johndroe

The President spoke by phone to French President Sarkozy….feedback

Giovanni Magi

Old-fashioned investigative journalism has caused a real political earthquake, a tremor that will have unpredictable consequences not only on the government in power, but probably the entire French political

Nikolaus Blome - Spiegel Gruppe

We'll have to see. I think that, more than ever, she has to call the shots in Europe because other heads of state or government such as French President François Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron have lost a lot of ground at home in these European elections. Other parties, especially eurosceptic ones, have taken over, such as the National Front in France or UKIP in Britain, which weakens the two men. The tables have turned, and that will make it even harder to find a

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

What the French president presented yesterday is first of all courageous and second, in my view, the reporting of it did not get the attention it merited because of other topics which were allegedly

Jean-Yves Le Drian

There are raids happening at the moment, there will be more this afternoon and tomorrow. The determination of the French President is absolute: we must eradicate this terrorism that could threaten the security of Mali, the security of our country (France) and of

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer

I can't be more specific yet, but the French president gave a very clear indication during his state visit to London about the possibility of France increasing the number of its already considerable force in Afghanistan and I know other nations also are trying to increase the number of

Michael Sapin

He was a great CEO, and also a great personality. I would say almost a big mouth, with a capacity to speak his mind, without any fear of bothering whoever he was speaking to, whoever they were, heads of states, big CEOs or French political leaders, to whom he knew how to speak

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

And now a question from Samer Chaloub, who asks how policies and reforms can help in the fight against racistm. You were very critical of Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, do you think François Hollande is doing better?feedback

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

There's a lot of uncertainty with how a new French president would change the political dynamic between Germany and France. I mean, Mr Hollande has already said he wants to renegotiate the fiscal compact, Angela Merkel has implicitly ruled that out. He's also gone on record as saying that he wants to raise the minimum wage and reduce the retirement age, well that's really going to grate with

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