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Christine Shearer
Record amounts of coal-fired capacity were retired in the past two years. And the growing number of phase-out policies means the trend will accelerate. Improving competitiveness of clean energy, poor economics of coal, air pollution problems and efforts to tackle climate change have all played a key role in accelerating the demise of
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Oct 20 2017
Ansgar Kiene, Gary Cook and Lauri Myllyvirta, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Greenpeace. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 156 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 202 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Ansgar Kiene is: “The contradiction is the sunniest regions in Europe have the lowest installed capacities for solar power. It's not logical. We think there are interest groups that are hindering the flourishing and utilising of the solar potential. If we see Europe as a whole there's a huge over-capacity of electricity production and that means every kilowatt hour of electricity produced by solar or other renewables will displace coal and nuclear and lead to closures of power plants and you can understand the current utilities are fighting to avoid it.”.
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Nick Molden

The results show further improvements may be required for both the testing regime and for diesels to manage challenges like London's rush hour. Other Emissions Analytics testing shows diesels can be cleaner in normal urban and motorway driving. However, the pace of change, or lack of, continues to threaten the future of

Paul Morozzo - Greenpeace

The RDE tests should leave the auto industry no room to hide their cars' real emissions. These new tests are not 'real' enough to ensure the most polluting cars are kept off our roads. That car companies are allowed to avoid rush hour traffic when testing in urban areas is a major

Paul Morozzo - Greenpeace

Instead of wasting more time and money hiding behind tests that still don't reflect what's happening in the real world, car companies should switch from diesel to electric and hybrid technology. Ministers cannot rest on their laurels either – these tests do not solve the problem of air pollution, which makes a ban on new diesels long before 2040 even more

Mike Hawes

This will provide consumers with the reassurance that manufacturers are delivering on air quality. Criticising this new, highly complex and robust test based on the results of a couple of vehicles indicates a failure to understand the timeline and legal and testing

Doug Parr - Greenpeace

With the UK still one of the least wooded countries in Europe, it's time Government made funding available for the natural flood prevention measures it claims to support, and made sure reforms of farm subsidies back tree-planting schemes that deliver public

Doug Parr - Greenpeace

Michael Gove's support for this manifesto pledge is evident but with progress on the ground so painfully slow, it's time to stop talking about it and instead create a clear strategy to deliver it. Planting trees is one of the most positive and practical things Government can do to leave the UK in a better state for the next

Doug Parr - Greenpeace

Trees can help deliver a whole suite of public benefits simultaneously by absorbing climate-warming CO2, helping to combat air pollution in towns and cities, contributing to flood prevention by trapping more water on hilltops and slowing run-offs, and providing habitats for

Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

From our perspective it's a lack of attention of the national governments to support the energy transition towards renewables and sticking to the traditional, centralised fossil

Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

Bulgaria and Romania possess a huge potential but are clearly lagging behind in utilising their potential, they rather stick to the old

Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

The contradiction is the sunniest regions in Europe have the lowest installed capacities for solar power. It's not logical. We think there are interest groups that are hindering the flourishing and utilising of the solar potential. If we see Europe as a whole there's a huge over-capacity of electricity production and that means every kilowatt hour of electricity produced by solar or other renewables will displace coal and nuclear and lead to closures of power plants and you can understand the current utilities are fighting to avoid

Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

In countries like Poland and France, where there is a long tradition of using centralised energy production, there are difficulties. And of course that business model has been happily supported by governments over the years and it is positively rooted in the society. So these companies would have difficulty in moving to a decentralised, people-powered renewables

Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

Obviously the whole thing was begun in Germany, whose new policy kick-started a solar revolution in the country. It was a pretty simple set of policies that would guarantee everyone access to the grid so they could produce renewable electricity and there was a fixed price for it for a fixed period of time and that certainty really triggered a huge run of private investment into renewables. And that's why Germany is still the front-runner when it comes to

Elisabeth Whitebread

Communities don't want the unnecessary industrialisation of our countryside for shale gas we don't need. More than three-quarters of people support renewables, so the government should listen to their own opinion polls, stay true to their manifesto promise and support offshore wind and solar instead of a new fossil fuel

Rose Dickinson - Friends of the Earth

This makes bad reading for the industry because they know they are desperately fighting an unwinnable battle for support. The extent to which this industry has failed to win over the public is undeniable. Opposition is increasing not only where fracking is proposed, but across the whole

Elisabeth Whitebread

Communities don't want the unnecessary industrialisation of our countryside for shale gas we don't need. And more than three quarters of people support renewables, so the government should listen to their own opinion polls, stay true to their manifesto promise, and support offshore wind and solar instead of a new fossil fuel industry. Concern about climate change is at its highest since 2012, and to meet our climate targets, we must leave fossil fuels in the ground. The fracking industry is pulling UK energy policy in entirely the wrong direction and the public is right to be

Behyad Jafari

We saw this with the uptake of rooftop solar panels too. The people who came closest with their projections but still fell short were Greenpeace – they were laughed at for their

