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All of us share the same goal: Participate and represent the name of Palestine outside and show that there are sports for the girls in Gaza.
Mar 21 2017
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Tareq Lubbad

If no substantial solutions are found the crisis will escalate and hours without power will increase.

Adel al-Mashwakhi

There is no work, no crossings, no food, no water to drink and also there is no electricity. Enough Hamas. Enough, enough, enough. We want electricity, we want electricity, we want electricity.

Andres Thomsen

To do that you need to have targeted investments in young people, in women who will enter the labour market.

Andres Thomsen

It will be very hard to imagine that you can create the right conditions for (economic) growth that can accommodate this dramatic population increase.

Naser Jeldha

We have applied for permits and if we get them I intend to travel with my family.

Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

If we will leave them as they are, people from Daesh can recruit them easily. They can start operations from there easily. It (Gaza) can transform also as a launching pad for extremism and for terrorism ... That's why we need to put an end to this.

Mohamed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani

We believe this will be a step for having some relief for the people of Gaza. Forgetting Palestine – postponing it until later – will be much riskier.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

Hamas rejects the court's decision that divides the Palestinian people and will consult with other factions on how to confront it.

Shimon Peres

Obviously we weren't interested in any wars. We don't consider the people of Gaza as our enemies. I know, I saw also the pictures which are coming from Gaza. They are terrible. But one that can stop them are the people themselves, are the people of Gaza, are the terrorists.

Hisham Baker

Many fishermen have quit. And we are afraid many others may follow.

Danny Danon - United Nations

Israel "will not relent until the U.N. and other aid organizations begin to track and follow every dollar that enters the Gaza Strip.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

We hold (Israel) responsible for the escalation in the Gaza Strip and we stress that its aggression will not succeed in breaking the will of our people and dictate terms to the resistance.

Salah Al-Bardaweek - Hamas

The Palestinian people and the resistance can overcome all the obstacles made by the occupation.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

This is an important and hopeful signal for the stability of the region. The closure of Gaza suffocates its people, stifles its economy and impedes reconstruction efforts. It is a collective punishment for which there must accountability.

Binali Yildirim

With this deal, our relations with Israel will be normalised. After the Mavi Marmara incident, the embargo which is currently in force in Gaza will be lifted on large scale. This has been achieved through Turkish leadership. The most important thing is Israel has apologised to us about the incident in 2010.

Adham Abu Silmeyyeh

It's a pure act of piracy the Israeli navy has carried out against a ship sailing under a Netherlands flag, on a humanitarian mission in international waters. What happened is an act of terror and piracy against all rules of international law. It amounts to a war crime perpetrated by Israel against 13 international activists. We do not know anything about them so far because contact has been cut off since then.

Peter Lerner

We suspect that the ... mortars that were fired at the soldiers at several locations (were) perhaps a result of Hamas identifying that the IDF (Israel Defence Forces) is closing in on its assets.

Moshe Yaalon

We do not seek conflict, but if Hamas tries to provoke the State of Israel and disrupt the lives of residents of the Gaza periphery communities, it will be dealt a very strong blow.

David Grossman

For example, you will find among the Hamas, people who say that they are for a 'houdnah.' A houdnah is an Arabic term for a long ceasefire that by the way they can break when it suits them. But I look for the far distance and I say OK, maybe if we have a houdnah with the Palestinians in Gaza, with the Hamas, for 10, 20, 25 years, maybe things will change also there.

Eric Van Hove

This Caterpillar engine has interested me for a while now because it's a civilian engine, made for construction, but it's been used in warfare, in war zones since the Vietnam war. In Iraq and all the wars until now it's been used. And the piece in the Biennale, more specifically the D9T, which is one type of Caterpillar engine that is used in the West Bank and in Gaza.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

The resistance factions are in a state of ongoing preparation underground, above ground, on land and sea. East of Gaza City, heroes are digging through rock and building tunnels, and to the west they are experimenting with rockets every day. The resistance continues on its path of liberation of the land.

Isaac Herzog

What are the prime minister and defense minister waiting for? For terrorists to surface with guns drawn?

Shai Cohen

We have something like eight or nine hundred trucks coming into Gaza on a daily basis and this number can be extended if needed and we are more than willing to enable Turkey to play that role. So the sea blockade is actually a non issue in our eyes, in our view. And I believe that we already are beyond this point of disagreement with the Turkish authorities.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel's absolute commitment is to fight this evil, to find the perpetrators and bring them to justice. We have to calm spirits and recommit ourselves to our joint battle against terrorism and extremism.

Eyal Weizman

We are like architectural detectives. What we do is that we go into war zones, into situations where human rights were violated or war crimes were alleged to have taken place and we look at the traces that that violence leaves on buildings.

Khader Adnan

And today they have made a mistake freeing me unusually early in the day, thinking that this would stifle Palestinian joy. It is a cowardly act by the occupier who is afraid of the joy and love that Palestinians have for their prisoners.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The real result a year after the war in Gaza is that it is hard to defeat Gaza, or defeat Hamas. This makes all the interested international parties maintain the truce. This makes us feel the spectre of war is far away from Gaza.

Martin Lejeune

The real failure would be never to try and break and blockade on Gaza. The attempt to break the blockade is in itself a success.

Aissa Boukanoun

The freedom Flotilla 3,did not succeed in breaking the blockade on Gaza. Participants on this boat said that they were not informed that they were only expected to escort Marianne. They feel deceived, because they left Marianne alone in its attempt to break the siege. Organisers say they are preparing for a Flotilla 4, in the autumn.

Martin Lejeune

I was told that I am a journalist that is going to take part in a mission that is going to break the siege of Gaza. But (in) at the end we were just an escort boat and we even failed to escort Marianne because we did not reach Marianne before it was captured.

Benjamin Netanyahu

They chose to come and protest in the State of Israel, the only real democratic state in the Middle East which is fighting against terrorists who deliberately fire at Israeli citizens and deliberately hide behind Palestinian civilians. Therefore, this flotilla is a demonstration of hypocrisy.

Luis Carballo

The journey taken by the new flotilla has been similar to previous stops here in the Israeli port of Ashdod. Except this time, it occurred without violence. But the criticism is always the same: why does Israel insist on maintaining a blockade that harms the people of Gaza and not Hamas?

Charlie Andreasson

It is very important to use non violence resistance to give them no excuse to use violence against us. If they are going to use violence towards us or against us to stop us on international waters THEY are breaking the law not us.

Mary McGowan Davis

The attacks on homes and families, which led to a large number of family members dying together, when their homes were struck in the middle of the night, or as they were gathering for the Iftar meal – these attacks had particular consequences for children: around 550 children died last summer in Gaza, during the fighting.

Ihab Bseiso

The Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah has been calling for a reshuffle of the government for the last few months, particularly after the war in Gaza, which really needed a reshuffle to expand the government to meet all the needs for the people, particularly our people in Gaza Strip after the Israeli war.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

This document is the Israeli occupation's attempt to exonerate itself from its crimes in Gaza, It's an Israeli attempt to control the international narrative in anticipation of the report that the (UN) Human Rights Council is issuing.

Benjamin Netanyahu

If someone wants to know the truth he should read our report . Whoever wants a baseless, automatic accusation against Israel can waste their time reading the UN report.

Nabil Shurafa

Gaza was like a duty-free zone, with Egyptians coming to buy goods brought by merchants from Lebanon.

Tal Schneider

We felt and we experienced a rise in the price of housing and goods in the last five, six years and that is all people talk about… Obviously we are eight months after a devastating war (in Gaza) so they do talk about security issues, but they hardly talk about the Iranian issue. That was a thing put on the agenda by the prime minister.

Christopher Gunness

At 2.30 yesterday armed men forced their way into our warehouse, one of our warehouses in Gaza, and they took 25 plus blankets and over 400 food parcels. I condemn this in the strongest terms and demand that this be returned.

