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Terry Collins
He's one of the best players in baseball. He's hard to replace.''. Right now, as you can imagine, we'll be a little careful with Ces. We're going to work him back in
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Jun 09 2017
Gene Munster, Mark Cavender, Michael Buckwald and Terry Collins, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about International Consumer Electronics Show. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 42 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 58 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Gene Munster is: “We have yet to see the first killer piece of content to drive mass market adoption of the platform.”.
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Mark Larkin

We've seen smart home technology increasingly take prominence at CES with more products announced each year. From our own testing in the CNET Smart Home, we understand one of the largest hurdles in adopting smart home technology is getting multiple devices to work together. Our Smart Home Matrix helps consumers do just that by letting them know what devices are compatible with each

Nick Sampson

You're about to witness day one of a new era of mobility. We're going to show the first of a new

Michael Ramsey

Las Vegas is the poster child for dysfunctional traffic. Imagining the future, let's say there's a cab working autonomously - it's still going to be in the middle of this mess inching down the road!feedback

Elon Musk - Tesla Motors

Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start

Nick Sampson

Mobility won't be a buzzword, but a normal part of everyone's

Shawn DuBravac

The broader theme is how we're increasingly allowing these small things to be automated. It started with changing the temperature in the room, and now it's changing the temperature in your

Mark Cavender

If you think of when TVs went from CRT to flat screen, and when they went to high definition, the first people that bought them were wealthy technology enthusiasts. You also saw some business technology enthusiasts, to just learn about them. But the first visionaries were, for instance, sports bars in a city. All of the sudden sports bars, in the period of about a year, went to high-definition

Vivek Wadhwa

Cars are still two or three years away. There's more focus on home appliances. The internet of things ... was big last year. Now we're going to see the integration, using the bots. Apple, Microsoft and Google are putting AI into everything. ... That's what 2017 will

Mark Cavender

The wearables that I think showed a lot of potential were B2B. A glove that's got sensors to help Mercedes-Benz have better quality on the assembly line by noticing a mistake. Or building a set of clothing that miners can wear underground that monitor their

Mark Cavender

Often I've seen with consumer products that they first cross the chasm with

Michael Dempsey

I don't really know what they could release other than a fully autonomous car with 500-mile range. I think if they can show that they can manufacture a vehicle that's on par with Tesla at less than $100,000, then that would be enough. I don't know that it's

Daniel Newman

When you're buying something, people want to experience it. Could they use virtual reality test drives? For a long time you've seen 3-D-rendering where you could build your own car. It looks kind of like the car but, how could [FF] use this technology to improve their buyers' journey?feedback

Michael Dempsey

The issue is, U.S.-based investors will have a hard time putting money into this because there's a lot that they don't know. [LeEco's involvement] makes it difficult where the capital starts and

Daniel Newman

I think it's huge that [FF] can provide the market with some visibility. Back when they first started, they were talking about accessible demand – Airbnb for cool electric vehicles. Is it big innovation or big hype? If they just [do] more of the same with a PR machine, I think they're going to hit the wall. If we, as analysts, can't predict what they end up unveiling, then it's game

Ben Bajarin

We are just not seeing huge swings of growth anywhere. We're really not going to see a category that is a true 'hockey stick', and a long sustainable one, like the ones we've seen with phones and

James Park - Fitbit

Our point of view is there is room to further penetrate the market. The next step in the evolution will be more personalised coaching and guidance. As we integrate more closely with the healthcare industry, the device becomes a

Ben Bajarin

The bottom line is, these markets just might never be as good as something like the

Patrick Moorhead

Last year, a vendor may have had one smart refrigerator or smart dishwasher. Now, you are going to see all of the high-end lines become smarter. They'll send you a notification when you left your refrigerator open or when your dryer is done and the lint filter is

Josh Gartner -

What we're looking to do is we're looking to reach the countryside where there may not be very good infrastructure, there may not be roads to get the packages to the people, and so truck delivery is probably not a great option. So by using the drones we can go over those areas and drop them directly into the villages and then have them distribute it from there. People want to be careful about new technologies, particularly objects flying around. So in larger cities it's largely banned which is one of the reasons why we're looking at rural

Yariv Bash

Let's say you forgot your cell phone back home. A friend of yours can just connect the cell phone to the drone and it can send it to

Shawn Kolitch

The letter was received by the company but we did not receive a response. The reason we decided not to take court action until Tuesday, January 5th is that that day, Future Motion's U.S. design patent

