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William Spindler - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
There have been three main routes into Europe for many years, for decades: the central Mediterranean one, the eastern one from Turkey to Greece, and there has always been Spain. What is true is that when efforts are made to clamp down on one route, another tends to open up. We don't have any hard evidence. We could see an increase in the next few
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Aug 18 2017
Greece has been commented on by 613 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Greece are: Alexis Tsipras, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Pierre Moscovici and Wolfgang Schäuble. For instance, the most recent quote from Alexis Tsipras is: “We can now say with certainty that the economy is on the up. The worst is clearly behind us. If you go out into the street and ask about this government, many might say 'liars,' but nobody will say we are corrupt or dishonorable or have had our hand in the honey pot.”.
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Kendall Jenner

I found some amazing pieces while there. ChrisP sells beautiful lightweight clothes. I actually bought a lot of stuff there and wore it a ton, since it breathed so

Kendall Jenner

All the food on the island is so amazing and fresh. Katrin is the cutest spot serving authentic Greek food and yummy

Kendall Jenner

It's such a party–the beach is always packed, people are swimming and music is blasting. I even ran into the ocean in all my

Wolfgang Schäuble

Athens must finally implement the needed reforms. If Greece wants to stay in the euro, there is no way around it – in fact completely regardless of the debt

Joel Millman - International Organization for Migration

We assume that some of the change is due to the fact that the route [to Spain] is considered a safe route up to the coast through Morocco. It's possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year. If so, that's a big

Becca Stevens

They talked about the day they decided to leave. They could tell that story, heading out, and they did talk about how those life vests were a symbol of oppression in many ways. It wasn't a symbol of freedom. One of the women talked about the very first time she went and made it through to Turkey to get to Greece. They charged her 180 euros for the first life vest, and then the boat didn't even make it. She had to buy another vest and another vest. It was on the fourth time that she finally got

Penny Lawrence - Oxfam GB

Outsourcing the policing of our borders to Libya isn't the

Flavio Di Giacomo

Back in January, when we had a surge of arrivals, the migrants said that was because the smugglers told them that the Libyan coast guard would soon start stopping boats. So they are very well

Flavio Di Giacomo

They are prisons. Conditions are unacceptable and the situation must

Alistair Darling

If the plan hadn't worked, I honestly don't know where you'd have gone next, because the IMF even wasn't big enough to help out. I think the reason it worked was we did far more than people expected and we did it far more quickly than people expected - you can contrast that with what's been going on with Greece over the last few

Chelsea Hudson

American travelers are accustomed to air-conditioning in the warmer months. I recently traveled to Athens, Greece, and I expected the weather to be warm. On our first couple of days there, the temperature reached 107 degrees. Even the Acropolis was closed due to the heat

Benjamin Clement

Here we have found objects normally found in Italy and Greece and also related to the oriental world. And that is exceptional. To find pieces more oriented towards the Mediterranean world than the Celtic world found more often in the region of

Rebecca Morris

There was no food or refreshments and there was no representative from

Chryssa Christodoulaki

At first it was a fairly good pension at €1,750 a month. Then it was cut to €1,430 a month and now its €960 a month. Anestis has suffered, too. All his life he worked in a private company only to see his own pension cut

Chryssa Christodoulaki

Greeks can't see any light at the end of any tunnel. They won't believe anything at this point until they see it for real in front of their

Kyriakos Pierrakakis

It is very difficult to see the country being able to make a clean exit [from international stewardship] and raise the sort of money it needs to refinance its debt. It will almost certainly need a new financial credit line, a bailout light, and that will come with new

Marilena Christodoulou

Needs have grown exponentially. The crisis has gone on for so long that those who could once help are also suffering. We have 367 seriously deprived people on our books and the number is rising

Dimitris Avramopoulos

Looking at the results achieved so far, one thing is very clear: relocation works if the political will is there. What we need now is a final push to achieve our common goal of relocating the vast majority of the asylum seekers present and eligible in Greece and Italy by

Giorgos Kyritsis

Life on the island is returning to normal. The infrastructure problems are being

Claus Vistesen - Pantheon Macroeconomics

The Greek return to the market is a big step for the economy and the Eurozone too, but it is also largely staged. Greece is still under strict administration by the EU and IMF, so it is not that they can just issue as much as they

Yanis Varoufakis

Why do I refuse to be impressed by the news of Greece's return to the markets? It is because the Greek state and the Greek banks remain deeply insolvent. And, their return to the money markets is a harbinger of the next terrible phase of Greece's crisis, rather than a cause for

