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Chuck Schumer
I don't know if the man's deliberately lying, but it seems so. His statements are outlandish, and he seems just to want to, I don't know if I'm allowed to use this word, I think I am, suck up to Trump, flatter Trump. … This man cannot be believed. And if he used these kinds of arguments at Goldman Sachs, they would have fired
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Oct 25 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Goldman Sachs. You'll find 83 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. You can also see the other popular topics. The 3 people who have been quoted more about Goldman Sachs are: Lloyd Blankfein, Jim Cramer and Matt Taibbi. Lloyd Blankfein specifically said: “Gary [Cohn] was not the first person from Goldman Sachs to join the government, and we hope and expect that he will not be the last. We are proud of our tradition of leadership and public service and believe it is a core part of our culture. That is why we will continue to encourage our people to contribute to government service if they are fortunate enough to be asked.”.
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Steve Bannon

These guys are a collection of clowns. We're at economic war with China. One of us is going to be a hegemon in 25 or 30 years, and it's gonna be them if we go down this path. On Korea, they're just tapping us along. It's just a sideshow. The economic war with China is everything. If we continue to lose it, we're five years away, I think, 10 years at the most, of hitting an inflection point from which we'll never be able to recover. That's a fight I fight every day here. We're still fighting. There's Treasury and Gary Cohn and Goldman Sachs

Daniel Nadler

In 10 years Goldman Sachs will be significantly smaller by head count than it is

Colin P. Clarke

If an executive from Goldman Sachs or JPMorgan or Exxon Mobil gets kidnapped, it's news, but it's not the president's

Matt Taibbi

I think the ironic thing is that the only way to get the Big Bank billionaires and the Goldman Sachs-es out of government is to have somebody be elected who comes from completely outside the system, who isn't part of the two major parties. Someone just like you. Except the irony is you got elected and you brought exactly those same people into

Jonathan Freedland

The key is timing. The people may well want a rethink once the clock runs out in March 2019 – when the disaster will be clear• Jonathan Freedland is a Guardian columnist. Project fear is becoming project reality. Each day brings new evidence of the dire consequences of Brexit. Sometimes it takes the form of a big company announcing that it’s moving operations from the UK to the continent, taking hundreds or thousands of jobs with it. It could be JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs or Samsung, depending on the day of the

Rajeev Misra

Having run the operations of a market-leading global group at Goldman Sachs, Michael will also substantially benefit the development of our U.S. team and

Jim Cramer

Nine analysts asked questions about the quarter on that call, eight of them gave some form of congratulations. Only Goldman Sachs' Heather Bellini, one of my absolute favorite analysts, resisted the siren call, or it would've been a perfect game. Normally I'd like that impartial, diffident kind of question, but not this time. Come on Heather, join in on the fun and embrace Oracle like everyone else! Why? 'Cause that stock is going

Donald J. Trump

And they had to give up a lot to take these jobs. ... When you get ... the president of Goldman Sachs ... having him represent us, he went from massive paydays to peanuts. But these are people that are great, brilliant business minds, and that's what we need. We use electric, we use the wind, we use solar, we use coal, we use natural gas, we will use nuclear if the right opportunity presents itself. I don't want to just hope the wind blows to light up your homes and your factories, as the birds fall to the

Blake Ross

If you open a retirement account, and you invest some of your paycheck each month into a Vanguard Target Retirement Fund, and you just … leave it … you just leave it right there until retirement …. If you just leave it there to compound over decades … then you will probably make more money than if you hired the guy from Edward Jones, and even that Senior Executive Double-Stuff Vice Managing Director from Goldman

Aditya Chakrabortty

Unless the political class faces up to our economic failure, there will be no recovery from this crisis. Even as their world came apart, the bankers clung to denial. By August 2007, the flagship hedge fund of Wall Street’s most prestigious firm was tanking fast – and what explanation came from the man at Goldman Sachs? “We were seeing things that were 25-standard deviation moves, several days in a row.” The bank was getting hit by events that were only meant to happen once every 100,000 years – and they were happening every day of the week. Given a choice between blaming their models or reality, Goldman’s bosses held the world at

