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The United States strongly condemns the detention of hundreds of peaceful protesters throughout Russia. Detaining peaceful protesters, human rights observers, and journalists is an affront to core democratic values. The United States will monitor this situation, and we call on the government of Russia to immediately release all peaceful protesters. The Russian people, like people everywhere, deserve a government that supports an open marketplace of ideas, transparent and accountable governance, equal treatment under the law, and the ability to exercise their rights without fear of retribution.
NEW Mar 27 2017
Human Rights has been commented on by 392 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Human Rights are: Barack Obama, Mark Toner and Rodrigo Duterte. For instance, the most recent quote from Barack Obama is: “This is an example of the vital role that America has to continue to play around the world in protecting norms and values, advocating on behalf of human rights, advocating on behalf of women's rights, advocating on behalf of freedom of the press.”.
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Theresa May

The terrorists chose to strike at the heart of our capital city, where people of all nationalities, religions and cultures come together to celebrate the values of liberty, democracy and freedom of speech. These streets of Westminster – home to the world's oldest Parliament – are engrained with a spirit of freedom that echoes in some of the furthest corners of the globe. And the values our Parliament represents – democracy, freedom, human rights, the rule of law – command the admiration and respect of free people everywhere. That is why it is a target for those who reject those values.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

If you continue to behave like this, tomorrow in no part of the world, no European, no Westerner will be able to take steps on the street safely and peacefully. We as Turkey urge Europe to respect democracy, human rights, freedoms. Our friends looked at this and 144 are in jail for terror charges, the other four for common crimes.

Mary Beth Polley

As part of our regular discussions with the Chinese, we raise our serious concerns over China's human rights record, including raising individual cases of people in China who have been harassed, detained without trial and allegedly tortured. As Secretary Tillerson has stated, the American people's commitment to human rights and championing of people the world over is embedded in all we do.

Hua Chunying

China is always opposed to the efforts of any country to disrupt the normal case handling by Chinese judicial authorities at the excuse of human rights. You mentioned this expression of opinions by 11 missions in China. I believe this in itself is violating the spirit of rule of law. All sovereign states enjoy the independence of judicial affairs, and no country has the right to interfere with the independence of their judicial affairs. China has repeatedly expressed that China is a country under the rule of law and everyone stands equal in front of the law, and no one can rise beyond the law.

Goncalves Margerin - Amnesty International

The U.S. has attended these hearings for the last eight years. By failing to be present at this hearing, the U.S. joins Cuba and Venezuela in turning its back on people in the Americas who seek justice for human rights abuses.

Ibrahim Hooper

It's part of being the nation's most prominent, active American-Muslim Civil rights and advocacy organization. We get it every day, particularly from the right wing of the political spectrum.

Kristen Clarke

It took years for the civil rights division to be rebuilt and for it to return to its core focus of enforcing civil rights in an objective matter. At the end of the day, this was all conduct that played out under Mr. Acosta's watch.

Preet Bharara

I am honored to join the NYU School of Law, one of the great educational institutions in America, and I welcome the chance to contribute in such a thoughtful setting. I am thrilled for this opportunity to continue addressing the issues I so deeply care about – criminal and social justice, honest government, national security, civil rights, and corporate accountability, to name a few.

Dick Durbin

You're going to have your hands full with this president. He's going to keep you busy. We need to know what you'll do when you're called upon to stand up to this president, or any president, if he claims the power to ignore laws that protect fundamental human rights. I want to hear from you why Mr. Priebus would say that.

Mark Toner

The United States strongly and unequivocally opposes the existence of the UN Human Rights Council's Agenda Item Seven. Today's actions in the council are yet another reminder of that body's longstanding bias against Israel. No other nation has an entire agenda item dedicated to it at the council. The continued existence of this agenda item is among the largest threats to the credibility of the council.

Avichai Boaron

They are not a human rights organization, they are a political organization. They talk about people's rights, but we lost our homes, we were transferred and today we are living like refugees. But we are not important to them because we are Jews.

Hamid Mir

I am not afraid of bullets or bombs. I thought if the judge saw him by my side he would think 'if he is with him then I won't get into trouble if I free him'. I don't talk about human rights any more. . . You become selective in your criticism.

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

There is also a need to address the underlying drivers of terrorism through continuing investments in conflict prevention, conflict resolution, countering violent extremism, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, sustainable and inclusive development, the enhancement and respect of human rights, and timely responses to humanitarian crises.

James Cavallaro

Mexico has worked hard to promote its image as a state that defends or advances international human rights. But at home, the human rights situation is simply dreadful: severe abuse, torture, summary executions and virtually guaranteed impunity.

César Camacho

I am a proponent of the accusatory system, and I know it inside out. What is necessary now is to make adjustments that allow for an absolute respect to civil liberties, and to give the Mexican state instruments and elements to make it more efficient.

Thomas Carothers

In short, the prospects for serious, effective U.S. engagement by Trump to support democracy and human rights abroad look dismal.

Mark Toner

I'm just always wary of predicting exactly what will be on the agenda of any meeting, but I can guarantee that it is a concern. We recognize there are challenges there. Human rights is one of those challenges and freedom of the press is an essential part of that.

Rebecca MacKinnon

We're in a period where Chinese government pressure on journalists is as great as it's been since the 1980s, so having a secretary who raises the importance of a free press and the treatment of journalists is important. It's been a key part of our foreign policy for decades for Republicans and Democrats. If that changes or if the message is not conveyed … that sends a message not just to the world and the Chinese government, but also to Chinese journalists, human rights lawyers and activists.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

We know the Netherlands and the Dutch from the Srebrenica massacre. We know how rotten their character is from their massacre of 8,000 Bosnians there. Nobody should try to give us lessons on morality, especially not those who have blood on their hands. The Netherlands, with its display of state terrorism, has caused huge damage to Europe and the EU. Now, for those who want to cooperate with the EU, it has ceased to be a symbol of human rights and freedom. Europe is too important to be left at the mercy of rogue states.

Samer Jabbour

The international community has left these violations of international humanitarian and human rights law largely unanswered, despite their enormous consequences. There have been repudiated denunciations, but little action.

Sean W. Gallagher

The elimination of female genital mutilation/cutting has broad implications for the health and human rights of women and girls, as well as societies at large.

William Mozdzierz

We remain deeply concerned by ongoing widespread and gross human rights violations and abuses in the DPRK, including summary executions, enslavement, torture, arbitrary detention, and enforced disappearances.

Choe Myong Nam

We are not participating in any meeting on DPRK's human rights situation because it is politically motivated.

Tomas Ojea Quintana

Military tensions have brought human rights dialogue with the DPRK to a standstill.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The Netherlands is nothing like an EU country. It is acting like a banana republic. The world has witnessed how those who had lectured Turkey on human rights, rule of law and democracy for years are far from those values. Now they are trying to find excuses for their bad behaviour.

Randy Jayne Rosenberg

This is a human rights issue and a women's issue. It's an uncomfortable, powerful art exhibition. And it's a way to raise awareness on this serious global problem of abuse and exploitation of children.

John Cunningham

The story of AIDS is more than a disease. The real underpinnings of that story are about humanity, social justice, human rights and what it means to be a citizen of the world. Somehow there needs to be a keeper of the story.

Naim Khasawneh

We expected Daqamseh to be released after the murder of [Palestinian teenager] Mohammed Abu Khdeir. We expected him to be released after the killing of Judge Raed al-Zaytar. We expected him to be released after each Israeli violation of human rights.

Harriet Wistrich

This case sets a very important precedent for women, because it shows that victims of rape should have an enforceable right under the Human Rights Act to bring action where they are let down by state failing.

Nicola Sturgeon

I'm pretty certain that this wasn't the purpose of this impressive human rights lawyer's appearance at the UN.

John Crew

This is a problem not just for San Francisco. It's a problem around the country of local police assigning officers to the FBI under arrangements that have not been scrutinized in the past, where local civil rights and racial profiling policies are going to be reevaluated in the era of the Trump administration.

Heather Havrilesky

As George leads Amal through the crowd in his baggy jeans looking docile and outclassed, Amal pulls all the focus. She doesn't have time for this foolishness. In other words, if we want to hear Amal talk, she'll be talking about human rights. She won't be talking about love and marriage and babies. That's George's job. He's the man behind the woman. Which is a pretty unfamiliar, teachable moment for George and for America.

Michael Knowles

It took a very long time to research this book. I've been observing the Democratic Party for at least 10 years now and when I observed their record and reasons to vote for them – on reasons of economics or foreign policy or homeland security or civil rights and so on – I realised it was probably best to just leave all the pages blank.

Kazuko Ito

The government has a responsibility to protect the human rights of evacuees, but it doesn't not recognise this obligation. Instead, it downplays the health impact of the accident, especially the dangers associated with long-term radiation exposure.

Lene Wendland

There is therefore huge potential for FIFA to play a dynamic role in standing up for human rights.

Huang Xihua

You can't turn people's willingness to have babies on and off like a water tap. Once having fewer children becomes a trend, it's hard to reverse. Females reach sexual maturity at around 14 years old, and males at 16. That means Chinese people are sexually mature for six years before being allowed to marry. Lowering the legal marriage age is a way to protect civil rights and preserve social harmony.

Alexandra Channer - Verisk Maplecroft

Mandatory disclosure makes it more likely that consumers, shareholders and investors will vote with their wallets for ethical companies who can prove their respect for human rights. Seafarers' wages and working conditions are often the first to suffer when ship owners or shipping companies compete at ever lower prices to transport ever fewer goods.

Jonathan Capehart

If an enduring face of the pain and promise of the Civil Rights movement is Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), then Peggy Wallace Kennedy has become a symbol of racial reconciliation. In speeches and interviews over the past few years, the diminutive daughter of segregationist Alabama governor George Wallace looms large as an authoritative voice in acknowledging a painful past as part of a larger effort to move our nation forward together.

Thorsteinn Viglundsson

The time is right to do something radical about this issue. Equal rights are human rights. We need to make sure that men and women enjoy equal opportunity in the workplace. It is our responsibility to take every measure to achieve that. It is a burden to put on companies to have to comply with a law like this. But we put such burdens on companies all the time when it comes to auditing your annual accounts or turning in your tax report.

Richard Farnell

With all the horrific human rights abuses happening around the world right now, I would have thought Liberty had bigger things to worry about. We are clamping down on a small minority of antisocial ne'er-do-wells who drunkenly shout and swear and harangue shoppers in our town centre.

Mevlut Cavusoglu

You prevent us from meeting our Turkish citizens. Does this suit humanity? Does this suit democracy? Does this suit human rights? Does this suit people's right to meet?

Omar Barghouti

It is not a requirement or a necessity for human rights defenders and groups supporting BDS to enter the country to do their work effectively. If anything, banning them from entry will further motivate them to increase their work.

Martin Green

Remember we have an equality and human rights act where age is a protected characteristic. What has the Equality and Human Rights Commission done on this issue? They have done very little on age. They are obsessed with race, gender, sexuality and disability and they completely ignore age. Actually I would say ageism is probably the most prevalent form of discrimination in our society today.

Olena Zerkal

Today I stand before the World Court to request protection of the basic human rights of Ukrainian people.

Husain Abdulla

In a year where the new Trump administration is dismissing human rights from its foreign policy to Bahrain and the Gulf and preparing to sell arms without conditions, this is a dangerous sign of things to come.

Morris Mock

It's empowering to see so many leaders, both here and abroad, offering their support to us as we speak out against Nissan's attacks on our civil rights at the plant. I have two daughters, and I want them to grow up in a community where they will have a real shot at a good future and a decent living. That's why I'm going to keep fighting for good jobs at Nissan's plant, no matter what it takes.

Donald J. Trump

Education is the civil rights issue of our time. We want millions more to have the same chance to achieve the great success that you're achieving. The love you have for what you do is really fantastic.

David Kaye

Fake news' has emerged as a global topic of concern and there is a risk that efforts to counter it could lead to censorship, the suppression of critical thinking and other approaches contrary to human rights law.

Radley Balko

Seven Baltimore police officers have been indicted on federal racketeering charges, including “shaking down citizens, filing false court paperwork and making fraudulent overtime claims.” This all went on as the Justice Department was investigating the department for systemic civil rights violations - an investigation Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested was unnecessary and demoralizing to police officers.

Sarah Margon - Human Rights Watch

While the U.S. commitment to human rights has been imperfect, it has always been one of the key pillars of foreign policy. That seems to be under dramatic threat right now. The fact he's not personally involved makes it much easier for other governments to ignore its findings.

Rob Berschinski

Such a decision sends an unmistakable signal to human rights defenders that the United States may no longer have their back, a message that won't be lost on abusive governments.

Patrick Poon - Amnesty International

Although mainland Chinese mainstream media always accuse Western media coverage of China's human rights record and cases as biased, it's very rare to see them use the term 'fake news' to describe Western media reports. Some party publications might have used the term but it's just very rare in mainstream media. As Donald Trump has been discrediting some major Western media reports as 'fake news,' it seems that the mainland mainstream media might be borrowing this term from him to attack Western media coverage of human rights cases in China.

Adam Schiff

You see in many parts of Europe a retreat to nationalism, a de-emphasis on human rights. You see in the countries of our NATO allies the imprisoning of journalists. We're seeing an awful turn away from representative government, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law.

Max Vernon

All those people were facing very real oppression, but they were still figuring out how to be colorful and connected as a community. They were at the birth of a political movement, and now we are experiencing a resurgence of that militant civil rights activism. I wanted to write a show that inspired people to learn from the past and pick up the torch and move forward.

