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Francois Baroin
The state cannot force local authorities to reduce the workforce as proposed. I am telling Francois Fillon: 'Watch out. Danger ahead!feedback
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Mar 22 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about French Presidential Debate. 26 people are quoted and you can read 63 citations of them about French Presidential Debate. Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen, François Fillon and Benoit Hamon, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Emmanuel Macron said: “No, no, please, play nice Mrs Le Pen, I'm not putting words into your mouth and I don't need a ventriloquist. I can assure you everything's fine and clear for me and when I have something to say, I'll say it clearly, as I always do.”.
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Benoit Hamon

The biggest decision facing Le Roux is whether he should

Marine Le Pen

It's empty, completely empty. We don't know what you

Omer Esiner - Commonwealth Foreign Exchange

Broadly the dollar continues to struggle after last week's Fed statement which sounded a less hawkish tone than some had expected. It still looks like bit of a positioning, maybe consolidation driven move, more than any meaningful deterioration in the dollar's longer-term

Emmanuel Macron

You are failing (voters) by twisting the truth. The traditional parties, those who have for decades failed to solve yesterday's problems, won't be able to do it tomorrow

Rene Albrecht - DZ Bank

There were some doubts whether Macron would perform well because of his relative inexperience, but the poll after the debate shows him in the lead. From the point of view of international investors, this is a positive as it keeps France's position in the euro zone secure, or at least not

Jean-Luc Mélenchon

It is not forbidden for voters, knowing what they know, to reward the virtuous and to punish those who do not seem to

Thierry Herrant

The length of the debate neutralised any positive or negative effect. The section reserved for 'France in the world' arrived too late and the candidates had less

François Fillon

The real serial killer, is Marine Le Pen with her plan to leave the euro, rampant inflation….feedback

François Fillon

I've made some mistakes; I have some flaws. Who doesn't? But I have

Marine Le Pen

You have a crazy talent. You manage to speak for seven minutes; I am incapable of summarizing your thoughts. You've said nothing. It's completely

François Fillon

I may have committed some errors, I have faults, who doesn't, but I am

Emmanuel Macron

The trap you are falling into, Mrs Le Pen, through your provocations, is dividing society. It is making enemies of the Republic out of the more than four million French men and women whose religion is Islam, the vast majority of whom are absolutely not leading ethnically separate lives but instead living in our Republic. Well I won't do that!feedback

Benoit Hamon

The proportion of foreigners in France has been stable since the 1930s. But even so, every year it is the object of a debate, a debate aimed mainly at exploiting the issue of immigration for electoral

Marine Le Pen

The results in Britain are wonderful. They have unemployment that is lower than it's been for decades. Everyone knows what my view is on the euro and the European Union, which forbids economic patriotism, economic

François Fillon

I completely disagree with Emmanuel Macron who praised the German chancellor when he was in Berlin for (refugee) policies that turned out to be bad policies and which are now criticised by her own allies in

Emmanuel Macron

We're going to start seeing the results (of their departure). Because it's other Conservatives who are going to have to deal with it, and by the way we're going to have to be incredibly rigorous (in negotiating with Britain about its exit by not giving them any undue concessions).feedback

Emmanuel Macron

Those who were responsible for Brexit, who said everything is possible and it will be wonderful have all scampered off. They have all gone into

François Fillon

You are dragging the country towards veritable economic and social chaos, which would lead to the ruin of both borrowers and savers. The way this crisis was handled has created an enormous problem for

Ruth Davidson

Five times in six months the will of the Scottish parliament has been clear and five times in six months this SNP government has chosen to ignore it. Will the SNP explain [to the public] why votes on crucial issues such as health and education funding and enterprise and energy should be wilfully ignored by the SNP government, but when it comes to independence and only when it comes to independence, Holyrood is sacrosanct?feedback

Kezia Dugdale

We have already heard from the first minister about the need to respect the will of this parliament. If only she respected the mandates given to government by this chamber before now. When this parliament votes for another referendum as it inevitably will, thanks to the perpetual crutch that the Greens provide, let's not pretend it reflects the will of the Scottish people, because it doesn't. The Scottish people don't want a divisive

Benoit Hamon

We can't tell François Fillon, Step down, be an example' and have the head of a ministry – what's more, a sovereign one – not apply this to

Alistair Thompson

During the debate Parliamentarians acknowledged that there is no safe system of assisted suicide and euthanasia anywhere in the world, that changing the law would send out a negative message about those who are terminally ill, disabled or old and might pressure some into ending their lives because they feel that they have become either a financial or care