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

It certainly underscores that excess capacity remains and the industry isn't out of the

Allan Pearce - Trillium Asset Management

Palm oil supply chains are perhaps the clearest example of where investors have seen the environmental and social impacts translate into financial risks. Investors have seen share prices drop as producers fail to protect

Audrey Versteegen

At the end of the day, money is the only argument everybody understands so [banks] have a huge role to

Matt Canavan

It is appropriate that organisations and individuals may protest against political parties, philosophies and activities that offend them. It is not appropriate that such protests are funded by concessions from taxpayers who do not share their

Susanne Neubronner - Greenpeace

The millions of people threatened by climate change or already suffering its impact expect the G-20 leaders to accelerate their efforts to reduce their emissions. This can only be achieved by ending the age of coal by a socially just

Nicolas Hulot

The 2025 date is the objective, I hope we will keep to

Nicolas Hulot

One of the symbolic acts of the plan is that France, which previously had made the promise to divide its greenhouse gas emissions by four by 2050, has decided to become carbon neutral by 2050 following the U.S. decision. We want to demonstrate that fighting against climate change can lead to an improvement of French people's daily

Cyrille Cormier

We are left wanting, on how these objectives will be achieved. The goal to end the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2040 sends out a strong signal, but we would really like to know what are the first steps achieve this, and how to make this ambition something other than a

Sara Ayech - Greenpeace

Scientists are calling it a new biome. And scientists think that there are potentially new species there but they need time to document

Sara Ayech - Greenpeace

It's unlike any other reef that we know about. If the companies drill there's a risk of an oil spill and if an oil spill hits the reef, then we could see parts of it destroyed before we even document

Ellen MacArthur

Shifting to a real circular economy for plastics is a massive opportunity to close the loop, save billions of dollars, and decouple plastics production from fossil fuel

Hugo Tagholm - Surfers Against Sewage

Whilst the production of throwaway plastics has grown dramatically over the last 20 years, the systems to contain, control, reuse and recycle them just haven't kept pace. Plastic production is set to double in the next 20 years and quadruple by 2050 so the time to act is

Siobhan Stoddart

The "practice of not disclosing dates or locations of board meetings is also consistent with that of Australian banks and other ASX listed companies. The considerations of those companies in taking that position are also relevant to Naif, given its role as a 'gap'

Nikola Casule

Excuses have ranged from the usual commercial-in-confidence to documents being changed after the request was submitted to fears of cyberbullying, and potential public opposition to Naif's plans. What it amounts to is a refusal to have any form of accountability to the Australian public despite controlling $5bn of their

Siobhan Stoddart

It is an established fact that anti-Adani protests have disrupted businesses and organisations in the past, and it is reasonable to expect they could also disrupt Naif board meetings if the dates and locations of the meetings were

Nikola Casule

Other government agencies manage to be accountable and open without such concerns. What makes Naif different?feedback

Tisha Brown - Greenpeace

We ... witnessed plastic pollution in the beaks of puffins, in the waters where basking sharks feed, and even wrapped around the beak of an emaciated gannet. We found plastic bottle tops, bags, packaging, bits of old fishing gear and even crisp packets strewn across the island and surrounding eggs in nests. It's no wonder that studies have shown that 90% of seabirds have eaten

Tisha Brown - Greenpeace

It cannot be right that our beaches, seas and the stunning wildlife they are home to should become the final dumping ground for throwaway plastic bottles and other plastic trash. With a truckload of plastic entering the ocean every minute, we need urgent action from governments and from major soft drinks companies which produce billions of single-use plastic bottles every year, like Coca-Cola, to stop the flow of plastic into the

Truls Gulowsen - Greenpeace

This is an attack on the environment. It's a confirmation that the Norwegian government doesn't take their own climate commitments from Paris

Adam Rothberg

We do, however, recognise the urgency of current environmental issues, the unalloyed right to free and responsible free speech in advocating for environmental and other causes and the right to defend one's

Ronald Blunden

It is the [scale] of the damages being sought in the suit. We are concerned that it is about muzzling Greenpeace at a time when the US government is pulling out of the Paris accord on climate change. You need these NGOs to be able to do their work and be whistleblowers, because if they disappear, and if the US pulls out of the Paris accord, who will be left to speak up and defend the environment?feedback

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

We don't need one perfect leader, need lots of countries, states, firms to step up, laud progress and expose unhelpful

Lucas Iacoboni

G7 countries played a major role in polluting our planet and must now lead the way to the solution. For this reason Greenpeace is calling G7 leaders to reaffirm their commitment to improve the Paris

Lucas Iacoboni

If leaders like Trump will not respect their obligations, the rest of the G7 must go forward, because we do not have

Keith Stewart - Greenpeace

Kinder Morgan's business plan only works if the world fails to act on climate change. They may think that's a good bet, but they should be honest with potential investors about the risks being taken with their

