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“Having a Muslim woman, especially from the United States, who's played on Team USA, who's medaled at the Olympics, it shows people in and outside of the Muslim communities that it can be done. While I wish there had been another Muslim woman before who had done all things that I've been able to accomplish, I still feel very grateful. I hope there are tons and tons of Muslim women who come after me, and hopefully their journey will be easier because I've laid this groundwork in showing that it's possible.” said Ibtihaj Muhammad speaking about Hijab. It’s one of the 44 quotes about Hijab you can find on this page. 30 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Hussam Ayloush, Riad Hijab and Nan Hayes. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.

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Linda Muis

There are a lot of Muslims. There are a lot of black people. The white people, the Dutch people, they're getting less and less. Or lock them up for life. Wilders said women shouldn't wear headscarves. I agree with that. So many people voted for him.[...]

Hajar Abulfazl

I think hijab in sport has always been part of the conversation; it just seems that the larger community is all of a sudden coming to the table. From the outside, people are saying, Nike is so unique for coming to the forefront and including the hij[...]

Kulsoom Abdullah

In general, whether sports, work, or other institutions, if hijab is specifically stated to not be allowed, It seems it is from fear or dislike of what they think that it represents (such as all of the negative stereotypes) or that it is going to ta[...]

Kulsoom Abdullah

This has been the case sometimes, luckily me for with weightlifting. It was not until the Sydney Olympics in 2000, that women first participated in weightlifting. There was also concern that the sport was going to change and people would want to pet[...]

Hajar Abulfazl

As a role model of female sports empowerment, I wear it to show the next generation and their parents how Afghan women and girls can maintain respect for religion and culture while pursuing sports achievements and the benefits to developing independ[...]

Shireen Ahmed

The headlines that scream about the accomplishment of a 'Hijabi American' are unhelpful as they reduce an athlete to her outfit. It can be noted that we don't refer to any other athlete who observes a faith by a religious accessory, be it a necklace[...]

Ibtihaj Muhammad

It's always difficult when you don't see someone excelling in something that you may have dreams or aspirations to participate in or excel at. It's hard to see yourself in that space.

Iman Amrani

Religious identity isn’t something you can take off in public. The European court of justice has turned the headscarf into a symbol of resistance. This week’s decision by the European court of justice to allow the hijab to be banned in the workplace[...]

Aisha Manzoor

As a Muslim woman who wears a hijab, I applaud major brands such as Nike catering towards Muslim women – but at the same time they are a few years late. There are Muslim brands out there – both international and American – who have been doing this f[...]

Aisha Manzoor

I'd say the range for an athletic hijab is between $15 and $45.

Sherin Sultana

I think it's great that such a large corporation has finally recognized the need for more comfortable head-covering for [Muslim women] athletes, but it's a little too late. There are many Muslim-owned companies that have been making breathable worko[...]

Frank Zaccanelli

The biggest surprise for me would be if Nike's competitors like Adidas and Under Armour don't immediately follow suit. They better not waste any time.

Sherin Sultana

Nike launching their own line really advertises a bigger price tag. It kinda seems like it's more for the money than the need.

Hussam Ayloush

One out of four people in our world is Muslim. It makes good business sense to cater to such a large segment of consumers. Over the past decade, we have seen many major corporations cater to this rapidly growing consumer market by introducing halal [...]

Hussam Ayloush

Nike entering this market will help bring attention to the existence and profitability of this growing market; hence attracting many more corporations and products. This increased supply will also provide the Muslim consumers with more options, impr[...]

Andy Warner

The officials of the game there took a strict interpretation of the rule, instead of the spirit of the rule. Does this fundamentally alter the game? Does this create an inherent risk? Does it create a competitive advantage? It doesn't do any of thos[...]

Donita Adams

I didn't even want to look down at Je'Nan in that moment. I had not yet told her that she wasn't allowed to play in the game because of her headscarf.

Nan Hayes

I know definitely next year I'm going to try out for basketball. It does not stop here.