Richard Branson - Virgin Group

Dreaming is one of humanity's greatest gifts; it champions aspiration, spurs innovation, leads to change, and propels the world forward. In a world without dreams there would be no art, no adventure, no moon landing, no female CEOs, and no civil rights.

Oystein Storrvik

This is the outcome we were expecting, and we have decided to appeal. First, we will try the Supreme Court and if that does not work, we will try the European Court of Human Rights. We will follow our plan. Our strategy was to achieve a change, so that our plan.

Erin Barclay

In order for this Council to have any credibility, let alone success, it must move away from its unbalanced and unproductive positions. As we consider our future engagements, my government will be considering the Council's actions with an eye toward reform to more fully achieve the Council's mission to protect and promote human rights.

Donald J. Trump

Tonight, as we mark the conclusion of our celebration of Black History Month, we are reminded of our nation's path toward civil rights and the work that still remains. Recent threats targeting Jewish community centers and vandalism of Jewish cemeteries, as well as last week's shooting in Kansas City, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all its forms. I am the least anti-Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life. I hate the charge. I find it repulsive.

Yun Byung-se

We should act individually and collectively before the violation of human rights leads to a much bigger calamity.

Asghar Farhadi

I'm sorry I'm not with you tonight. My absence is out of respect for the people of my country, and those of [the] other six nations who have been disrespected by the inhumane law that bans entry of immigrants to the U.S. Dividing the world into the 'us' and 'our enemies' categories creates fear – a deceitful justification for aggression and war. These wars prevent democracy and human rights in countries which have themselves been victims of aggression.

Chang Yong-seok

North Korea was already under immense pressure over its efforts to develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles, and also its human rights issues. Things will get even more complicated for Pyongyang if its chemical weapons issues are thrown into the mix.

Mark Johnson

All of you have signed a statement in response to things that are going on. It's not just in defense of artists rights, but human rights. It's kind of remarkable.

Jodie Foster - Monster

We know that the first attack on democracy is an assault on free expression and civil liberties. And this relentless war on truth. And unfortunately, sadly, it's too familiar because history repeats itself. This is our time to resist. It's our time to show up and demand answers. It's our time to tell our elected officials to do their job.

Brandon Johnson

I don't know if it's through cutting of use of funding or civil rights lawsuits, since a lot of these universities do engage in organized conspiracies to suppress assembly by conservative groups. If professors are saying 'Trump is Hitler' in class, if they want to use their teaching pulpit to bully their students, they should be willing to deal with the consequences. Change the tenure system.

Mark Toner

Even though we do not agree with all of their assertions or conclusions, given the seriousness of their efforts, we support the importance of the work they do. We reference HRW reports in our own reporting, including our annual human rights reports.

Omar Shakir

The denial letter came as a shock, given that we have had regular access to Israel and the West Bank for nearly three decades and regularly engage Israeli authorities. Branding us as propagandists and fake human rights advocates puts Israel in the company of heavily repressive states like North Korea, Iran and Sudan that have blocked access for Human Rights Watch staff members.

Iain Levine - Human Rights Watch

The Israeli government is hardly the only one to disagree with our well researched findings, but efforts to stifle the messenger signal that it has no appetite for serious scrutiny of its human rights record. We hope the Israeli authorities will reverse this decision and allow both international and domestic human rights groups to work freely.

Mark Toner

HRW is a credible human rights organization and even though we do not agree with all of their assertions or conclusions, given the seriousness of their efforts, we support the importance of the work they do.

Luis Videgaray

The Mexican government will take all the measures legally possible to defend the human rights of Mexicans abroad, especially in the United States.

Luis Videgaray

The Mexican government will not hesitate in going to international organisations, starting with the United Nations, to defend human rights, liberties and due process for Mexicans abroad according to international law.

Larry Diamond

My great fear, is that if we have a major terrorist attack on the United States, that the psychology of fear that sets in in these circumstances naturally gives a leader like Trump enormous scope to abridge civil liberties, amend constitutional guarantees, and move in a more authoritarian direction.

Tony Blair

The fact is that this was always a very difficult situation where any government would have to balance proper concern for civil liberties with desire to protect our security, and we were likely to be attacked whatever course we took. The reason it did take a long time for their release was precisely the anxiety over their true affiliations. […] But those who demanded their release should not be allowed to get away with now telling us that it is a scandal that it happened.

James Selfe

This is a victory for the rule of law and indeed for our country's human rights-based foreign policy which Zuma and his cronies have tried so hard to depart from. Clearly Zuma and his ANC have absolutely no respect for the constitution.

Rachel Tiven

Enforcement of federal civil rights law is not a states' rights issue. Full stop.

Mauricio Macri

I know what the Venezuelan people are suffering, I think what we have to have is a firm position, without euphemisms, saying that in Venezuela democracy and human rights are not respected.

Jeff Sessions

There's a perception, not altogether unjustified, that the Civil Rights Division, goes beyond fair and balanced treatment.

Ali Vitali - National Broadcasting Company

Acosta served as assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division under President George W. Bush, selected by the president in August 2003. Acosta was a member of the National Labor Relations Board and also served as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Rights Division. Most recently, he was the dean of Florida International University College of Law.

Kristen Clarke

This egregious conduct played out under Mr. Acosta's watch and undermined the integrity of the Civil Rights Division. It is hard to believe that Mr. Acosta would now be nominated to lead a federal agency tasked with promoting lawful hiring practices and safe workplaces.

Glenn McCoy - Belleville News-Democrat

My cartoon was about how, in this day and age, decades beyond the civil rights protests, it's sad that people are still being denied the right to speak freely or do their jobs or enter public buildings because others disagree with who they are or how they think.

Bob Menéndez

We commend the administration for acting quickly and decisively as the human rights violations, political persecution and impunity in Venezuela cannot go unpunished.

Kevin Brady

If Congress begins to use its powers to rummage around in the tax returns of the president, what prevents Congress from doing the same to average Americans? Privacy and civil liberties are still important rights in this country, and (the) Ways and Means Committee is not going to start to weaken them.

Kevin Brady

So, I've read his letter and I disagree with all of it. In fact, that letter misrepresents the legislative intent of that provision which in fact, creates confidentiality and privacy for Americans in their tax returns. My belief is that if Congress begins to use its powers to rummage around in the tax returns of the president, what prevents Congress from doing the same for average Americans. Privacy and civil liberties are still important rights in this country and ways and means committee is not going to start to weaken them.

Aviva Raz Shechter

This resolution about the creation of a database should not have been accepted in the first place. It reflects and perpetuates the discrimination towards Israel at the U.N. in general, and at the Human Rights Council in particular.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

I think the wall and the demagoguery of patriotism are no match for the dignity and humanity of the American people. If the Mexican government does not put before the United Nations in the coming days a complaint about the violation of human rights, then we will do it ourselves.

Juan C. Zarate

For Russia, this would be a win-win. It would signal warmer relations and some desire for greater cooperation with the new administration, but it would also no doubt stoke controversies and cases in the U.S. around the role of surveillance, the role of the U.S. intelligence community, and the future of privacy and civil liberties in an American context. All of that would perhaps be music to the ears of Putin.

Alan Milstein

I do not believe the lawsuit has merit. The argument that this was a 'private' Twitter feed makes no sense. Whether one is a journalist, athlete, politician, or any public figure, your Twitter account is part of your public persona. No one follows Mr. Hubbuch because of his private life; they follow him because he is a Post writer. The Post can fire an at will employee for any reason, even the wrong reason, as long as it does not violate some law like the cited NY Labor Law or the Civil Rights Act. I just don't think a Twitter feed is recreational under the Labor Law.

Juan C. Zarate

For Russia, this would be a win-win. They've already extracted what they needed from Edward Snowden, in terms of information, and they've certainly used him to beat the United States over the head in terms of its surveillance and cyber activity. It would signal warmer relations and some desire for greater cooperation with the new administration, but it would also no doubt stoke controversies and cases in the U.S. around the role of surveillance, the role of the U.S. intelligence community, and the future of privacy and civil liberties in an American context.

Hervé Ladsous - United Nations

"The security situation throughout the country cannot be compared with that of 10 years ago,". "But I say to all who would be tempted to take advantage of this temporary period to return to illegality, commit crimes, violations of human rights, I say no, we will not accept that". "If the military component is erased … there is still a lot of work left to do on the police, on the law … on human rights, on the status of women,".

Hervé Ladsous - United Nations

The security situation throughout the country cannot be compared with that of 10 years ago. But I say to all who would be tempted to take advantage of this temporary period to return to illegality, commit crimes, violations of human rights, I say no, we will not accept that. If the military component is erased ... there is still a lot of work left to do on the police, on the law ... on human rights, on the status of women.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

I ask the president, the police chief, do I not have the right to live in my own country, with the human rights that I am entitled to? I'm just asking for justice.

Magda Adly

They are targeting the entire human rights movement; silencing any voices that reveal state abuses and choking outlets that talk about them.

Najia Bounaim - Amnesty International

Today's shutdown of the Nadeem Center, an organization which offers crucial support to survivors of torture and violence, is yet another shocking attack on civil society in Egypt. The move exposes the chilling extremes to which authorities are prepared to go to in their relentless and unprecedented persecution of human rights activists in recent years.

Coretta Scott King

Civil rights leaders, including my husband and Albert Turner, have fought long and hard to achieve free and unfettered access to the ballot box. Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as federal judge.

Ted Malloch

We would prefer, certainly in the Trump administration, to work with countries bilaterally. It has taken positions contrary to American foreign policy in the last eight years in any number of issues, whether it's on Israel, on the Middle East, on Iran, on some human rights issues. There is a long and growing list of issues where U.S. foreign policy differs from that of the EU. All of these things, just objectively, would be good. Of course, how do you get from here to there? That's the question.

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

We have repeatedly raised serious concerns about the grave violations of international human rights and international humanitarian law in Syria, including in detention centers and government-run prisons. What is important is that there needs to be accountability for all the victims in this conflict.

Arthur Hellman

The reputation is certainly deserved based on the history of the last 40 years or so. It's been more liberal, by which we mean more sympathetic to habeas petitioners, civil rights plaintiffs, anti-trust cases, immigration cases. But it's less of an outlier now than it was.

Ashleigh Hansberger

Both generations have a sensitivity to important social and political causes. Optimistic boomers marched for civil rights in the sixties, while millennials were at the front of the Occupy movement and at the center of the Obama campaigns. Both generations showed up for the Women's March on Washington to stand up for the same ideals, and both generations are ambitious, achievement-oriented, community-centered and opportunistic, and share a desire to make the world a better place.

Daniel Horodniceanu

We have an over population in prisons and this problem can be solved either by increasing the number of places or by reducing the number of inmates. The fastest way to solve this is an amnesty. We were criticised by the European Court for Human Rights who gave us the examples of other states, so we followed that example. And suddenly we are criticised for doing exactly what we were told to do.

Oscar Arias

It's with great incredulity that we're seeing how leaders of the biggest democracy in the world lack respect for human rights and international diplomacy.

Betsy DeVos

Every child deserves to attend school in a safe, supportive environment where they can learn, thrive, and grow. Opening a complaint for investigation in no way implies that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has made a determination about the merits of the complaint.

Enda Kenny

The cabinet this morning were very fully in favour of retaining our pre-clearance and the Attorney General has confirmed that the issue in so far as the legality is concerned is a matter entirely for the United States courts. In so far as Ireland is concerned, we are in compliance with human rights legislation and in accordance with our own constitution.

Emily Thornberry

When it comes to human rights, when it comes to women's rights, when it comes to torture and the treatment of minorities, President Trump is already descending down a very dangerous slope.

Aaron C. Morris

Immigration Equality received dozens of messages over the weekend from anxious LGBTQ and HIV-positive individuals asking if they would be allowed to return home. The Administration's reckless and haphazard attack on immigrants is a gross violation of due process and it substantially undermines our international reputation to uphold and protect basic human rights. I think any increase in the enforcement of immigration laws will invariably harm LGBTQ and other vulnerable communities more than the general population.

Theresa May

It marks the start of a new and deeper trading relationship with Turkey and will potentially secure British and Turkish jobs and prosperity for decades to come. This agreement underlines once again that Britain is a great, global trading nation and that we are open for business. I'm proud that the UK stood with you on July 15 last year in defense of democracy and now it is important that Turkey sustains that democracy by maintaining the rule of law and upholding its international human rights obligations as the government has undertaken to do.

Howard Schultz - Starbucks

We are living in an unprecedented time, one in which we are witness to the conscience of our country, and the promise of the American Dream, being called into question. I am hearing the alarm you all are sounding that the civility and human rights we have all taken for granted for so long are under attack. We will neither stand by, nor stand silent, as the uncertainty around the new Administration's actions grows with each passing day.

Ali Larijani

This reveals the fear of this US administration. It's afraid of its own shadow. It has also exposed their brutal racist manner hidden behind their demagogic veneer which pretends to be pro-democracy and pro-human rights. A country that enjoys powerful security doesn't make such decisions with fear and anxiety.

Aria Grabowski

Everyone should have their human rights respected, regardless of nationality or religion.

Lee Gelernt

The community support from everyone in New York and around the country is absolutely critical. Any successful civil rights movement needs the technical lawyering in court and the enormous support from the public.

Jan Philipp Albrecht - European Parliament

Because what France is doing there is in the area of national security. And the European Union still is not competent at all. Also the European Court of Justice has no competency to judge on the national security laws of EU member states. Still that doesn't mean that France or other member states of the European Union can just infringe the fundamental rights of EU citizens indefinitely, because there's still the European Convention on Human Rights from the Council of Europe and there's the Strasbourg Court. And I am quite sure that there will be court cases coming up on the laws in France.