Condoleezza Rice

It's no secret that the US declares Hamas a terrorist organisation, and that we have been troubled by the fact that Hamas did what they did in Gaza against legitimate Palestinian institutions, against the legitimate institutions of the Palestinian Authority. (But) We will not abandon the innocent Palestinians in Gaza, and indeed will make every effort to deal with their humanitarian needs.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

The activists of the Mavi Marmara are determined to continue to put pressure. It seems that the Istanbul courthouse will be the scene of more Mavi Marmara demonstrations.

Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu

This case is symbolic. It will show that despite the present structure of the United Nations and the international system, even Israelis who see themselves as above the law, cannot act arbitrarily and will be tried.

Yigal Palmor

How can this be a trial if the so-called accused have not even been notified or informed that they are going to be accused or that there are going to be charges pressed against them, or what nature of the charges even is. One thing is certain, this is a trial taken right out of a Kafka novel.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

There was non-stop noise in front of the justice building during the hearing. Hundreds of protesters chanted slogans against Israel, calling for justice.

Abdullah Gul

Wait a minute. I must explain this important question. When Hamas carries out a terrorist attack, we condemn it. But don't forget what Israel has done in Gaza. They killed between 1,300 and 1,800 people ..this is something we can never accept. So if you are comparing Hamas and the PKK you are making a big mistake.

Jimmy Carter

Last night I called about a checkpoint near Ramallah where people were being held up and it was immediately opened. I have Sharon's private number and during the day if anything arises I can call him.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

It is unacceptable for citizens on both sides to permanently live in fear of the next aerial attack.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

I'm deeply distressed that many Muslims have seen the drawings in the Danish newspaper as a defamation of the Prophet Mohammed. I know that this was not the intention of the newspaper, the newspaper has apologised for that and I do hope that we can find a solution.

Mark Regev

Israel has accepted the extension of the ceasefire. All along we have been ready for an unconditional extension of the ceasefire. But the problem has been Hamas. They are the wild card. They have violated or rejected ten specific ceasefires and we saw that again last night.

Azzam Ahmed

In the closing moments it was agreed to extend the ceasefire for for five more days. It will begin at midnight [local time] tonight and will end on Monday. Instead of 72 hours, it is 120 hours.

Yasar Kutlay

According to Israel, during the Gaza flotilla episode, in one way or another, our organisation was said to use dirty tricks, dirty relationships.

Pope Benedict XVI

The Holy See supports the right of your people to a sovereign Palestinian homeland in the land of your forefathers, secure and at peace with its neighbours within internationally recognised borders.

George W. Bush

At the same time, Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes its road map obligations, or prejudices the final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem. This means that Israel must remove unauthorised posts and stop settlement expansion.

Robert Serry

Much of Gaza's infrastructure has now been destroyed. The death and injury toll in Gaza continues to mount. Hamas rockets are now reaching 40 kilometres into Israel. Protection of civilians, the fabric of Gaza, the future of the peace process and regional stability are all trapped between the irresponsibility of Hamas rocket attacks and the excessiveness of Israel's response.

Robert Serry

"The protection of civilians, the fabric of Gaza, the future of the peace process and regional stability are all trapped between the irresponsibility of Hamas rocket attacks and the excessiveness of Israel's response,"

Claudio Mairovich

In terms of security, nothing has changed. Our experience tells us that this ceasefire is like trying to start an engine that has been stopped for a long time. It takes some time. Ceasefires are generally broken, then a couple of hours or days pass… We're realistic about security and wait to see how the truce develops.

Claudio Mairovich

These shelters were built some time ago. They are close to the bus stop where the children leave for school every morning. We've added more and more of these shelters. We need enough to protect 40 to 50 kids. Being this close to Gaza we just have seven seconds between hearing the alarm and a rocket landing in the kibbutz.

Luis Carballo

Since 1949, this kibbutz just two kilometres from Gaza has seen a lot of wars – followed by ceasefires that are broken. It's almost always the same story. Experience reminds the kibbutz members that agreements on paper don't always match reality. This kibbutz, like all of them in this area, is staying on maximum alert.

Ephraim Eitam

Maybe technically tomorrow there will be a majority and of course it's a very sad and dangerous day for the state of Israel but I'm sure that this government will not last long.

Mark Regev

We don't want to see more rockets, we don't want to see any more terror tunnels. So we have to make sure that Hamas cannot rebuild its very formidable terrorist military machine. In the longer term of course we have to talk about demilitarising the Gaza Strip.

Bassam al-Salhi

We are comfortable with the mediation of our Egyptian brothers and hope that this Egyptian position will lead to an Arab and international agreement, which in turn leads to actual international pressure on Israel to lift the siege of the Gaza Strip.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

That's right. It was the al Aqsa hospital, in the centre of the Gaza Strip. It's important because it serves at least five refugee camps, which is to say tens of thousands of people. Part of it was damaged, notably the operating room. I've been told that the survivors were gathered in the hall. Furthermore, it seems that mortar fire today has been falling around the hospital area again.

Didier Burnod

The offensive has lasted for two weeks. Yesterday we talked about the great difficulties in Gaza's hospitals. Since one was hit by a bomb that's got worse.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Some people were trying to seek refuge in this building, after fleeing from areas considered to be more dangerous. But the line between risky zones and safe zones no longer makes sense for the inhabitants, who don't know anymore where to go to avoid death.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

Hamas, the Islamic resistance, welcomes the decision by the Turkish government to expel the Israeli ambassador, and considers this a natural reply to the attack against the volunteers on the flotilla, who were protesting against the blockade of Gaza.

Jaffa Gate

The reticence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to launch a massive attack against Hamas in Gaza is seen as a sign of weakness by parts of Israeli society. They say being cautious won't stop the missiles and rockets fired from the Gaza Strip to Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas

We are going to celebrate the revolution that started to bring about the victory. This final victory will certainly come, and, God willing, we'll meet very soon in Gaza, glorious Gaza.

Luis Carballo

Ariel Sharon's order to expel Israeli settlers from Gaza in 2005 left an indelible scar here. Eight and a half years after these people were thrown out of their homes, they still remain in limbo.

Sergey Lavrov

There is no doubt that what is happening in Gaza is a coup, an uprising against the law. We are well aware of the seriousness of the situation between Fatah and Hamas.

Ahmad Matar

Our message to the world is that in spite of the destruction and the occupation in Gaza, we play over the ruins because people like to watch us play.

Gordon Brown

We recognise that this ceasefire must mean that actions are taken against arms smuggling and arms trafficking. And we have written to you, Mr. Prime-Minister (Olmert) to say that we will do everything to help stop the supply of arms by land and by sea.

Abu Ahmed

We in the military wing of Islamic Jihad will take action after this violation. We will take revenge in a way that the enemy will understand. We are not speaking about a ceasefire, we're speaking about defence. Our act will be as strong as the crime that took place today.

John Bolton

The draft resolution before the Council was unbalanced. It placed demands on one side in the Middle East conflict but not the other. This draft resolution would have exacerbated tensions in the region and would have undermined our vision of two democratic states – Israel and Palestine – living side by side in peace and security.

Ayman Daragmeh - Hamas

The current situation in Gaza requires an Arab and Palestinian stand. Statements condemning Hamas and holding it responsible don't help the Palestinian people and are inappropriate given the number of casualties.

Shimon Peres

Let the Gazians decide their own destiny, their own situation. Any attempt by Israel to intervene there will put Israel in an impossible situation.

Saeb Erekat

It's very alarming and very dangerous what's taking place in Gaza, these clashes and these fights… more than 22 dead. Gaza is gone down the drain and chaos and lawlessness and those who rule by the sword will know that the sword will always be the communication language.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

All the people here are in shock. But all tell us that a new ceasefire would solve nothing as they say the blockade that suffocates Gaza still wont be lifted.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

The rockets bound for Israel barely affect the hustle and bustle of this busy Gaza market. But people tell us that everyday life has been severely disrupted for a long time. Many believe that only weapons can change their fate, something international diplomacy has so far failed to do.

Benjamin Netanyahu

At the same time that it is talking to world powers, at the same time that Iran is smiling and saying all kinds of honeyed words, that same Iran is sending lethal weaponry to terrorist organisations and it is doing so in a complex web of covert, worldwide operations.

Peter Lemer

The M302 is its most advanced model can strike over 100 miles and, if they would have reached Gaza, ultimately that would have meant millions of Israelis under threat.