Emmanuel Macron

Not behind, not hidden ... she will be by my side. Since she shares my life from morning to night, her only question is how, physically, I would

Colin Rubenstein

We have been heavily involved in the debate all along, our views are well known. And I'm sure when called by people like you we'll continue to put our

Marine Le Pen

You've spoken for seven minutes, and I have no idea what you said. You haven't said anything. Every time you talk, you take a little of this, and a little of that, and you never settle on

Emmanuel Macron

I'm not putting words in your mouth. I don't need a ventriloquist. The trap you are falling into, Madame Le Pen, with your provocations, is to divide

Marine Le Pen

It's completely empty. I want to attract the French people's attention to the fact that every time you talk, you say a bit of this, a bit of that, and never decide. I don't want to be the vice chancellor of Angela Merkel. This is called 'project fear'. It was used before Brexit, it was used before Donald Trump's

Mark Toner

The United States strongly and unequivocally opposes the existence of the UN Human Rights Council's Agenda Item Seven. Today's actions in the council are yet another reminder of that body's longstanding bias against Israel. No other nation has an entire agenda item dedicated to it at the council. The continued existence of this agenda item is among the largest threats to the credibility of the

Jean-Marie Le Pen

I think she's loyal first of all to herself. But objectively, I believe she's more or less faithful to the line I defended and that I followed in all

Jean-Marie Le Pen

After all, they can say, Le Pen was right,' . Public opinion – the voters, the citizens – has realized that the ideas we defend are not 'extremist,' as our adversaries say, but that they conform to the truth. If I were Marine Le Pen, I would run exactly the same campaign as Trump, showing the rejection of the establishment, which I believe is majoritarian in France. When someone criticizes, I say, how would you say it otherwise? What can we say? Is there a truth?feedback

Jean-Marie Le Pen

After all, they can say, 'Le Pen was right,' . Public opinion - the voters, the citizens - has realized that the ideas we defend are not 'extremist,' as our adversaries say, but that they conform to the truth. If I were Marine Le Pen," "I would run exactly the same campaign as Trump, showing the rejection of the establishment, which I believe is majoritarian in France. I regret the persecution of which I was the object, unjustly. When someone criticizes, I say, how would you say it otherwise? What can we say? Is there a truth?feedback

Jean-Marie Le Pen

"If you take a 1,000-page book on World War II, the concentration camps take up only two pages and the gas chambers 10 to 15 lines. This is what one calls a detail."feedback

Kathy Szeliga

Our council has had a very healthy debate on this issue, and the people of the county spoke – it was a very, very active

George Osborne

When I heard that this urgent question had been granted, I thought it was important to be here, although unfortunately we have missed the deadline for the Evening Standard. In my view, this Parliament is enhanced when we have people of different experience take part in our robust debate and when people who have held senior ministerial office continue to contribute to the decisions we have to make. But I will listen to what my colleagues have to say in this debate, I'm interested to

Marine Le Pen

... Union to be big on big issues and small on small ones, in line with the principle of subsidiarity

Ben Oquist

Across a range of issues in the energy debate, one thing is clear to the Australian people – renewables, rather than coal, are the future. Those calling for the financial backing for Adani and other coal projects are not only out of touch with economic reality and global trends but also with the views of

Emmanuel Macron

I don't need a ventriloquist. When I have something to say, I say it clearly. You'd be bored without

François Fillon

I have some flaws. Who hasn't? But I know how to run a small town, a region, a

Marine Le Pen

I want to put an end to immigration – that's clear. That's called Project Fear, Mr Fillon. It was used before

Charles Hayter

The bitcoin scaling debate is a risk for the network and highlights core issues in terms of governance and this is where more nimble crypto competitors see advantages in fleshing out their capabilities sooner. Traders in the space are looking for better returns in the more risky and nascent cryptos such as Dash, Monero and Ethereum (and are) looking to replicate the extraordinary returns that bitcoin saw in its early

Matt Brien

As far as the issue of culling, there's obviously going to be constant debate. I think it's important to remember that professional hunting happened many years ago and that was ineffective in removing the species. You can't remove a species that is cryptic, that is wary, that can travel hundreds of kilometres over a few days. These things can travel across the ocean to islands, they can travel to other countries. The idea that you can do any form of culling and be successful in removing the species is just a

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