Sandra Lee Fewer

When we know that there is a violation of human rights here, this is where we excel. This is where we lead the nation and we say, We will not back down and we will stand up for what we believe is right.

Joan Hoey

The backlash was the culmination of a longstanding trend of deterioration in the quality of democracy in the US and Europe, which is manifested in declining trust, falling popular participation and the erosion of civil liberties. The US has been downgraded because of a further erosion of trust in government and elected officials. This is not a consequence of Donald Trump. On the contrary, the election of Mr Trump as US president was in large part a consequence of the longstanding problems of democracy in the US.

Rick Scott

Disappointed some FL (Florida) ports would enter into any agreement with Cuban dictatorship. I will recommend restricting state funds for ports that work with Cuba in my budget. We cannot condone Raul Castro's oppressive behavior. Serious security/human rights concerns.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

I respectfully suggest that the government of Mexico presents a lawsuit at the United Nations against the U.S. government for violation of human rights and racial discrimination.

Laura Dern

I feel hopeful with the daily reminder that we peacefully protest, that we believe in our own internal revolution, that we honour our constitution and human rights which are women's rights and civil rights.

Chris Coons

I believe that climate change is a pressing national security threat. I believe that advocating for human rights, a free press, and democracy around the world advances our own security and economic interests here at home.

Raja Krishnamoorthi

Women's rights are human rights. A loud chorus of voices including mine will speak up for the rights of women and all Americans to make a better life in this country.


I believe that women have the right to be treated with the same human rights as men. I feel like we are still very far behind.

Erika Guevara Rosas - Amnesty International

The killing of Isidro Baldenegro Lopez is a tragic illustration of the many dangers faced by those who dedicate their lives to defend human rights in Latin America, one of the most dangerous regions in the work for activists. It is imperative that Mexico investigates this crime and that all governments across the Americas take more action to promote and protect the very important work human rights activists do with so much courage.

Barack Obama

This is an example of the vital role that America has to continue to play around the world in protecting norms and values, advocating on behalf of human rights, advocating on behalf of women's rights, advocating on behalf of freedom of the press.

Jamie McGoldrick - United Nations

There are about 11 million people in this country who need some sort of protection in terms of human rights, to protect their dignity and their safety. And there's another 2.9 million living in acutely affected areas, who require legal and other types of support.

Ted Lieu

Trump -- who lost the popular vote -- has made a series of racist, sexist and bigoted statements. In addition, he has attacked Gold Star parents, veterans such as John McCain and now civil rights icon John Lewis.

Mike Pence

Donald Trump has every right to defend himself. When you have someone like John Lewis … for someone of his stature not only in the civil rights movement but in the voting rights movement to make the comment is deeply disappointing.

Bahram Ghassemi

The lack of transparency in the unfair trial of the three Bahraini citizens was confirmed by the international community, human rights and all popular bodies all around the world.

Rand Paul

John Lewis is a partisan. I have a great deal of respect for him, but he's a partisan and I disagree with him on issues. I should be able to honestly disagree with him and not have it all come back to I have no appreciation for a civil rights icon because of this.

Terri Sewell

Today, Birmingham takes its rightful place as the epicenter of the fight for Civil Rights in America. It is such a great tribute to the people of the City of Birmingham that President Obama would make this designation as one of his last actions before leaving the White House. President Obama's executive order will ensure that the fight for equal rights in the City of Birmingham will forever be cemented in the annals of our democracy.

Corey Booker

I believe like perhaps all of my colleagues that in the choice between standing with Senate norms or standing up for what my conscience tells me is best for our country, I will always choose conscience and country. If one is to be attorney general, they must be willing to continue the hallowed tradition in our country of fighting for justice for all, for equal justice, for civil rights.

Jeff Sessions

I was accused in 1986 of failing to protect the voting rights of African-Americans […] and of condemning civil rights advocates and organizations and even harbouring, amazingly, sympathies for the KKK. These are damnably false charges. I abhor the Klan and what it represents and its hateful ideology.

Jeff Sessions

It wasn't accurate then. I know we need to do better, we can never go back. I am totally committed to maintaining the freedom and equality that this country has to provide to every citizen, I can assure you. He "understands the history of civil rights and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our African-American brothers and sisters. I have witnessed it.

Fredrik Sejerstad

There is no human rights violation. He has not broken down, he has not expressed remorse, he is proud of what he has done.

Jeff Sessions

I deeply understand the history of civil rights and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our African-American brothers and sisters. The Office of the Attorney General of the United States is not a political position, and anyone who holds it must have total fidelity to the laws and the Constitution of the United States.

Patrick Leahy

If we are to continue being a great nation, then survivors of sexual assault and hate crimes and religious bigotry all deserve to know that their civil and human rights will be protected by the attorney general of the United States. Given the divisive rhetoric of the Republican nominee for president last year, many are worried.

Jeff Sessions

I deeply understand the history of civil rights and the horrendous impact that relentless and systemic discrimination and the denial of voting rights has had on our African-American brothers and sisters. I have witnessed it. I understand the demands for justice and fairness made by the LGBT community. I understand the lifelong scars born by women who are victims of assault and abuse.

Yuval Ginbar - Amnesty International

It should be obvious that human rights laws apply to everyone irrespective of how atrocious their crimes.

Tom Malinowski

People don't film themselves committing a human rights abuse unless they think that doing so is normal and allowed. What that video suggests to me is that this kind of behaviour, at least with respect to whatever unit or elements of the security forces was involved, has become normalised, much as the photographs at Abu Ghraib taught us the same lesson about things that were going on in our military in Iraq at the time.

Cornell William Brooks

As a matter of conscience and conviction, we can neither be mute nor mumble our opposition to Senator Jefferson Beauregard Sessions becoming Attorney General of the United States. Senator Sessions has callously ignored the reality of voter suppression but zealously prosecuted innocent civil rights leaders on trumped-up charges of voter fraud.

Tarah Demant - Amnesty International USA

Violence against women is a human rights crisis. It is a health crisis. It is a cultural crisis.

Rodrigo Duterte

Forget the laws on human rights. If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just as I did as mayor. You drug pushers, hold-up men and do-nothings, you better go out. Because, I'd kill you.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

Amos Yee is the sort of classic political dissident that the U.N. Refugee Convention was designed to protect, and Human Rights Watch hopes the U.S. will recognize his asylum claim.

Simone Bell

Charlotte shouldn't have had to repeal its ordinance in exchange for H.B. 2 to be repealed. LGBT people in North Carolina still need protection from discrimination. The right action is for the North Carolina Legislature to pass a statewide comprehensive civil rights bill that includes full protections for LGBT people.

Simone Bell

LGBT rights aren't a bargaining chip. Charlotte shouldn't have had to repeal its ordinance in exchange for H.B. 2 to be repealed. LGBT people in North Carolina still need protection from discrimination. The right action is for the North Carolina Legislature to pass a statewide comprehensive civil rights bill that includes full protections for LGBT people.

Therese Sjöström

The KPCS is outdated and does not cover most human rights abuses linked to diamond extraction on Wednesday.

Rizwan Jaka

I believe our nation must come together in unity and healing. I believe we must continue to advocate for religious freedom, better race relations, women's rights, national security, civil rights and counter bigotry in all forms.

Bill Gates - Microsoft

Nate is a great example of what it takes to be an effective teacher. He works hard at his craft, always searching for ways to make a subject relevant for his students. For example, he uses 'Star Wars' to help explain Civil Rights. It's pretty amazing.

Carolyn White

This was a pure power grab. I got arrested two years ago. Did it make any difference? No. But just like the civil rights movement, it's forward together. You just have to keep going forward.

Trudie Styler

We haven't won many arguments, those of us who have been in the environmental movement and human rights movement for many years. I think Standing Rock really was the first gain ...and we have to make sure that we can now build on it.

Rodrigo Duterte

If they are, If they say that they are, if I am afraid to stop because of the human rights and guys from, including Obama? Sorry, I am not about to do that. You arrest me, oust me? Go ahead. So, God said that you are mayor but you have given a mission to do something but it's only up to them. So, fine. Oust me, good. Assassinate me, better. I have this migraine everyday.

Robert Daly

This is not a bargaining chip that you use to come closer to getting your ideal set of circumstances regarding trade matters, human rights or anything else. To withdraw from the one China policy is to renounce formal relations with China. Then there's no basis to discuss any of these issues.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

Cuba is changing deeply and the EU is going through this process along with the Cuban government and the Cuban people as friends. That is a common opportunity to boost sustainable development, social justice in order to enhance democracy and the respect of human rights.

Darnell Hunt

The criticism of Hollywood has been in the past that if you are making a black film, it's either going to be about slavery or civil rights.

Meenakshi Ganguly - Human Rights Watch

Unfortunately, the government believes that activists who speak for land rights or defend tribal communities are obstructing development. Instead of addressing concerns and providing proper rehabilitation and sustainable livelihoods to affected people, the state treats human rights defenders as irritants ... (and) deems any criticism as anti-national.

Joe Stork

The Egyptian authorities want to sever the connection between the Egyptian human rights movement and the outside world.

Darius Jauniskis

I will not get popular by saying this, but times have changed, and we must understand that civil liberties are being curtailed in times of war.

Tim Cook - Apple

We put our weight behind lots of things in the civil rights area. Similarly, I think it's key that people think about what they stand for and help their communities. We always say that we want to leave the world better than we found it. So, we try to thoughtfully decide how we can do that.

Graham Thornicroft

Providing treatment at the scale required to treat all people with depression is crucial, not only for decreasing disability and death by suicide, but also from a moral and human rights perspective, and to help people to be fully productive members of society.

Stefano Savi

The RSPO fully acknowledges the existence of serious problems in the protection of worker and human rights within the palm oil industry where poverty, weak law enforcement and the presence of legislative gaps contribute to the challenge of making the palm oil sector truly sustainable.

Carmen Masias

When they're no longer useful, they're killed. So this is also a big human rights issue.

António Guterres - United Nations

In a world torn by war, a United Nations able to enhance diplomacy for peace. In a world where so many rights are not respected, to make sure that there is an effective combination in human rights, of the civil and political rights and the economic and social rights in a balanced way.

John B. King Jr.

The final rules give states more time and flexibility to provide every student with a high-quality, well-rounded education while ensuring that states and districts keep the focus on improving outcomes and maintaining civil rights protections for all of our children, particularly those who need our support the most.

António Guterres - United Nations

"In a world torn by war, a United Nations able to enhance diplomacy for peace". "In a world where so many rights are not respected, to make sure that there is an effective combination in human rights, of the civil and political rights and the economic and social rights in a balanced way".

Berta Soler

We decided to pause this week, to take a break from our protest activities, given that the country is in mourning. As defenders of human rights, we've decided to respect the pain of others.

Justin Trudeau

The fact is Fidel Castro had a deep and lasting impact on the Cuban people. He certainly was a polarizing figure and there certainly were concerns around human rights. That's something that I'm open about and that I've highlighted. But on the passing of his death I expressed a statement that highlighted the deep connection between the people of Canada and the people of Cuba.

Marco Rubio

The dictator has died, but the dictatorship has not. The future of Cuba ultimately remains in the hands of the Cuban people, and now more than ever Congress and the new administration must stand with them against their brutal rulers and support their struggle for freedom and basic human rights.

Peter Hain

Although responsible for indefensible human rights and free speech abuses, Castro created a society of unparalleled access to free health, education and equal opportunity despite an economically throttling USA siege. His troops inflicted the first defeat on South Africa's troops in Angola in 1988, a vital turning point in the struggle against apartheid.

Erika Guevara Rosas - Amnesty International

Fidel Castro's legacy is a tale of two worlds. The question now is what human rights will look like in a future Cuba. The lives of many depend on it.

Michael Vachon

George Soros has spent his life and his fortune promoting justice and human rights around the world. The alt right has manufactured conspiracy theories and delusional narratives to spread their false propaganda.

John B. King Jr.

The practice has been clearly and repeatedly linked to negative health and academic outcomes for students. It is opposed by parent organizations, teachers unions, medical and mental health professionals and civil rights advocates as a wholly inappropriate means of school discipline. There are better, smarter ways to achieve safe and supportive school environment.

Alicia Edwards

The United States remains committed to the strong and growing partnership we have with Malaysia. In the spirit of that partnership, U.S. officials routinely and strongly voice our concerns about the rule of law, human rights, and fundamental freedoms with the Government of Malaysia, and we will continue to do so.

Gianni Pittella

Turkey under Mr Erdogan is more and more drifting towards an authoritarian regime. Our political message towards Turkey is that human rights, civil rights, democracy are non-negotiable if you want to be part of the EU.

Bob Libal

They're handing the keys to a deportation machine over to the Trump administration. And I think there's no reason to believe that the Trump administration won't drive that machine forward through human rights protections or due process protections people in the detention system.

Marc Morial - National Urban League

We expect the Senate Judiciary Committee will conduct a thorough and complete examination to determine if he is fit to serve as the nation's chief enforcer of civil rights law. Every American should be concerned about the direction of the U.S. Department of Justice and oppose any nominee who threatens to turn back the clock on civil rights by 50 years.

Yasuhisa Kawamura

The TPP is not just a technical trade agreement. Countries should stand by the same values of freedom, democracy, human rights, and rule of law.

Leni Robredo

This is nothing new to the Marcoses – they who had hidden wealth, hidden human rights abuses and now a hidden burial – with complete disrespect for the rule of law.

Kristen Clarke

Our nation deserves an attorney general who will be committed to enforcement of our nation's civil rights laws and who will not turn the clock back on progress that has been made.