Moshe Yaalon

It appears once again that Iran continues to be the biggest exporter of terrorism in the world.

Danny Ayalon

Israel does not need any admonition from the international community. We keep our high standards on morality, and the fact that we took disciplinary action against very high and senior officers is just the proof.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Today we've sent a clear message to Hamas and to other terrorist organisations and if there is a need, the Israeli Defence Forces are prepared to widen the operation. We will continue to do everything to defend our citizens.

Avital Leibovich

All the options are on the table, including the possibility of a ground operation, we have alerted some of our reserve units and we are considering our next steps currently. We are striking various targets from the air, targets of either caches of rockets, storage's of rockets, underground tunnels used to store rockets and other targets.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The Israeli attacks are aimed at breaking Palestinian resistance and the will of the Palestinian people. They will not succeed. Resistance is capable of protecting the Palestinian people and of teaching the enemy a lesson so they will no longer commit this type of crime again.

Robert Turner

For building material to be available we have to have the Palestinian Authority's national consensus government on the ground. We need to have them controlling the crossings, controlling the men in streets, that needs to happen before there will be any building material. Hopefully, in the Conference in Cairo, the donors will be generous on that, but I think there is a real concern that in the absence of any political solution, why rebuild?

Alon Liel

I think Turkey and Israel can fight not because of Gaza or Lebanon, but over Cyprus. Arguments over the rights of gas and oil reserves, its shipping, demarcation of territorial waters may cause conflict. Both navies know each other, this may help to overcome crisis but it is possible for the two countries to enter into an armed conflict.

George W. Bush

We talked about the Middle East and we are concerned about the violence we see in Gaza. We strongly urge the parties to work towards a two-state solution- we're looking forward to continuing to work on this issue.

Saeb Erekat

I can't go deeply into the details of negotiations, but what must be constructed under the legitimacy of international law is clear and specific. A Palestinian state has no meaning without announcing East Jerusalem as its capital, and there is no Palestine without the Gaza strip as a part of it. Gaza means the Mediterranean and total incorporation. We are the same people. We cannot end this struggle without finding a solution for the refugee issue, referring to UN resolution 194.

Ahmed Qureia

No doubt it's a very dangerous act that targets one of the Palestinian security leaders who has a history in this field. It's a real violation against the security of Palestinians. This morning we called all the security leaders that are in regular meetings, President Abbas, myself in the very early morning, together with the security leaders.

Alan Johnston

The last 16 weeks of course are just the very worst you can imagine of my life. It was like being buried alive, really, removed from the world, and occasionally terrifying.

Alan Johnston

We were in the hands of people who were dangerous and unpredictable, and always frightening because you didn't know when it might end.

Paul Hirschson

I think that we should look forward and see how we can do two things. On the one hand how we can demilitarize de Gaza strip, and on the other hand how we can rebuild and bring a better life to the people of Gaza and the relationship between ourselves and them.

Ehud Olmert

As a result of an incident which has not yet been thoroughly checked, seven family members were killed. We express our deep regret for this.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

The bombing is dictating how Ramadan will be marked this year in Gaza. Despite speculation, few doubt their prayers will be enough to silence the shelling for good. Whatever happens, the festival of Eid will be one of bitterness.

Alex Guttman

A ceasefire this time, the second time or the third time, maybe, is like giving another bullet to someone that tried to kill you on the first time and missed.

John Kerry

We still have terminology in the context of the framework to work through, but we are confident that we have a fundamental framework can, and will, ultimately work.

Laurent Fabius

All of us want to achieve, as quickly as possible, a lasting negotiated ceasefire, which meets Israel's security needs and the needs of the Palestinians, in terms of economic and social development, and access to the Gaza territory.

Zeinab al-Ghoneimi

It's a continuation of the culture of separation, under the guise of a ban on mixing. And according to the minister of education and those who brought in this rule it's beneficial for society.

Waleed Mezher

We have had many discussions with teachers and education experts, and they all recommended this system which separates boys and girls from the age of nine in school.

Karen Tzafati

We knew this was going to happen. We told the world, we told everybody, nobody wanted to listen, so it's not a surprise to us.

Saeb Erekat

The focal point now should be the total cessation of Israeli hostilities and attacks against Gaza. Gaza is the most densely populated area on earth, 1.5 million people facing a dire human catastrophe. No running water, no electricity, no medical supplies and I believe the international community should do the decent thing and should shoulder the responsibility by stopping the Israeli attacks.

Bernard Kouchner

We are really very anxious about the situation, about the people in Gaza. And we were in agreement, together with Madam Secretary of State to make [sic] pressure on both sides to open the crossing. The Gaza people, they need so called humanitarian assistance.

Christopher Gunness

These are people who have taken shelter in a UN designated area. The warring parties, particularly the Israelis, were given the precise GPS coordinates. They knew exactly what was going on there, and in spite of that, this has happened.

Yigal Palmor

Why is this fighting going on and why do we see the pictures that we see? I think there is a simple explanation that was provided by the EU foreign ministers in their statement a couple of days ago. Hamas is using its own civilians, Palestinian civilians as human shields.

Moussa Abu Marzouk

We announce a ceasefire of our factions in the Gaza Strip and we stress that our demand is the withdrawal of the enemy forces from the Gaza Strip within a week, along with the opening of all the crossings for the entry of humanitarian aid, food and other essentials for the people of the Gaza Strip.

Condoleezza Rice

President Abbas has exercised his lawful authority as president of the Palestinian Authority and as leader of the Palestinian people. I'd remind everyone, he was elected in 2005 by a large margin and we fully support him.

Salam Az-Zaghal

He felt injustice and the hard reality in which we live, the lack of employment opportunities frustrates him, oppression compels a person to commit anything, and as you see we live in very difficult economic circumstances.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Israeli settlers have expressed anger in many areas of the West Bank. This is accompanied by the heavy tightening of security at the barriers and checkpoints which separate Palestinian cities and Israeli settlements to prevent any possible friction between the two sides.

Miguel Angel Moratinos

The intention is to have a group of three Israeli personations, I think it's a good step because that gives it a sense of credibility and I think it's a good step.

Beatrice Megevand Roggo - International Committee of the Red Cross

The worst impact of the closure is that the economy of Gaza has been completely destroyed. Actually Gaza does not have an economy any longer. People are surviving thanks to the external assistance that comes in.

Richard Falk

The overall ratio of deaths: 1,434 on the Palestianan side, 13 on the Israeli side, is suggestive of the one sidedness of the military encounter and provides a basis for challenging the legality of initiating a military assault with modern weaponry against an essentially defenceless society.

Amr Moussa - Arab League

This blockade which we are all here to confront must be lifted and must be broken and the Arab League's decision is very clear in this regard.

Yossi Melman

If even friendly governments (to Israel) no longer defend Israel vis-à-vis its policy, or lack of policy, regarding the peace talks, the Palestinians, the peace talks with Syria, the siege of Gaza, the blockade of Gaza, then even Mossad is affected and cannot get away with what it has got away with in the past.

Ismail Haniyah

We are also not against the return of Europeans to the Rafah crossing but we reject any Israeli presence there.

Benjamin Netanyahu

There is no moral symmetry, there is no moral equivalence between Israel and the terrorist organisations in Gaza. The terrorists are committing a double war crime: they fire at Israeli civilians and they hide behind Palestinian civilians – and by contrast Israel takes every measure to avoid civilian casualties.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The one-sided announcement by the Israeli occupation to end the fighting means nothing for us in Hamas. We are not asking for an end to the fighting but to the injustices inflicted on the Palestinians in Gaza.

Egidia Beretta

Vittorio would always use the slogan 'Let's remain human.' He would say it even in the most difficult situations. When I used to ask him: 'How can you and how can we remain human?' he would reply 'Because in spite of everything, humanity must always be inside us and we have to bring it to others.

Giorgio Marchi

I'm even more sorry because he was a volunteer who was certainly not there to fight wars but trying to find a new solution there. Unfortunately I think he was not the first and he will not be the last to meet this fate.

