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Evan Rye
He started off with a goal and a double in Euro 2016 qualification matches against Germany and Gibraltar respectively, before scoring one against Augsburg in the Bundesliga. He failed to score against Olympiakos in the Champions League but bounced back with his famous five goals within nine minutes against Wolfsburg , another double against Mainz and a hat-trick in the Champions League against Dinamo
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Oct 11 2017
“In the next 50 years, Gibraltar will grow stronger, will go further, will prosper greatly, because my fellow Gibraltarians, nothing is going to stop us now. Red, white and proud, red, white and free, red, white and blue. Thank you Gibraltar.” said Fabian Picardo speaking about Gibraltar. It’s one of the 86 quotes about Gibraltar you can find on this page. 53 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Boris Johnson, Alfonso Dastis and Michael Fallon. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Damian Green

The government's position on Gibraltar is that the primacy of the wishes of its inhabitants, which are overwhelmingly to stay British, will be

Simon Manley

We are not going to negotiate a solution that is against the interest of the people of Gibraltar. Our position has been very clear. The important thing is to talk about the practical issues and interests we all have in

Albert Rivera

We have a problem not with sovereignty but with taxes. It is more important for us regulate the situation with regard to competition and taxes in Gibraltar. I understand that for the Spanish government it is important to be clear about the future on

Albert Rivera

All the ministers of foreign affairs have tried to be the minister to get the rock for Spain. But I don't think that is the correct view. I am sure that in the future the people of Gibraltar can consider if they want co-sovereignty. That's a problem for the future. You have to seduce not decide for the

Jesus Verdu

On one hand, Theresa May's political weakness could be beneficial because it would force more negotiating flexibility. The problem and what concerns us is that until now the position of Spain is very worrisome because it has used it more to impose a solution that everyone knows is not viable as that of co-sovereignty instead of using that position to look for a mutual beneficial solution for all

Peter Howitt

The European Court is trying to do two things, on the one hand they are saying Gibraltar doesn't have separate European rights so is part of the UK, one member state. But in the Brexit process we see there is the idea that you could do a deal with the UK and Europe that would not necessarily involve

Peter Howitt

The biggest concern in Gibraltar really relates to the border with Spain, obviously we have a huge number of cross-border

Nicola Sturgeon

We all know that he would have surrendered Gibraltar to the Spanish, and indeed the Falkands to

Leanne Wood

Labour have failed to defend Wales. Since the vote to leave the European Union we have heard more about Gibraltar than we've heard about Wales. It's essential that we in Wales have a team of representatives who are ready to fight for the Welsh national interest. Labour have proved themselves unable to do that. They are divided, they use most media opportunities to attack their leader. We need strong voices to defend Wales in Westminster and a Plaid Cymru team will do just

Manuel Triano - Cross Border

The Gibraltar issue has been very tempting for some people chasing their five minutes of fame. What is happening is that they are taking hostage of thousands of workers and companies, which, as a result has a very negative impact on the economies of Gibraltar, La Linea and the

Manuel Triano

What is happening is that they are taking hostage thousands of workers and companies, which, as a result, has a very negative impact on the economies of Gibraltar, La Linea, and the

Jesús Moya

I want Gibraltar to stay British. Spain's government isn't worthy of the name and should start by looking after its own huge

Nuria Gómez

I never heard of a border where you get so thoroughly checked when you are leaving a

Manuel Márquez

The Spanish government's policy towards Gibraltar always hurts the people in this

Juan Franco

Our economic dependency on Gibraltar is practically total. That caused deep economic depression and poverty. That time is still remembered today as a

Salvador Molina

They eat the Spanish flag for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but don't care about what we are going to eat. The best solution would be to put the border further back and we would be on the other side, with Gibraltar. How can the Spanish government ask people they abuse to change nationality?feedback

Peter Hain

I tried to negotiate a co-sovereignty arrangement with Spain in 2002. This is still the best way forward. In the latest ratcheting up of tensions over Gibraltar, the Royal Navy has ordered a Spanish warship out of the peninsula’s disputed territorial waters. Though the incident was relatively minor, it highlighted the conundrum facing Gibraltar after the triggering of article 50. Then again, the status quo was never satisfactory, even pre-Brexit. This is an issue which, as Europe minister, I tried to resolve 15 years