Leni Robredo

This is nothing new to the Marcoses - they who had hidden wealth, hidden human rights abuses and now hidden burial - with complete disrespect for the rule of law.

Sihem Bensedrine

The goal is not revenge. We need to expose these testimonies for history. The Tunisian people are tolerant, but they are tolerant after knowing the truth ... Tunisia will no longer accept human rights violations.

Thomas Figures

I believe that the statements and actions of Mr. Sessions regarding race, and regarding civil rights, impact tremendously on whether he is decent.

LeBron James

Every professional athlete, regardless of race and gender, owes a huge debt of gratitude to Muhammad Ali. His legacy deserves to be studied and revered by every generation. I am honored to partner with the Smithsonian to celebrate one of the most influential figures in our nation's history who, along with Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens, used the power of sports to advance our civil rights.

Carl Icahn

Donald is going to surround himself with some very good people. He'll be a guy to do what you need to build consensus. He'll do it like Lyndon Johnson did it. Who would have thought Lyndon Johnson could get the Civil Rights Act through? There are so many unhappy people around, and the reason they're unhappy is the stagnation. That's why I think, even those that really don't like Trump personally, should give him a shot.

Kenneth Roth - Human Rights Watch

The challenge for Giuliani if he becomes secretary of state would be to move beyond the tough guy persona he cultivated as prosecutor and mayor and instead stand up for some of the basic principles of human rights, democratic accountability, and the rule of law that enhance rather than shrink America's influence abroad.

Shonda Rhimes

These women have fundamentally altered the course of civil rights in America. I believe (they) are patriots in the strongest sense of the word, for they are trying to form a more perfect union.

Bob Bland

We need to be working together in a coherent, supportive way over the next four years, to activate more women into leadership positions, to be more politically active. We cannot allow ourselves to give up, put our heads down and not hold this administration accountable for any violation of human rights or women's rights.

Umida Niyazova

The European Parliament cannot pretend that the human rights concerns over Uzbekistan ended with children no longer sent out to the fields, whilst their teachers and so many others suffer instead.

Emma Sinclair-Webb

The kind of detentions of democratically elected members of parliament we are seeing in Turkey today is an assault on the right to political representation and participation for millions of voters and defies fundamental principles of any country that claims to be democratic and based on rule of law and human rights.

Brett Carr - FBI

The FBI Jackson Division is aware of the situation in Greenville, and we are working with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners to determine if any civil rights crimes were committed.

Lili Bernard

He is paralleling my holding him accountable for his drugging and raping me, and the other 60 of us holding him accountable for drugging and raping us ... to his being a victim of racism, to him being a victim of a modern-day lynching. What that does is it denigrates the souls of the real heroes of the civil rights movement.

Charles Upchurch

Jobs for one, but right now justice. ... Civil rights for everybody. We want justices whenever we go to our courts, justice when we go downtown to the police station.

Louis Charbonneau - United Nations Security Council

In rejecting Russia's bid for re-election to the Human Rights Council, U.N. member states have sent a strong message to the Kremlin about its support for a regime that has perpetrated so much atrocity in Syria. Next year, U.N. member states should make sure that all regional groups have real competition so no one is guaranteed victory.

Hillel C. Neuer - United Nations

The re-election of China, Cuba and Saudi Arabia - regimes which systematically violate the human rights of their citizens - casts a shadow upon the reputation of the United Nations.

Rodrigo Duterte

Don't clap too much or else this may get derailed. Many Filipinas are beautiful, but all of you there in the human rights commission are ugly. I do not want anybody reading my mind because I couldn't make a smart move anymore. But it's all calibrated, it's all about timing.

Donald J. Trump

One of the greatest betrayals has been the issue of immigration. Illegal immigration violates the civil rights of African-Americans that's what's been happening. No group has been more economically harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson

They openly espoused confrontations with police agencies, that as we know resulted in well-publicized attacks, shoot-outs and deaths. And, they seemed to present a violence-tinged alternative to the non-violent, legalistic, work-within-the-system approach that was the ethos of the Civil Rights Movement.

Philip G. Alston

The bad news is that the U.N. has still not admitted factual or legal responsibility, and has not offered a legal settlement as required by international law. The U.N.'s explicit and unqualified denial of anything other than a moral responsibility is a disgrace. If the United Nations bluntly refuses to hold itself accountable for human rights violations, it makes a mockery of its efforts to hold governments and others to account.

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Impunity for serious human rights violations – including the shooting, hacking and mass arrests of protestors – has been a chronic problem in the DRC for decades now. This is clearly outrageous and serves to fuel an already explosive situation in the country. While the rate of prosecutions appears to be rising, new violations continue to be perpetrated with alarming frequency.

Brad Adams - Human Rights Watch

The Burmese government has a responsibility to search for and arrest those who attacked the border posts. But it is required to do so in a manner that respects human rights, ensures that the area's people get the aid they need, and allows journalists and rights monitors into the area.

Leilani Farha - Canada Without Poverty

The first step is that all levels of government walk away from here and begin to think about establishing their own, local housing strategy - not just any strategy but one based in human rights.

Haider al-Abadi

The government is taking every step to prevent and stop human rights violations, by either security forces or other forces. And we have made people accountable for their crimes.

Robin Brooks - Norton Rose Fulbright

Companies are realising that they may be responsible for activities of their business partners and third-party suppliers. There is an emerging body of legal claims in a number of different jurisdictions against companies for human rights abuses in their supply chains and we expect this to continue.

Barack Obama

This directive takes a comprehensive and whole-of-government approach to promote engagement with the Cuban government and people, and make our opening to Cuba irreversible. Challenges remain – and very real differences between our governments persist on issues of democracy and human rights – but I believe that engagement is the best way to address those differences and make progress on behalf of our interests and values.

Elizabeth Trudeau

We strongly urge the government to lift restrictions on civil liberties, including freedom of expression, the right to peaceful assembly.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

We found that there were few countries in Southeast Asia worse than Malaysia when it came to the rapid deterioration of human rights ... it's like a bad movie sequel.

Phil Harris - Geofeedia

That said, we understand, given the ever-changing nature of digital technology, that we must continue to work to build on these critical protections of civil rights.

Hailemariam Desalegn

The recent developments in Ethiopia have put the integrity of the nation at risk. The state of emergency will not breach basic human rights enshrined under the Ethiopian constitution and won't also affect diplomatic rights listed under the Vienna Convention.

Rodrigo Duterte

I do not expect the human rights (groups), I do not expect (U.S. President Barack) Obama, I do not expect the EU to understand me. Do not understand me and if you think it is high time for you guys to withdraw your assistance, go ahead we will not beg for it.

Romain Nadal

It is necessary to act to stop the situation from worsening in DRC (the Congo). France wants the European Union to use all means at its disposal, including if necessary and in function of the evolution of the situation, resorting to sanctions' measures against those guilty of serious human rights violations or those who block an exit to the crisis.

Leslie Bothge - Audi Volkswagen Korea

To our best knowledge, the cobalt in our batteries does not originate from the respective sources from DRC [DR Congo]. To our best knowledge we had no human rights abuses in our cobalt supply chain.

John Dalhuisen - Amnesty International

European leaders need to get organized not 'Orbánized'. Their failure to robustly challenge Hungary's breaches of E.U. law will strengthen the hand of xenophobes and populists and could result in a serious structural threat to the rule of law and respect for human rights.

Henry Claypool

There are some people who are just so isolated that it really compromises their ability to enjoy their basic civil rights.

Fatma Samoura

We will turn its work into a strong programme of zero tolerance policy towards discrimination of any kind, including violation of human rights. We can live with perception (created by disbanding the task force) but we are taking very firm action.

Evo Morales

Hundreds of testimonies of affected Bolivian men and women - poorly treated and victims of recurring violations of their human rights - tell a story of racist and discriminatory practices.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski - World Bank Group

It is unavoidable that I mention our concern for the very critical political, economic and social situation that our friendly nation of Venezuela is experiencing. Full-fledged democracy requires absolute respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as due process. It also requires the full guarantee of the respect of the separation of powers and checks and balances.

Kingsley Abbott

Defamation should be a civil matter, not a criminal matter, and Thai laws, including criminal defamation and the computer crimes act, must stop being used as a form of retaliation against human rights defenders.

Brad Adams - Human Rights Watch

For any company around the world that is seriously interested in compliance with certain ethical principles, with respect for basic labor rights and human rights in supply chains, I think this conviction needs to put Thailand on a possible no-go list.

Stephen O'Brien

The perpetrators should know that they will one day be held accountable for violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.

Sunai Phasuk - Human Rights Watch

The verdict against Andy Hall sends a chilling effect to the human rights community in Thailand.

Marta Pardavi

The new Iron Curtain is a slap in the face for human rights and Hungary's European values.

Terry McAuliffe

Restoring these Virginians' civil rights is morally the right thing to do.

Valery Fedorov

"We predict a fall in turnout and we see a lot of reasons for this. One being a change in the central commissions electoral administration, which has a strict attitude toward electoral fraud, and election manipulation. Human rights activist Ella Pamfilova is the chief and the commission is cracking down on fraud. The season plays a part and voters don't now have a lot of time to consider the issues. The active phase of the campaign this time is around two to three weeks, last time it was longer around six to eight weeks.''.

Valery Fedorov

We predict a fall in turnout and we see a lot of reasons for this. One being a change in the central commissions electoral administration, which has a strict attitude toward electoral fraud, and election manipulation. Human rights activist Ella Pamfilova is the chief and the commission is cracking down on fraud. The season plays a part and voters don't now have a lot of time to consider the issues. The active phase of the campaign this time is around two to three weeks, last time it was longer around six to eight weeks.

David Archambault II

This communication from ETP is indicative of the kind of company they are. It has zero disclosed policies on corporate social responsibility, community engagement, human rights or Indigenous rights.

John Swofford

On a personal note, it's time for this bill to be repealed as it's counter to basic human rights.

Rodrigo Duterte

Also gave a statement before, several weeks ago, about the human rights violation. Sabi ko, isa ka pang tarantado (you are another fool).

Mark Toner

We call on the government of Bahrain to release him immediately. We have concerns about the state of human rights in general in Bahrain and we're engaging with the government on all these issues.

Aung Kyaw

We don't want this commission because we don't want a foreigner's human rights perspectives without actually understanding and evaluating the history of Rakhine people, and how can they know the root causes of the conflicts.

Donald J. Trump

I believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time. One that insures the rights to a great education, so important, and the right to live in safety and in peace, and to have a really, really great job, a good paying job, and one you love to go to every morning. And that can happen.

Donald J. Trump

I believe we need a civil rights agenda for our time, one that ensures the rights to a great education, so important, and the right to live in a good-paying job and one that you love to go to every morning. That can happen. We need to bring our companies back.

Tarah Demant - Amnesty International USA

Thousands of families from Syria have found safety on our shores, and that is a wonderful thing. But so many are still trapped in horrific conditions in refugee camps or war zones. The U.S. must do more to uphold its responsibility to do all it can to protect those fleeing human rights abuses.

Carlos Aganzo

He's really the artist that manages to break all the limits of art and transform it into a form of worldwide communication. The real success of Ai Weiwei's work is that he is able to transmit it to everyone, and to have a global sense of art as no one has ever done. But also, his art has a message and he is trying to draw attention to issues of human rights, people who are oppressed, to the problems the planet faces.

Anna Richey-Allen

We are concerned by reports regarding extrajudicial killings of individuals suspected to have been involved in drug crimes in the Philippines. The United States believes in the rule of law, due process, and respect for universal human rights, and that these principles promote long-term security.

Terry McAuliffe

Restoring the rights of Virginians who have served their time and live, work and pay taxes in our communities is one of the pressing civil rights issues of our day. I have met these men and women and know how sincerely they want to contribute to our society as full citizens again.

Luis Raul Gonzalez

The investigation confirmed facts that show grave human rights violations attributable to public servants of the federal police. The excessive use of violence led to the arbitrary death of 22 civilians.

Luis Raul Gonzalez

The investigation confirmed facts that show grave human rights violations attributable to public servants of the federal police.

Tom Kenny - Australia and New Zealand Banking Group

Clinton has been a long-term outspoken critic of China's human rights record and has been vocal in her opposition to China's territorial claims in the South China Sea. A Clinton Presidency could represent a geopolitical risk that could turn out to have adverse implications for U.S.-Sino relations, and thus have negative implications for global growth.

Justine Fedronic

We'll see how the regulations will change. I think the Olympics will probably bring a lot more eyes to the issue than there have been before. It's an issue of protecting human rights, but I guess the decision is who has to be protected?

Vanita Gupta

USERRA ensures that service members like Lt. Col. Fandrei who answer our nation's call to duty don't return to civilian life and find their employment benefits denied and their civil rights violated.

Donald J. Trump

When the world looks at how bad the United States is, and then we go and talk about civil liberties, I don't think we're a very good messenger.

Vladimir Lukin

We are currently considering the kind of arbitration we need. Investigation of doping cases should be continued but it should not turn political. It is necessary that innocent athletes fulfill their rights to take part in the Paralympics. Otherwise it will be a flagrant violation of human rights.

Wang Yu

Given that I have clearly refused the award, but the organisation has still made the award against my will, I consider this an infringement of my human rights.

Nirja Bhatnagar - ActionAid

It is an unimaginable violation. There is no human rights violation worse than having to remove your uterus so you can enter an informal economy that does not care for you.

Andreas Harsono - Human Rights Watch

He is part of the very old guard of Suharto's New Order. This is really bad news for human rights.

Hillary Clinton

I am following the fast-moving developments in Turkey tonight with great concern. We should all urge calm and respect for laws, institutions, and basic human rights and freedoms – and support for the democratically elected civilian government. All parties should work to avoid further violence and bloodshed, and the safety of American citizens and diplomatic missions must be ensured.