Ihab Hussein

The Palestinian government condemns this ugly crime which does not reflect our morals and traditions. We will continue to pursue all members of this group, arrest them and implement the law against them.

Christian Tomuschat

The fact-finding mission rejected the Israeli viewpoint that the entire governmental infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, including the legislative council building, was a legitimate target.

Aharon Leshno Yaar

Today we had another manifestation of how Israel cannot get a fair hearing in this Human Rights Council. There is no respect of human rights in our neighbourhood, in the Arab countries, but this is the Human Rights Council and I don't have any expectations from this council unfortunately.

Reuven Rivlin

I am not so sure. We have learnt, and the experience of Israel shows, that after letting the Hamas people become a political movement, they gained the majority, and are ruling the streets of Gaza. People are saying that in the next election they will rule the places of Judea and Samaria, which means the West Bank.

Mark Regev

From now on, all items, all goods can enter in the Gaza strip, except those, weapons and other military items, duel use items, that can be used by the Hamas military machine.

Jamal Khoudari - Hamas

They will not make any change in the land without opening all the existing points between Gaza and Israel. Israel wants to send a message only to the world. Israel wants to talk only without doing anything on the land.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I emphasise the importance for the Israeli government to create a politically conducive atmosphere.

Hamid Karzai

Today we, the Muslim world, especially the people of Afghanistan, remember the people of Palestine, in Gaza, who are suffering such brutality. They are being killed night and day.

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

The resistance has the right to defend itself. I think Israel is the only loser in all these criminal actions, because there are no reasons to carry out an attack against any Palestinian leader in Gaza while people are celebrating the release of prisoners.

Ehud Olmert

I'm sure that you, just like me, are sending warm regards from here to the residents of Southern Israel, who will live with God's help and with the help of the Israeli soldiers and the Israeli security forces, and that rest will finally arrive.

Christopher Gunness

It is virtually impossible to run or to do large scale planning for such a humanitarian operation. We feed more than 750,000 people in Gaza. The World Food Programme feeds over 200,000 people in Gaza. We do cash distributions to 94,000 people. To conduct an aid operation of this scale, given the drip drip drip, on and off policy of supplies into Gaza, it's become virtually impossible.

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

I call on all the Palestinian factions and their military wings to remain on high alert, to take on the responsibility of defending the Palestinian people, and to target the Zionists deeply with fierce and severe attacks.

Robert Turner

What happened today was completely unacceptable: the situation could very easily have resulted in serious injuries to UNRWA staff and to the demonstrators. This escalation, apparently pre-planned, was unwarranted and unprecedented.

Ariel Sharon

I have no regrets. Even if I had known ahead of time the extent of the resistance, I would have done it anyway.

Ranaan Gissin

I would say there is really overwhelming evidence to point out that this was not an Israeli shell that hit them but rather I would say explosives that were placed there or planted there by the Palestinians for other purposes. Again, (this is) the cynical use of the death of innocent civilians caused by the action taken by (the) Hamas government.

Ahmad Habash

You know, when we talk about a love story and we are talking about a real person, we reach this sensitive issue. It's not maybe sensitive for any other culture but you know in Palestinian culture, in Gaza, in a refugee camp, it's not something forbidden or doesn't happen. It happens every day, but when you expose a real character, and you make an unreal love story to it this is going to be be a little bit sensitive.

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

The ceasefire will end tomorrow, on the 19th, and there is no way back. The one who asked for a truce did not respect it. The Zionists destroyed it.

Zeev Rotstein

We are not prophets. So we cannot see the future, but according to his situation and looking at the trend of deterioration, it doesn't give us good signs for the future.

Isamel Saleh

They're closed and even though the salaries have arrived, they're refusing to give them to us. We ask them 'Why?! We want salaries just like you do.' They say, The agreement only happened yesterday. You will be paid next month.

Avital Leibovitz

The decision was based on evidence that the soldier who is serving as a designated marksman deliberately targeted an individual walking with a group of people waving a white flag without being authorised or ordered to do so.

Benjamin Netanyahu

My policy and instructions are clear: we will strike anybody that plans to strike us, tries to strike us or actually does hit us. The Israeli Army is dealing these terror organisations very heavy blows.

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

Hamas has not taken any decision to escalate. It is trying to reach a truce, conditioned on the Israeli enemy halting aggression.

Javier Solana

I think that everybody in Israel and Palestine will have to be aware of the difficulties of the moment. To maintain the calm will be the most beneficial for everybody.

Salah Al-Bardawil - Hamas

Despite a difference in points of view and a difference in translating events, it should never lead to any form of violence, verbal or actual violence. So we regret these events and we hope they never get repeated.

Ayatollah Khamenei

It is genocide committed by the Zionist regime. It is a catastrophe of history. Those who support the people responsible for these crimes must be condemned. The whole world, above all the Islamic world, must arm the Palestinians.

Nidal Aljerbi

There were at least seven children playing. They were hit and died on the spot. Another three men were sat over there, they were also hit. The children were playing and were happy, enjoying festival of Eid, and they got hit.

Mohammed Saad

If there is no power, there is no treatment. I will become breathless and unable to move. If the electricity goes down, what can we do. We belong to God and to him we shall return.

Abu el Rish

Power is expected to go out completely, because what we have will only last a few days. That threatens a number of hospital departments, especially intensive care, dialysis, pediatrics and surgery all these are threatened with collapse.

Mahmoud Abbas

Don't listen to the voices of the extremists that want a continuation of the occupation. You are looking for stability for your sons and grandsons. I hope [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon understands that it's not only Gaza – the West Bank is also still occupied.

Ismail Haniyah

Don't accept to go in an other direction than Gaza. You must continue until your reach the goal for which you came.

Eitan Yitzhak

We consider this attack here as yet another attempt to disrupt everyday life in Israel.

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

As I have already said I don't want to talk about this issue, because it has nothing to do with what happens in Gaza.

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

Let me correct you, the movement is not controlling, but we govern according to the results of the election and because the West's policy is against the development of the Islamic policy, it is described as controlling. We must govern in Gaza and in the West Bank and Jerusalem, because that is the results of the elections.

Moshe Katzav

The release of the kidnapped soldiers is a top priority for Israel. There are contacts, there are sources involved he said and we hope very much the soldiers will return safe and sound.

Desmond Swayne

Aid will not provide a future for Gaza. That has to be a political solution, political transformation. We don't want to be back here in another couple of years raising money to rebuild Gaza after it has been smashed to smithereens once again.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The international efforts being made at the conference are clear, as well as the political dimensions to not only provide funds to the Gaza Strip, but to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a two-state solution.

Ehab Bsaiso

We look forward to more international efforts, not only in financial terms but more political support for ending the blockade on the Gaza Strip, and also support the Palestinian national efforts to end the occupation.

Avital Liebovitch

Since we have a maritime security blockade according to international law, we had to intercept them in order for them not to break this blockade. The interception was done quietly, peacefully. No one was hurt.

Amjad al-Shawa

We worry a lot about what will happen to those people as they were attacked by five Israeli military boats in international waters.

Catherine Ashton

We are ready to support in the opening of other land crossings for goods and people, recalibrating our mission, or developing a new one.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

On this tenth anniversary, Palestinians are counting on international justice to establish their state and hope to achieve the sort of reconciliation that would enable them to mark this occasion in the Gaza Strip.

Nabil Shaath

Israeli interests over religion, security, water and territory are concentrated in the West Bank, not in Gaza. Sharon achieved that by the unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, then separating it from the West Bank, geographically and by siege. This enabled the coup in Gaza in 2007, which led to additional separation: politically. During his rule, he imposed a blockade on President Yasser Arafat. He kept up his calls to get rid of Arafat. This confirms that he had a role in killing Arafat, and we are still looking at the conditions of the siege and investigating the murder of President Abu Ammar.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

The death of Sharon after eight years of being in a coma is a sign from God and a lesson for tyrants. The departure of this criminal who killed our people and our leaders represents an historic moment for the Palestinian people.

Daniel Hershkovitz

Israel hasn't changed its policy, and its policy is very clear. No ships will be allowed to arrive at Gaza, so if they want to transfer the humanitarian equipment to the people of Gaza they are welcome to do it through [the Israeli port of] Ashdod.