Fabian Picardo

You were Miss Gibraltar, you were Miss World and now you are Mrs Mayor. When Kaiane Aldorino became Miss World she was someone who carried the dreams of Gibraltarians around the world. She became a free woman of Gibraltar and she has Gibraltar's medallion of honour, our highest civic distinction. Therefore asking her to become mayor was something that the house was able to do

Kaiane Lopez

I am proud to be British. Gibraltar is British and always will be. Why would we ever want to change our flag?feedback

Michel Barnier

Keep calm and negotiate. Juridically speaking, Gibraltar will exit the Union at the same time as the United

Nigel Farage

Donald Tusk and co have made an absolutely catastrophic error! We are not some little nation that's going to get bullied around by overpaid, unelected eurocrats – we will simply not put up with it! Isn't it funny, they are actually prepared here to play dirty with us, to try to bully us, to do it over Gibraltar, to send us a bill for £52 billion – which cannot be justified. If they don't want a deal, tell us now, save us two years and we'll simply walk out

Alfonso Dastis

When the United Kingdom leaves the EU, the EU partner is Spain, and in the case of Gibraltar the EU is therefore obliged to take the side of Spain. I do not think it's necessary to talk about

Ron Westdorp

It is upsetting in an extremely early phase of renegotiating these relations. Even though I voted to leave the EU, I was expecting this from Spain and I just sincerely hope that Britain will back us up and they will take care of us like they've done in the

Liam Byrne

Spain is going to jump at this opportunity to try and take advantage of the situation but when it comes to the crunch I think we've got to take one step at a time and not over-react, be

Fabian Picardo

Nobody wants to talk about going to war. The way that Spain has behaved is really quite

Alfonso Dastis

The Spanish government is a little surprised by the tone that has been created in the United Kingdom (…) But it's obvious that in this case (Europe and Gibraltar), the traditional 'British phlegm' has been notable for its

Boris Johnson

The position of the Government is very, very clear, which is that the sovereignty of Gibraltar is unchanged and it is not going to change and cannot conceivably change without the express support and consent of the people of the Gibraltar and the United Kingdom, and that is not going to

Cornelius Adebahr

The warmongering rhetoric over Gibraltar is worrisome, though not so much for the actual prospect of a shooting war over those rocks, but rather what those comments reveal about the mind-set of those who are ready to elevate the narcissism of small differences to a causa belli. All countries concerned are NATO allies, so the actual idea of going to war is

Fabian Picardo

If we re-run the Brexit referendum, given the way the council has behaved and other European partners have behaved in allowing Spain to get this just into the draft I think they would be hard pressed to get a better result here than they did in

Fabian Picardo

Mr Tusk, who has been given to using the analogies of the divorce and divorce petition, is behaving like a cuckolded husband who is taking it out on the children . We are not going to be a chip and we are not going to be a victim of Brexit as we are not the culprits of Brexit: we voted to stay in the European Union so taking it out on us is to allow Spain to behave in the manner of the bully. Removal of the reference to Gibraltar would be a sign of good faith and good

Alfonso Dastis

Someone in the U.K. is losing their cool, and there's no need for it. Making comparisons with past situations like the Falklands is a little out of context. The Spanish government is a little surprised by the tone of comments coming out of Britain, a country known for its

Alfred Medina

Even though I voted to leave the EU, I was expecting this from Spain and I just sincerely hope that Britain will back us up and they will take care of us like they've done in the

Theresa May

I was very clear in my statement in the house of the continuing support we show to

Jack Straw

It's in the interests of Gibraltarians for there to be some kind of deal done with the Spanish in the new circumstances, circumstances which the Gibraltarians didn't want, because they voted in very substantial numbers to stay within the European Union. For the Spanish, Gibraltar is an affront to their sense of national identity and their sense of sovereignty. It's a bit like having a part of Dover being owned by Spain. The Spanish understood the strength of opinion in Gibraltar and they've held back ever since from trying to impose a further solution on the

Jack Straw

I'm sorry, this is 2017-18, it's not 1851. The idea of Spain going to war against Britain over Gibraltar is frankly absurd, and reeks of 19th-century jingoism. It's not going to happen. Evan Gen Franco, the Spanish dictator, never sought to claim the Rock by military means. One needs to be extremely careful about throwing out threats of military action where there's no such possibility of that happening by the