Alison Trollope

We received Greenpeace's submission, and we will give it the consideration we deem

Mike Pocock - Pinsent Masons

Progress has been made with some landmark projects being granted consent in the last twelve months but a package of measures to smooth out the consenting process could provide a much needed boost for investment into the

Deepa Venkateswaran - Sanford Bernstein

The manifesto wording was vague, as expected, but hints that the impact for the industry may be much less than we

Andrew Hopkins

They should release the names of companies concerned because one of the values of this is the naming and shaming approach – that companies that know they will be named in the case of an incident like this, they are going to be less likely to do it. It's not as if this is an unpredictable unforeseeable

Nathaniel Pelle

Nopsema's performance report should be a wake-up call to the government and to anyone who has the bad luck of sharing the marine environment with the oil

Nathaniel Pelle

Australians, and especially those who rely on the ocean for their livelihood, should be deeply concerned by reports that the national oil regulator has withheld information from the public about a 10,500-litre oil leak for over 12 months. There's absolutely no justification for continuing to keep the company involved or the location of the oil spill a secret. Any spilled oil is unacceptable but the US oil industry suffered three spills over 8,000 litres in 2016, despite producing 30 times the oil that Australia does. It's farcical that the industry claims to have a safe record in

Elvira Jimenez - Greenpeace

To filter the plastic out of the water could affect very small marine life which is very important for the food

Boyan Slat

You can imagine the bumper of your next car, or the chair you're sitting on or the frame of your phone can be ocean plastic in the future. Only a very small percentage is small pieces, most of it is still floating around in large objects like crates, buoys, bottles, even stuff like children's toys, toothbrushes and toilet seats. I was diving in Greece and realised I was coming across more plastic bags than fish, and I wondered why don't we clean this

Mark Simmonds

If we go back to the late 70s or early 80s, there were major campaigns from organisations such as Greenpeace focused on what they called toxics – which included PCBs. There was a tremendous effort to get them under control and banned and those bans were effective – the levels of PCBs being detected have clearly declined and so the campaigning organisations packed up their tents and went off to look at something else and we all kind of rejoiced and thought this was a major environmental

Jean-Francois Julliard - Greenpeace

Marine Le Pen doesn't respect liberty, doesn't push for equality for all and she doesn't show any fraternity for those who need it. So this is our way of reminding everybody they all need to mobilize against the National Front, to defend these values and to go and vote on

Frances Lawson

The public has had seven years of excuses from government while the medical evidence about the health impacts of air pollution strengthens all the time. The government has not addressed this issue with the requisite urgency and people are suffering as a result. We are looking to provide at least some of those affected with a means of

Claire Holman

I believe there is good, strong evidence that exposure to nitrogen dioxide, both in the long and short term, causes adverse health impacts, particularly on children. The evidence is strong that nitrogen dioxide pollution causes asthma as well as exacerbating the symptoms where asthma is already

Frances Lawson

We are looking to bring a state liability claim against the UK government on the basis that it is in breach of an EU directive and that people have suffered as a result of that breach. The fact that the UK is in breach of the air quality directive is well established. We believe we can show that people in polluted areas like London are suffering from the symptoms of asthma in part because of excessive levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air they are forced to

Kiki Taufik - Greenpeace

IOI has come a long way in the past 12 months … There is still a lot of work to be done to clean up the palm oil industry and we expect other traders to respond with action plans of their own. The only way to clean up the industry is for other palm oil traders to follow IOI's lead and start cutting off suppliers that destroy rainforests or abuse

Truls Gulowsen - Greenpeace

Both the Korpfjell and Koigen Central licences are within the reach of the historic marginal sea ice edge for the last 30 years. Statoil should not drill in the Barents Sea because of the pending legal case, because of environmental risk and because the world doesn't need more

Hannah Martin - Greenpeace

The first working day without coal in Britain since the Industrial Revolution marks a watershed in the energy transition. A decade ago, a day without coal would have been unimaginable, and in ten years' time our energy system will have radically transformed

James Thornton

We are urgently considering the Government's application to delay the publication of the draft Air Quality Plan which was received on Friday evening, less than one working day before the plans are due. It is far from acceptable that ministers have left this to the very last minute. The Government proposes to delay the publication of the Air Quality Plan despite the clear public health risk caused by illegal air quality. These plans are essential to safeguard public health and they should be put in place without

James Thornton

New plans were ordered by the High Court as a result of our case last year. This is not a political issue but a public health issue. Whichever party is in power, the British public need to see an air quality plan which relies on good scientific evidence and which ensures that people no longer have to breathe toxic air and suffer the grave consequences to their health as a

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Ministers have had months to come up with a robust plan to tackle illegal air pollution. They have no excuses to delay its publication any further. The Cabinet Office guidance makes it clear that essential consultations can still be launched during purdah, and even mentions safeguarding public health as a ground for

