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Marco De Benedetti
It has been a privilege to work with Peter Aldis and his talented management team over the past seven years. We have invested heavily in the Holland & Barrett brand, built an innovation pipeline, opened over 300 new stores, built an industry leading omni-channel platform, and expanded the business internationally.feedback
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NEW Jun 26 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Heinz. You'll find 107 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Heinz are: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Paul Polman, Kenneth J. Heinz and Jim Cramer. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge specifically said: “We have personnel decisions to make. The transfer activity starts now. Sule has come on really well in the last six months and has also been called up to the Germany squad. He's a player who'll make a positive contribution for us in the future. [Rudy is one of the players who guaranteed Hoffenheim's qualification for the Champions League. We've already discussed the transfer policy with [manager] Carlo [Ancelotti] and the board and decided on targets. Next season we'll have a team that's more than capable of challenging for titles again.”.
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Rachel Drof

Moms make mistakes. Even the best moms. We wanted to cut moms some slack.feedback

Heinz Hilger

We currently have about 100 staff in Frankfurt and office space capacity to add another 20.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Carlo is a very good and experienced coach. His contract term is known [until 2019] and this is not discussed.feedback

Kenneth J. Heinz

Hedge fund capital increased to an impressive third consecutive quarterly record, extending the recent growth trajectory and following the most challenging year of capital withdrawals since post-financial crisis in 2009. Sophisticated investors continue to strategically position for market trends that drive hedge fund performance. ... Funds that continue to demonstrate their ability to navigate these trends and generate strong performance will lead industry growth in 2017.feedback

Heinz Joerg Fuhrmann - Salzgitter

We will not supply a single tonne to the USA that will be subject to this toll.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

If you play against a team like Real with 10, it becomes difficult. The whole team fought well. Then we were in extra-time and suddenly it's 4-2 thanks to the most curious decisions from the officials.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

It was an extremely emotional spectacle. You can only compliment both teams. It was great football. Unfortunately it was determined by the referee, at our expense. It wasn't even a foul by Vidal, but of course Vidal was already at risk. This weakened us, of course, as it did in the first leg when [Javi] Martinez was sent off. It killed us. That must be said very clearly. Arturo gets to the ball in front of the Madrid player. It was not a foul. That's why it shouldn't be a yellow-red card.feedback

Philipp Lahm

Despite a strong performance, it was not enough to continue to the semi-finals. It is a bitter farewell from the Champions League – especially for me personally, after so many years.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

There'll be a test on Monday night. Everything went well on Sunday in training with Hummels and Boateng. Lewandowski was even training with the team. We have to wait. At the end of the day, we're not so pessimistic.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

The medical department has done a great job, but the risk would have been too great [to play him in the first leg]. For the second leg he will 100 per cent be back.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

It will be a very difficult quarter-final for us. We will have to deliver two super games to have a chance of reaching the semi-finals. But if there is anyone capable of eliminating the defending champions, then maybe it is us.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Perez and I know what is and what is not possible. He knows that we are not going to get rid of players that we do not want to sell.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

I have met all kinds of different coaches at Bayern Munich. He has made a big impression on me with his composure and the way he looks at his work. He has a beautiful memory in winning the Champions League in Lisbon (with Real against Atletico Madrid) but he has been thinking about this game for some time now and wants to win it at all costs. It will be a very difficult quarer-final for us. We will have to deliver two super games to have a chance of reaching the semi-finals.feedback

Paul Polman

I don't want to be Churchill so this was not a time for rousing speeches. You want to be very sure that as you fight this battle that the people that are there are aligned with you.feedback

Paul Polman

We had no idea. We thought they'd be interested in some part of our business and they'd come back with a proposal.feedback

Paul Polman

When Heinz was for sale, which wasn't long ago, we were not interested because we thought it didn't fit. When Kraft was for sale, we came to the same conclusion. These are fundamentally different businesses and the synergies between us and them were difficult to see. The value creation was difficult to see.feedback

Paul Polman

Some people say to me why do you spend so much time on this? And my answer really is, I'm fortunate enough to get this job when I don't have children at home any more. I have a supportive wife, I really like what I'm doing, so for me the weekends are the same as the weeks.feedback

Paul Polman

We continue to invest very heavily in the UK with our research centres that are here, Port Sunlight has had a major investment and we've added jobs there. One of these papers out there said I want protection. I've never said that. I've really never said that. What I said is that when [Kraft's bid for] Cadbury happened in the UK we took some lessons from it. When Pfizer tried to take over AstraZeneca, we took lessons from that. What I said was, Wouldn't it be right to debrief, and see are there lessons here we can learn to put ourselves in a better position?feedback