Jacob Turkel

The commission concluded that the flotilla tried to break the maritime blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip. Therefore the Israeli forces acted legally in maintaining this blockade.

Meir Sheetrit

Israel has the right to defend the security of our people and retalite. We are going to do it harder and harder as far as they continue shooting missiles over citizens of Israel.

Ghassan Khatib

I think that the war on Gaza marginalised, to a certain extent, the public stand of the Palestinian Authority. This move to the United Nations seems to strengthen the internal stand of President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

Akram Shaqfa

I ran for cover in a school. We don't have bread so I've come here to buy some. The electricity is out, so we can't bake it at home. Our children are hungry and they have nothing else.

Ayeh Mekel

Israel is applying pressure on the terrorist organisations in Gaza in order to put an end to the daily barrage of rockets against Israeli citizens.

Shimon Peres

I think it is an important agreement because we are going to evacuate the Philadelphi line which is 14 kilometres long and will now serve as a frontier, division between Egypt and the Palestinians.

Fauzi Barhoum

We condemn this type of violence. All the time we want to explain that we, in Hamas, are against this type of violence and this type of destruction.

Hans-Gert Pöttering

We have to help the people of Gaza by opening the borders, while preventing Hamas from arming again.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

I am saying to my brothers that there is no military role for Palestinian resistance in Egypt: not in Sinai, not in Rafah, not in any other Arab country.

Judy Clark

Our warehouses have been hit by some kind of explosives and have caught alight. The fire has spread from the workshops by the oil to the warehouses. We've lost all our food and medicine from the fire.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

We will keep to the same path until we win one of two goals: victory or martyrdom.

Alan Johnston

My captors have treated me very well. They have fed me well. There has been no violence towards me at all and I am in good health.

Bora Bayraktar - Euronews

After waiting for 15 months, the Turkish foreign ministry made the first move in the ongoing Flotilla crisis. It seems likely that Turkey will harden its stand if, as expected, Israel does not respond.

Ilham al Attar

They just speak, look what happened to us, they don't care about us. Our sons are sick from the cold,look at the tents. Last night all the tents blew away in the the storm. All our children are sick.

John Gatt-Rutter

The real challenge is to make sure, now that we have this agreement, that it is implemented in good faith. I don't think the agreement in itself is supposed to be an answer to all the issues that bedevil Gaza. The only durable solution that exists for Gaza is obviously a political one. A political one between Israel and Palestine, in terms of the peace process.

Christopher Gunness

The time of humanitarian action alone has passed. We need political action, particularly from the Europeans and Americans. They know exactly which levers to pull – they need to be pulled, they need to be pulled urgently, because the humanitarian impact in Gaza is overwhelming.

Abu Hani

This is the third time since 2000 that they have destroyed our land. If we don't finish the work before winter, farmers won't be able to work the land.

Manal Hassan

Even if there is building material on the market, we need money, we need cash to buy it and to rebuild the factory and the building again. And we don't have the cash or the aid from any party to start to work and make the repairs.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Respecting human rights should be essential, but let's leave the report to the Human Rights Council to decide.

Yigal Palmor

If the Goldstone report is adopted, this will present a clear danger to the continuation of the peace process.

Yuval Steinitz

This Palestinian move is a hostile and extremely unfriendly step against Israel. It's not a step towards peace, it's a step towards war.

Fouad Twal

All these sacrifices appear to be in vain, having changed nothing as regards the basic problem: the Israelis continue to live in fear and insecurity, while the Palestinians continue to demand their independence and freedom, and Gaza is waiting to be rebuilt for third time.

Alexy Makhlof - UNESCO

I think the psychological trauma for the kids is very, very serious here in Gaza. It comes back and back so practically it repeats itself and it's an extremely sad story so recovery not only (about) the buildings but of the soul.

Nabil Shaath

We feel that non-violence is the way forward to eventually reaching a solution that ends Israeli occupation. But, in the meantime, we cannot possibly in any way accept the Israeli retaliation policy against our civilians in Gaza, which amounts to collective punishment and a war crime.

Moshe Rosenbaum

I can understand him, Abu Mazen, that he wants to do this. But it's a bad thing for us and also for the Palestinians because we never can agree to a Palestinian state here, because this is our small homeland. There is no place to an other state here. And if there were a Palestinian State, there will be war here all the time. Look what's going on in Gaza Strip.

Mushir al-Masri - Hamas

Today, in this demonstration we are celebrating the successful operation that the al Qassam brigades carried out. This was a natural reaction to fend off the aggression of the Zionist enemy who intended to encircle the fighters. This emphasises the success of the resistance.

Matan Vilnai

At first glance we saw some Katyusha rockets. And for us that's enough. And Katyusha rockets, as I mentioned before, are against the population, not against soldiers.

Nabil El-Araby - Arab League

I wonder about the usefulness of the so-called peace process. It has become a process that does not bring peace. I also wonder about the reasons why the Quartet of the US, EU, UN and Russia continue to sponsor a peace process that does nothing.

Barack Obama

There's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. We are actively working with all the parties in the region.

Luis Carballo

When the batteries miss a rocket then this happens. This is part of the shrapnel from the second house to be hit by a Qassam rocket in this neighbourhood. The house is just 20 metres away from a school.

Nabil Zaqut

Of course I support the truce, because war has a negative impact on us.

Shimon Biton

After taking all these casualties we did not hit back hard enough to keep them quiet.

Tzipi Livni

Only last week, Israel was attacked from the Gaza Strip and in a day about 80 missiles and mortars were fired against Israel's civilans. Enough is enough. The international community needs to understand that this is the translation of the right of Israel to defend itself, that there is not another alternative and we are doing what we need to do in order to defend our citizens.

Greta Berlin

What Israel needs to understand is that nothing is accomplished with force, nothing is.

Tzipi Livni

We ask the international community to give us more time to continue this work. Israel is in the front line, Israel needs to defend its citizens, this is what we are doing.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

There is no peace, there is no settlement, there is a mirage. This is farce, a political mascarade.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Huge diplomatic efforts are taking place in Cairo, but they're matched by many significant obstacles blocking a cease-fire agreement. The main challenges are the intransigence of both sides and the different influences of regional powers on the Gaza issue.

Ofer Leffler

Ben Gurion airport is the safe[est] place on earth, it is the safe[est] place in Israel. Right now there are around 80 flights that [were] cancelled… to Israel. And we hope in the next few hours, the FAA is going to change their decision and they are going to fly back to Israel.

Navi Pillay - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

It is imperative that Israel, Hamas and all Palestinian armed groups strictly abide by applicable norms of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. This entails applying the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives; proportionality; and precautions in attack. Respect for the right to life of civilians, including children, should be a foremost consideration. Not abiding by these principles may amount to war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Saeb Erekat

The current ground effort is focused on what you might call a Qassam net, which is the territories, the areas, from which the Qassam rockets were launched towards Israel in the last couple of months.

Saeb Erekat

The international community cannot continue just watching things as if nothing is happening. We're a people with no armies, no navies, no airforce, and we are an international responsibility.

Ruchana Marton - Physicians for Human Rights

The Shabak (Israeli intelligence) uses the weakness, the helplessness of the Palestinian patients in Gaza to try to force them, to pressure them, to be collaborators.

Mahmoud Abbas

We will reach President Bush's vision of establishing a Palestinian State side by side with Israel, living in peace and stability.

Jane Hirschmann

I think they are using our captain as an example to try to prevent other captains from taking ships to Gaza from Greece. There has been enormous pressure put on Greece by both the Israeli government and the US government and that's why this case has become so politicised.

Shimon Peres

If the people in Gaza want to live in peace, if the people in Gaza want to enjoy free passage, there is a simple thing they can do: stop shooting.

Fraser Cameron

I think this attitude has changed. There was a certain mistrust of the EU a few years ago, but the EU has become, I think, more even-handed; it has demonstrated in monitoring the border crossing at Rafah between Egypt and Gaza that it is an objective force in the region, and I think Israel now does trust the EU to play a security role in the region.