Claus Vistesen - Pantheon Macroeconomics

Then there is the question of QE. The sale means that they are one step closer to being included in the ECB's program, but the ECB is also one step closer to winding QE down. In that respect, the timing is anything but

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

Confidence in Greece is really coming back, but we need to continue the good work. We need to be on the bicycle, and to keep on pedalling. That's the case for Europe, as a whole. If you don't go that way, that bicycle falls. The (debt relief) measures must be implemented at the end of the bailout programme, but the decisions can be taken before that. We must continue to work hard towards completing the

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

To legislate a reform is positive but to implement it is more significant. Returning to the markets is an important first step. It is also a signal to markets that Greece is showing results as far as its commitments are concerned and the reforms which have been decided and is back onto a path of

Benjamin Schroeder

Sentiment is still very positive after the ECB sounded dovish at last week's meeting. It doesn't look like there is an urgent need to tweak

Peter Chatwell

It is normal that you would see the bond that Greece is looking to buy trading firmly in secondary markets. If Greece wants to encourage investors to sell out of the old five-year and buy into the new five-year then it will have to come at a competitive

Anne Applebaum

If an illiberal government - democratically elected, but determined to change the rules - tries to do something unconstitutional, what can the public do? What can the political opposition do? This is a dilemma we now know from several countries - Russia, Venezuela, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, and possibly soon Greece. The prospects are pretty gloomy, as I’ve argued before, for those who want to stay within the bounds of the

Alexis Tsipras

We can now say with certainty that the economy is on the up. The worst is clearly behind us. If you go out into the street and ask about this government, many might say 'liars,' but nobody will say we are corrupt or dishonorable or have had our hand in the honey

Dimitri Papadimitriou

There's an opportunity for Greece to become a normal

Pierre Moscovici - European Union

Greece was caught up in an incredible economic and financial storm. Today, things are much, much better. We had to create the conditions for [investor] confidence, which was done. Was it too tough? Probably. Was it also necessary?

Alexis Tsipras

Varoufakis … was the right choice for an initial strategy of 'collision politics', but he dismisses the plan he presented had Greece been forced to make the dramatic move to a new currency as 'so vague, it wasn't worth talking

Alexis Tsipras

We can now say with certainty that the economy is on the up … Slowly, slowly, what nobody believed could happen, will happen. We will extract the country from the crisis … and in the end that will be judged. When I came into this office, I had no experience, or sense, of how big the day-to-day difficulties would be. I think, now, I have a very different picture from the one I had

Alexis Tsipras

Our first priority is to regain our [economic]

Alexis Tsipras

All this time we have been in continual negotiation and continual quest for compromise between our programme and the memorandum [of bailout conditions]. The big breakthrough will come in August 2018, when, after eight years, we'll emerge from the programme and international oversight. In the negative climate that prevails today, it is something the average Greek still doesn't quite

Alexis Tsipras

Leave Europe and go where … to another galaxy? Greece is an integral part of Europe. Without it, what would Europe look like? It would lose an important part of its history and its

Alexis Tsipras

You hold your nose, you take it … You know that there is no other way … because you have tried everything else to survive, to stay

Alexis Tsipras

I think he was his alter ego. He loved him. He respected him a great deal and he still respects

Gyorgy Kovacs

What we have seen is that, compared to the first quarter, there has been a positive turn in the economy. If we add on top of that the closure of the review, hopefully it will bring improved confidence into Greece. Hopefully it will allow the end of capital controls, or the easing of those. The tourism season is looking at good indications, so yes I think it is going to

Gyorgy Kovacs

The more significant fiscal consolidation is to a certain extent behind us, which suggests we should see some economic recovery this

Giorgos Kyritsis

There are not many old buildings left on Kos. Nearly all the structures on the island have been built under the new codes to withstand earthquakes,'' he

Giorgos Kyritsis

Are touring the island with their tour guides. We don't have a big problem. The ferry connection has been restored with the port of Kefalos and we are waiting as soon as possible to repair the damage at the (main)

Constantina Svynou

There is no problem at the hotels, the tourists have dealt calmly with

David Yerasklis

Given the amount of people outside at the time, having only two victims is a

Adam Szymczyk

He walked on foot across Turkey and then ended up for a time being in the town of Patras (Greece) where he lived in these ceramic pipes that are used for

James Athey - Aberdeen Asset Management

Until the Greek economy has got a business model which works and it's productive and it's creating stable, secure growth that it's not reliant on debt relief, external support and constantly bailouts from the Europeans, then it's difficult to believe that the path is towards something more healthy rather than something less