Paul Polman

Companies like ours, traditional companies, have to continually reinvent ourselves. We would get away with making changes over a five or 10-year period but if you don't implement them now within a six or 12-month period, you are probably toast. You don't want people on your team who are against you as you go to war. I have long days. And rather than saying, Let's climb a mountain or go on my bike,' I say, I like to do this because I think it's a great opportunity with a company like ours, it's very relevant.feedback

Paul Polman

I've been here a little bit more [he points to the picture window, with St Bride's Church in the foreground and the rest of London behind], less travel, so it has allowed me to go to the gym, and have a little bit more regular life, which is the truth. It would be irresponsible to jump to a conclusion without having done the work. But what we have discovered as we drive to unification, we actually have more possibilities to guarantee the future of this company. New York is not an option. For us it's a long-term decision. It's not whoever is in office right now.feedback

Jim Cramer

I believe there are several European drug companies desperate to expand their pipelines and I expect them to start making deals in the near future. We know Kraft-Heinz is ready to pull the trigger on a deal, [but] we don't know who it's going to be. And the amount of call option buying in the major independent oils with Permian exposure this week, it was extraordinary.feedback

Paul Polman

The review has also highlighted the opportunity for accelerated development of our portfolio. After a long history in Unilever, we have decided that the future of the Spreads business now lies outside the Group. We will look to increase our strategic flexibility for further portfolio optimisation through a review of the dual-headed legal structure, with a view to simplifying it. We feel confident that the changes we are announcing today will accelerate the transformation of Unilever and the delivery of sustainable shareholder value over the long term.feedback

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

The Kraft Heinz bid was a massive wake-up call. Unilever realised it needed to do more for shareholders but it also has to improve margins - the appeal of Kraft's bid was being able to squeeze far higher margins out of the business - bribes alone won't work. The test is whether it can achieve underlying operating margin of 20% by 2020 while growing the business in emerging markets. That will generate long-term loyalty better than share buybacks.feedback

Marijn Dekkers - Unilever

The review that the board has undertaken has been detailed and comprehensive. It has confirmed that our model of long-term shareholder value creation has been successful and remains as valid as ever. The actions we are now going to take are fully supported by the Board.feedback

Edson Severnini

Clearly there was an effect of coal emissions driving pollution and - in turn - infant health. If you compared these effects to the effect of supplementary nutrition to women with a disadvantaged background, the magnitude is comparable in different directions. The ultimate goal was to protect public health, but by not taking into account this response, public health was being affected in another way.feedback

Frank Gilliland

The choices in terms of modes of energy production are important. They have consequences.feedback

Frank Gilliland

I think further research in this area is probably warranted to quantify the other risks associated with the trade off between air-polluting power generation and non-polluting power generation.feedback

Carlo Ancelotti

Dybala is a very good player. But these rumours are a myth. We are focused on our game and the matches that follow it. We have no time to think about these myths.feedback

Franck Ribery

Of course I thought about a move. In 2008 or 2009, every big club wanted me: Juventus, Inter, Milan, Barca, Real, Chelsea, Manchester... That will be tough. It's two great teams meeting. We have to be in our best shape.feedback

Heinz Schmidt

They started the full programme. Taking photos, fingerprints, you were treated like a criminal. And then there was unfriendly behaviour – in a manner of: 'such a pig.feedback

Don Steinbrugge - Agecroft Partners

The market is oversaturated. It's highly competitive, and for a hedge fund manager to raise money they can't have any flaws. If you're a hedge fund manager and you've had a significant draw-down in performance or some type of issue with service providers, or you can't clearly articulate what your investment process is, it's very difficult to raise money. Because the bar has been raised to get money, you're going to see a lot of people give up.feedback

Kenneth J. Heinz

The hedge fund industry fee structure continues the process of evolving to meet increased investor demands, as well as a persistently low, albeit increasing, level of interest rates. Continuation of the process of macroeconomic normalization is likely to drive strong performance across a wide range of strategies in 2017.feedback

Nicole Kulwicki - Heinz

The idea was inspired by the show. The David team came to us with this idea and we felt it still worked today. We wanted to be also to share the campaign with Mad Men and Heinz fans nationwide. What is unique is that advertisers often buy an ad to get on a show. This took an ad from a show and brought it to life in the real world.feedback

Allen Adamson

While they were effective in the Mad Men days, people don't linger that much with print ads. Today, you need to hit them between the eyes with a 2-by-4 to get their attention.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

We have big plans for Kimmich in the future. It's obvious that he will be Philipp Lahm's successor at the club. From next season, at least, he has definite playing minutes. That's Carlo's (Ancelotti) plan.feedback

Nicole Kulwicki - Heinz

You can be walking by the billboard and it's still very powerful, even if you don't understand the Mad Men connection. Of course, we would love Mad Men fans to pick up on it, but we feel it works very well on its own, too.feedback