David Lea - Control Risks

It has been pretty effective in terms of public reassurance–until now. …It reinforced the perception of security. But now people may be asking, Was this really necessary? We're having all these states of emergencies and they couldn't prevent what happened in Nice. While so far that's been on the pro-civil liberties end of society, it's possible in the next three months that [sentiment] will start spreading around to the wider end of the public.

Mark Rylance

Tribal peoples need to be respected as contemporary societies and their human rights protected. Together we can prevent the annihilation of tribal peoples. That is why I am an Ambassador for Survival International and I urge people to join the movement today.

Ariel Plotkin - Amnesty International

Preventing human rights defenders, journalists and former prisoners of conscience from leaving their own country is just one of a long list of repressive tactics the Bahraini authorities have sought to punish and muzzle its critics in recent weeks.

Dick Durbin

Reopening travel relations with Cuba is about more than just restoring the freedom to travel there for all Americans – it's about opening Cuba to new ideas, new values, and improved human rights that our 50-year-old policy of isolation could not achieve.

Lee Wesley

We urge the Justice Department to conduct an investigation beyond just a civil rights violation because perhaps some other laws, both state and local laws, were violated, and they need to be investigated as well.

Tami Fitzgerald

Businesses who care about being bullied by the Human Rights Campaign more than they care about the citizens they serve or the profits their company makes are doing so to their own detriment.

Craig DeLuz

The California Legislature showed their true faces today. They abused the legislative process to enact their depraved anti-civil rights agenda.

Mike Fichter

Today a federal judge denied the civil rights of unborn children, then proceeded to equate aborted children to common medical waste by blocking dignified disposal. This ruling is an appalling human rights injustice.

Eric Swalwell

This was a historic, breakthrough moment. This isn't just noise. As Congressman John Lewis, the civil rights icon who led us onto the floor Wednesday, has said, it's good trouble, necessary trouble. ... Decades-old House rules from the pre-internet era shouldn't blind our nation to what their elected representatives are doing, or what they're refusing to do.

Andrew Bailey - Bank of England

I do have fears. I think that we have the bedrock of the European Convention on Human rights and that makes such a difference. It is incorporated in the UK law. So we have that but I think it is very much under threat. I think we are going to see a lot of change. We are really worried about the future here. We have rights, we have a great celebration, we have the apparent solidarity of this government. We need to have the EU support as well.

Pablo Iglesias

It's bad news for the future of Europe. We are very worried about the decision of the British people. And we think we need to reconstruct another idea of Europe based on social rights and human rights.

Edward Blum

As long as universities like the University of Texas continue to treat applicants differently by race and ethnicity, the social fabric that holds us together as a nation will be weakened. Today's decision is a sad step backward for the original, color blind principles to our civil rights laws.

Bill Owens

It is not a civil rights issue. I don't want my daughter in the restroom with a man. I don't want my wife in the restroom with a man. It is sick.

Viviana Krsticevic

Without the necessary funds to continue advancing and monitoring this serious work that the Inter-American Human Rights System is responsible for, the hemisphere as a whole stands to lose the ground gained in protecting the human rights of its residents.

Sophie Claudet - Euronews

Human rights organisations – whether it be Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch – have accused both sides of committing war crimes.

Ayatollah Khamenei

They use human rights, terrorism ... as pretexts to avoid fulfilling their commitments.

José Miguel Vivanco - Human Rights Watch

This ruling, about the coordination of military dictatorships in the Americas to commit atrocities, sets a powerful precedent to ensure that these grave human rights violations do not ever take place again in the region.

Barack Obama

As with all our defence partners sales will still need to meet strict requirements including those related to human rights, but this change will insure that Vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself and remove a lingering vestige of the cold war.

Barack Obama

The United States is fully lifting the ban on sale of military equipment to Vietnam that's been in place for some 50 years. Sales will need to still meet strict requirements, including those on human rights, but this change ensures Vietnam has access to equipment it needs to defend itself.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

In one fell swoop, President Obama has jettisoned what remained of U.S. leverage to improve human rights in Vietnam -- and (has) basically gotten nothing for it.

Bob Corker

Congress will work with the administration to ensure today's more expansive shift in policy aligns with U.S. interests, including the desire for progress on human rights.

Mac Thornberry

My understanding is that the provision that the gentleman refers to is a restatement of the religious liberties from the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Not what that tells me, if he opposes the bill based on that, is that there are members of looking for some excuse to vote against this bill. And you could always find one. I could find one myself. I don't think that's the right thing to do, however, for the men and women who serve our nation.

Malin Björk

This is not about meeting the criteria or not, it's a purely political process in which the EU has shown it is prepared to go very far in accepting violations of human rights and freedoms.

Daniel Eyre - Amnesty International

People are detained, often with their children, in appalling conditions which do not meet basic human rights, or keep them alive.

Jocelyn Samuels

This case sends an important message that OCR [the HHS Office for Civil Rights] will not permit covered entities to compromise their patients' privacy by allowing news or television crews to film the patients without their authorization. And then I see, even with the blurred picture, you could tell it was him. You could hear his speech pattern. I hear my husband say, Does my wife know I'm here?

Sarah Labowitz

You have about 200 brands working together, and there's definitely more transparency, more attention to the issue of human rights in the global supply chain. But in addressing fire safety, building safety, workers' protection - there aren't enough practical discussions around these issues, not enough financing. So not enough has changed. a report on the aftermath of the disaster, published in December.

Audrey Tilve

You were the first Muslim to be appointed High Commissioner for Human Rights. There are growing tensions towards the Muslim community in Europe because of these terror attacks in the name of God. And even though I know and you know that this bloodshed has nothing to do with religion, muslims are being looked at with growing suspicion in the West. Considering this, what would be your message to the Muslims of Europe?

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Looking back, one understands that this takes a long time before the political leaderships around the world understand there cannot be unrestrained exercise of power, that there is a limit to how you conduct military operations, that there is no willingness to agree to amnesties on the part of the Human Rights Office or other parts of the UN when trying to find a peace deal for example.

Sergey Lavrov

At the moment all our Western partners, overseas and in Europe, talk only about Nadezhda Savchenko when the topic of human rights in the Russian Federation is discussed. No one remembers now that Russian journalists were killed in Ukraine.

Rosen Plevneliev

If there are such signals – it could be Human Rights Watch, could be the United Nations refugee organisation – the Bulgarian institutions will take very seriously every one of them.

Michael Fallon

Much of the litigation we face comes from the extension of the European Convention on Human Rights to the battlefield. That has been damaging our troops, undermining military operations, and costing the taxpayer millions that should be invested in defence itself.

Avery Ng

I believe that after the Umbrella movement, there is a wide awakening of civil liberties. So hopefully today we can have a high voters turnout and use our votes to yell our discontent toward CY Leung.

Aurélie Baranger

France is often named and shamed as one of the worst in Europe because you would expect better from a country with the tradition of human rights and so on. But it's not the case, unfortunately. There is still more to be done in order for the situation to be satisfactory for families of those with autism in France.

Josh Earnest

The fact that the former president felt compelled to respond so forcefully to the president's visit, I think is an indication of the significant impact of President Obama's visit to Cuba. The president made clear time and time again both in private meetings with President Castro, but also in public when he delivered a speech to the Cuban people, that the U.S. commitment to human rights is rock solid and that's not going to change.

William Nee - Amnesty International

Engaging in this form of collective punishment, which we thought was only something done in feudal dynasties, is absolutely egregious for a country that claims it's adhering to the rule of law and respecting human rights. We demand that the authorities immediately release Wen Yunchao's family members, who had nothing to do with this. And they should release any other people who are in detention related to this letter.

Barack Obama

We continue, as President Castro indicated, to have some very serious differences, including on democracy and human rights.

Susan Rice

Our unwavering commitment to democracy and human rights will be plain. The message President Obama will deliver, privately and publicly, is simple: We believe the Cuban people, like people everywhere, are best served by genuine democracy when they are free to choose their leaders, express their ideas, and practice their faith.

Ed Royce

These unilateral actions will further prop up a communist regime in Cuba that has a long record of brutal human rights abuses. Instead of ignoring the law to hand more one-sided concessions to an oppressive regime, President Obama should be working with Congress to stand with the Cuban people who long for freedom.

Matteo Renzi

At the same time we say with great clarity and very strongly, that press freedom is an amazing value for France, home of the Declaration of Human Rights, for Italy and for all those men and women who believe in the founding values of the European Union.

Vincent Cochetel - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Collective expulsion of foreigners is prohibited under the European Convention of Human Rights, so an agreement that would be tantamount to blanket return of any foreigners to a third country is not consistent with European law, is not consistent with international law.

Erika Guevara Rosas - Amnesty International

The cowardly killing of Berta is a tragedy that was waiting to happen. For years, she had been the victim of a sustained campaign of harassment and threats to stop her from defending the rights of indigenous communities. Berta's death will have a devastating impact for many human rights activists and organizations.

Park Geun-hye

We will cooperate with the world to make the North Korean regime abandon its reckless nuclear development and end tyranny that oppresses freedom and human rights of our brethren in the North.

Frederick Harris

The Black Lives Matter movement has been able to accomplish within two years where the civil rights establishment, President Obama and the Congressional Black Caucus haven't been able to do in six years. The question is: Will it be sustained, after Clinton has pretty much locked up the Black vote?

Tim Cook - Apple

This case is about much more than a single phone or a single investigation, so when we received the government's order we knew we had to speak out. At stake is the data security of hundreds of millions of law-abiding people, and setting a dangerous precedent that threatens everyone's civil liberties.

Berta Soler

If he makes a strong statement repudiating these human rights violations, then we will consider it an advance in human rights. In practice, we have not seen a thing.

Tariq al-Hassan

Unfortunately, the issue of human rights had been misused by some organisations and by some states, and it is only just that they acknowledge what Bahrain had achieved in this field. This broken record about torture in prisons, I don't know what this talk is about.

Tariq al-Hassan

I see that the level of transparency that exists today, unfortunately, is being ignored by those who belong to human rights bodies, or some of them.

Julie Bishop

Australia has a strong record of promoting and protecting human rights, at home and around the world.

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks

It is not stating that the UK will pull out of the working group in its determinations, or the Human Rights Council, or even that it refuses to recognise the result.

Bruno Rodriguez

The visit is very versatile, not exclusively economic. We have had exchanges on numerous issues of a political nature. France and Cuba share many similarities in the international agenda. So, our links are diverse and, therefore, the exchanges have also been diverse. The issue of human rights was not central but we exchanged views on that and also about some other concerns that are important for both our countries.

Bruno Rodriguez

I should also add that it is true that we may have differences in our respective visions about human rights. For me, human rights are universal and indivisible. The human rights issue is submitted to a high politicisation and the existence of double standards. Unfortunately this happens quite often in the debate on this matter around the world and some media also have biased views on this matter.

Bruno Rodriguez

About the Cuban political model and the human rights it is true that there are different perceptions. But I have to deny that people like the ones you have mentioned can not protest peacefully, in fact they do it quite frequently.

Carl Dolan - Transparency International

If the EU is concerned about corruption then there's a long way to go [for these countries]. But a worrying trend recently is that realpolitik has come to trump considerations about human rights and governments' anti-corruption record.

Peter Kreko

I think in his vision he wants to be a leader of Europe, officially or unofficially. He has a mission in the European Union, to transform it and make it turn away from federalism and human rights based approach to and create an EU that is based on classic European values: nation state, Christianity and family.

Mark Rutte

And secondly, because it is all about building the state, the rule of law, implementing all of the human rights, well the things we have fought for in the European Union.

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

Regardless of the crimes allegedly committed, executing prisoners in mass only further stains Saudi Arabia's troubling human rights record. Saudi Arabia's path to stability in the Eastern Province lies in ending systematic discrimination against Shia citizens, not in executions.

Juan Manuel Santos

The turning point of this agreement is the fact that there will not be any amnesty for crimes against humanity, the grave crimes of war, genocide and in general, the great violations of human rights.

Neven Mimica - International Development

I would say that we don't have other choice but to run in parallel the development programmes. We cannot avoid this and we shouldn't. We mustn't stop doing this kind of development migration dialogue just because there are risks that we would not be able to really influence the human rights and the democratic environment in our partner countries.

David Cameron

I would completely reject the premise of your question that either you can have an exchange with China about the issue of steel, or indeed about human rights, or you can have a strong relationship with China which is good for business, investment and growth. My argument, my contention, after five years of doing this job is that you can have both. Indeed you must have both.

Andrew Stroehlein - Human Rights Watch

From a human rights perspective, and under international law, that's not really the question. It's not the type of weapon you use, it's how you use it and whether you're distinguishing between legitimate targets, ie enemy combatants and civilians and that is a clear distinction that has to be made no matter the weapon, no matter whether you have troops on the ground or not.

John Dalhuisen - Amnesty International

Hungary is effectively transforming itself into a refugee protection zone, with blatant disregard for its human rights obligations and the obvious need to work with other EU and Balkan countries to find collective, humane solutions to the current crisis.

Marta Pardavi

From a legal point of view, these makeshift rules carry so many risks of breaching human rights that they would not pass a human rights forum test.

Metin Çorabatır

I hope so. We don't want the pain to remain exclusively in the heart; we want the decision-makers in their meeting rooms to find a permanent solution. They have to start searching for a serious solution regarding human rights, refugees' rights. First of all they have to focus on international cooperation.