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

Air pollution is a full-blown public health emergency, linked to thousands of premature deaths and a host of health problems. If the government intends to use the election as a pretext to buy more time, that would only be a sign that they just don't get the gravity of the

John Sauven - Greenpeace

Sometimes legislation is just wrong and you have to stand up and say so. The Lobbying Act is a democratic car crash; it weakens democracy and curtails free speech. Now Britain is going into a second general election regulated by a law that does little to stop powerful companies exerting secret influence in the corridors of power while gagging charities and campaign groups with millions of members. If the last election is anything to go by it will have a chilling effect on groups trying to raise important

John Sauven - Greenpeace

Whoever wins on 8 June should heed the advice of Lord Hodgson and amend it. If you're a corporate lobbyist paid by a tobacco company to fight anti-smoking legislation you've got little to worry about, the Lobbying Act does hardly anything to restrict you. But if you're a mass membership campaign group trying to get political parties to make strong commitments on the environment or human rights then watch out, the state can now regulate your campaign, tying you in bureaucratic knots and preventing voters from hearing about the issues that

John Sauven - Greenpeace

The Lobbying Act skews politics in favour of corporations operating in the

Francis Egan

We are very pleased that the planning inspector's recommendation and the secretary of state's decision to grant planning consent has been upheld by the high court. We respected the democratic right of those opposed to this consent to challenge the secretary of state's

Claire Stephenson

Justice and democracy have not been observed in Lancashire. We are truly dismayed at this

Elisabeth Whitebread

Ordinary members of the community have been peacefully opposing fracking for six years and they won't stop

Faisal Mohammed

My mother was born and brought up in Pakistan. When I travelled there with her, I often saw the selvedge [the edge on fabric that prevents it unravelling] turned into a design feature on the hem, cuff or openings of the

Emma Thompson

But on my 60th birthday I want to be putting up a Greenpeace

Jude Lee - Greenpeace

People around the world signed petitions, emailed Samsung's CEO, demonstrated in cities around the world, and finally Samsung has listened. This is major win for everyone that took action, and a step towards shifting the way we produce and dispose of

Jenny Jones

There is more than enough to justify a full-scale criminal investigation into the activities of these police officers and referral to a public inquiry. I have urged the Independent Police Complaints Commission to act quickly to secure further evidence and to find out how many people were victims of this nasty

Jason Schwartz - Greenpeace

We are working to make these kinds of infrastructure projects as toxic as they really are. We have to make these projects toxic to the finance sector. Keystone XL is going to be looking for a project loan. So that's going to be a primary target for us – pre-empting that project

David Archambault II

We are heartened that ING has made the conscience decision to remove itself from a project that tramples on the rights of sovereign

Jenny Jones

Even though Greenpeace UK staff, volunteers, and activists were always warned to assume someone was listening to our phone conversations or reading our emails, it still came as a shock to find out I was being watched by the police. It's creepy to think of strangers reading my personal

Colin Newman

I am open about my actions as I make a stand and am personally responsible for those, but it is not fair and just that others are scrutinised. I am no threat. There is no justification for snooping in private accounts unless you have a reason to do so, and you have the authority to do

Gavin Partington

We should all be concerned about the problem of marine litter. All plastic bottles are 100 per cent recyclable so it is important that consumers are encouraged to dispose of bottles responsibly. However, we recognise more needs to be done to increase recycling and reduce littering. We want to work with campaigners, central and local Government and other companies in the supply chain to support action that achieves these

Louise Edge - Greenpeace

We know that plastic bottles are a huge ocean-polluter and in the UK alone we dump 16 million of them in our environment every day. If we're going to protect our oceans we need to end the age of throwaway plastic. Companies need to move away from single-use plastic, embrace reusable packaging and make sure the rest is made from 100% recycled

David Wachenfeld

In total, those extreme weather events and the overall impact of climate change is a major threat to the future of the

Richard Leck - World Wide Fund for Nature

Scientists warned that without sufficient emissions reductions we could expect annual mass bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef by 2050. Consecutive bleaching events have arrived 30 years

Richard Fitzpatrick

Vlasoff Cay used to have the best coral diversity in the area. Now with the water sitting at 32 degrees all the way to the bottom, the corals are dying. Many are already dead and covered in

Alix Foster Vander Elst - Greenpeace

We have on our doorstep the clearest signal that climate change is happening, and that governments aren't moving fast enough to stop it. Tackling climate change is the only real solution here and that starts by stopping public funding for climate-killing coal

Brett Monroe Garner

I've been photographing this area of the reef for several years now and what we're seeing is unprecedented. In these photos nearly 100% of the corals are bleaching and who knows how many will recover? Algae is already beginning to overgrow many of the corals. Just a few months ago, these corals were full of colour and life. Now, everywhere you look is white. The corals aren't getting the chance to bounce back from last year's bleaching event. If this is the new normal, we're in

Travis Nichols - Greenpeace

While this 'zero out' strategy would impact nearly every community in the United States, a close examination shows the burden of these cuts will fall hardest on the health of low-income Americans and people of color. This is environmental racism in

