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Emmanuel Macron
I think the right debate to have is to say that it's not a good idea at EU level to put the glyphosate issue to one side for another 10
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Oct 11 2017
“Whether this is a question of negligence or intent, it is completely unacceptable.” said Franziska Achterberg speaking about Glyphosate. It’s one of the 53 quotes about Glyphosate you can find on this page. 32 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Kurt Straif, Scott Partridge and Bart Staes. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Nathan Donley

California's decision makes it the national leader in protecting people from cancer-causing

R. Brent Wisner

Clearly Monsanto's lawyers made a mistake. They didn't properly take action to preserve the confidentiality of these

R. Brent Wisner

Now the world gets to see these documents that would otherwise remain

Sam Murphey - Monsanto Company

We have never paid Dr. Miller. Our scientists have never collaborated with Dr. Miller on his submissions to The New York Times. Our scientists have on occasion collaborated with Dr. Miller on other

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

That was a collaborative effort, a function of the outrage we were hearing from many people on the attacks on glyphosate. This is not a scientific, peer-reviewed journal. It's an op-ed we collaborated with him

Mia Carbonell - Forbes

We take this matter seriously and are in the process of looking into

Ronnie Cummins

Not everyone agrees with the acceptable levels governments have set. And, anyway, would you want to be eating this stuff at all? Despite repeated calls from consumer groups to stop advertising its ice-cream as 'natural' or 'all natural,' given that it is derived from cows raised almost exclusively on (genetically modified organism) corn forage …, laced with non-organic ingredients, sprayed heavily with RoundUp and other pesticides, Ben & Jerry's continues to greenwash and

Vytenis Andriukaitis

I wanted to make clear that the Commission has no intention to reapprove this substance without the support of a qualified majority of member states. This is and will remain a shared

Scott Partridge - Monsanto

This is not the final step in the process, and it has no bearing on the merits of the case. We will continue to aggressively challenge this improper

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

Any meddling by Monsanto in regulatory safety assessments would be wholly unacceptable. We urgently need a thorough investigation into the Efsa assessment before glyphosate can be considered for re-approval in

Radley Balko

Here’s the latest roundup of the Trump administration’s record on issues related to civil liberties and the criminal justice system. As usual, if you can think of anything I’ve missed, please feel free to leave links in the comments

Bart Staes - European Parliament

It makes no sense to accept the wide range of risks associated with

Emmanuel Macron

Did you hear what the leader of the extreme right said a few weeks ago about the Vel d'Hiv roundup? The roots are well and truly alive and established. I won't forget anything and I'll fight until the very last second, not only against her programme, but against her idea of democracy and what constitutes the French Republic. My views are not the

Han Ga-ram

The problem is that the army is abusing the law to launch a systematic ferreting out of gay soldiers. This is not that different from the Nazis' roundup of homosexuals and the anti-gay crackdown in

Fiorella Belpoggi

Exposed animals had no evident differences from non-exposed animals. But this tells us very little at the moment, because the examinations of key parameters that could be affected by exposure are still being done (and) we are waiting for those results. We are focused on reproductive and developmental issues, in other words, whether glyphosate ... affects the development of embryos, fetuses and pups. This was to ensure we would have the best experts analyze each end

Kathleen Hallal

A lot of parents have been awakened to the reality of Roundup being

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

ECHA has gone to great lengths to sweep all evidence that glyphosate can cause cancer under the carpet. The data vastly exceeds what's legally necessary for the EU to ban glyphosate, but ECHA has looked the other way. For the EU to make decisions based on science, it can't distort the facts. If the EU doesn't get this right, people and the environment will continue to be the lab rats of the chemical

Tim Bowmer

Glyphosate should not be classified as a carcinogen, that is, as a substance causing cancer. This conclusion was based both on the human evidence and the weight of the evidence of all of the animal studies

Graeme Taylor

Science prevailed. Glyphosate is not carcinogenic. We expect the European commission to move swiftly with the registration process for the substance in the EU and grant a 15-year

Marion Copley

I have cancer and I don't want these serious issues in HED [health effects division] to go unaddressed before I go to my grave. I have done my

Radley Balko

Your latest roundup of stories about the Trump administration’s approach to civil liberties and criminal

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

Our evaluation was a review of all the published scientific literature on glyphosate and this was done by the world's best experts on the topic that in addition don't have any conflicts of interest that could bias their assessment, and they concluded that, yes, glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans based on three strings of evidence, that is clear evidence of cancer in experimental animals, limited evidence for cancer for humans from real-world exposures, of exposed farmers, and also strong evidence that it can damage the genes from any kind of other toxicological

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

It is an important topic that needs important scrutiny,

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

I think it's important to understand the literature that our assessment that glyphosate can cause cancer in humans still stands, and then you have to look at the other assessments for the specific scenarios, and that is not my authority to comment on these

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

Our classification of the cancer hazards of glyphosate still stand. We are the authority to classify cancer substances worldwide for the WHO, and it was then this other panel that looked at a very narrow angle of exposure from daily food, and then came up with the conclusion on how much of that may be safe or

Kurt Straif - World Health Organization

This is really an independent review of all the published literature that then leads to a classification about what we know about the substance and particularly its cancer-causing effects, but then it's up to other agencies, the WHO internationally or other national agencies to turn that into a risk assessment and decide on the different exposures in our use, for farmers, from our diet, in cosmetics, wherever the substance can end up, to come up with

Michael Rubin

It happened shortly before the rapeseed colza harvest. In our region the colza is sprayed to death. My animals were harmed because at the very moment the colza was treated with glyphosate, they were exposed to the toxic mist. They got cramps, they got diarrhoea, they died within

Ariane Failer

There is just ten meters between the property line and the enclosure for my dogs. It is unavoidable that the wind carries glyphosate to us… We cannot do anything. She had been operated on the lower milk line to remove tumours, but they came back. Two of them you can see: cancer is growing there… and there. Four tumours on the same milk

Michael Rubin

Have a look yourself: this is my hayfield, some 16 to 17 hectares. It is surrounded by cornfields treated with

Hans Von

Well, glyphosate – such as Roundup and other brands – is sold almost everywhere. You can buy it without

Hans Von

Once you start digging into this story, you'll get a kind of feeling that all this is not just about science – but about politics. So, let's have a talk with the politicians….feedback

Hans Von

Well, looks impressive… A field not sprayed with glyphosate and it's a sheer riot of

Pierre Courduroux - Monsanto Company

We encountered several headwinds in the quarter. These included the expected absence of last year's Scotts licensing agreements and the anticipated glyphosate pricing

Bart Staes - European Parliament

We are glad EU governments have represented their citizens. Forcing through the authorization would raise major democratic concerns about the EU's decision-making

Graeme Taylor

With this decision all they do is cast doubt on that system, and create fear and confusion amongst Europe's

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

Extending the glyphosate licence would be like smelling gas and refusing to evacuate to check for a leak. As long as there is no meaningful EU-wide restriction on glyphosate use, we will continue to live in a world that is awash in a weedkiller which is a likely cause of

Franziska Achterberg - Greenpeace

This is no surprise, since the commission has continued to ignore the concerns of independent scientists, [EU lawmakers] and European

Barbara Hendricks

It's proven that glyphosate has negative effects on the environment. That needs to be fully taken into account for the approval. Given that there is still uncertainty about the health risks associated with glyphosate, the SPD-led ministries will not agree to the approval of

Bart Staes - European Parliament

It is scandalous that the Commission is ramming through an EU approval for glyphosate to be used with no restrictions, despite the very serious concerns about the impact of this toxic substance on public health and the environment. Clearly banning glyphosate would be the responsible course of

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