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But it is not a one-day job. In a month's time or two weeks' time I would like to try, but I cannot guarantee here. As soon as I can prepare that I am happy to introduce that. Also the same, the rumour is just a rumour. After the winter test we are having a strong pressure from the team and from the driver, but we keep improving. We try to keep improving. And of course a second team, we try to have some conversation but nothing is fixed.
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Honda. 51 people are quoted and you can read 91 citations of them about Honda. Fernando Alonso, Rickie Fowler, Yusuke Hasegawa and Jake Fisher, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Fernando Alonso said: “Yeah today was alright. Reliability was good, speed was not where we want to be but better. I think some others had some issues.”.
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Fernando Alonso

After a difficult two weeks of testing we're prepared to face a difficult weekend in Melbourne. We'll do our best with what we have and there's a lot of hard work and collaboration happening within the team, but the lack of time before the first race means you have less options for big changes.

Yusuke Hasegawa - Honda

Of course the situation we find ourselves in is not what we hoped for when we returned to Formula One, but we are still 100 per cent committed to our future in the sport and our relationship with McLaren. We believe in this partnership as does McLaren, and in order to move forward it is important for us to work as one team and overcome the situation together. The priority is to maintain honest and open communication, and to continue strengthening all relationships between Honda and McLaren despite the difficulties we are facing. This is not a short-term project for us.

Yusuke Hasegawa - Honda

And at the same time we will continue to work on our development to generate more power from the PU.

Fernando Alonso

It is not a surprise, last week was not ideal for us. Today more or less we knew we were in front of a tough day so we tried to learn as much as we can.

Rickie Fowler

Whether I'm talked about with those guys or not, I just want to play the best that I can and keep pushing myself and ultimately, just keep trying to put myself in position to win and start collecting more of these.

Gary Woodland

I thought all of them looked pretty good. It was a little deflating on 18. Thought I hit a pretty good drive and thought I would have a chance, and I just couldn't get home and laid up in the water, which was bad.

Rickie Fowler

I didn't play great. It wasn't a pretty round. But we got the job done. A win is a win.

Rickie Fowler

I guess I can already plan on Hawaii for next year. I can relax a little bit. This just lets us chill out in a way. There's less pressure, less stress. I think this is something we needed going into Augusta. I like this spot we're in right now.

Tyrrell Hatton

All you can do is try your best and play well. That's what I try and do every week. It's a new course for me. I played 27 holes on Monday and Tuesday, and my caddie has done enough homework. So we know what to do. Hopefully, I'll just play well.

Rickie Fowler

It would be nice to follow in their footsteps. But I do have a lot of work to do tomorrow. A four-shot lead is nice. That can obviously go away very quickly, too.

Rickie Fowler

If you're playing from three, four shots behind, you can't make a mistake. When you're out front, four shots, I make a mistake, OK, we're still up. ... To be out front and be in control and with the way I feel about the game, the way I've been swinging, I'm looking forward to it.

Rickie Fowler

I definitely need to put myself in this position more often, which is just going to lead to me winning more often. I'm not going to be able to take a 36- or 54-hole lead every time and win, but the more times you put yourself there, the more trophies I get to hold on Sunday.

Rickie Fowler

I know I have the lead, and it's nice to go out in front. But you still have to play, and especially around this place, it can jump up and bite you at any time.

Ryan Palmer

And he went right to work and made phone calls for me. I can't think him enough for what he did. It's been a long ride.

Ryan Palmer

I watched a few tournaments. There were times when she said I should have gone and played. I was going to play Vegas and I was going to play Malaysia, but after that, there was no way I could play golf. Enjoyed time at home, took care of the kids. But it was a lot of hard times, for sure. The greens, all hell broke loose – the nerves, anxiety right hand. I spent four weeks going through that. Felt like it was the best putting I've done in a year and a half, and it's carried over to this week.

Wesley Bryan

Don't like making bogeys, but any time you find yourself using a putter out of the trees for your second shot, it's not good. Glad to settle for bogey there and glad to get one on 18, tied for the lead going into the weekend.

Rickie Fowler

I feel like it's time for me to start finishing off some more events when I am in this position. I wouldn't look just back at this specific event, but there's been a few where I've had a chance, and I feel very good out front or around the guys in the lead. I'm looking forward to this weekend.

Cody Gribble

We both know exactly how we want the ball to come out. We want less curve. I tend to draw it too much. I know we wanted more a cut swing, but kind of finally ... it's hard to explain. It clicked today, but it could be lost again tomorrow. You never know. It was a great start, and hopefully I can build on it.

Rickie Fowler

If the weather stays good and it's able to dry out, I don't see the golf course getting any easier.

Wesley Bryan

I think the comfort out here this week ... yeah, I got into some pretty good form, but out here on the golf course, I got through Q-school just about 14 months ago, and it's a place that I'm comfortable at and a golf course I know.

