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Ozi Amanat - K2
It's a most uniquely positioned company and I don't see it as a pure Uber or Grab competitor but as a hybrid tech play. Its payments capabilities and wide array of customer offerings are most interesting. Southeast Asia is a vibrant economy with a massive population and growing spending
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Apr 24 2017
“We have got approval for exports and are working on finalising an export permit.” said Riza Pratama speaking about Indonesia. It’s one of the 511 quotes about Indonesia you can find on this page. 337 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Luhut Pandjaitan and Joko Widodo. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Meredith Sumpter

As we heard in South Korea and Japan, what we are likely to hear in Indonesia and Australia is the U.S. vice president messaging that despite walking away from a multilateral trade regime, the U.S. recognizes that its economic ties with Asia are central, and that the U.S. is going to find ways to invest in those relationships, notably with trade, and with trying to expand access for U.S. firms in the

Meredith Sumpter

Indonesia is a massively important market, this is 40 percent of ASEAN, and there is a notable U.S. private sector presence in Indonesia, but much more could be done to expand that

Meredith Sumpter

In line with the political mandate of President Trump, we should watch for Mike Pence focusing part of his visit on expanding U.S. commercial ties within Indonesia. The vice president is well aware that the U.S. needs to do more in the wake of walking away from the TPP to message U.S. economic staying power. When you look at the outcome of this initial economic dialogue channel with the deputies for both sides, what's notable is that there was no agreement to continue on with formal talks for a U.S.-Japan bilateral

Meredith Sumpter

This is a signal that PM (Shinzo) Abe is certainly intent on pursuing the TPP 11– so this would be the TPP, absent the U.S. – probably on account of a rising interest among the other TPP players to see what can be salvaged, even if the U.S. decides to continue to turn away from the TPP. Washington is very intent on pursuing bilateral trade negotiations, not only with Japan, but with other trade partners in the

Meredith Sumpter

So the rising Muslim populism aside, I would expect that during this trip, the vice president will focus on the bilateral relationship, on ASEAN, on counter-terrorism, and also doubling down on what could be done to strengthen commercial ties between the two

Keith Loveard

Going forward, the politics of religion is going to be a potent

Ismail Yusanto

It is forbidden under Islamic law, to have an infidel

Erik Barreto

There's never a right time. It's never easy, but if it's something you really love, there's always a way through. I'd push anyone to give it a

Erik Barreto

It was quite a scary step at the time, but it was an opportunity to realize a dream. It's scary, there's ups and downs, but I wouldn't change it for the

Alissa Wahid

I don't really care about who would be governor. But I am scared for the swinging pendulum of social change, especially in the Muslim community. They used mosques to spread hateful sentiments, and I am scared of the repercussions. Although I feel that Anies is pretty tolerant, his victory will push the intolerant groups that backed him to spout their views yet more

Joko Anwar

It's the downside of democracy. The best one doesn't always win. It's going to give the intolerant groups more room and justification for what they have been doing, so they'll keep doing it even

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

Don't let any cheating happen, because the future of Jakarta is determined by the election

Said Iqbal

Local unskilled labour cannot work because the jobs have been filled by the

Liky Sutikno

Chinese concern is stability and consistency of the rule of law. What they are scared of the most is a repeat of 1998, that the Chinese will be singled out

Joko Widodo

Different political choices should not divide us because we are all brothers whatever the result is, whoever is elected, we must accept that

Isabella Hariyono

We are worried things could be hotter if the results are quite close. We hope things don't heat up. The police and military are ready but we never

Riza Pratama - Freeport Indonesia

We have got approval for exports and are working on finalising an export

Andrew Lebovich

There was certainly some opposition to Senghor as himself and Senghor as a Christian, but he was able to leverage and co-opt other groups of Muslims in order to support his

Shadi Hamid

The argument that a non-Muslim cannot be governor of a city, that's not something we should take at face value, even among Islamists, let alone Muslims more

Jeremy Menchick

This is not a 'Muslim problem'. How many Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists have been President of the U.S. or even in Congress? How did the Jewish and evangelical community react to [Muslim congressman Keith] Ellison being a candidate for [Democratic National Committee] chair? How do Arab parties fare in Israel? Or Muslim politicians in the Philippines?feedback

Andrew Lebovich

Muslims, like Christians, like Jews, choose what role religion plays in their lives and in their politics, and these things evolve over time. Even if there is a religious injunction, people decide how seriously to take