Manal Rostom

There are a lot of … women and girls who are breaking barriers. For me growing up, though, I never had these women to look up to. I had to break these barriers for myself.

Zahra Lari

People may think or tell you that you can't do certain things, but I'm going to show them you absolutely can. I am covered, I am Muslim, I am from a desert country, and I'm doing a winter sport.

Nada Sahimi

I think this ad was an utter fail. This is not the true representation of Arab, Muslim women. We do not wear a hijab and go running in the streets, shame on Nike.

Belma Corbo

Unfortunately, we are aware that throughout the history there were periods when Muslim women wearing the hijab had a rough time, or had an easier time. So, today, we are probably in a period when we are under special scrutiny, and it is our duty to [...]

Soumaya Bezgrari

It was my choice to wear the niqab. It's not because my husband makes me do it – not at all. The niqab protects me. I don't get the builders whistling at me or looking at me inappropriately. With the niqab, they can't harass you. They might shout ve[...]

Nazma Khan

I had no idea a piece of fabric on my head would cause me so much pain for the next seven years. I was discriminated against both verbally and physically. I was called names such as Batman and ninja. At one point students literally kicked and spat a[...]

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Women I respect and like wear hijabs and jilbabs to articulate their faith and identity. Others do so to follow their dreams, to go into higher education or jobs. And an increasing number are making a political statement. I am not assuming that the [...]

Shaaz Mahboob

Whether it's security at airports, identification in banks or during job or dole (income support) interviews, it is the right of the authorities and businesses to be certain of who they are dealing with on the basis of identity and communication. Fu[...]

Soumaya Bezgrari

There are thousands who wear the niqab, are you telling me all of them have been oppressed into wearing it by their husbands?

Riyad Hijab

If there is an intention for a true and genuine political solution to create a transition government with full executive power we are supporting that political solution.

Ginella Massa

It wasn't until my editor said, Hey, great job! Was that a first for Canada? A woman in a hijab?' And I said, Yes'. As much as I knew it was important, I didn't expect the reaction that I received. My phone hasn't stopped buzzing for the last week. [...]

Riad Hijab

Without designating those responsible, we don't see any credibility to this cessation of hostilities. We can see that with what happened to the attack on the convoy. There are no consequences. It is further evidence of the complete weakness of the i[...]

Riad Hijab

This transitional period will begin with the departure of Bashar al-Assad and his clique, and of course those who have committed crimes against the Syrian people.

Bernard Cazeneuve

As the prime minister has said, the government refuses to legislate on the matter because any such law would be unconstitutional, ineffective and likely to create antagonism and irreparable tension. However, Muslims must continue to engage with us o[...]

Feiza Ben Mohamed

The only outfit that is prohibited is the burka that conceals the face. That is not the case here. Today girls who swim in a burkina are hiding the same parts of their body as those who wear a hijab. So Muslim women are being stigmatized and exclude[...]

Ibtihaj Muhammad

I feel like it's a blessing to be able to represent so many people who don't have voices, who don't speak up. It's just been a really remarkable experience.

Thana Zelide

I was cheering for them. They were about my age and were up against it in this match.

Ibtihaj Muhammad

There is that silver lining in the sense that you do have that team event. I know that the Americans didn't perform in the way that we wanted, but I love my team, I love my teammates and I believe in them. I believe in myself. I believe in us, and I[...]

Christophe Billon

We know that Iranian women have to wear the hijab. We accept this because it is also important to have Iranian women in our competitions. If we said 'no you can not participate in our competitions because you are wearing a veil' it would be damaging[...]

Riyad Hijab

The High Negotiations Commission has, at present, not been invited to the talks. We don't know whether we will be at the negotiations.

James Dingemans

She was working alongside colleagues who were able to wear religious symbols and attire including the Sikh turban, the Sikh bracelet, the Muslim hijab and the Jewish skull cap.

Suzi Brown

Disney has a long history of non-discrimination and we're working with the cast member directly to try to accommodate her request.

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