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I was very excited when I first came to Singapore because I thought it would just be a short stay. I thought I could go back to the U.S. after the second lottery so I could be with my husband in D.C.
NEW Mar 28 2017 Rui Deng
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Piyumi Samaratunga

At least last year, we knew that by May, the premium track would kick in. It's fair for them to want a month, because they get this flood of applications and go through the lottery process. Getting a month is reasonable. [Now] we don't know if it will be implemented in May or at all.

Deborah Notkin

This year, something has happened that I've never seen before. A number of employers say they want to go ahead [to help the employee stay in the U.S.] but the person doesn't want to stay here. They don't want to commit to an H-1B visa; and they're not people from the Middle East either.

Walt Mossberg

It's not because of the very limited H-1B visa program we hear about. It's just in the culture. He designs everything at Apple. If we watch how this immigration thing goes, not just this Executive Order, but If it broadens out, that's a big problem for tech. I expect the tech industry to be very disturbed by that. That fight is much harder under President Trump.

Lawrence F. Katz

From the point of view of an economist, there are two big winners. The workers who come here with H-1B visas and the companies that employ them.

Jeff Tan

I thought the purpose of H-1B visas was to give America a competitive edge, not help companies ship American jobs abroad. This is now standard practice in the technology industry. Today it's me, but tomorrow it's going to be a doctor or an engineer. At what point do you draw the line?

Blake Irving - GoDaddy

We do not produce enough technically qualified candidates in this country. You can't take an 18 month training program and produce a machine learning scientist. There's always going to be some marginal groups that will abuse the system, it's true. There is a fraction of abuse. This isn't about trying to export jobs. People get confused with H-1B exporting jobs – that's just not the case.

Zoe Lofgren

It offers a market-based solution that gives priority to those companies willing to pay the most. This ensures American employers have access to the talent they need, while removing incentives for companies to undercut American wages and outsource jobs.

Cliff Li

While we are strongly against illegal immigration, we believe legal immigration, especially the means to attract hi-tech talents, is vital to our future keeping the U.S. at the cutting edge of technology. The H-1B program should be revamped to deal with known abuses and prevent the job losses of U.S. workers.

William Stock

I think that's the issue that's gotten the most energy. And if we're going to see a targeted bill on H-1B, a sort of narrow bill aimed at that issue is what may have the most likelihood of passing. From their perspective, the doors are being narrowed. But I think that means there's going to be more opportunities with companies in India. The next step of this, though, that everyone needs to understand is this is not just an attack on immigration. This is an attack on the global supply chain.

Charles Grassley

We need programs dedicated to putting American workers first. When skilled foreign workers are needed to meet the demands of our labor market, we must also ensure that visa applicants who honed their skills at American colleges and universities are a priority over the importation of more foreign workers.

Vivek Wadhwa

Let wages rise, and let the best from all over the world compete with the best in America. This is what makes America great.

James Cakmak

You look at the H-1B issue, I think that's something that the administration and Silicon Valley can work together around.

Tony Conrad - True Ventures

There's obviously a question over H-1B visas that's going to put people into panic, it might decentralize the Valley a bit more, accelerate that tech movement outside.

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