Umuh Muctar

That they are here is a joy for us, they want to raise up Indonesia's name in the world. Everybody knows that Essien is a world-class player, not an illegal

Riza Pratama - Freeport Indonesia

This visit is happening entirely independent of our current negotiations with the government of

Arif Prabowo

If we work together, that means we would know and can be responsible for the content broadcast by Netflix. The choices for our customers will be more

Jennifer Rubin

In President Trump’s so-called skinny budget, he eviscerated the State Department’s budget and foreign-aid spending. As to the former, perhaps Trump’s recent recognition of the need for diplomatic efforts (with NATO, China, etc.) will teach him that American “soft power” is a corollary to hard power. The former without the latter can be feckless; the latter without the former leaves us binary options (e.g. consent or war).feedback

Joko Widodo

The U.S. embassy here certainly is going to great lengths to make the visit a success. My impression is he's (Pence) not going to ruffle feathers in public, he's not going to cause a

Paulus Tjakrawan

This is one of the issues that we have asked the trade ministry to bring to the meeting (with Pence). Our hope is for the government to be firm ... Otherwise we will be taken advantage of. Not to act like thugs but, for example, if they put barriers to our exports, why not stop importing some of their goods?feedback

Jean-Sebastian Jacques - Freeport-McMoRan

There is no doubt that Grasberg is a world-class resource. However, there's a difference between a world-class resource and a world-class business. Depending what will happen in the coming months and years in terms of negotiations with the government, the extension beyond 2021, Rio will have to come to a conclusion whether we want to stay or

Jean-Sebastian Jacques - Freeport-McMoRan

There is no doubt that Grasberg is a world-class resource. However, there's a difference between a world class resource and a world class

Maniam Pachaiappan

From what I know, on April 20 Andik Vermansah will return so I hope he will come. I understand that he has recovered from his injury and was able to rejoin training. If he can play again it will be good for the team but for the moment, I do not want to comment any further on his place in the squad. He still has one year remaining on his contract (until the end of 2017) with

Joko Supriyono

Since these furloughs and layoffs began we have stopped providing credit to Freeport

Achmad Sukarsono

When there is a crisis at Freeport, it will send major ripples through Papuan

William Gondokusumo

The great thing is that there are a lot of investments… There are choices for consumers that love innovative solutions that are coming out from Indonesia

Ardian Syaf

I don't hate Jews and Christians... I have a many good friends [among them] too. My career is over now. It's the consequence what I did, and I take it. Please no more mockery, debat, no more hate. I hope all in peace (sic).feedback

Willow Wilson

This is all to say that Ardian Syaf can keep his garbage philosophy. He has committed career suicide; he will rapidly become irrelevant. But his nonsense will continue to affect the scant handful of Muslims who have managed to carve out careers in

Susi Pudjiastuti

We hope Sino (the name of one of the ships) is the symbol of our victory against poaching after years of defeat, especially in eastern

Armanatha Nasir

At the same time, Indonesia is concerned with unilateral actions by any parties, including the use of Tomahawk missiles, in responding to the chemical weapon attack tragedy in Syria. Military actions, undertaken without prior authorisation of the UN Security Council, are not in line with international legal principles in the peaceful settlement of disputes, as stipulated in the UN

Armanatha Nasir

At the same time, Indonesia is concerned with unilateral actions by any parties, including the use of Tomahawk missiles, in responding to the chemical weapon attack tragedy in Syria. Military actions, undertaken without prior authorisation of the U.N. Security Council, are not in line with international legal principles in the peaceful settlement of disputes, as stipulated in the U.N. Charter. Indonesia is a party to the convention on chemical weapons. Of course, Indonesia rejects the use of chemical weapons by anybody for whatever

Sinta Nuriyah

They have to be confronted. If they aren't, they will take heart and become even

Sinta Nuriyah

It isn't easy erasing teachings that have already penetrated

Sinta Nuriyah

I'm someone who if there's something I want, then I've got to have

Sinta Nuriyah

We didn't need to act or wear clothes like we were kings. Because the people we are facing down aren't foreigners, but are from our own

Sinta Nuriyah

I wanted to look into the extent to which religion shapes the lives of women, and also the extent to which women influenced

Sinta Nuriyah

Reach out to the regional district head. All people have the right to worship God, not just some people. That's the truth in Islam. Because we're all siblings. We have to always look out for one another. I was too young, and love hadn't blossomed yet. Mankind shouldn't always fail in life. If right now you're failing in your studies, then you shouldn't also fail in love. Just like General Sudirman struggled for an independent Indonesia, I struggled for my own future. My friend had 16 kids, because her husband was a prominent preacher who wanted to have 25