James Athey - Aberdeen Asset Management

I don't know. I guess from a Greek perspective it seems to be a window of opportunity, we've seen Greek yields have fallen fairly consistently throughout the year…the fact that Greece might come to market at what optically looks like an attractive yield for a Greek issuer must be tempting to them, especially considering that we are expecting QE (quantitative easing) program to ultimately come to a conclusion over the next 6 to 12 months, they certainly would not want to wait until

Michael Bapis

Greece should have gained market access and be able to finance itself before its current bailout ends to avoid another loan agreement, they do not want to go too early but when they do go they want to ensure that the markets know that this is a strategic move. Although the economy is improving, more than a third of Greeks are estimated to be at risk of

Kristian Stevens

Some have been seen with blankets and pillows not sure if it is safe to return

Kristian Stevens

It was quite surreal as I had just laid down in bed and the whole building shook. The whole building shook like a jelly. Many of the locals rushed out into the streets still in

Linda Lundgren

I saw every bartender jumping over the bar. I was like getting the roof out of my head because it was falling and then we came out and I was like trying to find my staff and everything just turned

Linda Lundgren

It was shaking a bit, and I was like 'OK.' Then everything. I saw the bar just floating around and drinks flying all over the place. I saw people freezing and then running out,

Naomi Ruddock

The restaurant manager just said that he's never seen anything like this ever happen ever around this area or ever in Greece. He said it was like something out of a film, and it

Sophie Wild

We were asleep and were awoken by what sounded like banging on our door, it got louder and louder and the building started shaking. We jumped up ran to the balcony to see what it was (my first thought when we heard the banging was that we were being attacked). When we realised it was an earthquake, we got an immediate sense to get out, we thought the building was going to crumble around us. We ran down our stairs (were on third floor).feedback

Naomi Ruddock

We were asleep and we just felt the room shaking. The room moved. Literally everything was moving. And it kind of felt like you were on a boat and it was swaying really fast from side to side, you felt

Sophie Wild

People were running out of rooms, banging on people's doors to make sure they were out. Everyone just ran outside and waited for a couple of hours - it's only now that people are starting to go back to their rooms. There are a few cracks in the walls but otherwise staff says it's

Daniel Markham

Earthquake Rhodes felt it here too. Pretty strong. Looked out the window to see the waves in the

Efthymios Lekkas

For the strength of this earthquake, followed by so many aftershocks, the damage was actually quite limited. Most people have been cleared to return

Nikos Papageorgiou

The growth of tourism with 30 million tourists that we are told is supposed to benefit not only the employers but us and the country, is a big lie. We work very hard and they give us nothing. Our average salary is just 420 euros all over the country and they tell us that with these salaries we will have better

Lily Caprani

It's unacceptable that we have seen no children brought under the Dubs scheme this year. As a nation we showed our compassion, and our principles when we helped refugee children stranded in Calais but we were told this was not the end of the story. We are seeing too many children still having to make dangerous journeys to reach safety. It's time for a sustainable solution. The government must change the UK family reunion rules so that children do not have to attempt to reach Europe to be reunited with loved ones. This simple move would save

Jan Randolph - IHS

There are basically two reasons for this. Greece has been performing better than to plan, with the fiscal adjustment stronger than expected … This together with some resumption of modest growth is expected to turn debt dynamics positive; with many rating agencies (including IHS Markit) moving Greece's sovereign ratings slowly away from a possible default

Jan Randolph - IHS

Secondly, Greece has secured another bailout program extension in June, with IMF involvement despite difference with other euro zone partners on the nature and degree of debt

Daniel Gros - Centre for European Policy Studies

Going back to the markets early is a big mistake. Greece will have to pay a risk premium of several hundreds of basis points for medium term funding. All the private funding that Greece might find now will mature well before the European

Kathrin Muehlbronner - Moody's

The recent upgrade and positive outlook on Greece's sovereign rating reflect our view that the prospects for a successful conclusion of Greece's third adjustment program have

Tim Farron

I have visited the camps in Greece and elsewhere – something neither the home secretary nor the prime minister have done. I have met these children who, through no fault of their own, find their lives paused as ministers have chosen to ignore them. Has the UK government even signed a memorandum of understanding with Greece to get these transfers under way? I know of two young people who signed a consent form to be transferred under Dubs over a year ago. They are still stuck in

