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Martina Mrongovius
When you look at a slide, you really look into it. You dive into the image more. You'd never hold a magnifying glass up to your iPad. You're not trying to look through it. You're so aware the image is on the surface, on the screen, where with a slide, you look through the slide, into the image.feedback
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Apr 16 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about iPad. 52 people are quoted and you can read 60 citations of them about iPad. Sheryl Crow, Tim Cook and Daniel Ives, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Sheryl Crow said: “I didn't want to spend any more nights away from home. When you have kids, your priorities definitely change. I really felt consistency is the most important thing. They don't have iPhones, they don't have TVs in their room and we have a 30-minute rule: 30 minutes of screen, either the TV or the iPad, and that's it. But at the end of the day, there's nothing better than family. I'm so blessed.”.
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James Wood - International SOS

It is likely to be in force for some time - months, rather than days or weeks. The specifics could evolve in the future, as they did following the 2006 transatlantic airliner plot, when initially all hand baggage, less essential items such as medication and baby food, was banned from cabins.feedback

Kevin Curran

It will affect parents trying to entertain their kids, to be honest. It's a bit of a nightmare. A lot of airlines have moved more to iPads, whether they're expecting people to bring them or they hand out tablets or have them integrated into their consoles, though you'd think those would be given clearence. But it's another blow. There's no way to spin it good for them. Other carriers are still using old equipment with poor quality screens, which forces people to rely on their tablets or laptops.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

I view it as a seeding strategy for a company that has established itself as a golden consumer brand. Education is a major vertical that Apple, as well as other technology stalwarts, must continue to successfully penetrate. With Google (Chromebooks) and Microsoft very embedded in the educational market, Apple needed to tweak their gameplan on this front with a more affordable iPad and now the industry is watching to see the potential impact and adoption changes.feedback

Daniel Ives - FBR Capital Markets

I think developing markets are key for Apple going forward with a product portfolio that is built for successfully ramping its presence with the right price points. It's a balance between its traditional sweet spot on the high end but also having products geared for the price-sensitive education market and potentially developing markets.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We have some exciting things coming on iPad, I feel very optimistic about where we can take the product.feedback

David Lapan - Homeland Security

We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide an update when appropriate.feedback

Dan Frakes

Swift Playgrounds turns learning code into a game. If programming piques your child's interest, Playgrounds can keep them engrossed for hours, as each level builds on what they learned during the previous lessons, encouraging them to keep progressing.feedback

Dan Frakes

Dragon Box Elements turns learning the basics of geometry into a fun adventure. Its quest/puzzle theme can keep a kid's attention for long stretches and encourages show and tell with other people, while the use of discrete puzzles means they can stop at any time and pick it up again later.feedback

Christine Elgersma

On long trips, apps with lots of levels that encourage problem solving, like Busy Shapes 2, keep children challenged and thinking. Instead of having to lug a whole bag of picture books in a car or on a plane, this is sort of like having that bag of books in an app.feedback

Kurt Eichenwald - Newsweek

Stop sending them. Shortly after I wrote an article for Newsweek about how Donald Trump's business interests could undermine national security should he be elected president, one of his supporters assaulted me. He used the internet to do it. It's what's called epileptogenic–something that triggers seizures. Fortunately, since I was standing, I simply dropped my iPad to the ground the second I realized what Mike had done. It landed face down on the bathroom floor. The deplorables are real.feedback

Neil Patrick Harris

This year Harper & [Gideon] are offering gifts instead of traps. Fingers crossed that this time tomorrow – we will have us a LEPRECHAUN, y'all!feedback

Joseph Alukal

If a patient wants to bring an iPad or a phone to help him relax, that's fine, but I don't want to have the distraction of having a TV on. Around the holidays, a lot of couples begin to talk about this and, at the first of the year, men are really thinking about it and start scheduling appointments to talk to me. In New York, there's a month-long waiting period, so they have the opportunity to change their minds so they have to start thinking about it just after the first of the year. A few years ago, I wiped my schedule and did 10 one day and 12 the next.feedback