Shinta Ratri

There's nobody else in Indonesia like her, who cares this much about marginalized

Kathleen Quirk - Freeport-McMoRan

With the short-term arrangement, we'll start ramping production back up to feed our mill 100

Carsten Menke - Julius Baer Group

There is this underlying bullishness in the market which doesn't seem to have gone away on the recent newsflow - a resumption of exports from Indonesia, or any of the strikes. People want to be bullish copper because there is this looming multi-year deficit from 2019 onwards. That may be an explanation as to why people are reluctant to get out of the

Ignasius Jonan

Freeport Indonesia has entered the final stage of discussions. If they agree on the special mining permit, they can export, as long as they put forward a proposal to develop a smelter within five

Christopher LaFemina - Jefferies

Ultimately, both sides have a tremendous incentive to find a resolution, but it seems like there are still significant hurdles. It's not clear to me that those long-term issues are any closer to being

Julius Ibrani

Whether it's a ministerial decree or a law, at the end of the day it will apply to society. The problem is with the

Emily Taylor

Honestly, people try to fake things a lot when it comes to big snakes. The video doesn't have any strong indicators that it is fake. If it's real, it's really disappointing that someone lost their

Amy Li - National Australia Bank

On copper there is so much uncertainty, Escondida, Indonesia, the Philippines, but on the demand side it seems China isn't doing too badly, especially given upbeat global sentiment and improving growth in advanced

Arif Havas Oegroseno

Both parties have concluded that the total coral reef damaged area is 18,882 square

Libby Whitley

Guess how many applicants we had? ... 13. And they were all from places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria. We did not have one American worker apply on (the first job order).feedback

Daniel Phua - Blue Bird

At the end of the day most of these regulations are about leveling the playing field. It's making sure that the same regulation applies to all parties. So as you know, there are a lot of the new players. Because technology is moving so fast, regulations have to catch

Daniel Phua - Blue Bird

Motorbikes are currently not regulated. The 4 wheelers are the parties being regulated at the moment. So the regulations basically require the vehicles to go through safety checks, for the drivers to have a vocational license, for them to have commercial license, to pay proper VAT. So basically all the regulations that are in place for taxis, will now be applied for the new

Simon Baptist

We're expecting, over the course of this year, the rupee, the yen and the euro to all have a fairly good year. That's going to up the cost of living in those cities. On the other hand, currencies we think are going to struggle - including those in Brazil, South Africa, (South) Korea, Indonesia and China - those places we expect the cost of living is going to come

Budi Setyagraha

There's much less discrimination now against Chinese-descendant citizens than there was in the Suharto era, and this is one of few remaining official policies, but it's still very much in practice around here, and it's very much felt. And it's not just an economic issue, but also a symbolic one. We all built this nation, and we all deserve to be treated the same

Baskara T. Wardaya

But it was discrimination with uneven results. Chinese Indonesians were effectively banned from public life, from participating in politics and the military, while their children found it hard to enter public schools or universities. At the same time, Suharto relied on powerful Chinese businessman to build the economy, and many became very wealthy while common Chinese citizens were left

Baskara T. Wardaya

Suharto used domestic elements that already existed, such as some anti-Chinese sentiment, as well as the geopolitical situation and the perceived eternal threat of communism, to craft his policy on the local Chinese

Siput Lokasari

My wife bought some land to open a convenience store near the airport, but it's still not ours. They want us to rent our own land from the sultan, which we don't

Willie Sebastian

I don't feel that regular people treat me differently because I'm Chinese. We get along great. Right now my problem is the way the government is treating

Rohit Garg

Even though BI has mentioned that NPLs have peaked, S&P may not upgrade Indonesia this

Vishnu Varathan - Mizuho Bank

Funds bound by IG (investment grade) ratings could provide another leg up for Indonesian assets on the (S&P)

Neeraj Seth - BlackRock

We expect S&P to upgrade Indonesia's rating to investment grade sometime in the near term. Indonesia has a strong track record of fiscal discipline and the government has demonstrated a strong commitment towards reforms through fuel subsidy rationalization and multiple policy packages since September

Luke Spajic - PIMCO Investment

One could argue that the steep recovery in commodity prices has helped significantly, so a sharp retracement would send valuations