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

The two reasons why global emissions have been stable for the past three years are no growth in China and rapid fall in emissions in the U.S., so that really shows what can be accomplished when these two countries work

Jason Schwartz - Greenpeace

If you were to be sitting in the south lawn of the White House, the Ellipse, right now, you would see this banner framed against the White House. And the symbolism of that, of course, is that we re here specifically to protest this

Jean-Bernard Levy - EDF Energy

There will be a long and gradual shutdown period at Fessenheim. What is certain is that salaried jobs at EDF are guaranteed and the government has put into place a structure, a delegation for the revitalisation of the Fessenheim site in particular with energy transition

Annie Leonard - Greenpeace

Instead of pushing bogus claims about the potential of pipelines to create jobs, Trump should focus his efforts on the clean energy sector, where America's future lives. Renewable energy is not only the future, but also the only just economy for today. Keystone, the Dakota Access Pipeline, and fossil fuel infrastructure projects like them will only make billionaires richer and make the rest of us

Dong Liansai

At the current rate of improvement, red alerts and 'airpocalypses' will remain a feature of many Chinese citizens' lives for sometime to

Jennifer Morgan - Greenpeace

We haven't seen this level of temperature rise for 115,000 years. The urgency of action is so present. So our reaction at Greenpeace is, it's time for business to put it at the centre. For government to take action and to listen to people who want a different kind of a

Frank Yu - Wood Mackenzie

This shows the government is keeping its promise in curbing supplies of coal

Gary Cook - Greenpeace

Thanks to the leadership and advocacy of companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Switch, we are seeing the tech industry make major strides toward powering the internet with clean

Jude Lee - Greenpeace

We must see East Asian internet companies exhibiting the will to commit to 100 percent renewable energy, particularly as they expand to markets around the world. Leading IT companies in the United States have already shown that the majority of the industry recognizes that clean power is both good for the environment and good for business. East Asian companies must step up to embrace that reality as

Daniel Brindis - Greenpeace

BVRio might be confirming the paperwork, but the problem is whether the paperwork itself is accurate. On one hand, companies using this platform are going to be better off than buying blindly from the market place. On the other hand ... the paperwork system doesn't provide traceability from the stump to the

Mauricio de Moura Costa

The platform is able to identify risks of illegality across the supply chain. We want to create a marketplace that helps buyers purchase legal timber in an easier way ... due diligence is very

Dong Liansai

The scale of the red alert measures show that the Chinese government is taking air pollution seriously. However, the ongoing 'airpocalpyse' is further evidence that China must implement far stricter limitations on coal consumption and accelerate the restructuring of the economy away from the heavily polluting

Cyrille Cormier

The situation of EDF is absurd and those responsible for this are the managers with Jean-Bernard Levy

Gary Cook - Greenpeace

Google has been a catalyst in the dramatic growth in renewable energy procurement among corporations, redefining the art of the possible by bringing significant renewable energy projects onto the same grid its data centers are powered from. Google's milestone of 2.6 GW of renewable energy purchased puts it well above what most corporations have done to drive renewable

Gary Cook - Greenpeace

More than ever, companies must show this sort of leadership on renewable energy. Now is not the time to be

Gary Cook - Greenpeace

It's significant that Google has done this. Hopefully, this will inspire more companies to act,

Urs Hölzle - Google

To reach this goal we'll be directly buying enough wind and solar electricity annually to account for every unit of electricity our operations consume, globally. And we're focusing on creating new energy from renewable sources, so we only buy from projects that are funded by our

Oliver Joy

Investment is more likely to be affected by the level of clarity that governments provide on support

Gunnar Groebler - Vattenfall

The abolition of priority dispatch (access) is an important step towards a level playing field and full market integration of

Tara Connolly - Greenpeace

These draft laws are designed for polluting power companies, not for European

Naomi Ages - Greenpeace

We know that existing fossil fuel projects will push us past 2 degrees, so we're mobilizing around the world to keep it in the ground and stop development of new fossil fuel

Anthony Lake - UNICEF

Air pollution is a major contributing factor in the deaths of around 600,000 children under five every year – and it threatens the lives and futures of millions more every day. Pollutants don't only harm children's developing lungs – they can actually cross the blood-brain barrier and permanently damage their developing brains – and, thus, their futures. No society can afford to ignore air

Dong Liansai

The MEP must continue to investigate such cases of falsified readings and ensure that local governments fully implement central government

Truls Gulowsen - Greenpeace

When we know that the oil and gas from existing oil and gas fields today account for more than we can use within a 1.5 degree climate budget, it is madness to open new

James Hansen

You have to worry about the future of young people and future generations. That's always been a hard thing for our political system to

Truls Gulowsen - Greenpeace

We demand that the court declares the licenses, which were handed out in the Barents Sea this summer, as