Maurizio Pellizzoni

They are usually very organised and precise about what they want to achieve – and masculine design most definitely channels the homeowner's inner Bond. When we work for a man, we are often asked to include gadgetry and super-modern items, such as LED lights beneath a kitchen island to give the impression of floating. They always ask for the latest sound system or the largest TV and gadgets that can be controlled by iPad.feedback

Susan Prescott - Apple

Mac and iPad are the best tools in education to help teachers teach and students learn.feedback

Steve Splichal

At the end of the day, I can get three Chromebooks for each of the Mac devices I would have purchased.feedback

Steven Milunovich

Apple appears more interested in AR [augmented reality], which connects people, than VR [virtual reality], which potentially isolates experiences. Apple may be well equipped to lead given its core competencies in hardware design and software/hardware integration as well as its large base of affluent iPhone and iPad owners.feedback

Kim Gladstone Herlev

The idea is that you involve yourself in doing something that is new, difficult, special, but using your own senses.feedback

Kim Gladstone Herlev

You cannot fight social media and smartphones, we do not want to fight these things, but we want to show people that there's another approach to the world. And actually, everyone forgets about their smartphones once they're interacting with the exhibits here.feedback

Henrik Helsgaun

When we go to work, when we go to school, we sit down and have all these technology gadgets – we have phones, iPhones, iPads, computers – technology that takes our time, sitting down all the time. And that's a big issue in the western world, that we sit down too much.feedback

Frauke Klawunn

We try to slow it down with our children. We'd rather they play outside than swiping on the iPad. Children are quite spoiled and they have quite a list.feedback

Shafiq Rab

Electronic health records has changed the staff. That means they have to learn how to use the iPad, the iPhone, the Android, Google. It has created new opportunities. It has created new types of jobs. And the shift of the jobs is going more toward informatics. The people who were nurses, they are now joining IT. People who were transport people, they have joined information technology.feedback

Patrick Moorhead

It's not nearly as important as the iphone and iPad, but the end-to-end user experience is so important.feedback

Mario Gabelli - Viacom

People want to go in real time. They don't want to tweet it. They don't want to watch it on an iPad. They want to be there and feel it.feedback

Mark Bertolinilast - Aetna

We are incredibly excited to use iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to create simple, intuitive and personalized technology solutions that will transform the health and wellness experience for our members. This is only the beginning – we look forward to using these tools to improve health outcomes and help more people achieve more healthy days.feedback

Hatem Zeine

When you charge fast all the time, you limit the life span of the battery. For example, if you used an iPhone charger on an iPad Pro, it's going to charge very slowly. If the electronics are right, they can actually preserve the battery because you're always charging it slowly.feedback

Frank Gillett - Forrester Research

Apple is stronger in the enterprise market with its devices than it is with consumers.feedback

Tim Cook - Apple

We are pleased to report third-quarter results that reflect stronger customer demand and business performance than we anticipated at the start of the quarter. We had a very successful launch of iPhone SE and we're thrilled by customers' and developers' response to software and services we previewed at [Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference] in June.feedback

Barack Obama

You can't capture this on an iPad or a flat screen or even an oil painting. You've got to come here and breathe it in yourself.feedback

Mark Barfield

We use a magnetic resonance test using an iPad, an adapter, and it uses, it creates, a structured magnetic field. It measures the resistance in that magnetic field and that gives us an indication of a ferrous item, a motor or indeed, a solid mass.feedback

Yaron Gissin

There is one switch, one very simple button to turn it on. You hook up (to)whatever you want – whether it's 12 volt appliances such as cameras, mini-fridges or USB devices such as iPads and cell phones – and you turn it on and it starts charging immediately; those devices are lighting up.feedback

John Evans

Because in the past, we see a white box and we see bees entering and leaving but what they do in the meantime, we've no idea.feedback

Paulo de Souza

Bees are very sensitive to heat. So we bring them to the lab, we chill them down, then we attach the sensors while they're sleeping. This is just like carrying a little backpack.feedback