Smriti Shekhar - Nn

S&P is the outlier, and I would think they would be seriously contemplating their rating. There is decent depth in the market and the basic economy is on a strong footing today vis-à-vis its foreign exchange balances. There is a reasonable degree of implicit confidence in that structure now versus 15 years

Elvira Lianita

Partnership programs, not risky restrictions, would be the solution to bridging this gap and increasing farmer

Michael Essien

I hope I am the prelude to other world players moving to Indonesia. Hopefully this is a good beginning for Indonesian football and also for

Kia Walker

My granddaughter deserves to be in a loving environment where she can know her grandmother and have a relationship with other family members. I'm willing to face whatever is necessary so that I can raise my

Nava Nuraniyah

On the other hand, though, Salafi ulama [scholars] in Indonesia are among the most vocal opponents of

Yahya Cholil Staquf

We need King Salman to make a clear and bold statement denouncing

Yahya Cholil Staquf

His visit will be easily perceived as more support to radical Islamic movements in Indonesia, as it is already a common public understanding that those radical movements take theological reference from Saudi Wahhabism and have been enjoying various kinds of support from Saudi

Dadi Darmadi

That being said, the Indonesian government has to be more wise and stop considering the hajj quota as a political gambit to attract more populist support in this

Muhammad Adlin Sila

Theology, which is a mandatory subject there, is only taught by committed Wahhabis, and I really think their ideology is antithetical to traditional Indonesian Islam, which is usually syncretic and

Nava Nuraniyah

We've been seeing some evidence of the transition from Salafism to extremism among female extremists of the ISIS

Mohammad Abdullah Alshuaibi

We have built mosques, hospitals, and schools there. And an Arabic language institute. Wahhabi, Wahhabi, Wahhabi… people love to throw around this term without knowing what it means! They make baseless accusations. It is crazy!feedback

Din Wahid

The advent of Salafism in Indonesia is part of Saudi Arabia's global project to spread its brand of Islam throughout the Muslim

Chris Chaplin

Salafi pesantren, and Saudi-inspired religious education in general, no longer necessarily rely on Saudi donations, as followers have become incredibly adept at raising money

Chris Chaplin

In fact, given the size of his entourage, I wouldn't be surprised if there will be a flurry of networking activity amongst Indonesian alumni of Saudi

Vera Eve Lim

I would say that in general loan demand has started picking up and also in trade finance, you also see customers start coming back to the banks and require more facility… In general I would say we remain positive. In general, inflation is very low – I think this is the lowest in the last 10 years. So the hike in interest rates it will not impact the banking business in the next 18 months because today's interest rates is also very low, I think historical

Yenny Wahid

The two countries face the same challenge of rising radicalism and intolerance so cooperation in those areas will be beneficial. Saudi Arabia has been aggressive in de-radicalization and rehab programs for terrorists. We can learn best practices from each

Richard Adkerson

Many of our shareholders feel that we have been too nice. Now we are in the position of standing up for our rights under the contract. The polite approach that we have had in the past, if we go to arbitration, is going to be replaced with tough

Yusri Yunus

We're currently in the government office. There was information from the people that there was a bomb

Rachmat Makkasau

AMNT will immediately resume export activities and continue our mining operations at Batu Hijau as

Carsten Menke - Julius Baer Group

It's all about the disruptions in Chile and Indonesia, but we don't think it will have a lasting impact . The assumption is that the strike at Escondida will be contained duration

Max Layton - Goldman Sachs Group

It's creating a nickel ore deficit, not a refined metal deficit...higher ore prices push up nickel pig-iron

Abdurrahman M. Fachir

This also is a promotion in itself, and hopefully this will increase the numbers of tourist arrivals from the Middle

Richard Adkerson

Right now we are at an impasse with the government. At the end of that period if this dispute is not resolved we reserve the right at that time to commence arbitration. I'm confident the U.S. government will want to see Freeport treated

Ignasius Jonan

If there's no agreement, this can be brought to arbitration. Not only Freeport, the government also has a right to bring this to

Ignasius Jonan

But it would be a much better step rather than always using the issue of firing workers as a tool to pressure the

Ida Anisafitri

We would see her briefly with the child, and then she would go back inside the

Riza Pratama - Freeport Indonesia

We are continuing to cooperate (with the government) so that our exports of concentrate can return to normal. Let's see what happens

Tito Karnavian

Such an action was done three or four times and they were given a few dollars for it, and with the last target, Kim Jong Nam, allegedly there were dangerous materials in the sprayer. She was not aware that it was an assassination attempt by alleged foreign