Cheng Qian - Greenpeace

The government must take urgent action to manage chemicals in a sound manner, provide a safety net for workers and citizens, and protect ecologically important areas across the

Benjamin Salisbury - FBR Capital Markets

We believe the announcement alleviates a significant uncertainty overhang for E&Ps leveraged to the DJ

Diana Best - Greenpeace

Despite the countless hours and the thousands of Coloradans who spoke in support of protecting the health and safety of Colorado communities, the movement faced an unprecedented flow of money from the oil and gas opposition that felt the need to spent $15 million to defeat us. We may be disappointed today, but tomorrow we get back to work empowering communities and keeping fossil fuels in the ground. This fight is far from

Lauri Myllyvirta - Greenpeace

China's worsening coal overcapacity crisis is acting as a dead weight on the country's ongoing energy

Charlie Cray - Greenpeace

We've been attacked in countries around the world because we're working with farmers and communities on the threat they face from GMOs. The real issue here is: Why are they doing a press conference in Washington D.C. a week before there is a major vote in GMO labeling?feedback

Jürgen Knirsch - Greenpeace

We've done this to ignite a debate. the documents showed the negotiations should be

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

If it is not good enough we just have to say 'Sorry but we have to put this on ice' and wait for the next administration. Obviously we lose time and momentum, but we cannot agree to TTIP-lite or something that's not good

Ignacio Garcia

Does the the leak bother us? Yes, of course, it's not good for trust in the process that such a document is leaked. But there you go, that's all I can say for the moment. Thank

Tokuo Hayakawa

After coming back, I knew I would see the end of this region, this town. It became an environment where people could not live safely and comfortably ever

Charlie Kronick - Greenpeace

Shell and BP have bet heavily on the wrong energy sources, and now they're losing big. The problem is that with thousands of jobs, billions in investments and people's pensions tied up with their companies' fortunes, Big Oil's bosses won't be the only ones to pay for their

Miguel Arias Canete - EU Energy

I have all the elements I need. It's an agreement fit for purpose. Always things can be perfect, but perfection is very difficult to reach. But this agreement is fit for purpose and it is a big step from

Laurent Fabius

I now invite the COP (conference of the parties) to adopt the draft decision entitled 'Paris agreement' which features in the document. I'm looking around the room, I see that the reaction is positive, I don't hear any objection, the Paris agreement for the climate is

Laurent Fabius

With a small hammer you can achieve great

Grégoire Lory - Euronews

Like the political leaders, NGOs are also making their final efforts in the 'climate battle.' There are only a few hours to go before the presentation of the last proposal for an agreement. Many still think it won't go far

Vladimir Chuprov - Greenpeace

Of course they don't want to share out the finances, they want to maintain the status quo. And of course, neither renewable energy nor energy saving technologies have any chance in the near

Barack Obama

And the fact is that climate is changing faster than our efforts to address it. That, ladies and gentlemen, must change. We are not acting fast

Laura Kenyon - Greenpeace

Despite the fact that the US government itself admits that there is a 75 percent chance of an oil spill should oil production begin in the Chukchi sea, the Obama administration has still given the first green light to Shell along the way to Arctic oil

Jose Manuel Barroso - European Commission

Green economy will enhance durability to manage natural resources sustainably and with lower environmental

Jorgo Riss - Greenpeace

The European Commission is, at the moment, completely failing to protect the environment in Europe. We need clean air, we need healthy soils and we need to protect our natural

Yannick Rousselet

To be able to enter the airspace of French nuclear power plants or French nuclear installations – to enter, and to leave – without anybody intervening. I think there are true flaws to the security of our

Willy De Greef - EuropaBio

Well, there is a lot of confusion about it. The npt-II gene, which is the antibiotic resistance genethat is in there, only gives resistance to very old classes of antibiotics that are of no significant human use any more. In fact, that particular antibiotics gene you would find in any piece of soil we would dig up here in this

Marco Contiero - Greenpeace

Greenpeace is against the potato, especially because putting at risk the health of humans, animals and the environment, because of this antibiotic resistant gene included in the potato is totally useless. There are already in the market conventionally bred non-GMO potato with the same increased starch content as the BASF potato that can be used without putting at risk

Yevgenia Belyakova - Greenpeace

Statoil and the Russian state-owned company Rosneft agreed to a joint project planning to explore one of Rosneft oil fields. Statoil is well-known for its double standards. They are not able to drill in ice in their own country – but this Perseyevskoe oil field they are planning to explore jointly with Rosneft is the northernmost oil field, so they will have to work in the conditions they have never worked before, and indeed no one else

Ottmar Edenhofer - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

You could say, it does not cost the world to save the planet. So at least it seems to me this could be an appropriate summary of the cost

Rajendra Pachauri - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

One major finding that we have is that effective mitigation will not be achieved if individual agents advance their own interest independently. And therefore, may I submit that this report brings out the need for an unprecedented level of international