Martin Kaymer

It was very soft and there was not much wind. Once you miss the fairway, it was actually OK from the rough because the greens are soft. I've not played the golf course in easier conditions.

Cody Gribble

This is one of the tournaments I like to play. I played it well in Q-school a couple years ago. I've got some good memories.

Martin Kaymer

I felt very calm over the ball. I enjoy the golf course. When you stand on the first tee, you don't feel like you need to make five or six birdies. It's a ball-striking golf course, but even level par or 1-over par is a very good round.

Gary Hufbauer

As soon as you start wailing on Honda, Toyota or Nissan, you'll have a governor standing up, saying, Hey, these are great companies.

Teruhiko Tatebe - Honda Motor

The United States is where demand for fuel cell vehicles is going to be among the highest so we've decided to consolidate our manufacturing operations into one location there. Both GM and Honda have our respective missions to develop clean energy sources, and we plan to continue these regardless of the political situation.

Carrie Schwab-Pomerantz

I, coincidentally, had just bought myself a car, and I looked at the BMW and I looked at different cars, and I ended up getting the Acura, which was $15,000 less.

Donald J. Trump

If TPP were to be implemented, Japanese carmakers such as Toyota and Honda could have benefited, based on the current tariff of 2.5 percent imposed on exports.

Rory McIlroy

I'm trying to get back for Mexico. That's my timetable for return. I could probably get back before that. For example, if I were to play Honda (the Honda Classic in late February) and then go straight to Mexico, I would be playing two weeks in a row.

Tim Kuniskis - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

It's really a testament to the fact that despite all the new alternatives in the marketplace in the last 20 years there's still no better alternative for a family vehicle than the minivan.

Mark Reuss

The market is taking notice of this car, the first to offer a no-excuses reason to drive an electric vehicle.

John W. Mendel - American Honda Motor

We've never really been known as a truck company. It's nice to get to get this sort of recognition going up against some very tough competition.

Mark Reuss

We didn't have all the answers when we started the program -- in terms of how far we were going to get range-wise, how light are we going to get the car and ... sell price. We hit on all cylinders on this, so to speak, even though there's not any in the car.

John Krafcik

A single integrated system means that all the different parts of a self-driving car work together seamlessly.

Takahiro Hachigo - Honda

We produce cars in Mexico for markets including North America and Europe and we have no immediate plan to change this.

Akio Toyoda - Toyota

We will consider our options as we see what policies the incoming president adopts.

Ming Maa

Transportation is a very local problem. The transportation issues in Jakarta are very different to New York or San Francisco.

Ming Maa

We are laser-focused on keeping our heads down and focused on solving problems for consumers. We are not specifically planning for an IPO, but anything is obviously possible.

Ming Maa

Our number one missions is to provide a safe and reliable transportation service, and so the key focus of this will be Honda doing driver safety training at centers and also at their dealers.

Erik Anders Lang

After much soul searching and consideration we have made the decision to separate as a couple.

Takahiro Hachigo - Honda

It is still unclear what Trump's policies will be. We can't unexpectedly make production modifications and that is an issue not just for us but for all automakers in the United States.

Michimasa Fujino - Honda Aircraft Company

By the end of the 2018 financial year (in March 2019), we want to be near complete production of around 80 units.

Toshiaki Mikoshiba - American Honda Motor

While maintaining our current overall capacity (in North America), we'd like to also consider our production options in Japan ... to produce more light trucks to respond to strong demand. So long as we don't see a sudden reversal in gasoline prices, we believe this would be the right move for the market.

Seiji Kuraishi - Honda

At the moment we see uncertainties related to the U.S. elections, Brexit and a weaker sterling, and in Asia, the outlook for Thailand after the death of the country's monarch. We haven't seen the impact of these factors yet, but we're taking a cautious approach to our forecasts.

Seiji Kuraishi - Honda

We're seeing a positive impact from our new models. The Civic is doing very well in North America, China, and South America.

Jake Fisher - General Motors

If you look at the top three it is Toyotta and Lexus, no surprise there. But above any of the Japanese automakers – above Honda, above Subaru – we see Buick, and that is a big deal.

Jake Fisher - General Motors

The Model X out of the gate is very problematic. A lot of the problems have to do with the complex doors. The falcon wing doors are kind of an accident waiting to happen.

Zhu Linjie - Honda

The primary reason is new models, plus … sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are very popular.

Fernando Alonso

We knew these penalties would come. One of the best places was Spa because of the conditions of our engines at that point. The second best was maybe Malaysia because the weather could play a big factor in the race.

Fernando Alonso

That's the target for both cars. Even if I start last then hopefully we can recover places quite soon.

Karl Brauer

Where you used to see the Accord and Camry as the iconic brands for Honda and Toyota, I think you will now see CR-Vs and RAV4 take that over. I think the SUV is now going to become the new benchmark car for the American car buyer.