Virgo Solossa - Freeport Indonesia

Everything has stopped completely. It's just maintenance now. If they aren't careful, this has and will impact (Freeport operations), both for workers as immediate beneficiaries and the broader community as recipients of benefits from Freeport's

Roberto Herrera-Lim

I think the surprise was that Ahok performed better than expected. Polls a fews weeks ago were painting him around 30, 35 percent. It shows that although tensions have been inflamed by the rallies, by the anti-Christian (and) anti-Chinese sentiment, they've toned down a bit since then. Some Indonesians say they must have a Muslim, they must have an ethnic Indonesian as governor of Jakarta. That's going to inform a lot of votes

Roberto Herrera-Lim

Ahok is what we call a double minority in terms of ethnicity and religion so it triggered passions about this … It's just a circumstance of having one really high-profile target and people who were on the extremes targeted him for

Lim Ming Yan - Capitaland

Our 36 percent now is something we are comfortable with, but having said that, we are constantly looking at opportunities across the different markets that we have a presence in. I think the market is underpinned by relatively high economic growth. In addition to that, I think there's a significant urbanization that's taking place. So we have very much been focusing on the Tier 1 and the Tier 2 cities. We are also looking at Indonesia – these are major markets within this region. We are also looking at markets beyond Asia in Europe as well as in the

Charles Bradford - Bradford Research

You can't count on these things continuing. It was like the run-up in coal price earlier last year when the Chinese cut back the operating days (at coal boilers); the price ran up…China decided it was too much, put back the extra days, price is (back down), it happens

Alastair Munro - Marex

If the proposed measures are applied this should impact a significant proportion of current China steel and aluminium

Ho Woei Chen

Various reports suggest conviction for blasphemy, which comes with a jail term of up to five years, is likely. In that event, his hold to the office will be precarious even if he wins the

Achmad Sukarsono

Both Yudhoyono and Baswedan are American-educated, moderate Muslims who have little choice but to ride the wave of Islamic populism to compete with

Daniel Johan

It's a blatant offense against Indonesia's conservation laws. Police have to investigate this cruel

Matt Maley

Indonesia is a very domestic driven economy, so it would be less impacted by a trade

Vivienne Lloyd

Copper rallying has a bullish effect on the other base metals, as we saw last Friday, but less so on other commodities such as energy. It seems more likely to be a short term rally based on recent disruption events. A sell-off when (BHP Billiton) goes back to work would be the most probable trigger for a reversal. In the interim, however, uncertainty remains around Grasberg (Indonesia). We think PT Freeport Indonesia will move to reduce operations this week due to the export ban, which is likely to spark another short term

Riza Pratama - Freeport Indonesia

Exports are still banned as a result of the regulations that were issued in January. There has been no

Bambang Gatot - Coal & Minerals

Whether they agree or not, we'll see. Whether there are incentives, we can work on

Eric Kinneberg - Freeport-McMoRan

These conditions are necessary and critical for (Freeport Indonesia's) long-term investment

Claudius Modesti

In their haste to issue audit reports for their client, the firm and two partners shirked their fundamental duty to obtain sufficient audit

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

I ask the president, the police chief, do I not have the right to live in my own country, with the human rights that I am entitled to? I'm just asking for

Jean-Sebastian Jacques - Freeport-McMoRan

There is no doubt that Grasberg is a world-class resource. But the key question, especially in the light of what happened three weeks ago, is: is Grasberg a world-class business for us? Everyone was taken by

Richard Adkerson

As we've approached the completion of the pit, workers have been raising complaints, grievances, and have simply not been meeting productivity

Dina Afrianty

It is the Indonesian government who asked MUI to release a fatwa to minimize the heightened political tension in this last week of the campaign season, In my view, this is very political. As a quasi-government institution, MUI is often used by the government, any political parties or interest groups for their own political purposes. What I have seen since the first trial took place in early December 2016 (is that) the public gradually realized that Ahok's case is actually a political game, not so much about

Joko Widodo

Libel, hate speech and false words on social media are increasingly troubling

Jacob Ricks

Ahok's administration has moved forward on these issues, and hopefully they would continue as planned under the new administration. Ahok is widely seen as a no-nonsense manager … It remains to be seen if either of the other two candidates would be as

Colm Fox

Mayoral and district head elections in Indonesia are very personalistic. In terms of winning an election, the character traits and identity of the candidates and whether they are likeable is key. In contrast, the ability for parties to foster support for their candidates is weak (as) most of Indonesia's parties are still relatively new and the public's attachment to (them) is still weak. (p)olicy has become more important in recent years and candidates have become increasingly specific on their