Kaisa Kosonen - Greenpeace

There is certainly hope. This is the strong message of this report; that we have the solutions; we have still time to prevent dangerous climate change and its not going to cost us money, it's actually going to save us money, and its just about speeding up the good trends that are already happening and accepting the fact that we just have to get rid of fossil fuels in the long

Sophia Majnoni

Tonight there is a debate between the two main candidates in the presidential election. The subjects of nuclear power, and energy in general, have not been properly addressed, with both candidates denying that there are any risks

Shinji Inoue

We must put in our best efforts in decreasing the radiation level, but this is technically a very difficult thing to do. We need to take into consideration how to efficiently bring down the levels

Fred Mettler - World Health Organization

The psychologists and psychiatrists on the groups described it as 'paralysing fatalism', that was one of the words they used. Another was a lack of confidence, lack of control over their futures, which is a fatalistic

Yang Ailun

It is not possible for the Chinese leaders to tell the Chinese population that we are not going to develop. I think what the government needs to tell the Chinese population is that we are going to develop in a different way – a truly low carbon, sustainable

Mikhail Kreindlin - Greenpeace

We are worried about the conditions. It is very unlikely that they will be placed in solitary cells. They could be placed in cells with other

Michèle Rivasi

I think this action by Greenpeace shows… that we have not solved the problem of radioactive nuclear waste, and as long as we haven't resolved this problem, we can't develop nuclear power all over the

Vladimir Chuprov - Greenpeace

We will contest the trumped-up charge of hooliganism as strongly as we contested the piracy allegations. They are both fantasy charges that bear no relation to reality. The Arctic 30 protested peacefully against Gazprom's dangerous oil drilling and should be

Andrea Hajagos - Euronews

As Greenpeace activists protest against the expansion of the Paks nuclear plant, parliamentary committees have already started to debate the

Brigitta Bozsó

We won't be able to take advantage of the opportunities in renewable energy and energy efficiency if we commit ourselves to such a giga-investment now and we spend all our money on that. What's more, we're burdening the population with a huge

Sigmar Gabriel

One of the possibilities would have been to clarify the financial aspect but we did not agree on

Andreas Carlgren

The EU supports an objective to reduce long term emissions by 80-95 percent by 2050, compared to

Nicolaj Heller

Crap. I think it's an absolute waste, a waste of time. A waste of good people's

Kumi Naidoo - Greenpeace

What we have here is not a fair, not a binding and not an ambitious outcome. For two years since Bali we have been working to actually urge our leaders to agree to a kind of set of agreements that will prevent catastrophic climate change to prevent the loss of life that is already happening to the tune of 200-300,000 people annually from climatic impacts, and sadly our leaders have not acted with the urgency that the situation calls

Damon Moglen - Greenpeace

The US, as the world's largest historic polluter, has a very special responsibility in these talks. Right now the legislation pending in the Congress is not strong enough to address climate change. The president needs to step in and personally direct US negotiators to reach an agreement

Yvo de Boer - United Nations

Copenhagen is a step on a journey. And there will be more negotiation after Copenhagen, even if it's 200 percent

Saskia Richartz - Greenpeace

Overfishing is hugely damaging to our environment, and the ministers are not listening. They will set quotas much higher than scientific advice recommends, and we are here to say to them: fish less and fish more sustainably. We want them to scrap the most destructive fishing vessels soon,

Tatyana Kriubakhina

Obviously, they all understand that the bail is not the definitive freedom, there are still limits, but even when they were transferred from Murmansk to St Petersburg, they were happy to see the sun on their walks within the prison… So, just the possibility of getting out of jail, even temporarily, is so

Jan Vande Putte

Here at Tsushima, which is about 35km from the nuclear power reactor of Fukushima, radiation levels are really high. People living here would receive a maximum annual dose in about four days. That is really unacceptable. People should be evacuated from this

Yukio Edano

As of now, there's no report of any adverse impact on the marine life, especially beyond 20km. Experts say there's a very low possibility, but we must increase our

Andrew Hogg

We are as concerned as they are, and we are doing everything we can to get this leak stopped as quickly as possible and to minimise the impact on the environment, which we already think is relatively

Joe Borg

Time is running out to save the blue-fin tuna stock from collapse. With this position the European Union will be able to champion bold and decisive measures, in particular to resolve the issue of over-capacity, to reduce the length of the fishing seasons and to identify specific measures that can reinforce control throughout the market

Sarah Duthie - Greenpeace

The status quo allows Japan, Iceland and Norway to continue its slaughter of thousands of whales each year with

Karine Gavand - Greenpeace

The French are not prepared for a terrorist attack because it is considered that these risks are too low to be taken into consideration so they are

John Hutton

And it was interesting also, the view (expressed by) Patrick Moore, one of the co-founders of Greenpeace, who said in the Washington Post in April 2006, that nuclear power could make a very decisive and important contribution to save the world from a very serious threat we are facing: the climate

Andrea Büring

Greenpeace climate expert Martin Kaiser… You left the climate summit in Warsaw early. What went wrong?feedback