Chris Christie

Kim, we need a leader who will fight back against Goldman Sachs Democrats and I'm confident you are the person to do

Analilia Mejia

I'll admit that it's unusual that a former Goldman Sachs executive has some of the most progressive ideas in the race. But he really earned our support by having a progressive

Rich Ross - Evercore ISI

We're going to look at Goldman Sachs as a proxy to the disappointing action in banks, financials and the pullback in yields and reflation more broadly. I actually think that with the stock oversold and sitting on key support along with those 10-year yields that this is an interesting opportunity to enter the stock on the long side with a close protective stop around yesterday's lows near $210. We're a buyer of Goldman Sachs here for a trade on the 18 percent pullback into oversold conditions, with the stock sitting atop key support at that 200-day moving

Julio Borges

It is apparent Goldman Sachs decided to make a quick buck off the suffering of the Venezuelan people. Given the irregular nature of this transaction and the absurd financial terms involved that are to the detriment of Venezuela and its people, the National Assembly will soon launch an investigation into the matter. I also intend to recommend to any future democratic government of Venezuela not to recognize or pay on these

Eduardo Lugo

We express our moral outrage about the the rapacity of this transaction between Goldman Sachs and the Central Bank of Venezuela through obscure intermediaries. It has given oxygen to the Maduro regime. It has given support to repression and systematic violations of human

Julio Borges

Goldman Sachs' financial lifeline to the regime will serve to strengthen the brutal repression un-leashed against the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans peacefully protesting for political change in the country. Given the unconstitutional nature of Nicolas Maduro's administration, its unwillingness to hold democratic elections and its systematic violation of human rights, I am dismayed that Goldman Sachs decided to enter this

Dan Schwabel

Goldman Sachs just burns people out too much. So does Amazon, but it's a great brand, people touch it every day. And plus, it got too political in 2017. People are tired of

Jeffrey S. Gerson - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

I've known Anthony Scaramucci for a long time, and I know you'd a fool to bet against him. Most people would have given up on Wall Street after being fired from a firm like Goldman Sachs, but not Anthony. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps and basically said, I'll be the one who decides if I'm successful or

Elizabeth Warren

Concentrated money and concentrated power are corrupting our democracy and becoming dangerously worse with Donald Trump in the White House. The swamp is bigger, deeper, uglier and filled with more corrupt creatures than ever before in history. The CEO of Exxon-Mobil is now the secretary of state. Goldman Sachs now has enough people in the White House to open a branch office. Do you get the feeling that if Bernie Madoff weren't in prison, that he'd be in charge of the SEC right now?feedback

Robert Leitão

We'd go in with our little black-and-white documents and Goldman Sachs came in with what was the first landscape-color presentation we'd ever seen. I remember one of my colleagues saying to me as we came out of that meeting, Oh my God, the world's

Laszlo Birinyi - Birinyi Associates

McDonald's is up 20 percent. It has nothing to do with Republicans, independents, or Russians. I think what's happening is this market is doing what it's doing, and Trump has helped in some ways but not very consistently and not on an ongoing basis. You look at Goldman Sachs, it's down from $250. He's been a boost to some stocks but not necessarily the names associated with his

Sherrod Brown

He will be sitting on the sidelines of potential enforcement actions against some of the biggest Wall Street banks - Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Canada, and

Sherrod Brown

We hear of a president who talks about draining the swamp, that wants regulators and people in Washington that don't have conflicts of interest, that can look at this in a fair-minded, clear-eyed way. Instead, we see a White House that's full of Goldman Sachs ... former officials. In fact, the White House on some days looks like a retreat of Goldman Sachs

