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Cyrus Mehta
One way to have an immigration policy that's consistent with the policy that's been articulated by the Trump administration is to put more scrutiny on H-1B cases.feedback
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Sep 20 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about H-1B. 42 people are quoted and you can read 57 citations of them about H-1B. William Stock, Shun Hou and Ron Hira, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. William Stock said: “We are seeing the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the immigration service use their public communications to try and emphasise the possibility of violations of the programme, not the positive uses of the programme. Those three ingredients mean they are prioritising going after the IT consulting community, particularly smaller IT consulting companies.”.
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Ron Hira

As much as industry claims they are not using H-1B visas for cheap labor, in reality, this is what they care about – the lower cost. This is legal underpayment. Industry claims these are super specialized workers, so what gives? They are paying below what you would pay an average American in that job. It lowers the wages for everybody in that sector, depressing what Americans can command.feedback

Sujay Jaladi

Our ability to stay in the U.S., with good standing, depends on the visa process. Working hard is just one factor. If the financial markets are hit and your job lays people off, H-1B visa holders have a limited time to find another job and get into good standing before we have to leave the country. If the market is down and jobs numbers are low, there will be more H-1Bs in the market looking for jobs.feedback

Malcolm Turnbull

We are putting jobs first, we are putting Australians first. We are an immigration nation, but the fact remains that Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs. We will no longer allow 457 Visa system to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians.feedback

Paul Holland - Foundation Capital

The concept behind limiting the H-1B visas we think is a pretty bad idea overall. I think the notion that somehow...we're limiting American jobs for these highly trained engineers and highly trained technical people is a fallacy. We cannot graduate enough highly trained engineers in this country or in Canada or the UK or other places we draw from.feedback

Michael Wall

It is a demand-driven program, and the number of 457 visas has been on a decline over the last few years. This move does not align with Australia's stated commitment to increasing innovation, and causes uncertainty for foreign companies considering investing or doing business here.feedback

Malcolm Turnbull

Australia is the most successful multicultural nation in the world – we are an immigrant nation. But the fact remains, Australian workers must have priority for Australian jobs.feedback

Vishal Sikka - Infosys

The US is an important market for us and we are deeply committed to hire local talent and in various training activities. For instance we have developed large training centres in the US for Infosys and for others.feedback

Vishal Sikka - Infosys

I myself am a US citizen and the role of visas in our industry has become too strong. We need to deliver value to our customers independent of visas…Of course we need to comply with regulations but we should have a mix of the best local and global talent.feedback

John Miano

We have this H-1B program, which in theory has protections for American workers. But then we tell the spouses, Oh, you can work with no restrictions at all.' They are not restricted to highly skilled jobs. They can break strikes. They can do anything.feedback

Poorvi Chothani

In my opinion, the Indian companies have not been 100% compliant with the H-1B programme, This is because Indian companies who use the H-1B programme through their affiliate companies in the US get as many people as they can at entry-level positions because you pay the least salary at Level 1. It makes a huge difference to the numbers because there could be anywhere from a 5% to 30% salary jump in these (Level-2) positions, depending on where they are working.feedback

Ron Hira

The upshot is that a computer programming position is not automatically a specialty occupation. The burden will be on the employer to demonstrate that the computer programming position it is trying to fill with an H-1B worker meets the 'specialty occupation' requirement. The job itself must be a specialty occupation.feedback

Hitesh Sheth - Vectra Networks

It is that tough to find the right kind of talent and H-1B is a crucial program in enabling companies to find the best and the brightest.feedback

Hitesh Sheth - Vectra Networks

If I'm not able to get those people here in the U.S., I absolutely will have to go and find a way to hire them wherever they are. It is something that I want to really resist from doing so, but at the end of the day, being competitive is one of my highest priorities, obviously. And so I'll go where the talent is. I assure you they are doing incredible work for us. That means we have more success with our customers and that means we can hire more people here in the U.S.feedback

Hitesh Sheth - Vectra Networks

For companies like us, who are trying to recruit the best and the brightest, we need every means available to us to be able to do that – and very often those people will be from countries outside the United States.feedback

William Stock

We are seeing the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the immigration service use their public communications to try and emphasise the possibility of violations of the programme, not the positive uses of the programme. Those three ingredients mean they are prioritising going after the IT consulting community, particularly smaller IT consulting companies.feedback

William Stock

Employers who rely on H-1Bs exclusively are really going to have to carefully look at their business practices to make sure they're in compliance.feedback

William Stock

The USCIS is in part responsible for policing to make sure that if the employer is offering a wage that is competitive with non-bachelor's-degree-holding IT workers, that that person doesn't get an H-1B.feedback

Ajay Yadav

I'm thinking to myself, I think the sentiment is different now.' There's resentment toward the U.S. I was talking to my buddy a few days ago...the feeling is kind of crazy. They are kind of getting ready. The U.S. was a dream. We thought, We have to go there to be successful.' Now there is a different type of planning: Staying in India. The bottom line is, the innovation is going to explode. The same person who is staying here on H-1B who thinks they are better, they will not stop fighting. They will have a better life. They will have to fight harder now.feedback

Yogesh Jaiswal

I have friends here. I'm not in touch with many people there. Now I'm in my 30s. If I go back, I would be starting from scratch. If I had been applying for my H-1B and there was the 7 percent cap [like with green cards] ... at least I would have clarity of thought. They cannot block us when we are at the finishing line. Before the race starts, if you are going to run further, you're going to get stuck.feedback