Maya Jacobs

What they are asking for is very expensive plots in the centre of Israel with a view to the ocean, the Mediterranean. They want plots that are worth 200,000 dollars each plus the money that they are supposed to receive as compensation.

Zion Buskila

We've only managed to sign 60 contracts with settlers for the entire complex, . We've worked very hard to provide this, and we want them to come and look at these apartments again.

Arik Harpaz

My government wants to give us hotels, but a hotel isn't a home. I don't want to go to a hotel, I want to go to my home.

Abdel Bari Atwan

This generation, how they act in the future, either they will be traumatised and suffering from psychological problems, maybe handicapped psychologically or they will be very radical in the future and they could be the new generation of suicide bomber.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Your decision signals the will of the international community. It must be fully respected by all parties to this conflict.

Condoleezza Rice

The United States thought it important to see the outcomes of the Egyptian mediation efforts in order to see what this resolution might have been supporting.

Allegra Pacheco - United Nations

We received eyewitness testimonies that on Sunday the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) evacuated about 100 people to a home in Zeitun, south of Gaza City. The next day the house was shelled and at least 33 people were killed.

Benjamin Netanyahu

The report clearly shows that the blockade of Gaza is legal. It shows that the enforcement of that blockade last May was legal. And it shows that the Israeli soldiers who boarded the Maramra acted legally and in self defence.

Robert Mardini

The question here is not to see who is respecting which rule of war and who is violating which other rule of war. We are facing a major humanitarian emergency. We are calling for the destruction to stop now and we are calling for the killing to stop now.

Sara Badiei

This is the sixth time the plant has been hit and it is now out of service. This was supplying 30% of the electricity.

Sara Badiei

They are not part of the conflict. They are needed for civilians. Hospitals need electricity but now they have to run on generators.

Salam Fayyad

Preparedness and readiness for establishing the state are different from a state itself, that is another matter. The concept of an independent state with full sovereignty over the entire land occupied since 1967 in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank and East Jerusalem, of course, requires ending the Israeli occupation. What we declared is the readiness and this is witnessed by the international community about a year ago.

Mahmoud Abbas

They have to admit unequivocally that the Palestine Liberation Organisation is the only legal representative of the Palestinian people, and with that we can have dialogue.

Idith Zertal

After the 1967 war, the six-day war, the settlements were, I could say, almost kidnapped by the Zionist religious group or movement in Israel, in creating the settlements beyond the green line, beyond the international border.

Idith Zertal

They became so-called one in this struggle, but deep down there are differeneces and most of the people of Gush Katif will go freely, will go without fighting, without violence.

Steve Centanni

I just hope this never scares a single journalist away from coming to Gaza to cover this story because the Palestinian people are a very beautiful, kind-hearted and caring people that the world need to know more about, and so do not be discouraged.

Mahmoud Abbas

We have made direct and indirect contact with the Hamas leaders to renew the truce with Israel, but they have refused. It has cost the lives of hundreds of Palestinians. If they had accepted we would have avoided these attacks.

Ehud Olmert

The State of Israel yesterday started a military operation in the Gaza Strip in order to restore the normal lifestyle and quiet to the residents of the south who have been suffering many years of intensive shooting of rockets, mortars and terror activity.

Fred Ponsard - Euronews

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has just been through one of its bloodiest episodes in Gaza. Your movie Ana Arabia sketches the possibility of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Arabs in the Holy Land. Filmmakers, writers.. Are they today the last bastions against nationalism and extremism?

Husam Farahat

We should get out of this situation with dignity. There should be a complete lifting of the siege. We should get the same respect as any other people in the world, because what we are living is not a life.

Hisham Kuhail

In the West Bank the percentage of those who are registered to vote is 77%. That's high compared to elsewhere in the world. Gaza has a smaller percentage since we haven't been able to update our registry since 2007.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Joining us from Jerusalem is the spokesperson for the Israeli Defence Force, Avichay Adraee. Israel has launched a major military operation against Gaza, why now?

Avichay Adraee

After a week in which 130 rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel and from the the start of the year 750 rockets have been launched. So we decided to go ahead with this operation with two objectives. To strike hard at the terrorist organisations in Gaza, to send a message to the terrorists that we will protect Israeli lives and that they will be prevented from attacking Israel whenever they want. The second objective is to create a secure environment for our citizens in the south.

Avichay Adraee

The Israeli army is ready to follow all orders from our leaders and that includes a ground offensive and I promise you Hamas and other organisations in Gaza will pay a very high price, greater than the one they have already paid.

Eva Yeshewitz

Every day we risk this kind of thing. The ambulance drivers, the medical staff – they're the ones who are paying the price with their lives to evacuate people when there are F-16s and surveillance planes and Apaches going around and shooting at people, killing civilians and terrorising the whole population. These people are heroes.

Pierre Kraehenbuehl

If security conditions allow, and that's of paramount importance, obviously we'll consider bringing in more medical teams. That's at the heart of the crisis. It's crucial that injured civilians aren't just brought to hospital, I mean that ambulances can get to them, but that they can receive the necessary treatment when they arrive. At the moment people are dying for want of access to treatment.

Leila Shahid

I really think this illustrates Mister Barak's comeback. His first aim is to cleanse the Israeli army's honour following the 2006 war with Lebanon, especially after the Vinograd report, and second he wants to boost his ratings ahead of February's election, and sadly you can see that he has grown in popularity since the launch of the Gaza offensive.

Ehud Barak

Our aim is to force Hamas to stop its hostile activities against Israel and Israelis from Gaza and to bring about a significant change in the situation in the southern part of Israel.

Ghazi Hamed - Hamas

We've sent some messages to many countries, to Arabic countries, to European countries in order to be involved but really until now we did not see that there are serious steps from these countries.

Mark Regev

The purpose of the Israeli operation is defensive in that we are trying to protect our citizens. We have unfortunately had hundreds of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, 300 from Beit Hanoun alone. These rockets are aimed indiscriminately at our civilian population and it is our obligation to prevent such launches.

Salah Abu Samhadana

We were informed about half an hour before the shelling took place. This tower has 11 floors and 32 families were living there. The minute we evacuated, the place was hit by a warning rocket and immediately after the fighter jets fired two rockets. The building collapsed completely, all families are now in the streets. God help us all.

Saeb Erekat

The challenges are big. The Gaza Strip has 1.5 million people whose needs must be provided for – electricity, water, medical supplies, food supplies – all their needs must be provided and nobody … Israel should not use this as a pretext….in Gaza in order to shut borders, Rafah, and so on. The people in Gaza have suffered enough and they cannot suffer more.

Mokhymar Abu Saada

Hamas will be affected negatively by these political developments in Egypt. Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood organisation and Hamas had a very strong and cooperative relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood and with Dr Morsi over the past year.

Mahmoud Jarrad

I hope that people (in Gaza) aren't blamed for all the political problems inside Egypt, because this is the only exit out of Gaza. They know that we go to Egypt and come back without causing any problems. We shouldn't pay the price for what is going on there.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Once again ahead of elections in Israel, Gaza has become a target. Innocent civilians and innocent children are being killed viciously based on unsatisfactory, made-up excuses. Calling these illegitimate attacks self-defence is to encourage Israel to carry out further massacres.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

Hamas blesses the attack in Tel Aviv and sees it as a natural response to the Israeli massacres…in Gaza.

Otniel Shneller

Israel would like to create peace but for this reason we have to go forward in our activities right now, military activities. Then the atmosphere will be ready to make a right decision on both sides.

Nadim Ahmed

It was a humanitarian ship. It was in high sea. It was not in the limit of Israel. It was in high sea. They shot and killed people, and there was a mess up. They never gave us medical immediate aid. They brutally behaved. They handcuffed everybody. They never let them move to toilets. They never let them do anything, and even in the travel to Israel, the behaviour was worse.