Christopher Richter - CLSA

Once upon a time 'Honda' was synonymous with 'performance'. Now Honda is known for reliability, for sensibility. (The new NSX) is an attempt to redefine Honda and regain some of the excitement about driving.

Scott Fink - Hyundai of New Port Richey

I have built my sales and my reputation at Hyundai as being the value brand. I understand the company's desire to move upstream...but now you're in the same ocean with Toyota and Honda, and Toyota and Honda most specifically in the U.S. have a much longer and better reputation than Hyundai, and we're not there yet.

Masayoshi Son

Honda cars will be able to understand the feeling of love. Imagine if robots, with their super intelligence, devoted themselves to humans - And imagine that cars themselves became supercomputers or robots one day. Honda will be the first to adopt this technology.

Anthony Foxx

With as high as a 50 percent chance of a dangerous air bag inflator rupture in a crash, these vehicles are unsafe and need to be repaired immediately. Folks should not drive these vehicles unless they are going straight to a dealer to have them repaired immediately, free of charge.

Anthony Foxx

These vehicles are unsafe and need to be repaired immediately. Folks should not drive these vehicles unless they are going straight to a dealer to have them repaired immediately, free of charge.

Bill Nelson

These vehicles are death traps, and Takata and Honda have understated the risks for far too long. Merely telling people to come to dealers is not enough – they need to go out and find these vehicles and get them off the road.

Takaki Nakanishi - Jefferies

We think at the current share price, Honda, which is trading at a discounted level, is very attractive.

Takaki Nakanishi - Jefferies

We think the final conclusion by the NHTSA and Japan's MLIT, in light of investigative approaching.

Kohei Takeuchi - Honda

Recall-related costs nullified profit growth that was driven by increased auto sales, cost cuts and lower materials costs in the last financial year.

Marcelo Alves

I mean, what is happening is an electrical vehicle, it is not running on water, it is running on electricity on the battery. But we need to commend the efforts of everyone at home that is concerned and maybe we need to provide help so they can fully develop the vehicle….

Marcelo Alves

Every sort of new device or any work has to be considered with every respect. I mean, I have all respect to this sort of people that out of concern start tinkering with the things they have at home and then came up with something that works. The only thing is that we need to inform the public that there is no magic bullet to solve the energy crisis.

Jesse Jackson

The vote made us feel good about ourselves. But there was another element that felt very threatened and they should not have. The south should not feel threatened by our progress. Civil rights have made the new south prosper. I mean, you could not have had the investment of Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, all of them have invested in the south, the new professional athletics teams in the south, the Olympics in the south – the new south has been born again because of the civil rights laws. And so the irony is those who would benefit the most become oftentimes the most mean or the most frightened.

Chen Yin Shen

I don't think Chinese products are too cheap. Chinese products represent real value in the markets. I think that European products ask too much money. They're too expensive. They should reduce their (profit) margins sometimes and go into the real free market. That is more important. The Chinese car is actually good quality and the price is OK in the market.

Shinya Uchiyama - Honda

The battery that is under the boot in the Insight we've moved to the centre of the car, freeing up space at the back. We've also improved the car's performance and balance by placing the heavy battery in the middle.

Viki Hood - Honda

ASIMO has 57 degrees of movement; a degree of freedom refers to a direct comparison with a human joint. So ASIMO has 57 motors that can all work independently to make complex movements. A good example of that is ASIMO's hands, where we've increased the degrees of freedom from 2 to 13 in each hand, which allows ASIMO to move its fingers independently and to complete complex tasks.

Marco Simoncelli

He was hit by other riders, he suffered a very serious trauma to the head, to the neck and the chest. In the ambulance there was a cardiac arrest.

Eric Blumbergs - Honda

We have a goal of zero crashes eventually, and we also have a goal of safety for everyone. We believe this technology can help us achieve those goals (and) give the driver a stress-free and safe driver experience.

Paul Mitcheson

The idea of wireless charging in vehicles really captures people's imagination. But, the idea of maybe charging medical devices is a key aspect where this technology can really have significant impact. And also things like charging your phone in your pocket. These things are not easy to do, but they are possible with this sort of technology.

David Yates

We've got a transmitter, which transmits energy to this receive coil which picks up this energy and can then power various devices like laptops, mobile phones, or even electric cars.

Eric Blumbergs - Honda

It is not a driverless car. A driver has to be in the driver's seat and has to engage the system. And the driver has to be available to re-engage when the system's complete with its function.

Koichi Kondo - Honda

For us to post a bigger profit, it is essential to see a recovery in the North American market.

Peter Mandelson

Nissan has already announced they are taking on another 150 employees at their plant in Sunderland and I know that Honda and other car companies are also expanding their work forces, in preparation for this scheme, so it's good for customers, good for the car manufacturers and it will give a lift to the UK economy as well.

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