James Crabtree

What they are doing today is just a tiny tweak that isn't really going to affect anyone very much. The risk is that coming down the tracks are much, much bigger changes to the system which will be much more damaging.feedback

James Crabtree

It doesn't make a lot of economic sense to deny companies the ability to do this. (The program) has morphed into a system where (it is bringing in) the people who are installing software packages.feedback

James Crabtree

Domestic workers (in the U.S.) think what the Indian companies, in particular, are doing is what's called body shopping – they're taking in Indian workers and giving them jobs that should be given to American workers.feedback

Rui Deng

I was very excited when I first came to Singapore because I thought it would just be a short stay. I thought I could go back to the U.S. after the second lottery so I could be with my husband in D.C.feedback

Shun Hou

For positions at big companies, the salary gap between China and the U.S. is narrowing while career paths in China are more attractive. China's multinational companies are craving bilingual talents and Chinese students abroad see this trend.feedback

Shun Hou

It's a one-time shot: Win the lottery this year, or get out of here.feedback

Shun Hou

In recent years, the connection between China's domestic job market and global talent market has established and strengthened. It's easier to become a middle-class person in the U.S., but regarding greater opportunities, the U.S. market is becoming less appealing for Chinese students.feedback

Shun Hou

Many students will return to China immediately after graduation without even trying to find jobs in the U.S. because they don't want to miss out on the summer recruitment season back home. The opportunity cost is getting higher to stay in the U.S. – you spend one year to find a job, and wait another half year to find yourself fail the lottery.feedback

Lakshmi Sridaran

This continues to be part of this administration's larger attack on immigrant communities with the underlying assumption that immigrants are taking jobs rather than being valued and protected for their immense contributions to this nation.feedback

Rashi Bhatnagar

They are paying taxes, they've started buying houses, buying cars. A lot of them have started businesses as well. They're trying to expand it, and they're planning to hire US citizens as well. It's all about equality, If L-2 people can work, the dependents of refugee visa holders, then why can't H-4 people work?feedback

Suhas Khamgaonkar

It's like you're outside a candy shop, and you can't indulge in it. You can't avail of those opportunities, and you can't enrich yourself. And that is the bane of H-4. That is the worst kind of visa.feedback

Manan Mehta

The stated intent of the temporary suspension is to clear the backlog, which is an important step for those companies that have been waiting for months.feedback

Rajiv Khanna

This is not new for anybody. Last year they did the same thing. It simply means a diversion of resources toward other programs that lack resources.feedback

Piyumi Samaratunga

At least last year, we knew that by May, the premium track would kick in. It's fair for them to want a month, because they get this flood of applications and go through the lottery process. Getting a month is reasonable. [Now] we don't know if it will be implemented in May or at all.feedback

Deborah Notkin

This year, something has happened that I've never seen before. A number of employers say they want to go ahead [to help the employee stay in the U.S.] but the person doesn't want to stay here. They don't want to commit to an H-1B visa; and they're not people from the Middle East either.feedback

Walt Mossberg

It's not because of the very limited H-1B visa program we hear about. It's just in the culture. He designs everything at Apple. If we watch how this immigration thing goes, not just this Executive Order, but If it broadens out, that's a big problem for tech. I expect the tech industry to be very disturbed by that. That fight is much harder under President Trump.feedback

Lawrence F. Katz

From the point of view of an economist, there are two big winners. The workers who come here with H-1B visas and the companies that employ them.feedback

Jeff Tan

I thought the purpose of H-1B visas was to give America a competitive edge, not help companies ship American jobs abroad. This is now standard practice in the technology industry. Today it's me, but tomorrow it's going to be a doctor or an engineer. At what point do you draw the line?feedback

Blake Irving - GoDaddy

We do not produce enough technically qualified candidates in this country. You can't take an 18 month training program and produce a machine learning scientist. There's always going to be some marginal groups that will abuse the system, it's true. There is a fraction of abuse. This isn't about trying to export jobs. People get confused with H-1B exporting jobs – that's just not the case.feedback

Zoe Lofgren

It offers a market-based solution that gives priority to those companies willing to pay the most. This ensures American employers have access to the talent they need, while removing incentives for companies to undercut American wages and outsource jobs.feedback

Cliff Li

While we are strongly against illegal immigration, we believe legal immigration, especially the means to attract hi-tech talents, is vital to our future keeping the U.S. at the cutting edge of technology. The H-1B program should be revamped to deal with known abuses and prevent the job losses of U.S. workers.feedback

William Stock

I think that's the issue that's gotten the most energy. And if we're going to see a targeted bill on H-1B, a sort of narrow bill aimed at that issue is what may have the most likelihood of passing. From their perspective, the doors are being narrowed. But I think that means there's going to be more opportunities with companies in India. The next step of this, though, that everyone needs to understand is this is not just an attack on immigration. This is an attack on the global supply chain.feedback

Charles Grassley

We need programs dedicated to putting American workers first. When skilled foreign workers are needed to meet the demands of our labor market, we must also ensure that visa applicants who honed their skills at American colleges and universities are a priority over the importation of more foreign workers.feedback

Vivek Wadhwa

Let wages rise, and let the best from all over the world compete with the best in America. This is what makes America great.feedback

James Cakmak

You look at the H-1B issue, I think that's something that the administration and Silicon Valley can work together around.feedback

Tony Conrad - True Ventures

There's obviously a question over H-1B visas that's going to put people into panic, it might decentralize the Valley a bit more, accelerate that tech movement outside.feedback

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