Benjamin Netanyahu

But the important thing to understand is the reason we have civilians killed is not because Israel targeted civilians but because Hamas is using civilians as human shields. We use missiles to protect our people. They use people to protect their missiles.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Israel, Hamas, Palestine, Egypt, Obama, the children's words speak of politics and war. It's hard to believe that this generation, with what they have gone through, will be able or willing to contribute to efforts for future peace in this region.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Well this morning we went to a very dangerous zone in the north of the Gaza Strip, and there we met a family whose home has been completely destroyed, and who are now sheltering at a neighbour's place. The despair is everywhere to see, stories of tragedy, they don't know where to go. They don't know what to do, how they should pray, and they're really waiting for the world to find a solution to this crisis, which has become too much to bear for the residents here in Gaza.

Antoine Juillard - Euronews

You filmed images this morning that are very striking; can we talk about a humanitarian catastrophe, the words of a senior UN official today?

Antoine Juillard - Euronews

From what you're saying about the families in Gaza you've met, do you sense they are reaching breaking point?

Antoine Juillard - Euronews

Yes, with the empty streets, we can imagine people are taking cover, in whatever way they can.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Yes, tension is extremely high, and if you look at the streets in Gaza they are totally deserted. It's a ghost town. People are hiding, scared about the intensification of the bombing.

Valérie Gauriat - Euronews

Yes, some are hiding in their houses, if they have not already been destroyed. Others are sheltering in stairwells in buildings they've managed to get to. Others are in UN shelters. But in any case, there is a real fear of bombardments that can come at any moment and hit any location.

Sami Abu Suhri

Our presence here and the start of campaigning underline that the election will go ahead and that there is a national consensus that the election process should carry on right to the end.

Amar Dawoud

70 or 80 people had moved to our house looking for sanctuary. They struck us.

Fidel Helmer

One can assume the West will now impose new sanctions against Russia, and Russia will not accept that and will respond with counter sanctions. And that will hinder trade. And that is an intolerable condition for the markets.

Mushir al-Masri - Hamas

The Palestinian people support resistance in the face of the Israeli threat, and any war on Gaza will open the gates of hell in the face of the occupiers. And the resistance (Hamas), will not sit by idly.

Mark Regev

Hamas is a terrorist organisation that must be defeated. Now Israel, in our relationship with Gaza, we would keep the border quiet. The problem is Hamas does not allow that to happen. Over the last three weeks there have been around 150 rockets missiles and mortar shell from Gaza into Israel. So obviously we have to act to protect our people.

Freddy Eytan

Netanyahu is not a warmonger, he has not ordered extensive operations like [former Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert did in Lebanon and Gaza. He is not hesitating, he is careful, prudent. I think he will manage the situation until Gaza goes quiet again.

Benjamin Netanyahu

We will not allow extremists, it doesn't matter what side, to inflame the region and cause bloodshed.

Uri Avnery

Hamas was boycotted by the international community, by the Arab world, and now heads of state are visiting the Gaza Strip for the first time. At this moment Hamas is the hero of the entire Arab world.

Uri Avnery

If you want a Jewish state in all of historical Palestine, if you want to put Israeli settlements all over the West Bank, then you don't want this peace. If you are ready to accept to give back the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem in return for peace you can have it tomorrow morning.

Ziad Nakhla

The delegation spoke on behalf of the Palestinian people, because the Palestinian people stood for and supported the resistance. Delegations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad represented the Palestinian people by negotiating and defending the Palestinian cause on the ground.

Khaled Meshaal - Hamas

This was a treacherous aggression, on our people in Gaza, that called on us to defend ourselves. And the result was that after eight days, God removed the hand of the Zionists from our people in Gaza, and they were forced to succumb to the conditions and demands of the resistance.

Benjamin Netanyahu

I know some people are expecting more severe military action, and perhaps we may need to do this, but at this time the right thing for the state of Israel to do is to use this opportunity to achieve a long-lasting ceasefire.

Paul Gamble - Fitch

One of the things we are thinking about is the longer-term impact on defence spending.

Rulah Ma

We had many cancelations during this month – the month of August, and last month, in July. We had a decrease in the number of tourists arriving to Palestine, and the decrease was up to 60 to 65 percent.

Paul Gamble - Fitch

We don't know if there's going to be a new status quo that's sustainable. From the point of view of international investors, you have to ask if … you are going to see a conflict of this kind of magnitude every few years?

Yigal Palmor

The commission was really a farce of a human rights fact finding commission. It wasn't a real effort to seek the truth.

Richard Goldstone - United Nations

The efforts by Israel to investigate the alleged violations of international law have been pusillanimous. And on the other side there has been a complete absence of investigation by the Gaza authorities in an event to deter or stop the unlawful attacks by rockets and mortars fired into southern Israel.

John Ging - United Nations

My appeal is simple – all parties must find another way other than violence. Civilians are paying the price of political failure with their lives.

Mark Regev

I can only say that we have a problem with Hamas. I mean Hamas took over the Gaza Strip and instead of investing in the future of the people of Gaza, instead of trying to build a better life for the people of Gaza, Hamas is stuck in a very extremist mode where they are investing in future conflict with Israel.

Abu Ahmed

First we call for an immediate cease-fire, second a retreat of all armed militants from the streets and a return of security guards to their positions before the start of these events, third a stopping of all media campaigns and especially those inciting violence.

Shimon Peres

Settlers don't have a future in Gaza. So whatever's happening right now is a passing experience and they will be out in accordance with decisions of the parliament and cabinet.

Mark Regev

Hamas is responsible for the current escalation and they know how to end it. They have to release our serviceman immediately and unconditionally and they have to stop targeting Israeli cities with their terrorist rockets. If they do that there will be a ceasefire.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

The initiatives are composed of five items. First, the return to calm by the withdrawal of Israeli forces from all of the Gaza Strip and the stopping of all forms of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. I stressed the necessity of stopping the campaign of arrests, assassinations and incursions.

Mohammed Darduna

I have not seen any achievement or progress since the war. Everything remains at a standstill.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Many weapons were found on board intended for terrorist forces in the heart of Gaza. Iran is the source of the weaponry.

Mahmoud al-Ruz

The Jews don't know there are resistance fighters here. The collaborators tell them.

Ron Prosor

Each and every missile constitutes a crime against humanity, whether it hits or misses, because it is directed at civilian targets.

Riyad Mansour

This savage Israeli aggression cannot be justified by any means. It is not self-defence – it is a vengeful military aggression intentionally planned and perpetrated by the occupying power against the civilian population under its occupation.

Eytan Buchmanhow

We were given a mission by the government, to stop terrorist attacks, to stop the rockets and protect Israelis. We'll operate for as long as we need to do that; if we can accomplish that sooner, then we'll be out of there sooner.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

The Palestinian demands are clear – lift the blockade, open the crossing and end the aggression, and we believe these demands have been met. We trust that what we agreed upon will last and the Palestinian people will see the fruits of their endurance.

Avigdor Lieberman

Without getting rid of Hamas, it won't be possible to make any satisfactory progress or arrangements in terms of security and diplomacy.

Christopher Gunness

I can confirm that UNWRA has suspended its operations in Gaza because of staff security. We've had a shooting of a driver in a convoy clearly marked as a UN vehicle. They've been a number of attacks in which UN facilities have been hit with direct hits and others.

Maxime Verhagen

It is necessary that we create a water-tight control at the southern border between Gaza and Egypt.

Navi Pillay - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Today I am also registering my shock at reports that humanitarian aid was met with violence early this morning, reportedly causing death and injury as the boat convoy approached the Gaza coast.

Bernard Kouchner

It is an incident that happened in a completely unacceptable way in international waters. We really have to wait for details but our condemnation has been firm and will continue to be.

Abdulrahman Al-Selwi

We're here to show solidarity with our brothers in Gaza, who're blockaded and abused by the Zionists in collaboration with our Arab brothers.

Mohammad al-Guniem

We strongly believe that non-conventional weapons have been used. There is abundant evidence that white phosphorous has been used, in addition to the so-called DIME bombs.

Vladimir Putin

We all know what hard times you and the Palestinian people are having now. We consistently advocate the legitimate interests of the Palestinian people, up to the establishment of a Palestinian state. I would like to assure you that we will support you as legitimate leader of the Palestinian people.