Prihadi Santoso

Freeport has just issued a notice this morning that they will reduce (mining) activities in stages. We are trying to meet our commitments to our

Hary Tanoesoedibjo

Nations "if needed. With the Trump Organisation, the capacity is a business relationship. It's still the same before and after Trump became president. But if needed, I can try to

Maaruf Amin

We will issue it as soon as possible, because the situation is worrying. Hopefully, at least Muslims won't be involved anymore in

Bambang Gatot - Coal & Minerals

While their special mining license is not definitive, we cannot apply (these rules)

Juda Agung - Bank Indonesia

There are inflationary pressures coming from adjustment in electricity tariffs and from the global condition, so the room for BI (Bank Indonesia) to lower the benchmark rate has become

Ignasius Jonan

If they satisfy the requirements, including the requirements to build a smelter, we will issue them with a temporary special mining permit and an export (permit)

Achal Agarwal - Kimberly-Clark Asia Pacific

I think the reality is that many people will sometimes talk of an Asian consumer. There's no such animal, Even within a country, there are different consumers ... What works in Indonesia may not work in Thailand and Malaysia so we actually tailor our products for the customers in that specific

Joko Widodo

We hope that at the beginning of this year there is planning and quick action (so) we can prevent forest and land fires in 2017. Check preparations for aerial operations, air patrols, rain making and water bombing. These have to move quickly from the

Sutopo Nugroho

The province of Riau today declared emergency status for forest and land fires for 96

Steven Ciobo

Certainly I know that Indonesia has expressed a possible interest and there would be scope for China . . . indeed other countries, to consider joining and to join in order to get the benefits that flow as a

Malcolm Turnbull

Losing the United States from the TPP is a big loss, there is no question about that. But we are not about to walk away from our commitment to Australian jobs. You have to recognize that his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, has been a longtime advocate for it. The Republican Party in the Congress have been strong supporters of the TPP. It is possible that U.S. policy could change over time on this, as it has done on other trade

Emirsyah Satar

As far as I know, when I was the CEO of PT Garuda Indonesia, I had never done corrupt activities and I did not receive anything that was related to my

Riza Pratama - Freeport Indonesia

There is no requirement to pay export duties on concentrates or to conduct further divestments (under the company's existing contract).feedback

Oliver Salmon - Oxford Economics

A weaker ringgit will help boost export competitiveness and this comes at a time where export growth is really starting to pick up toward the end of last year and early this year and so external demand is really seen as a catalyst to growth for next year especially as there are some soft patches in the domestic

Oliver Salmon - Oxford Economics

They've already taken steps to try to shore up the ringgit. For example, they've compelled exporters to convert about 75 percent of proceeds into the ringgit. This should help boost reserves. We've seen a significant decline in reserves in the last 18 months, but they'll be a lot more cautious in setting policy over the next year as a result of this fear of capital

Oliver Salmon - Oxford Economics

We've got base effects coming out of inflation, higher oil prices and also with the Fed likely to move a couple of times this year, clearly they won't want to see interest rate differentials narrow too much to stoke fears of capital

Gundy Cahyadi

Risks to inflation are tilted to the upside. And we continue to see markets underestimating Fed rate hike intentions this

Tringh Nguyen - Natixis

Should BI lower interest rates further as the Fed begins to lift up short-term rates beginning in Q2 2017, the risk premium may not be enough to retain flows in Indonesia. This is why we believe the central bank will be vigilant. And with growth and inflation accelerating, there isn't much impetus for BI to ease this

Ignasius Jonan

This gross split (mechanism) means all expenses would be the responsibility of the contractor, no longer burdening the state

Daniel Purba - Pertamina

We hope their prices are more attractive, and can compete with our existing suppliers ... So the portion of imports from the Middle East will

Daniel Purba - Pertamina

In 2017, as we know with the commencement of operation of canals that can accommodate larger vessels, we expect more LPG from America to enter the Asia Pacific in

Suahasil Nazara

There's a high possibility we will continue with a scheme that has layers, depending on completion of

Suahasil Nazara

We want the export duties to push domestic processing. That's the

Angus Rodger

Regional oil production will be underpinned by giant fields in Indonesia, Malaysia and China but these fields are super mature and will require expensive techniques, high break-evens and capex

Shinzo Abe

Japan will actively encourage cooperation on maritime security and encourage the development of the remote islands of