Nicole Kulwicki - Heinz

Even though Don Draper created the 'Pass the Heinz' campaign almost 50 years ago, the communications still really work in today's world. Mr. Draper really understood the one thing every Heinz fan knows, which is to never settle for the foods you love without the great taste of Heinz. What we loved about the campaign is that it doesn't require paragraphs of copy to explain it. It features mouthwatering food images, and all that's missing is the Heinz.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

Bayern would like to thank a great player and a man who has played the Bayern way on and off the pitch excellently. Xabi Alonso is one of the greats of world football. He has won everything in his career. He is also an outstanding personality, a gentleman of football.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

It will do us good not to be seen as the favourites in the Champions League. We're in the quarter-finals now but every other team that has, or will, qualify will provide tough opposition.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

We shouldn't start dreaming but instead wait patiently to see who we draw in the quarter-finals.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

In any case, I think he will stay in Turin, as we have a pretty clear agreement with Juventus.feedback

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge

With Coman we have an option that is valid until April 30. He had a few difficulties after the Euros, but lately has returned to his usual level. We will probably activate the option to buy. Benatia's talent cannot be debated, but unfortunately he has been penalised by some physical problems.feedback

George W. Bush

We didn't care but we thought it'd be interesting and it turns out, Freddy has got a lot of breeds in there. They're getting along better. Bob took a couple swipes at Freddy and Freddy learned his lesson quickly.feedback

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

Will there be another deal at Kraft Heinz someday? My guess is yes, but who knows when ... it would have to be friendly and frankly, the prices in that field make it very, very, very tough to make an intelligent deal. Alex took it as a maybe and gave this letter outlining a deal to Unilever. Once the three of us learned that it was regarded as unfriendly, we had no intention of making one and I think the Unilever people understand that now.feedback

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

After that Friday, I got a call indicating that the offer was unwelcomed. It became very apparent that Unilever did not want this offer.feedback

Sidney Crosby

I'm not watching (the weather) too much now. It can change. There's a lot of different things going into the decision. I think with the game being at night, that should help. Playing outside is something that's special no matter where it is. That's kind of the way I'm looking at it. I think we're pretty lucky. There are teams that would love to play as many outdoor games as we have.feedback

Kevin Grundy - Jefferies

That's why you saw the (home and personal care products) companies move up on Friday and you're seeing some of them follow through today.feedback

Jauke de Jong

The approach by Kraft-Heinz is a total surprise. Unilever has double the revenue of Kraft for instance.feedback

Steve Clayton

This is cheap money meeting industrial logic. Putting portfolios of brands together can create huge synergies across marketing, manufacturing and distribution, even before you think about cutting the combined headquarters back to size. Kraft Heinz is attempting a massive push on the fast forward button, for to acquire the sheer scale of brands that Unilever represents through one-off acquisitions could take decades. With debt cheap and abundant right now, Kraft have spotted their opportunity.feedback

Richard Peterson

3G and Berkshire, they're noted for trying to find efficiencies, and this is on a massive scale.feedback

David Palmer - RBC Capital Markets

We believe Kraft will likely need to raise its offer substantially if it hopes to change the outcome.feedback

Philippe Ferreira

On the event-driven side, (hedge funds) are now building long exposures on Unilever and ... short Kraft the acquirer.feedback

Hilmi Unver

You're starting to see managers launching pure mergers and acquisitions hedge funds.feedback

Joerg Fuhrmann - Heinz

For 2017, I wouldn't rule out a fourth increase in group profit in a row or a pretax profit in triple-digit millions of euros. But 2017 is only four weeks old and we will still experience plenty of surprises. Luckily, we have not set any investments in motion yet.feedback

Joerg Fuhrmann - Heinz

There are activities that could profit from a possible infrastructure programme. There is a downside but it's limited. We remain relaxed and wait.feedback

Nicole Kulwicki - Heinz

The Heinz brand doesn't settle on delivering superior taste or quality, and we don't believe America should have to settle on the day after the best sports day of the year.feedback

Oskar Deutsch

A couple of nice comments about Israel do not make this party kosher. The FPO's whole past – and in fact, its present – is still xenophobic, and its leaders are trying to set parts of the Austrian population against each other.feedback

Thomas Hofer

Fundamentally, it is a strategic move. It's clear that many in the Jewish community will see what the FPO is doing as chutzpah.feedback

Heinz-Christian Strache

Anti-Semitism, regardless in which form, is a crime against humanity. If Israel as a state is threatened and ceases to exist, that is the beginning of Europe's downfall.feedback

Kenneth J. Heinz

Following a disappointing decline in 2015, hedge fund performance in 2016 was the highest since 2013 and not only tops indices of global equities, but also the annualized HFRI performance over the last five and 10 years. The recent (post-election) increase in investor risk tolerance is likely to drive continued performance and capital gains into mid-2017.feedback