Federica Mogherini - European Union

These people come to Europe, and come to Europe for protection. They need Europe to protect them and we need to live up to our standards of human rights and respect of international obligations to protect them. We need a European approach, the problem is that everybody understands Europe in a different way.

John Kerry

There's such a fascination with Cuba because 1959, face it, African-Americans, Latino-Americans couldn't vote, had no basic human rights, almost all of Latin America was under occupation. Africa, down to South Africa was under some form of occupation or colonialism and all of those nations found hope in Cuba's survival.

Jesse Jackson

Some aren't satisfied with the human rights situation in America. After all, we are five percent of the world's population and 25 percent of the world's prison population.

Jesse Jackson

It is better to talk human rights out than try to isolate them away. There are human rights issues in China but we have trade relations and diplomatic relations. We have found over a period of time it's better to talk them out than to try the schemes of isolation.

Jesse Jackson

So either we're going to build a bridge and develop them or face the issue of containment and confrontation. I hope that we will be humane in the process. The immigration in America and the migration issue in Europe is fundamentally the same and it grows out of this gap. People are not leaving home in great numbers because they want to. They're hungry and their human rights ought to be affirmed.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

Supporters consider this law to be a necessary measure specifically during this period to fight terrorist activities and to maintain the security of the country, while its critics are expressing their fear that media freedoms will be restricted and human rights compromised.

John Kerry

Progress on human rights and the rule of law will provide the foundation for a deeper and more sustainable strategy and strategic partnership between the United States and Vietnam. Only you can decide the pace and direction of the process of building this partnership. But there are basic principles we will defend: No one should be punished for speaking their mind so long as they are peaceful.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The warming in Egypt-US relations comes in part due to the their common enemy: rampant terrorism in the Middle East. But that does not invalidate other outstanding issues between the two nations, such as concerns over human rights.

Eyal Weizman

We are like architectural detectives. What we do is that we go into war zones, into situations where human rights were violated or war crimes were alleged to have taken place and we look at the traces that that violence leaves on buildings.

Sami Abu Zuhri - Hamas

This document is the Israeli occupation's attempt to exonerate itself from its crimes in Gaza, It's an Israeli attempt to control the international narrative in anticipation of the report that the (UN) Human Rights Council is issuing.

Pope Francis

What has happened to you, the Europe of humanism, the champion of human rights, democracy and freedom? What has happened to you, Europe, the home of poets, philosophers, artists, musicians, and men and women of letters? What has happened to you, Europe, the mother of peoples and nations, the mother of great men and women who upheld, and even sacrificed their lives for, the dignity of their brothers and sisters?

Annemarie Jacir

My family is from Bethlehem, which was occupied in 1967. I was interested in doing something about this time period that was a tragedy for the Palestinians, but also a time of great hope. All over the world, not just in Palestine, but everywhere, young people were trying to do something to change their lives: student movements, anti-colonial movements, civil rights; there was something very special happening.

Malik Adli

The Council has no legal authority. The state institutions are not obliged to answer to it. No law guarantees it access to the institutions involved in human rights violations.

Javi López

In recent years, we have maintained commercial and political relations with Cuba. Don't forget that the EU is the largest global investor in Cuba and the second commercial partner. In recent years around 18 countries have established bilateral agreements with Cuba. So these relationships already exist. The question is how to organize them, end the Cold War (this is its last episode), and gain influence over the development of democracy and human rights, both deficient in Cuba.

Javier Couso

It's natural that he doesn't trust Americans. The US, despite an extradition order, is home to Luis Posada Carriles, who blew up a Cuban plane killing 78 people. He organized the killing squads in El Salvador. Naturally they don't trust the US. Trusting the EU – as long as there is bilateral dialogue and respect of mutual sovereignty and no interference, there will be no problems with talking about anything. Including human rights.

Jimena Reyes

Trust is a vital issue. We hope that Raúl Catro has the trust and the intelligence to advance discussions with the EU and the US, including on human rights, in order to be part of the political transition that is coming.

Javier Couso

We shouldn't use human rights as a weapon. We must respect sovereignty and international order: the basic principles of the UN Charter state no interference in the internal affairs of other countries. We got nowhere pressing Cuba. Cuba has maintained its principles and now we have to relate to them because Latin America has changed.

Jimena Reyes

To include human i the conversation is very important. The Cuban government commits crimes and infringes human rights with these arrests. In that sense human rights should be discussed during the negotiations.

Javi López

No, what we want is to have influence over democracy in Cuba, increase human rights, individual liberties, and economic change. This has to be done differently than in previous decades, and that's what we are trying. We can't connect trade to the infringement of human rights.

Jimena Reyes

It's not a question of going too fast, it's about method, and priorities. So we are concerned to ensure that during these negotiations human rights and democracy will be core issues, because it would be a mistake to separate these issues from commercial ones.

Barack Obama

We have very different views of how society should be organised and I was very direct with him that we are not going to stop talking about issues like democracy and human rights and freedom of assembly and freedom of the press.

Antonio Cost

The middle class don't often raise an outcry over the killing and human rights violations in the favelas. We want to change the culture in our city. A boy was killed this week. We cannot stay silent!

Hilary Benn

Our party has always stood up against the denial of human rights and for justice and my view, Mr Speaker, is that we must now confront this evil. It is now time for us to do our bit in Syria and that is why I ask my colleagues to vote in favour of this motion tonight.

Barack Obama

The report's narrative was woefully familiar. It evoked the kind of abuse and disregard for citizens that spawned the Civil Rights Movement. But I rejected the notion that nothing's changed. What happened in Ferguson may not be unique, but it's no longer endemic, or sanctioned by law and custom; and before the Civil Rights Movement, it most surely was.

Marco Perolini - Amnesty International

Hundreds of people from minority groups have experienced hate crimes and many more have no confidence in the authorities to protect them. The Bulgarian authorities urgently have to take a strong stand and ensure they are adhering to national and international laws, ensuring human rights for all.

Joachim Gauck

The terror is international, but even more (international) is the alliance of the free and peaceful. The world moves closer, because freedom and human rights are not only French or German or European. They are not only Western – they are universal.

Kofi Annan - United Nations

Right is Might. That's why this country has historically been in the vanguard of the global human rights movement. But that lead can only be maintained if America remains true to its principles, including in the struggle against terrorism. When it appears to abandon its own ideals and objectives, its friends abroad are naturally troubled and confused.

Guido Westerwelle

From our point of view, it is a truly sad day for international law and for human rights that the United Nations Security Council was unable to approve a resolution to condemn the repressions in Syria.

Michael Emerson

This is a turning of the page for EU policy, certainly, and if these countries, most of them, want to have what anybody would call more decent governance, rule of law, respect for human rights, that is fine, that is good. The European Union can support this.

Jan Dhont

I wouldn't say that such a convention or such an agreement would per se be a violation of national constitutions or even the European human rights convention. It is possible to limit the privacy rights. In this case this would mean only to transfer the information if you take measures that are proportionate – that are really required to fight terrorism and to fight crime. So: it is not really a black or white decision, and there is room for manoeuvre to negotiate this kind of agreement.

Horst Zaunegger

For me this is clearly a violation of human rights because, as an unmarried father, I'm being treated as a second-class parent. There is no justification for that. I'm a responsible father, I've proved this but I have no access to joint custody.

Chadwick Boseman

Around the same time that I heard of Martin Luther King, I heard of Jackie Robinson. They kind of just go together when you're talking about civil rights.

Harrison Ford

We overcame that. We changed that. We recognized that it was a wrong thing and by (the) power of the commitment of these two men, things changed. And there's more to be done. There's more change to be wrought. But without what happened in baseball, I think the civil rights movement would have been years on down the line, compared to when it did happen.

Reed Brody - Human Rights Watch

We would like to see friends of Libya, the African Union, the European Union, make clear that this violence against unarmed protesters has to stop, that these are crimes that are being committed and that those who commit them could be brought to justice. We would like to see a total cut off of military and security aid to Libya and demand that Libya restore the Internet and allow journalists and human rights group in to see what is really happening.

Irene Khan - Amnesty International

We are challenging governments to apologise for six decades of human rights failures, and to take action to correct the situation.

Ardeshir Amir Arjomand

The Iranian security forces have informed us that Mr. Mousavi was transferred to hospital on Thursday, because of clogging of the heart arteries, But strangely, before the transfer, security forces spent time putting security cameras in his hospital room, which is against the human rights of a sick person. Security forces are preventing independent doctors from visiting him, and are refusing to relase any details about his condition.

Hans-Gert Pöttering

Awarding the Sakharov-prize, the European Parliament recognises emphatically and resolutely the daily struggle for freedom of all defenders of human rights in China.

Dmitry Medvedev

The 30th of October is the date to commemorate the millions of broken destinies, people who had been executed without any trial or process. Those people who had been sent to the concentration camps, deprived of their civil rights just because they have chosen a wrong profession or because of their social origin.

Mohamed Gomma - Twitter

I guess what Twitter is going to add to its website is more or less against human rights and shouldn't be applied to any social media or social broadcast. But I guess what is happening is due to the Middle East, and due to reforms and revolutions everywhere. Not only the United States, but everywhere in the world is afraid of social media.

Evgeniya Rudenko

This ruling over Yuri Lutsenko could set an important precedent for the higher profile case of Ukraine's former PM. The European Court of Human Rights is due to begin hearing her appeal on August 28.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Mali is under threat from terrorists with regional and global repercussions. Addressing these challenges requires political, security and humanitarian efforts. At the same time in calibrating the extent of its own involvement, the United Nations has to carefully take into account the human rights, safety and security issues at stake.

Yulia Tymoshenko

I will never abandon Ukraine during this difficult period. And I will never leave my voters, more than 11 million Ukrainians. I will go back to defend Ukraine, the rule of law, democracy, human rights and freedoms. I don't want to let them lose hope – I will stay with them, even if the authorities go to the extremes of putting me in prison, or even if I remain at large, whatever happens I will stay in Ukraine.

Eduard Nalbandyan

This day will be written in gold, not only in the history of friendship between the Armenian and French peoples, but also in the annals of history for the protection of human rights worldwide, and will further consolidate the existing mechanisms of prevention of crimes against humanity.

Jesse Jackson

The vote made us feel good about ourselves. But there was another element that felt very threatened and they should not have. The south should not feel threatened by our progress. Civil rights have made the new south prosper. I mean, you could not have had the investment of Honda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, all of them have invested in the south, the new professional athletics teams in the south, the Olympics in the south – the new south has been born again because of the civil rights laws. And so the irony is those who would benefit the most become oftentimes the most mean or the most frightened.

Inna Shevchenko - Femen

I think that anyone should understand, the point about Femen is, it doesn't have anything to do with different cultures. It's not about that, we're talking about universal human rights. What we are doing is we are saying to the world that there are no different human rights for Arab women, and a different type for European, and a third type for America, for example. What we do is, we spread universalism, we say we have the right to control our own bodies, everywhere, in any culture, but it doesn't have anything to do with cultural differences.

Abdullah Hallak - United Nations

We are seriously concerned at the attempt to introduce to the UN some notions that have no legal foundation in any international human rights instrument.

Manuel Zelaya

I do not accept any agreement that would return me to the presidency of the Republic as a way to cover up the coup d'etat which we know has a direct impact, given the military repression of the human rights of the people of our country.

Roseann Rife - Amnesty International

The report about the hacking and trying to get into e-mail accounts of human rights defenders is very worrying.

Pablo Pacheco

I was a journalist. I used to write about what was happening on the island. I let the world know the reality of how we Cubans were living. That bothered the government and we were put in prison, me and 75 dissidents. In my case, it was because of journalism but others were human rights activists.

Pope Benedict XVI

The international community has demonstrated wisdom, long-sightedness, and a capacity for successfully achieving a significant result towards disarmament and international human rights.

Dick Oosting - Amnesty International

What we say now is okay, if that is what we have, let's make the best of it! But you have at the same time to address the other issues. Two weeks ago, the European Parliament adopted this report on CIA renditions; It is a massive scandal really that this happened in Europe. An agency in fundamental rights that cannot deal with such basic human rights issues, that is a problem. So politically, the Council (Member States) needs to move on this.

Mohammed Shia

The so-called IS is not an Iraqi phenomenon. It is a transnational organisation that is an imminent danger for all countries of the world. It defies all human rights principles and international laws.

Asif Nazrul

I think one election can not change the fate of the country. But if you carefully observe, people of Bangladesh are now becoming increasingly aware of the importance of human rights, the importance of good governance and they are raising their voice against corruption and any type of extremist activities.

Nicolae Timofti

First of all Europe means respect for human rights; restarting an economy based on competition, and it means respect for property law.

Mark Toner

This ends a period of a lengthy litigation through the UK courts as well as to the courts of the European human rights and also speaks to the strength of the law enforcement relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom.

Noa Erental

The problem is that people who want human rights and came here to a democratic country, searching for a safe place, are sent to prison, they are treated as prisoners, as criminals, as a cancer, some people call them cancers in Israel.

Stephen Cockburn - Amnesty International

President Jammeh should not approve this profoundly damaging act that violates international human rights law. Gambia's National Assembly and the President should not endorse state-sponsored homophobia.

Vladimir Putin

Concerns about the lack of human rights in Russia are strongly exaggerated. In general this is used as an instrument for pressure on Russia, with aims which have nothing to do with human rights.

Leo Kaneman

We have a double approach – the films must have artistic value because that is what allows us to talk about human rights. But the other side is political because we also organise panel discussions: a film, a topic and a public discussion. But there's no debate unless a film has artistic merit.

Gerard Karangwa

It's a well-known fact that Kagame is a 20th century criminal. He killed everyone, sparing no one and we are surprised to see him in Paris, the birth place of human rights. We came to show our anger to the French people, to the French authorities.