Robert MacLaren

The choroideremia gene is important for making a protein known as REP1 and when that protein is deficient in the retina the cells gradually die throughout life and they die from the outside in, so patients develop tunnel vision, it gets narrower and narrower and eventually it goes. The concept of gene therapy is to put that protein back into those cells by using a virus to carry the missing gene.feedback

Jason Boog

I spent a long time training myself to write on the iPad, to use the keyboard on the iPad and type that way and the idea of having the keyboard back and be able to type wherever I want, there is something kind of appealing about that. And the stylus itself, I have never had a stylus that I enjoyed and their stylus look pretty satisfying.feedback

Catherine Clinch

The applause moments were on things that I think were predictable – wow it stands by itself, you don't have buy a stand, it's all together, the keyboard folds over, it's a cover, all those wonderful things. But when I look at this what I think of is the potential to get rid of the netbook, to get rid of the laptop, maybe even, down the line, to get rid of the full computer.feedback

Fox Van Allen

It's a very interesting new device, I think the key point here is that it's not just another iPad, it's a device that almost serves as a replacement for a PC.feedback

Ross Rubin - Reticle Research

They talked about moving into schools with the iPad, moving into enterprise with the iPad. Also a lot of cloud activity and new content choices available on Apple TV. So even though some of the device categories, Mac, iPod may be maturing now, slowing down, we are seeing how the company is trying to really build out that ecosystem in the future.feedback

Kurt Petersdorff - Liquavista

If we put a Liquavista display in an iPad, firstly, it will be much easier to read for a longer time, it will be possible to use it outdoors with no daylight limitations, and finally battery efficiency is much better meaning that the product could be lighter and could be used for longer.feedback

Makoto Dozo

They've investigated the data breach for a week, and that's fine. But they could have done that after they let users know that the security breach had happened so they could take their own action, like not using the service.feedback

Kim Brostrom

We have installed nine kilometres of street(light)s: we have 280 masts placed here; we have 50 different solutions, we have ten different management systems; and we have a lot of different sensors and things out in the open area.feedback

James McQuivey

It doesn't give you enough content. It doesn't give you most of the things you want to do online – for example Hulu.com (and) Netflix – because it doesn't support (Adobe) Flash. These are things that Apple has chosen to do that I think hamper its ability to have the impact that it really could have otherwise.feedback

Michael Yoshikami - Destination Wealth Management

Apple's stock is up a ton and it is only logical that it will take a breather after a while. I don't think there is any fundamental issue beyond that.feedback

William Power

When asked what the most they would pay for a smaller iPad was, our respondents on average said that they would pay $242 for a 7-inch iPad and $268 for an 8-inch iPad.feedback

Clyde Montevirgen - Standard & Poor's

We think that the roadmap is still intact for 2011. They will most likely come out with a new iPad, they will come out with a new iPhone and new operating system all slated for this year. So as long as they stay on track and continue to execute on that plan we don't think there will be much fall off at least fundamentally.feedback

Fidel Helmer

Well, Apple has all these new innovations like the iPhone and the iPad, and people get crazy about these. That's why the Apple share price skyrocketed after Tuesday's closing bell. And that helps our markets and share prices of our IT sectors in Europe.feedback

J.P. Eggers

In some ways it's actually getting rid of the old. The piece that was the legacy business – the biggest legacy for the company – and going and saying look, it's back to what the firm has done well for a long time, which is the Office suite. But it's kind of saying we're going to favour one of the children of the company as opposed to the other, as opposed to trying to keep them together as they've been doing for the last 20-something years.feedback

Philippe Jeannet

The first thing is that it will mean that newsprint will always be available across the whole country simultaneously. Today you have to go to the newsagent to buy a newspaper but tomorrow you'll be able to download it directly onto your iPad.feedback

Kai Falk

On the one hand, employment figures are looking good and on the other there is the positive business climate in general. Both are good news for retailers and consumers.feedback

Roger Kay

The tablet market seems to have matured rather quickly, and I don't think Apple can restart it all by itself. However, the company is a technology and design leader, and a demonstration of prowess in these areas would help it retake some of the market share lost to Android tablet suppliers.feedback

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