Ignasius Jonan

If local smelters cannot absorb the low-grade nickel, why are they not happy that we allow the nickel miners to export some of it?feedback

Ignasius Jonan

The goal of the government is for all the raw materials to be smelted here, but it will take

Arcandra Tahar

It's not like they build small smelters and export as much as they can. No, we are going to regulate

Fajar Harry Sampurno

Previously the low-grade ores could not be used and were just thrown away. But with the new rules, we can use them

Trenggono Sutioso

We are still calculating and planning for the opportunity to sell low-grade nickel, both domestically and

Nico Kanter - Vale Indonesia

The opening of the tap for nickel ore exports (even when limited to low-grade nickel) can have a negative impact on the developing nickel industry in

Rudi Rusmadi

They are in a dilemma. They have invested and yet there's no legal

Riza Pratama - Freeport Indonesia

We don't know now if this will disrupt (operations) or not yet, but we are studying this based on our contract of work. Based on regulations, we can't export. But we are still in discussions. Of course we want operations to continue with these changes, but there are many issues we are still

Jonatan Handojo

The Chinese companies will be most unhappy because they have invested something like $15 billion in developing smelters that are already in

Shinzo Abe

The issue of the South China Sea is linked directly to regional peace and stability, and is of concern to the entire international

Tedy Badrujaman

Regional economies will grow, (and) mining areas that died because of the export ban can grow

David Solomito

We see that access and added routes brings more competition and lowers prices. That really helps that far-flung part of the world become more

Abdon Nababan

In our constitution, since (independence in) 1945, there has been strong recognition and respect for indigenous rights, but until the end of last year, there has been no real legal recognition. This is the first

Anwar Lawden

With regards to the land claimed within our concession by several communities, we have been working with the Ministry of Forestry office for a long term

Abdon Nababan

If you recognize and protect indigenous peoples' rights, it's the cheapest way for the world to reduce emissions, to keep land productive, to produce food organically and also to keep hydrological systems working to provide water for

Ignasius Jonan

The government hopes for the creation of new work

Ignasius Jonan

Hopefully in 1, 2, 3 days this week this will all be

Resources Ignasius Jonan - Mineral Resources

The extension of concentrate exports will be linked to the obligation of building

Robert Pakpahan

The publication of analysis and opinion that is inaccurate, speculative in nature and not based on facts will not be

Nelson Tampubolon

We called banks and asked why their interest rates are still

Frederic Neumann

Export-dependent economies such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and even China are unlikely to see a rebound this year. Our advice is to look at locally-driven economies like India and Indonesia, where debt levels are relatively low, there's positive credit impulse and strong domestic

Wellian Wiranto - Oversea-Chinese Banking

Its domestic consumption serves as an important buffer [to external risks]. While its relatively shallow financial markets mean that it remains a hostage to global capital flows volatility, policymakers have exhibited commendable finesse in preserving currency stability without resorting to measures that might spook

Suahasil Nazara

Our mindset is, if you're doing business here in Indonesia, the spirit is to maintain stability. Don't create unnecessary volatility to create

Suahasil Nazara

After we did a comprehensive review, we said no need to use JPMorgan's services as a primary (bond) dealer and a perception bank. We have asked them to clarify their assessment. They've explained to us, but we found their argument not credible. It's not that we think we're so great, but we look at ourselves and we look at other countries'

Benny Butarbutar

In the aviation industry, we believe in zero mistakes ... We would never mess around when it concerns the condition of a flight, let alone experiment with passenger

Thibault d'Argent - Trident Energy

We believe there is a big mid-life assets potential in Southeast Asia, mostly in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia and also in Brunei, Vietnam and the Philippines … so it's a good time to invest. We're looking at fields producing more than 15,000 barrels-per-day and with more than 50 million barrels of

Ferry Thahir

Our target market is young couples, young families. People who need housing with high

Ferry Thahir

Efforts by authorities, like the easing of mortgage rules and the easing of tax rules on property sales, are starting to move the

Abdul Rosyad

The exception by the defendant will be considered and decided by the court after examination of all evidence. The defendant's exception is not

Greg Barton

They sit down and listen to their story. They get them talking and that's an effective way of getting

Rakyan Adibrata

They will be a different type of terrorist and the police are going to have a lot more

Greg Barton

Densus 88 has become better than pretty well any other counter-terrorism group in the world. They have had an incredible workload and they have become remarkably good at what they

Tito Karnavian

The focus is (protecting) against terrorism, especially in Jakarta and Bali, because these are the traditional