Riyad Mansour

Despite all efforts, the international community, including the United Nations, has failed to implement its resolutions, fostering a culture of impunity that has enabled Israel to persist in its crimes against the Palestinian people.

Gabriela Shalev

But the Goldstone report and this debate do not promote peace. They damage any effort to revitalise negotiations in our region. They deny Israel the right to self defence.

Sami Turjman

We have been tracing this tunnel for a long time using our intelligence capabilities.

Abu Obidah - Hamas

When the Zionist enemy claims they've foiled a big operation, that's not true. The tunnel was destroyed by natural factors, not because of their security checks or military action.

Osama Hamdan - Hamas

Israel must accept the demands of the Palestinian people or face a long war.

George W. Bush

America cannot dictate the terms of what a state will look like. The only way for peace is for the two parties to come together and make difficult choices but we will help. We want to help.

Bill Van Esveld - Human Rights Watch

It recommended that Israel and Hamas both conduct independent investigations into allegations of war crimes violations during the Gaza war and the Goldstone report recommended that if that did not happen in six months, then there should be a referral from the Security Council to the International Criminal Court.

Nabil Fahmi

Regarding the Israeli side and the Palestinian issue, the Israeli side does not respond to the decisions of the Arab League nor UN resolutions or the Security Council. Unfortunately all the decisions so far taken by the Security Council have not been implemented by Israel, not even in one instance.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Arab and international efforts are growing to stop the war in Gaza, but the decision of reaching a ceasefire remains linked to the goals and the results that both the warring sides seek to achieve.

Ghazi Hamad - Hamas

I think it came as a consistent policy for the Israeli government to continue their aggression against our people in the West Bank and Gaza City. But I confirm that there is an agreement, which is an agreement for a ceasefire.

Benjamin Netanyahu

We are prepared to act if the peace is violated. The campaign objectives were achieved. I know some were expecting a harsher response. We are prepared for that, too.

Barack Obama

I have said to the Israelis directly and certainly my team has communicated the fact that it is in Israel's interest to make sure everybody knows how this happened so we don't see these kinds of events occurring again and we expect the standard called for in the UN Security Council to be met.

Mahmoud Abbas

We know that time is of the essence and we know that we must not miss this opportunity. We afirm the importance of bringing peace and security to the region.

Ayatollah Khamenei

Do not forget that if the Palestinians, as they have already done in Gaza, succeed in liberating a part of Palestine and to manage their own affairs through elected representatives, then that is what they must do. But we must never forget the ultimate goal.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel captured a ship on the high seas, stocked with weapons destined for terrorist groups. These weapons were going to be used against Israel. The entire operation, this clandestine operation was organised by Iran. While Iran is conducting these talks, smiling to the international community, it continues to arm terrorist groups, it continues to perpetrate terrorism around the world.

Benjamin Netanyahu

The goal of this operation was to protect our people from the threat of terror tunnels built to send death squads into Israel, to commit terrorist atrocities against Israel's civilians, to kidnap and to kill. Israel deeply regrets every civilian casualty, every single one.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Despite the agreement, the question remains over its implementation and a timetable. Security, border controls and weapons in the Gaza Strip are the most important challenges ahead.

Gordon Brown

This fragile ceasefire has got to be followed immediately, if it is to be sustainable, by humanitarian access which we have asked for, by troop withrawals, by an end of arms trafficking, by the opening-up of the (frontier) crossings, by the end of rocket attacks, and hopefully by the beginning of serious negotiations that will lead to a final settlement.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Hamas rules Gaza and it is responsible for its security, even if the perpetrators are Islamic Jihad.

Mahmoud Abbas

I think that what we have to do, if we believe in peace, if we believe that we have to put an end to terrorism and violence is just to talk to each other and not to talk against each other, or to boycott each other. The decision of Mr Sharon was not the right decision.

Ehud Olmert

This is the priority of Israel. First, Gilad Shalit, second, the end of smuggling arms across the Egyptian border through Philadelphia Corridor into Gaza. And third, complete total ceasefire and any hostile activities by the Hamas from Gaza.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

We have agreed to start discussions to form the government, based on the national Unity Agreement. This will help lift the embargo placed on the Palestinians, lighten their suffering and achieve the release of ministers and parliamentarians. I hope these talks are fruitful.

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

We call upon all the countries participating in the Sharm el-Sheik conference to search for speedy and effective mechanisms to transfer funds to the Palestinian people directly, without getting caught up in the internal Palestinian political differences, which are strictly an internal matter.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

During the 51 days of war, the al-Qassam and the resistance had the upper hand. They started the war by firing their rockets on Haifa and ended the war by a strike on Haifa.

Khaled Meshaal - Hamas

Abu Mazen took a small but important step at the United Nations. All we want is for this step and the Gaza victory to be used in support for Palestinian reconciliation and independence, and the right to go back to our land, and we won't give them an inch of our original territory.

John Kerry

It is a lull of opportunity – a moment for the sides, the different factions to be able to come together with the State of Israel, in an effort to try to address ways to find a sustainable ceasefire and then obviously, ultimately, over a longer period of time, address the underlying issues.

Mahmoud Abbas

We will continue calls and meetings. And we will not leave our responsibilities. We will work hard to stop the aggression and to ensure our rights. And we will hold accountable all of those who committed crimes against our people, however long it takes, so that no crime goes without justice.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

First and foremost, I think the violence must stop now and immediately start dialogue and address all the root causes which have already been identified, which have already been discussed and negotiated for a long time. I do not think we have any time to lose.

Ismail Haniyeh - Hamas

It reflects the Israeli plot to reoccupy large territories in the Gaza strip, destroy the infrastructure, a helpless attempt to bring down the Palestinian government under the pretext of looking for captured people.

Benjamin Netanyahu

We will continue to act with patience and forbearance, with determination, responsibility and aggression to achieve the goal of the campaign, restoring calm for a long period by dealing a significant blow to Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli army is prepared for all possibilities.

Benjamin Netanyahu

As of now, we have neutralised dozens of terrorist tunnels and we are determined to complete this mission, with or without a ceasefire, and therefore I will not agree to any proposal that does not allow the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) to complete this work which is important for the security of Israel's citizens.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel didn't deliberately target civilians, and our investigative bodies work according to the highest international standards, which of course is not the case for Hamas.

Mark Toner

This is violence instigated by Hamas. You know, as we said very clearly in our statement yesterday that we extend our sympathies to the victims, innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians that have been affected by this violence. But let's be very clear where the onus lies.

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

Regarding talks to stop the fighting, it is a matter of bargaining between the victim and the executioner. What's needed immediately is for the Arab and Islamic countries to unite and stop this aggression.

Khaled Meshaal - Hamas

Give me the bill, what will be the price? How many Israeli soldiers do you want sent to their mothers in their coffins in order to lift the embargo on Gaza? What will be the cost for lifting the siege?

Khaled Meshaal - Hamas

We've turned a new page. There was a great deal of understanding and enthusiam for working together and we were serious about implementing, not only reconciliation but everything needed to put the Palestinian house in order.

Fawzi Barhoum - Hamas

The [Abbas] speech was designed to stir tensions. It's a partisan and despicable speech that had no good intentions towards Hamas or the people of Gaza.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

A visit to Gaza is not planned at the moment, but frankly I'm yearning for such a visit. I really would like to visit Gaza as soon as possible.

Benjamin Netanyahu

What we wanted to prevent coming into Gaza are rockets, missiles, explosives and war material that could be used to attack our civilians.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

I'm asking the leaders of both parties, Palestinians and Israelis, to resume the talks, so that they will be able to address the underlying root causes. Otherwise it's a matter of time, unfortunately, the violence will continue.

Mahmoud Abbas

Our demands for the cessation of settlement activities, the lifting of the blockade of Gaza and putting an end to illegal Israeli policies and practices do not constitute preconditions that are alien to the peace process, rather they are consistent with the implementation of obligations and commitments that have been agreed and reaffirmed by all resolutions adopted since the very start of the political process.

Joachim Gauck

How can we stay neutral in Gaza when a murderous conflict has lasted nearly a month? We cannot stay neutral, we have an obligation to intervene. It is Europe that has to face its responsibilities, along with the UN.

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