Michael Fallon

The people of Gibraltar have made it clear that they don't want to live under the sovereignty of Spain. Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way. It is very important to link trade and security because what we are now looking for is a deep and special relationship that covers both economic and security cooperation. Those two things go together. It is very important that we go on committed to the security of the

Fabian Picardo

At what price would you sell Cornwall to the French? It would be absolutely awful... We would be living in effect in what is partly somebody else's land. It is a slap in the face for the people of Gibraltar who are the ones who most vehemently supported remaining in the European Union. It is unfair, it demonstrates that Spain will use any opportunity to try and advance its claim to

Michael Fallon

We are very clear that there cannot be a change in the status and sovereignty of Gibraltar unless the people of Gibraltar agree to it – and they don't. And they clearly don't so that's not going to happen. Gibraltar's going to be involved in these negotiations and, again, the chief minister [Fabian Picardo] made that clear. He's going to be involved throughout and there will in the end, of course, be an agreement that fully respects the position of Gibraltar. We're going to look after

Michael Fallon

Gibraltar is going to be protected all the way because the sovereignty of Gibraltar cannot be changed without the agreement of the people of Gibraltar and they have made it very clear they do not want to live under Spanish rule. It is interesting in the draft guidelines from the EU that Spain is not saying that the whole thing is subject to the transfer of

Michael Howard

There is no question whatever that our Government will stand by Gibraltar... 35 years ago this week another woman Prime Minister sent a task force half way across the World to defend the freedom of another small group of British people against another Spanish-speaking country.... I am absolutely certain our current Prime Minister will show the same resolve in standing by the people of

Boris Johnson

As the Prime Minister herself said earlier this week, we are clear that Gibraltar is covered by our exit negotiations, and we have committed to involving Gibraltar fully in the work that we are

Boris Johnson

I wanted to reiterate that the UK remains implacable and rock-like in our support for

Fabian Picardo

I am sure the UK will be batting for Gibraltar. Gibraltar is not on the table as a chip. Our home would have handed over... shared... to a party who has no claim to title. We would be living... in somebody else's land. I wanted to reiterate that the UK remains implacable and rock-like in our support for

Chris Parry

If the Government wants to talk big over Gibraltar, or indeed anywhere else, they have to invest appropriately in the military capacity to back that up. We are a lot less powerful than we were during the Falklands and we are much weaker. Our capacity for actually enforcing our will in military terms is significantly less. We could cripple Spain in the medium term and I think the Americans would probably support us too. In terms of military capability, we would vastly outnumber them and our capacity to do them harm is far

Fabian Picardo

That's just a draft at the moment. Let's see what comes back on 29 April. Therein lies the rub. When we get the deal on Brexit, it must be a deal that applies across the United Kingdom in respect of future trade and if there is such a deal, it is only fair, proper and right that it should also apply to Gibraltar. The people of Gibraltar have expressed their views as to the sovereignty of Gibraltar be democratically and

Fabian Picardo

This unnecessary, unjustified and unacceptable discriminatory proposed singling out of Gibraltar and its people was the predictable machination of

Boris Johnson

The UK Government can be counted on to stick up for those interests - for instance in insurance and maritime services - which create jobs not just in Gibraltar but in the wider region of southern

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría

Whether it's asking for a bailout or fighting for Gibraltar, we fight tooth and nail. Now with Brexit, there is an opportunity for a very good start to negotiate with the United Kingdom in a reasonable and bilateral way one of the most difficult issues for

Boris Johnson

So let us go into these discussions with goodwill and optimism and get a deal that is good for the UK, good for Spain, and good for the people of

Boris Johnson

Gibraltar is not for sale. Gibraltar cannot be traded. Gibraltar will not be bargained away. The policy of the Government remains fixed and firm. The sovereignty of Gibraltar cannot be changed without the express consent of the UK and the people of Gibraltar. The status of Gibraltar has been unchanged since 1713. It made no difference when the UK joined the Common Market in 1973 and when Spain was not yet a member. It should make no difference

Fabian Picardo

This draft suggests that Spain is trying to get away with mortgaging the future relationship between the EU and Gibraltar to its usual obsession with our homeland. This is a disgraceful attempt by Spain to manipulate the European Council for its own, narrow, political interests. Brexit is already complicated enough without Spain trying to complicate it