Barack Obama

If this material goes well, I'll use it at Goldman Sachs next year, . Earn me some serious

Jim Cramer

Key's nearly 5 percent rally – it's a bank stock – and the weakness in bonds caused people to circle back to the financials. It also served as a reminder, by the way, that Goldman Sachs' poor quarter was truly an outlier when compared to the regionals, the brokers, or the internationals. I say the group's not done going

Mike Mayo

Goldman Sachs is a more pure play to some of those trends, especially when it comes to higher equity markets, especially in areas like private equity and equity underwriting and areas like that. So that's an area to watch, but the first quarter often has different types of noise in

Mick Mulvaney

You've got to give these Goldman Sachs guys credit. They know how to lever

Greg Sargent

Everyone in Washington is struggling to make sense of Donald Trump’s reversals on multiple issues. The Post reports that “establishment” Republicans are relieved to see him governing more as one of them, as evidenced by his new support for NATO and the Export-Import Bank. Meanwhile, the rising influence of Goldman Sachs banker Gary Cohn inside the administration has some discerning a more “moderate” and “centrist” Trump on various issues, such as our posture on trade with China, and others seeing the emergence of a “pragmatic”

Ned Ryun

It would be a terrible signal if Trump were to either force Bannon out or let him go because he is the face of the national populism that inspired a lot of voters to vote for Trump. And what makes it even worse right now, is that people have deep concerns about liberal New York Democrats associated with Goldman Sachs coming in and making strong moves at the White House. Kushner is family. He's not going anywhere. Bannon should not go anywhere either because of what he represents to the

Alec Baldwin

As president, I promise I'm going to do everything I can to make sure you people work in coal for the rest of your lives, and your kids will work in coal, and your grandkids. It's going to be incredible. In Trump's America, men work in two places – coal mines and Goldman

Dennis Kelleher

It is a brilliant strategy if what Gary Cohn wants is to kill Goldman Sachs' toughest

Barney Frank

It's one that says, Please don't lend money to poor people, you can't lend money to poor people who can't pay you back for their mortgages. Literally, that restriction on irresponsible subprime mortgages is the only lending restriction. Goldman Sachs, which is helping to populate this administration … because they are making less money from trading than they had been before … has created a whole new entity to

Lloyd Blankfein

Gary [Cohn] was not the first person from Goldman Sachs to join the government, and we hope and expect that he will not be the last. We are proud of our tradition of leadership and public service and believe it is a core part of our culture. That is why we will continue to encourage our people to contribute to government service if they are fortunate enough to be

Lloyd Blankfein

We have been criticized for the fact that some of our colleagues, after long careers at the firm, have moved to work in the public sector. The charge is that Goldman Sachs is able to extract certain advantages that others cannot. In fact, the opposite is true. Those in government bend over backward to avoid any perception of

Scott Redler

This is a tough spot. Last week was a great setup. Now it's harder to sink your teeth into longs. You have big names like Apple helping fuel breakouts. … You have stocks like Goldman Sachs going to all-time high and stocks like Bank of America at multiyear highs. But traders don't want to feel like they're chasing price up here. … Even if you think it's going to go higher, it's hard to think about initiating new longs. Individual names still have room to go. It's harder to be in the

Robert Menendez

From his days at Goldman Sachs on the front lines of developing the very products that brought our economy to its knees, to his reign as Chairman of OneWest Bank foreclosing on tens of thousands of homeowners throughout the country, Mr Mnuchin has exploited this nation's financial turmoil to pad his own bank account at the expense of hardworking American

Lloyd Blankfein

It's an imprimatur on our firm that we have such good people that the administration wants to hire them. But the perception that they'll go to Washington and then favor us is false. The reverse is true. They'll bend over backwards to avoid that. They're not going to serve the interests of Goldman Sachs. They have their own careers and reputations to worry