Nur Jazlan Mohamed

We try not to have too much physical presence in public and focus more on prevention. People should feel free to enjoy their

Peter Meyer

A potential government bailout, maybe in part if there should be some other solutions, might have to be seriously

Bayu Purnomo

The government had a bitter experience when it bailed out Bank Century for 6.7 trillion rupiah. It has to look for other ways of

Mirza Baig

The Singapore dollar is a basket, which is tied to the yen, the renminbi and the dollar, whereas Indonesia is a very commodity intensive economy. If commodity prices are stable or stronger, then essentially that supports the Indonesian economy. The Singapore dollar is tied much more to the basket and therefore will continue to

Ignasius Jonan

It will be applied for future PSCs (production sharing contracts), and it will not disturb existing

Sri Mulyani Indrawati

A redenomination would strengthen assurance in Indonesia's currency, but it does not affect anything

Luhut Pandjaitan

Even if a government regulation is issued, it will be against the law. So, we encourage parliament to review or to fix this mineral

Helen Lau

Nickel prices would fall because the mines will be able to export again. That will increase supply to

Agus Martowardojo

Prices of goods and services have to also be simplified. Because of the transition period, in which people can use both the old and new rupiah denominations, we are sure it wouldn't affect

Putu Suryawirawan

Apple has committed around $44 million to invest in R&D over three years. Therefore, they can distribute devices priced 6 million rupiah ($448) and above. That means all iPhones can be

Muhammad Hanif - Google

Because we couldn't reach a settlement, the investigation continues. Now we want Google to open its books and the tax office will calculate the tax

Bill Sullivan

One of (Freeport's) priorities is clearly to have someone on board who supposedly has the ear of the

Chappy Hakim

Right now we are working hard to negotiate with the government ... The political aspect has become very heavy

Richard Adkerson

This is something that we have gotten assurances from not only the minister but the president himself. So I am

Juda Agung - Bank Indonesia

We see 2016 as a year of consolidation for companies, banks and the fiscal side. The consolidation in the corporate side has created far better balance sheets compared to last

Sri Mulyani Indrawati

I hope the court ruling will create legal certainty for all taxpayers who participated in the tax amnesty programme. I hope this erases all taxpayers'

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

It is clear what I said in the Thousand Islands was not intended to interpret the (Koran), let alone to insult Islam or the

Charles Simanjuntak

He is absolutely suited to be governor. The city has come a long way in terms of

Ming Maa

Transportation is a very local problem. The transportation issues in Jakarta are very different to New York or San

Awi Setiyono

On the orders of Bahrun Naim, they formed small cells and assembled bombs with other suspected

Awi Setiyono

It is possible that their method to recruit new actors is not just limited to men. The point is they are looking for people who want to wage

Paul Dillon - International Organization for Migration

Every aid and civil society organization is piling into the area with as many boxes of rice, instant noodles, blankets, and other aid as they can

Iskander Ali

What's badly needed now are staple foods such as rice, cooking oil, salted fish and other

Wang Fei

I am not surprised to see the import rally in November. The price for domestic coal has been at a historically high level, whereas the price of foreign coal was relatively

Iskander Ali

We have to move faster to search and rescue possible

Helen Vanwel

It will take several more days to get a full picture of the impact. We know from experience that after an earthquake of such a scale, people urgently need water, shelter, food and

Helen Vanwel

We are sending an assessment team to the affected area to plan our emergency response according to people's needs. Immediate assistance after such a devastating disaster can save lives. We know from experience that after an earthquake of such a scale, people urgently need water, shelter, food and

Douglas Ramage

The on-going political tension between religion and politics is distracting Jokowi from his main priorities, which is improving infrastructure and regulatory burden on

Dina Afrianty

This makes the job of Jokowi and other reformers, such as Ahok, much harder. For Islamists, Jokowi is seen as a secular nationalist leader who doesn't represent their Islamic identity so they want to vote him

Dina Afrianty

Rumors are circulating in Jakarta that former president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is actually the source of funding behind these

Douglas Ramage

Indonesia is one of numerous competitive emerging markets competing for limited investment dollars, so this becomes one more thing that investors put in the negative column if they believe political stability is under

Aiyub Abbas

The search this night depends on the location and the weather

Peter Kern

They'll be our eyes and ears on the ground and be able to give us a much clearer picture of what the needs

Muhammad Reza Faisal

We are cooperating with the local army and police who lent us stretchers for the