Eric Besson

If they have got in, and the inquiry confirms it, it means there a failure and we have to take measures to ensure it's not

Stefanie Hundsdorfer - Greenpeace

Greenpeace thinks that the Commission's proposal is a dangerous move to get more GM crops authorised in Europe. In exchange for a national right to ban, the Commission asks Member States not to make a fuss and to wave through GMO crop authorisation in Europe. The Commission President Baroso is pro-GM and he has cooked up this deal to break a block in the authorisation system for GMO crops in

Petros Varelidis

The Commission tries to hide behind EFSA's opinion, which is always

Vladimir Putin

It is perfectly obvious that they are no pirates. But they made a deliberate attempt to seize the oil platform. Our law-enforcement agents, our border guards didn't know who was trying to seize the platform under the guise of Greenpeace. Especially against the background of the bloody events that were taking place in Kenya – that could have been

Vijay Panjwani

If people continue to go to the media giving their views about many issuesinvolved in this case, then the court will take contempt of court proceedings against such persons or

Rolf Stein - Advanced Plasma Power

Plasma is essentially a high-temperature electric arc. It's an arc that's struck a bit like lightening as a form of plasma. It's often referred to as the fourth state of matter. It's a highly ionised, high temperature gas and what we use that plasma for is to crack the long chain of tarry, organic molecules within a

Iris Menn - Greenpeace

The crisis in the ocean is very strong, so we definitively need to send a strong message to fisheries ministers that they are incompetent. And we would like to see the environment ministers taking over their responsibility for the protection of the ocean because they have the protection of the ocean as a main priority instead of the fisheries ministers that are only taking care of economic

Sergei Golubok

We think there should be no criminal case in principle. But the court wasn't looking into that question today – it was looking at pre-trial detention. Considering our current situation, any measure except detention is more

Saskia Richartz - Greenpeace

What we also need is a slimming plan to reduce the EU's oversized fishing fleet, and that is missing in the proposal. In the Council, we have many large fishing nations like Spain, like France and Italy, and they have to really realise that unless they make steps to recover fish stocks, this reform will

Maria Damanaki

We are going to bind ourselves to reach maximum sustainable yield until 2015. So this will become a legal obligation of our

Sara Ayech - Greenpeace

We want to create a global sanctuary in that area. Today is part of a global week of action against Shell, where people all over the world are taking action like this, hoping Shell will listen and hoping Shell wlll make the decision not to go and drill for oil in the

Robin Oakley - Greenpeace

Well, as MP's come back to work today after their summer recess, there's just a few weeks to go before the big International Climate Summit in Copenhagen. And we really need to see a step change in action on climate change if we're going to get a breakthrough at those negotiations. At the moment we've got international deadlock, because rich countries like Britain, simply have not gone far enough in cutting their own

Agnes de Rooij

We want the leaders in the EU to come up with concrete amounts of money for developing countries to tackle climate change so they can start to mitigate climate change, have forest protection, have forest protection and start adapting to climate change as

Thomas Breuer - Greenpeace

So, one can say, more or less, that 11 times Chernobyl will be transported in the next days through

Joao Talocci - Greenpeace

Greenpeace is here in Chichen Itza, Mexico to remind delegates meeting for the UN climate talks of a crucial lesson: even the most advanced civilisations collapse. If we do nothing, climate change could have devastating consequences for

Gloria Chang - Greenpeace

Greenpeace is so happy to see that 'Rainbow Warrior' today is going to enter her new phase of life by serving the communities in Bangladesh, which are heavily affected by climate change and extreme

Runa Khan

The front part is going to be renovated into two operating theatres with a dental unit and an eye unit and all primary level outdoor patient work and secondary level

Sebastian Risso

It is vital that everyone in the market accepts his responsibilities. The EU is also responsible, as the main consumer. It has to stop illegal wood from being sold to

Marco Contiero - Greenpeace

We want politicians to understand that, first there are serious social, economic, environmental and health damages that GMO causes to farmers and their livelihood and there are also exceptional benefits from ecological forms of

Jérôme Rieu

The plutonium was dispersed within the facility in several different units known as 'glove boxes'. They weren't stored in the same place. So, it seems there were enough safety margins to prevent an

Anike Peters - Greenpeace

As happened at a moment in history 20 years ago, when the gap between East and West was overcome, so now the international community needs to unite together to fight against climate

Connie Hedegaard - European Union

New passenger cars eight years from now, in 2020, on average must emit one third less CO2 than they do today. It is a significant step forward for European climate policies. It's good for climate, it's good for innovation, and it's of course good for consumers who will have less running

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

In this world the civil societies they play a very important role. It's not only the government or business communities who make this world move. A very important, significant important part is now shared by a civil society, including

Nicolas Sarkozy

I propose that 20% of the donations be used to protect the forests, to prevent deforestation. So we shall use 20% of the immediate public credits to put an end to land

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