Lauren Graham

I always said, while we were doing it, that I couldn't see more episodes in that form. Five years from now do you have A Very Gilmore Christmas? Maybe, but there's no reason anymore except enjoyment. And, actually, I think there's far more risk to continue – you run the risk of disappointing

Jan Randolph - IHS

There are basically two reasons for this. Secondly, Greece has secured another bailout program extension in June, with IMF involvement despite difference with other euro zone partners on the nature and degree of debt

Aditya Chakrabortty

A brave group have become an example for Britain, and all of Europe, in taking back workplace control• Aditya Chakrabortty is a Guardian columnist. You could call the men and women at Viome factory workers, but that wouldn’t be the half of it. Try instead: some of the bravest people I’ve ever met. Or: organisers of one of the most startling social experiments in contemporary Europe. And: a daily lesson from Greece to Brexit Britain, both in how we work and how we do

Bill Blain - Mint Partners

Investment Bankers are swarming all over Athens, trying to persuade the Greek Treasury to award them the mandate for Greece's return to the bond market…We're expecting a 5-year deal with a coupon around 4.5 percent next week – after the Bastille (the French bank holiday) slowdown. No matter what you think or I say about Greece, I confidently expect the new deal will be a massive blowout success. Forget whatever tattle you've heard about domestic government instability, or bail-out number 4 in the wings, the new deal will have that great big tasty 4 handle plus coupon you just can't

Daniel Gros - Centre for European Policy Studies

Going back to the markets early is a big mistake. Greece will have to pay a risk premium of several hundreds of basis points for medium term funding. All the private funding that Greece might find now will mature well before the European loans. Coming back to the market is important, but I would say it is an important error. There is always a risk that things do not work out as planned and that a fourth bail-out will be

Theodore Chronopoulos

They kicked and punched him to his body and his head. His death came from hits in his

Astrid Von Ehren

He had this gorgeous smile that was contagious. He was very polite and when he would meet you he would shake your hand. You don't find kids like that anymore. He was not that type of guy he was a

Megan McKay

He has always been super genuine and heartfelt. He was caring. He had a huge group of friends behind him. Any one of them would consider him a best

Astrid Von Ehren

He left for Greece on Sunday or Monday and he was killed on Friday. He was supposed to come back on Sunday. It was a quick trip. I saw him the weekend before. He was playing basketball outside like he always

Megan McKay

He is not a confrontational guy. He is the most patient calm, almost shy guy you would ever meet. He has a loving personality. I have known him since we were babies. He is not a

Kirby Smart

The biggest thing is recruiting and development. A lot of people say it's one or the other. Do you recruit great players or do you develop great players? When you do both, that's when you got something special. And I think every team in this conference is trying to play catch-up in regards to that. I think each one's getting closer, and we'd like to see that gap closed through recruiting. But you can only do that through hard work and grinding, and that's what we continue to do in

Perry Wasserman

That same day when the video was going around she went to the office in the morning and said she had to resign. She appeared upset and crying and said something about having to visit her grandmother who was dying in

Jan Richardson

All we know is that he was murdered. He was killed in Greece. We are focusing on getting him home

George Stathakis

We anticipate that the price will be the same or even bigger (compared with the previous tender).feedback

John Gramlich

He's the kind of guy who literally makes friends anywhere he goes. It's not in his character at all to be aggressive or instigate anything. He's always the guy who is calming people down,

Robert C. Robbins

I know I speak for the university community as I express deepest condolences to Bakari's family and

Cas Mudde

Recent victories for European centrists offer a chance to reflect on the phenomenon of populism – and draw some crucial lessons for the future• Cas Mudde is a US academic and writer. The electoral victories of Emmanuel Macron in France and Mark Rutte in the Netherlands have significantly changed the discourse on European politics. The international media has gone from “populism is unbeatable” to “populism is dead”. Obviously, neither is or was true. In fact, populist parties are still doing better in elections, on average, than ever before during the postwar era. Various European countries have populists in their government – including Finland, Greece, Hungary, Norway, and Slovakia – while the most powerful country in the world is at the mercy of a billionaire president who has wholeheartedly embraced the populism of some of his main advisers, notably Steve Bannon and Stephen

António Guterres - United Nations

I am deeply sorry to inform you that despite the very strong commitment and engagement of all the delegations of the different parties, the Greek Cypriot, the Turkish Cypriot delegation, Greece, Turkey, the UK and the EU as an observer and of course the UN team, the Conference on Cyprus was closed without an agreement being reached. Unfortunately, as I said, an agreement wasn't possible and the conference was closed without the possibility to bring a solution to this dramatically long lasting problem. His "enormous appreciation to the UN team and my advisor Espen Barth