Derek Booth

I don't think it was unexpected. It's only a draft document and if the British government are true to their word, then they will contest the

Fabian Picardo

This is a disgraceful attempt by Spain to manipulate the European Council for its own, narrow, political interests (...) a clear manifestation of the predictably predatory attitude that we anticipated Spain would seek to abusively impose on its

Iñigo Méndez de Vigo

It is what we wanted and what we have said from the beginning... The recognition by the European Union of the legal and political situation that Spain has defended fully satisfies

Timothy Boswell

In the absence of any clear commitment to defend Gibraltar's interests by the prime minister, the door has been opened for the E.U. to present it as a disputed territory, without a voice of its own in negotiations that will have profound implications for its future

Clare Moody

I was amazed that they failed to do that in the letter they sent on Wednesday. If the government has overlooked the interests of Gibraltar, which is a crucial part of the kind of constitutional arrangements of our membership of the European Union, then what else are they going to overlook?feedback

Christian Hernandez

We have to trust that the British government is going to represent the interests of its British citizens in Gibraltar. Gibraltar has always been a good friend and ally of mainland United Kingdom, and I think that the British government now needs to stand firm in the face of Spanish

Fabian Picardo

There is absolutely no chance that Gibraltar is going to be bartering its British sovereignty, in exchange for continued access to the European Single Market or any one of the other advantages we enjoy as members of the European

Andrew Rosindell

An agreement without including Gibraltar means there can be no agreement. British people must and will stand together, we cannot be bullied by Spain, any agreement must apply equally to the whole British family and that includes Gibraltar. There can be no compromise on

Antonio Jose Molina de la Torre

The truth is that there is fear. We don't know what is going to happen. No-one knows… Today you hear one thing and tomorrow there are other rumours. But let's hope that it is all settled soon so that we can continue to work as we have been

Fabian Picardo

It is unfortunate, we don't want to turn our backs on Europe, but those are the cards that we have been dealt and we have to play this hand the best as

Jesus Verdu

There are so many things at stake that are essential both for the U.K. and for the EU that the issue of Gibraltar is being diluted and pushed right to the margins, and that is obviously a source of great concern for our

Jason Smart

The issue for us is that we cannot afford to let our customers just wait and see what happens between the British government and the rest of Europe, we do not feel that is

Ron Westdorp

There obviously are a lot of exploratory talks with countries like Malta to keep, if and when needed, access to the continental European

Ransu Salovaara

By listing the ETI on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, which is an EU-regulated market, we are able to bring a high level of transparency and liquidity to

Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo

The best formula in my opinion is a transition period of shared sovereignty with two flags. Gibraltar is not something the United Kingdom has to discuss with the European Union, they have to discuss it with Spain and from that moment the treaties stop being applicable to Gibraltar, Gibraltar becomes a third

Martin McGuinness

The implications for all of us on the island of Ireland are absolutely massive. This could have very profound implications for our economy (in Northern Ireland).feedback

David Cameron

I won't go ahead with tonight's rally in

David Cameron

It is not acceptable, what's been happening to the people of Gibraltar, in terms of the delays and other things that they've faced, and I made that point clear. Of course there is a fishing dispute between Gibraltar and Spain, that needs to be settled, and we agree that should be settled, but it's not right to escalate this in the way that has been done, and I made that very clear to the Spanish Prime Minister. We agreed our foreign ministers would speak, and try to resolve these issues, but I'm very clear that Britain will always stand up for the people of

Fabian Picardo

I think the way not to deal with international disputes is to create queues at borders which affect the elderly, the infirm and the young. I think the right thing to do is to either go to the international tribunal that are established for that purpose and I challenged Spain at the UN in October to take issues with Gibraltar to an international court or enter into political

Vladimir Yakushev

The number of ships passing through Gibraltar reaches 120 per day. This fact, the intensity of traffic, presents the main difficulty for

Carmen Crespo

There is a written agreement and what the government is doing is carrying out thorough checks against smuggling and fiscal

Michele Cercone

The European Commission is calling on member states to take further measures to better address the challenges of the management of the crossing point at La Linea de la

Jean-Pierre Jouyet

It is true that immigration is an important issue for the Mediterranean, but these days the Maghreb countries are seeing African immigrants crossing their land to get to Tangier or Gibraltar..but there are other problems connected to

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