Serhiy Lutsenko

We are going to file appeals to the European Court of Human Rights and get the ruling that his imprisonment, his arrest and all accusations against him were groundless, to say the least, and that he has committed no crime.

Peter Tatchell

Today it's like the Soviet era in Russia. Those who seek to hold a peaceful protest are being hunted by the police and the FSB security like we were some kind of criminals or terrorists. We are not. We are peaceful gay human rights campaigners.

Hugo Chavez

All that it's like an orchestra. On one side there's the royal Spanish court and on the other side there's Washington. And finally there's the court of Human Rights, which the other day dedicated nearly 300 pages to us. And that is no coincidence, it's all orchestrated. Behind all that of course is the Yankee empire.

Nicolas Berger

For example, if you look at the Calais situation, most of the Afghani people there have family in Britain. They speak the language. There is a good reason why people should be resettled or taken in in countries where they have a potential future. So, from a human rights perspective, we are obviously not against the burden-sharing efforts that the EU might be undertaking. That should not be an excuse for breaking international law to an extent that some southern European states are doing.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

So, now the United Stated is talking about human rights?! Where are human rights in Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Tunisia, or Egypt?

Mohamed Morsi

Some human rights organisations have called for an international investigation into what happened at Rabaa and Al-Nahda. Would you be willing to co-operate with that?

Ashraf Abdullah

There is proof that Egypt respects human rights, otherwise it would have been expelled from the United Nations.

Mohamed Elhamy

Freedom of expression and information is the latest conflict between opposition and human rights groups on the one hand and the government on the other. The battle grows as legislative elections approach. It also raises questions about the scale of democracy present in Egypt.

Aharon Leshno Yaar

Today we had another manifestation of how Israel cannot get a fair hearing in this Human Rights Council. There is no respect of human rights in our neighbourhood, in the Arab countries, but this is the Human Rights Council and I don't have any expectations from this council unfortunately.

Manuel Valls

I am on the left because I believe we need policies that uphold the rule of law, human rights and humanity, but also a strong and clear policy to regulate migratory flows.

Pierre Dubois

I think it is important to remember that Mr Sarkozy is not allowed to make the rules all by himself. We a parliament, the courts, the European Court of Human Rights. The issue of deciding whether these expulsions are legal is far from being sorted.

Sergey Lavrov

You know, we are not in contact with Snowden and the issues he discussed with human rights activists were widely reported in the media. I heard about them in the same way as everyone else. To obtain political asylum under Russian law you have to go through specific procedures. The first step in this process is to make a formal appeal to the Federal Migration Service.

Nick Clegg

I think it would be wrong to try and draw neat comparisons between the situation in Bahrain – the tensions between the Sunni and the Shia communities there – and the decades of brutal abuse of the human rights and freedoms of people in Libya by an authoritarian regime under Colonel Gaddafi.

Hans-Gert Pöttering

We are not arguing against anybody. We have a positive approach. We are in favour of democracy, of human rights, of legal order. That's why we support, and I personally support, Gary Kasparov.

Alexandre Keltchewsky

Those Central Asian countries call on their traditions but were also very quick to adapt to mobile phones and computers. Apparently though it's more difficult for them to adapt to concepts such as the respect of human rights, civil freedoms and free elections. It's a problem of mentality and a problem of power, particularly in Central Asia. There, you must be aware that with perhaps the exception of Kyrgyzstan, which is starting to make progress in that domain, none of these countries has really put in place a system whereby power changes hands regularly.

Helen Shaw

There are a lot of problems to deal with the legacy of the past and whilst there is no conflict any more, there are lots of tensions, and there are still abuses of human rights. We still get lots of people contacting us asking for our help.

Antoine Sollacaro

He has been convicted in scandalous circumstances which flout the rules of a fair trial as defined by the European Convention on Human Rights.

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

The EU steps are premature and unfortunate, since it will diminish the EU's leverage with the Burmese government. Essentially, in our view, the EU member countries are ditching measures that have motivated the current progress on human rights.

Hisham Kandil

I guess I agree with Judith that water isn't going to go private. The government has a role to play, especially for drinking water and sanitation, which are human rights. We should provide this free of charge. Of course cost recovery is important but we don't support water pricing.

Susan E. Rice

By grossly and systematically violating his own people's human rights.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The independent Human Rights Commission has also documented distressing instances of civilian casualties resulting from the operation of international forces.

Helga Trupel

The European Parliament awarded the Sakharov Prize for Human Rights to Hu Jia and two years ago I had the possibility to meet Zeng Jinyan here in Beijing. Therefore, I would like to visit her today. I brought a gift for the little baby and I will try to talk to her.

Helene Flautre

When you consider that the Bulgarian nurses and the Palestinian doctor have been utterly denied their rights, have been tortured and that their lives depend upon the decision of one man it seems utterly astonishing. Meanwhile, we continue to deal with Mr. Khadafi on immigrants knowing he has little or no respect for basic human rights.

Mohammad Javad Zarif

Our judiciary is independent. And the presidential elections has had very little effect on the judiciary. Of course, we do not get ourselves involved or intervene in the affairs of the judiciary. We would like to see, certainly lower executions in all countries, we would like to see greater respect for human rights in all countries and certainly our human rights record can be improved, but it takes time for this government to have an impact on all aspects of Iranian life.

Maxim Leo

I tried to write a book about how I remembered the former German Democratic Republic. Most books and movies about this subject deal with people in the Stasi or in the opposition movement for civil rights. There is nothing between these two subjects. Apparently one has to be a fighter for civil rights or a traitor. I tried to write about the fact that there was also normal life, family life, I wrote about people who were sad, happy, in love or not in love, about the fact that everything was possible. Because I do know myself very well and I know my family, I told a story about my family.

Vitaly Churkin

With regard to the need to stop violence, with regard to the need to uphold human rights, with regard to expediting reforms especially, we believe, it is important to give a strong message to the Arab League that we encourage them to continue their efforts and of working together with the government of Syria.

Christos Gramatidis

Golden Dawn is party that systematically slanders, the European Court (of human rights) it has named it an instrument of the Jews, of the new order. So it is ironic that these people are now invoking the protection of the European Courts, but this is the majesty of democracy.

Fatemeh Nazari

The European Union should know that what they have done and passed as resolution. We don't believe in them, there is a huge difference between our understanding of human rights and theirs.

Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann

I do think this is an extremely important report. We have found grave and deep injuries to human rights in Europe, caused by the secret services. The European Parliament has always fought for human rights and is raising the banner now. We condemn this. It must not happen again.

Dmitry Peskov

We need to check this information, but as far as we know, he considers himself a defender of human rights and a campaigner for democratic ideals.

Maha Barada

When this draft law comes into force, Qatar will have put an end to much of the criticism by human rights organisations concerning the situation of foreign workers in general. Many people here see it as a historic step that could completely change the relationship between the employer and the employee.

Mohammed Shaikhibrahim - Euronews

The main question the Egyptian people have is – 'Will the fundamental human rights articles included in the new draft constitution be implemented or ignored?' If they are ignored, that constitution is dead in the water.

Philip Luther - Amnesty International

Despite the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution in February demanding an end to enforced disappearances and other human rights abuses, countless perceived opponents of the Syrian government – including activists, journalists, medics and lawyers – are routinely plucked off the streets or seized from their homes only to disappear into virtual black holes.

Angelina Kariakina

Ukrainian human rights activists have dubbed the draft law discriminatory, as cigarettes and alcohol are harmful for everyone. They want MPs to focus more on passive smoking. Many people in Ukraine are still forced to breathe in cigarette smoke in public places, in restaurants and on transport. Future mothers are among them.

Bill Nighty

If you ask me, or anyone of my generation 'What are the most important developments in your lifetime?' Like myself, many people would point to the emancipation of gay men and women in our lifetime. And the Civil Rights movement in America, perhaps. Those are the things that make you obscurely proud to have been around, for them. And the film concerns itself with that to a degree in a highly, as I emphasise, entertaining way. And also the miners' strike, about which there was not a lot of reliable information at the time, and so you get a bit of the truth.

Vladimir Chizhov

Well, we want stability. We want protection of human rights in Ukraine. We want the violence to stop. We want the rights of the Russian-speaking population to be preserved, not by voting for a change in the status of the Russian language or the latest decision to switch from the Cyrilic alphabet to the Latin alphabet. Why not hieroglyphs?

Vladimir Putin

In Ukraine, as you can see, our compatriots, Russian people and people of other nationalities, saw their language, culture and civil rights threatened. What kind of reaction did our partners expect from us after how events unfolded in Ukraine? We certainly had no right to leave the Crimean people and Sevastopol citizens at the hands of militant nationalists and radicals.

Angela Merkel

I've made clear once again that we strongly condemn this, just as the Russian side does. I know that the president takes the human rights matter seriously. I think it is very important, and in our common interest, that non-governmental organisations should be able to work in Russia.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

Respecting human rights should be essential, but let's leave the report to the Human Rights Council to decide.

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

We need a common immigration and asylum policy in Europe, and this must be combined with respecting fundamental human rights.

Ricardo Patino

The government of Ecuador is evaluating the request from Julian Assange and whatever decision it takes regarding him will take into account respect for the norms and principles of international law, just as Ecuador's traditional policies are sensitive to human rights.

Zijadin Kryeziu

I think our Human Rights are being trampled. Sport is a social thing that can unite people, can bring peace and love between people, and not hate.

Kim Yong Ho

My delegation totally rejects this update by the so-called Commission of Inquiry on human rights in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The oral update is another copy of faked materials on the situation of human rights in my country.

Vladimir Putin

During our discussions we stressed again our categorical opposition to independence for Kosovo. It could seriously damage the system of international human rights. It would have negative consequences for the stability of the Balkans and other regions of the world.

Khaled Mansour

We have a long way to go to achieve the objectives of the January 25 revolution and even the demands of the people who went to the streets on 30 of June, and I think the first step is to genuinely and in a credible manner respect human rights – civil, political, social and economic. And always remember that it's poverty and marginalisation that is the root of political disturbances and politically motivated violence or so-called 'terrorism.

Patrick Craven

Cosatu condemns this murder as we would condemn any murder or act of violence against any individual regardless of who it is. Having said that Mr Terreblanche was certainly no friend of democracy and human rights.

Navi Pillay - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

It is imperative that Israel, Hamas and all Palestinian armed groups strictly abide by applicable norms of international humanitarian law and international human rights law. This entails applying the principle of distinction between civilians and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives; proportionality; and precautions in attack. Respect for the right to life of civilians, including children, should be a foremost consideration. Not abiding by these principles may amount to war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

Mwai Kibaki

We saw gross and systematic abuse of human rights of fellow citizens and it is essential that facts be established and those responsible held to account.

Jerzy Buzek

With this prize, we members of the European Parliament honour those among us who still fight for human rights, but we also honour those who lost their lives in this very struggle: Natalia Estemirova should have been among us today, as should Anna Politkovskaya. Their killers have yet to be brought to justice.

Sergei Kovalev

Today, it is becoming more and more rare for Europe to make recommendations to Russia in the field of human rights protection and democracy. Sometimes, it entirely prefers to forget it. Behind this, the futile efforts for pragmatic interests in oil and gas in fact do not matter. The duty of Europe is not to keep silent, but remind Russia, call attention to it, insist respectfully but firmly that Russia fulfill its obligations.

Sergei Kovalev

This prize is theirs by right. The first is Natalia Estemirova, human rights defender and fellow member of Memorial, shot in Chechnya. Among others I should also mention Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer; Anna Politkovskaya and Anastasia Baburova, journalists, killed in Moscow; Nikolai Girenko, an ethnologist, shot in St-Petersburg; Farid Babaev, killed in Dagestan and many others. Sadly this list could go on. Please rise to honor the memory of these people.

Raul Grijalva

It is a split decision and I am very disappointed in the section that was found constitutional. I think it opens the door for increased violation of civil rights and discrimination.

Riad Masas

The human rights council says there are crimes against humanity committed in Syria, is the Arab League not also responsible because as well as a league of countries it is a league of people, and is therefore supposed to have a closer interest in human rights? A lot of people are killed every day in Syria.

Hu Jintao

As President Obama rightly put it, though there are disagreements between China and the United States on the issue of human rights, China is willing to engage in dialogue and exchanges with the United States on the basis of mutual respect and the principle of non-interference in each other's internal affairs.

Alassane Ouattara

I therefore call on all my fellow countrymen who might be tempted by a feeling of vengeance to refrain from any acts of reprisals or violence. I reiterate my will to put in place a commission of truth and reconciliation which will shed light on all massacres, crimes and other human rights abuses.

Hilde Johnson - United Nations

We have seen terrible acts of violence in the past two weeks, there has been killings and brutality, grave human rights violations and atrocities committed. The country is at a crossroads, it's at a fork in the road but it can still be saved from further, major escalations of violence. It is up to the leaders of this country and the two parties.

Henrique Capriles

We are not optimistic about the courts, but there are international organisations, because these are human rights violations. These crimes should go to international observers that work in respect of human rights.

Neiji el-Beghouri

Last night there were clashes between the security forces in the suburbs and surrounding areas. According to reports from union and legal sources around 16 people died. The situation here is now wide open, anything can happen. We don't want things to get worse, we only want to see a democratic climate with respect for human rights and all basic freedoms, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and of the right to demonstrate. A climate in which we can resist corruption and abuse of power, and give everyone the chance to equally share in the country's riches.

Maja Kocijancic - European Commission

These elections in a way are another missed opportunity for Belarus. We therefore urge the Belarussian authorities to implement these international standards; their international commitments really and return to the path of democracy and human rights.