Lila Tsitsogiannopoulou

Our aim is to have the financial closing of the transaction (for Hellenikon) in December

Theresa May

This is not a theoretical issue. Let us look at those countries that failed to deal with it. In Greece, where they have not dealt with the deficit ... What did we see with that failure to deal with the deficit? Spending on the health service cut by 36%. That does not help nurses or patients. The difference is, I know we have to pay for

Frans Timmermans - European Commission

When we drafted the Dublin regulation, we never envisaged this sort of specific situation as we have now been facing for the last two or three years in Greece and Italy. But there is also concern in Europe that many people who do not the status of refugees or aren't refugees are using the opportunity to come here for economic reasons and that is not what the refugee status is all

Rachel Shabi

Labour’s manifesto energised people across the country at the general election – we need to approach ‘Lexit’ along similarly bold lines• Rachel Shabi is a freelance journalist. Does anyone remember Lexit? Back in those oblivious days before the referendum vote to leave the EU, it was the leftwing case for Brexit. The position cohered around the idea that the EU is anti-democratic – witness the way it dealt with the elected leftwing government in Greece – and an enforcer of devastating unfettered free-market economics and austerity programmes (again: see Greece).feedback

Filip Gjoka

There are a lot of herbs in Greece, where they are not collected due to labor force shortages or lack of interest. We here collect those herbs, and these people take the risks to support their families. They can bear a few months of jail since there are no other

Christos Toskos

There is very large destruction in areas covering thousands of acres. It covers about 3 square kilometers (740 acres). In past years, the mountain tea grew there like a sea. The plants formed waves. I went this year and was shocked, it's all been

Eleni Maloupa

The increased arrests may perhaps discourage (illegal harvesters) but I believe we should use all available means, such as drones or cameras, to control the border and illegal plant

Panagiotis Ntziovaras

They illegally enter Greece and quickly gather the plants to avoid being

Andreas Markatos

They'll have to clean it all up in a few days either

Andreas Markatos

It's outrageous how they think they can hold us hostage like this. It's the government's fault too, they should have solved this problem years ago, but the unionists make me sick,'' he

Maria Saranti

It's an absolute nightmare, like we don't have enough problems. God knows what's under all that, mice, snakes, it doesn't bear thinking

George Chouliarakis

A lot more needs to be done there, especially improving the business more assertive in advancing for direct investments, in accelerating the base of the privatization

Panos Skourletis

The sanitation sector should finally get sorted. There should be permanent jobs in this sector, jobs that will answer the actual needs of local government. We will define the number of posts by working together with the

Hubert Faustmann

It will all depend on the security chapter ... If they agree it will be a success, a breakthrough. If it doesn't it will be a

Victor Davis Hanson

America is no more immune from collapse than were some of history's most stable and impressive consensual governments. Fifth-century Athens, Republican Rome, Renaissance Florence and Venice, and many of the elected governments of early 20th-century Western European states eventually destroyed themselves, went bankrupt, or were overrun by

Alexis Tsipras

I expect that in the coming period the downward path of [government bond] yields will continue so that very soon we will have the ability to make our first test-exit to the markets on good

Conan O'Brien

Of course there are many parents here, and I have real advice for them as well. Parents, you should write this down. If your child majored in fine arts or philosophy, you have good reason to be worried. The only place where they are now really qualified to get a job is ancient Greece. Good luck with that

Christos Stergiou

You save a lot of money and also get a more genuine sense of the country because you're surrounded mostly by

Christos Stergiou

You'll get the customization that's a trademark of luxury vacations, and your money will be well spent. You'll avoid the crowds, and your money will go much further when you take a shoulder season

Christos Stergiou

Compared to many other European countries popular with travelers, Greece is affordable, and it's possible to have a very upscale vacation here without blowing the

Maja Kocijancic - European Commission

The global human rights agenda is best served when the E.U. speaks with one

Benjamin Netanyahu

It's something we're very excited about. Of course the idea of the East Med pipeline would be a revolution. We've had preliminary studies of it. It seems promising and we're going to look further. And when you look at our region ... that's not a common

Joaquim Batica

I think that as a 24-year-old player who has played in the Champions League, played a quarter-final of the World Cup, took part in championships in Spain, France, England, Greece, Portugal, he has a very important