Derrick Xiong - EHang

So the people sitting in there is not going to be a pilot. You know, you don't need to get a license in the future. You're just a passenger. You are going in there (the drone) and sit in there and enjoy the

Derrick Xiong - EHang

The cruising speed, the standard speed is going to be 63 miles per hour (101km) and the cruising time will be 23 minutes. So we are talking about 20 plus miles (32km) at this

Kyle Doerksen

Knocking off an invention that is patented and carefully quality-controlled is a disservice and unsafe to consumers. Future Motion welcomes fair competition, but companies that simply mimic Onewheel® without the same technical know-how and safety assurances pose a threat not just to Future Motion, but to consumers and the industry at large. We will continue to vigorously defend our intellectual property rights around the

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

They are basically using holograms that are projected onto your

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

We have yet to see the first killer piece of content to drive mass market adoption of the

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

We believe virtual reality and augmented reality are the next mega tech themes through 2030. Our optimism around the theme is based on consumers' insatiable appetite for new tech experiences: virtual and augmented reality are radically new tech

Gene Munster - Loup Ventures

The exciting and sad thing about V is that you don't even need to go anywhere – why bust your back going to see the great pyramids when you can see it on your couch?feedback

Michael Buckwald - Leap Motion

No other technology can actually do that and that's very important to feel

Michael Buckwald - Leap Motion

The holy grail in V is the sense of presence. If you can't see and use your hands it feels very shallow. What's most important for V and is that anything you can see you can reach out and

Brett Sappington - Parks Associates

From the content side, it is far easier for content producers to create HDR-enabled content than to create 4K content. HDR doesn't require special cameras and it can be added in post-processing. That said, content producers have little incentive to create HDR content since consumers don't yet have HDR sets. Once sets start selling, content production can begin much more quickly than for 3-D or

Barbara Kraus - Parks Associates

Younger consumers are more likely to watch shows on mobile devices but life milestones such as the purchase of a home or starting a family will increase adoption of TV sets for this age group. Large TVs will still have a role in family entertainment or for video events that are best served by picture size and

Barbara Kraus - Parks Associates

If the majority of consumers were to utilize TVs as a smart home hub, that would be a key

Ernest Doku - uSwitch

To see 2016 and CES be the home of multiple manufacturers announcing and releasing timings for their VR to come onto the market, the competition makes a really exciting space. Virtual reality actually transports you to another world. You put the headset on and you actually can't see the world around you. It can project you on a beach, on top of a mountain in Japan, in the far flung future, virtual reality is a whole other

Dana Wolman - Engadget

It is this sort of chicken and an egg situation where if people aren't replacing their hardware – their TVs – then there really isn't an urgent need right now, at least for content providers to scale up to 4K because even now though we see a lot of this at CES and it's fun to look at these really expensive TVs, most people aren't buying one right now and most people don't own a TV like

Dana Wolman - Engadget

LG is just the latest company to announce a curved gadget. In this case it's the LG Flex 2, a curved smartphone. But it's only the latest curved gadget we've seen. Samsung came out with a curved all-in-one computer for the home and so far there are already curved TVs, curved monitors, curved smart phones, curved sound bars. Really, these companies are trying to make curved happen whether you are interested or

Lindsey Turrentine - CNET

The autonomous car will be a big topic at CES. All the major automakers come to this show.They come here to show off the ways in which the their cars are working with your smart watch, with your phone, there is talk of things like automatic valet service, so you just tell your car to come get you and it drives to

Colleen Taylor - TechCrunch

Drone technology is huge. Personal drones are very big. They just keep getting cheaper and they just keep getting easier to fly. So, definitely at CES, look up: not all of this stuff is just going to be on the

Aaron Grant - Thalmic Labs

If I make a fist or move to the left or the right it picks up those actions without any external

Karl Martin

Your electrocardiogram is actually a unique identifier that we use to identify you and then, when you wear the wrist band, it knows who you are and communicates to the outside world to bypass passwords, pins but also to enable personalised experience: you can walk into a room and it knows who you

David Cann - Double Robotics

They love the idea to be able to work at home and have a better experience. It is really the next generation of

Dan McReadie - Ford Motor

We are taking this a step further by saying that now we can take the car off the grid entirely. So you can power the entire lithium battery by pure, free sunlight over the course of a day in the sun, underneath our low cost

Robbie Bach

It's our vision for what we're doing on behalf of Microsoft to enable people to get their entertainment experiences on a lot of different screens. Whether that's a mobile phone, a PC, or the TV. And so each of those screens plays a little bit of a different role, but they're all are going to have access to the richness of our entertainment

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