Renata Pumarol

Trump is making it easier for these bankers, for Goldman Sachs, for Chase, to keep robbing ... America. We think this is outrageous that he's ... giving (JPMorgan Chase CEO) Jamie Dimon the power to roll back Dodd-Frank, which was basically set in place to protect

Harry Waisbren

Trump has just taken the [Goldman Sachs] executives, brought them into the White House, and it's absolutely disgusting, especially considering how he won the Republican primary as well as the general election chastising the other candidates for their fealty to Wall Street. The idea of Occupy Wall Street, that we need a government that works for all of us, not just the 1 percent, lives on. It was totally visible and strengthened throughout Bernie Sanders'

Barney Frank

It's one that says 'Please don't lend money to poor people, you can't lend money to poor people who can't pay you back for their mortgages'. Literally that restriction on irresponsible subprime mortgages is the only lending restriction. Goldman Sachs – which is helping to populate this administration – because they are making less money from trading than they had been before has created a whole new entity to

Elizabeth Warren

Donald Trump talked a big game about Wall Street during his campaign – but as president, we're finding out whose side he's really on. Today, after literally standing alongside big bank and hedge fund CEOs, he announced two orders – one that will make it easier for investment advisors to cheat you out of your retirement savings, and another that will put two former Goldman Sachs executives in charge of gutting the rules that protect you from financial fraud and another economic

Steve Sisolak

The Raiders are putting a lot of hopes in the Goldman Sachs commitments, but I don't know the extent of their commitments, and I certainly do not share that same level of

Maria Cantwell

As we saw during the financial crisis, when nonbanking affiliates of FDIC insured banks failed, they were rescued by their insured affiliates, which in turn were forced to be rescued by taxpayers. This was the case with State Street Bank, and your former employer, Goldman Sachs, which converted to a bank holding company in order to be eligible for federal bailout

Jim Cramer

Because interest rates are down big today. So, that's going to put pressure on the banks. If we're trying to get to Dow 20,000, you may see on the tape in the bottom a lot of good things, but you lose Procter, you close Coca-Cola and you lose Goldman Sachs and you lose JPMorgan, you're not going to get where you need to

Lloyd Blankfein

These five leaders have distinguished themselves in their respective areas of expertise, and I look forward to working with them in formulating and executing our global strategy. They have consistently demonstrated their unwavering commitment to Goldman Sachs, our clients and our

Matt O'Connor - Deutsche Bank

Goldman Sachs seems well positioned for a stronger macro environment given revenue upside, good cost control and a valuation below peers (despite similar/higher current and expected returns). A stronger economy should benefit many capital market businesses - including advisory, equity capital markets, and both fixed and equity trading (all areas of strength at GS).feedback

Maxine Waters

Donald Trump ran a campaign on anti-Wall Street rhetoric, but appointing a former hedge fund manager, Goldman Sachs executive, and bank CEO as Treasury Secretary shows his true colors. Mr. Mnuchin is a Wall Street insider with ties to big banks that have a troubling past of putting profits ahead of consumers and

Michael Sherwood

I've been a Goldman Sachs addict and it's very hard to come off an

Lloyd Blankfein

Over the course of his career, Michael has played a vital role in establishing and growing our franchise in Europe and around the world. His expertise and knowledge across a range of markets, as well as his passion and commitment to our culture, have influenced a generation of professionals at Goldman

Matt Taibbi

The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it's everywhere. The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In fact, the history of the recent financial crisis, which doubles as a history of the rapid decline and fall of the suddenly swindled dry American empire, reads like a Who's Who of Goldman Sachs

Kellyanne Conway

It was a very small core senior team, probably less than ten people all told. I'm sure that everyone will be very important to the president moving forward. I will say this though. I think having worked with him and known him, Steve Bannon, in this particular campaign, was the general. And he is much more the Goldman Sachs managing partner and the naval officer than people