Helmut Kohl

There must be no question for us that we in the European Union and the eurozone stand by Greece in solidarity. I ask myself where Germany stands today and where it wants to

Alexis Tsipras

It was a decisive step, for the country exiting from this crisis. It was a clear step of confidence for the

Goldie Hawn

I don't eat a lot. I think we overeat. [And] I drink my green juice every day! I do a lot of juicing, I don't put a lot of food in my stomach and I don't mix my foods too much. So if I want to have like protein I'll just eat a bowl of lentils, I won't mix it with a bunch of

Goldie Hawn

I try to stay positive and be very, very active. I walk every day and I run and do all kinds of that. If I don't have an hour, I'll do 15 minute intervals. Actually, it's a very good thing to do. If you're taxing yourself too much in an hour, you're taxing a lot of

Luis de Guindos

If one sees that the Greek government is adopting all the necessary measures so that the process ends with an acquittal, it's clear that the loan will be

Mario Centeno

It was possible for Portugal to leave the excessive deficit procedure with a different policy, a policy that has denigrated for many months, both towards the Government and also damaging the image of

Alexis Tsipras

We agreed to expedite our joint actions concerning our agreement on the construction of a large project which will offer new prospects of economic cooperation in the eastern

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

I am pleased to announce we have achieved an agreement on all elements. I think this is a major step forward. This is a second-best

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

I think there is a very strong focus on growth and that's a strong change of attitude and tone. I hope that the discussion over specific debt relief measures can soon be brought to

Christoph Rieger - Commerzbank

If the ECB started buying GGBs (Greek government bonds), this would fuel another tightening leg in the bond market. But as this process will likely drag into the ECB's tapering phase, I'm sceptical whether they will be buying GGBs at all while QE is still

Fabio Balboni - HSBC

This is a major step forward, in our view, coming after many months of uncertainty. The deal should pave the way for the ECB to include Greece in its QE (quantitative easing) programme, which in turn should unlock access to markets for Greece, putting the country on the right track towards exiting the bailout programme next

Benjamin Netanyahu

I thought that it had to change because there's a simple fact about Cyprus, Greece and Israel that brings us very close together: We're all democracies, real democracies. And when you look in the present in our region, especially looking eastward and some other directions as well, that's not a very common

Lucas Papademos

The course ahead will not be easy. But the problems, I'm convinced, will be solved. They will be solved faster, with a smaller cost and in an efficient way, if there is unity, agreement and

Nikos Marantzidis

Such a level of verbal violence has not been seen since the restoration of democracy. Never were such extreme things said in Parliament or from official lips as in this

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Forecasts are for May price increases to have fallen back negative (-0.1pc vs April 0.4pc), while the annual pace for both headline (1.4pc vs 1.pc prev) and core (0.9pc vs 1.2pc prev) are confirmed sharply slower, highlighting the ECB's woes in regaining its 2pc regional inflation

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

For us to engage and for us to participate financially, more needs to be clarified, defined and approved in terms of restructuring. What we believe will be needed is a deferral of interests, an extension of maturity, and a mechanism by which there is an adjustment based on growth ... this is where further discussion and negotiation is needed. I've always said that the (bailout) program walks on two legs: the leg of policies and the leg of debt

Christine Lagarde - International Monetary Fund

Progress has been made today, no question about it but more is needed. It (Athens) will actually produce a primary surplus and it should be, in terms of liquidity and stability, in a fairly solid situation to develop its economy to cultivate growth, generate investment , and proceed with the privatization that they have agreed to

Prokopis Pavlopoulos

Greece has fulfilled its commitments and adopted the required reforms. Now it is time for the Europeans to comply with their commitments on debt relief. Anything else would not be worthy of a great European politician. It is important for us that our creditors secure the viability of the debt. Otherwise the ECB cannot buy Greek state

Wolfgang Schäuble

There is an increasing number of voices from Greece calling for an adherence to the agreements. Germany has never failed in that respect. So if the Greeks now also honour the agreements we will be saving a lot of time in the

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Preparing Greece for an exit of the programme, that's the kind of discussion that from now on we are going to have, which is very different from the long period that is behind us. It's a new phase, it's going towards the end of the programme and we need to help and support Greece in making that exit successfully next

Benjamin Netanyahu

The (meetings) will focus on innovation, and will deal with energy, security, strategic and financial cooperation and

Jeroen Dijsselbloem

Today we will give more clarity to Greece and to the IMF (on) how we will move forward, how we will calibrate debt relief needed next year. There won't be a figure that rolls out... the figure will only come at the end of the