Tom McNally

When Eleanor Roosevelt talked about the UN Declaration of Human Rights, 60 years ago, she said this was a Magna Carta for all mankind, and everyone understood what she meant, because the words Magna Carta are synonymous with human rights and civil liberties under the law.

Monika Lueke - Amnesty International

During the last 50 days human rights have been violated in Iran. They've beaten demonstrators and tourtured people in prisons. There is almost a total information embargo.

Tarja Cronberg

Sure. Of course we talk about human rights in the parliament, this is a very natural starting point – pose questions and also explain the views of the European parliament. But also, the Iranian government has been very open to discussing these questions.

Tarja Cronberg

Well, I think one of the things that is important for us is that last year the European parliament gave the Sakharov price to two Iranians, (the film director) Jafar Panahi* and (the human rights lawyer) Nasrin Sotudeh*. We, of course, hope to meet them.

António Guterres - United Nations

There is a general sense of impunity. Conflicts emerge, dramatic violations of human rights appear and the international community has lost much of its capacity to prevent conflicts and solve them (in a timely way).

Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega

Those who enter illegally must realise that sooner or later they will have to leave, and therefore our policy will continue to focus on effective repatriation. Naturally we will respect human rights in the process, as we already do.

Ivica Dacic

The Serbian government cannot accept the proposed principles that were relayed to our negotiators in talks because they do not guarantee full security and protection of human rights for Serbs in Kosovo.

Graham Watson

France gave us the rights of man, now France must lead in their defence. At home by pressing ahead with the anti-discrimination directive, and abroad by anchoring peace in the Balkans, in a European Union future, by using the Union for the Mediterranean to improve human rights in north Africa, by uniting in our dealings with Russia and condemning China's crackdown on dissent. Monsieur le président en office, n'allez pas à Beijing, jouez collectif.

Gaspar Llamazares

What's at stake here are human rights and Spain's sovereignty for the sake of good relations with the US.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Let me be absolutely clear. The world is watching all sides in South Sudan. Attacks on civilians and the UN peacekeepers deployed to protect them must cease immediately. The United Nations will investigate reports of grave human rights violations and crimes against humanity. Those responsible at the senior level will be held personally accountable and face the consequences.

Elias Anagnostopoulos

There is no excuse for tramping human rights, regardless if it is economic situation or any other situation. Greece has been a migrant country itself. Greece has signed international treaties and Greece ought to respect that and protect human rights regardless of the nationality, religion or colour of skin.

Amira Yahyaoui

Strangely I'm very confident because my view is that these are very good results in the sense that they are very representative of Tunisians. It's the first time Tunisia has ever had real statistics, not distorting the will of Tunisians, their hopes, their thoughts. I am really confident about the constitution which will be written at the end of the year by the constitutional assembly and at the same time I'm happy to see an Arab Muslim country where the winning Islamist party has understood that it cannot 'reign' without applying a real democracy or without thinking about human rights.

Lyudmila Alexeyeva

I would like to believe that at this meeting the European colleagues of our leaders have been very assertive on these issues. The ordinary citizens of Russia are worried about the situation with human rights and the current relations between authorities and the civil society. The EU must have noticed that our authorities have recently launched a wide and cruel attack on civil society with an aim, I believe, to fully suppress it.

Lyudmila Alexeyeva

You are right that ordinary people are more interested in the problems of their everyday lives. However the human rights activists, politicians and all thinking people know that as long as society is deprived of civil liberties and doesn't have an opportunity to influence the decision-making of the authorities – ordinary people can't resolve the problems of their everyday lives.

Joe Biden

We've had many disagreements, and some profound disagreements on some of those issues right now, the treatment of US journalists, but I believe China will be stronger and more stable and more innovative if it respects universal human rights.

Francois Hollande

Regarding human rights and democratic principles, they are both part of the dialogue that we are having. It should not be seen as an obligation, we should simply put this issue as it should be: as part of frank and respectful political dialogue.

Yigal Palmor

The commission was really a farce of a human rights fact finding commission. It wasn't a real effort to seek the truth.

Roseann Rife - Amnesty International

What we need is for China to not obstruct any action that might take place at the Security Council, and also to take its responsibility seriously in protecting the human rights of North Koreans who cross over into China, by not returning them to North Korea.

Colm Ó Cuanacháin - Amnesty International

The spotlight's not going to be on them, and they can continue to invest resources in issues around for example, defence or conflict, rather than investing in rights and solutions. Or they can continue to tolerate a situation where money is being syphoned off around corruption rather than into human rights programmes.

Nina Tagankina

Anna did great work in Chechnya. Some of our colleagues are still there but since Natasha Estemirova was killed there is practically nobody left. Human rights activists are actually scared to work there now.

Liu Jieyi

I feel very proud because he is Chinese. And now people are promoting human rights and there is more focus on democracy. Liu Xiaobo supports human rights.

Hanaa Edwar

After 35 years of bloody dictatorship in this country, the first thing we need to do is develop from a totalitarian regime into a culture of human rights and democracy. It's not easy, this transition period. But the Americans made a chaos of this transition. It's not only them; even our politicians are not capable of doing the things necessary to rebuild, reconstruct the country.

Fredrik Malm

It is important for our party to show international solidarity and it is important to us to talk and act for more tolerance in the world and more democracy in the world. Therefore we are very happy that we can host this very important conference, whose focus is on free election in Iran and the need for democracy and human rights in Iran.

Stephen Vladeck

The hardest thing for the President in this context is the extent to which he cannot satisfy both constituencies, the intelligence community on the one hand, civil liberties advocates and civil liberties organisations on the other.

Espen Barth Eide

I warmly welcome that Marte Dalelv was pardoned by the ruler of Dubai today. The fight for human rights for all continues.

Laura Pollan

He wasn't a murderer. He wasn't a thief. He wasn't a rapist. He was simply a young man who wanted a better future for Cuba, a fighter for human rights. He was one of the men who wish for something else for Cuba. However, the government didn't understand that.

Francois Hollande

We still have our duty to do, preserving the legacy bequeathed to us, the duty to move the peoples of Europe forward, to reinforce the role of the United Nations, to defend human rights, everywhere.

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

The AKP is the party closest to us and the similarity between the Turkish and Tunisian situation is the same, even in the context of the historical development in both countries along with the proximity to the West and their recent historical experiences. All these factors are similar and our ties with the AKP are deep, we are moderate Islamic parties and we use the AKP as a model, we can benefit from Turkey's economic success and in terms of human rights and democracy, though each country is unique with its own circumstances.

Giorgi Gogia

There appears to be a clear disconnect in Baku's drive to boost its importance in the international arena and its failure to respect international standards. Azerbaijan's international partners should set clear benchmarks on human rights if they are to succeed in persuading Baku to respect its commitments.

Hillary Clinton

As part of our dialogue, the United States raises the importance of human rights and fundamental freedoms because we believe that all governments do have to answer our citizens' aspirations for dignity and the rule of law and that no nation can or should deny those rights.

Herman Van Rompuy - European Council

The situation for human rights defenders and journalists in Russia is of grave concern to the European public at large.

Herman Portocarero

Again, bear in mind that we talk about all human rights. There is, on the Cuban side, obviously more stress on the social and collective rights whereas there is more stress from our side on the individual rights and freedoms.

Carlos Slim

It is clear we are living in a new civilisation of knowledge and of new service technologies and of course, they have to have new paradigms. The paradigm for the new society is freedom, democracy, plurality, diversity, globalisation, competitiveness, productivity, technology, innovation, human rights and the environment. These are the paradigms for the new civilisation.

Leonidas Donskis

I am not that naive to expect that the Kremlin would feel the sense of shame. But we can send the very clear message that human rights are not negotiable.

Rita Bence - Tasz

Human rights should be respected, and with this law the government is trying to hide this problem, to make the homeless people disappear. The politicians aren't solving anything, just making the problem deeper and harder.

Livia Jaroka

It is such a drastic situation not only mentally and human rights-wise and economically, but also culturally. It is a huge loss for Europe.

John Dalhuisen - Amnesty International

Attempting to monitor the human rights situation in Crimea has become a near impossible task.

Oliver Lewis

Dumping people with disabilities in institutions is a gross human rights violation. Conditions inside these institutions are often deplorable. Force feeding, light deprivation, physical and mental violence and deaths have all been uncovered in numerous institutions across Romania. Many have been funded by the European Commission.

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

Do they listen? Are they influenced by opinions? I believe they are but the important thing for us is that human rights is a universal set of rights and we don't talk based on whether somebody is listening or not. It's very important for us to shine the light, to speak truth to power and I think over time truth and justice will prevail.

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

Unfortunately, there have been incidents of this nature and really again the EU should intervene in the situation, it's well within their competence. Austerity cannot be at the cost of human rights and this is a real genuine problem.

Salil Shetty - Amnesty International

What we normally recommend is that before austerity measures are put in place an essential prerequisite for governments is to look the human rights impact that these are going to have particularly on vulnerable populations. So, for example if you are going to do something in relation to public housing if people are going to be forcibly evicted from public housing because of an austerity measure, I think that it's absolutely essential that the European institutions and the member states take cognisance of this beforehand and not after the event.

Sergey Lavrov

If our goal is the conference, then we must avoid any discussions and, of course, any action designed to establish a no-fly zone. We must avoid confrontational debates and one-sided resolutions in the United Nations General Assembly and in the Human Rights Council because all this is not helping to create the atmosphere necessary to convene a conference.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen - NATO

At midnight tonight a successful chapter in NATO's history is coming to an end. But you have already started writing a new chapter in the history of Libya: a new Libya based on freedom, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and reconciliation. We know it's not easy. We know the challenges, and if you ask us for help in areas where we can help, we will help.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

These terrorist activities by ISIL are totally unacceptable by international human rights and international humanitarian law.

William Hague

I've urged (Al-Khatib) once again to make very clear the commitment of the national coalition to all things the assad-regime is not committed to. To human rights, to international humanitarian law, to democracy and freedom for the people of Syria.

Barack Obama

Obviously, I'm aware of the press reports on the situation in China, but I'm not going to make a statement on the issue. What I would like to emphasise is that every time we meet with China, the issue of human rights comes up.

Aung San Suu Kyi

This is one of the most moving days of my life. I stand here now strong in the knowledge that I am among friends who will be with us as we continue with our task of building a nation that offers peace and prosperity and basic human rights protected by the rule of law to all who dwell within its realms.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier

None of us can judge these releases in the end. there's obviously a time factor involved. I don't want to belittle it, the fact people are now being released is a good signal. I say we should use them to have further discussions with Russia about legal processes and the protection of human rights.

Pranab Kumar Mukherjee

I would like to see India takes its rightful place in the community of nations. As one of the most prosperous developed countries which protects human rights, which includes the development of one and all, which is the old maxim of our society.

David Cameron

There are some very serious questions that need to be answered. Questions about human rights violations today in Sri Lanka, the fact there are so many people who disappeared, the fact that there aren't proper rules for a free press. But there are also very big questions to be answered about how the long war ended and the appalling scenes that we've seen on television about thousands of innocent civilians being killed at the end of that war.

Rupert Colville - United Nations

The mass imposition of the death penalty after a trial rife with procedural irregularities is in breach of international human rights law. A mass trial of 529 people conducted over just two days cannot possibly have met even the most basic requirements for a fair trial.

Hillary Clinton

Australia and the United States will continue to work together to establish an international commission of inquiry to hold those leaders of Burma accountable for human rights violations, continuing persecution of ethnic minorities.

Angela Merkel

An important contribution to our discussion was the dialogue on human rights, and naturally we spoke about it again today, and I made my point of view very clear: that broad and free expression of opinion is a very important element to promote a society's creativity, be it in research, culture or civil society.

Angela Merkel

The Arab League has taken a very firm stand regarding the situation in Syria and has clearly condemned the human rights violations perpetrated by the Assad government. The European Union is strongly supporting the Arab League in its very firm stand and is going to come up with an enhancement of sanctions against Syria.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Once again, I call on President Assad and Syrian authorities to immediately cease all violence against their people, to fully respect human rights and to implement the reforms they had already announced.

Angela Merkel

On my side, I have made it very clear that for us there several things that are very important. One is that the line for dialogue is always open to all political forces in Egypt, that the different political forces can make their contribution. Another is that human rights are adhered to in Egypt.

Jan Egeland - United Nations

You can do a lot. As we speak Europe is preparing for the European Union-Indian dialogue, the annual dialogue which also includes human rights. And that one we believe that Europe must insist that not only has the laws to defend women's rights there has to be a better practise. India has a lot of good laws. In reality corrupt police, corrupt judges, corrupt leaders do not in reality defend the rights of women and what we saw even after some of these horrific rapes was that some politicians religious leaders and others sort of faulted the women for this. This can not be tolerated. The practice, the culture has to change in India as in so many other countries in defending the rights of women.

Jan Egeland - United Nations

No we in Human Rights Watch are concerned with a worsening human rights situation in many European countries. I would say in three words this is connected to minorities being discriminated, migrants having their rights violated and that the minorities and migrants are always more vulnerable in times of austerity.

Jan Egeland - United Nations

Well Human Rights Watch is a worldwide organisation that researches documents human rights abuse, violence against individuals, lawlessness against people then we publish this so everybody can find out what is the truth and finally we advocate for change, that there should be the rule of law that everybody should have their human rights defended.

Jan Egeland - United Nations

Well we recruit we believe the best of the best. As researchers being experts on countries, they go to the field, the go to Syria, the go to Russia, they go to South Africa they go to China they go to all of the places where there is war, repression, discrimination and human rights abuse. They undertake hun