Steve Hussey - AllianceBernstein

I wouldn't exclude European banks trying to do this, given that the last year can be inefficient from a TLAC perspective, though it's still funding. However, they will only do it if it's not more expensive. I would argue Goldman Sachs has shown that there isn't much of a premium versus a

Simon Taylor

The European banks are cost-focused, whereas U.S. banks like Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are likely trying to generate revenue, because they're in different market conditions. Reading between the lines, that says: 'we want to profit from this, we want to build the thing,'.feedback

Charley Cooper

There are some banks – Goldman Sachs being the epitome of this – that ... recognize the future of banking as being more and more a question of

Chris Weston

U.S. markets have provided Asia with a healthy platform from which to progress. We've also seen a slew of earnings reports (including Goldman Sachs) and once again whether one is looking at the underlying earnings or the sales lines, companies are beating the analysts'

Devin Ryan - JMP Securities

I think it was a good quarter for JPMorgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. But, if you really dig in, the real gains were in fixed income sales and trading. That tends to be a stronger percentage of gains for Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley than other banks. I think that's why you're seeing those two

Vivien Rose

I find that the LIA has greatly exaggerated the extent to which senior and junior personnel were naïve and unworldly about the nature of the dynamics of their relationship with Goldman

Gianni Pittella

Barroso has already undermined the image and the credibility of the commission by announcing that he will work for Goldman Sachs, the bank which helped Greece to conceal its public

Jacob Weinig

I don't think that the Occupy movement itself, people sitting in the streets and parks downtown or outside of [Goldman Sachs CEO] Lloyd Blankfein's apartment is the reason we've rallied 75 percent in the last five years. What it did highlight was the difference between Wall Street and Main Street, and you can correlate that a little bit to the performance of the U.S. economy versus the performance of U.S.

Jean-Claude Juncker - European Commission

Personally I do not have a problem with him working for a private bank – but maybe not this bank. Goldman Sachs was one of the organizations that knowingly or unknowingly contributed to the enormous financial crisis between 2007 and

Bernie Sanders

Now, she's a very good speaker, I admit that. But to to get 225,000 dollars for a speech to Goldman Sachs, you've got to be really good. I don't know that she's that

Jim Cramer

Right now I think that Citigroup is the buy given how far it has come out, but I simply don't believe that Goldman Sachs is bad, either. It's just that it's not quite good

Michael Sherwood

Jose Manuel brings immense insights and experience to Goldman Sachs, including a deep understanding of

Lloyd Blankfein

We respect the decision of the British electorate and have been focused on planning for either referendum outcome for many months. Goldman Sachs has a long history of adapting to change, and we will work with relevant authorities as the terms of the exit become clear. Our primary focus, as always, remains serving our clients'

Edith Cooper

We want to hire not just the economics or business undergraduate but there is that pure liberal arts or history major that could be the next Lloyd

Todd Boehly

Recently, Eldridge received unsolicited interest in one of its media assets. This led us to hire Moelis & Co (MC.N) and Goldman Sachs Group Inc (GS.N) to conduct a strategic review of Eldridge's media

Justin Fuller - Fitch Ratings

I don't think you're going to see Goldman Sachs buying branches all over the country. I'm fairly certain you won'

Daniel Nadler

Anyone whose job is moving data from one spreadsheet to another ..., that's what is going to get automated. Goldman Sachs will be in here in 10 years, JPMorgan will be here. They're just going to be much more efficient in terms of operating leverage and

Barack Obama

It's an honor to be at my last, and perhaps the last correspondents' dinner. You all look great; the end of the Republic has never looked better. It's my eighth and final appearance at this unique event. I am excited. If this material works well, I'm going to use it at Goldman Sachs next year. Earn me some serious

Bernie Sanders

Let me give you an idea of how corrupt this system is. The leader of Goldman Sachs is a billionaire who comes to Congress and tells us we should cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Secretary Clinton, and you're not the only one, I don't mean to just point the finger at you, you've received over $600, 000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one

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