Anton Pelinka

It doesn't want to make an issue of it but is trying to rid itself of the image of a far-right party.feedback

Ariel Muzicant

Jewish people certainly did vote for the FPO ... out of fear of Muslims and because of the growing number of terror attacks.feedback

Jim Cramer

As a home gamer, you can use the flailings of the hedge-fund performers to your own advantage by picking up best-of-breed companies.feedback

Jim Cramer

I recognized that you can study, and you can pick worthwhile stocks that might be doing better than the average stock and that can, indeed, augment your savings provided you do it right, have some edge and stay current on the company.feedback

Jim Cramer

Heinz was a staple with a good dividend and what I didn't understand at the time was when the economy heats up people dump these kinds of stocks for something more cyclical.feedback

Jim Cramer

I want to show you that it isn't reckless to try to pick individual stocks and those who say it is just don't understand the process of first-hand experience, married with research and buttressed by skepticism. It all increases the odds of successful individual stock investing while minimizing the risks of single stock ownership.feedback

Jim Cramer

I know that the split left Kraft without the growth it needs and I know that the Heinz people who are now running the show don't really care about whether the antecedents were together before. The breakup wasn't their idea, and I think recombining makes a ton of sense.feedback

Jim Cramer

Excuse me for not knowing that this merger idea was even in the hopper, but apparently it's even hotter than the Kraft-Heinz Mondelez talk.feedback

Kenneth J. Heinz

Hedge funds advanced to a near record level in November on the surprise Trump victory despite the sharp rise in yields and U.S. dollar strength, as U.S. equities also rallied to record highs on expectations of a new administration focused on economic growth and reduced regulation.feedback

Heinz Karrer - Économiesuisse

We're very happy Swiss voters are giving such an explicit result. Switzerland's people don't want a radical solution. It would have caused uncertainties about our energy supply, something Swiss people were unwilling to risk.feedback

Doris Leuthard

I'm relieved by this outcome, because it allows us the necessary time to transform our energy system. The people are in agreement - this is something that won't happen overnight.feedback

Steven Strycula - UBS

From a portfolio view, we believe Mondelez (for top-line growth/emerging [market] exposure) and Kellogg (margin opportunity) make the most strategic sense.feedback

Bernardo Hees - The Kraft Heinz Company

While our financial performance is respectable, we continue to have the opportunity to improve our offerings.feedback

Kenneth J. Heinz

As rates are allowed to normalize, fundamental, mean reversion across many specialized long short strategies is likely to drive strong performance and industry growth into 2017.feedback

Kenneth J. Heinz

Total hedge fund industry capital has reached a record high as the U.S. economy prepares to conclude an extended interest rate cycle which has de-sensitized many investors to risks in financial markets, while suppressing asset volatility and hedge fund performance in recent years.feedback

Alexandra Foderl-Schmid

There's an endangerment for democracy. There are quotes from Heinz-Christian Strache, the party leader, that he would call for an ÖXIT-referendum: a public vote about Austria leaving the European Union.feedback

Bernardo Hees - The Kraft Heinz Company

By implementing our integration programme and improving our performance in the marketplace, we continued to drive results in the second quarter. However, to sustain our momentum, we must remain focused on profitable growth, innovations to meet consumer needs in a challenging environment, and improving our operations. We're off to a good start, but there is still much work to be done.feedback

Rod Simms

Heinz is marketing these products as healthy options for young children when they are not.feedback

Heinz Christan Strache

The democratic result has to be respected. There are many hints from the people, these will be checked by lawyers, and independent people and we have to evaluate that.feedback

Heinz-Christian Strache

For us, it's important to act against anti-Semitism and also against Islamism and terrorism and to discuss the issues we have in common. Anti-Semitism often emerges anew from Islamism and from the left.feedback

Heinz Fischer

Of course, it goes without saying that each state must make its own decisions about security and the head of state's security. The quality of relations with Iran will not be affected by this postponement.feedback

Bernardo Hees - The Kraft Heinz Company

The important integration work and financial results we delivered in 2015 set a solid base on which we can drive sustainable growth across our global business. We are working to implement proven management methodologies, remove inefficient spending and streamline our organization, while investing in our brands and innovation to drive long-term profitable growth.feedback

Heinz Schild

At a meeting Jérôme Valcke confirmed he would choose 12 attractive matches for us. In return we made an agreement with him that he should get 50 percent of the ticket sales.feedback

Heinz Schild

The tickets were not provided because there was obviously an internal problem at Fifa concerning the ticket allocation. Presumably the tickets were provided to another exclusive provider, Match Hospitality. Thus we never go the tickets and the deal fell through.feedback

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